Does everyone qualify for a grant?

There are grants for for-profit businesses, non-profit businesses, individuals, and other applicant entities. Unlike infomercials, however, the grant isn’t available to all businesses, all purposes, all the time.

Most grants are designed to operate programs and most grants are designed for tax-exempt organizations. Nonprofit organizations with IRS charitable and exempt status may qualify for grants from foundations, businesses, and governments. So if you are looking for program grants for a tax-exempt organization, there are probably one or more sources available to you.

There are around 100,000 sources of funding from foundations and companies. Each has a specific purpose and a geographic area in which they will provide funding. Sometimes the geographic area is limited to a single city or community where the corporation is headquartered. Others may fund projects at the state, national, or international level.

For-profit businesses are more likely to qualify for Government Grants as specified in the Notice of Financing Announcement (NOFA or Notice). Not all of these businesses or purposes are good for grant funds. As a general rule, retail and wholesale businesses are generally not eligible to receive grants. Although there is always an exception to the rule, there are very few grant funding opportunities for these types of businesses. Most of the grants received by companies other than those that are tax-exempt would be for scientific research, medical research, development of alternative energy sources, or improvement of the country’s infrastructure. Businesses like trucking, yard care, and restaurants will find it very difficult to find a suitable grant.

People such as artists, educators, researchers, and health professionals may qualify for a small number of grants from the foundation depending on specifications. Other people may qualify for government grants; many of these grants are administered by state and local governments.

The most important indicator for whether or not an applicant will receive funding is: how close the applicant’s purpose and project is to fulfilling the mission and the funding priority of the funding source. The more closely your program fits the purpose for which the funder wants to award an award, the better your chances. The more you chase money, the less likely you are to win any funding prizes.

Then, there could be various other features of the application process that weave into the full instructions, such as having to include your own matching funds or submitting a required Letter of Intent before you can submit the full proposal.

Working with a professional grant writing association can significantly improve your chances of finding the best matching grant funding opportunities.

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Benefits of a high-quality faucet adapter

A good quality faucet adapter will allow you to connect garden hoses to indoor faucets around the house. This is essential for those who own a hot tub, spa, or pool. In this way, you will be able to complete the elements you need with water from an internal source. In fact, you can fit the standard size faucet with any adapter.

However, it is also compatible with the most common thread pattern faucet designs. Interestingly, it serves two purposes if you get the reversible model. You can also easily drain the pool or hot tub. This allows you to conveniently close pools during winters or for maintenance.

Generally, this particular product is classified as a spa accessory. The connection would be a simple garden hose. Good quality materials are built from strong plastic so they are long lasting and durable yet lightweight.

Attach it to fill the water.

To use the faucet adapter, you simply need to remove any accessories from the faucet you currently use. The unit must be screwed into the faucet. Since you have different types of adapters, you can connect them depending on the size of your faucet.

At the middle outlet, I would connect the conventional garden hose. To fill it, simply lift the bottom and turn it to adjust it clockwise. You will continue turning it until it is completely closed. Now you can turn on the water.

Create a siphon effect to drain the water.

To drain it, you will twist the bottom counter-clockwise. There is a fill and drain adjustment on different faucets. You would have to move it counter-clockwise and pull down when it is fully open. Now when you turn it on, water will start to come out of its base. This will create a siphon pressure and pull the water out of any source that needs to drain. This will happen simply by using the faucet adapter.

You can get a variety of accessories in one kit. This retails for between $5 and $20. This will allow you to use it on different types of faucets throughout the house. Whether you want to wash the porch or fill a tank, the faucet adapter is very useful for different purposes. Some of the users connect dishwashers to a water source. Similarly, you can connect your clothes or other electronics that require water to the water source.

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Tips for Choosing the Best SEO Content Writer

In the search engine optimization (SEO) industry, most people will agree that the top 10 rankings in Google for just about every term you can think of are dominated by the efforts of a relatively small number of sites. Google’s Page Rank algorithm is so powerful that for the term “new cars” in the US, for example, only 11 websites have been found on the first page, while around 2 billion pages are on that page.

This makes it impossible for the average website or blog owner to compete directly with these big sites. However, there are ways to improve the position of your website with the most powerful search engine of all (although it can take time, sometimes many months), and that involves the use of SEO content.

SEO content is articles that people and businesses place directly on their websites or pages. The goal of these articles is to give people looking to buy products, services, or information a guide to where to find them. In the case of the term new cars, SEO content is articles that contain a variety of opinions from both critics and believers in the products and services one might want to investigate when searching for a used car.

The first thing an SEO content writer needs to do to help a potential customer get the products is to create a site that is easy to find. The second thing is to make sure that those who are looking for what you are offering find your site easily. The best way to do this is to make sure that your site is the first one that shows up when someone searches for an item that you may be offering. The SEO content writer, then, must understand that her job is to get people to visit her website and make the first contact. The SEO content writer must also keep these people on your site, interested, and on the site long enough for them to make a purchase.

The main thing to consider when looking for an SEO content writer is, how long will they write? For most writing jobs, there’s a fee involved, and you’re usually in the same region as your standard article writer, but some content articles are free. If it’s for 1 article, there’s no fee, but if it’s for many, the writer might charge you. The fee must be significant enough so that the writer does not turn clients away. The fee should also be significant enough for the writer to write articles for you in a timely manner.

SEO content writers are found all over the world and are found for all kinds of writing jobs. In the UK they can be found for free content that is included in the source files, or they can be found for freelance writing. They can also write articles of all levels, as the content writer does not have to make their content look professionally written. They can also write mystery articles, historical articles, science articles, and they can also write articles that have a bit of a dark tone for horror articles. All the content is written using the keywords in the text. The one thing to remember with a content writer is that they don’t have to make keywords bold.

To help you choose the best copywriter for your site, you can use SEO copywriters who have a good reputation among consumers looking for your product, service, or information. To find the best, look for people who write in language that is easy to read and understand your brand. When you write for your website, you must remember not to include keywords on your site. This might increase your site’s ranking, but it might decrease your sales.


Potty Training Boys – The Epic Battle Between The Little Boy And The Toilet

The time has come. You’ve had enough of overpriced Cookie Monster diapers and can’t deal with the smell for another day. You decided that this morning, little Johnny will start potty training and he will be potty trained like a big boy. How hard can it really be? You will ask him if he needs to go to the bathroom, he will say that he does, he will run to the bathroom and all will be well with the world. Later that night, his Facebook status will say, “Wow, this potty training thing is easy!”

Unfortunately this is not reality. For many, toilet training is an extremely frustrating and time consuming process. You envision a cooperative effort between you and your child, but instead, your child draws a line in the sand and starts a potty training war. Sounds familiar?

Most of these problems are caused by one thing: a lack of proper preparation. As with most things in life, it’s a good idea to analyze the situation and formulate a plan before you begin. Jumping blindly, aimlessly and purposelessly, only sets you up for failure.

That being said, you don’t need to spend weeks or months preparing. You just need to complete a few simple steps:

1. Determine if your child is ready to start potty training

This is the most important factor to consider. If your child is not ready both physically and emotionally, the process will be much more difficult than it needs to be.

2. Teach him the process

Before the potty training process begins, teach him about the potty, and more specifically, the toilet. Books and videos are very effective, along with watching dad (obviously, a child may relate to dad better than mom).

3. Buy a commode chair

Full-size toilets (and even adapter seats) can scare a child who is just learning. Keep it simple and get a potty. You’ll be glad you did.

Health Fitness

How do I gain weight?

While not as common a goal as losing weight, there are a significant number of people who have weight gain as their goal. The reasons are as varied as people, but can include a desire to gain weight for a sport, a desire to gain a few pounds after rehabbing from an injury, or you are simply underweight and having trouble getting on the scale or have been told by your doctor to gain weight.

Before you go on your weight gain journey, I’d give myself up if I didn’t encourage you to visit your Dr. for a checkup first. You may not even be underweight. While I’m not a fan of BMI, underweight is defined as having a BMI less than 18.5. (The media plays a big role in how we view our bodies, and you may be just fine in the skin you’re in.) However, there may be medical reasons why you find it difficult to gain weight, and your doctor will be a good place to start. OK, everything approved by your doctor? Then let’s find ways to help you pack on some pounds.

Gaining weight will generally follow the same formula as losing weight, but in reverse. If the calories in have to be lower than calories burned to lose weight, then it stands to reason that the opposite will have the opposite effect, and it does! So the universal scientific formula for weight gain is that calories should be greater than than calories burned.

It seems simple and all you have to do is increase your daily McBurgers allowance, right? Well, not so fast. You want to do this well and in a healthy way, and slowly. So without further ado, here are some tips for your bag of tricks.


1. Determine how many calories you are consuming now and how many calories you need based on your daily activity. You can use a good online tool for this. Whatever the number is, it represents the number of calories you just need to maintain the weight you’re at (I know, I ended my sentence with a preposition: I’m crazy like that) Now that you know what the number is, you need increase your daily caloric intake by, oh, let’s start with an increase of 500 calories per day. When you gain or lose weight, or change your activity level, or have changes in health, your calorie needs change, so always stay up to date with what your calorie goal is. Food journals are a great tool, especially in the beginning.

2. Try to eat more often-YES! If you eat 3 meals a day, try adding a couple of healthy snacks throughout the day.

3. When you eat your regular meals, increase your portion size. If snack #1 was going to be a yogurt (I know… yuck!), then have 2 yogurts instead. At dinner, have a second serving of vegetables. The goal is to try to increase your portion sizes with each meal.

4. Focus on the good foods. Whole wheat breads are dense and you can cut thick slices and top them with your favorite topping like peanut butter, honey, hummus…mmmm. When picking vegetables, choose those with less water content. Things like cucumbers have a lot of water, so they will make you look fuller while eating them, but you eat fewer calories… you don’t want that… you want potatoes, carrots, corn, etc. The same goes for fruit… go for the densest ones like a banana over an orange (dried fruit is good!)

5. Fats are where they are (my mom said I was always good at rhyming words) Fats are so good because they contain 9 calories per gram, while carbs and protein only have 4 of the losers. TARGET…choose healthy fat. Nuts, seeds, peanut butter, avocados, hummus, oils… all good! And the good thing is that you can add some of these to everything you eat. Cook eggs? Cook them in oil… Toast? Spread some hummus… Got a salad or cereal? Sprinkle on some nuts or seeds and add a little more oil to your salad. You can add healthy fats every time you sit down to eat. Mix some dried fruit into a salad or granola. Top your potatoes with oil or cheese or go crazy and throw some chili on top.

6. Tired of eating? Drink your calories. There are plenty of good healthy meal replacement drinks out there, but why not make your own shake? Make it with milk, fruit, honey… whatever… then sprinkle some seeds. You can also try replacing some of your water intake with juice or the occasional sports drink.

7. Remember, slow gain is best. Gaining your weight too fast only increases the chances that the weight you gain will come from fat mass and not lean body mass. A gain of about half a pound to a pound per week should be your goal.


1. Gain some muscle. You want to make sure that you are adding some lean muscle and that all of your weight gain is not due to fat alone. If you incorporate a resistance routine three times a week (such as bodyweight exercises or weight lifting) then you can gain some lean muscle mass and even better… the increased workload may even increase your appetite… WIN! If you want to gain muscle mass, also add some extra protein to your meals. Protein intake that is too low can cause you to lose body mass, so keep your intake at a healthy level. Beans, peanuts, chicken, tuna… all good!

2. Avoid extra “cardio” type workouts like jogging and just focus on resistance exercise.

3. After exercising, have a light snack that includes protein, such as an egg on toast, whole-grain crackers with cheese, or just a glass of chocolate milk. Protein will be a building block to help repair and build muscle after exercise.

4. Incorporate a stretching routine into your day. Granted, this in and of itself won’t help you gain weight, but with added resistance training, stretching will help keep your body pain-free and keep your body moving properly.


**Tell your friends and family what your goals are so they can get involved and help support you in your goals. Join an online group with other like-minded people so you always have someone to talk to and brainstorm. Don’t discount this – having the right support is key to anything in life.

Lifestyle Fashion

How to make your eyelashes grow in 3 easy steps

Knowing how to grow your eyelashes is something of a science. The reason I’m saying this is because it’s important to first know what eyelashes are made of and what they need to help them grow. Let’s take a quick look at what tabs are. Then we can really understand the 3 easy steps to help eyelashes grow longer.

What are the tabs made of? Eyelashes are made up of 91% protein called keratin. Keratin protein is the basic building block that also makes up our skin and nails. Our hair, skin, and nails are made from the same basic ingredient. So what is good for our skin is also good for our eyelashes. With that in mind, let’s move on to the 3 easy steps to growing your eyelashes.

Step 1. Start with quality skin enhancers. Collagen is a great example. This protein provides structure to our skin. It is widely used to maintain skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Anyway, collagen provides structure to our hair giving it elasticity and strength. It can be applied topically to the eyelashes as a skin cream. Or you can take vitamin C which helps build collagen in the body and also stimulates eyelash growth.

Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that delays the signs of aging on our skin. It is the active ingredient in the form of ‘tretinoin’ in high-end anti-wrinkle creams. This vitamin stimulates eyelash growth in two ways: it activates the growth of new cells and helps form keratin protein. If you want to grow your eyelashes, vitamin A is your ticket. It is abundant in apricots, pumpkins, peaches, red peppers, etc.

Step 2. Improve your daily diet. You don’t have to “change” your entire diet. All you have to do is add a few things that will help your eyelashes grow longer, thicker and healthier. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are extremely beneficial for growing eyelashes. Our bodies don’t make them, so you’ll need sources like salmon, almonds, and whole grains. Take vitamin C and B complex to improve circulation. Magnesium and calcium also help promote eyelash growth. This would be found in dairy, meats, avocados, and bananas.

Step 3. Avoid damaging your eyelashes. Going to bed without removing your mascara can cause eyelashes to fall out. Excessive eye rubbing is the most common way to damage eyelashes. Excess washing of the eyelashes makes them dry and brittle. If you need to remove your mascara, use a gentle makeup remover. Olive oil mixed with water in equal parts works as an effective eye makeup remover. Be kind to your lashes, treat them well, and provide them with nutrients. This is how to grow eyelashes in 3 easy steps.

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Real Estate

Selling Your Car: 8 Tips To Get The Best Deal!

When it comes to selling your car, you want to achieve the highest possible price. Follow these tips to put more money in your pocket:

1. Clean the car. It’s amazing how many people try to sell a dirty car. A clean car gives potential buyers the impression that the car has been well cared for.

2. Do not try to sell without a valid MOT certificate. To achieve a higher price, it is worth carrying out a complete service, as well as the ITV. You won’t be charged with selling an unroadworthy vehicle later.

3. If your car has suffered some minor damage, it will be worth repairing. You can buy kits to remove surface scratches, and repairing minor teeth is often inexpensive.

4. Before pricing your car, try valuing it on one of the websites that offer free valuations. You’ll have a better idea of ​​what it’s worth, and you’ll be able to produce printed “valuation proofs” if you’re selling privately.

5. If you’re selling your car to buy a new one, consider a trade-in, as it’s much easier to fix and causes far fewer complaints than a private sale. But remember that you will get less money when negotiating a trade.

6. If you are selling your car privately, take some pictures. Try to do this on a sunny day as the amount of light in the image can affect the attractiveness of the car.

7. You must decide where to include the sale. If it’s really cheap then you could try it in the window of your local store or in a free newspaper. But if you want more money, consider listing it in AutoTrader or similar auto magazines.

8. Write your ad carefully. Yes, you want to attract buyers, but don’t lie or print misleading information. Just highlight the necessary information. You want to attract interested buyers, but you don’t want to receive thousands of calls asking for clarification on items that should have been listed. So at least it includes:

A. Make, model and year of registration
b. Valid MOT and FSH (full service history)
against Age, mileage and color
d. Price that should end in 5, 7 or 9, but never 0, eg £9995 instead of £10,000 (never put the amount you’d be happy with, but inflate a bit so you can negotiate with a buyer)
my. Engine size, fuel type, and perhaps condition (watch out for this one)
F. Do not say in the ad that you will consider all offers, as this makes you seem desperate to sell.

Be careful when allowing people to test drive your car. If your insurance policy is for drivers only, they will not be insured, so unless they provide proof of full coverage, do not leave them behind the wheel as you will be committing a crime. Accept payment only as a bank draft and always check with the issuing bank that the draft is genuine.

Once you have successfully sold your car, you should provide the buyer with a written receipt showing the time and date of the transaction, and remember to keep a copy for yourself. The DVLA must be informed of the sale, but you want proof that you were not driving the car if a crime is committed before ownership is transferred. These tips for selling your car will make the process much easier for all parties involved.

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Men, unleash your potential with boxing

Too many men waste their time in the gym doing curls and other exercises to look pretty without really challenging their bodies to be all they could be. Boxing is one of the best exercises that can help you get to the next level.

tear apart

Boxing can be one of the best ways to shed body fat and maintain muscle mass. Research has shown that interval training style, like boxing, is great for losing fat and boosting metabolism. Exercise like traditional aerobic cardio workouts only creates an increase in calories burned during the actual workout that rapidly decreases when the training session ends. But due to a phenomenon known as EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption), you have a substantial increase in the number of calories you burn for hours after finishing a boxing workout. Since boxing uses fast-twitch muscle fibers to deliver fast, powerful punches over and over again, it encourages your body to hold on to the muscles and can even increase the size of the muscles, leading to a broad-shouldered, ripped appearance and not the lean appearance so many endurance athletes have. So, if you only have a limited amount of time to exercise, try to attend a quality boxing gym near you that will give you better results for your time than a traditional cardio workout like going for a run.


Few training styles can give you the full spectrum of physical improvements that boxing can provide. ESPN ranked boxing as the world’s most difficult sport due to all the ingredients that go into the preparation. The main qualities needed to be a great boxer are speed, power, and stamina. These are just a few ways to gain those qualities through boxing training.

SPEED – Hitting a bag or doing glove work demands your muscles fire faster than you’re used to. Every time you hit, you must quickly twist your body, shoot your arm, and bring it back. You must move your feet quickly to get in, out, and around a bag or opponent. Also mixed into a good boxing workout is a variety of plyometrics and other exercises that demand your body to move as fast as possible, forcing you to reach new levels of speed production you might not have thought possible.

POWER: Boxing teaches you to use your entire body to produce maximum power in a punch while delivering it with precision, speed, and balance. The block and squeeze at the end of a punch is a massive contraction of the muscle fibers in your arms and shoulders that occurs the very instant you first make contact with your target. That contact puts a tremendous load on your muscles from your chest muscles to your back muscles, which must bear the brunt of hundreds of pounds of force when you throw a hard punch. When the blows are delivered correctly, you will feel the work that was put into these muscle groups the next day. ENDURANCE: A lot of research has been done over the last two decades on the benefits of high intensity interval training on VO2 max. (a measure of your body’s ability to use oxygen). Interval training, like boxing, has been shown to increase VO2 max. faster and in shorter sessions than constant cardio. Boxing is an excellent cross-trainer for people who play a variety of sports seriously or for recreation, as it greatly helps build stamina. At the end of the day, boxing is a much more exciting and efficient way to get cardio than running on a treadmill or spending time on a stationary bike.


We all know that working out can be fun, but boxing as a workout can be even more fun! Every time you exercise, you get a release of endorphins that make you feel fulfilled and satisfied after a hard workout. With boxing, you get the same feelings, but more. After hard boxing training, you get a sense of achievement and progress when you learn new techniques. The thrill of punching, moving, swinging, weaving and blocking punches is a great thrill that is extremely addictive and will leave you wanting more after every workout!


Have you ever been through a super stressful day and just wished you had hit something? Energy like that, if held back for too long, can be detrimental to your interactions with the people around you and those closest to you, leaving you easily frustrated and ready to lose control. People who have made boxing a part of their daily routine can let that frustration out all the time! If you spend 30 minutes to an hour throwing hundreds of punches as hard and fast as you can, you better believe you’ll feel a great sense of relief. When you train boxing, you are using that aggression energy and transferring it into a positive outlet that will not only make you feel great, but look great too!


I highly recommend you try a boxing workout, either in a class or a personal session. To get the most out of your workouts, you need to go to a quality boxing gym and experience what boxing is really all about.

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Boutique and Low-key: Yorkville Toronto Luxury Condominium Buildings Under 50 Suites

There are a handful of luxury condominium buildings in Yorkville Toronto that have fewer than fifty suites. Ownership has its privileges, as privacy and discretion are built-in standard features of these luxury boutique buildings. Often one does not know their exact location, as their discreet private entrances provide the only evidence that they exist. Unlike their high-rise counterparts, the floor plans and architecture of the suites in luxury boutique buildings tend to be more original, pleasing, and innovative, with many suites occupying full or half floors. Luxury boutique buildings also provide owners with an intimate living environment. A smaller but more dedicated building staff can focus on the personal needs of each individual resident. However, this privacy and discretion comes at a price. Living large in a luxury boutique building in Yorkville costs more. Maintenance fees are higher than in larger buildings, since there are fewer unit owners to share the costs of building amenities and upkeep.

No. 155 Cumberland Street Fifteen Suites Since the early 1960s, a unique two-story penthouse stood atop the office tower at 130 Bloor Street West. Accessed from a discreet entrance in Cumberland, it belonged to philanthropists and socialite couple Rose and Noah Torno. The 10,000 square foot penthouse was designed in the modernist style of famed American architect Philip Johnson with large windows and grand floor plans. In creating N 155 Cumberland Street, the development team retained Torno’s two-story penthouse on levels 13 and 14 and built it up and down creating high-end residences that reflected the architectural design and quality of this original penthouse. The existing 11th and 12th floors were converted from office space into five condominium suites. Seven new levels, adding an additional nine suites, were also built on top of the original penthouse creating an irregular tower clad in limestone. Residents use the same private entrance that the Tornos did, which opens into a luxurious lobby with two private express elevators. All suites have large terraces or balconies and outdoor barbecues are allowed. The ceiling heights are eleven feet and the penthouse and sub-penthouse levels have twelve foot ceiling heights. Interior finishes were done by builder Joe Brennan with suites featuring floor-to-ceiling unobstructed windows and radiant in-floor heating. N 155 Cumberland Street Services: Concierge, Security Guard, Visitor Parking.

The Hazelton Private Residences 118 Yorkville Avenue Sixteen Suites Residents can take advantage of all the amenities of the five-star Hazelton Hotel, including Mark McEwan’s “ONE Restaurant.” Hotel suites are located on floors 2-4. Private residences are located on floors 5-9 and are accessed via a private resident elevator. All suites feature minimum ten foot ceilings and have fully individual controlled heating and air conditioning year round. The smallest size suite is 2,815 square feet and the largest is the Penthouse at 8,100 square feet. Amenities at The Hazelton: 24 hour concierge, valet parking, 24 hour room service, indoor lap pool, full service spa and fitness center, private screening room, and meeting facilities.

The Windsor Arms Condominium Residences 22 St. Thomas Street Twenty four suites Situated along the designer shopping stretch of Bloor Street known as the “Mink Mile”, the private residences sit above the four floors of the Windsor Arms Hotel. The Windsor Arms Condominium Residences has its own separate entrance from the street with a foyer and private elevators. Just two suites per floor, all units have nine-foot-six-inch ceilings, individually controlled heating and air-conditioning systems, and fireplaces. Residents have access to all of the five-star luxury hotel amenities, including the Courtyard Cafe, Club 22, Tea Room, 24-hour room service, housekeeping, salon, and spa services. Suites range in size from a 1,350 square foot single bedroom suite with all other units over 2,800 square feet and a nearly 5,000 square foot full-floor penthouse. Windsor Arms amenities: 24-hour concierge, valet parking, private party room, pool and steam room, exercise room

House Museum 206 Bloor Street West Twenty Six Suites currently under construction A unique and intimate building of limestone, metal and glass located opposite the Crystal of the Royal Ontario Museum, designed by Daniel Libeskind. Maximum of two units per floor with some units occupying entire floors. Like the 32-story Exhibit Residences next door, Museum House suites face north or south, giving residents clear panoramic views. Ceiling heights are a minimum of ten feet and full floor suites feature eleven foot ceilings. All suites have fireplaces and large outdoor terraces. Suites range in size from 1,942 square feet to the 5,620 square foot 2-story penthouse with 4 terraces, outdoor spa, and a private indoor elevator. Each residence is pre-wired for Bang & Olufsen audio and video. House Museum services: 24-hour concierge, valet parking, individual elevator access to each suite, gym, guest suite, meeting room.

The St. Thomas 2 St. Thomas Street Forty-eight Suites pre construction Located at the southwest corner of St. Thomas and Charles Street West, 2 St. Thomas Street will be a contemporary residential tower anchored by a two-story black granite podium designed by architect Hariri Pontarini. The two-story podium houses the party room, wine room, private dining room, business facilities, catering kitchen, and reading room. The indoor pool and gym are located on the third level. Suite ceiling heights range from 10′ to 11’6″ depending on the floor and the penthouse level has 12′ ceiling heights. All suites include a minimum of one parking space and residences over 1,700 square feet have two parking spaces. One storage locker is also included with each residence and is located in the underground parking garage. A high-efficiency air handling unit in each suite provides year-round heating and air conditioning. Fireplace, a wall-mounted safe and Miele kitchen and laundry appliances.Suites range in size from 1,373 square feet to full-floor residences of 6,217 square feet.Minto has plans to build Six St. Thomas, an 11-story luxury rental residence just north of The St. Thomas.The St. Thomas amenities: 24-hour concierge, valet parking, doorman, party room, wine room, private dining room, shopping center, kitchen catering, reading room, indoor pool with outdoor sundeck, gym, two furnished guest suites on the 4th floor.

No. 8 Sultan Street Twenty-five Suites Located directly across from the Windsor Arms Hotel, this is where Yorkville and Bloor Street’s luxury designer shops meet. All suites at 8 Sultan have private balconies, gas fireplaces, nine foot ceilings. The penthouses are on two levels with ten foot ceilings and have private rooftop terraces. All suites include at least one parking space and heating and air conditioning are provided by an engineered system that allows heating or cooling to be activated in any season. Suites range in size from 1,178-square-foot two-bedroom units to 3,100-plus-square-foot penthouses. 8 Sultan St Services: Concierge 1:00pm-9:00pm daily, fully equipped gym with access from the 2nd floor.

The Renaissance Court 164 Cumberland Street Thirty-one suites While Renaissance Court may not offer the extras in services and amenities of luxury boutique buildings in Yorkville, it makes up for it in affordability, providing a less expensive option for those on a smaller budget who like the idea of ​​living in Yorkville in a smaller, more intimate building. Ideally located just south of the Hazelton Hotel and next door to the Four Seasons Hotel, the entrance to this low-key building is on the courtyard walkway between Yorkville Avenue and Cumberland Street. The lobby of the Renaissance Court is located on the first floor and the units occupy floors four through seven and feature one and two bedroom suites. Sizes range from the smallest one bedroom at 1,155 square feet to the largest suite comprised of two units together at over 3,000 square feet. Many suites have fireplaces. Seventh-floor penthouse-level suites have skylights, and some lucky units located on the fourth floor have terraces. Each unit has its own heat pump giving residents individual control of heating and cooling. At Renaissance Court, rental parking is available to all residents and there is also a 24-hour concierge.