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Animals: My Spiritual Companion and a Heartwarming Story

This Christmas night, I spent some time reflecting.

What an honor to remember my friend and spiritual partner, Mr. Stormy, and the many divine blessings that accompanied his transition back to Spirit.

On December 20, 2013, I arrived at the Horse Protection League (HPL) Ranch in Golden, CO and was greeted by Miss Emie (HPL Barn Manager). I found great comfort in his warm embrace. When I entered Stormy’s meadow, she greeted me along with her human friend, Esther. I noticed that he kept his head close to the ground looking for a comfortable position. While talking to Esther, I asked her if she would like to receive an affirmative prayer.

Before we started, the rabbits and squirrels encouraged me to feel the peace around us and enjoy the soft glow of our surroundings. Dr. Wayne Dyer has described this gentle and peaceful glow as Godlight.

When I closed my eyes and settled into the beauty and stillness of that Divine moment, I felt at One with everything. Dr. Patty Luckenbach, DD (Divinity Doctorate) has taught me about the Principle of Unity. Each of us (including animals) is an incarnation of the One Spirit.

All life is inseparably One. Certainly there is a Divine Totality, a total interconnection. We are all One with each other and One with all Life.

When I began the Affirmative Prayer, the gift of the present moment allowed Divine Right Action to flow.

As he spoke, I saw various spirit beings among us. As an ambassador for the International Animal Ministry, coordinated by Dr. Patty Luckenbach, we have discussed my Divine gift of seeing these beautiful beings so full of Divine grace. When I finished the affirmative sentence, I opened my eyes and saw Stormy staring at me with her head held high. Respecting the bond between Esther and Stormy, they guided me to sit in the ranch house and send Reiki energy.

The Universal Consciousness called Rei guides the vital energy called Ki in the practice known as Reiki. With my eyes closed, I could feel the presence of our animal friends from the Nature Realm and feel the energy of the horses in “Lenny’s Crew” moving towards the Stormy meadow.

At that moment, I was led back to be with him.

When I opened my eyes, there was a large flock of mourning pigeons in their meadow. For the collective consciousness (humans), these beautiful birds represent a message of life, hope, renewal and peace. And, in this flock, a single White Dove was present, which is a symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christian iconography. For Christians, the Holy Spirit represents “the Spirit of Jesus” (Acts 16: 7) and the “Spirit of our God” (I Corinthians 6:11).

When I got back to Stormy’s paddock, I started to feel very unsteady, like I was going to pass out.

In fact, “Lenny’s Crew” had gathered next to him, and Miss Pearl (member of the crew) suggested that I put my right hand on his left shoulder. As I listened to his wisdom and breathed deeply into my Hara (Center of Balance), I felt like a tree with a deep root that allowed it to weather any storm. Standing next to Pearl, I watched the vet Dr. Long take a deep breath next to his truck, slowly let go of it, and leisurely walk toward Stormy’s meadow. I considered it a profound moment to witness. After years of dedicated service, his continued expression of humility moved me to help a soul return to the Spirit.

As she led Stormy to a beautiful grassy area on the west side of the ranch house, Pearl mentioned that she should follow her. I counted 14 mourning doves sitting on a power line near us. In numerology, the number 14 can be further reduced by adding 1 + 4 = 5. I have been taught that the number 5 symbolizes protection. The single White Dove sat between them, representing the presence of the Great Spirit. Therefore, I knew that everything was fine. On a soul level, Stormy and I looked deeply at each other and I heard him say, “Bye.”

I felt that word spread throughout my Heart Chakra.

At that Divine moment, we were truly One with each other. Nothing else existed except the two of us. Stormy’s gaze moved and her expression went blank. In that Divine moment, I felt like him looking from his perspective at his body standing below him. All of this happened before Dr. Long’s injection.

After Dr. Long’s departure, I was guided to return to the ranch and send additional Reiki energy. Afterwards, I took a walk through Stormy’s meadow and didn’t feel her presence. As I passed the mounted horses, greeting everyone on the road, I felt great peace. Mr. Lenny informed me that everything was fine and assured me that the other horses understood as well. While greeting each of the HPL horses at the front of the property, I spent some extra time with Miss Patches.

While gently stroking her neck, I mentioned Stormy’s name. I was very honored by the recognition of her name when she looked at me and said she was sorry about her friend. I felt an understanding from her about a much larger picture connected to her transition. One of my favorite photos from the 2014 HPL calendar shows Patches and Stormy side by side on the grass. It reminds me of a quiet afternoon with friends as the sun sets behind the mountains.

When I returned home from the HPL Ranch, I was exhausted both physically and emotionally.

That morning, at about one in the morning, I went to bed after a two-week trip to California and Oregon. Stormy’s fatigue and transition were taking its toll, and I opted for a rejuvenating nap. As tears ran down my face thinking of Stormy, I closed my eyes and saw two lovely spirit beings. I knew everything was fine. Later that night, as I brushed my teeth, more tears ran down my face. While I was in bed, I closed my eyes and began to feel Stormy’s presence very strongly.

I knew everything was fine.

During the Christmas Eve service at Mile Hi Church, I was moved to tears again! During a time of prayer, I thanked Higher Consciousness for helping Stormy with a smooth and safe transition back to Spirit. I felt the peace that passes all understanding.

As an animal communication specialist and animal reiki teacher, I am fortunate to have many clients. Before Mr. Stormy’s transition, one of them stopped by the HPL Ranch to visit me on my volunteer day. We took a little hike to visit with some horses. In Stormy’s meadow, he stopped and looked. She explained that she knew him and that it was difficult for her to see him at HPL. His commitment to his horse has been an inspiration to me. It was difficult for him to understand why a human companion would willingly place a horse on HPL.

I told him that I fully understood his point of view. When I mentioned the incredible commitment, compassion, and love extended to Stormy and all the HPL resident horses, I felt a deeper level of understanding from her and myself about the true gift of HPL. Mr. Stormy was showered with love, the best gift we can give ourselves, others, and our beloved animal companions, no matter how big or small they are.

For more information on the Horse Protection League (HPL), visit

I strongly suggest that if you haven’t started your own epic journey into the wonderful world of animal communication yet, start now with the Heart School of Animal Communication’s Basic Fundamentals Course for Beginners.

You will soon discover how to apply your intuitive skills to help heal suffering animals, solve behavior problems, connect and communicate faster, work with groups of animals, prepare for transitions, and reconnect in the afterlife.

** Author: Eden Koljord

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Get Your Ex Back – Performing Alchemy In Your Relationship

So you want your ex back. And you’re the only one of you two who wants that right now. Your ex has said it like it is and left little to no doubt about the decision. That does NOT mean that all hope is lost. On the contrary, now is your chance to literally start alchemy in your relationship.

Before you get too excited, this doesn’t mean that you two will hug again tomorrow. Or next week. However, if you play your cards right, you not only have a very good chance of a permanent reunion; It can also make your relationship stronger and more exciting than ever.

Sounds good? So let’s get to work.

The first rule of thumb: moderation.

Feel like texting her? Whose. Facebook? Stay away. The same goes for any other type of communication at this time.

The same thing happens a little later when the two of you are ready to start having conversations again. Many couples have a “second run” after the breakup, but it rarely lasts. Why? Because the person who was originally abandoned is moving too fast.

At the first sign of serious interest, he makes his move. Things seem great again, but in no time, they are abandoned, again. Only this time is forever. C’est fini.

The reason this happens is that once you get back together, the old problems that damaged the relationship in the first place reappear. The only way to remedy this is to take full responsibility for those problems, resolve them, and THEN start taking steps for reunification.

In other words, you have to take small steps so that you can make up.

What is effective in the re-union process are small steps. Drinking coffee could be a small step. But it could also be too big a step. A simple conversation could also do it. In fact, often taking a step or two BACK will create the desired effect much faster.

Example: write a hand written letter to your ex where you agree with the breakup. The handwritten part works much, much better than the typing, because it is unexpected.

The letter itself works so spectacularly because it creates a void on your ex’s side. This little move alone can get your ex to start chasing you, not the other way around. But again, when that happens, it’s critical that you make the right moves from there.

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Know everything about deodorants and antiperspirants

Almost everyone uses deodorants and antiperspirants. But we rarely know what these products contain and how to make them work for us. Here is a guide to the chemicals found in deodorants and antiperspirants, how they work, and their effects on our skin.

Sweating is a natural body process in which the body maintains normal temperature and health by eliminating toxins and balancing the salt level. Through our skin, we sweat about one or two pints on average. During exercise, we tend to perspire more while during an adrenaline rush, such as worry or fear, we also tend to perspire. Sweat is almost odorless when fresh, however, as it tends to stay on the skin longer, it develops a peculiar smell of sweat that can be quite unpleasant. This is due to the growth of bacteria in warm areas like armpits, groynes, and the like.

Difference between deodorants and antiperspirants

Deodorants and antiperspirants are two different products to combat perspiration. Although many people confuse between the two, both products work differently.

Deodorants stop the growth of bacteria in sweat and neutralize it, making it smell good. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, stop the perspiration or sweating process.

While naturally scented herbs and plants were used in ancient times as body perfumes, deodorants use harsh chemicals today to mask odor. The stronger the odor, the stronger the chemical formulation of the deodorant.

Antiperspirants are based on the notion that if there is no sweat, there will be no odor. Generally made from ingredients such as aluminum chloride, aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrate, and aluminum hydrochloride, antiperspirants tend to temporarily block sweat ducts with these aluminum salts.

Natural alternative to chemical deodorants

A natural mineral like potassium alum is one of the best natural and organic deodorants you can use. Although it contains some aluminum, its molecules are too large to penetrate the pores of the skin and therefore the ingredient remains on the surface of the skin. However, it does not block skin pores or cause skin irritation like other aluminum salts mentioned above. Therefore, it is considered safe for personal use.

Although the ingredient is not a potent antibacterial, potassium alum acts as a coagulant, binding with other protein nutrients and reducing the ability of bacteria to grow.

Another natural ingredient that can be used as a deodorant is zinc ricinolate. Extracted from castor oil seeds, this ingredient does not block skin pores and inhibits skin perspiration. However, it eliminates the odor produced by bacterial growth by decomposing them so that the odor is not released into the atmosphere.

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Saint Teresa enlightens the soul through spiritual communion with the saints

This beautiful nun swore that she would come down and drop a shower of roses before dying at a very young age. The more I learn about Saint Teresa, the more I understand that she has the ability to communicate with us and even bring us into communion with the saints in heaven. She brings roses to those who seek her help.

Saint Teresa of Lisieux known as the Little Flower and Saint Teresa wrote one of the most widely read spiritual books in the world entitled History of a soul. He wrote the manuscript while he was in the Carmel Convent in France, where he died very young of tuberculosis. His vocation was love and his mission was to teach souls his little ways. As he died, he asked God to allow him to spend his heaven on earth doing good until the end of the world. He also declared “after my death I will drop a shower of roses” and vowed “I will come down!”

Have you witnessed the presence of Saint Teresa? The experience was probably subtle as he practices little ways of teaching souls to love the Lord. I have been aware of his little ways and have been amazed to realize his presence and his gifts. Indeed, it is a great blessing to meet this beautiful saint, and I am honored that she is the one I chose as my patron saint when I was confirmed in the Catholic Church many years ago.

I treasure the little ways she has communicated with me. My first impression of Santa Teresa was when I was a child looking at her painting. She was such a beautiful nun clutching the crucifix and the roses with the black veil of her habit framing her face. This painting hung in Lillian’s living room, where I spent many hours as a child. She was a babysitter who was more of a grandmother to me. I had lost my father and maternal grandmother at the age of four, and Lillian more than filled a void in my life. She absolutely adored and spoiled me. She and her husband also gave me reverence for prayer and devotion.

Silently and safely, Santa Teresa has always cared for me. At the age of 12 I chose her as my patron saint because of that beautiful image. Fast forward to age 36 and I’m trapped in a terrifying and devastating marriage to a sociopath. I don’t know which way to go and depression and pain overwhelm me. At this point I spoke with a co-worker who was also a psychic and she informed me that she had a spirit guide. He described her as a dark-haired woman standing behind me. I had no idea who this spirit guide could be, but asked whoever it was to help me.

I returned to my office where I was alone at my desk and began to pray for help. I had a pencil in hand and a yellow tablet on my desk. My prayers begged for help because I didn’t know which way to go. My life was so desperate with no prospect of escape. As I prayed silently, I noticed my pencil moving. Then I watched in amazement as that pencil began to glide smoothly across the tablet. Words appeared that I will never forget: Lousy world, better love now.

Fast forward another ten years and I am happily married to a wonderful man. We are in Los Angeles working on the Northridge earthquake. One Sunday we took a break and he took me to a flea market held at the Rose Bowl. As we wandered the merchandise aisles in that parking lot, my eyes fell on the beautiful image of Santa Teresa. Now it hangs in my room twenty years later and I still marvel that I found St. Therese at the Rose Bowl, no less.

I did not discover the presence of Santa Teresa until years later. It was after I began my own search for spiritual truth. That journey started when I was about 43 years old and I took the Bible Lillian had given me and read it, all of it many times. My study evolved from that intense study of the Bible to include apocryphal books and lost ancient manuscripts. I read books on Kabala, Eastern mysticism, Zohar, and Jungian theories. Then, to my surprise, I discovered the western mystics.

I was raised in the Catholic Church, but had no idea that we had Western mystics! He was fascinated by Saint Teresa of Avilla, Saint John of the Cross and in awe of Saint Teresa of Lisieux!

I found Santa Teresa in her book, Historia de una alma. She had always been with me and I hadn’t realized it before. It was while reading this book that I came across the days of his death that they told me how the pen he used to write with became too heavy. He finished his last words by writing with a pencil! Oh yes, I recognized her then!

Our relationship has continued to grow and I marvel at the roses I find along the way and silently acknowledge the help and guidance of my wonderful Saint Teresa.

On a recent trip to Chicago, I loved the rosewater tower in front of my hotel room in Rosemont, Illinois. I knew that Santa Teresa and Maria Magdalena were greeting me when I arrived.

Therese leads me on the right paths in my search for the truth about the mysteries of the Bible. She brought answers to my questions about the mysterious Mary Magdalene and her relationship with Jesus. She sheds a new light on biblical stories and people of old. She brings answers that complete the story. Santa Teresa inspires me to write.

Santa Teresa wrote her manuscript until the pencil fell from her hand. The last words he wrote are “… through trust and love.” The book was first published in France and titled Histoire d’une Ame in 1898. It quickly became a spiritual classic read by millions and was translated into languages ​​around the world. Therese was born on January 2, 1973 and died on September 30, 1897 at the young age of 24.

I think Santa Teresa still guides my pencil. I have no doubt that Santa Teresa can and has come down. She bathes those who can see with her roses!

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RWS Tarot – A brief introduction

The Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck is probably the most popular and well-known of all the Tarot decks available today. The name comes from William RIDER & Son, the original publishers, Arthur Edward WAITE, the academic and mystic who commissioned the creation of this deck, and Pamela Colman SMITH, the talented but often overlooked artist who drew the Rider-Waite images ( as it is often known) Tarot deck. Waite and Smith were members of the Order of the Golden Dawn, a famous but short-lived occult group of the 19th century.

The RWS Tarot deck was published in 1909 and was the first widely available deck with illustrated Minor Arcana cards. The 56 cards of the Minor Arcana, also known as “nuggets”, now had a great deal of symbolism represented in the illustrations, as did the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. Until then, the numbered Minor Arcana cards in a Tarot deck showed only 4 cups, or 6 wands, or 8 swords. The RWS Tarot with its illustrated “nuggets”, along with the evocative images of the Major Arcana finally revolutionized the world of Tarot. When Waite designed his Tarot deck, he kept the basic sequence of the cards, although he changed the numbering of the Force and Justice cards in the Major Arcana. There is some discussion as to who actually designed the Minor Arcana cards – did Waite conceive them and give Smith complete instructions, or did he just share his ideas with him and allow him a bit of freedom with his artistic talents to create the images? Each card bears the monogram of Pamela Colman Smith, usually in one of the lower corners.

Tragically, the original printing plates were destroyed in the London bombing and publication came to an end. In 1971, US Games inc. began publishing a copyrighted facsimile version of the deck.

These days there are many, many decks that follow the basic template of the RWS Tarot deck. There are versions of RWS that have been recolored but retain the original line drawings. The redrawn versions generally have the same basic shapes and configurations on the cards with similar symbolism. An RWS-type deck is generally recommended for beginners, as basic visual scenes can be more easily associated with keywords to better remember and understand the meanings of each card. However, there are also many seasoned readers whose favorite reading platform is an RWS or a variant. Most beginner and beginner books use illustrations from the RWS deck for learning purposes.

One thing is for sure, if Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith hadn’t collaborated and created the RWS Tarot deck, the Tarot decks would be quite different than what we are used to today.

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How do you select a good mentor?

Do you know how to select a good mentor?

When you are reaching a goal, be it personal or business, one step to take is to find a mentor. But finding a mentor is more than choosing someone out of thin air, it takes time to choose a good mentor. In addition to ensuring that your mentor shares your convictions and values ​​in life, before selecting your mentor, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Do you want specific advice? What do you need the mentor for? Is it business related or personal? You will want to choose a mentor who has experience in the area you need.
  2. Do you want someone who just listens? Maybe you want someone to just listen to you once a month over lunch or a meeting for coffee. Or maybe you want a weekly soundboard by email or phone. Regardless of how they listen, you just want them to listen. If this is the case, you will need to find someone who is interested and capable of doing so.
  3. Do you want someone complementary or the opposite of you? Some people thrive in situations where they are challenged by their mentor, others wither under pressure. Be honest about the type of person you are. There is no judgment, right or wrong, but you have to be honest with yourself about the type of person you are in order to find the right mentor for you.
  4. Do you want a role model? Should your mentor already be where you want to go and just model the behavior that got him there and allow you to observe? Sometimes all we need is access to someone with whom we wouldn’t mind exchanging places.
  5. Does this person give good advice now? If you are considering a certain person as a mentor, try asking them for advice to see how they handle it before formally approaching them with the idea of ​​mentoring. What do you think of the advice? Not everyone who is successful can advise others on how to repeat their success.
  6. What can you offer your mentor in return? It is very important that you offer something in return to your mentor, either by showing gratitude or feedback on the suggestions they give you. Also, you may have knowledge in an area that would benefit your mentor, or you might be in a position to introduce them to someone they want to meet.
  7. Is the person willing to be a mentor? Not everyone wants to be a mentor. Many people will be honored that you have asked and will seize the opportunity to help mold another human being into a successful person. But be prepared if your target is not interested. Whatever happens, it is not personal. Keep looking.
  8. Do I need more than one mentor? If you have business aspirations in addition to personal aspirations, you may need more than one mentor. For example, if you want to improve your diet and learn how to do better in business, you may need two separate mentors because they are different topics.

Selecting a good mentor takes a little time and consideration. Sometimes women spend more time selecting shoes or accessories than considering who they want to help create their lives. Look at potential mentors objectively, taking into account their skills, availability, and interest, and you’ll be more likely to find a win-win relationship.

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How to get in shape by exercising with mini trampolines

In the 1970s, trampolines, or rebounders, as they were called then, did wonders to keep people in shape and help them keep up with their training schedules. The use of trampolines was all the rage back then, and soon, it lost its glory as a top-notch weight loss team with the emergence of gyms. However, mini trampolines are slowly gaining their lost glory and can now be seen alongside other gym equipment.

The mechanism involved in using mini trampolines is the same as the big ones. The difference would be the size of the net and the smaller springs and tensioners. Because of this, you shouldn’t try to jump higher like aerialists would using a larger trampoline. The focus of this exercise is more on the downward movement than the upward movement.

Jumping on mini trampolines proved to be an effective low-impact cardiovascular exercise that does not harm the joints or spine. But before engaging in such an exercise, you need to first consult a doctor to determine whether you are strong enough to use the equipment and whether your heart can withstand physical activity.

To get started with the regimen, the following are some important points to consider:

Heating. Make sure to do some warm-up exercises before subjecting your body to strenuous activities. This will help prepare your body and muscles for the stiff exercises that follow the warm-up.

Wear a support bra. For women with large breasts, it is important that they wear a good supportive bra to help them support the front weight. Jumping up and down can cause pain around the chest area.

Slowly build resistance. Don’t try too hard when using a mini trampoline, especially if you’re still new to it. It can make you short of breath and will tire you easily. With consistent exercise, your staying power will improve and you will be able to perform more complicated routines.

Feeling dizzy If you are a beginner to using mini trampolines, you will initially feel dizzy during or after exercise. This is normal. Soon enough, as your sense of balance and coordination improves, the feeling of dizziness also goes away.

Cool down. After each session, don’t forget to refresh yourself. Never stop abruptly, as this will cause you to lose your balance, feel dizzy, or worse, pass out. Take time to relax and slowly return to your normal rhythm.

Try these fun and easy fitness exercises and see the big difference.

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Fishing by moon phase: increase your catches

Every fisherman dreams of a bigger catch! Is it possible to know in advance when you should plan a trip to enjoy fishing, fish more than usual, and come home feeling 100% satisfied? Based on my own personal research on the best moments of fishing, I think it is.

When I started fishing, the best time to fish was the one that suited me. I tried different lures, baits, and techniques until I spent a small fortune on my quest to improve my fishing catch. When I finally heard about the “Solunar Theory”, or lunar phase fishing, like most fishermen, I was skeptical.

What I had read sounded too complicated. It was necessary to check all kinds of factors and the determined fisherman had to be at the water’s edge at the exact moment, AT THE MINUTE, to improve his average catch. Was I really willing to take my hobby that seriously? Let’s say curiosity got the best of me.

To help me determine if there was any truth to the effect of the moon at the best fishing times, I kept a record of every trip I made over a period of 18 months. All the information related to the phases of the moon, the weather conditions and the captures that I made were carefully recorded. What I discovered convinced me that moon phase fishing works. BUT, I also discovered that it is not as complicated as many would have us believe.

How does moon phase fishing work?

Every angler knows that the best times to fish are when the fish are feeding. This tends to occur during sunrise and sunset, but what often goes unnoticed are the two periods in other parts of the day: moonrise and moonset. Because the moon has an effect on a variety of factors around fish, including the live forage they hunt, these periods, combined with the moon phase, are what trigger feeding.

By understanding this and choosing the times when sunrise / sunset and moonrise / moonset coincide with the phases of the new or full moon, you will increase your chances of a good fishing. Assuming there are fish in the area, of course.

Choose the best fishing times

There is really nothing complicated in all this; it’s just a matter of knowing in advance exactly when the sun and moon will rise and set. Fish are most active during the 90-minute windows that surround each of these four daily events; that’s 45 minutes before and after these four daily points.

Fishing during these four periods will help increase your fishing catch, but if you plan wisely to ensure you are at the water’s edge on new or full moon days, you can use these ‘windows’ to catch a catch like you’ve never done before. before. If you have to choose between sunrise / sunset and moonrise / sunset, always go with the moon as the moon is the strongest influence.

Hunters have always known that fish and game are most active at dawn and dusk, dawn and dusk, but their activity around moonrise and moonset is less noticeable because these events are likely to occur without affecting no change in perceived light. The rising and setting of the new moon is invisible anyway, and cloudy weather often hides the moon. Without prior knowledge of setting and ascent times, you will miss out on two of the best fishing times every day!

Other considerations

When planning your fishing based on the moon phase, there are other factors that need to be considered as well.

Climate: severe weather changes have an impact on the way fish feed. When a storm is coming, or just after it has passed, it is a good time. If this happens while you are on site, you are in for a treat! However, if a cold front approaches, the fish are likely to go further into the water and become inactive.

Season: Most fish are more likely to bite voluntarily during seasonal transitions, with the transition from winter to spring and summer to fall being the two best times to fish.

Now that you know that moonphase fishing really works, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use this knowledge to increase your own fishing catch by being ready with your rod during the best fishing times available. It’s easy and it works!

Good luck!

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How can an oil-free moisturizer be harmful to my skin?

It’s no wonder why oil-free moisturizing products are so popular – many of us have experienced using a moisturizing lotion or cream that leaves our skin feeling greasy even within minutes of application. This is why we tend to choose a beauty product that does not contain oil. But are we really doing ourselves a favor by using an oil-free body lotion or face cream?

Oil-free doesn’t necessarily mean it’s skin-friendly

Go to a beauty store and read the product labels of the oil-free moisturizing creams and lotions available there. You will see that most of them, especially those from high-profile cosmetic companies, contain one or more of the following ingredients that can harm your skin and overall health:

Benzyl alcohol and various other types of alcohols dry out the skin, this eliminates the point of using a moisturizer in the first place! Not only that, they also expose the skin to infections from harmful microorganisms by removing its protective natural acids.

Triethanolamine or TEA it is a pH balancer that has quite a few potentially disastrous health effects. It can combine with amines in your beauty product to form nitrosamines, which can cause cancer. And although the scientific literature does not have conclusive evidence that ASD itself is carcinogenic, animal tests have shown that it can cause skin erosion, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation (unusual darkening of the skin) even when only small amounts were applied.

Parabens are preservative chemicals used to extend the life of anti-aging and skin care products – you’ll find them listed on the labels of oil-free moisturizers like methyl paraben, propyl paraben, butyl paraben, ethyl paraben, and several other variations. While it is approved by the FDA for use in cosmetics and other consumer products, there is widespread concern about its potential to disrupt the endocrine system and its possible role in diseases such as cancer. A study published in The Journal of Applied Toxicology shows the presence of parabens in tumors extracted from breast cancer patients.

Oil-free moisturizers don’t sound very good right now, do they?

Certain oils in some facial moisturizers and moisturizers are good for the skin

Not all oils clog skin pores and cause breakouts. Of course, there are oils that do this, like mineral oil. However, consider the moisturizing benefits of the following natural oils that are safe for your skin and won’t leave it greasy or unpleasantly slippery:

Jojoba oil. This is a vegetable oil whose chemical composition is very similar to sebum, the oil that our skin produces. Therefore, there is little threat of skin rashes or other allergic reactions. In addition, it is suitable even for people with oily skin because it helps regulate the body’s sebum production.

Avocado oil. This natural oil has healing properties and contains many essential nutrients for healthy skin. In addition, it has been shown to reduce age spots and increase the amount of skin collagen in the body.

Macadamia oil. Like jojoba oil, it is very similar to human sebum. It is rich in palmitoleic acid, which tones, conditions and hydrates the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, and its high absorption rate means that it hydrates the skin very quickly.

Now that you’ve become more aware of how an oil-free moisturizer might not be the best for you, I hope you do a little more research so that you can find the best skincare product that you can hydrate your skin with in such a way. safe and effective.

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The Best Kept Secrets of Personal Magnetism, By: Wisdom JOY Makano

Author, Wisdom JOY Makano is a poet and philosopher. He has worked all his life studying ancient sources of knowledge, the wisdom of the sages, religious texts, philosophy and other esoteric volumes. His extensive research and wealth of knowledge has now culminated in his first book, The best kept secrets of personal magnetism. The principles in this document are based on the Golden Rule, “treat others as you would like to be treated.” The author says this is “the best rule of thumb and the key to influencing people.” It explains that this ancient doctrine was made famous by Jesus Christ and remains “the highest principle in the most remote societies”, and how this rule was also taught by ancient prophets and sages of many sects, including the Hebrews, Greeks, Chinese and the Indians.

There are explanations on how to use the laws of human nature and the golden rule for dynamic social or business change. You will see that integrity, gratitude, and a genuine “caring attitude” can open the doors to the practitioner’s success. The bottom line is that a person does not have to be chosen or special, but can come from any condition, however humble, and still achieve their heart’s desire by using these principles. However, principles should be used for good and not to manipulate others. Great men and women throughout time have used these proven techniques to change their personal lives and improve the world.

This is also a book on leadership and how to develop a winning style for any situation. Since we do not achieve success alone, we must learn to influence others who can help us achieve our goals and dreams. This is a guide and reference book on how to do that and the truths found here can be instantly tested with the people in life. They work equally well with family and friends as they do with business partners. The author invites the reader to test everything he has written to his own satisfaction before accepting his statements. Now, there is a winning formula in itself!

The best kept secrets of personal magnetism has quickly become one of my favorite personal achievement books since Think and get rich, it was popular (again) in the 1970s. Time Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, and Og Mandino’s, The best seller in the world had a business feeling about them, The best kept secrets of personal magnetism,Written by Wisdom JOY Makano, it has a more holistic feel from the moment you open the book. The book is warm, welcoming, uplifting, and naturally motivating in the sense that it offers new hope for whatever one wants to achieve, whether it’s great leadership, more charm and charisma, or just wanting to be a happier person. The author says his book is for anyone who wants to differentiate themselves by developing their own personal magnetism, not for the purpose of manipulating it, but for the purpose of sharing their gifts with the world. I think it is also for the truth seeker, the philosopher, the teacher, the salesperson, and just about anyone who wants to improve any area of ​​their life. It is for the inspired and for those who want to be inspired again. Author, Wisdom JOY Makano, have three more books to be published soon, Exalted secrets of brilliant minds, The central mountain, and Emancipated intelligence. I believe each of these will be a treasure for anyone seeking the best in themselves and in others.