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The aeronautical capital of the United States, Wichita, KA is taking off again

Wichita, KS Economic Outlook is on the mend even with all the aerospace layoffs there. In Wichita there are 79.4% white, 9.1% black and 22% of the jobs are in the manufacturing industry, where the average wage is more than $ 18.45 per hour or on an average 39.5 hours per week is more than 45 thousand annual income per year – High paying manufacturing jobs. Most of which are related to aviation, 56% are exclusively aviation.

Even with layoffs and more to come, things look better than most manufacturing cities. 46% of employers thought they could lay off more people next year, but the indication is that 54% will not. That’s better than most of the manufacturing related cities we travel to like Stanton PA, Allentown PA, Manchester NH, Tulsa OK, etc. With similar MSA characteristics when it comes to manufacturing. Last year 64% of employers were laid off. Retail is up a bit mainly due to newer stores, such as Wal-mart, Grocery, and Pet Retail Companies. Overall, without that, we saw a 3% decline in retail last year, probably layoffs again in the aviation manufacturing sectors.

Downtown is getting another update, one area is similar to OKC Brick Town, often commuters just call it Brick City, even AAA in the magazine called it that.

The Brick City

theme and has attracted residents and tourists especially on weekends to shop, hang out and spend. Nashville-like bars are open for kids and outdoor dining venues as well. A River Walk project is also scheduled, a reduced version of the one in San Antonio.


Hopefully those projects will prevent the city center from deteriorating further. Wichita ambassadors are sponsoring a project to alert their commercial and retail businesses to keep the center clean of debris to attract more business. Have they published a booklet? Whose job is it? The truth about how to keep our city safe and attractive? The brochure you quote, awning repair, graffiti problems, garbage cans, bus stops, etc. It is a problem since there are low-income areas throughout the city center, especially in the south.

We are pleased to report that Wichita KS is taking off again thanks to the teamwork of the entire community.

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America’s Best Small Towns to Visit in an RV

Tired of concrete, noise, and six-lane traffic? Visiting a small town in America can reset your odometer and give you a whole new perspective on life. Fortunately for you, many small cities in the US also have great RV campgrounds. Why not book a trip to one of these destinations to see why so many Americans choose to live in a small town?

Fairfield, Iowa: You may have expected the peaceful streets of this small town in southeastern Iowa, but would you also expect to find a vibrant arts community and international Vedic connection? Fairfield, Iowa is developing a reputation as an arts center with more than two dozen art galleries and the Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts.

It is also right next to the internationally famous Raj Ayurvedic Health Spa in Maharishi Vedic City. Visitors to RV campgrounds in the area will enjoy the rural atmosphere of Jefferson County Park campgrounds.

Weaverville, California – This California gem is located in the Trinity Alps area northwest of Redding. Its rural Victorian charm has earned Weaverville a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. Stroll the streets looking at historic buildings, hang out at one of the town’s cafes, or enjoy every outdoor sport imaginable in the nearby Trinity Alps Wilderness Area. Trinity River Resort and RV Park in nearby Lewiston has magnificent riverside campsites.

Boerne, Texas: Established in the 1850s, this small Texas town north of San Antonio has just what you need to cure urban exhaustion. Its quaint downtown business area is perfect for a slow stroll, or you can visit Enchanted Springs Ranch for a great dose of Texas history. The city’s European-style architecture and Boerne’s famous Market Days on the second Saturday of each month keep small-town fans coming back.

Cedar City, Utah – A couple of hours north of Las Vegas, you’ll find Utah’s sweetest little town. Cedar City is in the heart of Utah’s national parks, but there is much to capture your interest within the city limits. Depending on the season, you’ll find a nationally renowned Shakespeare festival, a grand Oktoberfest, or the city’s Neil Simon festival to entertain you. The many amenities at Cedar City KOA Kampground will make this mountain town a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Cedar Key, Florida: It doesn’t seem possible that tourists haven’t overwhelmed this small seaside town on Florida’s natural shoreline, but it managed to stay under wraps. About an hour southwest of Gainesville, Cedar Key allows you to enjoy great fishing, delicious seafood, and walks along the beach without the congestion of South Florida. Sunset Isle RV Park offers the best of RV camping by the sea!

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Ever wonder what wife swapping, swinger clubs, and the swinger lifestyle really mean? In a committed couple but looking for some additional sexual arousal together?

The swing has become increasingly popular with middle-aged married or engaged couples. Over 4 million people around the world are swingers, with over 3000 swinger clubs around the world to join. Swingers can also meet through online swinger sites, swinger personals, house parties, and swinger lifestyle magazines.

“Swinging” is considered as a married or engaged couple that engages in sexual activities with another partner, multiple partners, or with a single person. These events can occur at swingers clubs, private parties, private homes, hotels, and even specific resorts.

Traditionally, the average age of swingers is mid-40, and all ages and body types are considered acceptable.

“The Lifestyle”, or the swinger lifestyle, was created in the late 90s in London for the wealthy under 40. Forget the jatz and cookies. Fashionable and elegant venues were selected, elegant nightwear was the attraction, and photos were needed to demonstrate physical attractiveness. This idea quickly took off and is now popular in all parts of the world. Selective swinging refers to young single graduates without children with an average age of 20 years. Lifestyle swing and selective swing encompass all swing activities. These terms began to be used mainly because younger couples did not care about the term swingers with its traditional connotations.

Swinging is believed to have started in the 1950s at American military bases in California. All the husbands threw the car keys into a bowl and whoever belonged to the keys the wife pulled out had her as a sexual partner for the night. These small gatherings were originally called key clubs. In the late 1950s, the media renamed them wife swapping parties. Wife swapping is now considered an archaic term and is not entirely accurate to cover all sexual options for swapping partners.

For those of you who are a bit shy or new to the game, there are many swingers available for you to visit. Most of them cater to those looking to heat up their relationship, as well as those singles who want to mingle with like-minded people. Some of these sites offer adult personal ads, which may include voice videos and images. They also offer video chat rooms, speed dating, lists of swinger club locations, video messaging, and hot games. Some sites also offer offline swinger parties where you can do it at your own level of comfort and speed.

Swinging sexual activities include: exhibitionism, having sex with your partner while watching, voyeurism, and watching others have sex. Gentle rocking, or gentle exchange, is kissing, stroking, or having oral sex with a third or fourth person. This can also include threesomes or group sex, but usually the partners are not swapped. A full exchange means having penetrative sex with someone other than your engaged partner. The original wife swap. A full swap can also mean that an engaged couple has sex with a bisexual woman for a cheeky threesome. Group sex is an all-inclusive term and refers to multiple couples having sex in the same room or at an orgy. As long as sexual activities occur in the same room, this is known as a same-room exchange. When there are separate rooms involved, it is called a game.

Are you planning a fun vacation with your partner? Now there are online swingers sites catering to the couple who are on swing vacations or naked vacations. Swingers resorts can be found in the Caribbean, Cancun, Mexico, and various parts of Europe. These resorts are designed only for couples, who enjoy exciting and erotic lifestyles, and all seem to involve destinations with beautiful white sand beaches and large exotic-looking pools. Many of these swinger resorts have a variety of spicy theme nights. Some of the resorts promise “non-stop parties” for the more active person.

As long as the emotional ties between the engaged couple are complete, many swingers feel that their chosen lifestyle increases the strength of their partnership. In a survey, while only 6% confessed to having a problem with the green-eyed monster, up to 70% of swingers stated that they had no problem with jealousy.

Looking to spice up your sex life with your partner? It could be this! Swinger clubs, swinger sites, swinger sex, swinger lifestyle and swinger resort. Pack your condoms and ruin your relationship now!

Have fun, Coco Swan.

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Decameron Panama

Travelers to Panama come to the country in search of a dream vacation. While some want to experience a rainforest adventure here, others want to discover the rich marine life in the waters, and still others look forward to a peaceful vacation. One of the secrets of tourism in Panama is the possibility of offering so much to its travelers. Therefore, it is not surprising that visitors to the country return again and again and often buy real estate here.

On the Pacific coast of the country is Decameron Panama. This world famous beach resort is located just a 90 minute drive from Panama City and is a great way to start your Panama vacation. It is on the spectacular Costa Blanca. Decameron is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country and is frequented by national and international visitors. Most visitors to this exotic resort return time and time again due to the wonderful service and service it offers.

Things to do You can enjoy staying at the various resorts and hotels in the area. Most tourists prefer to stay at the Decameron for its high quality of service and its spectacular location. Since Decameron Panama is part of the international Decameron group, it maintains a very high standard.

What to expect Decameron offers visitors a complete vacation and you can literally choose how to spend your vacation. You can choose to relax by the pool or on the beach or join the many activities that the complex offers. If you’ve never dived, this is your chance to take your first lessons. After all, you are in one of the most beautiful countries in the world that offers some of the most wonderful diving areas. Get ready to discover unspoiled reefs and see lots of marine life. Kayak in the sea or enjoy horseback riding and a number of water sports here. The community can also help organize tours of the area and help you discover the local culture and community a little better.

The restaurants here offer a variety of cuisines and are sure to keep you happy. The international influence of visitors to the country is seen well by the variety of cuisines on offer and the wonderful preparation.

accommodation The beachfront property has its own private beaches. You can also enjoy services such as the spa, the casino and the golf course. Decameron is truly a vacation for the whole family. Hotels have shows and games planned for children. This ensures that everyone has a great time and takes home fond memories of their vacation. The staff here are friendly and multilingual and make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Royal Decameron Panama has more than 800 rooms. Each room has a spectacular view and has interiors that complement it perfectly. The complex seems to have found a delicate balance by combining the past with the present. On the one hand it offers modern facilities and on the other its decoration reflects the rich history of the country. Remember that if you are planning a trip during the peak tourist season, from December to April, reserve your rooms in advance. Advance reservations are sometimes also entitled to discounts. You can also opt for a little more privacy by booking a villa.

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Neerja Bhanot – The Kidnapping Hero

“Do your duty, no matter what. Never tolerate any injustice and never compromise self-respect.”

Neerja Bhanot (September 7, 1963 – September 5, 1986) was an Indian model and senior flight attendant for Pan American World Airways based in Mumbai, India. She died a heroic death while saving passengers from the heavily armed terrorist aboard Pan Flight 73, carrying 361 passengers and 19 crew members, which was abducted by terrorists during a stopover in Karachi, Pakistan on September 5. 1986. Acting quickly, he alerted the cabin crew who evacuated the plane. The passengers on the plane came from different countries, but the main targets were the Americans on board. When Neerja was asked to collect the passengers’ passports, she managed to conceal her passport thus saving the lives of 39 Americans on board. When Neerja was asked to collect the passengers’ passports, she managed to conceal her passport thereby saving the lives of 39 out of 41 American passengers.

After 17 hours, the kidnappers opened fire and detonated explosives. Bhanot opened the emergency door and helped the passengers escape. She could have escaped first, but being most of the staff on the hijacked plane, she took over. He was shot while protecting three American children from the terrorists’ bullet. She was recognized internationally as ‘the kidnapping hero’ and posthumously became the youngest recipient of India’s highest peacetime award for bravery, the Ashoka Chakra Award. She is the first woman to receive the Ashoka Chaka award. “Your allegiance to the passenger of aircraft anguish will forever be a lasting tribute to the best qualities of the human spirit” – Ashoka Chakra Quote. She was posthumously awarded the US government’s ‘crime justice award’ as part of Pakistan’s ‘Annual Crime Rights Week’ and Pakistan’s ‘Tamgha-e-Pakistan’. In 2004, the Neerja Bhanot stamp was introduced to commemorate her. Bhanot House of Austrey School is named after him. Neerja, a Bollywood biopic depicting her life and heroism starring Sonam Kapoor, was released in 2016.

Life lesson– As has been well said, “Courage is grace under pressure.” Winners like her show courage during the toughest times. They do not flee from problems or crises. They stay strong and enjoy them with courage and confidence. They try to prevent me from coming back in the future. During a difficult time, they don’t play the blame game or the victim card. They accept responsibility for everything in life and live their life like a queen.

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The Mob: Chicago-style Cinema

Chicago native and film producer J. Kenneth Ezra explains, Chicago still has the typical types of mobsters, like Johnny Garlic, Snake Man, and Bobby the Hitmen. But the Chicago mob is different from other cities. First, the Chicago mob took on characteristics like the city itself. They worked hard. I mean, they get up early and get off work very late. And they rarely look like their grandfather Al Capone. Those days are behind us.

J. Kenneth Ezra is producing a 10-film package. In the remake of the independent “The Right thing” (see trailer at, his association with director and writer Vito Brancato gives us an authentic point of view on the Chicago mob scene. Tony Russo, a low-level street kid, gets caught up in the power struggle between the Chicago Police Department, which is known for getting in the way of the mob, and a powerful mob boss, who does. you did not know better you would. I think he was a retired electrician living in posh suburban Chicago.

We have a lot of stars interested in the role of Tony Russo, who plays the low-level mob guy who takes desperate measures when thrown into a desperate situation. “Russo really embodies the characteristics of the Chicago mob in the ’70s and’ 80s.” Ezra explains. “This guy is bitter about his role in the tight-fisted hierarchy of the Chicago mob, which runs like a big old money corporation, too slow to try new things. He hates that the best of them. They don’t sync up and let some of the The Biggest Small Businesses Like any Chicago entity, the Chicago mob has a notorious lack of funding for research and development.

They prefer to live off the power and royalties of old proven products. Successful Corporations Maintain Strong Growth and Market Share “In this true-life story, you see when things get out of hand, the Chicago mob handles the situation like IBM, isolates the problem, finds a solution, and follows up on the problem. product and efficiency.In the end, they get up early, work hard, endure the frozen Windy City, and keep harvesting.

“I try to develop a passionate talent with a great knowledge of the subject. The love of putting it into a film is essential. Vito turns out to be just that. I was impressed by his original script” Blackstone “, which aired on PBS. It took a well-known street rumor from Chicago. Kennedy was to be assassinated during his trip to Chicago before moving to Dallas. ” I loved that Vito took that rumor and filled in the blanks. Especially when he did the hard work of interviewing people “supposedly close to history.” I don’t think you find that kind of authenticity in filmmakers today. I want to produce and develop people with that kind of talent, passion and knowledge about what they are filming. The rest will be translated on the big screen, followed by funding and great audience reaction.

A prominent Hollywood agent reports: “It’s a pleasure to see someone for the past 7 years stay the course and get up.” Ken is so committed to authentic movies that he volunteered to work at the craft service table on the set of After Freedom, director Vahe Babian, a film about Armenians adjusting to life here in Los Angeles. “If it’s true, real and authentic. I want to be a part of it. Even if I have to serve literally everyone on set. Being a part of her movie continues my journey of authenticity. I think our movie” The Right Thing “is the thing. correct for authenticity.

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Tips for cleaning eggnog stains on carpet

During the holidays, eating and drinking Christmas foods is certainly something that everyone enjoys. It is always fun to eat and drink the foods that are only prepared during the holidays and eggnog is certainly a very good example. Eggnog is always a favorite between Christmas parties at home or at work. It’s very tasty, but it can also be quite tricky if you accidentally spill some on your carpet.

Eggnog spills can be very troublesome as they can cause an unsightly stain that will ruin the appearance of the carpet. If you want to restore the beauty of your carpet, it is very important to know the correct steps. If you want to find out how you can get rid of eggnog stains on your home carpet, be sure to read the helpful post below.

• Extracting the spilled eggnog is the first step in this guide. You need to act fast and quickly remove the spill so it doesn’t spread to a wider area of ​​the carpet. You can use a clean sponge or white cloth for this purpose.

• The next step is to dilute the eggnog stain that remains on the carpet. Adding a few drops of water to the stained part of the rug can make things a lot easier for you. Do this and then blot the area a couple of times to make it easier to remove the stain later.

• After performing the previous step, the next thing you need to do is create a cleaning agent for the eggnog stain on your carpet. A mixture of one part white vinegar and four parts warm water is a very simple and inexpensive cleaning solution that is effective in removing eggnog stains. Put the mixture in an empty bottle and then proceed to the next step.

• Pour a small amount of the vinegar-based cleaning solution on the affected area of ​​the carpet. Use a clean white cloth to blot the eggnog stain repeatedly until it is completely gone. You could run into stains that are very stubborn, so being patient is always key. Very soon, all the stain will be gone and your carpet will be as good as new.

Cleaning eggnog stains on carpet is not that difficult as long as you know how to do it the right way. Follow the tips above and you are sure to have your carpet spotless and clean in no time.

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Villa rentals in the Virgin Islands are accommodations in paradise

Renting vacation villas in St Croix, St Thomas and St John is a preferable way to settle in when on vacation in the US Virgin Islands, a Caribbean paradise that is part of the United States.

The 3 vibrant islands of the US Virgin Islands are considered safe destinations that are culturally rich and diverse, with friendly people coming from all over the world. During your getaway to the Virgin Islands you could meet people from Africa, Europe, the United States and, of course, native people from the Caribbean.

St Thomas – There are several ways to see the sights of St. Thomas. Some of the most popular ways to explore this 32-square-mile island are by renting a car, chartering a small plane for an aerial view, hopping on a safari bus, or taking a taxi. Some of the must see places to add to your itinerary include Drake’s Seat, the place where Sir Francis Drake used to see his fleet and which overlooks Magens Bay Beach, one of the most beautiful in the world; Paradise Point, another scenic lookout overlooking Charlotte Amalie Harbor; and downtown Charlotte Amalie with its “99 Steps”, Fort Christian and Blackbeard’s Castle.

San Juan – Stand up to explore St. John. This island, home to the US Virgin Islands National Park, is intertwined with trails that you can hike on your own or that a guide can follow. Along the trails you will find sugar factory ruins, beautiful beaches, and ancient rock carvings. If you decide to stay in St John, you will have many options for accommodation, from large resorts to private villas and campgrounds. St John vacation rentals are recommended for your privacy and the comforts of home in the middle of a tropical paradise.

St Croix – St Croix, the largest of the US Virgin Islands, offers so much to see and do. Like St Thomas, you can explore St Croix by rental car, taxi, or guided tour. You may want to rent a sailboat at sunset to get a different perspective on this island. You can also enjoy St Croix from under the waves by diving or snorkeling at Buck Island Reef, the only US national monument underwater. In addition to sunbathing on the beautiful beaches of St Croix, you may want to see the Cruzan Rum Distillery, the St George Botanical Garden, or for a taste of history, the Salt River, the place where Christopher Columbus arrived in the Virgin Islands in 1493.

Whether you are traveling to the Virgin Islands to attend a wedding, enjoy your honeymoon, or just take it easy, there are many ways to relax and experience all the islands have to offer. Activities include: golf, deep sea fishing, duty free shopping, kayaking, hiking, eco tours, diving, sailing, sunbathing, good food and nightlife.

For a truly unique and unforgettable vacation in the US Virgin Islands, be sure to choose the right type of accommodation. You can share the same experience as many others by staying at a hotel or resort. Or you can experience the destination like an islander by renting St Croix villas, St John vacation rentals, or St Thomas villa or condo rentals.

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The History of Vanderbilt Beach

Located just three miles north of Naples, Vanderbilt Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Gulf stretching from Delnor Wiggins State Park to the entrance to the public beach. Its glamorous name hides its more humble origins.

In the 1950s, this pristine strip of paradise was comprised primarily of oak scrub with mangroves and lagoons facing the spectacular waters of the Gulf. JB Connors, a Tampa highway builder, saw the potential of the area and completed development in 1959. By the time the plate-building process began, the only occupants were itinerant farmers and the occasional occupants of a fish camp in the north.

Connors chose the name “Vanderbilt Beach” as a marketing gimmick to convey the impression of wealth and prestige for the newly minted development. His dream of a deed restricted community with parks, open areas, easy access to water for the families who inhabited the development is still alive today. To preserve his vision, he helped create the Vanderbilt Beach Property Owners Association, which has a responsibility to protect deed restrictions.

The first owners in the early 1960s reveled in a lifestyle that included easy walks to the beach, carriage rides, cookouts, and organized water activities such as boating and fishing. The construction boom of the late 1970s ushered in condominiums for full and part-time residents, as well as the development of a small commercial section at the corner of Gulf Shore Drive and Vanderbilt Beach Road. Today, many of the original homes have been demolished to make way for a wide range of architectural home styles and sizes. Planned developments such as the Regatta, Moraya Bay and Connors estates have further expanded the neighborhood and established Vanderbilt Beach as one of the best luxury beachfront communities in Southwest Florida.

Ideal for long walks on the beach, Vanderbilt Beach’s sugary sands are flat and well-maintained. Despite the spectacular tropical scenery, you can still easily access restaurants and convenience stores from the beachfront restaurant and bar at the Ritz Carlton Beach Hotel to the famous Turtle Club to the north. Cabana Dan’s on the beach sells snacks, drinks, and rents beach gear. Beach parking is available in a 340-space garage located just west of the Ritz Carlton hotel and just steps from the beach.

From nature to its position as one of the most popular attractions in the Gulf, Vanderbilt Beach has earned its luxury name while fulfilling JB Connors’ original vision.

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Things to consider when booking a hotel in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, the most densely populated district in New York City (NYC) is a favorite tourist destination for many people around the world. The district is hesitant to be overshadowed by neighboring Manhattan, and boasts a lively culture and uniqueness. Brooklyn features a perfect blend of world cultures and world-renowned attractions. From a walk across the famous Brooklyn Bridge, a trip to landscaped Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum, Coney Island, Green-Wood Cemetery, etc. Brooklyn awaits you with many more attractions.

To ensure a comfortable trip to Brooklyn, you need to select and book a Brooklyn hotel that suits your needs and tastes. This can be a bewildering task as the township is packed with a variety of luxury, boutique and budget hotels to suit your travel needs, be it a leisure trio or a business trip. Even if you are on vacation in Manhattan, you can easily choose to be in Brooklyn, as Brooklyn hotels will be priced less than their Manhattan counterparts. Two of the key factors to consider before booking a Brooklyn hotel are: the hotel’s proximity to major locations and the rates.

Hotel in an easy to explore location

This factor is especially important if you are on a leisure or family trip with the primary intention of exploring the beauty and landmarks of Brooklyn. If the Brooklyn hotel you select is close to the places you want to explore, it will save you a lot of travel time. There are hotels near Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Prospect Park and they are located in downtown Brooklyn. There are nice boutique and luxury hotels located in the vicinity of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

If you’re planning to explore Manhattan, hotels near the Queens section of Long Island City can be a great option. Although these hotels lack a vibrant location, you’ll be only a few blocks from several subway stations to make your trip to Manhattan easier. There are a multiplicity of hotels that are within walking distance of various restaurants, lounges, shopping venues, government and corporate offices. Corporate travel can be more comfortable if you opt for a hotel that is close to corporate offices.

Hotel that fits your bill

Brooklyn is home to a number of expensive and opulent hotels that lavish luxury and less expensive boutique hotels for budget conscious travelers. High-end luxury hotels in Brooklyn will be less expensive than comparable hotel rooms in Manhattan. The municipality boasts a variety of accommodation facilities ranging from renowned hotel chains, boutique hotels, and bed and breakfasts. Most of the high-end hotels are also conveniently located.

With a variety of room options, luxury hotels offer the perfect combination of a comfortable stay with great amenities. The rooms will be designed with touches of class and elegance to evoke a sense of pride in guests. On-site facilities such as restaurants, spa, massage parlors, gym, etc. will also be featured. Most high-end hotels have a 24-hour business center so business travelers can manage their work outside of the office.

If you are a budget conscious customer, you can save a lot on accommodation by dropping a star or two while selecting a Brooklyn hotel. If you think you can avoid a flat-screen TV or hot tub, opt for less expensive boutique hotels that combine sleek, clean, and fresh design with expert service. The Brooklyn hotel you choose, be it an ultra-luxury hotel or a mid-size boutique hotel, Brooklyn will never fail to make your trip a pleasant experience.