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Remembering Atlantis – The True Story

Myths about Atlantis continue to be created, and I know that in my lifetime, like string theory, evidence of the truth behind the myths will be discovered.

Two recent BBC shows claim that the story of Atlantis stems from a major natural disaster in the Aegean that tore apart the islands of Thera and Crete in 1620 BC. I have no doubt that these catastrophic events happened, but I believe that the original story of Atlantis happened much earlier, 12,000 years or more before, and in a very different way.

Because this point in time on Earth parallels what happened in Atlantis, many of the people who lived then are incarnated now as part of their completion and you are likely among them, with your memories and possibly the karma of those great events. I was there too, many times, and this is what I remember from the last few days:

Atlantis was a great land located in the middle of what is now the Atlantic and it was very beautiful. It was abundant with riches of wildlife and culture, also wealth through trade. It was also the spiritual center of the world: the ancient wisdoms were known and practiced as the heart of civilization; great spiritual teachers were revered and sought after for their gifts; and priests and priestesses of the highest caliber served in temples of extraordinary high interdimensional frequencies, conduits between the people and the divine working magically to heal and transform to reach heaven on Earth.

Each temple had its own purpose and was designed to help achieve this through the use of colour, for example, shape and material. The Great Temple, the Temple of Light, was a portal to other planes and an entry point for beings of the highest light. It was the place where time did not exist and due to the strength of the frequencies only people of the clearest resonance could be there, and those who were allowed to be there were present only in their monadic being, nothing of matter could be there. As such, the temple was created from a living clear crystal and at its center was a large blue quartz crystal, a transmitter with powers that even now I cannot specify.

In its spiritual heyday, Atlantis was a place of bliss, but times change and nothing stays the same forever on Earth. Atlantis was spiritual sublimity, but, as in all those times, the swing of the pendulum changed as a result of Man’s choices.

The great continent was not only a spiritual and cultural center, but also a technological one, and amazing experiments and discoveries were carried out that have never been surpassed. The combination of spiritual wisdom, magic and science produced unimaginable wonders, and the fusion of these gifts of service worked in perfect harmony while following the imperatives of the ancient Laws based on altruism, simplicity and good intentions under the aegis of God.

Over time, certain men and women in all walks of life began to see the opportunity for personal advancement, bringing with it wealth and power. Using the sophisticated tools and knowledge they had, they realized that pure gold could be made from base metal; experimentation on humans and animals could produce hybrids that could be controlled and enslaved; psychic communications could foresee the future and influence the present; light could be used to create what was dark. The Atlanteans began to fall into material temptation and the fight between the vibrations of the highest and the lowest began.

Some of the priests and priestesses succumbed, others saw what was happening and resisted, but more and more people were drawn to the lure of possession, and they wanted more. The lands and the world of nature, hitherto so honored, were carelessly plundered as science and technology became preeminent for what they could offer. The spirit was forgotten or abused. Gaia watched and waited.

The dark masters of Atlantis had learned to control souls. His intention was to go further and control the monads, control the Spirit. It had never been done before. Each monad is a spark of God and as such is pure Spirit, incorruptible and comprising pure light. Souls, on the contrary, are the bridge between humanity and Spirit, a reflection of man’s path and man’s experiences, a mixture of light and darkness. For many Atlanteans, lured by the promise of wealth and power, the sacrifice of their soul on the altar of materialism was a price worth paying, and they ignored the long-term repercussions for themselves and their world.

The dark masters had their plan, a reverse reflection of God’s Plan, and it centered on the intent to control humanity through the drug of matter, and through this, using powers of great magic they had acquired through Atlantean spiritual experience, to exploit and then destroy divinity where it might be found. In this, they underestimated the determination of the Masters of Light, the Light and the Love of God, that the Spirit on Earth would not be destroyed.

A battle began between the scientists and technologists on the one hand, and the spiritual community on the other. You could call it the battle between the mind and the heart. There was intense pressure to bleed Atlantis and beyond of her lifeblood to fuel the demand for riches, but many resisted. Gaia herself, violated and despised for years, protested through sporadic earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. However, the tide of greed continued to swell, as did the insatiable desire for power.

The Temple of Light remained as it had always been, a sacred place of extraordinary interdimensional spirituality. The High Priestess and some of her acolytes knew what was occurring beyond that and recognized the challenges of the Master Plan, but they also saw that the experience was humanity’s ultimate choice and should be accepted as such without judgment. What to do about it was her personal and spiritual challenge. The dark masters also saw that as long as the Temple of Light survived and its flame of service burned, they could not achieve their goal of spiritual and world domination. The Temple and its servants had to be destroyed. The Temple was the key. In order to control the Spirit, the dark masters of Atlantis had to destroy the great Temple of Light that contained the cosmic secrets they sought.

They had in their power several lesser priests and priestesses whom they had corrupted both sexually and with the promise of riches; their minds had been changed and all sense of moral integrity had been stripped away. They waited within the sacred fortress of the Temple for the signal to administer drugs to the High Priestess and her loyal acolytes that would leave them paralyzed and blinded, unable to escape but locked in their bodies. The drugs would shut down all the chakras, severing all psychic and spiritual links, and would act as a truth drug.

Meanwhile, skilled Atlantean technologists and black magicians, hungry for fame and progress, had studied the workings of nature with the intention of controlling it, and they thought they had succeeded. The plan was for them to harness Earth’s energies and create an earthquake that would locate immediately below the Temple of Light destroying it but leaving the rest of the continent unscathed. It was risky but they were confident that they would succeed, because they believed that nothing could improve their scientific and magical knowledge.

Within the Temple, the High Priestess, herself a Master of Light, was in constant communication with the Source through the powerful quartz crystal that was the centerpiece of the crystal structure, and through meditation and ancient ritual. She knew of the Dark Plan before it was devised. It would have been easy for her and her friends to leave the place using the portal inside the crystal, but by leaving the Temple in this way, she risked violating cosmic secrets and the likelihood that Atlantis would become a potent center of darkness that could take over the world and destroy God’s Plan. She had to be there until the end.

On the last day of Atlantis the plan was in place, timed to begin exactly according to the perfect astrological profile for battle and success, but success for whom? The rogue priests, following instructions, poured poison into the altar cups of those they wanted to destroy, but their targets had been prepared through prayer, healing and cleansing, and the use of natural antidotes given to them by herbal experts, and the poison had no effect. When the men arrived to capture them for torture and brainwashing, they were met with the sight of a ring of priestesses ritually moving around a large fire that burned within the Blue Crystal. They were filled with unearthly light and strange music that seemed to come out of nowhere, while mythical creatures of magnificence accompanied them. The men were filled with fear and fled.

Deep in the Earth, below, the elementals that had been enslaved waited, but all too aware of the rituals unfolding in the Temple above them. The signal came for the earthquake to begin, and as it did, a bolt of energy, like lightning, pierced through the layers of crystal and released the spirits of the earth to do God’s bidding. They created an earthquake, but instead of simply destroying the Temple above it, it spread underground until it reached the place of capitalism, the home of the dark masters, and explosively erupted there before spreading further. Tidal waves of enormous proportions were created and dormant volcanoes sprang to life, and Atlantis began to break apart and submerge.

The Temple of Light stood, all the sacred wisdoms contained within the crystalline structures and the priestesses waiting, knowing it was their task to destroy the place they loved, and themselves, for the sake of the spiritual future of the planet. As Atlantis stirred and burned below them, they took the Temple’s secrets to keep until it was time to release them to the world again. The High Priestess, surrounded by those who remained, took the Sacred Rod of Initiation and invoked the power of God as she drew sacred symbols on the Blue Crystal and the others chanted mantras of great power.

With a crash of thunder and a burst of light, the Blue Crystal shattered, and the force of the event caused the Temple to shake and sheets of heavy glass began to rain down on those who stood there. Most were killed immediately, but the High Priestess continued to stand in the center of the Crystal, newly exposed, speaking in a strange language as she did the Spirit’s bidding using a form of magic never seen before, working with stars and moons and nature, with beings from other planets to ensure the mission was completed.

The Temple shattered around them and Atlantis disappeared beneath the waves. Some of the people who survived, fleeing in ships to other lands at night, spoke of seeing a column of light coming over the broken Temple, and that, when the light rose, the Temple could not be seen. The mission was complete.