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What makes a good viral meme?

What exactly is a viral internet meme that you might be wondering? Well, I’ll give you a little definition. Viral memes are anything that is transmitted electronically over the Internet and is gaining huge and fast popularity. Eventually, a meme will get many millions of views from people around the world.

A meme can be something as simple as a picture, a joke, or even a viral video (mostly). You may have already seen or heard something viral on the internet. Some notable examples include Scumbag Steve, The RickRoll, The Double Rainbow Guy, and Chuck Testa.

That’s just a small number of memes, you have to understand that there are literally thousands of internet memes floating around right now … and the number is growing rapidly every day.

Memes have the power to grab our undivided attention, entertain us wildly, and also give us hope to be a viral star one day. There is something magical about a viral meme that cannot really be described. Once it is in vogue, it spreads like wildfire and never stops.

Internet memes have become an integral part of our entertainment, culture, and everyday life. All that said, what exactly makes a good viral meme?

Well, I’m glad you asked. There are several different characteristics of a good viral meme, but there are some qualities that are more noticeable than others. In particular, a viral meme should get you emotionally hooked in some way. That’s not to say it has to be sad or something like that, but there should be an element that “draws” you in, so to speak.

After all, it’s that “hook” element that draws you in again and again and ultimately makes you share it with all of your friends and family. Think of everything viral that you have seen on the Internet. Okay, well, as I might conclude, they all had something that attracted him and captured his attention, even if it was only for a short time.

Good internet memes should also make you think (ideally) and challenge your mind in some way. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. It should introduce you to something you haven’t seen before. And if you really want to get a good reaction, make your viral meme or video have a comedic element. It is sure to win over the people.

It’s not that difficult to make viral memes, and with a little effort, and just being yourself and expressing your true side, you should be able to pull it off.

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Helpful Tips on Pilates Reformer

Pilates exercises are one of the most popular exercises today. These exercises were developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. The great thing about Pilates exercises is that anyone can perform them. This includes everyone from athletes to seniors to women who are trying to get their body back before pregnancy. Pilates focuses on six fundamental principles which are: alignment, breath control, precision, concentration and fluency. In this article you will find useful tips to help you get the most out of Pilates while exercising with the help of a Pilates Reformer.

Pilates Reformer is among the most popular Pilates equipment. As mentioned above, it was developed in the 1920s. Today, the Pilates Reformer is still widely used due to its versatility, as it can help you perform many exercises correctly in comfort.

Pilates trainers are familiar with the right to use these exercises and know what areas to focus on. You can also recommend exercises that are most helpful to you. As soon as you start the first exercise, which is directly above the stroller, you will need the guidance of an instructor. As an expert in this field, he can inform you of the correct position, so that you do not put excessive pressure on your body.

The Pilates determination is a balanced development of the deep and superficial muscles that stabilize, align and move the body, especially the abdominal and back muscles that many teachers may also refer to as the main strength bar.

Before moving on to some rather complex and confusing mat Pilates exercises, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Pilates Reformer. However, never try to try Pilates without following the instructions of a fully qualified Pilates instructor. The benefits of having professional training is that your instructor will make sure that you are doing exercises that target certain parts of the body that really need to be precisely strengthened and repaired.

Another important thing you need to know about the duration of the Pilates Reformer class exercise. Well, a typical session usually lasts about an hour. It is recommended to arrive a few minutes early to stretch, relax and prepare for the session.

In the end, it all depends on you, what you get out of these Pilates reformer exercises. The more you put in, the more you go out. This will undoubtedly benefit you if you can formulate a procedure that sticks.

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Syntrax Nectar Review – Is Nectar a Good Protein Powder for Women?

Many women these days use protein powders on a regular basis, but it can often be confusing trying to find the right protein for you.

Looking to gain muscle mass, lose weight, or have a meal replacement shake?

In this Syntrax Nectar review, we will look at this protein powder that claims to be high in flavor and ideal for women looking to lose weight.


Whey protein powders (and most supplements in general) don’t always taste great and usually require them to be mixed with something like milk, yogurt, or ice cream (in a shake) to be tasty.

However, in their Nectar protein, Syntrax has managed to create a protein powder that tastes great WITHOUT the need to mix it up … in other words, you can eat right out of the jar on your cereal or however you like.

This is great news and a good way for women to avoid consuming any excess calories in the form of milk or other additives.

The taste is really the biggest plus for Syntrax Nectar Protein, and women love its variety of 8 sweet flavors.

Low calorie profile

Another point in favor of Syntrax Nectar protein powder is its low calorie profile. At just 90 calories per serving, this must be one of the lowest calorie protein supplements on the market, and ideal for women who are mindful of their calorie intake, especially if they are on a fat loss diet.

How does it compare to many other protein powders?

Well, the popular muscle-building protein shakes typically provide up to 300 calories per serving, and even the “light” versions have around 180-200 calories … so you can see that Syntrax Nectar is one of the lowest. by a significant margin.

There’s a whopping 23g of protein per scoop and ZERO carbs and fat. This is great for women looking to minimize calorie intake, but may not be ideal for those looking for a meal replacement protein powder (MRP).

MRPs are best with a more balanced protein, carbohydrate, and fat nutritional profile.

High quality protein content

In our review of Syntrax Nectar protein powder, we found that the quality of the protein in the powder is also top-notch.

Derived from a whey protein isolate (a pure form of protein) called Promin, this is one of the fastest and most easily digestible proteins available, so it is quickly absorbed and used by muscle tissue for repair and growth. Syntrax Nectar protein also contains more bioavailable amino acids than cheaper whey isolates on the market, which means muscle tissue repair is even faster.


Many protein powders on the market can be a bummer when it comes to mixing them into liquids or oatmeal, etc. They often clump together and don’t dissolve properly, which can be frustrating and tricky.

Syntrax Nectar, on the other hand, mixes phenomenally well with just about anything: water, milk, ice cream, oatmeal, cottage cheese, and yogurt.

It can foam a bit, however, more than other whey proteins on the market, so this may be something to consider if you want to use a shaker or mix it heavily.


As mentioned above, the mixability, while good, is a bit frothy so you need to take that into account.

Plus, the lack of carbs and fat means that while it’s great for women looking to get pure protein, it’s not ideal for those looking to get a healthy meal replacement or use it to build muscle mass quickly.

However, Syntrax Nectar Protein is great for women looking to get some pure, healthy protein in a sweet snack that doesn’t compromise their fat loss diet plan.

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Healthy high-calorie foods for weight gain

Without a doubt, gaining weight is as difficult as losing. Having a good body and a healthy weight is important to living a long and healthy life. And if you are one of those skinny people who is struggling to gain a little more, this article is for you. Here we share a list of foods that you can add to your diet and that increase your weight in a short time without putting any adverse effect on your health. So, let’s take a look.

  • Protein shakes: If you want to gain weight, you must increase the amount of protein in your diet (as recommended by your dietitian). And drinking protein shakes are the easiest and most delicious snacks you can give yourself that not only help you reach your weight gain goal, but also satisfy your cravings. Try making homemade protein shakes with some natural fruits for real-time benefits.
  • Dairy products: Milk, cheese, egg, yogurt, butter, and to name a few, are some of the dairy products that you should add to your diet. They are rich in calories and help you gain weight without effort. So be sure to include them in healthy amounts with expert advice to reap their real benefits.
  • Rice: Rice is a low-carb food that is again one of the easiest ways to gain a few extra pounds without putting in so much effort. Make sure to have a bowl of rice regularly if you want to see quick results.
  • Nut Butter And Walnuts: Nuts and nut butter like peanut butter are certainly a high calorie food that is perfect to add to your diet if you are looking to gain a healthy weight. These are healthy and have enough nutrients that your body needs to function properly.
  • Starchy carbohydrates: Starchy carbohydrates help you gain a healthy weight. Include potatoes, quinoa, oatmeal, corn, beans and vegetables, pumpkin, buckwheat, etc. And in a few days you will see the results that will surely surprise you.
  • Dark chocolate: It is high in calorie density and therefore may also have some positive effects on your weight gain goal. Make sure to add a healthy amount and if you have any other health problems, see your doctor first.

Eating more calories than your body needs is the only secret to gaining weight, keep that in mind and adopt a healthy diet plan that will help you reach your goal in no time.

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How to lose 60 pounds in 2 months

Is it possible to lose 60 pounds in 2 months? Yes, it is, and many people have done it before. You can also do this if you do it the right way.

Is it safe to lose 60 pounds in 2 months? Well, it depends since we are all unique. It may be safe for others, but it does not mean that it is safe for you.

So what’s wrong with losing 60 pounds in 2 months? There is nothing wrong with losing weight quickly, as long as it is done the right way. You know that, in theory, one could lose up to 20 pounds a week by following a very ambitious diet and exercise plan, devoting more than seven hours a week to rigorous exercise and under the care of a doctor.

You would need to lose just 7-8 pounds per week to reach your goal, which is much less than 20 pounds per week. I think there is nothing wrong with losing 60 pounds in 2 months if you do not have any health problems. Check with your doctor first before you go to make sure it is safe for you, as I already mentioned, we are all different. What is safe for others may not be safe for you.

The most important key to losing 60 pounds in 2 months is good diet and exercise planning. You need a proper plan to follow. The plan should fit into your daily lifestyle, which you can follow, not just quit after a week or less.

The first thing to do is find out why you can’t lose weight.

1. Can you cut down on high-calorie foods and drinks?

2. Do you feel stressed when you don’t eat your favorite foods?

3. Is exercise killing you?

4. Are you too tired to exercise because you are obese?

5. Are you bored of following the diet program?

6. Do you think you have tried many weight loss programs but they don’t seem to work for you?

The list goes on and on. As you may already know, the basic rule of thumb to lose weight is to eat less but maintain a healthy diet and exercise more. It sounds very simple to say, but it is not in practice. You could overcome this problem by gradually changing your lifestyle. I understand that it takes time and you may not lose 60 pounds as fast as you want. This is why you need to find the right plan for you by trying out many weight loss programs and seeing what works best for you. Most of the people who successfully lost weight may have had many failures, but that didn’t stop them from trying. You need to keep your motivation high in terms of weight loss. Think positive and you have already won half the battle.

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Mommy Makeover – Get back in shape after pregnancy

Children are truly one of the greatest joys in life. However, when you have a baby, they gain weight and changes occur in their body that can be very distressing and often impossible to correct with diet and exercise alone. While managing weight gain and exercising can improve your body after having children, some body changes don’t recover no matter how hard you try. Fortunately, a modern plastic surgery procedure called Mommy Makeover can help you get back in shape after pregnancy and regain your original body. Mommy Makeover is designed to restore the shape of your breasts and tummy after the changes that have occurred during and after having a baby.

How your body changes after having children.

There are a number of normal physiological changes that occur in your body when you have a baby. However, the most frustrating changes for many mothers occur in the breasts and abdomen or tummy. After the cessation of breastfeeding, the mammary gland (mammary gland) atrophies and becomes smaller and sinks into the chest wall. Also, the skin on the abdomen becomes loose and sags down and stretch marks can develop. Also, in many people there is excess fat under the skin of the abdomen and flank area. These changes can persist even after weight loss and conditioning through diet, exercise, and exercise.

Breast ptosis is the formal word for Saggy Breasts when the Aereola of the Nipple is below the Inframammary Fold, the fold below your breast. When the areola of the nipple is above the inframammary crease but the mammary gland sinks below the crease, the condition is called glandular ptosis.

Abdominal laxity is the term used to describe the sagging of the lower abdomen or tummy. In some people, the two abdominal muscles that make up the “six pack” divide or separate, a condition called Diastasis Recti, which is a separation of the two muscles called Rectus Abdominus.

Stretch marksthin-skinned, red or pink areas on the abdomen, are formally called Abdominal stretch marks.

Muffin Top or excess fat on the flanks it is the fullness and sides above the hips, which can stick out from a belt or tight pants. Flank fat is often very difficult to lose after having a baby.

What causes changes in the breasts, abdomen and body after having a baby?

· Loss of breast atrophyDuring pregnancy, a part of your brain called the pituitary gland secretes hormones that stimulate your mammary gland to enlarge and start making milk. After the cessation of breastfeeding, hormonal stimulation stops and the mammary gland regresses or atrophies and becomes smaller. Loss of fullness in the breasts is called postpartum breast atrophy.

· Breast ptosis-The skin around the mammary gland is stretched by enlargement during pregnancy. However, the skin does not tighten in many people after postpartum breast atrophy has occurred. With less breast tissue inside an enlarged skin envelope, the gland sags, not unlike blowing air out of a balloon.

· Abdominal laxity-The abdominal skin is stretched to make room for the baby. After childbirth, the skin contracts and tightens, but often does not return to the original shape of the abdomen. When a proper contraction has not occurred, the remaining loose skin sinks into the lower abdomen.

· Excess fat on the flanks– Fat around the waist or side is one of the most difficult to lose after pregnancy. This area called the “muffin top” is very frustrating when you want to wear clothes that reveal your midriff or waist.

· Stretch marks-Stretch marks or stretch marks are caused by the breakdown or breakdown of collagen in the deep skin that is caused by stretching of the abdominal skin during pregnancy. This damage to the deep layer of the skin called the Dermis causes redness and thinning of the skin in the area.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

The term Mommy Makeover can be applied to a variety of different plastic surgery procedures designed to regain your shape after pregnancy. However, most commonly Mommy Makeover refers to procedures performed to restore the breast and tummy to its pre-pregnancy appearance. Typically, a breast lift or breast augmentation with implants and some form of tummy tuck is performed.

· Breast Lift-Dermal Mastopexy-This procedure is designed to correct sagging. There are many different varieties, including Anchor, Lollipop, Periareolar, Crescent, Circumareolar, Donut, and Benelli Lifts. Check out my Blog from January 2013 for a full discussion of the different types.

· Breast augmentation with implants-Breast implants can be used to restore lost fullness and cleavage after postpartum breast atrophy. For a detailed discussion on breast augmentation, visit my website.

· Tummy tuck– Tummy Tuck can restore the abdomen to a nice flat shape. The full tummy tuck requires moving the “belly button”, while a mini tummy tuck or bikini tuck only requires a removal of the skin below the belly button and a hidden scar under underwear or bikini.

· Liposuction– When necessary, liposuction can be performed as part of a Mommy Makeover to remove the “muffin top” or excess fat over the navel in patients who are candidates for a Mini Tummy Tuck.

· Stretch marks laser treatment-Recently a new laser treatment for stretch marks has been developed that really helps. It involves the use of a specific laser called a non-ablative 1540 fractional erbium laser. Stretch marks get smaller and white, but they don’t go away completely. Check my website for more details.

What is the recovery time after Mommy’s makeover?

· One week-During the first week after Mommy Makeover you will feel sore. Tightening your abdomen can cause discomfort if you straighten your posture, so you’ll walk hunched over for a few days. You may have drains that are usually removed on day one or two, after which you can shower. We recommend that you walk to avoid blood clots in your legs.

· Week two– You will feel much better the second week and can usually return to work that does not require lifting by the end of the second week.

· Week three– Within three weeks, most patients return to work and many can begin exercising again. If you have had a diastasis rectum repair, you cannot do sit-ups until six weeks and only if your doctor says it is okay.

· Week six– By six weeks you should be enjoying your new body and your surgery should become a distant memory.

· Three months- After three months, the almost definitive results of liposuction should be seen.

· Six months- At six months, the incisions should be mature and white.

Who should do your mommy makeover?

In my opinion, only a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery should perform this complex procedure. Experience is very important, especially when multiple procedures are performed in the same operation.

Seek the opinion of friends who you know have undergone the procedure. Look on websites like Realself and Loveyourlook for opinions about the doctors you plan to see. Ask your doctor specifically how comfortable you are doing this type of surgery and multiple procedures. Ask to see photos of their results and, if possible, to speak with patients who have undergone the procedure.

With an experienced board certified plastic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable, Mommy Makeover can be a very satisfying procedure and help you regain your shape after pregnancy.

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The price comparison offers you the maximum benefits

Internet shopping has become the easiest and most convenient way to buy the goods and services you want and this is the main reason why most people prefer to shop in the comfort of their own homes. your most preferred options. You can access them via fast forward internet as it gives people the convenience of saving time and effort and also taking advantage of the opportunity to buy products at discounted rates.

Shopping online is all about saving your precious time, money and gas, so think about it and just type in the search box the product you are interested in buying through the internet sites that are ready to direct you to find the deals. perfect discount. .

Through online mode, you can even do lucrative deals that will help you save money and even make your online shopping experience worthwhile. The easy accessibility of the online and globalized marketplace through which you can buy products even when you are confined to your homes is truly remarkable.

More and more people are comfortable with the online shopping experience as they have realized its efficient ways that can really help them to search for the products of their choice based on their budget. In addition, there are also many online comparison sites through which you can even search for the best deals that the retailers are ready to share with you and make a perfect decision based on the specific information.

In fact, price comparison sites are here to make the entire online shopping process easier as you don’t need to search hundreds of sites when you can directly connect to the comparison sites that offer you the best competitive deals found within your budget and according to your specifications delivered to your door.

By connecting to a shopping bot comparison site, you will be able to see the prices that are available online based on your specifications. And so these sites work to bring you the most profitable deals and quality products you can buy.

Although in the past the obvious choice was to rush from one store to another to gather information and make final decisions, now the online mode has ruled out all these difficulties and made things easier and more convenient for people to buy and buy the best ones. products. in a profitable way.

Comparison shopping is the best way in this fast-forward era as it has taken advantage and is a much easier and more convenient way of shopping compared to online sites. A single platform for your convenience.

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Massage helps with digestion: here’s how

Stomach ache? Difficulty digesting food? Have all the usual methods failed? Looking for a safer and easier way to better digest your food? The answer may surprise you. Keep reading.

Well, to surprise you with the facts, it’s true. Massage can help with digestion. We all need to be informed about the basic paradigm of digestion. Peristalsis is the act of the muscles that help digest food. Now you would be surprised to know that there are countless reasons why the digestion process can slow down. The causes can be the following: irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, reduced water intake, mineral deficiencies and much more. Ultimately, all of these causes can lead to diarrhea, colitis, and hemorrhoids.

These are all very good reasons for us to get a massage, and massages definitely solve our problems. But, the question of the moment is if massage can help with digestion. We must all be reflecting, now surely massages cannot all be so effective.

A full body massage is helpful when it helps to calm the muscles of the intestine. They stimulate the movements of the intestines and this helps the stomach contents to move quickly. This allows the body to quickly digest food. Massage is also known to remove harmful toxins from the body and remove impurities, if any. This helps in the release of enzymes in the body, which is very helpful for digesting food in a healthy way.

While farting was considered an obscene habit, it is now considered healthy. The nerve of the body is basically the body getting rid of unwanted gas. Gas is created in the body in two ways, either by swallowing food too quickly or by bacteria present in the body’s large intestine. This can be greatly reduced with massage. As the unwanted gases in the body do not help in digestion and can cause sharp pain in the abdomen area. Massage can help reduce excess gas in the body and relieve gas build-up. They can also strengthen the abdominal muscles so that they are strong enough to prevent digestion. Massage is a very relaxing experience and can help the body adjust to a holistic approach for better benefits. After all, we look to massage as a way to get rid of sore muscles, stiff shoulders, excessive stress, and tight joints. It’s the guilty pleasure that we all love to seek

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Homemade Carp Bait Making for Beginners and Experienced Anglers – The Secrets of Grits, Part 1!

Whether you are a beginner in carp fishing or an experienced bait maker, you can always learn something that will make a huge difference to your success! Grits is one of the most commonly used carp bait ingredients in recipes, but why? The carbohydrates in semolina are used for energy, and also for other nutritional functions and functions! Grits is one of the staples of carp baits, so find out more in-depth details about what it is, how it’s best used, and why carp likes it.

I suppose that in addition to eggs and many other common cooking and cooking foods that pioneering bait makers tried on their carp baits, grits was something that people tried and found early on to be functionally useful. Grits is certainly a carrier substance, which means that it can be exploited in boilies and other baits by using its ability to absorb any of the many diverse liquids.

Winter or indeed any other time of year is great for grits as it is an invaluable carrier for any stimulating liquids within your baits, plus it helps make the bait more economical.

Just add boiling water to the semolina powder and you will notice how it reacts with the gluten, lectin, starches, etc. making it bind together. When cool, you can pull out a tasty solid mass that was once a flowing granular powder. I am sure that, like me, many homemade bait makers notice this property and use this property. Of course, anyone who has ever added sugar or strawberry jam or maple or cinnamon syrup to their grits knows how useful grits are as a carrier of tastier substances that make you eat more.

Semolina is, in its simplest form, a functional binder ingredient not only for boilies or pasta, but also for a wide variety of formats of ground bait and other baits. Its use as a cheap and inexpensive binder means that it has been a mainstay in carp baits for decades. I wonder why semolina has been used this way instead of other starch and carbohydrate binders and other energy sources, and I have some personal suggestions after having used hard and soft wheat flours and flours for decades.

Other sources commonly used popularly at various times and in various countries are common wheat flour and whole wheat flour, layer puree and other shredded grains and seeds rich in wheat for poultry and pet food, corn and corn flour, flours from soybeans and soy flour, peanut and other nut flour, and tigernut flour and flour, rice flour, potato flour, cornstarch, powdered custard, Lamlac, Vitamealo and other energy-rich milk powders and low in protein. Also: polenta, farina, potato starch, corn or crushed semolina and other starches and also rich sources of sugar, and modern sources include vanilla extract powder and CLO from CC Moore, Meggablends, etc.

In terms of nutrition, proteins have been presented as the most important factor in the production of carp baits. There is a big difference between making baits that meet a variety of essential nutritional requirements, compared to baits that are actually optimized to trigger fish feeding! All you have to do is look at the ingredient lists for premium koi fish feed and aquaculture feeds to realize that such feeds are not really optimized for making fish feed as these are compromises of the supply of essential nutritional requirements and activation of fish feed.

Baits certainly do not have to contain essential nutritional elements to elicit excellent fish feeding! This is a relief for people concerned with the complexities of amino acids, peptides and optimizing the actions of digestive enzymes of carp, etc. and you can certainly make protein-free baits and fish protein baits, even if they are enzymatic or optimized. for digestion.

Carbohydrates found in wheat flours, including durum wheat flour (semolina) in the past, used to be considered part of inferior baits, even as so-called junk baits, since their convertible nutritional value and also density Activation levels of feed are lower compared to other ingredients that are much more powerful in those properties and characteristics, but carbohydrates are vital for carp!

Not only this, but so-called low nutritional value shit baits have caught literally millions of carp, including many lake records and even a great record of over 60 Rainbow Lake lakes in the past. Even popular circuit waters have been ripped apart by grits carb baits, including the extreme catch of most big fish at Darenth Big Lake when more than a ton of such baits were used in one season to the best of my knowledge.

Carbohydrates have extremely valuable health and functions internally. Many ways that essential proteins, such as essential and semi-essential amino acids, are used within the body involve the formation of critical substances that are formed from the combination of carbohydrate and amino acid molecules, including things like protective fish slime. and the protective mucus that is secreted over the eyes and receptor sites, such as in the nasal cavities. It is these coatings that ensure that the fish do not immediately dry out and become critically damaged when you take them out of the water when catching them!

I guess now you can appreciate how important it is to keep your fish in a cool, shady place with water to keep them moist when out of the water, especially in the summer heat and also in windy conditions.

I suppose the reason why semolina became more popular (in boiled pasta boilies) than soft wheat flour, was that in addition to its binding qualities in baits, durum wheat flour (semolina) is also a bait hardener, not instantly soluble in water and is practically a substance that makes sticky bait recipes better able to be rolled into balls on a rolling table and easily extruded by machine etc. without sticking.

Semolina makes baits firmer and more resistant than ordinary fine soft wheat flour. But now everyone knows that toughness doesn’t stop so-called pest species from consuming the toughest baits anyway! Personally, for homemade pasta I prefer soluble soft wheat flour, not semolina, but certainly for those who wish to roll boilies it is a practical ingredient.

In my experience, there is absolutely nothing negative in softer baits, especially in the use of more water-soluble binding substances like common wheat flour or genuine whole wheat flour. I have caught larger amounts of carp using soft wheat flour in my baits and not grits, and it is also a valuable part of my ground baits in many formats too! Semolina is not as soluble and carp does not digest it as energy efficiently.

Soft wheat flour is also used much less so this is another great plus and let’s not forget that bread used in stick mixes etc. It is made from highly soluble fine soft wheat flour with a high content of gluten. Revealed in my unique e-books on Premade Baits and Homemade Carp and Catfish Bait Secrets, there is much more powerful information, please search my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my bio below for details of my e-book deals! right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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How to end your addiction in 21 days!

I personally know what it’s like to be addicted to something bad. When you are addicted to something good, like exercising or eating healthy, your life improves. But when that addiction is to something bad, like porn, alcohol, or lying, then your life becomes miserable. Those bad addictions do nothing to improve your life.

However, with any addiction, it is possible to free yourself FOREVER from those things that make your life more difficult. Someone who is addicted to alcohol cannot live. Their lives evolve around the bottle. The same with pornography (for both men and women): you will plan your day according to your addictions. The same goes for drinking soda – you’ll be broke because you love Dr. Pepper more than you should!

Before ending your addiction, you need to understand the following:

  • You have a problem and it doesn’t matter why you have it (so blaming is no excuse!)
  • Giving in to your whims is YOUR choice, you don’t have to.
  • You have the power to say “Yes” or “No” to your addictions.
  • Your problem is only temporary, if you let it

It takes about 21 days for someone to form or break a habit. In this case, we want to break a habit (or a bad addiction). And I’m sorry to say, but the best way to get rid of a bad habit is to stop smoking suddenly, that is, temporarily.

For 21 days, you will make the decision to simply not give in to your cravings. Whether it’s smoking (cigarettes or marijuana), sleeping with strangers every night, getting drunk, gambling, eating candy, or whatever is taking over your life, you simply have to quit for 21 days.

Now what about trying to “wean” off your bad habits? Well let me give you an example that MEN would probably understand:

Allen is a married man with children. You have a problem with pornography. And she likes ALL types of porn: hard porn, soft porn, 18+ porn, lesbian porn, you name it. Your mouth is watering at all of them.

One day, Allen gets tired of always giving in to his addictions. You are ruining your wishes for your wife. You can’t stop thinking about looking at naked women! Your desires are out of control! So, he thinks he would tone it down. I mean, you can’t just stop doing it all at once. That’s impossible!

So instead of looking at the hard stuff on the internet, you decide to look at the store catalogs that your wife receives on occasion. You will only see the section with the women in underwear. It is not a big thing. It is not porn. Many of these women are probably moms … hot moms … very hot moms.

Hmm, wondering if these horny moms have husbands who know what they’re doing. What if their husbands didn’t know?

Hmmm, what if there was a porn site about cheating wives …

And before you know it, get back on the computer looking for new cheating wife porn sites.

Switching to the “lighter versions” of the harder versions will not work, because you are still feeding your addictions. No, you may not drink five times a day, but you keep giving in to your addictions. Maybe you’re just drinking “Diet Coke” instead of the ones that contain sugar, but eventually, you’ll miss the “real stuff” and go back to using it.

If you are addicted to something, that means you have a soft spot for it. The best way to handle any weakness is to get rid of whatever you are weak at.

So, let’s go back to our friend Allen. You need to stop the porn period. He is a married man and does not need to covet other women. So, this is what you will do for 21 days:

  • Stop looking at porn, period. Taking a look at something naughty, even if it isn’t “porn”, would fuel your addictions.
  • He looks back when he sees other attractive women.
  • Keep your eyes on another woman’s eyes if you are tempted to look at her breasts
  • Don’t watch anything on TV that has women skimping on tight clothing

And for 21 days, this is what it WILL DO:

  • He looks at his wife more often when she is naked.
  • Have sex with your wife more often.
  • Holding hands with your wife
  • He thinks about bad things about his wife
  • Slapping your wife or touching her more often
  • Look at your wife’s treats more often.

The key here is to stop your bad COLD habits while forming a new habit in its place. By doing this, he:

  • He starts lusting after his own wife
  • Have little or no interest in other women.
  • Get a closer relationship with your woman
  • Get rid of your addiction
  • Start living life again

Now, I use the example of pornography because it is a very hot topic. But this principle applies to EVERYTHING. The point is to stop everything you are doing that leads to your addictions and start doing the things that WILL STOP your addictions. When something starves, it dies. If a woman is addicted to romance novels and that prevents her from lusting after her own husband, she should let go of her addiction and start doing more to lust for her own man.

If someone is addicted to alcohol, that person needs to starve with that addiction and start replacing alcoholic beverages with drinks that do something good for the body, like, I don’t know, WATER!

If someone is addicted to a particular food, then that person must starve and start craving healthier foods.

It’s about starving your addiction and being aggressive about it. Addictions are not eliminated. Addictions are killed! You don’t want to take it easy. You want to hunt him down and kill him!

Hear! If you don’t know anything about weeds, then understand that if you don’t uproot them, they will grow back! As long as the roots of any plant are intact, you will see them again. Those roots are still active, waiting for the perfect season to sprout again overnight! You control weeds by pulling them out of the roots so they don’t grow back there. You control your addiction by taking it by the roots and killing it.

And you kill your addiction by stopping it in its tracks. But only temporarily.

Now why am I saying to hold him for 21 days? Well, even though you need to stop your PERIOD of addictions, that thought of “forever” could be overwhelming and you will revert to your old ways. But, if you could stop it for a brief moment, it gives you hope that maybe you can go back to your addictions again. However, when the 21 days are up, you won’t want to go back to your old ways. And anyone could stop doing anything for a brief moment.

When I tell you to just stop for 21 days, that gives you a goal to work towards and a plan to work with. During those 21 days, you will do your best to stay away from your addictions, so that when the 21 days are over, you will feel so liberated from your addictions that you won’t want to go back. Having a life free of addictions is better than a life in which you are chained. You don’t want to live life in chains now, do you?

But you might be thinking, “Easier said than done, man! You don’t know what I went through!”

Yes! All addictions work the same way: you feel a strong desire and you give up. Period. And what makes it an addiction is that you ALWAYS give in to these cravings, even to the point where you’re making adjustments to your schedule just to give in to these cravings. But what I’m telling you is if you take the attitude of “easier said than done”, guess what? You will NEVER lose your addiction. But if your attitude is that your addiction needs to “Quit”, then you WILL CONQUER your addiction. I don’t care what you are addicted to, all addictions work the same way. And you could kill those addictions in the same way: DEATH OF HUNGER.

No more nicotine patches? Don’t smoke “lighter cigarettes” or drink “hard stuff” less. DEATH OF HUNGER to your addiction. Attack him! Be aggressive! Act like you are fighting for your life. Because just weaning you gives temporary relief, but the roots are still there. If you pluck a weed from the stem without taking root, you simply don’t see the weed anymore. But as long as the roots are still in the ground, it WILL RETURN, and it might bring some friends too!

Go after those addictions hard! You don’t treat addictions like they are nothing. They are ruining their lives! Be aggressive with your addictions and you will get some aggressive results!

Aiyo A. Jones, MS

NCSF Certified Fitness Trainer

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