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Challenges in Manual Testing

The number of organizations implementing formal software testing strategies is gradually increasing. Also, most companies today prefer to automate their testing efforts to save time and cost. But every organization must remember that it cannot fully automate the process. Therefore, the software testing strategy should focus on identifying and addressing the main challenges seen in manual testing.

The main purpose of manual testing is to make the software free of defects and to ensure that it works according to the requirements specification document. But testers must perform manual tests without using test scripts or test automation tools. Therefore, they must address a number of significant challenges for the manual testing process to be effective.

Main challenges associated with manual testing

Test of the whole application

QA professionals cannot manually test the entire software application. It is impossible to manually run the large number of test cases required to test the entire application. As they are required to complete the process within a stipulated time frame, it is important that the organization clearly define the specific combinations to be tested.

Clearly understand customer needs

As noted above, QA professionals must ensure that the software application meets the specific needs of the client. Therefore, they must clearly understand the customer’s requirements. At the same time, it is also important for them to clearly communicate the customer’s needs to the developers in a clear and unambiguous way. Before starting the process, QA professionals must pay full attention to the customer’s needs.

Decide the required skills

Manual testing requires quality control professionals who possess a variety of skills such as communication, analysis, and problem solving. Once the professional starts working on the app, he will keep finding more bugs or bugs. Therefore, he must correct the errors to continue testing. This is why most testers find it overwhelmingly challenging to perform regression testing manually. When they have good communication, analysis, and problem-solving skills, they can keep running test cases by fixing bugs without delay.

Selecting the right testers

The experience and skills of individual quality control professionals vary. Since manual testing requires good communication, analytical and problem-solving skills, it becomes essential for the organization to deploy the right staff on the job. The manager must build an efficient team, focusing on the experience and skills of each individual, to handle the pressure and stress associated with carrying out the exhaustive process manually.

Creating Accurate Test Designs

The outcome of a manual test project will be affected by the quality and accuracy of the test designs. But complex software design and the risks that come with it make it difficult for QA professionals to create accurate designs. Also, to create the most accurate designs; the professional must have test design skills along with adequate domain knowledge.

Prioritization of test case execution

While testing a software application manually, QA professionals must run a variety of tests without using any tools. At the same time, they must also prioritize the test cases and decide which ones to perform first. But professionals often have to modify the test case execution sequence in case some problem occurs in the middle of the testing phase.

meet the deadline

Time is one of the most important constraints in software development and testing today. Like developers, testers must also complete all tests within a stipulated time frame. Since they cannot run all the test cases within the stipulated time, they are mainly focused on completing the tasks. The emphasis on completing your tasks on time affects the overall quality of manual testing.

Tests without Tools and Script

The use of test automation tools streamlines and streamlines the software testing process. Even though they must complete the project within a predefined time period, manual testers are not allowed to use any test tools or scripts. Therefore, they often find it more difficult to execute test cases manually. Also, manual execution of the test case requires additional time and effort.

An organization must remember that the same process can be done manually or using automation tools. Therefore, the strategy should clearly identify the tests that will be performed manually. Most companies prefer to use manual tests for test cases that do not need to be run repeatedly. Although cost-effective, the process is time-consuming. Therefore, the overall strategy must address these major challenges to deliver a flawless software application.

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Important tips for driving in winter

Nobody likes the unpredictability of sudden changes in the elements (and other factors). But winter is coming nonetheless. Along with the winter weather comes perhaps the worst part: winter driving. No one expects to drive in freezing temperatures, but the following tips will help make this season safe and warm.

But there are ways to prepare now for winter driving. And since preparation is perhaps the best defense against unpredictable circumstances, it’s never too early to think about the icy days ahead.

First of all, consider the weather. This can be as simple as always knowing the expected forecast for your trips. There are weather monitoring websites and programs that will provide detailed street-level weather information that can provide enough information to change your plans and keep you safe. Plan accordingly always knowing what is to come.

Second, prepare your car. Have your radiator checked this time of year. Be sure to check your antifreeze levels and have plenty of winter windshield washer fluid ready to go. Other car preparations include: checking the brakes, brake fluid, air pressure in the tires, as well as tread, heater, battery, and defroster. Making sure your car is in good condition could save you a cold winter night waiting for service on the side of the road.

There are a few other items that should be in your car at all times, in case of an emergency. Such items include: warm clothing including heavy boots, warm socks, a winter hat, gloves and extra clothing, a blanket or sleeping bag, a first aid kit, emergency energy foods such as granola bars, a working flashlight with extra batteries, a waterproof candle and matches, road flares, booster cables, sand, salt or kitty litter, an ice scraper, a small shovel, a phone list of emergency contacts, including doctors and companies trailer, and your personal cell phone and battery charger.

Lastly, never let your gas tank get more than half empty. During very cold weather, ice can build up in the tank and fuel lines. Keeping the tank full is best this time of year.

Winter driving can be threatening, but with an awareness of the conditions and some car preparation, we’ll get over all the ice, snow, sand, and salt ahead and drive into another beautiful spring that awaits us on the other side.

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Prince William and the King’s Numerology – Will William be King of England?

Restless lies the head that wears a crown.

Shakespeare-King Henry IV; Part II. Law iii. Sc.1.

The display of heraldry, the pomp of power,

and all that beauty, all that wealth that they gave you,

equally awaits the inevitable hour.

The paths of glory lead only to the grave.

Elegy by Thomas Gray written in a country churchyard

(9th verse) (1716-1771)

Certainly, with the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton (now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), there’s a lot of speculation as to whether William will eventually be King of England. While the King’s numerology never makes any predictions, we can look forward to William’s life through his numbers, especially his Life Matrix, which reveals substantive secrets about his future as Britain’s monarch.

William was born William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor; June 21, 1982 [Wikipedia]. The first piece of evidence to assess regarding a future reign for William is his Basic Matrix.

Basic Matrix of Prince William

Life Path: 11-2

Phrase: 9

Performance/Experience (reality of life): 11-2

Soul: 8

Material Soul: 55-1

Nature: 1

Material Type: 66-3

Basic matrix evaluation

The numbers in the Basic William Matrix reveal an individual whose numbers support the role of ruler or leader. They do not necessarily imply that a person will be king, but they substantiate the characteristics necessary for the task.

expression 9

Because it is the Great Elemental and the Number of Humanity, the 9 of William’s full birth name gives it the universality to attract all people because 9 is not only “all people” (all numbers), rather it reflects each number back to that number. , thus making the 9 very magnetic, charismatic, universal. Therefore, the universal appeal of 9 is great for anyone in a position of public leadership.

The winning master 11-2

Working and building in the field of relationships is important for success. The energy of the 11-2 successful teacher is excellent for a leader. William’s 11 Lifepath and 11 PE (his lifepath) are important signs that he will be involved in the relationship. Interestingly, William’s mother, Princess Diana, also scored an 11-2 in PE from her. She also had a Material Nature 11-2. His father, Prince Charles, has a Lifepath of 11-2. Therefore, it is not unusual for his firstborn son to have his energies, especially given the fact that fate is set before a person is born. Since William’s parents had 11-2 on their charts, raising him to be king one day would only help. It’s like being a famous athlete who was born the son of famous athletes. Parenting bequeaths benefits.

The 55-1 Master Scout/Creator

Having the master number 55-1 in his Material Soul gives William a worldly desire to be a one-of-a-kind individual and leader. The 55-1 does not want to be like the others, and in fact it is not. it is very unique. It is also full of fire because both 1 and 5 are fire signs. As we also know, 5 is the fulcrum, the middle point of the alphanumeric spectrum, giving it the ability to move with equal ease up and down the Avenue of Crowns. Therefore, the 55-1 is a positive complement to William’s 9 energy.

The 1 energy in William’s Material Soul is strengthened by the 1 in his Nature, combining the power of leadership, action, going first and showing the way. William is his own person even though his life lessons and his role in life must be involved in the relationship. The two 1’s and two 2’s in his Basic Matrix give him the ability to act independently while still being a support person, and although a king is a monarch, he supports the monarchy that rules his domain and the people. inside him.

The master lover/craftsman 66-3

Love in communication is a phrase typical of 66-3. The personal love and caring touch of the 6 in a master frequency (11 x 6) is very much in tune with positive communication. This 66-3 is in William’s Material Nature (his mundane personality of his) and it bodes very well for him, not only in his personal life but also in his public life.

the soul 8

The Soul 8 has the desire to manage, administer, orchestrate, coordinate and lead, not so much in the pioneering way of the 1 but in a context of interaction and social management. Soul energy is the engine that makes the person tick and tock. It drives him, and William drives himself to be 8, to be socially powerful, to have status, and to connect the dots of his work and career. It is an excellent energy for those who have leadership qualities and seek to govern well.

Basic Matrix Summary

William’s Basic Matrix is ​​made up of energy suitable for him, or anyone with the same numbers, being a unique person (1) with universal appeal (9), working in the relationship field (2), being communicative and approachable (3) and eager to manage and execute. This pattern will certainly serve him and England well if he becomes king. And he will he? There is a very good chance that this is the case, and the secrets are clearly marked on his Life Matrix. We’ll see.

Prince William Life Matrix

Prince William’s Life Matrix clearly manifests, prima facie, the potential for him to be King of England. This does not mean that he will automatically be the monarch of his country, but the number combinations in his chart certainly reveal the potential for monarchical success.

Whether one is a seasoned numerologist or a budding novice, when looking at William’s chart, it is impossible not to notice the master number of the executive, administrator, manager, general, or prime mover.

Large PC Verse: 8/44-8

In King Numerology, the Grand PC Couplet represents the central Pinnacle and central Challenge of a person’s life path. The Grand Pinnacle and the Grand Challenge are usually different numbers. However, in the Prince William chart, they both harbor the same 8/44-8 Influence/Reality set (IR set) indicating direction and executive leadership. The 44-8 is in the position of the result of the causal influence of 8. The 44-8 in King’s Numerology is called the master energy of the worker/leader. It often appears on the charts of great leaders and generals. Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, General George Patton, General Douglas MacArthur, Mother Teresa, and others have this energy dominating their charts.

William’s Grand PC Couplet timeline is 44 to 52 years. This is a powerful indication. William also has the 8/44-8 IR set in his second Pinnacle starting at 35. Corroborating this potent 8/44-8 energy is his 4th Crown Challenge which begins at age 53 and continues until death. Thus, Prince William’s 8/44-8 IR set of management, executive leadership, and worldly success begins at age 35 and continues until the end of his life.

Associated with the IR 8/44-8 set is the IR 1/1 set that reflects the leadership, the star, the limelight and the individual aspect of life. There are no two numbers that better express management and leadership than 1 and 8 together. It should also be noted that William’s soul, his most primal desires, needs and longings, are ruled by the number 8. Therefore, William’s life will give him exactly what he wants: worldly success, status, power and executive command. . Even though the King of England only has the status of a figurehead, his personality will influence his position and affect the English, especially given the fact that it is now a social world, an energy age 2, and not a world. individual world of 1 energy of the last millennium.

End time: 2/11-2

Williams’ 3rd Epoch (beginning around age 55) is a 2/11-2 – the energy of his Lifepath and PE (his performance in life). Obviously, it will be intrinsically connected to her potential relationship role when she enters this energy field in her later life.

We must also remember that the filter of William’s Life Matrix IR (Influence/Reality) sets is number 9, his Expression. 9, as we know, is the number of universality, of the masses, of the public stage. Therefore, the 1 and 44-8 energies in the Reality or Result fields are flooded with universal and public energy.


As stated at the beginning of this article, King Numerology never makes predictions. Evaluate and analyze energies and number patterns to see how they interrelate with each other. Given Prince William’s numbers, number patterns, and number placements on the chart, it’s quite possible that his role in life of being the next King of England is very likely. And if this is the case, the lesson to be learned from his numbers, as with all our numbers, is that life is destined, and there is, unequivocally, a divine design for life and destiny!

~ finished

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PS4 release date – "more than ten years away"?

I recently read an article about the PS4 release date that had the headline “Hirai suggests PS4 is more than ten years away.”

After reading the article, I found that it made no suggestion as to when the PlayStation 4 release date would be, and again it was just speculation fanning false flames of curiosity and wonder and taking the comments out of context, so it was a “legitimate suggestion.” “. “.

The original PlayStation (PS1) became the first system to sell more than 100 million copies. However, it didn’t get to this point until AFTER the PS2 came out. In fact, it sold its 100 million copies in March 2005. This was actually 5 years AFTER the late PS2 release date. The original PlayStation is only now starting to lose its value, as games are now being made for the PS2 and PS3, but not so much for the original. With the PlayStation 1 launching in 1994, and still selling strong in 2005, I’d say gamers certainly enjoyed a good 10 years. This was what Hirai suggested, the PS3 will give you at least 10 years of value. But that certainly doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily have to wait 10 years for the next system.

Hirai even followed up when asked if the PS4 definitely wouldn’t be released within 5 years and clarified his last statement by specifying that all he meant was that Sony makes sure to take care of its customers so that its product will continue. good.

But, I digress, I’ll let you develop your own take on the interview.

The full interview is hard to find on C-Net News.

Here are some excerpts.

Hirai: E3 has a history of 10 or 11 years, if I’m not mistaken. I think it’s gotten to a point where it’s become such a massive show that we needed to take a look at what we were trying to accomplish with the show.

Hirai: …We see that our products have a 10-year life cycle, that we’ve come with PlayStation. So the PlayStation 3 is going to be a console that’s going to be with you again for 10 years. We’re not going to ask consumers to suddenly buy another PlayStation five years from now and basically have their investment fall by the wayside. So for all of those reasons, I think at $599 we’re offering a very good value to consumers.

CNET: Are you saying there won’t be a PlayStation 4 five years from now?

Hirai: Well, I think if you look at the history of how we’ve run our console business, we always try to hit a 10-year life cycle. I can’t speculate on when we might release a new console after the PlayStation 3. But my message is that once you become a family in the PlayStation family of products, you become a member of the family. We make sure to take care of you.

When asked about Wii vs PS3 pricing, Hirai later said the following: “Some consumers will compare features or software offerings and decide they can go with a different console. You also have to realize that we have a very strong, market-leading console called PlayStation 2, which is very affordable right now. Consumers will also understand that if you buy a PlayStation 2 right now and make some investments in software, when you feel it’s right to switch to PlayStation 3,” those software titles are not going to fall by the wayside. Consumers will take this into account. I don’t think price is the only determining factor when consumers make a decision by looking at their console buying decisions.”

When you consider all this, I think the clear message Hirai is saying is that even WITH a new system, the old system still has a lot of value because the new one will still be able to play your old games, and because the old one will still have new games released for it. . You don’t have a system like Sega where all of a sudden the genesis is replaced by the Sega Saturn until they both fail. You don’t have the PlayStation replaced like you do with the Nintendo 64 suddenly replaced by the game cube.

If you read the full interview, there’s nothing in this content taken in context that would lead you to conclude that “Hirai suggests PS4 is more than ten years away” (or even five). That’s not to say it won’t take around 10 years either. It’s just Hirai reassuring anyone interested in a PlayStation 3, that they won’t have to worry about the PS4 making their PS3 games irrelevant. This is interesting with the speculation that PS4 games won’t be discs. Maybe there is a way to digitally transfer data from PS3 to PS4. Maybe you buy games on the Internet like you can now.

Assuming both interviews are truthful and consistent, then if Ken Kutaragi said that the PS4 will arrive in the next decade; and Hirai’s statement indicated that having each Sony PlayStation last 10 years or more would only make sense if he was talking about the lifespan, rather than the number of years before the next product is released.

So there’s still a chance the PS4 will launch in the next few years, but anything that suggests it won’t be until 2016 or later simply doesn’t have any real evidence to back it up.

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Why invest in a mobile app plan for your business?

Today, more consumers access the Web using mobile devices (1,050 million) than by any other strategy, even by PC (1,000 million). The Internet is no longer restricted to a personal computer and a web browser. Running on a mobile device, the web has become an always-accessible entity with countless life-enhancing features: the iTunes app store; GPS; gaming; Email; camera; contacts; photo albums: your life, anytime, anywhere.

Even the field of home computers is developing rapidly with the highly interactive Nintendo Wii or Microsoft Xbox, which will radically change media entertainment centers. Companies are increasingly incorporating video conferencing technology into their workplaces and providing staff with mobile devices that put the office, from client emails to meeting reminders and on-the-go web research, at their fingertips.

While 84% of mobile Web users access the Web at home, 87% of people who own Web-enabled mobile devices access the Web every day. Now is the perfect time to create an innovative and compelling mobile strategy. As mobile phone functionality and accessibility increase, so does the suitability to make your mobile product more comprehensive. When expanding your brand online, you can’t ignore the mobile Web; chances are good your customers are already looking for you on their phones.

Development of your mobile plan

There are 2 completely different schools of thought on mobile app development. In Part II, two leading developers offer some advice on these contrasting development philosophies.

Sean Christmann supports a universal approach, allowing the maximum number of users to access an application on their preferred mobile phone.

John Blanco, on the other hand, believes that developing an app in a native language or platform-specific (sometimes called “native”) offers a better overall user experience and is more likely to be adopted by the masses.

Before making a mobile strategy, it is important to understand that different mobile phones speak different languages. For example, iPhone apps can connect to a cell phone’s hardware, allowing rich local apps to use GPS, multi-touch, and accelerometer and display content from any web browser except Flash content. While Flash is the leader in web animation technology, mobile apps don’t support it.

Some smartphones may have similar hardware capabilities, for example GPS, but can only handle Flash Lite, a lightweight version of the platform. Others might only be able to display HTML. Because the capabilities between mobile devices change, it is difficult to develop universal solutions. This has become especially challenging, courtesy of a market that heavily favors the iPhone.

According to NPD Group, the following were the best-selling smartphones in the US in the first quarter of 2009:

RIM BlackBerry Curve (all 83XX models)

Apple iPhone 3G (all models)

RIM BlackBerry Storm

RIM BlackBerry Pearl (all models except flip)

T Mobile G1

The problem is this: are you building an app that less than half the cell phone market can understand, or are you building an app that takes advantage of the full capabilities of the phone your audience is carrying? Or do you build two native apps in the BlackBerry and iPhone directions, which enjoy the best market share?

In the second part of this article, we will let the experts provide their opinions.

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Who is Superdry and what is a Superdry backpack?

The Superdry label is fast becoming a hugely popular brand in the US, with its classic casual and unique fashion apparel. Based on a hybrid of laid-back American retro styling combined with distinctive pseudo-Japanese styling, Superdry’s image is taking the competition by storm in the fashion industry and setting new trends along the way. Due to his enormous support in London, his reach has transcended any limits that CEO Julian Dunkerton thought possible, who started the label along with one of his own. Although their steady but rapid rise to supremacy is due in no small part to their UK roots, it was an American soccer player who put them on the fast track to global stardom and they haven’t played a game since.

history at a glance

In late 2003, the Superdry concept, which served as a transition from Dunkerton’s previous early success Cult Clothing, emerged during a late-night binge with friend and colleague James Holder shortly after Dunkerton returned to London from Tokyo. He was newly inspired by the rich culture of the Orient and so admired his great attention to detail along with his distinctive writing technique that he wanted to incorporate it directly into his fashion practice. With the help of Holder and his thriving corporation, his shops began to populate small university provinces in England, where they prospered almost immediately.

The Superdry brand, along with 77Breed and Surf Co California, form the major brands that serve as components of the SuperGroup, formed in 1985 with the founding of Cult Clothing by Julian Dunkerton. The SuperGroup has been ably supported by the success of the Superdry label, which leads all brands in total retail, although it does not run any formal advertising campaigns. Dunkerton voiced his marketing strategies for the label early on, commenting off the record that retail prices would be set at minimum profit-making thresholds for all apparel unlike his competitors who raised prices to maximize profit. He wanted to present to the public a high-quality product at serious and affordable prices.

In the media

The biggest moment yet for Superdry and those in its bandwagon came when world-renowned footballer and pop icon David Beckham appeared wearing the designer’s immensely popular “Osaka-6” shirt on its 2005 calendar. This intrigued Dunkerton enough to give Beckham the “Brad” leather jacket in which he was photographed leaving Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills on a crisp, crisp November afternoon. When the image appeared in People magazine that same year, sales of the jacket skyrocketed.

Thereafter, the brand wasted no time in making the ‘A’ list on the big screen, as celebrities like Kate Moss and Jude Law turned out in full support sporting a variety of Superdry clothing and footwear. But as the critics will say, the celebrity makeover is nothing more than a showcase for the true genius and real appeal of the essence of the label phenomenon, spawned by the head designer himself, James Holder. Known for jokingly bragging about scribbling his designs for Osaka’s first T-shirts on the back of pub coasters, Holder’s design ethic allows him to transform everyday garments and accessories such as jeans, jackets, sunglasses and more. , in virtual garments. , old classics.

The Superdry backpack and Superdry bags

As Superdry moves down different fashion paths with respect to accessories such as sunglasses and jewelry, their line of sight has recently shifted to a unique assortment of unisex bags and backpacks for travel and outdoor sports. Superdry have crafted a functional balance of bags for an eclectic range of activities to suit anyone on the go. Here’s a short list of some of Superdry’s backpacks and bags:

• The Superdry backpack collection combines the characteristics of the rugged outdoorsman with the artistic flair of a high school student in terms of style and attitude, offering various types of traditional backpacks for outdoor hikes with all the charm and the genuine character of an experienced world. traveler.

• Superdry’s laptop bag and laptop case offer modern, secure alternatives for carrying your hardware to school or the office in a variety of versatile and functional ways. While one is completely weather resistant, the other is made from beautiful full-grain leather for a sharp, stylish look that’s sure to make your colleagues jealous.

• The Gymnasium bag embodies all the traits and characteristics of the name and looks just like it sounds. Made from a polyester blend, it’s totally sweat-resistant and easy to maintain, while being big enough to bring home all that new muscle from your latest workout.

• The Moto Messenger bag is another reason why I like these bags so much. Their names represent a replica of their function, as this bag is up for the biker type with a single adjustable strap, leather belt buckle closures, and four large external pockets.

• The Weekender Bag will send you out the door faster than you can say “get away on vacation” with its fine leather trim and leather handle, not to mention the adjustable detachable strap. You can pack for the weekend and then some with its large internal compartment and three external compartments.

The Superdry backpack is having a real impact on the market as these bags are gaining in popularity by the day. They make a much larger line of the same genuine variety, and they are all worth checking out as one is sure to fit your mold or daily routine. Do not overlook these bags, since they are light and made of noble materials. The only caveat is that some of these bags can be a bit pricey, which is unusual for them. However, if quality is on your consideration list, then they have a backpack or tote for you. As Superdry continues to dominate their industry, you can be sure that their product line is here to stay.

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Al Gore’s fight against climate change

By now, you should be familiar with the name Al Gore: not only did he serve as vice president from 1993 to 2001 under President Clinton, but he also ran for president in 2000 against George Bush; despite winning the popular vote, he lost the election. Today, however, Al Gore is primarily associated with another issue: global warming. In fact, the younger generation may recognize the name primarily from the movie “An Inconvenient Truth.”

But actually, Al Gore is a bigger global warming pioneer and activist than one might think; him to the point of becoming the most influential figure in the fight against climate change today. But Al Gore has done more than just write a book and star in a movie about global warming; he actually is working to help make a change and has even been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work. Let’s take a look at some of the other things Al Gore has done in the effort to combat climate change and global warming.

– The Alliance for Climate Protection. Created by Mr. Gore in 2006 and funded primarily by Al Gore’s own work, and receiving a portion of its funding from nationally recognized Live Earth concerts, its primary goal is to enlighten and educate the public about the dangers of global warming. global and climate. changes in the 21st century.

– Long live the Earth. A series of concerts under the name “Live Earth”, which Al Gore was at least partially responsible for planning and organizing. Live Earth 2007 events took place around the world, in places like Tokyo, London, Rome, Washington DC, New Jersey, and even Antarctica, just to name a few. The events were also broadcast to radios, televisions, and even streamed over the Internet to reach as many viewers as possible.

– Numerous speeches and interviews. In recent years, Gore has been a relentless crusader in spreading his message. He has been featured on every major television network and news program, and has been interviewed for every major publication you can think of, all of which helps drive home his point.

– Redesigned your home to meet stricter environmental standards. Because Al Gore really believes in the need to combat climate change and global warming, he has even remodeled his own house; renovations that have earned his home the second highest rating for sustainable design from the US Green Building Council.

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7 Unusual Laws of Success for Entrepreneurs

To be successful one must use wisdom. To be wise one must have or show experience, knowledge, and good judgment. Wisdom brings success. Without wisdom, the reliability of an action or decision regarding the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment, you cannot experience success. Being successful depends on how much time you use effectively. Have you ever wondered how the next person succeeded? What specifically did the person do that made success come their way? I have done it and, if you are honest, you have too. Success has more to do with the state of being that believes that he can do whatever he chooses.

I woke up early this morning because my TV was on and I hate sleeping with the TV on. However, what was on my screen captivated me. So I got out my pad and pen and started to write down what the man was saying on the screen. This man was Mike Murdock, he is a world renowned televangelist and he wrote a book called The 7 Laws of Unusual Success. He started talking about success and explaining that success is governed by laws. The implementation of this rule system determines whether or not you will experience rare success.

Let me reiterate here that we are talking about an unusual type of success. These laws govern those who are brave and go above and beyond. Those who are willing to take the initiative themselves work hard and achieve greatness are the people who experience rare success. I want to share how we can all experience rare success as an entrepreneur using these 7 Laws of Rare Success.

1. The law of difference: our differences bring our value and our value brings our reward.

Although we are all human and basically the same, there is something different about each and every one of us. We were all created to do something that the other person cannot or does not want to do. IF you don’t know your distinctive differences, you will never know what value you bring to others. As an entrepreneur, align your business idea with your passions. Your passions are those strong and barely controllable emotions you have about subjects, people, places, or things. You can find your passion in your pain, information, desires, and those you honor.

2. The Law of Mind – Every battle in life begins as a mental battle.

You should always protect what enters your mind. It is important to take care of your mind because it is the breeding ground for everything you do. Either solve problems or create problems for your future. For entrepreneurs to be successful, they must be willing to invest in their mind. Fill it with knowledge by preparing it as an environment for learning. Your mind needs a goal or focus, images, conversation, and meditation. Your mouth must tell your mind what to think about. It is the place where you can create and produce faith in your ability to be confident in your dreams and visions. The mind is a muscle that moves your imagination into reality. Your mind must inspire you to action.

3. The Law of Recognition- What you don’t recognize will disappear from your life.

There is always a life lesson to learn. Every moment is a learning moment. Many times we can fail to see what has always been there in front of us all along. Something that we do not know that can be detrimental to our future is close to us. As entrepreneurs, we must ask ourselves what is God hiding in someone or something that I cannot see. If you don’t believe in God then you can start right there. Recognize that God is and always will be!

As entrepreneurs, we can take on more than we should too soon, and then when it doesn’t work, we’ll see it as a scam or unprofitable, when many times it’s as simple as doing too much too soon. We must focus on one idea before moving on to the next. Too many things happening at once can be distracting and distract you from recognizing the next step that could change your financial future.

4. The Law of Two-Two is necessary for multiplication.

Two is always better than one. Relationships with others matter. We all need each other. Yeah! Sure you’re great alone but you need others. The book of Ecclesiastes, which is a book full of wisdom, says: “Two are better than one… the three-fold cord does not break easily” (Eccl 4:9, 12). When God wants to bless you, he brings a person into your life.

Entrepreneurs need to recognize who these people are. To experience financial freedom you will need to depend on others to buy your products and/or services. Your willingness to strengthen your relationship with your target audience or client depends on your ability to become financially independent.

5. The Law of the Place: Your geographic location matters.

Your task or purpose in life is always for one person or group of people. When you are where you are meant to be, no one can compete with you. Never stay where God has not assigned you. You will not be honored by your differences if you are in the wrong place. As businessmen we must know that our money is in the place of the problem that God has given you so that you can solve it for others. Remember that money is where God wants you to be.

6. The Law of Honor: Your future is determined by who you have chosen to honor.

Honor is your ability to highly estimate someone by recognizing their difference. Honor is the seed to access any environment on earth. Adaptation is the test of honor. It takes humility to honor another person for their differences. Honor is something that must be taught to the people whom they should honor. Humility is a modest or low view of one’s own importance. What is important to know about honor is that it is a choice.

Entrepreneurs can shorten their learning curve by learning from the best. This can be done by studying a person, reading a book, researching online, or connecting with someone you choose to celebrate your distinctive differences rather than your weaknesses. Honor will decide who accepts you, desires you, and rewards you. The honor qualifies for a different type of relationship, closer, growing and long-term.

If you are successful in life, it can be traced back to those you intend to honor. If it fails, it can be traced back to those it chose not to honor. Above all, you must honor the God of the universe to succeed in anything. All blessings come through the chain of authority.

7. The Law of the Seed: Give and it will be returned to you.

The seeds are all that has value. When you sow a seed, it is rather words, honor, mercy, money, love, kindness, gratitude etc… Your seed must be wrapped in expectation. You must have a motivation for why you are doing something. For entrepreneurs, this law simply means that something you have given will create for you the harvest you dreamed of having.

Remember that the seeds you sow can contain life or death. What you make happen for someone else, God can make happen for you. The future of your seed is hidden in your daily routine. Successful men do daily what unsuccessful men do occasionally.

These 7 laws are guaranteed to create rare success in your life as an entrepreneur. It is important that we maximize the time we are given to solve other people’s problems and become the beacon of light in another person’s life or situation by providing the right products and/or services. The ingredients for success are: creativity births your future, structure sustains your future, and habits create your future.

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Satellite TV breaks down the top media stories of 2010

Looking back at the year 2010, there are many stories in the media that really stand out. It can be hard to remember what happened in a year and what technically counted as last year’s news, which is why so many magazines, websites, and newspapers like to compile lists for us. These lists remind people where they were and what they were doing when the scandal, controversy and intrigue hit the media. See if you agree with the latest poll ranking some of the biggest scandals of the year.

The world of late-night television was turned upside down this year when Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno traded shifts. When O’Brien left in a huff, Leno took his place, and ratings suffered for everyone involved. Now, O’Brien is back on TBS (although fans may need cable or satellite TV to watch his show now) and he’s running a hit late-night comedy show. It looks like O’Brien is still getting the last laugh with his big sale dollars and his new show! Of course, the mere millions are nothing compared to what James Cameron earned from his sci-fi epic “Avatar,” which spent many weeks and months in theaters across the country this year. Another great seller? The iPad launched by Apple and Steve Jobs. Revolutionizing the way people use mobile technology seems to be part of a day’s work for Jobs, who is behind the iPod, the iPhone and now the iPad.

Other top headlines in satellite TV news included the changing way the world works, such as the move towards merging TV and the Internet. People are using the two more and more interchangeably every day, and the world is starting to take notice. It’s easier and more legal to get media all the time, including Beatles tracks that eventually got released on iTunes. Linking the Internet, television media and Steve Jobs, the Beatles had a record-breaking first week of online sales.

The personal lives of some celebrities are on the list. When Sandra Bullock won an Oscar, it was surely one of the highlights of her life, followed by a very public divorce and a cheating scandal that was surely one of her personal low points. However, a new marriage is brewing across the pond, where Prince William (one of the most swinging bachelors of all time) has decided to tie the knot with longtime sweetheart Kate Middleton. Although it’s more of a professional relationship, Larry King will say goodbye to his first love, his satellite TV commercial, this year with Piers Morgan taking over. At Fox, another successful Brit will leave when Simon Cowell retires from “American Idol,” the creation of him and one of the most popular shows on television. Finally, millions of fans had a bittersweet reaction to the finale of the “Lost” super-series, the finale of which raised more questions than answers for many dedicated viewers. Think those aren’t the top media stories of the year? Go online and take part in some surveys for yourself!

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Apple Watch Review

At the beginning of the year, Apple tried to fully open the doors and put the smartwatch in the must-have zone, which generated significant interest towards this new device.

While the Pebble is all about functionality and simplicity, the Apple Watch feels much friendlier and tries to engage people, not just be a passive device that remembers only when you check the weather or emails.

But did he really achieve this? Is it worth buying the Apple Watch? Yes and no. Smartwatches may be the future of smartphones and the Apple Watch has a lot of exciting features that give us an idea of ​​what’s to come.

On top of this, it works great right now, especially thanks to its up-to-date software. So if you like a device that monitors your heart rate, tracks your steps, can play music wirelessly, send animated emojis to people, dictate messages, see notifications, send your heartbeat to loved ones and more then you will appreciate having an apple watch

It helps you look less at your phone, while keeping it connected, but don’t forget that it’s not a standalone device. To enjoy all of its features, you must have it connected to an iPhone (you must be within 30 feet of your phone, or you can connect via WiFi to further extend the range).

Now let’s take a deeper look at what Apple Watch has to offer!


The Apple Watch is certainly an attractive watch, looking understated and elegant, with clean lines and curved glass that meets curved metal. Yes, you will not find a single sharp edge.

The case is made of stainless steel (also rose gold or aluminum) and is quite chunky, but because it curves inwards it appears thinner than it really is. Most smartwatches are plagued with this issue and sadly, at this point, we have to accept that smartwatch technology hasn’t evolved as much as we’d like yet.

Still, the Apple Watch feels reasonably balanced (it weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 0.4×1.4×1.6, or 0.4×1.3×1.5 inches) and if you’ve worn a watch before, chances are you won’t feel like the thickness is much. of has been committed. The watch comes in two variants, a one and a half inch case and a 1.3 inch case. This differentiation has been made to please both men and women, but the bigger one has better battery life.

On the right side of the watch, you’ll find the digital crown and a button you can use to show or hide friends, access Apple Pay with a double-click, and turn the watch on or off.

At the base of the watch is the heart rate sensor and the magnetic induction charging system (Qi compatible). There’s also a small speaker and microphone to the left of the watch for calling, but you’ll hardly notice them.

Yes, the Apple Watch may look better than most smartwatches on the market, but it costs a lot more.

Our Apple Watch came with three bands, a black sport band, the Milanese Loop band, and the leather band. The Sport Band is very comfortable, but similar to other plastic smartwatch bands and has a unique clasp mechanism that you’ll get used to in no time.

The Milanese Loop has a mesh-like texture and complements the metal case nicely, but it feels much more feminine than any other strap option. It is quite flexible, feels comfortable, adjusts easily and is suitable for both casual wear and more elegant clothes. The clasp is magnetic and stays closed (because the bracelet is very light, it may be better to leave the strap looser to balance the weight of the watch).

The Leather Loop bracelet also closes magnetically, it uses magnetic segments that snap together. But there are some shortcomings, as we did notice a few scratches on the clasp after a few days of wear and you may find yourself in the position of adjusting the strap during the day, as it tends to slip a link or two from time to time.


The Apple Watch features a 1.5-inch (or 1.3-inch for 38mm) OLED display with a resolution of 312×390 pixels (or 272x340p) and a pixel density of 326ppi (same as iPhone 6). The Retina display is a bit different than what’s found on iPhones because Apple chose a flexible OLED from LG instead of the usual LCD technology.

The screen is covered by either a toughened Ion-X glass (for Apple Watch Sport) or a sapphire glass, both of which are intended to protect it from scratches or minor bumps on furniture.

The OLED display is bright and colourful, with high color accuracy, and overall one of the most vibrant displays we’ve seen on any smartwatch, but it’s still not quite as sharp as the one on the Samsung Gear S (which also has a much larger color palette).

But let’s focus a bit on the Force Touch technology (something new in the world of smartwatches) that detects the level of force, distinguishing between soft or strong pressure, thanks to its small electrodes around the screen.

It’s an interesting addition that adds a few more options and functionality to some apps without adding more buttons or overcomplicating things.

Hardware and battery life

The Apple Watch includes a 500 MHz Apple S1 processor, a PowerVR SGX543 GPU, 512 MB of RAM, and 8 GB of storage (when connected to an iPhone, you can fully access its storage memory).

The watch is also equipped with a heart rate sensor, which uses visible and infrared light LEDs along with photodiodes to determine your heart rate; there’s also a gyrometer, accelerometer, and sadly, no built-in GPS.

Also inside the box you can find a 205 mAh (or 246 mAH) lithium-ion battery. It promises 18 hours of battery life in normal use, 6 hours of music playback or exercising with the heart monitor, 3 hours of talk time and up to 48 hours of monitoring time.


The software that runs on Apple Watch is called WatchOS 2.0 (an updated version of the slower first generation), and Apple Watch requires an iPhone 5 or later to be fully operational.

The watch is not designed for long-term use, it gives a better experience if used for shorter periods of time, especially since some apps are a bit slow and not many complex apps are developed (using Facebook or any other Google apps on the Apple Watch’s small screen may prove undesirable in the long run).

Now, let’s talk about the interface. If you swipe you get the watch face with notifications and glances, and if you press the digital crown you get access to apps. There’s certainly a learning curve, but after a few days of wearing the watch, you get used to the way things work.

Watch faces have a number of new options (since the new update) that allow you to change the color, add new elements, or remove them.

In addition to the usual notifications and watch faces, you can choose one of the individual screens with quick summaries of information from the apps you view frequently. To access Glances, you can swipe up on the watch face or ask Siri to open it for you, even if it’s not on your list of active glances.

Watch faces and watch faces look great on the Apple Watch, but there’s so much more. You get Taptic Engine, an innovative feature that actually taps you on your wrist when a notification arrives so you don’t miss anything important, it can also be used when browsing, you can tap your wrist multiple times left or right turn or you can use it together with the Digital Touch.

Digital Touch is a unique form of messaging that works exclusively between Apple Watch and allows you to send touches, finger drawings or your heart rate.

There’s also Apple Pay (similar to what you might find on your iPhone), which is a really great feature, if you find places that accept this type of payment. What does it mean to offer the ability to purchase goods or services with a single tap of the watch at the payment terminal (two taps of the button is all it takes to request your card). It also works without an iPhone present.

On top of all this abundance of apps and features, you get the versatile camera remote that lets you preview your iPhone’s viewfinder and even focus, set a timer, or activate the shutter.


So how has our experience with the Apple Watch been so far? Well, it hasn’t been much different than any other smartwatch. You get notifications, it lets you keep your watch in your pocket unless it’s something important, it’s more discreet, you get a gentle tap on your wrist, as opposed to a ringtone, and generally getting together with friends and family is more attractive as we look less at our phone and focus more on the discussion.

The obvious conclusion is that the Apple Watch is not a must-have device, you don’t really need it, but if you can afford it it will make your life a bit easier in some small ways.

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