How to Inspect a Second-Hand Mobile

Inspect a Second-Hand Mobile

Buying second hand mobiles is a great way to get the latest model without paying full price. However, you need to make sure the device is in good condition before you buy it. It’s a good idea to ask the seller for close-up photos of the phone and for a video if possible, to check its condition. Also, make sure the buttons work properly, and don’t get stuck or register phantom presses. Lastly, the SIM tray should be in good condition to read and insert SIM cards.

It’s better for the planet: Millions of phones end up in landfill every year as e-waste, which leaches toxic chemicals into the soil. Buying a 2nd hand mobile is one less phone that has to take this journey.

A more reliable way to shop is through a second-hand mobile retailer, such as Amazon or Gazelle, which offers a warranty and a money-back guarantee. These retailers offer a wide range of devices and can provide detailed information about the phone’s history. They can also conduct mobile certifications, which is a constructive software-based inspection of the device to ensure that it’s in good working order.

How to Inspect a Second-Hand Mobile

You can even find used smartphones at some department stores, although they may be limited in stock and come with a hefty markup. In contrast, many reputable online and offline second-hand sellers have a large selection of phones from different manufacturers and are able to provide details about the phone’s history. These sellers can also provide a warranty for the device and can help you with repairs or replacements.

If you’re buying from an individual, it’s a good idea to visit them in person and inspect the phone carefully before making a purchase. Make sure the phone turns on and is in good working order, and try it out to see if the features work as advertised. You can test the speaker quality by making a call and listening to music, and you should also ask about the phone’s battery health.

Beyond financial considerations, the secondhand mobile market plays a significant role in promoting sustainability. Electronic waste, including discarded smartphones, poses a growing environmental concern due to its toxic components and non-biodegradable materials. By extending the lifespan of mobile devices through resale and reuse, the secondhand market helps reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste. Instead of ending up in landfills, where they contribute to pollution and resource depletion, used smartphones find new owners who can continue to derive value from them.

A good battery is essential to a mobile device, and it can degrade with age and use. It’s worth paying extra for a new or nearly-new battery, as it’ll last longer and perform better. It’s also a good idea to ask about the seller’s return policy, as you might be able to take the device back if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


Are There Hidden Fees Associated With Cheap Internet Plans?

Fees Associated With Cheap Internet Plans

The best cheap internet providers provide affordable connections that are well-suited to a variety of needs and budgets. Many offer a range of cheap plans that feature varying speeds and data allowances, while others include additional features or services that make them stand out from the competition. The key to finding the right plan is comparing the monthly cost and analyzing whether or not any extras will add up.

Internet prices vary by location, connection type and provider. The cheapest options are typically available in urban areas while rural communities may only have limited choices at higher prices. Additionally, the quality of an internet service can also impact the price. For example, reliable connection types like fiber and cable tend to cost more than slower DSL.

When evaluating cheap plans, it’s important to consider all of the potential costs involved. This includes the monthly fee as well as any extra fees or equipment rental charges that may apply. Some providers also have a reputation for imposing steep price increases after an initial promotional period, so it’s essential to read the fine print before signing up.

A common hidden cost is a regulatory fee that is added to your bill to help cover the costs associated with operating and maintaining broadband networks. This is often listed as a line item on the bill under an obscure heading such as “cable and telephone fees.” While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to understand these charges before signing up for a broadband service.

Are There Hidden Fees Associated With Cheap Internet Plans?

Another hidden cost is a monthly data overage charge that may be added to your bill if you go over a specific limit. This is especially important to keep in mind if you plan on streaming or gaming online. While most providers have reasonable data caps, it’s always good to compare the limits of different internet packages before selecting one to ensure you don’t exceed a limit that will incur additional charges.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that some Cheap internet providers have early termination fees (ETFs). This is especially true of plans that require an annual contract. These fees are designed to cover the costs incurred by the provider in setting up and maintaining your service, but can be an inconvenience if you decide to switch providers or move homes before the end of your contract term.

As a general rule, the cheaper the internet package you choose, the more expensive the equipment required to deliver it. For this reason, it’s generally a good idea to opt for a wireless service when possible. Not only will you save money on the device, but wireless connectivity offers a variety of benefits that may offset the expense of the router.

Frontier Communications offers budget-friendly internet plans with speeds ranging from basic to high-speed options. Their Simply Broadband Core plan offers download speeds up to 6 Mbps at an affordable price, making it suitable for light internet usage. Frontier also frequently runs promotions and discounts for new customers, enhancing its affordability.


A Beginner’s Guide to Circuit Board Assembly

Guide to Circuit Board Assembly

Printed circuit boards, or PCBs for short, are essential in nearly every electrical appliance known to man. They contain a system of conductive lines, called traces, that link up the different components on the board and allow them to function as a cohesive whole. This process, which is referred to as circuit board assembly, is crucial in ensuring that these devices work properly and efficiently.

To make a circuit board assembly, copper lines are first drawn on a nonconductive sheet of material, such as plastic or fiberglass. These traces will then be connected to other copper patterns on the board, which connect the conductive layers of the device. These copper patterns are determined by an engineer, and the board is then given a bath to remove any unwanted copper. This leaves behind the conductive traces on the board that an engineer designed.

Next, a protective layer is added to the surface of the board, which is known as solder mask. The solder mask gives the PCB its traditional green color and helps prevent unwanted shorts. Finally, the bare board is put through an assembly process to add the components to it. There are two different ways to assemble a PCB: surface mount technology (SMT), and through-hole technology (THT). SMT is a method that allows components with wire leads to be simply set on top of the copper pads on a PCB, rather than having their wire leads pass through holes in the board. This is the most common method of assembling a PCB in use today.

A Beginner’s Guide to Circuit Board Assembly

Through-hole technology, on the other hand, involves putting the component’s wire leads into a hole in the board and then using solder to attach them to the circuit board. This method is used for components with long wires that are difficult to handle by hand. Through-hole components also require a special type of soldering, called wave soldering, which is a much quicker and more precise process than manual soldering.

Once the components are attached to the bare board, they will be tested for functionality and quality. If any problems are found during this stage, the board will be sent back for rework. This process is typically done by a professional assembly company that uses state-of-the-art machinery and has qualified experts.

Before a PCB can be assembled, it must be checked for its design specifications and manufacturability by an engineering team. The engineers will look at the PCB file to ensure that it has all the necessary components and that there are no flaws in its construction, which may affect its functionality. This is known as a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) check, and it is an essential part of the assembly process. If a design for a circuit board is flawed in any way, it cannot be manufactured correctly and will not function as intended. This is why it is so important to work with a reputable PCB assembly company that has a thorough and rigorous design process.


Free Computer Recycling Near Me

Computer Recycling

Electronics are a part of our daily lives and as technology advances we often need to update to the latest versions. When your equipment becomes obsolete and you are ready to get rid of it, it is important to dispose of it responsibly instead of throwing it away. Old computers and other electronics contain toxic materials that can contaminate the environment, harming wildlife and people. In addition to that, disposing of outdated technology in landfills has a negative impact on our climate. The good news is that there are places to recycle your outdated computer, as well as other types of electronics, including TVs, phones, printers, and more.

New York State’s electronics recycling laws were updated in 2015, making it illegal for any company to charge residents for the collection or disposal of electronic waste. This includes e-waste dropped off for recycling by private individuals, businesses and not-for-profits. Manufacturers have also been required to establish a takeback program for their products in order to offset the amount of e-waste they create. A list of manufacturers and their specific programs can be found here.

In order to comply with this new law, many companies have partnered up with local organizations to provide free computer recycling near me. These companies and organizations include Goodwill, The National Cristina Foundation and more. Goodwill recycles donated electronics by refurbishing them and then selling them to those in need of a computer or other devices. The money from this donation goes to support Goodwill’s job training and employment placement services, as well as other community-based initiatives.

Free Computer Recycling Near Me

The National Cristina Foundation works to provide computers and other technology to students in need of educational resources throughout the country. They work with local schools, non-profits and other charities to find the best possible home for each donated device. They are also a great option for businesses looking to get rid of outdated technology that may no longer be used.

Staples technology recycling program accepts a variety of electronics, such as laptops and tablets, external hard drives, small servers, desktop copiers, scanners, printers, keyboards, and mouses. They also accept all computer monitors, regardless of where they were purchased. The items are kept in an employee-only area until they are sorted for processing. Once sorted, they are shipped to a national partner for processing.

At the partner facility, the equipment is sorted based on potential for repurposing or for parts harvesting. The data-containing electronics are wiped to Department of Defense specifications or have their hard drives and memory cards removed. This ensures that any information contained on these devices will never be accessed by anyone else, even by accident.

While a lot of different companies and organizations offer computer recycling, it is important to know which ones will use the most eco-friendly processes. At ProTek Recycling, we take our responsibility seriously and only work with reputable recycling partners that use high-quality, environmentally friendly technology to process your equipment. To learn more about our e-waste pickup and recycling services, please contact us today.


전화 생체 인증의 발전

인증의 발전

스마트폰이 소중한 추억, 개인적인 대화, 로그인 자격 증명, 친구 및 가족 연락처 정보 등 수많은 개인 정보의 본거지가 되면서 보안이 많은 소비자에게 주요 우선순위가 된 것은 당연한 일입니다. 휴대폰 제조업체, 기술 개발자 및 결제 회사는 모두 보안을 강화하고 온보딩 및 인증을 간소화하기 위해 생체인식을 사용하는 새로운 방법을 실험하고 있습니다.


좋은 소식은 생체 인증을 가능하게 하는 기술의 발전으로 인해 대중이 더욱 저렴하고 접근할 수 있게 되었다는 것입니다. 여느 신기술과 마찬가지로 소비자 요구, 비용 절감, 더욱 강력하고 안전한 인증을 제공하기 위한 여러 양식의 통합 등 여러 요소가 통합되어 채택을 추진했습니다.

지문 인식은 여전히 가장 인기 있는 모바일 생체 인증 방식입니다. 이는 휴대폰, 태블릿, 노트북의 잠금을 해제하고 온라인 뱅킹 및 결제를 인증하는 편리하고 사용하기 쉬운 방법입니다. 또한 업계에서는 홍채 인식, 안면 인식 등 보다 강력하고 안전한 인증을 위해 다양한 생체 인식 방식을 결합하는 다중 모드 솔루션을 수용하고 있습니다.

전화 생체 인증의 발전

지문 및 안면 인식이 지속적으로 인기를 끄는 주요 이유 중 하나는 비침해적이라는 것입니다. 즉, 이를 사용하는 데 특별한 하드웨어가 필요하지 않다는 것입니다. AI와 딥 러닝 알고리즘의 발전으로 이 두 가지 방식 모두 상당한 개선을 보였습니다. 이를 통해 정확도가 향상되고 잘못된 긍정 및 부정의 수가 줄어들었으며 시스템에서 데이터를 처리하고 확인하는 데 걸리는 시간이 단축되었습니다.

최근 몇 년간 다른 방식도 큰 진전을 이루었습니다. 예를 들어, 홍채 인식 분야는 공상과학 영화에서 벗어나 카페테리아와 레스토랑에서 얼굴 및 홍채 기반 결제 앱을 테스트하고 있는 BBVA와 같은 회사에 의해 주류로 자리 잡았습니다. 이 회사의 특수 카메라는 사람 눈의 빛과 어둠의 복잡한 패턴을 감지할 수 있으며, 이 패턴은 향후 식별을 위해 디지털 템플릿으로 변환됩니다.

행동 생체 인식은 상당한 발전이 있었던 또 다른 영역입니다. 이러한 시스템은 타이핑 속도, 마우스 움직임 또는 보행과 같은 개인 행동의 고유한 패턴을 모니터링 및 분석하고 이를 사용하여 개인을 식별합니다. 이러한 유형의 확인은 신체적 특성보다 덜 방해적이며 지속적으로 사용할 수 있으며 시간이 지남에 따라 적응됩니다. 이는 Samsung Wallet에 통합된 Idemia의 새로운 mDriver’s License 앱과 같이 온라인 및 오프라인 인증 및 결제 솔루션에 모두 통합되고 있습니다.

생체인증은 사기 예방, 보안 강화, 편의성 강화에 도움을 주는 강력한 도구입니다. 그러나 이 기술에는 개인 정보 보호 문제를 비롯한 단점이 있습니다. 식별 및 검증을 위해 개인 데이터를 수집하면 개인정보가 침해될 수 있으며, 이 정보가 악의적인 행위자에 의해 오용될 위험이 실제로 존재합니다. 업계는 강화된 보안 조치와 개인의 개인 정보 보호 권리 보호 사이에서 균형을 유지하기 위해 계속 열심히 노력해야 합니다.

다른 기술과 마찬가지로 생체 인식도 완벽하지 않으며 스푸핑, 조작, 악성 코드로 우회할 수 있다는 점을 기억하는 것이 중요합니다. 따라서 이러한 기술을 사용할 때 강력한 보안 프로토콜을 구현하고 최소 권한 원칙을 엄격하게 적용하는 것이 중요합니다.


Why Companies Outsource Software Development From Norway

Outsource Software Development From Norway

The Nordic region isn’t just famous for its fjords and northern lights. It has a well-established IT outsourcing industry too. Many Norwegian businesses partner with software development companies abroad to reduce costs and improve efficiency. This way, they can focus on their core business activities and stay competitive.

Outsource Software Development from Norway is a fast-growing sector of the IT services industry. It offers numerous benefits for clients, including reduced operating costs, improved productivity, and the ability to scale up operations as needed. In addition, the process allows for quicker time-to-market and increased flexibility.

However, it’s important to remember that choosing the right partner is key. A reputable software development company in Norway will adhere to strict quality standards and deliver high-performing solutions. The best ones will also follow industry trends and be familiar with new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Why Companies Outsource Software Development From Norway

Fortunately, there are plenty of qualified software developers in Norway. From IT freelancers Trondheim to full-stack developers Oslo, you’ll find a wide range of specialists that can meet your specific needs. One of the most significant trends in this market is the increasing number of businesses that are using digital technology to automate processes and increase operational efficiency. In turn, this has led to an increased demand for software that can handle complex and sensitive data.

Another trend is the growing emphasis on cybersecurity. As more and more businesses rely on digital technologies, they need to make sure their sensitive information is protected from cyber threats. This has led to an increased demand for security and IT services.

Local special circumstances: The booming software industry in Norway is driven by a growing number of startups and the government’s efforts to promote innovation. This has helped to create a highly skilled workforce, and the country is home to a number of global technology leaders, such as Cisco Systems.

In addition, the Norwegian economy is strong, and wages are generally higher than in other European countries. This can make it more expensive to hire software developers in Norway than in other countries, but it’s still an attractive option for many businesses.

If you’re planning to outsource your software development, it’s essential to choose a company that will be reliable and trustworthy. Look for a firm that offers a solid portfolio of previous projects and has a proven track record of delivering on its promises. Also, be sure to consider the size of the company and its culture. A smaller company may be more receptive to your feedback and easier to work with.

If you’re looking for a software development company in Norway, check out IIH Global. We are a leading IT services provider, offering customized solutions that align with your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow!


What is the Voltage Output of a 200Ah Lithium Battery?

Voltage Output of a 200Ah Lithium Battery

A battery has a voltage rating that represents the electric potential energy per unit charge it can generate when connected to a circuit. The higher the voltage, the greater its potential energy. Battery voltage ratings are usually stated in volts (V) but may also be indicated as ampere hours (Ah) or watt hours. A battery with a higher Ah rating is capable of delivering more current over a longer period of time than a battery with a lower Ah rating.

A 200Ah lithium battery has a voltage of 12 volts, meaning that it can produce an electric potential difference of 12 volts when connected to a circuit. This makes it suitable for powering a wide variety of devices and systems, from hearing aids to RVs.

lithium batteries 200ah are also more efficient than lead acid batteries, meaning that they can store more energy in a given volume and weight. Because of their efficiency, they are often preferred for large-scale applications such as data centers and backup power systems.

To determine the amount of energy a battery can deliver, it is important to know its capacity and state of charge. A battery’s state of charge is a combination of factors, including its energy storage level and power-level capacity. Energy storage-level batteries have a constant voltage during discharge. This means that they can be used to power a fixed load such as a light bulb without dimmer over time. Power-level batteries, on the other hand, have a more powerful discharge capacity and are designed to handle high levels of current for extended periods of time.

What is the Voltage Output of a 200Ah Lithium Battery?

Another factor to consider is the size of the load that can be powered by a battery. The maximum continuous discharge of a battery is determined by the voltage it can sustain while under load, and it will be lower than its nominal rated voltage. For example, a 12V 200Ah lithium battery can provide 100 amps continuously for two hours at its nominal voltage of 12.0V.

The backup power of a lithium battery can be calculated by knowing the wattage of the appliances or devices attached to it and the battery’s state of charge (SOC). This information is then used to calculate how long the battery can provide power for. For example, a 200Ah lithium battery can provide backup power for up to six hours when it is connecting two 100W appliances.

When using a battery, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended charging and discharging guidelines. This will help to ensure optimal performance and extend the life of the battery. In addition, it is a good idea to check the battery’s BMS (battery management system) and charger compatibility to ensure safe operation. Finally, it is important to monitor the battery’s temperature during charging and discharging, as this can affect its performance. To reduce the risk of damage, it is also a good idea to install a battery in a dry location. This will prevent water from leaking from the cells and potentially damaging the battery.


AI Content Generation – What Is It?

AI Content Generation

Content generation is an area of AI that involves automating and programming content to produce it at scale. This includes writing, editing and rewriting articles, ad copy, blog posts, product descriptions, and even social media captions. While this does not mean that AI will replace content creators, it does save time and allows marketers to focus on other aspects of the marketing process such as research, strategy and refinement.

Unlike a human writer, AI can produce a large quantity of text quickly and consistently. The goal is to remove the need for manual labor and allow marketers to create and edit at a much faster pace. This frees up time for marketers to focus on other areas of the marketing process such as research, strategy development and optimizing content for search engines.

One of the most popular uses for AI Content Generation is writing net new copy, such as social media posts or long-form blog posts. This can be a huge time-saver for marketers, especially for businesses with limited resourcing or team size. But, it is important to remember that AI writing tools still require a level of creativity and oversight. If left unchecked, AI writing tools can produce repetitive and boring content that won’t add value to the user experience.

AI Content Generation – What Is It?

While AI content generators are great for generating repetitive or structured content, they can struggle to write creative, thought-leadership pieces. They can also struggle with complex or trending topics. AI-generated content will struggle to write about highly debated issues such as gun laws, abortion rights, politics and religion. It may sound biased or outdated if generated around these topics.

The popularity of AI writing tools like ChatGPT have renewed fears that AI is taking over the world and replacing human writers and content creators. But, these fears are misguided. AI writing tools like ChatGPT are designed to help marketers with specific tasks such as creating marketing copies, rewriting existing content, and creating social media content for their brands. These are not the tasks that would typically be the responsibility of a content writer, but rather those of a marketing assistant or sounding board.

AI can be a valuable tool for marketers, but only when used appropriately. If a brand completely relies on AI writing tools, they will likely rank less well in search engine results. Using these tools sparingly can provide an excellent source of inspiration for ideas and research, and can help rewrite and optimize existing content. They can also be useful for overcoming writer’s block by providing quick ideas to get the ball rolling when stuck on a project. However, if an organization is looking to use AI-generated content for a more comprehensive piece of content, they should carefully consider the potential impact on their users, SEO rankings and team resources before making the leap. For this reason, a hybrid approach of AI and human content creation is often the best option for marketers.


Wholesale iPhone 13 Phone Cases

Best Wholesale iPhone 13 Phone Cases

When it comes to ensuring that your phone is well-protected, wholesale iphone 13 phone cases are a great solution. They can help to keep your device safe from bumps, scratches & drops. They also come in a variety of different styles & colors, so you can find the perfect one to suit your style. Some of them even have a clip that you can use to pick up your phone. Other types of cases include wallet ones, which have pockets to store cards & cash.

Wholesale iPhone 13 Cases are available in bulk on Faires and feature a wide range of options to meet the needs of your customers. These unique wholesale products are great for retailers looking to add something special and different to their accessories boutiques. These phone cases are made from a variety of materials including real leather, faux vegan leather, abs & pc plastic, eco-friendly compostable PBAT, epoxy gel & more.

In the fast-paced world of smartphones, the iPhone 13 has captured the attention of tech enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike. As the demand for this sleek and powerful device continues to rise, so does the need for high-quality accessories to complement its design and provide optimal protection. Wholesale iPhone 13 phone cases have emerged as the go-to solution for retailers and businesses looking to meet this demand with a diverse and stylish range of options.

When it comes to phone cases, consumers are increasingly seeking a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Wholesale iPhone 13 phone cases are designed to cater to this demand, offering a plethora of styles, materials, and features that appeal to a wide range of tastes. From minimalist designs that enhance the iPhone’s sleek profile to rugged cases built for maximum durability, wholesalers are providing a comprehensive selection to meet the varied preferences of consumers.

Wholesale iPhone 13 Phone Cases

Diversity is a key factor in the success of wholesale iPhone 13 phone cases. Wholesalers understand that consumers have different tastes, and they strive to offer a wide array of options to cater to every demographic. Whether it’s transparent cases that showcase the iPhone’s design, leather cases for a touch of sophistication, or impact-resistant cases for those who prioritize protection, wholesalers ensure that there is something for everyone.

In addition to diverse designs, wholesalers also provide customization options for businesses looking to create a unique brand identity. This is particularly beneficial for retailers who want to establish their own line of iPhone 13 accessories, complete with custom logos, colors, and packaging. The ability to personalize phone cases not only enhances brand recognition but also allows businesses to connect with their target audience on a more personal level.

Durability and functionality are paramount considerations for consumers when choosing a phone case. Wholesale iPhone 13 phone cases are engineered with precision to provide robust protection against everyday wear and tear, accidental drops, and impacts. Materials like TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and polycarbonate are commonly used for their excellent shock absorption properties, ensuring that the iPhone remains safeguarded without compromising on style.

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jbl earbuds


JBL’s app gives you plenty of options to customize your audio experience. You can change track and volume controls, remap earbud gesture commands, set up a find-my-earbud feature and more. A subsidiary branch of Harman, JBL’s headphones and earbuds typically emphasize well-balanced sound reproduction. They have a bass-heavy default profile that complements genres like R&B and hip-hop.

Using the My JBL bluetooth earphone, you can adjust features like virtual assistant and touch controls to suit your preferences. The earbuds have a comfortable ergonomic design and feature a lightweight stem. They come with ear tips of different sizes and can be used in both ears.

The JBL Live Pro 2 True Wireless Earbuds have 12mm neodymium drivers for premium audio playback. They deliver JBL Signature Sound with Personi-Fi 2.0 to optimize your audio experience based on your hearing profile. They also have Adaptive Noise Cancelling and Smart Ambient to eliminate distractions or let in the world around you.

jbl earbuds

Their default sound profile has a safe and neutral balance that will appeal to a large swath of listeners. However, the treble range tends to overemphasize, which can make vocals and instruments sound harsh. Their companion app has a parametric EQ and presets to help you fine-tune the sound profile to your liking. They can passively cut out a fair amount of mid and treble-range background noise, such as office chatter and whiny PC fans, but they have trouble blocking the deep rumble of bus engines.

JBL has been more focused on the wireless earbud market lately, and they’ve done a good job of making them look sleek and premium. The JBL Free 2 has an eye-catching case that looks a bit like the Apple AirPods. The earbuds are super lightweight and comfortable to wear. They also come with a variety of ear tips and gel sleeve sizes to help you get a secure fit. They have a handy app that lets you customize features and controls.

The earbuds are powered by Bluetooth and offer up to 6 hours of playback per charge. They can also be topped up for an extra 14 hours with the included charging case. They feature Dual Connect, which allows you to control calls, music, and voice assistant with just one earbud or both. They have a built-in ambient sound mode that allows you to hear your surroundings without having to remove the earbuds. Similarly, they have a Talk-Thru mode that makes them more useful during workouts or while running.

JBL earbuds come with touch controls on each one for playing, pausing and skipping tracks and for controlling calls. They also have a microphone for hands-free calling and are compatible with most smart devices, including Android phones. They have a good battery life and are portable. They fold up for easy storage and they come with a case that keeps them safe when not in use.

The JBL Endurance Peak 3 sound pretty good overall, but they have a hard time standing out against their competition. They have a very noticeable bass boost out of the box, resulting in a sound that’s good for joggers and gym rats but won’t satisfy listeners with a preference for well-balanced audio. There’s also a dip in frequencies between 7-15kHz that detracts from treble clarity and makes some cymbal crashes sound thin and dull. Thankfully, a companion app significantly expands their feature set and customization options. There’s also an ambient aware mode that allows you to hear the sounds around you.

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