The 8 best trending tech gifts for Christmas 2018

With only about 11 weeks to go before Christmas, and anyone who hasn’t done their gift shopping must still be scrambling for those last minute gift ideas. It’s an even more urgent need to do your Christmas shopping early enough if you’re looking for tech gadgets. We stand behind it and took the time to create a list of the best tech gifts of 2018.

To evaluate options, we take into account current trends in gifts for technicians, functionality and price. Let’s jump straight to our list of the 30 best tech gifts for Christmas 2018, and we hope you can settle for the perfect ones for those tech nerds in your life.

# 1 Fitbit Charge 3 Activity Tracker

The active person could use a gear upgrade, and the Fitbit Charge 3 activity tracker is a great gift option. It comes equipped to measure calorie burn with an impressive 7-day battery life. Fitbit Charge also lets you choose from more than 15 exercise modes including running, circuit training, swimming, cycling, and yoga. It also monitors your sleep in the different stages of light, depth, and REM. Better yet, you can go swimming because it is water resistant up to 50 meters. You also receive weather updates as well as notifications from your smartphone, including calls and texts.

# 2 1TB SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

It may seem like one of the basic tech gadgets you could give someone as a gift, but every technician could use an additional external hard drive. The SanDisk 1TB Extreme portable SSD is a worthy gift, and it also comes in 2TB, 250GB, and 500GB options. Supports high-speed transfers reaching read speeds of up to 550MB / s. The rugged design makes it dust and water resistant with an IP55 rating. Its shock resistant core also offers increased durability. The compact size external hard drive is highly portable and works with both Mac and PC computers.

# 3 Huawei Mate 10 Pro Unlocked Phone

A smartphone has to be on the best tech gift lists of 2018, and the Huawei Mate 10 Pro made it on ours. The reason is that it comes with a 6-inch Full View display with intensely bright and vivid colors. It also boasts of offering 2X 4G LTE speeds and being an unlocked phone, it is compatible with almost all GSM carriers. The 4000 mAh battery in collaboration with smart management provides impressive battery life. Huawei’s Supercharge technology enables all-day use on a single 20-minute charge. The camera is also another highlight of this smartphone with real-time scene and object recognition that delivers exceptional image quality.

# 4 New Echo Show (2nd Gen)

The new Echo Show comes with a 10.1 “HD screen and a built-in smart home hub. Alexa is on board to help you find what you’re looking for, including showing you who’s knocking on your door. With Alexa, you can get a lot more things like making video calls, watching recipe videos, checking the weather, watching live TV, creating to-do lists, setting timers or alarms and connecting to compatible devices. It also comes with new speakers with premium 2 “drivers and Dolby processing offering expansive stereo sound. Better yet, Alexa can hear you through the music you’re playing.

# 5 Gryphon Ultimate Hack Protected Secure Router

You will not be without a security system among the best electronic gift lists 2018. The Gryphon Home Security Protected Router works in collaboration with the Gryphon App. With the app, you can manage parental controls on all connected devices to protect them from hackers. It also comes equipped to offer 24/7 protection and network management even while you sleep. Network Protection blocks malware and ransomware, scans connected devices for potential vulnerabilities, and uses intelligent intrusion detection to protect your privacy. Some of its other highlights include WiFi mesh technology, 3 Gigabit LAN ports, 2.4 GHz and 5GHz, and AC3000 support.

# 6 Polaroid POP 2.0 Instant Digital Camera

The Polaroid POP 2.0 Instant Digital Camera is the perfect gift for that teenager you know. Provides a 20 MP camera and captures 3.5 by 4.25 inch photos and prints. Its super-intuitive 3.97-inch touchscreen helps frame shots that include flattering landscapes or selfies. The instant digital camera requires no ink or a printer, but still produces vibrant color photo prints. There are also cute filters, funny stickers, captions, funny borders, and emojis to explore. You can also shoot HD videos in 1080p / 720p with a built-in microphone and speaker to play back recordings. There are 6 Polaroid POP camera colors to choose from for further customization.

# 7 Smart TV Samsung 55 “4K UHD The Frame – UN55LS03NAFXZA

Why not cheer someone up this Christmas by gifting them the 55 “Samsung Smart TV? The Frame Smart 4K TV is the 2018 model and is actually also available in 43” and 65 “variations. It offers 4x better image clarity than that of a Full HD TV. The smart TV also displays beautiful artwork and its built-in motion sensors trigger your favorite images every time you walk into the room. The frame is customizable and uses a single thin cable that combines video and power in a single connection to the TV The art store offers selections of pieces to include in your personal curation of visual works of art.

# 8 DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo

One of the must-have tech gadgets for almost every techie is a drone. This year, the DJI Mavic Air, Fly More Combo is the drone on trend. It provides 32 MP sphere panoramas as well as 180 degree vertical and horizontal panoramas. The drone is also capable of capturing Mavic Air stitches that essentially stitch 25 photos together in just 8 seconds. Supports 4k video recording at 30fps with the 12MP camera. The drone has a range of 6562 ‘which allows the user to operate and control it from far distances. Some of its other features include a dedicated remote control, it comes in a foldable design, supports phone flying, and quick editing with the DJI Go editor.


Best Android Games: Jewellust, Nesoid and Farm Frenzy


The Jewellust game for Android takes you to Ancient Egypt, where you can change and open colored gems, find mosaics, and navigate the pyramids. The user has to navigate 30 levels in 7 pyramids and an underground temple to reach the power of the pharaoh. You can make use of Santa to deliver gifts, pass 7 towns and solve puzzles. The game takes you to various levels, power-ups, and scores. You can play in survival mode to get high scores, after acquiring skills in this game; otherwise, the user must switch the campaign to the mode, which is intended for beginners in the game. The game offers rich graphics to enjoy, lovely sounds, and different ways to play. The game is very fun, addictive and a good exercise to kill time.

Nesoid (NES emulator)

Nesoid is the famous NES / FC emulator for Android applications and offers you practically unlimited gaming possibilities. Provides the ability to play NES games on your favorite Android phones. But before you start playing the game, you need to download and play NES ROMS, and then install it on your system. You can store the games on the SD memory card of your Android phone. Contains some great old NES titles. Nesoid offers several options to play. You can adjust the screen to full screen or native resolution. You can also play NES Zapper games using the touch screen. Nesoid features an on-screen virtual d-pad along with the start and select buttons. If you are a GI / HTC owner and cannot buy apps, Nesoid is a good choice. Nesoid is designed for fans of retro games.

Delirium farm

Farm Frenzy is a mobile version of the famous and award-winning PC game and is now available for Android. It is a simulated game and the aim of the game is that you must take care of your own farm and adopt a low-key farming strategy. With this game, you can manage your farm, raise animals and harvest their products like eggs or wool and make products like muffins, cheese and butter, and finally offer them for sale. Animals must be fed well and protected from predators. This includes, bears, which fall from the sky on the cows and you have to fight them, otherwise it slows down your progress. By monetizing this game, you can use the money you earned to improve your farm and then move from puzzle to puzzle with increasing difficulty. The graphics in this game are nice and clean. The tutorials provided in this game offer an added bonus and serve as a valuable guide as the game unfolds. Overall this is a cool, unique and addictive game for Android fans.


What qualifies as retrogaming?

Whether or not a game or system qualifies as retrogaming is something difficult to quantify and something that different people will often think of very differently. The ‘retro’ in the word ‘retrogaming’ is itself a bit misleading. Retro, by definition, is a style that intentionally evokes memories of an old style that has since gone out of style. So the movies of the 30s are not retro, but The artist, a recent movie made in the style of an old silent movie, it is retro. If we apply the same logic to video games, then something like Mega Man it’s not retro but a game like Shovel knight it’s because it pays homage to the NES games of yesteryear. Gamers have appropriated the word “retro” in the new word “retrogaming”, but unlike the traditional definition, “retrogaming” refers to playing old games rather than games that are played like old games.

The origins of the word ‘retrogaming’ are, as we have established, rather murky to begin with, but the definition is no clearer. With the speed at which technology develops, games released at the beginning of a console generation look noticeably worse than those released at the end of the generation. And that’s just the lifespan of a single console. Games visibly age quite quickly, but in terms of the actual number of years since they were released, they may not be that old. It also doesn’t help that the contemporary independent development scene has a fascination for making games that look and deliberately play like games of yesteryear. Everything is so confusing. At what point does a game qualify as old enough to be considered retrogaming?

Well, depending on who you talk to, you will probably get a different answer. Someone like me, who has been playing video games for over twenty years and started my gaming life with a Commodore 64, will have a completely different perspective on whether or not a game is old for a child whose first console is the PlayStation 4. But that doesn’t necessarily make either of you right, it’s just a matter of perception. I could watch a game like Clumsy prince for the Commodore 64 as a pretty primitive side-scrolling platformer, but for my dad, who grew up with Stink the game was unlike anything he had ever seen.

The PS2 is not a system that instantly comes to mind when I think of retro games; I think sprites, MIDI music, and two dimensions. But those are the eyes of a thirty-two-year-old looking at this, and not a ten-year-old. The likes of The devil can cry, Ico Y Twisted metal: black These are games that I remember learning about and being impressed by, but to a kid used only to PS4, the games can seem positively archaic.

Since we all, depending on our age and experiences, have different ideas about how old something must be to be old, there has to be some kind of objective rule. For my money, once a system has been discontinued by the manufacturer, we can call it old enough that playing it is considered retrogaming. By that definition, the most recent console to fall under the retro gaming umbrella would be the PlayStation 2, and while some of you might resist and scoff at that, consider this; the PlayStation 2 was released sixteen years ago. Every few years another new console joins the ranks of retrogaming, and while they may not adhere to our personal ideas of retrogaming, they still fit the bill.

However, age is only the beginning. All we’ve determined is how long it takes for us to safely refer to something like retro games. If we accept that retro gaming is playing video games or consoles that have since been discontinued, then how these discontinued games are played is the next step in understanding exactly what retro gaming is.

The first and easiest way that we can play old games is to acquire a remaster or a port. These are becoming more and more common in recent years, and the PS4 in particular gets port after port of popular (and not so) PS3 games, as there is no true backward compatibility available for the system. But the PS4 has also seen the release of some older games. Final Fantasy VII Y X Both have been ported to the latest PlayStation console, and going even further back than that, Gloomy fandango It has been relaunched with some graphical and control revisions.

As technology evolves, there are also more options available to gamers who only have the current generation of consoles. With a service like PlayStation Now, people don’t even need to buy the old games they want to play, and Sony offers a Netflix-like subscription program to get access to a host of older titles. It’s backward compatibility, almost retro games for a monthly fee. If you have the money and a stable internet connection, this might be a preferable alternative to dusting off your old consoles and struggling to get them to work with your high-end TV.

Another way we can play older games by improving technology is through emulation. This is divided into two categories; First, there is the emulation that we see on the PlayStation Store or the Nintendo Virtual Console. Here games are emulated by making your modern console act like an old one. Recently, the PS4 introduced PS2 games to the PlayStation Store and they run via emulation, just like Nintendo does on the Wii U.

Of course, there is also an illegal emulation. Often times, there is no way to play an old game without illegal emulation. Gloomy fandango It has recently been relaunched on PS4, but before that happened, there was really no way to legally play the game unless you had a very old PC and a copy of the game. While it is technically illegal and basically piracy, there should be a better system to make sure that legacy games and platforms are preserved for future generations. A game like Gloomy fandangoYou shouldn’t risk getting lost in time, so while illegal emulation isn’t necessarily something that I fully approve of, in certain circumstances it may be understandable or even necessary.

The last way we can play old games is the old way. That means taking the console it was launched on and a copy of the game itself and playing as God intended. No download, no emulation, no tips, tricks or cheats. Just you, an old console, a dusty old cartridge, and a wired controller. And there is something incredibly satisfying about that.

Playing an old game on a new system feels inherently different than playing it now and playing it. asyou played it at the time. I still remember playing Final Fantasy VI when I was a kid working on one of the best JRPGs of all time on my trusty SNES. I am currently playing the game again on my PlayStation Vita and the game is as good as ever. The new technology that powers the handheld means the game runs smoothly, controls well, and looks as charming as ever. But playing it now on a handheld feels different than playing it, as it was released on a control panel connected to a Super Nintendo entertainment system.

There are many reasons to play an old game. It could be that you want to experience historically important moments in the evolution of the medium, or maybe a shorter arcade title fits your schedule better than the last big blockbuster game. But maybe you prefer to play old games. Nostalgia can be a powerful agent, and if it’s nostalgia you’re after, there are few better ways to recapture a gaming moment than by playing it on original hardware.

I’ve been interested in retrogaming for a long time, and it’s not for historical or academic reasons, and it has nothing to do with the amount of free time I have. I enjoy retro games because playing an old game, like watching an old movie or listening to an old song, conjures up memories within me from a long time ago. If I look Return to the future I remember renting the videotape from a local store and watching it on a Sunday afternoon with my parents. When I listen Time Tunnel it does not remind me of Rocky horror, but from old school discos where the song was played regularly.

Similarly, when I hear the initial chords of the Final Fantasy VI theme I’m not thinking about playing it on my PlayStation Vita, but about being in the spare room of my friend’s house where we would spend a whole day taking turns at the controller to try to get to the end of the story. Playing the game on a SNES feels completely different than playing it on the Vita due to the memories that come back while you hold the controller. There’s something about holding the old controller, blowing the cartridge out to get rid of the dust, and powering up a long-ago system. It is not about experiencing history, but about remembering a time when these things they were not story.

Retrogaming can be considered anything up to and including the PS2 generation, and those games can be played through emulation or by choosing a port or remaster. But for me, retrogaming means playing old games the way we played them back then. Playing a Commodore 64 game on PC via emulation is fine, but actually sitting around and waiting while the tape loads is a completely different beast. Having NES classics on your Wii U virtual console is a great way to quickly experiment Mega Man goldThe legend of Zelda Again, but there’s something much more satisfying about putting the cartridge in the slot and sitting cross-legged in front of the TV because the controller cable isn’t long enough to reach the couch.

If you are a gamer, you probably have a different interpretation of what retrogaming is for the next player in line. The boy who thinks Crash Bandicoot it’s old. Thirties who grew up with games that came on tapes. The grandfather who played Pong in the arcades. We all have different ideas about what is considered an ancient game. But what retrogames is to me, what it essentially is, is reclaiming the past and reliving good memories of years past. This is why there is still a Super Nintendo entertainment system in my house and why a few times a year I take it out of the closet under the stairs and spend a weekend under the TV. My friends will come and play Street fighter ii together as we did more than twenty years ago. And there is something incredibly special about that.

What do you think qualifies as retrogaming? Do you like to collect classics to play on PC through emulation? How about waiting for them to get a port to the current generation console you already own? Or maybe you are like me and think there is no better way to experience a game than how it was experienced at launch? Whether it’s through hacking, for academic reasons, or to relive memories, retro gaming is something gamers of all ages can enjoy.


Prepare for education with these essential iPad apps for education

While your summer fun days are over, going to college doesn’t mean you can’t have more fun. With the right iPad apps, learning can be much easier and faster, giving you time to play.

Gone are the days of carrying books or spending the night in the library. Now all you need is a stylish, portable device and you have pretty much everything you need to study wherever you want. Download our list of the most essential iPad apps and prepared to be polite.

Dictionary and thesaurus. Having a dictionary with you is very useful, especially when you need to look up the meaning of a word. Dictionary app for iPad can help you significantly improve your vocabulary. It even has a “word of the day” feature to add a new word to your vocabulary every day.

To do is an application that can help you closely monitor all your tasks for the day. No longer will you have to go through all your notebooks one by one just to see if you have homework for that particular topic, as Todo will keep track of everything for you. This is perhaps one of the most useful back to school iPad apps.

Are you a virtual learner? If you learn better with pictures, then Cooloris it is definitely an application that you must download. You can search for almost any topic your teacher is talking about and view large images of it to make it easier to understand.

Looking for iPad apps to help you study? If so, you should get the Mental Case Flashcards app. For many people, studying for a test is much easier with the use of flashcards. With this app, you can download pre-made flashcards online on any topic to make studying much easier and more fun.

If you need to read a classic novel for your literature class but you don’t want to have to go to a bookstore to buy it, you can use Stanza. This application has a database of more than 50,000 books. Instead of having to carry too many books, all you need is your iPad and Stanza, and you can start reading whatever they ask of you.

Wikipanion is an application that gives you quick and easy access to Wikipedia. If you want to read a summary of a certain topic, you can use this application to do so. Just be sure to search for sources to ensure its legitimacy.

Whatever your learning needs, there is sure to be an iPad app for it.


Teller Capture offers shorter deposit lines and fewer errors

Transaction settlement processes have continued to advance since the Check 21 legislation was first implemented. Digital deposit capture has expanded from typical branch procedures to include ATM, mobile and teller machine capture. The branch methods eliminated the float time between deposit and actual settlement. They also reduced costs by eliminating the need to use courier delivery to send the paper document to regional locations by allowing digital reproduction to be sent between servers. However, branch methods did not eliminate a significant problem experienced within the industry.

An immense number of errors can occur in the course of batch processing, as the procedure does not happen immediately. Incorrectly scanned checks or other complications unknown to the teller created the need for adjustments on the second day that increased the workload of financial institutions. Cashier methods eliminate the need for “second day” adjustments because every transaction is verified at the time of deposit. The included recognition technology helps with the procedure by ensuring that all necessary elements are on the paper document. No additional steps are required as long as the check has been read correctly.

Bank check scanner: What technological advances are offered?

This imaging method offers other benefits in addition to reducing keyboard input errors. Financial institutions can implement a bank check scanner to streamline administrative procedures and provide better security for transactions. Front-end or ATM imaging offers these additional benefits to the implementing bank:

  • Less human error
  • Immediate availability of images
  • Image quality analysis
  • Data verification
  • Routing number match
  • Improved fraud detection
  • Real time operation
  • Reduced handling time
  • Reduced operating expenses

Keyed entries and batch procedures at the end of the day create a wider margin for errors that can be eliminated by using a bank check scanner as part of initial deposit acceptance. Images are accessible immediately after the transaction has been scanned and can be submitted for settlement in less than a period of time. Image quality analysis, MICR verification, and routing number matching avoid common mistakes seen during back-office batching. Each transaction is compared to the national database at the time of acceptance and files can be created as often as necessary throughout the day. Eliminating batch processing at the end of the day makes it possible for cashiers to remove their drawer in less time. Financial institutions don’t have to worry about dedicating staff members to handle the next day’s adjustments.

Today’s scanning devices are extremely reliable, offer a high rate of accuracy, and are designed to meet the needs of cash pickup processing. Adaptive thresholds allow the highest quality image to be transferred to the application for fewer manual corrections. Additional documents such as money orders or traveler’s checks can be scanned. The algorithms are used to perform the magnetic MICR reading, which is complemented by optical character recognition for verification at the time of capture. High-capacity power, high-quality cameras, diagnostics, autotuning features, and compatibility with major software platforms are developments that are being seen in newer equipment. Banks that are considering digital capture for the first time, or experiencing huge errors with their branch methods, have teller capture as a reliable alternative option to improve the image of paper transactions.


Those who dare: an adventure for entrepreneurs

The job:

What do venture capitalists do? Venture capitalists invest money in start-ups to help finance the development of new products or services. In return, they receive a stake in each company they help finance. If the start-up is successful, the venture capitalists backing it make a profit. So, very simply, a venture capitalist has four basic job functions:

* Find the deals: find good private start-ups to invest capital

* Winning the deals – Convincing entrepreneurs that venture capital money will bring the greatest added value to the startup.

* Work on the deal: collaborate with entrepreneurs so that the company is a great success.

* Capital Raising – Raising capital to invest in these companies

Unlike angel investors, who invest between $ 250,000 and $ 500,000 in companies to help them carry out business plans and conduct market research, venture capitalists typically invest between $ 5 million and $ 50 million. “So they have their skin in the game in terms of ownership,” explains Atul Kapadia, managing director of Infinity Capital, a Palo Alto, California-based venture capital firm. Therefore, the role of a venture capitalist goes much deeper than mere compounding. “Venture capitalists are active advisers to their portfolio companies on topics ranging from operations to strategy. They support entrepreneurs and management teams during the growth phase of a company through their own efforts and the extension of their network, “explains Anju Ahuja from Chicago. First firm of Risk Capital Analysis. Whether it’s finding and hiring the right talent on short notice, identifying the best bankers for an equipment lease line, or receiving a first key client introduction, venture capitalists have the ability to open the first doors for startups. your wallet.

The successful venture capitalist

Relatively few recruits for a venture capital career come straight from college. Of course, a BE, MBA, or CPA will provide a useful foundation for entrepreneurial work. “But if you understand emerging technologies and market fundamentals, if you are genuinely motivated to help other people succeed, and if you have an intellectual curiosity about new ideas, you are well prepared for a career in venture capital,” says Mhatre. . Historically, venture capitalists came from financial or operational backgrounds. More recently, people with a technical background and experience in corporate strategy and development have become active venture capitalists. Each of these backgrounds offers a unique and beneficial perspective, although “it is becoming more difficult for people with a purely financial background to differentiate themselves and provide the depth in strategic guidance and operational support that entrepreneurs seek,” says Ahuja. This is especially true for early stage venture capitalists because startups seek business and strategic advice. “People with financial engineering and investment banking are a good fit for later stage companies,” he adds.

Certain market sectors, such as manufacturing or telecommunications, that absolutely require technical knowledge. In these cases, an engineering degree or technical experience is invaluable. “Domain awareness is everything in these markets. I have spent the last two years of my life understanding the data communications market,” says Kapadia. For markets like e-commerce, non-technical training is fine as long as the venture capitalist is deeply connected within the industry. “But you also need to understand that a venture capitalist will never know as much as the entrepreneur they support, which is why business experience is very important. An MBA from a top-tier university or strong on-the-job training would be a huge asset to a venture capitalist, “adds Dev Purkayastha, a 19-year veteran venture capitalist from Southern California who is about to form his latest fund. “Some companies are attractive for their technology, but most live and die on sales and marketing strategies. Without a strong market focus and single points of differentiation, the best technologies will never reach their full potential,” says Ahuja. “While technical knowledge is quite useful, you need the ability to refine business models and solve corporate development problems,” he adds. But, says Mhatre, whether their background is technical or non-technical, “someone with start-up experience, marketing and operations experience, and an MBA would be a good candidate for a venture capital job.”

In this business, personality is as important as professional experience. “Above all, the most suitable traits for a VC are good interpersonal skills and a good network. You should be able to coexist and lead your entrepreneur while adding positive energy within your association,” Kapadia emphasizes. “You have to be passionate about what you do,” agrees Purkayastha. “At the same time, you need to have a bit of detachment to maintain a level of objectivity in monitoring your investments,” he adds.

“Ideally, venture capitalists should be extremely open-minded,” says Ahuja. They must balance playing a visionary role with identifying processes and methodologies that help young companies grow. “This is a people business. Venture capitalists don’t invest in business plans or concepts, they invest in teams with the visions and skills to make those visions come true,” he explains. As a result, venture capitalists must be able to work with diverse personality types.

However, before participating, prospective venture capitalists should be realistic about their expectations of this job. “People sometimes have a glamorous view of this industry,” says Mhatre. Spend some time with a venture capitalist and see what the rigors of day-to-day life are like. “There are some ups and downs in this profession, but you also work very hard without immediate feedback,” he adds. Like doctors, the notion of being “on call” is very real … except that venture capitalists are always on call and must always answer to their entrepreneurs. “Successful venture capitalists tend to be capable of multitasking and are generally intellectually curious. They also tend to have a lot of energy, whether or not this is veiled by more casual behavior,” concludes Ahuja.


Choose any major metropolitan newspaper; you’ll be lucky if you see a job listing for a venture capitalist. “This is a mentor-driven business,” explains Mhatre. The way to get a ticket is as non-traditional as the profession itself. Some venture capital firms like to hire technical staff like consultants and advisers, and that’s one way to learn the business. Other venture capital firms have something called an Entrepreneur Residency program. They invite directors, vice presidents, or CEOs of different companies to join their company under this program and use company resources to research and assess the market, build networks, and seize opportunities. If this proves to be a successful partnership, they often get the job of a venture capitalist. A third way to try to enter the industry is by earning an MBA from Stanford or Harvard University, since most venture capitalists are alumni of these two schools. “Work at a new company, get noticed, and go into venture capitalism,” says Mhatre.

Getting ahead

To get ahead in this game, “network, network, network,” Mhatre emphatically asserts. Focus on a specific domain and become an expert on it. “At least one area has to be a leading indicator for you,” says Mhatre. But whatever your path, once you get a ticket, you must learn by working closely with people who have had experience. Unlike other traditional careers such as engineering or high-tech marketing, this profession has a less defined career scale. Over time, a venture capitalist will progress in terms of level of credibility and responsibility. He or she can join the firm as an associate and eventually progress to becoming a general partner, managing director, vice president, president, or CEO.

The money in this business is good. “Money is never the problem; it’s about how much value you add and what companies you build,” says Kapadia. If you are good at what you do, there is no discrepancy as to what a person with a technical or non-technical background can earn in this profession. “Mike Meritz, a journalist by profession, is as successful in venture capital as Vinod Khosla, an engineer,” says Mhatre.

Typically, a venture capitalist gets 2 percent of the total fund to manage it. An associate with 2 or 3 years of experience in the market before or after an MBA can easily earn $ 100 to $ 200 thousand, a general partner can earn from $ 200 to $ 300 thousand and top leaders can earn more than $ 500 thousand. annually, “says Purkayastha, cautioning that this is just a general compensation estimate. Ahuja, Purkayastha and Mhatre suggest consulting the December 1998 issue of the Venture Capital Journal for compensation statistics. love of money,” says Mhatre. Ninety to ninety-five percent of compensation is tied to the return on investments your risk group makes.

Hot spots

In the US, Silicon Valley is still the best market for venture capitalists. New York, Boston, Seattle, Atlanta, and the Midwest have also begun to reach critical mass. “The markets are more conservative on the East Coast and things are not moving as fast as in Silicon Valley,” says Mhatre, but emphasizes that these areas also have good markets. According to the PriceWaterhouseCoopers Money Tree Survey for the second quarter of 1999, Silicon Valley led all regions in total venture investments, with 35 percent of all second-quarter dollars for Bay Area businesses. The highest growth rates by region between the second quarter of 1998 and 1999 were in the New York subway with growth of 322 percent, New England with 177 percent and Los Angeles / Orange County with growth of 167 percent. Only the Southeast followed Silicon Valley’s 115 percent growth with a 47 percent increase.

“These different geographic markets tend to have different approaches to the industry. As a result, venture firms in these markets tend to have a perspective that is unique to that region,” says Ahuja.

Like venture capital itself, venture capitalists will be in demand for a long time. “Many people debate the nature of market activity with the dramatic number of new companies, consolidations, mergers and acquisitions. But few will really dispute the amount of market activity to come,” says Ahuja. “We are so blessed with creativity in this country that as long as the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, the demand for venture capital will be insatiable,” says Purkayastha confidently. So if you’re smart, well-qualified, motivated, resourceful, people-oriented, have nerves of steel and a heart of gold, and can be passionate about success, this could be the career for you. Would you like to capitalize on this company?


The need for social marketing in 2013

The past year was eye-opening in many ways for the entire IT industry. It saw Dell fall from grace, BlackBerry phones transformed into pariah devices, Apple lost Steve Jobs, but its iPhone 5 emerged as the leading mobility device of 2012, and more. But the highly publicized story that turned out to be a flop was the launch of Facebook, the social networking site, on the NASDAQ. In a few months, Facebook’s stock is trading below its IPO price and its earnings statements, which were made public recently, didn’t help matters. In the face of criticism about the way Facebook places advertising on its pages and the questionable ability of such PPC campaigns to target specific user groups, social marketing lost some luster in 2012. In fact, many development companies software chose to go down the path of placement. Instead, Google PPC ads to improve web traffic and attract a wider group of potential customers. The key reasons many companies pursue social marketing are as follows:

Strengthening customer relationships

Through social marketing, most companies in a variety of industries, from software development to automobiles, seek to establish closer relationships with customers. In this case, Social Marketing provides businesses with an instant and low-cost method to connect and build stronger ties with their chosen customer groups by providing special discounts, limited-period offers, etc.

Improve brand preference and brand awareness

For existing customer groups, this form of marketing can play a key role in enhancing preference for the advertised brand. This helps increase repeat customers and improves the brand image as well as the bottom line of the company. Furthermore, this marketing system can also enhance brand awareness among specific user groups to improve the overall visibility of a product / service, by enhancing and establishing interaction between various customer groups.

Improved information exchange between stakeholders

An additional benefit is the ability of this format to facilitate an improvement among the various stakeholders of the company. These stakeholders include customers, suppliers or partners, even if the company is a software developer abroad or is engaged in providing quality assurance services. This form of marketing enables stakeholders to instantly convey their changing requirements to the business almost instantly. This improvement in communication would help companies adapt more quickly to their business environment and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Increased revenue through new clients

This form of marketing can act as a key method of acquiring new customers, as well as breaking into new niches. In addition, improvements in information sharing with the organization’s key stakeholders can also play a key role in designing new products, as well as driving innovation in organizations to improve the overall market position, even if the company operates in the field of Java application development or mobile application development.

These are key reasons for companies to invest in social marketing, yet questions about the ability of existing social media sites to actually deliver these benefits for the company to improve its bottom line has been criticized in 2012.

The future of social marketing

Any illusions that social marketing on its own can propel a business forward has dissipated in recent years. In 2013, we can expect the integration of social marketing within the scope of additional marketing initiatives such as PPC advertising, TV advertising, etc. Like any other trend, this emerging marketing is expected to evolve and be incorporated into other marketing initiatives commonly undertaken by organizations to acquire new customers, expand their reach, and enter new markets.

In the years to come, we can also expect increased use of various social media optimization techniques to help companies focus such marketing efforts and target desired market segments to maximize profits. The proliferation of smartphones, tablets and related mobility devices is also expected to result in the development of mobile applications, which aim to enhance the social marketing initiatives of various companies, especially those operating in the SME segment.


Latest apps available on Google Play Store

If you don’t own an Apple device, you shouldn’t be disappointed as it now has a lot more to do with your Google-powered device. Downloading the latest apps available from the Google app store, for example, will get you going and let you enjoy your Android smartphone. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer for Android users this week.

The given list contains the most searched apps that are available for download by Android users.

Xbox gaming experience

Xbox SmartGlass is a free download application from Microsoft. Now, whether or not you have an Xbox, you can still enjoy the gaming experience with your Android smartphone. You can control your TV shows, movies, music, surf the Internet, and use other functions on your console. Who knows, you might be able to use it as a second gaming screen. However, users of the tab still have to wait for its other version to launch.

An app to make kids smarter

Britannica has launched an app for children with a price tag of $ 1.98. Britannica Kids is an application that is designed to teach children a lot about academics related topics. Kids can easily learn while having fun about various topics, including the solar system, ancient Rome, the Aztec empire, knights and castles, dinosaurs, rainforests, snakes, ancient Egypt, and volcanoes. The presentation of the content is easy to understand with images, interactive media and little text for description.

Narrative audiobooks

The Rockford Musical Audiobooks app is another app designed for kids. However, with this application there is a catch; you will receive the first volume for free, for the next three chapters you will have to pay an amount of $ 4.78. Kids will love this app as they will have an enhanced story experience as the narration is narrated along with pictures and music to add to the fun.

Android media streaming

Ever wonder how much fun it would be if you could actually connect your Android device to TV for streaming media? Well now you can with the Belkin app which is compatible with my Twonky technology, using this technology you can easily stream music and movies through your Android device to the TV. This can be done by connecting it through the browser. You can even play content by streaming it from your home library to your tablet or smartphone.

Travel and share

Montblanc is smart about launching an online marketing campaign to instantly connect people to your brand. This application is called Montblanc Worldsecond; With this application you can upload your travel photo to the site. You can even apply 4 filters that are similar to Instagram and even share it on your social media account like Google+, Twitter or Facebook.

Swipe and switch

The most amazing application is the one that allows you to change the navigation scenario with just one turn. Download Flip Launcher for free and have fun flipping your smartphone, now you don’t need to navigate the entire menu, but flip and get to that specific application or program. In this way, you save time and arrive without having to go through the entire menu. You can make a configuration of up to 24 so that the inversion works on the number of menus or files.

Synchronize via Android

Now you can sync with your Android device through the Google Drive service. This service will allow you to access the files that exist in the Google cloud, upload files and share them on your network by specifying the number of users. All of this is possible through the Google Drive service that is compatible with the Insync application. Also, you can realize the functionality of exporting files that are already on your SD card and saving folders for offline viewing. Interestingly, you can even stream video and music files in the same way.

Scoring made easy

If you have an Android touch device, you have the advantage of using Bamboo Paper. Through this app it’s simple, but you still need a stylus ($ 39.94), Bamboo Paper is easy to use and it’s all about taking notes on your smartphone. You can even draw or scribble and even flip through your stored notes. This application is available for free download.

All the above mentioned apps are available on the Google Play Store and you can check the compatibility option for your own Android device version to find out which one suits your device / smartphone.


How much does it cost to develop a grocery delivery mobile app?

“Ah thank goodness … groceries are delivered just in time, all thanks to my grocery delivery app.” We breathe a sigh of relief when we have mobile apps so useful for doing little household things like shopping. Especially in the Covid19 situation, where we want minimal exposure, these mobile grocery delivery apps are blessings in disguise.

According to a recent CNBC survey, mobile grocery apps will increase by 50% and online grocery sales have increased and are expected to increase by 20% in recent years.

Recent expansion in the grocery delivery industry

Consumers still prefer to visit grocery stores and buy the food they need for their daily needs. However, there is a rise in on-demand mobile apps, grocery delivery mobile apps are thriving due to the COVID pandemic being the main reason.

Other reasons include:

It’s too slow to wait in long lines

  • Grocery supermarkets are busy places, especially on weekends and holidays, so it becomes a hassle for working professionals to shop for groceries.

  • Most of the time, we tend to buy unwanted items out of temptation, which is another reason for rising grocery bills.

Today’s e-grocery business is a growing business due to Covid-19. Your business can be very beneficial if you develop a grocery mobile app. Let’s go over some of the latest statistical data on online grocery stores:

Around 30 million users are forecast to prefer using mobile grocery apps by 2022.

Online grocery sales in 2019 were 22 billion, which is estimated to exceed 30 billion by 2021. According to company insider information, 10% of consumers shop online every day .

If you are considering developing a grocery app, this is the perfect time to seize the opportunity. Brands like Instacart, Amazon, Publix, PeaPod, FreshDirect, Farmigo, and Costco have also joined the race for grocery app development.

Additional Benefits Your Business Gains With Your Own Branded Online Grocery Mobile App:

Reduced overhead

Improve customer loyalty

Increase convenience

Better inventory and order management

You have the opportunity to analyze your consumer’s buying patterns.

Increase your brand awareness

Provide a wide range of products and brands.

Market Leader Online Grocery App Income Model

Online grocery shopping is a suitable option for busy professionals. Also, in the COVID-19 situation, grocery delivery is the best option to avoid exposure to infections.

Before developing the mobile application, it is important that you gather information and review the online grocery application of the market leaders, which can help you get a fair view, knowing the loopholes you need to avoid.

Walmart grocery delivery

Walmart is a leading grocery supermarket in the US Perhaps one of the fastest growing online delivery services in the world. Currently, it serves more than 1,500 cities around the world.

How the grocery app model works

The customer has to download the application or can place the order through the website. Items are categorized seamlessly for quick and easy ordering.


· Offers a free pickup option once you have selected the slot.

The shipping fee is negligible.

Offers subscription functionality offering unlimited groceries for just $ 13

Drop off spaces are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Amazon is one of Walmart’s biggest competitors. Amazon not only delivers groceries, but also provides the customer with a wide range of products including household, electronics, apparel, OTC pharmacy, cosmetics, footwear, gardening, toys and games, etc.


Amazon offers a wide range of benefits in Amazon Prime membership

The biggest benefit is that it offers same day delivery, perhaps in less than 2 hours.

Products / groceries can be returned if they don’t like them, no questions asked.

Charge a minimal shipping fee / charges


It is a grocery pickup and delivery service provider that now covers about 85% of US households.


Charge $ 99 for annual membership

Shipping costs are very nominal, they vary according to the amount of your cart.

Delivery is free on orders over $ 35

The mobile app comes equipped with an “on demand” order feature and an “advance order” feature, allowing you to choose your convenient hours.

Must-Have Features in Your Online Grocery App

Simple sign-up process / Social authentication

List of products

Smart search

Grocery shopping reminders

Discounts and offers

Delivery scheduler

Delivery tracking

Quick reorder / reorder

Option to add to cart

Push notifications

Various payment options

Reviews and comments

Grocery Delivery App Development Cost

There are many factors to consider when it comes to developing a grocery delivery app and based on that, the cost is determined. Building a feature-rich mobile grocery delivery app is a complex process, the total cost is assessed by determining the complexity of the nature of the app and other primary factors such as:

Mobile application platform

App design

Essential Features

App size

Position tracking

Advanced and external features

My cart features

The rough estimate for the grocery delivery mobile app is:

To form a reasonable app, with the limited features and coding of Android, the cost involves:

Technology Documentation – $ 500 to $ 1500

UI / UX Design- $ 2000 to $ 3000

Front-end and back-end development: $ 7,000 to $ 25,000

Quality control and testing: $ 1,500 to $ 5,000

Taking overall costs into account, a regular grocery delivery will cost between $ 15,000 and $ 30,000 for a single pallet.

Final thoughts

COVID-19 will remain for a long time. Consumers are turning to the online grocery delivery shopping app instead of visiting the store in person. Otherwise, it is a total, convenient and quick time saver for shopping.

If you are planning to develop a grocery delivery app, now is the right time. However, you will be asked to research and study the revenue models of forerunners like Instacart.

Being a mobile application development company, we decided to write this blog post and provide you with information and informative features that you should have in your mobile application.


Surviving an H1N1 Swine Flu Encounter at College

Has Swine Flu Made It to Your College Campus? Barely two weeks have passed into the new semester, and already college campuses across the country are reporting a record number of under-count students with swine flu. Or is it H1N1? Whatever name you use, the first weeks of what should be an exciting experience, the first weeks of a new school year, are a miserable and disappointing mess.

So why is it spreading so rapidly among the university population? Several reasons …

  • Little proximity. Living in dormitories and being locked in classrooms and conference rooms all day provides the perfect breeding ground for H1N1 to spread from one or two sick students or teachers to everyone in the vicinity.
  • When was the last time you washed your hands? You really can’t help but touch the same surfaces that hundreds of people before you have already touched. And it’s not just your roommate’s door handles and duffel bag, but the buttons on vending machines and ATMs, bats and balls in the gym, the surface of your desk, and utensils at the gym. dining room.
  • It’s midnight. Do you know where your bedroom is? College-aged people are not the best at getting adequate sleep and nutrition. Late nights, junk food, and excess alcohol weaken the immune system and make it more vulnerable to viruses that it would normally avoid.
  • Close Quarters Revisited. Lots of physical activity, hugging, sharing soda, using toothbrushes or towels, all increase the chances of contracting a virus.

There is a lot of material available on how to avoid the H1N1 virus. Flu shots, if you want to, are fine, but the immunity they provide can take four to five weeks to kick in. By then, the first trimester will be over and you will be back home. The best way to avoid getting sick is to take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy foods, avoid sick people (if possible), wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer, and use paper towels to open doors or touch surfaces, at least until the virus subsides.

But life is life, things happen. You may get sick no matter what you do, especially if you’re new to college and still acclimating to your new surroundings and classmates. That’s when prevention mode transforms into survival mode.

If you have symptoms, go to the clinic and get the treatment that your doctor thinks is most effective. Then go to bed and stay there, until you have no fever for at least 24 hours.

Even though the stresses have lessened and the flu will probably only inconvenience you for three or four days, keep one thing in mind. The H1N1 virus has already killed people, many people, and not just young children or the elderly. It has eliminated young, healthy and vital people who were not in that category “at risk”, far from it. That is why we use the word survival. People who died from H1N1 did not expect to end up in the hospital. And they certainly weren’t expecting to end up fighting for their lives.

Which brings up another important point.

Most colleges do not have the time, staff, or information to send a medical history or emergency contacts to the emergency room along with a student, each time one of them ends up in the hospital. So if you or your friends end up in the hospital, it’s up to YOU ​​to make sure the doctors treating you are aware of your medical history, including allergies, sensitivities, and past illnesses. If you are allergic to a certain drug, or to a certain food or plant (which can also be an ingredient in a drug), your treating physician should know. And if you’re too sick to tell them, who will speak for you? Wouldn’t it be terrible to be hospitalized for the flu, only to get seriously ill from a reaction to a drug you’re allergic to? Those things happen every day, more than most people realize.

The easiest way to prevent that from happening is to write your medical history, allergies, and emergency contacts (parents, close relatives, people who could make medical decisions for you if necessary) on a piece of paper. Then tell your roommate or a close friend that if you ever end up in the hospital, it’s your job to carry that paper with you. In fact, we have a special set of forms, wallet cards, and tools for college students in our Safe Student Action Plan, giving you a place to store all of that information, ready to grab and go when needed.

But the point is, flu epidemic or not, you never know what might happen, so the trick is to ALWAYS be prepared. A few minutes of work now can save a life of regret. When you have the information you need at your fingertips, a treating physician will be able to care for you with your history and needs in mind. And in case things get serious, the hospital will know who it wants to call in an emergency.

Just remember that you are now an adult. Making sure you are seen in an emergency does not depend on your university, it does not depend on your parents and it does not even depend on the hospital. It is up to you to do whatever it takes, not just to survive, but to thrive.

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