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7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Summary of Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is the last piece of the puzzle on your way to achieving your own personal victory. The first habit shows us that we are in charge of our own destiny. It allows you to change your program that may have been implemented since childhood. The second habit begins the process of identifying what it is you want to be through your powers of visualization. This is the mental creation of the end you desire. Habits one and two are the prerequisite for chapter three, which will turn your mental creation into a physical force. It is the daily action you will need to take. With the foundation in place, you will be able to practice effective self-management through your principle-centered lifestyle.

The successful person has a tendency to do what other people would not do. Not that they necessarily like him, but his willpower will overcome doubts. The chapter gives you the opportunity to critically examine where you spend your time. There are 4 quadrants to choose from and your answers may surprise you. Is your day consumed with urgent matters? Is everything you do classified as important? Are you one of the many who are inundated on a daily basis by what is called “crisis management”?

You’ll gain an excellent understanding of what effective people do to manage their time. Habit 1 suggests that you are the programmer, Habit 2 sheds light on how to write the program, and Habit 3 is about running the program, or indeed “living the program.” Living the program is not something we do from time to time. If it’s in line with our principle-centered path, our program becomes the way we live our lives day in and day out. How we spend our time is absolutely paramount to our levels of success. The chapter approaches the beginning of “public wins” with a closer look at the P/PC balance and a concept that was completely new to me called “The Emotional Bank Account.”

The emotional bank account is a metaphor for something that describes the amount of trust that has been built up in a given relationship. Courtesy, kindness, and honesty are examples of deposits to a bank account, and rudeness, courtesy, and disrespect are withdrawals that can deplete your account. Without a positive emotional bank account that has established a trend of continued deposits, withdrawals will tend to have a compounding and negative effect.

This concept can be adapted to every relationship you have, be it personal or business, the power of a positive account will always increase your level of trustworthiness and integrity. Learn, understand and implement the content of these pages and you will not only change your life, but you will be truly ready for the public victories that are to come.

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How to choose a video game console

There are six major video game consoles available from retailers right now; Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii and Nintendo DS. It can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. And after adding the older consoles as well, it makes the choice even more overwhelming. Don’t worry too much though. Just ask yourself a few simple questions outlined below and you can easily decide which system is right for you. Points to consider are price, graphics, game selection, and other capabilities.

Price –

Probably the most important factor for someone choosing a video game console is the price they have to pay to purchase the system itself. Prices range from $599 for the PlayStation 3 to $129 for the Nintendo DS. And if you really want to save money, you can buy older generation consoles like Playstation, Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo and spend no more than $20 for a used system. The prices of the games should also be taken into account when making your choice. PS3 and Xbox 360 games typically start at $59.99 new, while Nintendo DS games retail for $29.99 new. Games for older systems are hard to find in regular retail stores, but they’re usually a bit cheaper if you buy them online.


Graphics are always getting better with the newer video game consoles, so the newer systems will always have the best graphics. The Xbox 360 and PS3 have the best graphics and can display in high definition if you have a TV that can display them as well. The Wii doesn’t have the same graphical capabilities as the other two, though many casual gamers won’t be disappointed. The Nintendo DS and PSP lack the graphical power that home consoles have because they are portable. And the PSP can display graphics much better than the DS.

If you’re considering older systems, each generation has roughly the same graphical level no matter which system you choose. PlayStation and Nintendo 64 are almost the same, as are Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. But the Nintendo 64 will have better graphics than the Super Nintendo, which in turn is better than the original Nintendo.

Game selection –

The main reason you buy a system is for the games, so you want to make sure the games you want to play are on the system you choose. Some systems have very wide selections of games because they were so popular, like PlayStation 2, Playstation, and Super Nintendo. With these systems, you can almost always find a game in the genres you like. If you really like a particular game series (Mario, Halo, Final Fantasy, etc.), you should make sure you choose the system those games are released on. Mario games are only available on Nintendo consoles, including the Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, and Super Nintendo. Halo is only on Microsoft, Xbox, and Xbox 360 systems. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy has switched systems. You can only find the newer Final Fantasy games on PlayStation 2 and you can find the older ones on SNES, Game Boy Advance and Playstation.

Other capacities –

Many systems have unique features that may be important to you or drastically change the game. For example, the Wii uses motion sensing controllers so all of their games use a different style of play compared to the other systems with a regular joystick. Also, the Nintendo DS has a touch screen, another screen on top and is also portable. If portability is important to you, be sure to choose one of the PSP, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance or Game Boy handheld systems. If online gaming is an important feature, you should go for Xbox or Xbox 360. They have the most capable online features.

After considering all of these questions, you can decide which features are most critical to you and choose the system that best meets that criteria. If you’re on a tight budget but want a wide selection of games to play, you should go for PlayStation or Super Nintendo. Systems and games are very cheap now and thousands of games were made for them. If you want the best graphics and online gaming, you should probably go for the Xbox 360. It has some of the best graphics and online settings.

Once you’ve weighed all of these options, you should be well on your way to choosing the best system for you. Now go buy it and start enjoying your gaming purchase.

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Dial-up Internet Access – Pros and Cons

Internet dial-up service

Dial Up is the most affordable Internet access option and can meet your needs if you only need light to moderate Internet access. Dial-up is also great if you’re traveling because, unlike most broadband plans, you can use it virtually anywhere. I use a home-based high-speed cable ISP and low-cost dial-up Internet service for times when I’m away from home.

Advantages of Internet Dial Up

  • Cheap – Many Nationwide ISP unlimited dial-up Internet service plans cost less than $10 per month.
  • Mobile – You can use the Internet dial-up service anywhere a telephone jack is available.
  • Easy – No special hardware to buy, configure or maintain.

Note: Although most dial-up ISPs advertise unlimited dial-up access, maximum Internet connection time is typically capped at 300 hours per month, which equates to approximately 10 hours of use every day of the month. If you need more Internet connection time than this, then you should seriously consider a high-speed cable or DSL broadband Internet plan.

Disadvantages of dial-up Internet access

  • Slow – Not suitable for audio streaming or multimedia video viewing.
  • must connect – You must dial the ISP service to access the Internet.
  • disconnections – If your Internet connection is down for a period of time, most ISPs will disconnect you.
  • ata phone – Your phone line will be busy while connected without Modem On Hold.

Can I use my phone while online?

If you only have one phone line, then you cannot dial or receive incoming calls while connected to the Internet, unless you have a V.92 modem with “Modem On Hold” software installed.

What is modem standby?

Modem-On-Hold is a new V.92 modem technology that allows you to make and receive phone calls while connected to the Internet. Most dial-up ISPs support “Modem On Hold”. You will need your telephone company’s call waiting service and compatible Modem-On-Hold software. You should have received software such as “NetWaiting” or “MOH” with your v.92 modem, but if not, you will need to download it from your modem manufacturer’s website.

What is Expedited Dialup?

Most Internet Service Providers offer a Dial-Up Internet Accelerator. Basically, Expedited Dial-up service consists of advanced compression and caching software downloaded from your ISP and installed on your computer. This special software dramatically reduces the amount of data that has to be sent over the phone lines to your computer’s modem. Although you should see an immediate improvement in performance, the trade-off is that the graphical image quality is slightly reduced. Throttle software can usually be configured to allow you to customize the compression ratio and other settings.

How do I choose the best dial-up ISP?

I would personally choose an established internet provider that has a proven track record and provides many V.92 local access numbers nationwide in the US and Canada. To avoid long distance phone charges, you should make sure that any potential dial-up ISP provides local dial-up numbers for your area. Compare low-cost dial-up Internet providers and choose the one that best meets your needs and is within your monthly budget.

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The Nimbuzz registration and login process: practical steps

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to use it, Nimbuzz is an online service that allows users to make use of the free mobile and web chat options available. This means that Nimbuzz is a social network that includes wonderful applications for desktop and mobile platforms. And this means that they also involve the most popular sites today (Google Chat, MSN, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, etc.).


So, the great news is that you can access this messaging team from a single source. In this article you will discover the ease with which you can log in to Nimbuzz, but also the steps necessary to sign up or register for this service. Many mobile fans are simply crazy about this app because it is not limited to just instant messaging but offers so much more.

All Nimbuzz users can take advantage of free mobile calling services (for members only) and benefit from high quality voice. Not to mention that you can also use the video call feature in case your mobile has 3G and can receive high data packets.


About: Nimbuzz is very easy to use and it’s definitely free. Users can enjoy it on both computer and mobile regardless of whether they have any previous apps or not. But, to take full advantage of these great services, you need to download the app on your mobile device. This has to have certain features like Java, Android, Symbian etc.

The latest updates allow users to call whoever they want as long as that person is online. And what’s better is that users can use the NimbuzzOut service that allows them to contact everyone, anytime, anywhere paying very low rates, but receiving the best voice quality.

Among the great options available to users, you can find various free chat services (Facebook chat, Google Talk, etc.), quick access to Nimbuzz Login, free app downloads, custom SIP systems, online web chat, free calls to other users, etc.


You can log in to Nimbuzz in different ways and if you read on you will discover some of them. First of all, you need to register with the Nimbuzz network to have access to all of its features. These are the steps that need to be followed.


Get started by creating a Nimbuzz account from your personal computer. To do this, you provide all the correct information about yourself and then go to the section that says “Nimbuzz Sign Up”. At the email address you submitted earlier, you will receive a verification link or code. Follow the instructions and adjust your profile according to your own wishes. Tatata – You have become a member of Nimbuzz! Once you have registered your account with Nimbuzz, go to the original service and install all the applications for desktop and mobile devices. Later, you will read about the whole procedure that is supposed to use the most fabulous instant messaging experience right on your phone.

mobile environment

Again, start by installing the Nimbuzz app on your phone, enter the login information you received in the previous step, and familiarize yourself with various online outlets like Facebook or Google. Include your account details (password and username) and do the same for all services. As mentioned above, there are a number of techniques that people can use to log into Nimbuzz. If you want to find the perfect one, you have to start trying them.

Once you’ve understood how Nimbuzz registration works, you’ll need to know a few standard ways you can access your account. Unfortunately, you will not be able to benefit from the messaging service (only with the Nimbuzz PC app), but you will still be able to call users with the help of NimbuzzOut.

log in

Logging in is just as easy. Go to the official Nimbuzz page, insert the username and password, press enter and access your profile. In addition to this, you can also login to your account from mobile. This is a great option offered by WAP services. Once again, this feature will not give you the opportunity to enjoy the chat, but you will definitely be able to make calls through the premium services. At first sign in to Nimbuzz through your WAP account. Then use the option of national/international calls (you can choose between computer and mobile).

Nimbuzz login features

It was mentioned at the beginning of the article that this tool provides a lot of flexibility to other users. Internet connection will be enough to access all the right features without paying extra.

1. Among the best features you will find the ability to connect wherever you go. You can stay connected with friends, chat and share news and files.
2. Free calls. You will be able to call any user on Nimbuzz without paying additional fees.
3. Groups and chat rooms. You can create your own chat room and invite other people.
4. Games. A lot of free and exciting games are waiting for you online.
5. Social. You will be able to customize your profile, send messages and enjoy unlimited socializing prospects.

special services

Premium services have also been recently introduced. What you have to do is put some money in your account and call internationally (mobile and landlines) at the lowest prices. In this way, you can reduce phone bills by up to 95%, you have access from anywhere and you can use these features directly from your mobile phone.

Remember that in order to take advantage of NimbuzzOut you have to follow the first steps and have a good Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, etc.). You really can’t say no to an app that combines all the right things into one.

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Tracfone Promo Codes – What are they? – How to find and how to use Tracfone bonus codes

When you buy minutes for your Tracfone, you will put code numbers on your phone and then more minutes and activation time will appear on your phone. If you also use a promo code when you add a minute card to your phone, you’ll get more minutes. The Minutes Card will have a 15-digit number. The promo code will always be a 5-digit number.

How to use Tracfone promo codes

  • You can add Airtime through a landline. This used to be my preferred way of adding promo codes, but now getting through the Tracfone Customer Service phone system takes too long.
  • Add Airtime Direct from the phone. From the Digital Tracfones you can add minutes from the Prepaid Menu. Click Menu, then Prepaid, scroll to add airtime and click, on some phones it will add the 5-digit promo code right after your card’s 15-digit PIN number and on some phones it will ask you after you’ve entered the PIN if you have a promotion code. You will only have one chance to use a promo code from your phone. If the code doesn’t work, Tracfone will still process your minutes card and give you the minutes on the card. To try to get your bonus codes if they do not go through this method, you will need to call Tracfone Customer Service and try to get your bonus minutes.
  • Adding Tracfone drives from your computer (My favorite) I like to add airtime from my computer because if you try a promo code that doesn’t work, you can try two more times. If on the third try you don’t get a code to work, Tracfone will simply add the minutes card without the bonus minutes. If you try two different promo codes and they don’t work, please close your browser and delete temporary cookies and then you will have three more chances to test the bonus codes. Go to and click the “add/buy airtime” button at the top of the page and the website will guide you through.

Preparing to add units

First, I will write my Tracfone Serial Number (ESN) on the back of a business card with Tracfone’s customer service number (1-800-867-7183). I’ll also put my phone number in so you can easily find the numbers just in big enough letters that I can read them without looking at the menu on my Tracfone.

How to Find Tracfone Promo Codes.

I first registered my phone’s serial number and joined the “Tracfone Insider” program. This plan gives you a monthly email update from Tracfone. This email usually has a promo code for you.

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Review: Hammond World Almanac 2006 World Atlas

Publisher: Hammond World Atlas CorporationISBN: 0843709375

Hammond World Atlas Corporation has partnered with the best-selling World Almanac and Book of Facts to create an excellent and educational publication, Hammond World Almanac 2006 World Atlas.

You can probably call this Almanac the bible of world-class mapping and data with its 200 pages of facts and figures on people, ethnic groups, languages, religions, area, capital, GDP, head of state, and governments. And then there are TerraScape’s 100 pages of digital maps that present three-dimensional relief of land and ocean terrain.

When I looked at the “Contents” section of the Almanac, I was delighted to see that there is a section dealing with map interpretation. How many times have you looked at a map and have no idea what all the symbols or scales and projections on the map mean?

In clear and precise language, the authors of this publication explain what map projections are and explore some of the most commonly used projections. They also present us with a new projection, the Hammond Optimal Conformal.

For those of us unfamiliar with the term map projection, we are told that the challenge cartographers face is projecting the curved surface of the Earth onto a flat plane. Consequently, to accomplish this feat, cartographers have developed map projections or formulas that govern this conversion of geographic data. It is possible to identify each point on the earth with the help of a geographic coordinate grid, and this grid is projected onto a flat surface.

From this starting point, explanations of general principles and terms, how to flatten a sphere, selected examples of projections, conic projection, and Hammond’s optimal conformal are provided.

This initial section is followed by a full explanation of how to use the map section. It is here that we discover how boundaries, name sources, map symbols, colors, labels, and map scales are determined.

Armed with all of this introductory data, we are now ready to examine the maps of the world starting with Europe and North Asia and then Asia, Australia and the Pacific, Africa, Antarctica, South America, and North America. At the bottom of each map there are color codes that differentiate the population of the different cities and towns. There is also a mileage scale indicated in miles or kilometers. Also included are detailed and comparative thematic maps, tables, graphs of each continent, topography, population, land use, mineral resources and consumption.

The final section or the World Almanac Section presents key facts and figures about each nation, such as its classification by population and area, major oceans, ocean depths and islands, rivers, waterfalls, continental altitudes, lakes, reservoirs, dams, highest mountains , temperatures, main languages, rainfall, population growth, energy and environment.

When examining facts and figures about a particular nation, we notice that what is included is the following: topography, capital city, date of independence, type of government, who is the head of state and head of government, GDP, industries, crops minerals, life expectancy at birth, literacy rate and link to country website.

This almanac is a magnificent achievement to be savored and enjoyed over and over again. It fills an educational niche and is a perfect addition to libraries, classrooms, and personal book collections, where vital geographic data is at your fingertips.

The above review was contributed by: STANDARD GOLDMAN Editor of Bookpleasures. CLICK TO SEE MORE Norm Goldman Reviews

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Social Conditioning and Expression

A notable feature of modern society is the proliferation and diverse manifestations of art. It is not just a quintessential expression of human creativity and sense of aesthetics. It is also a reflection of the values ​​and ideals of the time and of the community as a whole. The problem lies when art or any form of human expression conflicts with the value system of society. For the culture and norms of a community to find continuity and expression, social conditioning is used to instill them in each individual.

Social conditioning by its nature seeks to enshrine what society believes and stands for in almost every aspect of its members’ lives. All human endeavors, collectively known as the Humanities, are supposed to manifest what social conditioning transmits to the psyche and orientation of society. However, due to the dynamic aspect of human expression, the arts most, if not all, convey meanings that are not prescribed by the ideals of society. Furthermore, there are even cases in which many forms of creativity are considered as affronts to social values.

Ideas of what is ethical, moral, fair, decent and acceptable make their way into the minds of members of society. This in turn dictates perception and what people think. However, this is often misplaced and untrained in many cases. It fails to distinguish clearly between things that should be conditioned and those that are singled out because they are culturally repulsive. Institutions and groups in American society often attack pornography as the fundamental catalyst for the erosion of decency. However, these same groups do not find the subtle violence and promotion of atrocities harmful in cartoons like Tom and Jerry or the Looney Tunes adventures. The former is generally exposed to adults who can sensibly discern what or what they cannot act on in the explicit material. The latter freely imprints itself on the minds of American youth. This sows the seeds that could bear fruit in the future in the form of armed violence, disregard for the rule of law and rejection of values.

Society can, in fact, be shaped by shaping what and what is not allowed to enter people’s consciousness. This must be based on eradicating what may be genuinely harmful and not just something that is considered offensive from a particular point of view. Unfortunately, in the United States, the basis of what and what should be conditioned on people is often biased and dictated by moralistic sectors of society. This must be taken from them and placed in neutral hands.

This is not to say that pornography and explicit content, whether printed or filmed, are open to everyone. Most of these materials are treated as adults only and rightfully so. They remain valid tools for human expression and products of creativity. This allows them a place in the social sphere. On the other hand, cartoons are treated as trivial, funny and good for children.

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Guide to select an Arcade Video Classics Multi Game Multicade

Hello! Are you ready to get much more for your investment in video games? Then start thinking about the latest trend: multiple arcade games in one cabinet, generically known as a multicade.

That’s right. Now, you can have several, not just one, classic games in a video game cabinet.

Instead of just, say, Ms Pac-Man in one Ms Pac-Man game cabinet, now you can have Ms Pac-Man, plus Galaga, Frogger, Donkey Kong and dozens of other classics all in one cabinet.

There are many possibilities for multiple games available in the market. Here is a brief description of some of the most common:

1. Multicade. The original Multicade system consists of a computer and game discs. However, the manufacturer is no longer in business. But, the system still exists, and there may be a new company that has taken over the brand.

Name multicade it is now commonly used to describe almost all multi-game setups.

2.Ultracade. Ultracade is another multi-game platform that features various classic arcade games emulated on PC hardware running a proprietary operating system and emulation code. The company is no longer in business. And the name ultracade it is also sometimes used generically.

3. Arcade Classics 60 in 1. This is a JAMMA printed circuit board (PCB) featuring 60 classic arcade video games.

4. Capcom 18 in 1. Are you a fan of head to head fights? Then check out Capcom’s multicade.

5. Choice of game 10. The Nintendo PlayChoice 10 system can be upgraded to play dozens of classic games.

6. Neo Geo. SNK’s NeoGeo Multi-Video System (MVS) is a widely available cartridge-based multi-game system. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary.

7. 1940-in-1 Multigame JAMMA System family of games. Yes, that’s right: 1940 games and many of the best too. it’s a monster

8. MOM. The MAME (multiple arcade machine emulator) is a computer system capable of emulating practically all arcade video games. This multi-chain setup is usually done only by very dedicated hobbyists.

9. Williams Classics. Several of Williams’ classic games (Joust, Defender, Stargate) are available in a dedicated cabinet.

10. Meeting of Ms. Pac-Man Galaga. This is a great dedicated game featuring two great classics. The game’s PCB (Printed Circuit Board) can be installed in any cabinet, including a Ms Pac-Man cabinet or a Galaga.

11. Multiple JAMMA PCBs. It is possible to install multiple JAMMA gaming PCBs in one case and switch between them.

12. Modified Ms. Pac-Man. It is possible to modify a Ms Pac-Man PCB to be able to play Pac-Man as well, and in the fast or slow version of both.

13. Galaga Switch Ms. Pac-Man. It is possible to add any of the game PCBs to the other game cabinet and be able to switch between the two.

These are some of the most common solutions for multiple games, but there are many others.

An important distinction between cabinets:

There is an important distinction to understand about arcade game cabinets.

Classic games like Ms Pac-Man and Galaga are played using a vertically mounted monitor. While there are some classics like Joust, almost all modern fighting games like Street Fighter use a horizontally mounted monitor.

More importantly, game types are not immediately interchangeable between cabinet types. It is possible, for example, to modify a horizontal cabinet to accept a vertical mount monitor, but the reverse is usually not possible. This is because the cabinets for the two types of monitors are built differently. The horizontal cabinet will be a few inches wider than the vertical cabinet.

The point is that the style (horizontal or vertical) of a cabinet matters – some will work for a classic multi-cade upgrade and some won’t.

My favorite multi-game solution: the classic 60-in-1 multichain:

Today, the most nostalgic multicade experience is achieved with the JAMMA 60-in-1 PCB.

It is possible to take any vertical mount monitor cabinet (Ms Pac-Man, Galaga, etc.) and install hardware that will allow you to play 60 great classic games on one cabinet (see exceptions below).

And, since the game would be a standard JAMMA install, the hardware is easy to repair and will be around for a long time. Also, a JAMMA enclosure is versatile in that it can accept many of the other 100+ JAMMA gaming PCBs.

Here are the classic arcade video games 60 in 1:

  1. Ms. Pac-Man
  2. galaga
  3. frog
  4. Donkey Kong
  5. Donkey Kong Junior
  6. donkey kong 3
  7. galactic
  8. dig-dig
  9. Crush
  10. Mr. Do
  11. space invaders
  12. cap man
  13. Galaga 3
  14. gyrus
  15. tank battalion
  16. ladybug
  17. Millipede**
  18. burger time
  19. J.R. Pacman
  20. Mappy
  21. pengo
  22. 1942***
  23. Centipede**
  24. Phoenix***
  25. time pilot
  26. Super Cobra***
  27. Swindler
  28. space panic***
  29. super break**
  30. New Rally X
  31. arkanoid**
  32. xix
  33. Juno first
  34. Xevious***
  35. Mr. Do’s Castle
  36. moon crest
  37. pinball action
  38. Struggle***
  39. super pacman
  40. bombjack
  41. The path of Shao-Lin***
  42. king and balloon
  43. 1943****
  44. Van-Van Car
  45. Pac Man More
  46. dig dug 2
  47. amidate
  48. Zaxxon
  49. pooyan
  50. pleiades
  51. Smoke gun***3 buttons
  52. The end
  53. 1943 Kai****
  54. congo bongo
  55. jumper
  56. Ms. Pac-Man (quick mode)
  57. Pac-Man (fast mode)
  58. Galaga (rapid fire mode)
  59. Jr. Pac-Man (quick mode)
  60. Pac-Man Plus (quick mode)


**Indicates a game that requires a trackball to play (numbers 17, 23, 29, and 31). Whether or not to install a trackball would be determined by the size and configuration of the control panel.

Therefore, the 4 games that require a trackball may not be feasible for some types of cabinets with smaller control panels.

However, all 4 games can still be played with the joystick. Although the game is not the same as with a trackball, many people learned how to play Centipede, for example, with a joystick.

If the control panel allows it, a trackball can be installed.

***Indicates a game that requires 2 (or more) buttons to play, for example a fire button and a jump button. However, most classic games only require 1 button, like a Galaga with only one fire button.

Therefore, the approximately 8 games that require the installation of additional buttons (7 require 2 buttons and 1 requires 3 buttons) will also be determined by the size of the control panel.

When the size of the control panel allows it (and it usually does), the installation of up to 2 buttons (fire and jump) is usually standard.

****Indicates a game (there are 2) that requires 2 sets of player controls to allow simultaneous play by two players. There is usually no room on a classic game’s control pad for comfortable gameplay with two sets of controls (2 joysticks with two buttons each).

One set of controls is usually standard, since most of the classics are played with two players taking turns. If two sets of controls were desired and possible, they could be added. But that would probably prevent the addition of a trackball.

Any of the 60 games can be turned off individually, so they don’t show up on screen in menu selection. Which means, for example, that it could feature only the three games with left-right controller action: Galaga, Galaxian, and Space Invaders.

Use the information in this article to help evaluate the many styles of multicades available. Multichaining may seem complicated, but it’s worth any extra effort. Simply because they are cheap to own, save space, and offer a wide variety of arcade video games.

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Easy Strategies and Tips for Wealth Building

Wealth doesn’t have to be an endless struggle. Here are 6 easy strategies and tips that are so simple; most people tend to overlook them:

1- Decide:

If you ask any millionaire who wasn’t born this way how he got his first million, he’ll tell you he decided to do it first. You must decide right now that you will do everything you can to get rich. Focus on one outcome: getting rich no matter what you have to do (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone) and no matter how long it takes. just be good now that many others have done this before and you will too.

2- Budget:

Operate on a tight budget. Eliminate all the things in your life that are not necessary. We spend or waste money on so many things that end up cluttering our homes and lives. You won’t be able to prosper if you don’t make the most of what you already have.

3- Debt elimination:

Reduce or eliminate all debts. If you live in an overpriced home that’s giving you a hard time, put it up for sale and buy something cheaper. If you have an overpriced sports car or SUV and it’s making you feel financially strapped, sell it and get something cheaper.

4- Goods:

Acquire assets. Assets are things you can buy that will actually give you money instead of taking money. If you have more assets than expenses, you will become rich. Some examples of assets are: rental properties (real estate), stocks, bonds, active vending machines, laundromats, antiques, valued paintings, and precious metals.


Rich people are givers. They give from the heart and love the act. One of the laws of the universe is to give what you want and you will have it. If you’re short on money right now, that’s fine. You can still give in other ways; Offer your time or help. Give without expecting anything in return and don’t brag about it either. Anything you do sincerely will be returned to you 10 times from the least likely places.

6- Simplicity:

Getting rich doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. The simpler a system is, the easier and faster it is to get results. The more complicated things have to be, the longer things take, and the greater your chances of quitting.

The average millionaire today lives below his means; they live in modest homes, drive cheap cars, and are even regulars at the local dollar store. Their businesses are quite monotonous and uncomplicated. These people can live extravagantly, but most choose to keep a low profile. However, said and done, they are masters of self-discipline and make a habit of investing at least 20 percent of their income annually.

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Fruits For Diabetes Is A Good Concept – Meet The Best Fruits

What fruits can diabetics eat? In fact, this is an anxious question asked by anyone prone to diabetes or prediabetes. But when you have diabetes, you can raise a reasonable doubt about the consumption of fruits for diabetes and the risk that comes with it. It is partly a genuine attitude to know the factor that influences fruits that help maintain normal blood sugar levels. The American Diabetes Association emphasizes that eating fruits loaded with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber is good for avoiding diabetes and leading a healthy life. The main key is to worry about the portion sizes of what you eat to add energy to your body.

At this juncture, it is cautioned that canned fruits in syrup should not be considered as a substitute for whole fruits. When you are concerned about the glycemic index (GI) to control diabetes with ease, you must have the right choice of fruits with a low glycemic index. You can simply control your blood sugar level by eating fresh or frozen low-carb fruits. Below you have the alphabetical fruits A,B,C,D described in order.


Sweet but low carb apricots are wonderful summer fruits that can be listed as the best fruits for diabetics. Adding apricots in the diabetes meal plan is good for the good reason that an apricot weighing 15 grams contains only 18 calories to revitalize the body’s energy. Including four apricots can ensure that one serving provides you with 70 percent of your body’s vitamin needs. Apricots are rich in fiber source. You can savor a delicious salad by adding a few pieces of apricots and cereal to hot or cold milk.


You have blueberries, strawberries, and other varieties in the berry family. Regardless of your taste, choosing berries to consume is good for the simple reason that they contain beneficial antioxidants that help diabetics. The vitamin and fiber contents are low-carbohydrate in nature. Calorie-wise, a small cup of blueberries can provide 60 calories and 15 grams of carbohydrates.


Cherries are diabetic diet friendly fruits that a diabetic can eat without hesitation because they include low carbohydrate components and have a low glycemic index. They are sweet but barely evolve 60 calories with 15 grams of carbohydrates. It also has tart-tasting cherries loaded with antioxidants that help fight not only type 2 diabetes but also cancer and some other diseases. Cherries are available in fresh, canned, frozen or even dried packages. But it’s best to avoid the canned and dried forms, as they’re packed with added sugar that’s bad for diabetes. However, if you check the label for the amount of added sugar, you can make a good deal of it.


Durian is identified as the king of fruits. When it comes to diabetes, choosing fruits with a low glycemic index is the best. In this list, Durian is a better choice among the good fruits for diabetics as the GI is 49 +/-5 while watermelon is 55 +/-3. Sulfur helps keep blood sugar balanced in blood cells and negates hypoglycemic effects. As such, the organosulfur compounds contained in the Durian fruit stimulate antioxidant activities to maintain normal blood cell sugar levels. Additionally, the sulfur ingredient reacts with thiamin and biotin to promote normal metabolism. Despite all this, it will be safe for a diabetic to consume durian in any form in moderation due to the known high nutritional values ​​in the durian fruit.

One last word: Although ‘fruits for diabetes’ is a good concept that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, it is best to suggest low-sugar fruits. If you have a craving for sweet fruits, no problem, you’re safe if you eat one or two slices.