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The buzz of emo rock locks

Emo bands are born practically every day, thanks to big names in the industry like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Coheed And Cambria and My Chemical Romance. Some people might still have no idea what specific sound emo has. And let’s face it folks, not everyone can sing like Jimmy Eat World’s Jim Adkins. However, dressing up like these emo rock stars and copying their emo hairstyle is definitely easier than starting your own garage band.

Picture this, you go to the salon and ask for a wild Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) haircut. I bet a thumb and a finger your stylist doesn’t have a clue what you’re talking about. If they do, they’ll probably give you an unhappy look and ask you which of the millions of Gerard Way hairstyles you really want them to copy. Unless you bring a picture of the hair you want to do on your head full of emo music, all you’ll be left with is an updated haircut. The thing about an emo hair style is that it can seem too daunting and complicated, but in reality, it’s as easy as cutting your hair with a kitchen bowl on your head.

Okay, so it’s a little fancier and more artistic than just a few snips and cuts. Just like achieving any type of hairstyle, getting an emo haircut is a process. Let’s go back to our friend, Gerard Way, for a second. He’s had a few haircuts (and hairstyles he doesn’t) over the years, but today, his short platinum locks are making all the fuss. Everyone wants to sign up for The Black Parade hype, so they start by getting the same `do. It must be emphasized that this should not be another Eminem fad for dyeing blonde hair, it would be a shame. Getting your own style and sticking to a few colors instead of going straight to platinum may be better for you.

The trendiest (and obvious) emo hair style is to dye your hair a deep onyx black. Once those locks are as dark as the night sky, the hair is cut shorter from the back and sides, leaving the top and front slightly longer to create a swinging set of bangs. These bangs are usually swept to the side, covering a large part of the face. When you see Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz rock out on stage, you can only wonder how he can even see what he’s doing. Apparently being blind to the world with hair buzzing in your face 24/7 is pretty cool, I’ll take it.

The best part of having an emo hair style is that after the cut and you don’t like what they’ve done, you can always go shorter or apply styling wax to remove the hair. You know how, on bad hair days, women put their hair up in a ponytail? For unsatisfying Emo rock star hair, you can also collect all that loose hair into a messy pony. It’s either that, or you change your stylist entirely.

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What is the best fish tank for a crayfish?

What is the best fish tank for a pet crayfish? Well, the answer to this question depends on a few things. Do you plan on having other fish live with your pet crayfish? Do you plan to have another pet crayfish all together? Because if you do, a 10-gallon desktop aquarium or fish tank probably isn’t ideal. I know from experience. Personally, I would recommend a 20 gallon fish tank for a single crawfish, nothing smaller.

The crayfish are very dirty

Crayfish are dirty little creatures. They throw a lot of garbage. And this debris can make your tank ugly and toxic to other fish, if you have any. With a larger tank, such as a 20-gallon fish tank, there is more water to carry all the crayfish waste.

Crayfish are aggressive and territorial.

Crayfish eat and fight anything. They are super aggressive and territorial. With that being said, if you plan on keeping other fish in your tank, you want a tank that is large enough to accommodate all of them comfortably. Having a larger tank will reduce the chances of your pet crab eating your other fish. They will have more space to swim. And your pet crab will have his little territory all to himself. Remember though, with crayfish, any other fish in your tank can become crayfish food at any given time. I always suggest putting aggressive fish in the tank and fish that swim near the top. Redtail shark, mollies, and hatchetfish often do well with crayfish as pets. They have for me in the past anyway.

water changes

With a 20 gallon or larger tank, it will be much easier to manage water changes for your crayfish and other fish. Speaking of which, be sure to change about 25% of the water weekly. This will ensure a healthy and clean tank. One that will help keep your other fish as well as your pet crayfish healthy.

If you get two crayfish

If you decide to get two crayfish and put them in a fish tank. In my experience, it’s only a matter of time before one eats the other. Personally, I think you’ll need a 20+ gallon tank for two crawfish. However, if you must have two crayfish, make sure you have separate hiding places for both. These can be purchased online, are made of PVC, or can be found at most pet stores that sell aquariums.

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Stomach cancer: after three biopsies he refused medical treatment: where is the logic?

DS-M906, is a 69-year-old woman from Indonesia. Sometime in July 2009, DS had stomach problems. She consulted an internist at a private hospital in Medan. A biopsy was performed and the result indicated an adenocarcinoma, that is, stomach cancer. After this exam, she DS she decided to do nothing. Her problem intensified and she suffered more pain.

In December 2010, DS went to see another doctor at another private hospital in Medan. A biopsy was performed again. The histopathology result indicated a moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma. Not satisfied, in January 2011, DS went to a private hospital in Penang for further consultation. A CT scan did not show any focal lung lesions. Her abdominal organs were normal. A colonoscopy showed simple hemorrhoids while the rest of the intestines were normal. A biopsy of the prepyloric region was performed. The result indicated signet ring type adenocarcinoma. There was also active chronic gastritis associated with Helicobacter pylorias. In short, for the third time DS had been told that he had stomach cancer.

The Penang doctor suggests two options: DS take medicine or have an operation. DS refused further medical treatment and came to us for help on January 21, 2011. Below is the video recording of our conversation.


Since DS and his children had already made the decision not to have surgery, DS had no choice but to drink our herbal teas. We advised you to reconsider your decision to decline surgery. She insisted that she did not want any medical treatment. One of her children said: “After the surgery, she has to undergo chemotherapy. And we know that’s not what we want to do.”

We asked this question of DS and, in fact, of all the patients. If you have already decided not to have surgery after a biopsy, why do you do one biopsy after another? It is understandable if only a biopsy is done, to determine what went wrong. But what do you hope to get by doing three biopsies?

This is a peculiarity that we often notice among Indonesian patients. They come to Penang, they bring all the money they have. They spend their money on blood tests, x-rays, CT scans, PET scans, biopsies, etc. When told they have cancer and need medical treatment, some simply pack up and go home the next day. Isn’t this spending money unnecessarily? Is there any logic in doing such a thing?

This is our message to the patient: if you do not wish to continue with the medical treatments recommended by your doctor, a biopsy is not necessary. A biopsy is done to confirm if you have cancer so you can move on to the next step, whether that be surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy. If he didn’t want to do any of this, why do a biopsy?

Again we say – before doing a biopsy, ask yourself first: If it’s cancer, do I want to have surgery / chemotherapy / or radiotherapy? If you agree to such treatment, proceed with the biopsy to make sure it really is cancer. But if you don’t want to undergo additional medical treatment as in the case of Down syndrome, why spend so much of your money on the biopsy in the first place?

Of course, some patients say that medical treatments are expensive and they cannot afford them. However, some may say that they refuse medical treatments because doctors cannot guarantee a cure. If these are your concerns, why not ask about costs first or ask for a guarantee before doing anything?

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The best bars, pubs and restaurants in St Paul’s Bay Malta (including Qawra and Bugibba)

You know how it is. You go on vacation to a new place, you spend the first few days knowing where everything is and the last day you find the best bar or restaurant in the area. The problem is that you have already spent more than necessary in other establishments so now you know that it was not so good. How frustrating. Well, if you are coming to Malta’s popular holiday resort of St Paul’s Bay, which also includes Qawra and Bugibba, then I can offer you an advantage. All of the ones listed below have been tested many times by both me and my friends and we have been objective about all of them. Also note that they are listed alphabetically and not in any order of priority.

ALEX BAR, Qawra, Malta: – With a very friendly English owner called Ray. It is a small bar but has a large raised terrace with umbrellas which is very popular. A smart and clean bar with reasonable prices.

(The) BELL PUB & RESTAURANT, Qawra, Malta – A pub with an adjoining dining section that has a long-standing reputation for serving excellent drinks and food at very affordable prices. Run by Mark & ​​Alison, this is a very clean pub with friendly staff. Traditional English cuisine served all day including an excellent fried breakfast. Entertainment evenings, quizzes and bingo held regularly.

CAPU VINO WINE CAFE & WINE BAR, Bugibba, Malta: – Just off the main square, you’ll find this stylish cafe/wine bar offering a very relaxed atmosphere. An excellent selection of wines accompanied by a selection of dishes, salads and cakes. A refreshing change in the heart of Bugibba. Professional service with a smile is guaranteed.

GREAT MEALS DINER & TAKE AWAY, Bugibba, Malta:- Burgers, Fried Chicken, Pizza, in fact most types of fast food are served every night until late. Very good quality at very low prices and by far the best in the area. The owners, David and Joseph, also provide excellent service.

MISTY BLUE SPORTS BAR & DINER, Bugibba, Malta – Completely renovated in 2008, this extremely large bar is an exceptional venue to watch live sports. 2 giant screens and 14 televisions ensure the perfect point of view. Good food served all day and professional staff led by Ruben.

MUNCHIES SHACK BAR, Bugibba, Malta:- A fun pub with a great atmosphere. All sports shown plus live entertainment most nights. A busy bar expertly run by David, Nathalie and Chris.

RUBEN’S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT, Qawra, Malta:- A well established restaurant of the highest quality. The owner, Ruben, has prided himself on providing the best food for many years. An excellent and plentiful meal. Very popular with Maltese and tourists alike.

SIMON’S ‘ELVIS TRIBUTE BAR’, Qawra, Malta – Quality entertainment every night of the week, including 2 shows from the best Elvis tribute act on the island. A warm welcome from Simon & Josie. There is no entrance fee and it is very popular, so get there early or book in advance.

TAVERN INN BAR & RESTAURANT, Qawra, Malta:- A restaurant with a very friendly atmosphere and an excellent reputation for quality food and value for money. Entertainment every night too. Your hosts are Robbie and Jane.

WOODHUT PUB & DINER, Qawra, Malta:- One of Malta’s best sports bars and cafes showing virtually every live event. Cleverly run by Maltese owner Ray Micallef, an excellent chef whose menu has something for everyone and at the right prices.

These aren’t all the places to eat and drink worth visiting on your Malta holiday, but they are certainly 10 of the best.

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Yellowstone National Park – The world’s first national park

A beautiful natural landscape full of amazing terrain, geysers, hot springs and other thermal natural spaces that surprise you with their innumerable natural riches at every step. That’s Yellowstone National Park for you. Welcome to the amazing land, welcome to Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park has a unique history. It is the first national park in the world to be granted the status in the year 1872. Furthermore, Yellowstone National Park is also a UNESCO world heritage site which boasts of its importance on the global map. Overall, Yellowstone National Park is a great example of diversity and natural beauty. It is strikingly bejeweled with geysers, hot springs, boiling mud pools, and other geothermal features along with abundant wildlife including grizzly bears, wolves, and herds of free-roaming bison and elk.

Yellowstone National Park is a bustling hub of tourist activities that grows every year. It is found in the western states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. People come to see the rare and unique geothermal activities that take place in this area, plus the countless vacation options they have in Yellowstone National Park. In Yellowstone National Park it is a mixed feeling of adventure that one enjoys with the uniqueness of nature. During your Yellowstone National Park vacation, you may have many options at your disposal. You can be mesmerized by the unique shows that take place on this terrain that you will not find anywhere else. Or you can go camping, hiking, wildlife watching, fishing, swimming, etc. with the maximum closeness to nature. But whatever you choose, always remember that you are in a national park and therefore you must follow all the rules to practice maximum security.

What to see is a moot topic in Yellowstone National Park because of the options. You can start your program with Mammoth, Norris, and Madison, geyser basins including Old Faithful, Grant Village, Lake Area, Canyon, and Tower-Roosevelt, etc. You can also spend some time viewing wildlife, which is also abundant in Yellowstone National Park.

The number of visitors in Yellowstone National Park increases every year and that is why the hotels in this area have increased. Now finding a good stay in the park area is not a problem unless you are here in high season with no advance reservations. Hotels in Yellowstone National Park are suitable for almost all budgets and it is not a problem if you are short on money. In addition, the restaurants of this region guarantee the full satisfaction of the palate with the delicacies they serve. No matter what continent you are from, the food will appeal to you. Some of the regular facilities offered by hotels in Yellowstone National Park include air-conditioned rooms, car rentals, airport pick up and drop off facilities, swimming pools, gyms, spas, restaurants, etc.

For everyone in Yellowstone National Park it is an experience of being totally different. So why wait? Pack your bags and leave for the white sands of Panama City and have the experience of a lifetime.

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The do’s and don’ts of dealing with bad service

You show up at a restaurant happy to receive that food that you always get and love. The Caesar salad and for the main course, a good medium well cooked ribeye. There is only one downside, your service was horrible. The steak was undercooked, the server was only at your table twice, and his drink is empty. What do you do for a living? There are many people who would go with the server or a manager, but as an adult, this is no way to handle yourself. You disagree. Here are some do’s and don’ts regarding proper restaurant etiquette.

DO: from the beginning, sit where the host sits you.

Unless you physically can’t sit there due to disability or are too cold so sit near the door, the host operates on a system where they rotate tables so they can even give tables to servers. It is widely understood that some people may not fit in the booths and that is perfectly fine. If you are noticeably upset for some reason, nine times out of ten the message will be immediately forwarded to the assigned server, who in certain situations might not want to spend too much time at your table.

NO: Stiffen your server.

In other words, don’t leave a zero dollar tip. Although some services are terribly awful, the staff are working to keep you happy and full while you try to feed your own. The average server makes about $5 an hour, which in retrospect is about $40 a week if it weren’t for tips. They earn money from the tips left by customers. When they get stiff, it’s almost like the whole table and all that energy is a waste of time. If you’re a regular customer who doesn’t tip, you’ll probably find you’re getting mediocre service night after night. That’s because in the servers mind, it’s not worth your time if you’re not going to tip. They prefer to have the couple in the corner that are newbies that are going to drop a nice couple of bucks for the server.

These are just two pieces of advice for a modern server who doesn’t want to see people coming and going upset. In the world of waiting tables, tips are everything and a happy customer means a happy server. If a problem occurs, speak like an adult to management and stay calm.

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The moral necessity of veganism

Join me in imagining a planet where the following happens: Billions of cats and dogs are raised in disgusting conditions, killed, and then eaten by humans. Now, imagine that these dogs and cats feel as much pain, if not more, than humans, that scientists on the planet have shown how eating them is harmful to humans, and that the process of growing and killing them is destroying the ecosystem of the planet. Please take a moment to reflect on this.

Now, I’m sure the picture I’ve painted will not sit well with most of you. You may have been struck by the cruelty, waste, or impressive arrogance displayed. You may have felt a sense of outrage, pity, or disgust. You may have wondered how such a state of affairs was allowed to exist, let alone continue.

The problem is that this planet exists. Every year approximately fifty billion innocent creatures are enslaved, tortured and killed. They are consumed by humans, resulting in health problems. Our planet, Earth, is destroyed in the process. The power of language and social narratives, like cultural and religious tradition, have led people to view some of our fellow humans, such as pigs and cows, as complete servants of a premature and painful death, while others others, like cats and dogs, as a family. People are used to this point of view and that is why it endures. It seems, then, that Orwell’s famous dystopian maxim “all animals are equal but some are more equal than others” contains a more literal truth than is commonly understood.

Now, as bizarre and unnatural as our meat-eating situation is, I think it’s fairly easily explained: For thousands of years, people killed and ate other animals to survive. Two of the building blocks of human life, protein and fat, were often difficult to obtain from plant sources, and killing a large animal could sustain a family, or even a community, for some time. This made sense. Then, about ten thousand years ago, many people traded this ‘hunter-gatherer’ lifestyle for a simpler version: farming. This logic is also simple: why spend all day running around trying to kill animals with a spear when certain species can be easily tamed and killed? The problem is that the logic held while much of the world changed.

We now know the sensitivity and cognition of animals and, therefore, their capacity for suffering. The farming and slaughter industry inflicts unimaginable emotional and physical pain on literally billions of creatures. They are locked up, castrated, branded, raped and killed. I challenge anyone to explain how, in many cases, this is not what happens.

We now know the damage done to the human body by eating bodies and their secretions: the chances of suffering a heart attack, stroke, cancer, dementia, arthritis, diabetes and obesity are far from increased.

We now know the damage this industry does to the planet: ecosystem disruption in the form of abnormally high birth and death rates of species, excess methane and huge swaths of forests and fields rendered barren, and huge grain supplies. used for livestock. Now we know a lot. So why do we continue to live like our Stone Age ancestors, who had no greengrocer along the way?

If every human being on earth adopted the vegan lifestyle tomorrow, we would be in a much better situation: there would be a lot less pain, a lot less disease, and a lot less planetary damage, not to mention more fertile land and cheaper eating methods. growth and food distribution. The problem is, and I know this because I held that opinion myself until I was twenty-five years old, the vegan lifestyle is generally considered strange: unhealthy and restricted. But the fact is, as I hope some of you know/know, the exact opposite is true. A simple purchase of the book ‘1000 Vegan Recipes’ or a simple watch of the Russia Today interview with Dr. Neal Barnard will prove it.

I’ve been a vegan for almost two years, after a transition period of three months of ‘gaps’, and I consider it the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve lost weight, I have more energy, and I no longer have that very distant but very annoying voice in the back of my mind telling me that my body isn’t feeling well. I find it easy to find vegan replacements, such as sausages and burgers, I find it easy to get vegan options at restaurants, particularly Indian, Thai and Italian places, and I’m always learning new and delicious foods to cook. Some of my new homemade favorites include Chickpea and Coconut Milk Curry, Spicy Peanut Butter Noodles, and Mango Banana Brazilian Stew. As long as you watch your protein (60 g per day; walnuts, tofu, and flaxseeds are good sources), your fat (70 g: pancakes, dark chocolate, and coconut milk), and your vitamin B12 (0.0015 mg: soy milk, kettle and supplements) each day can effortlessly go vegan.

So come on, brothers and sisters, look within yourselves and search your conscience. Are you ready to obey ethics, obey nature, and help pull the plug on the disgusting industry that convinced you to disobey it in the first place?

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Little children with tiaras: the benefits of children’s beauty pageants

Just saying the words Beauty Queen makes you think of sparkling smiles, evening gowns and diamond tiaras. Following the success of movies like Drop Dead Gorgeous and Miss Congeniality, beauty pageants are becoming increasingly popular in Western culture. There was a time when pageants were specifically for girls and women over the age of 18, however now there are children’s beauty pageants that are open to girls under the age of 12.

Initially the idea of ​​girls in children’s beauty pageants is a bit shocking, however if you think about the natural way little girls walk into their mother’s wardrobe and try on jewelry and shoes, pageants are just an extension. of childhood fantasies of being a princess. As long as the outfits the child wears in the contest are in good taste, then there is little reason to object to them.

The different rounds in a beauty pageant can allow the child to develop skills that they may need later in life. For example, the interview round can teach the participant about enunciation, expressing opinions, and her general public speaking skills. In addition to this, they will learn how to be themselves and become comfortable speaking to larger groups of people, which can be crucial in school situations when class presentations may be required.

The talent part of a beauty pageant allows the child to develop their own talents and having to perform in front of others will help them overcome shyness. One of the main reasons parents enter their children in child beauty pageants is to help boost their self-esteem. Although not every child can win the overall competition, each child will receive a prize for participating. In addition to this, these contests encourage the child to feel more comfortable in her own skin.

Many parents who have had children with birth defects will enter them in these contests to teach them that they are no different from other children and that they can participate in the things that other children participate in. This works both ways, as competitive children learn not to judge others if they have a disability and become more tolerant; this is something that many children do not have the ability to do if they rarely interact with a disabled person.

Beauty pageants give kids the chance to feel like a princess for a day, there’s a chance some might feel it encourages kids to grow up too fast, but if the kids have well-grounded parents then there’s little reason. to think. this. I know from experience that young girls spend hours and hours dreaming of wearing diamond tiaras, high heels, and makeup.

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Diagnosing Adrenal Exhaustion Part One: The Challenge of Correctly Diagnosing Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is becoming more and more common as people work overtime and there is no relief in sight. They are simply more and more exhausted, until they can barely get out of bed in the morning after staying up all night. Read on for the challenge of getting a decent diagnosis.

If you report symptoms of excessive fatigue in the presence of emotional trauma, your doctor may order blood tests to determine the levels of hormones such as hydrocortisone, aldosterone, epinephrine, and ACHT in your blood, urine, or plasma. That is if your doctor is any good.

There are also other tests for adrenal fatigue that involve injecting substances into the bloodstream that change the production of a specific hormone. For example, in the ACHT challenge test, in which the ACHT hormone is injected, there should be an increase in adrenal output; otherwise, adrenal fatigue is most likely present.

If your doctor suspects adrenal disease, he or she may also order imaging studies to rule out the presence of adrenal calcification, tumors, atrophy, or megalia of the gland. The most common imaging techniques include abdominal x-rays, MRI, CT scan, arteriography, radionuclide scanning, and an intravenous scan of the kidneys along with intravenous dye. Your doctor will use the results of your blood tests and any imaging scans done to reach a diagnosis of adrenal fatigue.

Unfortunately, most doctors don’t really diagnose adrenal fatigue unless the adrenals are completely depleted. Hopefully, you haven’t waited that long and it’s not too bad. Rather than take your chances with a regular doctor, you may want to go to an alternative health practitioner first, who might be able to help you restore proper functioning to your adrenal glands before they are completely depleted.

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Around Stockholm Old Town – Gamla Stan

The city of Stockholm in Sweden has a lot to offer people, both locals and visitors. If you want to go on vacation to Stockholm but don’t know what to do, there are many things you can enjoy in Stockholm. There are beautiful tourist spots, picturesque landscapes, historical sites, and exciting sports activities that we can all enjoy in this amazing city in Sweden.

Visit the famous old town of Stockholm, the Gamla stan, or what they call the Old Town. Stan comes from the word “staden”, which means city. Its name, as said, represents the characteristic of the city. It is an old town, dating back to the 13th century, and everything around it is contemporary. The streets and architecture have classical designs. Currently, around 3000 people live in this part of the city. This is a very good place to visit if you would rather enjoy medieval designs than some brilliant and intricate modern sights and structures.

Gamla stan is also the place where historical events occurred in Stockholm, including the famous Stockholm bloodbath. It is historical for the massacre of Swedish nobles carried out by order of King Christian III, a Danish king. This site in Gamla Stan is called Stotorget. Except for the site of the Stockholm bloodbath, the Stockholm Stock Exchange building is also located in this great square in Stockholm. Other architecture and buildings found here in Gamla Stan are the Royal Palace, the Noble Museum, and the Stockholm Cathedral, where the statue of Saint George and the Dragon was erected. They all have contemporary designs, especially the Royal Palace, which was designed in the Baroque style.

If you want to talk about finding restaurants, visit Den Glyden Freden. The interiors were not changed. It is still in its original state. It even got a page in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest restaurant.

The narrow streets of the Old City were made of cobblestones, which made it more attractive to tourists. Gives the feeling of being in the old days. There is the tourist street of Vasterlanggatan, formerly called the West Wall of Allmanninggatan, which is lined with tourist shops. These tourist shops sell different types of items and souvenirs. The street is mostly crowded in summer. There is no dull moment on this street because there are always artists and musicians performing on the streets to entertain people with their amazing acts.

There is the Marten Trotzig alley, which also has a rich history. As part of Gamla Stan, it is the narrowest alley in the city. This is where the difference in the ground levels of the Old City is very important. The people of the Old City celebrated the opening of the alley in 1945, as it had been closed for almost a century.

After an exhausting walk through Gamla Stan, head to the Branda Tomten. Branda Tomten is where tourists often go to rest. There are many large trees that offer fresh air and shade for a more comfortable rest. Branda Totem got its name from the history of the place. There was a house that was originally located in that part of Gamla Stan, but in 1728, the house was burnt down. That is why it is called Branda Totem, “the burned farm”.