Simplify iPod use in your car with SoundGate iPod adapters

These portable devices are proverbial storage units for potentially thousands of songs, videos, and other entertainment for everyone to enjoy. One of the most popular mp3 players on the market is undoubtedly Apple’s iPod line, and one of the most popular places to listen to iPod music is in the car. In order to listen to iPods most effectively in the car, you don’t have to put on your headphones and risk getting into a car accident. Get a SoundGate iPod car adapter.

The SoundGate iPod car adapter has become a popular choice for many iPod owners who like to listen to their own music while driving. One of the reasons for its popularity is the easy installation. Depending on the type of vehicle you own, you will likely need little to no wiring from your car radio system to install it. On many models, you simply have to connect a wire or two to your car’s factory radio and your SoundGate will work. Once your SoundGate is installed, you can start using it and controlling it from your radio interface or from the iPod itself. The choice is up to you. In some vehicles, you may even be able to control your music from a remote.

If you’re concerned about the sound quality you’ll get from your SoundGate iPod car adapter, you don’t need to. The SoundGate plugs directly into your vehicle’s factory stereo system, so if you’re getting great sound from your car radio, you’ll experience that same great sound once your SoundGate is installed. The only difference is that you will be able to listen to all your music without commercials.

A simple but advantageous benefit of the SoundGate iPod car adapter is that it charges your iPod while you listen to it. You don’t have to turn it off, and you don’t even have to be driving. The SoundGate simply draws power from your car battery to charge your iPod. You can even leave it in your car overnight to charge up so you don’t experience any issues in the morning when you get ready to leave for work.

There are many types of cars that are compatible with the SoundGate iPod car adapter. It works well with some brands like General Motors, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Ford, and even Mercedes Benz among others. Most cars made today can easily be equipped with built-in iPod car adapters, so make sure your car doesn’t have this capability before you decide to buy a SoundGate or other type of iPod car adapter. To determine whether or not your specific car model is compatible with this adapter, feel free to contact a car audio installation company. One of their personal experts will be able to help you find the SoundGate iPod car adapter that works for you.


Dog and puppy training is easy with these great tips!

How do you train your dog to become the adorable, obedient pet that everyone will envy? It’s not easy without the right tools. I’ll provide you with a few in this “training made easy” article. The first thing you should learn is that it is never too late to start training your dog. Don’t accept a misbehaving dog just because he’s not a puppy anymore. In fact, my experience is that training older dogs is much easier to steer in the right ways, because they are generally a bit calmer than younger dogs. But don’t skip puppy training and don’t accept a disobedient dog, no matter how old he is.

The second thing is that when you have started training your dog, it is full time. All the time you spend with your dog is training time. But by saying that, I don’t mean you should be standing over your dog with a stick in one hand and a whistle in the other, 24/7. Most of the exercises can be done while cooking a meal or watching television, as long as you have implemented basic training in your dog and the dog understands the different correction signals you will give. It really is easy.

Third thing. Dog and puppy training is for everyone. Not just professionals!

Fourth thing. Be the leader! Your dog will always try to challenge you in different ways when you try to train him. The new routines will more often than not be considered “wrong” by the dog, since he is used to behaving badly instead of behaving well. Therefore, it is very important to always be the dominant one and show the dog that you are the pack leader and not him/her whenever he/she is challenged. Of course, this shouldn’t end in a fight between you and your dog. All dog behavior problems can be solved and all it takes is patience, understanding and an effective training method.

Fifth thing. The goal for you when applying dog or puppy training should be:
1. To raise a highly respected canine citizen. You want a happy, involved, and outgoing dog that is a valued and trusted member of the community.
2. Build a genuinely strong owner-dog relationship based on trust, cooperation, and well-defined roles.
3. Have confidence and control over your dog in any situation, even around children and other animals.
4. Work with my dogs’ natural impulses and instincts, not against them.
5. Absolutely no cruelty or harsh “old school” dog training techniques. You certainly don’t want to have to “break your dog’s spirit” in the training process. After all, dogs are man’s best friends.


Is a Limited Liability Company Right for You?

This page is here to lay out the facts about Limited Liability Companies, explaining what they are, and presenting the questions to ask to decide if it’s the best structure for your business. Nothing on this page or website is intended to be legal advice, and we encourage you to seek appropriate professional advice if you are in doubt about the best structure for your business.

What is a limited liability company?

A limited liability company combines the characteristics of old partnerships and limited liability companies. Like limited liability companies, they offer limited liability protection to shareholders. Like traditional associations, they offer a flexible and fiscal structure and governance arrangements.

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) are very recent, introduced on April 6, 2001. LLPs were designed for traditional professional societies, such as lawyers, accountants, or architects, whose professional bodies had not allowed them to previously incorporated as limited liability companies.

Benefits of Limited Liability Companies

o Unlike a conventional partnership, partners (also known as members) can limit their personal liability for things like employee liability.

o Limited liability companies allow more flexibility with voting rights and rights to the assets of the company when the company ends. This can be especially helpful when new or retiring members are allowed.

o Tax treatment can be advantageous over companies

How to form a limited liability company

An LLP must have the appropriate forms filed with the Companies Registry to be formed, in the same way as a limited partnership. The Registrar of Companies issues a Certificate of Incorporation upon receipt of these forms.

As a caveat, Companies House will check the proposed name prior to incorporation to ensure that the name is not being used by a company or another LLP. We strongly recommend that you return your completed paperwork as soon as possible because Companies House is a first-come, first-served basis. A delay may mean that you will lose your name to a rival.

The company deed

We strongly recommend that you have an agreement to set out the duties, rights and responsibilities of each partner and how the business will be run on a day-to-day basis. The legislation has few provisions governing these relationships.

We provide a model deed of company that:

o It acts as a formal agreement that establishes the rights and obligations of the partners during the existence of the partnership.

o Establishes the conditions when the company is dissolved

o Gives details of profit sharing (with a presumption of equitable profit sharing)

o Allows monthly salary payments to prepay profit sharing.

o Allows you to establish decision-making procedures

o Put vacation arrangements in place

o Establishes rules for partners with outside interests.

How is a Limited Liability Company taxed?

Limited Liability Companies are taxed, for the most part, in the same way as traditional companies. The income of a partnership is “reviewed” by the tax collector and treated as the personal income of the partners, with each partner being assessed on their share of the LLP’s income or earnings. There are some differences from the traditional partnership: loss relief is not unlimited for the limited liability partner.

When a traditional partnership converts to limited liability status, a stamp duty exemption is generally granted on the transfer of ownership of the partnership as long as all partners in the existing partnership transfer to the LLP with identical interests.

How is a limited liability company managed?

You should ensure that any agreement addresses how the LLP is managed and what the duties and responsibilities of each of the members are.

LLP partners are free to decide their internal relationships, in the same way as a conventional partnership. Because the Limited Liability Company is a separate legal entity, it can own property and enter into contracts. Like a company, an LLP continues as before even when its members change.

Home Kitchen

Vacancy vs. Occupancy Sensors

The most convenient feature of occupancy sensors is their ability to automatically turn on the lights in a room or space when they detect movement within their range. Occupancy sensors are invaluable in outdoor lighting for added security and have many other beneficial uses around the home. Another beneficial attribute of occupancy sensors is their energy efficiency. These low voltage modules can be mounted in the ceiling or in the junction box of your existing wall switch and, in particular, can save significant amounts of energy by turning lights off when no occupancy is detected for a designated period of time.

With so many advantages, it may seem reasonable to replace all the light switches in your home or office with occupancy sensors. However, this may not be the best idea to rush because you will soon realize that in some cases this may be more of an inconvenience than a convenience. You might be wondering how, so a few examples will help clear things up perfectly.

Rooms that are great for occupancy sensors are garages, docks, bathrooms, rec rooms, and sometimes kitchens. In these spaces, it is common for an occupant to enter the space with their hands full, making it difficult to turn on the lights and if they leave the room with their hands full, the same conditions apply. These rooms are also active spaces. The importance of this is that the lights will not go out if you remain relatively still in the space.

One may notice that there are several common rooms that fall off this list. These rooms are bedrooms, TV rooms, and if you have pets, other common areas. It may be more practical to install vacancy sensors instead of occupancy sensors in these spaces. The difference between a vacancy sensor and an occupancy sensor is the way they light up. Each light switch will detect lack of occupancy and turn the lights off, however only the occupancy sensor will automatically turn the lights on.

The benefit of a vacancy sensor is that if you don’t want the lights to come on when you enter an area, they won’t unless you manually turn the switch on. This is handy in bedrooms, so you might not wake anyone sleeping in a bedroom when you walk in, or if you roll over in bed, the lights won’t come on. The vacancy sensor is especially beneficial from an energy efficiency point of view in children’s bedrooms if they tend to leave the lights on constantly. In TV rooms, occupancy sensors may not be the best option for similar reasons. If your light switch controls overhead lighting that might not be what you want when you’re watching TV in a room, the lights won’t turn on when someone walks in or gets up to buy a snack. A special case in common areas where occupancy sensors can be a nuisance is if you have pets. Animals are large enough to turn on occupancy detection switches. If they roam the common areas at night, this can cause unnecessary energy consumption.

As mentioned above, the use of occupancy sensors in kitchens can sometimes be a good idea. This all depends on the location of the kitchen in the floor plan of the house and how other rooms can match the kitchen space. In an open-plan home where the kitchen is considered a common area, a vacancy sensor may be a better idea, especially if you have pets. If the kitchen is in its own room separate from the rest of the house, an occupancy sensor is an excellent idea, especially if natural light is not present in abundance. Occupancy detection lights will help you see where you’re going as soon as you walk in with your hands full of groceries. A combination of an occupancy sensor switch controlling LED under cabinet lights will serve a convenient function as well as bring modern luxury to your space.

Taking everything into account, consumers can make smart decisions when deciding which rooms to install occupancy sensors in and which unoccupied rooms may be most appropriate. Some manufacturers offer occupancy sensing wall switches with an optional feature to turn it into a vacancy sensor. One cannot go wrong with these products, as he or she can decide after installing the switch, which function best suits his or her needs.

Digital Marketing

Earn easy money online by joining affiliate programs

You can start earning easy money online by creating a website and joining affiliate programs. There are thousands of online stores that would be willing to pay you commissions for sending them new customers. After all, online business is all about creating a great online presence and visibility. Website owners can surely help merchants in this area.

How to start

Basically what you need to do is join an affiliate program and post affiliate links on your site that will take you to the merchant selling your products and services. Every time a visitor clicks through to your site and buys something on the merchant’s site, you can earn 5 to 10 percent commission on the value of the product. Not bad, right?

what to consider

It would be great to link to online stores that sell items that are complementary to the content on your site. For example, if you love to talk about golf on your site, you should make deals with online stores that sell golf equipment and other things. Naturally, your readers won’t mind seeing product recommendations, since they are golf enthusiasts anyway and will probably want to buy things related to their hobby.

write content

The content of your website is very important. This is not only for your readers, but mainly for you as well. You can make easy money online if you really love what you are doing. Write content that really interests you. This way, writing could be a lot of fun instead of a drag to simply increase your ranking in search engine results.

the wrong way to go

The wrong way to go is when you prioritize ranking over the importance of your content. Some affiliate marketers spend a lot of time and effort trying to fool search engines (can you imagine trying to fool Google?) just to get their sites ranked high on the results pages. People can really read! When they find out that your site is just full of junk, they will undoubtedly block you from their list. On the other hand, if you write informative content, readers will surely patronize your site and even give you positive comments. What’s more, they will be more than happy to buy from your affiliate merchants!

Other ways to earn with affiliate programs

Actually buying is not the only action you can get when you join affiliate programs. Some merchants would be willing to pay you a certain amount for even a single click on their link from their site. Depending on your niche and the terms of the deal, you can earn between two cents and two dollars on a single click.

In fact, it is possible to make easy money online by joining affiliate programs. They are simple and almost uncomplicated. You don’t have to shell out any cash or take any crash courses in marketing. All you need is a website that has good content and a good following. What could be easier than that?


How to provide sex education to your teen

He was always concerned that his teenager would enjoy sex, and his doubts were confirmed when he found packets of condoms and birth control pills in his bedroom. How does a parent approach a teen and tell them about the need for safer sex? How does he warn them about the pitfalls of teen pregnancy? What is the best approach to inform them about sexually transmitted diseases?

Most teens tend to learn about sex from sources other than school and parents, and this leads them to have preconceived notions about it. As a parent, it is your duty to educate your child before he approaches his teens about sex, the need for safer sex, and the consequences of unprotected sex.

His immediate reaction when he finds out that his teenage son has been having sex behind his back is to scream and take out his anger. If this is the option you choose, you will only succeed in creating a rogue who will likely end up doing it more times than before.

Most parents are uncomfortable talking about sex even with adults, so the question of discussing things from the right perspective with their teens just doesn’t come up. It is those parents who are most surprised when they come to know that teen sex.

Talking about sex is not a one-time affair that you do on a particular day and then completely forget about it. Your teen may have many questions about sex that he deems appropriate, and it is his duty as a parent to answer all his questions in the language he understands and not to confuse them with the language of adults.

As a parent, you need to address the physical and emotional aspects of sex as you talk about it with your teen. Don’t indulge in a long lesson on what to do and what not to do.

Most teens are comfortable with either parent, and if your teen is a girl, you as a parent can talk to her about the pitfalls of unsafe sex and teen pregnancy. As a parent you could have a conversation with your child about sex and its consequences at an early age. Teenagers prefer to talk to their respective gender parents about sex, as the awkwardness is less.

You could also tell them about the various sexually transmitted diseases and the precautions to take about them.

If you come to know that they have indulged in sexual activity, then you need to make them realize the importance of love in a relationship and that sex is just one beautiful aspect of it. You will need to approach the whole thing in a mature way and inform them that there will be consequences of sex, which at such a young age they may not be able to properly understand.

It can also provide them with knowledge about AIDS and other deadly sexually transmitted diseases that could be life-threatening. Most teens succumb to peer pressure and your role as a parent is very important as it can give them the confidence to withstand and handle that pressure.

Sex and sexuality are beautiful aspects and you as an adult need to make sure that you provide your teens with the proper knowledge by communicating with them and removing any kind of misunderstandings that they may harbor about it.

In the book “Solving Adolescent Problems” several tips have been given to deal with adolescent sex education. The book also provides several communication models for having difficult conversations with teens so that you can structure your conversation for optimal results.

Legal Law

Avoid company dissolution ordered by a court

Here’s a problem that cost parties to a business entity a lot of money, but could have been avoided if the underlying contract were written to provide a way out in the event of a dead end business stalemate. It could occur in the context of a joint venture partnership between two entities, or it could occur in the context of four owner/operators of a business entity. Settlements can provide dispute resolution techniques, but the big elephant in the room that no one thinks about is that despite all the underlying issues, there are state statutes under which there can be a court order to dissolve the business. .

If you’re the general counsel of a company involved in a strategic partnership, take note. But I’ll describe the problem in the context of four owners of what was essentially a limited liability joint venture. After a few years, there were some disagreements, and the 4 owner/managers found themselves divided into two factions, one faction wanted to dissolve the business (the “Dissolvers”), the other faction wanted to continue the business (the “Continuers”). There was no non-compete agreement governing the parties to the company, which was a trading company. The underlying Agreement stated that all decisions must be made unanimously.

In some cases, the Dissolvers will use a ploy to dissolve themselves so they can continue business under a new name and obtain a business divorce from others. In many cases, there is a non-compete clause contained in the original agreement, but sometimes that clause is not cleverly worded; The parties may not compete with the entity, but what about competing with each other?

So, despite issues like breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, lack of good faith encompassing the underlying dispute, one factor remained: there was deadlock, and the Dissolvers made it known that under the terms of the statute of the State, the entity could be dissolved, without a hearing on the underlying issues. The other issues could be litigated in a separate action. The Dissolvers filed suit in state court, asking the Court to dissolve the company due to deadlock.

Although the underlying issues could be litigated in a separate civil action, that was no salve for the Continuators. Civil litigation is costly and time consuming, and the Continuers wanted the Court to hear their arguments in the context of the dissolution claim, and they hoped that the Court in this case would enter an order not to dissolve the entity until it heard the claims. presented. by the Continue.

Unfortunately for the Continuers, they had no leeway to advance their arguments in a lawsuit filed to dissolve the company pursuant to the deadlock statute. The Court had read all the submissions and, applying the letter of the law, that the company could not continue its business due to the dispute between the four owner/operators, dissolved the company and ordered the distribution of its assets in accordance with liquidation procedures.

Now, what could have been done to remedy the situation? Certainly, any time there are an even number of parties and the same voting power, deadlock can occur, especially in cases where a unanimous vote is required for company action. In many cases, the impasse will not affect the operation of the business and can be resolved between the parties. However, in cases where one set of parties is more interested in terminating the relationship, the provision requiring unanimous vote as a predicate of corporate action can be used as a sword, rather than a shield; that is the situation described in this article.

This is why it is essential that voting arrangements within these entities are reviewed and drafted in a way that avoids deadlock. There may be clauses requiring a majority vote for certain issues, or supermajority votes for other issues, and in some cases, such as the dissolution of the company or the admission of another partner, the usual course is unanimous vote. However, if there is to be a unanimous consent vote provision, the language of the Agreement may be adapted to revise the provisions of the relevant state law regarding impasse, and the language may be inserted into the Agreement so that if it is need unanimous action, there will be no provisions that eliminate the dispute from the situations described in the relevant state deadlock statute. In the case described herein, the Dissolvers were able to start a new competing business, as their non-compete clause prohibited them from competing against the now dissolved limited liability company. An even number of partners can bring even results.

Lifestyle Fashion

8 spring/summer women’s fashion trends you’ll fall in love with

Spring is here, which means summer is right around the corner. So how does that affect our wardrobes? Getting dressed during the time of year when it’s not so hot anymore, but not too cold either, can be quite tricky. However, a few key pieces can smooth the transition and keep you comfortable on chilly mornings and warm afternoons alike.

According to last year’s preventive catwalks, we will be facing a season full of delicate pastel tones, whimsical ruffles, a lot of plastic, among others. Let’s take a look at the top 8 spring/summer women’s fashion trends that you’re sure to fall in love with.

1. Cakes

Barely out of style, but generally overshadowed by their Crayola counterparts, sherbet shades are making a strong comeback this summer. And instead of accessorizing or accentuating a look with a single piece, the runways have verified the power of head-to-toe pastels. Whether it’s pink, lemon or lilac, you can expect to see a range of the prettiest shades in fashion this season.

2. T-shirt dresses

A t-shirt dress is an ideal mid-weather garment because it acts as a perfect layering piece. It’s light enough to wear under sweaters and jackets, and it looks great on its own, too. There’s no better way to start your spring day than by throwing on a casual t-shirt dress and pairing it with your favorite accessories. This piece of clothing has become a versatile must-have that easily earns style points, whatever the occasion.

3. Maxi skirts

The tights are so last month, but it’s still a little chilly for a miniskirt. However, a skirt with a longer hem, such as a ruffled maxi, will keep your legs from being exposed to chilly winds (and also makes a good disguise if you haven’t had time to work on your tan yet). You can easily combine a long skirt with a plain T-shirt and a suede or faux leather jacket.

4. Power shorts

Oh, shorts! So basic, so bland. Just hiding in the back of the drawer just to get it out for a lazy Sunday night. Or so you thought. Spring/Summer 2018 fashion trends have already seen a boom in Statement Shorts. High-waisted leather shorts from St. Laurent and silky boxer shorts from Louise Vuitton, along with a variety of other skinny shorts, are something to look forward to this season.

5. Embroidered blouses

An embroidered blouse with some cold shoulder action can instantly update everything in your closet, from jeans to skirts. Plus, it’s a great item to layer under jackets and sweaters.


When we think of checks, winter comes to mind. This year, however, the checks are everywhere. Whether they’re neutrals, pastels, or punchy, if your wardrobe has something in the geometric print, wear it today while you’re in style. You can find simple ginghams at Loewe, while blue checked shirts at Alexander McQueen and checked bag sets at Mary Katrantzou, along with a variety of other designs at Fendi, including checked tights.

7. Satin

During the London shows, satin was the most prominent fabric for two full seasons. Above all, its brilliance immediately accentuates any silhouette; and second, its innate lightness and fluidity make it an incredibly comfortable option for overnight wear. Designers at Roksanda and Chris Kane opted for flowing gowns and evening wear.

8. monkey

Whenever it’s one of those lazy mornings, a monkey is your best friend. That’s because it’s a one stop shop: you just need to put it on and go! You are ready to go. Plus, they’re refined enough for work, yet casual enough for regular events. With so many options in minimalist styles, bold prints, menswear-inspired tailoring and more, there’s a jumpsuit for just about every occasion, from work and travel to even black-tie events.

So there you have it: 8 standout modern fashion options that are likely to make a big impact on your wardrobe choices this season. Get ready for spring with a spectacular wardrobe!

Real Estate

Offers of houses for sale in Paphos Cyprus

The incredible charm that Paphos, the ancient capital of Cyprus, has to offer is evident in the houses for sale in Paphos, Cyprus. According to legend, Paphos is the birthplace of the goddess of love. The romance that the city offers almost proves such a rumor. If it’s a romantic holiday you’re after, villas for sale in Paphos, Cyprus offer the perfect retreat.

Tourism is what drives modern Paphos. Investors and property management companies are eager to buy or sell Cyprus property in Paphos. Paphos is divided into two sections, Ktima, which is the residential section, and Kato, which is the tourist area. Both sections are booming with new developments, Paphos is ideal for both holidaying and living in Cyprus. For a quieter life, permanent homes in Cyprus will mainly be found in Ktima. But for a lively vacation, houses for sale in Paphos, Cyprus, in the Kato resort area, are a good option. Both sections of Paphos offer their own unique charms, history and luxury, and both should be considered when planning your Cyprus home purchase and buying or selling Cyprus property in general.

The area surrounding houses for sale in Paphos, Cyprus is rich in historical charm. Cheap car hire in Cyprus can be obtained in Paphos, giving tourists the freedom to travel to nearby attractions. To see a play or listen to the orchestra, the Acropolis is a popular destination. The surrounding area is also ideal when you are planning to buy houses for sale in Paphos, Cyprus. A short drive north of Paphos is the pool where Aphrodite is said to have bathed. The pool is beautifully serene and shaded by a large fig tree. Another tree of interest to vacationers is the old pistachio tree that guards the entrance to the Kato catacombs. The faithful continually tie cloth offerings to its branches, making for an unusual and interesting sight.

Also of interest are the ancient mosaic floors that once adorned the homes of nobles. More mosaics are being unearthed all the time, and they can be seen near Paphos Harbour. And the Tomb of the Kings, which actually houses the remains of aristocrats rather than kings, is another historically important tourist destination. If culture and history are considerations, all of these things will weigh in favor of the decision to buy a house in Paphos, Cyprus when considering where to buy houses in Cyprus.

Coral Bay in Paphos is a stylish vacation spot, famous for its crystal clear water, pristine sand and salty sea breezes. Coral Bay is a wise choice for investors looking to buy or sell Cyprus property and buy Cyprus houses. The bay is popular with sportsmen and surfers, and is very close to good restaurants and lively pubs. And in addition to family fun, Aphrodite’s water park is also nearby.

To see the sights of Paphos from the air, book an afternoon flight. The Petra Tou Rominou is spectacular from the ground or from the air. Translated, “Aphrodite’s Rock,” it is said to be the specific birthplace of the goddess. Today the cliffs welcome tourists, with a restaurant and gift shop nearby. For a luxury holiday, or to live in Cyprus full time, houses for sale in Paphos, Cyprus are a truly lovely option.

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Can you have hope without faith?

Many people today are depressed and discouraged because they seem to only focus on their current circumstances. They are constantly thinking about their problems, what they don’t have and what is wrong with them. They don’t seem to realize that they are allowing the enemy to steal their hope. This (negative) state of mind is what prevents people from moving forward in their lives.

If you seem to be concentrating mostly on what’s wrong or not working, then it’s time to dig up your tent stakes! It’s time to pack up your belongings and get out of the land of despondency. Stay away from the “It’s not going to happen” subdivision. It is also time to leave the “states of self-pity”. Stop living in those areas and move to the land of hope, faith and expectation!

Maybe you don’t really know how to get there? Simply open your heart to the Lord and ask him in prayer to direct your thoughts and expectations. You must understand that having strong faith is also having firm and unshakable confidence and security about the things that we hope will actually happen.

Your time is coming! The dreams and desires, the things you want to achieve, the situations you want to see changed will happen. Just because it has taken you longer than you expected, or because you have tried and failed, never give up on those dreams. Never be complacent in seeking what God has put on your heart!

“But these things I plan will not happen immediately. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time is drawing near when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, wait patiently, for it will surely happen. It will not be delayed.” (Habakkuk 2:3 NLT)

 Can you have hope without faith? Like an arrow, your faith points to the target of hope. If you don’t have faith, that arrow will lose its momentum and just fall to the ground before reaching the target, and it won’t achieve its goal. When your faith is strong and unwavering, and you continue to hope and believe, you will give your arrow the momentum to hit the target!

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will really happen; it gives us security about things we cannot see.” (Hebrews 11:1, NLT)

Why not start today to choose to live with an attitude of expectation? Begin by taking captive any negative thoughts you may have (one at a time). Choose to turn God’s cares and worries over to God, then stay focused on the goodness in your life. Get your hopes up! As you focus on your faith and the goodness of God, you will begin to feel your hope grow within you. You will really give your faith a purpose and start moving forward with confidence. Then pray and thank God for the gift of faith to see the impossible become possible as you continue to wait for what He has placed on your heart.

“So let us approach the throne of our merciful God with confidence. There we will receive mercy from him, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most. (Hebrews 4:16, NLT)

Notice in the verse above that God does not say, “Come to me with a weak, defeated, and pitiful attitude.” He does not say: “Come to me thinking of all your failures and how unworthy you are.” No, says God, come to Me with confidence. Come to Me with your head held high, knowing that I am a merciful God, and that I truly want to help you!

Start declaring today: “My time is drawing near…God is working behind the scenes on my behalf…I will fulfill my destiny…I will fulfill God’s plan for my life!” As you declare, wait, and wait for the appointed time, your faith will grow. Your hope will grow. And you will enter the destiny that God has in store for you!