Consider the list of key attractions that draw people to Kansas City

Kansas City is without a doubt one of the cities most worth exploring in the United States of America. This city is in Missouri, with tons of great attractions and many entertainment related things to do.

From history to music to construction to food, the city maintains a great reputation in terms of everything.

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Take a look at the main tourist spots in the city.

Kansas City’s Top 5 Sights

1.Country Club Plaza: Located in the Country Club District of Kansas City, it is a shopping center named after the district in which it is located. It became the first shopping center in the city to welcome shoppers arriving by car. Today, it is the most famous shopping site in the city. Your trip to the city cannot be completed without shopping in the square. You can find high-end brands like Michael Kors, Kendra Scott, and Kate Spade, here. Also, you can choose to buy from local stores.

Plus, you can soak up the incredible views from this 15-block area. It features romantic horse-drawn carriage rides or a gondola on the adjacent Bush Creek.

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2. Nelson Atkins Museum: It is an art museum known for its collection of works from almost every continent and culture. Especially, the museum has an extensive collection of Asian art. The museum has an outstanding collection of more than 33,500 objects. By visiting the museum, you have the opportunity to learn about various civilizations through different paintings, prints, sculptures, drawings, and photographs.

3. Power & Light District: It is one of the most popular areas of the city that offers some of the best entertainment venues for its visitors. It is an eight-block entertainment center that continues to be packed with locals and tourists throughout the year. There are over 50 shops, nightspots, and restaurants in the Power & Light District. From sports to music to dining, this place hosts a host of free events for its visitors, each year. So, if you want to experience the nightlife of the city, you should definitely visit this place.

4. Joe’s a Top Barbecue: If you love barbecued meals, you have good reason to book Spirit Airlines tickets and travel into town. While the city is a famous foodie destination, Joe’s City Top Barbecue is a must see due to its great barbecue options. The best items on this restaurant’s menu include ribs, The Z-Man, and French fries.

5. American Jazz Museum: When traveling to New City, you definitely owe it to yourself to visit the American Jazz Museum. In fact, your trip to the city cannot be completed without making this place a must see. While the museum preserves the history of American jazz music through exhibits by Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, and other famous jazz music composers, it also hosts live performances several nights a week. If you are a jazz music lover, book Spirit Flights tickets to Kansas City and visit this museum.

Happy holidays in the city!


Your Ragdoll cat can feel very lonely

Your rag doll cat is probably a very important and always present figure in your life, every time you turn around you will probably see the rag doll following you or lying on the ground, ready to be stepped on if you step back without looking.

The rag doll is truly a breed that loves people, or at least loves attention and affection, dare to ignore it for any length of time and the rag doll is sure to let you know. Most rag doll cats are likely to be easy to train, at least easier than most other cats.

It is important that you leash your ragdoll, as I am sure you know, ragdolls are meant to be indoor cats, not outdoor cats. How many times have you panicked when you thought your rag doll had gotten away and run away, only to find it half an hour later huddled in some unexpected place?

Yes, rag dolls don’t belong outdoors, they may be intelligent creatures, but they also completely lack common sense half the time. With a rag doll cat, there is no street intelligence, they will happily run down the road, approach any dog, cat or other animal they can find, or worse yet, jump into any puddle of water. They seem to love water, it is not strange that rag dolls try to get into the bath or shower with their owners.

Your ragdoll cat may be the cutest cat in the world and is obviously very sweet, but it can also be very annoying. If they weren’t following you all day, then you wouldn’t have to accidentally step on a fluffy tale or paw inadvertently. And if they didn’t insist on lying down on your laptop, every time you want to work or surf the net, you’d be so much happier.

Ragdolls love to spend as much time as possible with you, they would never put you aside if they had the chance, and they absolutely hate when you leave them alone, all those meows are not in vain, they really don’t want to be left alone, and they will insist on cause chaos if left for an extended period of time.

Your ragdoll cat can feel very lonely and very depressed if you go out to work every day for a period of time, this needy behavior is often the reason why the ragdoll cat may end up in rescue centers so frequently. People are simply not aware of the care that such a people-oriented cat needs.

The rag dolls are huge cats, especially the males, but the females are big enough too; they just eat and eat and eat, every time you enter the kitchen the rag doll is right behind you, like a tail, assuming that since you are in the kitchen you must be making food for it.

Of course, all your food is their food too, and you won’t hear the latter if you’re trying to eat a good piece of fish, without giving it to your ragdoll cat. The rag doll just doesn’t give up, it offers you lots of pampering, you offer it food.

The rag doll cat is charming, a sweet, laid back and loyal pet, buy yourself one that will get on your nerves one day and you will love it the next. Purrfect.


Pharaoh Hound dog health, grooming and living conditions issues

Health problems. The Pharaoh’s Hound, to this day, remains the most common in Malta. Apparently, they are not profitable dogs to breed. As a result of this, dogs do not suffer from serious genetic disorders. In the past, unscrupulous dog breeders were known to take shortcuts, although reputable breeders and kennel clubs have tried to stifle these people’s efforts. These dogs still receive a variety of tests to ensure healthy breeding, but reputable dog breeders shouldn’t be a problem. However, because their ears are large and quite thin, they can suffer in cold climates, remember that their natural habitat is Malta.

Cleanliness. As small breed dogs, Pharaoh Hound dogs are ideal for people who do not have time to dedicate to grooming. A simple brushing every now and then and cleaning dirty areas with a damp cloth is pretty much all the Pharaoh Hound requires. They have somewhat sensitive skin and the use of strong shampoos or detergents is not recommended, a dry shampoo is probably the best answer.

Life conditions. Provided Pharaoh Hounds are introduced at a very young age, they will socialize well with other animals, although care must be taken with smaller pets due to the strong hunting instinct of dogs. They are happy with children and enjoy playing, together with the best. They are better suited to a more experienced owner than to having as their first dog. Remember that the dog is very fast and very active when not restrained, while playing it should be kept in a fairly safe area, and a well fenced garden should be suitable for this. They are not really suited to apartment living and should always be worn laced when outdoors in public.


Three Things You Should Know About Sphynx Cats

Have you seen the Sphynx cat Mr. Bigglesworth in the Austin Powers movies and want to adopt one for yourself? There’s more than meets the eye with this hairless kitty. This breed is known for its intelligence and antics, not to mention its unusual appearance. Sphynx cats look a lot like any other cat, but being hairless they require extra care and attention. Sphynx breeders and rescue groups often want to sell or place these cats in households that already know how to handle their special needs, but here are three things to know before adopting your own hairless cat.

1) Sphynx cats need a regular bath. Because these cats do not have hair to absorb their body’s natural oils, they need to be bathed or else they will get dirty and greasy. Your cat will need a bath about once a week, depending on how dirty he gets between baths. Hairless cats are not hypoallergenic, but due to regular bathing, they are easier to live with than a furry cat. Your cat may or may not enjoy these baths, so you will need to work with him to find the best way to clean him.

2) Sphynx cats are very intelligent and that means they can be very destructive. If they are bored, a Sphynx will find something to amuse themselves with. Offer plenty of playtime with them and you will find that they are less likely to ruin your rug or grab things from tables and counters. Make sure they have a scratching post or other scraper, like cardboard, so they don’t destroy your furniture. Some Sphynxes like to play with toys that they can grab, bite, and kick with their hind legs and some cats like to play with toys that they can chase like a mouse on a wire or a laser pointer.

3) Hairless cats can get cold easily. Make sure to provide plenty of places for them to dig to warm up. Some people leave a blanket on the couch or let them sleep on the bed. You can also provide a heated bed, place a bed in front of a heat register, or make sure they have a place where they can rest in the sun.

If you are interested in a Sphynx cat, these three tips can help you better understand this interesting breed. A hairless cat will enrich your life and make you fall in love every day.


Dog Training: Some Potty Training Methods

Nobody wants their home to smell like dog urine. Teaching your dog where to do business is an important part of dog training. Here are some ways to do it.

Using newspapers is a simple and easy way to potty train dogs. Cover a large part of your floor with newspaper and teach your dog to urinate in that area. Gradually reduce this area until you are sure you got it. When he’s used to urinating on the newspaper, you can move him outside to get him there.

In cage training, you confine your dog to a certain space where you want him to go. This teaches you where to do your business rather than everywhere. However, you may find this method too much for your dog.

You can also use potty grass to train your dog. This works like a newspaper, but uses grass instead. The smell of real grass is enough to encourage your dog to urinate. This option is also ideal for people without access to the outdoors.

You can also try taking your dog wherever you want him to. This works on the same principle as the other methods mentioned. It is a simpler method but one that requires alertness.

Each method mentioned here has its pros and cons. Pick one that is more suited to your dog training style to make things easier.

Potty training dogs can be downright frustrating at times. Remember to stay calm and be more patient.


Choosing a dog carrier

When choosing a dog carrier, you need to know what types of dogs can comfortably fit in the dog carrier. If you have a Pekingese, Chihuahua, Havanese, Maltese, Miniature Pincher, Papillion, Pomeranian, Pug, Shih-Tzu, or Poodle along with a few other breeds, you can comfortably and safely travel with your pet in a Sherpa dog crate. If you have a puppy that you are buying from a breeder and you have to travel a long distance, a good sized dog carrier will be fine until they reach the weight, height and length restrictions.

Always follow the manufacturer’s restrictions, these restrictions on Sherpa dog transport units are only done for the safety of the dog. If you try to put a heavier dog on something rated for twenty-two pounds, you are putting their safety at risk. Height and length are also important, so having a dog that is too big for the dog carrier to squeeze into one could cause the dog undue pain and suffering. The Sherpa dog carrier has the restraint to ensure that your small dog is comfortable and has a good travel experience. Many dog ​​carriers come in different colors, sizes, and a selection of bags, wheeled bags, or shoulder straps.

Open shoulder bags are pretty and in vogue for the dog’s luxurious lifestyle. These dog carriers are usually easy to clean, as most are washable and some have sheepskin linings to make travel even more comfortable. Look for a top entry or end entry that makes it easier to place the pet in the dog carrier. If the trips you plan call for a dog carrier, you can find options for ventilation, durability, rubberized fabric, removable shoulder straps, and up to four mesh display panels. Some even have leash rings inside to keep the pet in one area.

The best dog carriers with a leash ring are great if your pet tries to run out of the carrier when you open it. This will help feed them and / or put them in the dog crate. Dog carriers are also good for walking if you have a blind dog or two older to walk. They also need fresh air and a dog carrier is a perfect way to get them outside and keep them safe. They will also feel more confident, especially if they have a hearing or visual health problem.


Camping with dogs: etiquette in the camp

Dog Camp Label

1) Always keep your dog on a leash:

This sounds so trite and as a dog owner you have heard it over and over again. But it is one of the most common problems. There are a number of problems associated with leaving your dog off leash at camp. First, they could get lost while running after a rabbit, deer, or coyote. Second, there could be a larger, more aggressive dog tied to a dog at the next camp that could eat your dog for lunch. Third, you’re giving the rest of us a bad rap and the camp might decide to ban the dogs. Enough said, I hope.

2) Call ahead:

Although the camp guides may tell you that the camp accepts dogs. Be sure to call ahead, because many of them only accept dogs under 25 pounds or charge per pet. Look in our guide to camping with dogs here or look in the Travel Life directory here.

3) Clean up your dog’s litter:

We have found that dog bags are very expensive in pet stores. Instead, we used simple food storage bags from the grocery store. Not the kind with zip closures, but the old gallon size food storage bags with twist ties. These are slightly larger than pet store bags at less than half the price. The only downside is that they are clear rather than colored, but you will get used to it!

4) Make sure your dogs don’t bark too much:

Many dog ​​guides recommend that you stay home if you have a dog that barks too much. This is not fair, all dogs should go camping. If you have a dog that barks at its head when a pin is dropped, you probably better spend some time training it. Try to give him treats every time he stops barking on command, he will eventually notice.

5) Aggressive dog or aggressive dog with people:

Again, everything I have read recommends that you keep these types of dogs at home. I do not agree. Aggression from dogs and aggression from people are often natural behaviors for dogs. The trick is to keep these dogs under ABSOLUTE control at all times. You must be diligent in this case, or someone or some dog could be seriously injured. This is what I have learned from my dog ​​who is afraid of strangers and weighs 130 pounds.

a) Get a restraint collar that provides total control of your dog.

b) If you tie them up outdoors at camp, always be outside with them.

c) Do not take them to walk on trails, this is looking for problems.

d) Find a camp with ample spaces; Look in Fodor’s Best Camps Guide at for the site’s privacy and comprehensiveness factor.

e) If you must wear them in crowded situations, wear a muzzle (but only wear a muzzle in moderation).

f) Be vigilant at all times, I camped full time for two years throughout the country without incident. However, I am always with my dog ​​and have him under my complete control (not always easy with such a large dog).

Following these five simple rules will allow you and your dogs to enjoy camping, without generating complaints from other campers. If you receive a complaint for any reason, try to be bigger than the complainant – act calm and address the problem. After all, you are going camping to enjoy life!


Yorkie Health – Diseases Affecting Yorkshire Terriers

Most toy breeds suffer from some kind of genetic defect or another. In fact, except for a few naturally occurring small breeds, most other breeds have several breed-specific health problems. The Yorkshire terrier is not immune to this and has several genetic problems. Some of the most common are listed below.

Legg-Calve-Perthes syndrome – this is a problem where the upper part of the dog’s femur will start to disintegrate very slowly. It is usually due to inadequate blood circulation in that area which causes the bone to die. The usual symptoms of this disease are lameness or lameness. There is no alternative but to perform surgery to remove the affected part of the bone. This will result in that leg being shorter than the other, but will restore almost normal mobility for the dog.

Patella dislocation – This condition is also called patella slippage, where the kneecaps do not sit properly in the patellar groove, either because it is too shallow or because the tendons and ligaments that hold the knee in place are too weak. This results in the kneecap sliding to one side and the use of the leg is lost. This problem may manifest itself only occasionally or more frequently, depending on the severity of the problem. Most dogs do not consider this to be a problem and can handle it, although they will tend to favor the leg that has this problem. In severe cases, surgery can be done, but the success rate is not that high. The easiest way to tell if your dog has this problem is to bend the leg while feeling the knee. If you feel like it is slipping then you know what the problem is.

Distichiae eyelashes – This is a condition where the eyelash grows from a spot that usually has no eyelashes, such as a tear duct or the edge of the eye. This is more irritating to the dog than a health problem and will lead to constant tearing and inflammation of the eye. In some cases, it can lead to abrasions and corneal ulcers. You can try plucking the offending lash manually, and if it doesn’t solve the problem, you can take your dog to the vet to have it removed using electrolysis.

It is important that you understand the health conditions and the implications of them before committing to owning and raising a Yorkie.


Cocker Spaniel Digging and How to STOP IT!

Is your Cocker Spaniel digging your garden and making it look like the surface of the moon or an open pit mining excavation? Changes in which you are probably feeling frustrated, upset, and powerless as you watch your puppy do his thing. Digging is a natural instinctual behavior. All dog breeds have a fixation on digging, some more than others. Before we can begin to solve the problem, we have to look at the reasons why your Cocker Spaniel is digging.

Why is my cocker spaniel digging?

It is important to understand that your Cocker Spaniel is not digging your garden to annoy you or to deliberately make life difficult for you. We need to look and determine the reason for the excavation. Ask yourself the following questions to determine where your digging behavior is coming from.

1) Where does my Cocker Spaniel dig? Is it one place or several places?

2) What are you digging for? Old, chewy rawhide bones buried, tree roots?

3) Does your Cocker dig when left alone?

4) Is the Cocker digging under a fence?

5) Does your Cocker bury his rawhide toys and chews?

Reasons to dig Cocker Spaniel

1) Cocker Spaniels, especially young ones, are full of energy. If you do not provide them with a suitable and sufficient outlet, they will find their own. Your yard contains dirt, insects, and maybe even small burrowing animals. It can become a play paradise for the young pup.

2) Your Cocker Spaniel loves to be in your company. This breed of dog desires a lot of human companionship. If you leave your pup alone in the yard (or even with another dog) all day, the Cocker Spaniel may dig due to loneliness, boredom, and / or separation anxiety.

3) Cocker Spaniels were originally bred to be sporting dogs used to hunt birds. This is where the name “Cocker” comes from, as they were particularly adept at hunting woodcocks. Dogs that are bred for hunting or herding have a greater need for occupation and are more susceptible to boredom.

Ways to Stop Cocker Spaniel Digging

Now that we have figured out why, we can begin to correct the behavior. For starters, don’t leave your dog outside unsupervised while trying to correct the digging behavior. Observe your dog and distract him if he starts digging. Since this is a natural instinct for your puppy, you may want to establish an area where your dog can dig. The area can be made of sand and soft earth. It’s a good idea to bury treats and toys so your pup can dig them up.

Correct behavior

When you catch your Cocker Spaniel digging where it isn’t supposed to, look to see what it is digging, remove the object if possible, and replace it in the allowed digging area. Pick up the puppy carefully and place it in the allowed area. Only praise and treat your dog when the proper behavior has been displayed. This may take several times, but it is worth the effort. Your Cocker is smart to start with and will catch up quickly. When you see the dog in the allowed area, it is time to give him a treat.

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Distract your cocker spaniel by digging

The good can trick seems to work for many dogs. It is simply an empty can filled with stones, marbles, or coins. Whenever you see the Cocker Spaniel digging, shake the can vigorously to distract the puppy and stop the digging. Bring your dog into the allowed digging area and reward the dog only if he digs in the allowed area. The can trick can be used to distract your pup from other undesirable behaviors. Just use the can to distract the dog and point out that his behavior is unacceptable.

Stop digging in flower beds

Do not leave the dog alone until the digging behavior has been corrected. If your pup runs into the flower beds, quickly distract him and place the pup in his own digging area. This system is simple and it works, the only problem is that people seem to give up after a while. If you don’t follow him, you will end up fencing off the follow-up bed.

Game time

Use your garden to play with your puppy. Play only non-aggressive games like fetch; Teach new tricks and reinforce good behavior. This will meet the exercise and companionship requirements of Cockers. Playing aggressive games like “tug of war” gives the dog a chance to try and exercise dominance over you. These types of games should be avoided at all times. You do not want to instill aggressive behavior is your Cocker.

Take your dog for a walk

Walking at least once a day is good for you and your Cocker Spaniel and will help your dog expend some of that energy.

The tips and tricks above will help resolve boredom, separation anxiety, and pent-up energy that is causing the Cocker Spaniel’s digging.

Never punish your dog, it will only make things that much more difficult to correct. A good coach can lend a hand if necessary. Positive, gentle commands work best with your Cocker Spaniel.


Everything you need to know about Lucy’s law

The further we advance, the more cruel we become. The increase in atrocities committed against animals firmly establishes this fact. To combat the atrocities of animals, Lucy’s Law has been introduced. As human beings, we all have a responsibility to protect wildlife and make this planet a better place for everyone to live. Strong initiatives must be taken to stop any kind of atrocities in animals and since dogs are our favorites among all other animals, we must try to immunize people so that they do not harm these loyal and lovable animals.

How can dog lovers support the initiative?

From the drafting of a law to its implementation, the entire process is not only complicated, but also requires time. As a dog lover, you just can’t wait until Lucy’s Law is recognized. There are few things you can do until Lucy’s Law gets your legal confirmation.

This cruel and barbaric business flourished because there are people who buy puppies from outside distributors. Be a responsible pet lover and avoid buying dogs rather than considering adopting a puppy. And you can also encourage others not to go puppy shopping when they can easily adopt a dog from a foster home.

Continue the crusade against treating dogs as a commodity and a breeding machine at the puppy farm using your personal contacts, social media, and other popular channels.

Show your support for organizations that fight for the rights and good causes of dogs. You don’t need to give them financial support, but you can at least show them your verbal support. Share their posts, like their pages, and ask others to do the same.

Make everyone around you aware and informed about the atrocities that dogs suffer on puppy farms and try to generate a social conscience. The more information people have, the more effective the campaign will be.

Lucy is a representative of thousands of dogs who are going through brutal torture, ruthless treatment and malicious handling every day in a puppy house by a group of men who can lower themselves than a beast just to earn money. Raising your voice and showing your support are the best way to be a part of this movement. Just as Lucy was rescued and spent her last years in the care of her owner, we want each dog to find a home where it can be treated with the utmost care, love and affection.