7 striking features of Meteorjs

When Node.js hit the market, it was quickly adopted by a large community of individual developers and large-scale enterprises as a viable development technology. It is because of the fact that it allowed the implementation of JavaScript on the server side. Node.js gave a huge boost to web and mobile app development.

Previous developers had to continually switch contexts between JavaScript and a server language like PHP. It caused a lot of problems as similar functions had different names in JavaScript and PHP. Node.js put an end to this by providing a platform to use JavaScript everywhere. Since then, many Node.js frameworks such as Sails.js, Geddy.js, Total.js and others have been developed and released to the market. Although these frameworks are very useful, they lack some modern features and learning resources.

Thus, the Meteor.js framework was born which meets much of the requirements of modern developers. Meero.js not only provides advanced features, but also has good documentation and learning resources.

Today, Meteor.js is a robust and complete JavaScript platform for developing real-time web and mobile applications. It is built on top of Node.js and is written in JavaScript. MEAN.js and are also quite powerful, but they are no better than Meteor.js and we will describe some reasons why. So, let’s take a look at 7 amazing features of Meteor.js.

1) Complete solution:

MEAN stack is just one instance of using a combination of technologies (MongoDB, Angular.js, Express.js and Node.js) and cannot be called a framework. When using the MEAN stack, developers need to synchronize between Node.js and MongoDB, as well as between Express.js and Angular.js.

On the other hand, Meteor offers a complete solution for developing and deploying web applications. Meteor comes with several built-in features such as reactive templates, automatic CSS and JS minification on the production server, and live code reloading. Their cloud platform, Galaxy, is quite powerful for deploying, scaling, and monitoring client applications. It also offers useful client-side technologies, including templates, wizards, and events.

2) Development ecosystem:

Meteor.js is more than a JavaScript development framework. It is an open source isomorphic development ecosystem (IDevE). Meteor.js allows you to build real-time web applications from scratch. It contains all the necessary front-end and back-end components (such as frameworks, libraries, configuration tools, databases, and more) that help developers throughout the application development lifecycle, from configuration and development to deployment.

3) Isomorphic JavaScript code:

Meteor allows you to use the same code in the front-end and back-end, as well as for mobile and web applications. It prevents developers from being required to install and configure different libraries, module managers, APIs, drivers, and more.

Additionally, with Meteor, developers can harness the power of JavaScript while reducing code length and complexity. This saves a lot of production time for developers, since they don’t need to make context switches between the server language and JavaScript.

4) Front solution:

Meteor offers Blaze.js, a front-end development framework. Although it is not an advanced framework, it does offer some nice features. But, Meteor also integrates with modern and popular front-end frameworks like Backbone.js for better results.

Meteor offers isomorphic APIs that communicate between the front-end and the back-end. This allows developers to handle client-server management and server session management with ease. Data communication between the client and the server happens automatically without you having to write any boilerplate code.

5) Database integration:

One of the downsides of Meteor.js is that it only supports MongoDB for now. Therefore, you cannot use Meteor if you need to include NoSQL database support for your applications. But the Meteor ecosystem offers the MongoDB database, as well as a front-end representation of MongoDB called Minimongo, which is written entirely in JavaScript. Meteor has a Mongo API that seamlessly integrates MongoDB on the back-end and Minimongo on the front-end. This results in faster page reloads and refreshes, mitigating latency.

6) Live recharge:

Another prominent feature of Meteor.js is its integrated live browser reload. Whenever there are development changes to be made on the front-end, the live web page is automatically reloaded. Live reloading also makes it possible to update only the required DOM elements on the web page without having to reload an entire page despite any dependent changes in data on the back-end or front-end.

7) Custom Package Manager:

NPM modules (98,000+ modules) can be used with Meteor, but it also has its own custom Package Manager that presents the necessary NPM features and some additional functionality. The official Meteor repository of Meteor packages called atmosfera.js has over 2600 smart packages.

Meteor has a built-in package to handle preprocessing and custom user authentication for email, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more. Furthermore, it also comes with the necessary packages for popular frameworks like Backbone.js, Bootstrap, and jQuery.


With so many exciting features in its kit, Meteor.js will soon become an ideal JavaScript development platform. In addition, it is supported and funded by a large community of developers who are committed to improving Meteor’s functionality and features to optimize its performance. Along with it, you can also find different sites online that provide you a platform to learn Meteor.js.

Although its server-side runs on top of Node.js, it uses synchronous-style coding. It uses the Fibers JavaScript library to avoid the asynchronous callback style, which is critical to Node.js. This results in an easy-to-read code structure and a linear execution model that is quite suitable for server-side code in a Meteor application.

Mobile development with Meteorjs offers support for applications through the Cordova phonegap integration. You can easily develop and deploy Android and iOS apps.

In short, the Meteor ecosystem has an isomorphic API (application programming interface) that links all components within the Meteor ecosystem and integrates with third-party packages, tools, and managers. Additionally, you have the option to deploy Meteor applications using Meteor or any other service provider. You can also deploy your Meteor applications on your own server.


‘Otai – A traditional Tongan watermelon drink

A favorite Polynesian drink

Summer is over, but the watermelons still hold up. Why not go a little further and make a memorable watermelon drink? I have been living in Polynesia for the last 20 years and this drink is always a big hit at gatherings. You will run out of it before the food is served.

Be sure to use clean surfaces and wash your hands and tools you use. First, choose your watermelon. Look at the watermelons and find one that is symmetrical, firm, and without bruises, cuts, or dents. pick it up It should be heavy for its size, as watermelons are 92% water. The exterior of the watermelon should have a dull, healthy shine. It should not have a glossy, shiny surface. Turn it around. The bottom should have a telltale “ripe spot,” a creamy yellow spot where the watermelon settled on the ground. This spot develops as the melon grows in the soil. If the spot is greenish or white in color, it is not ripe yet. Watermelons do not continue to ripen once they have been picked, so this is an important clue to keep in mind.

The easiest thing is to choose a seedless watermelon, but if you have one with seeds, this will be the most tedious part. Cut the watermelon in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon; the little yellow ones don’t count. Then use a fork or potato masher to mash the fruit. You want it to remain meaty (it’s a drink you eat and drink at the same time). Now put half of the pureed watermelon in a large bowl and add two quarts of water, one or two cups of sugar or sugar substitute (depending on preference), two cups of half and half (fat free is best), or one can of coconut milk. You can also add a handful of shredded coconut from a bag, or grate a fresh coconut, if you are experienced in doing so.

Add a can of crushed pineapple or use fresh pineapple, peeled, cored, and cut into small pieces. Be sure to mix until the sugar no longer scrapes the bottom of the bowl.

Chill before serving or if you are in a hurry you can add ice. I promise you will not be disappointed. You can add shaved ice, but drink soon or it won’t be as good. Tongans make this drink with green mangoes, green apples, and a few other fruits. They also like to crack cookies in it. It takes a little getting used to, so try the watermelon-coconut-pineapple mix at first.


Tax-free planning opportunity for long-term care expenses

The aging demographics of the United States together with the Pension and Recovery Act of 2006 (the “PPA”) and the Deficit Reduction Act of 2007 (“DRA”) have provided an excellent planning opportunity to create fiscally efficient vehicles to address clients’ planning needs. Beginning January 1, 2010, a tax-free planning option will be available to individuals who wish to provide long-term health care through the use of an existing annuity or life insurance contract purchased after 1996. who wish to incorporate long-term health care into their estate plan.

Under the provisions of the PPA, annuity funds can be withdrawn completely tax-free on a FIFO (first in, first out) basis for long-term care benefits (as amended by Section 72(e) of the Internal Revenue Code). The PPA also includes a “1035 exchange” option that allows tax-free and penalty-free withdrawal of the full value of the annuity for qualified long-term care expenses. However, no income tax deduction will be allowed for any payment made of the cash surrender value of a life insurance contract or the cash value of an annuity contract for coverage under a qualified long-term care insurance contract (Code Section 213(a)).

This benefit is further enhanced by the modification of the Medicaid “look-back” period from thirty-two (32) months to sixty (60) months for transferred assets, and the authority of all states to adopt “association long-term care insurance plans” under the DRA. Qualified association plans allow an insured to “exclude an amount of assets equal to the value of benefits purchased under a long-term care association policy from qualifying Medicaid.”


The benefits of converting an existing annuity or life insurance contract include (i) no surrender charge will be applied to account withdrawals for qualified expenses; (ii) withdrawals for qualifying long-term care expenses will be classified as a reduction of tax-free basis; (iii) a spouse may be added to a policy for caregiving purposes; (iv) ten (10%) percent free withdrawal provision for withdrawals from non-long-term contracts; (v) the ability to purchase an optional lifetime provision with guaranteed premiums; and (vi) the annuity cash will continue to be available if the long-term care portion of the policy is never used. However, the conversion will also result in (i) the beginning of a new surrender charge period for the contract; (ii) medical underwriting (at a time when people’s health may be deteriorating); (iii) health care benefits that are limited in scope and a specified number of years; and (iv) the cost of the long-term care rider that reduces the tax-deferred income stream from the annuity. Additionally, the typical policy will contain a two-year waiting period from the time the annuity is purchased before benefits can be activated and a 90-day “elimination period” once a claim is filed.


A hybrid policy of this nature should not be used as a substitute for comprehensive long-term care insurance. It is recommended that these policies are only used when a person cannot afford or is not interested in comprehensive long-term care insurance.

Home Kitchen

Home staging on a budget

Staging is an essential and profitable part of the home selling process. Staging your home to show off its qualities can only increase your final sale price. On average, people receive a $2 increase in sales price for every $1 they invest in fixing up a home.

When staging your home for sale, there are five rules of thumb to keep in mind as you go through each room in your home.

Five golden rules:


The buyer must envision himself in the house, not you. That wedding photo may mean a lot to you, but the buyer is a distraction from seeing a home for their family.


Order and maximize the space in your home. Closets packed with all your clothes make a place starved for closet space. Consider temporarily storing the overflow offsite.


This rule of thumb is the easiest and cheapest way to organize your home: clean it up. A sink full of dirty dishes is just as unappealing to you as it would be to the buyer. Cleaning floors, walls, baseboards, ceiling fans, and windows is worth the effort.


Unless your home has exceptional period built-ins, every home could benefit from an update. If someone feels that the house is outdated, they will reflect that feeling in a lower offer. Consider some simple changes, like swapping out expensive fixtures for nickel or chrome.


Color can make or break a buyer’s interest in your home. You might love that striking red wall, but all the potential buyer sees is a lot of paint in their future because red clashes with their style. Painting is one of the cheapest ways to change the appearance of a house.

Bonus Tips


Clear closets of unnecessary clutter and organize them to maximize the amount of open storage space you’re showing potential buyers. Use boxes stacked close together to keep up and hide clutter.

Use Matching Hangers For Clothes – Hooks are cheap so spending on higher quality hangers is cheap, so celebrating on higher quality hangers to replace free wire hangers from the dry cleaner will update your closets with visual impact and a more luxurious feel.


A quick and inexpensive way to enhance your bedroom’s appeal is to use gender-neutral colors when touching up paint jobs and re-accessorizing for as much appeal as possible. Color coordinate where possible bedspreads, walls, curtains, etc. You should have a clear theme for your colors if possible.


If the walls are dirty, spray them with a standard spray bottle filled with a mixture of one part bleach and one part water, then apply a fresh coat of paint.

Clear countertops of all but the essentials to make the space look more open and expansive.


Modernize your outdated cabinets; they can be touched up for less than $200 with a coat of new wood stain or even a good coat of paint with sanding. Replacing brass or wood cabinet hardware with brushed silver or stainless steel is also an effective way to update dated cabinets.

Digital Marketing

10 Valuable Content Marketing Tips That Will Boost Sales on Shopify Ecommerce Stores

It seems as if there is some kind of frenzy or uproar of some kind regarding content marketing… It’s kind of peculiar, since content marketing has always been the number 1 practice, essential in SEO best practices. In fact, content is what made the Internet one of the most important inventions of modern technology.

Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing has said, “Content is the reason search started in the first place.”

Before the Web/Internet was so cluttered with display ads and PPC, content was the only thing driving traffic to websites.

Interestingly, even since the rise of technology and digital marketing, content still has a huge impact on driving customers and sales to different websites. Instead of diminishing in power, content has now become more essential and effective than ever in digital marketing strategies.

Why market content for Shopify eCommerce stores?

An exceptional piece of content that you create can live for eternity on the Internet. Unique and noteworthy content will continue to drive traffic, leads, and sales for years to come! You will proceed to make your social media rounds and develop referrals and backlinks.

When you write totally amazing and amazing content, you are starting to create a chain reaction of spells. The more engaging and informative the content, the greater the response… and this is just one of the many reasons why content marketing for Shopify eCommerce stores is vital!

You have to think of content marketing as some kind of money-making device or something that works without ever getting tired no matter what time of day it is… When you use content marketing correctly for Shopify eCommerce stores, your business will continue to grow.

Below you will find a variety of Killer Market content strategies that will drive traffic to your Shopify eCommerce store.

1. Write titles in bold. Always start with the basics: great headlines. On the search results pages, the headlines you’ve created have a colossal impact. Use headlines to attract the attention of your users and potential customers.

2. Write using power language/words. Powerful words are words that will convey emotions and attract different senses in a person. Words like “killer, catastrophic, ballistic, explosive and/or “amazing, mind-blowing, extraordinary, miraculous, astounding” and the like seem to elicit a reaction from people. We’re sure you’ve experienced this too when reading powerful and truly moving content.

However, be careful about using too many power words as it can come across as witty or even spammy. Find a balance and place powerful words in the right places, where the impact will be felt the most.

  • Don’t be afraid to be sexy. It’s no secret that sex sells. It just does… That being said, be sexy in applicable circumstances, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to be inappropriate or offensive. Creating some catchy headlines will help you with traffic to your Shopify eCommerce stores.
  • Be mysterious and intriguing. Everyone enjoys a bit of mystery; a bit of intrigue… so don’t unleash all your information in your headlines. Spark reader curiosity by leveraging the divide between user problems and solutions you can provide.
  • Implosion of expectations. Keep in mind that not many websites have received much attention following the conventional methods. Think outside the box. Dare to be edgy and a little shocking. Remove the filter from yourself and your content. Write about things your users don’t expect. However, ALWAYS back up your information with hard data and facts.

3. Acquire information. We recommend that you subscribe to websites such as: Copy Blogger, QuickSprout, Social Media Examiner, and Content Marketing Institute. Take note of the types of headlines, which generate the most shares and Tweets. Don’t be afraid to be experimental. You will learn from your mistakes.

4. Create fruitful content! Fertile, generous, informative, creative, abundant – these are all synonymous with extraordinary Shopify eCommerce content. People really love connecting and interacting with content as long as it engages their senses. If you know what really appeals to your target audience, you’ll see your content start to spread like an epidemic. Use this guide to create genuine and fruitful Shopify eCommerce content.

5. Make sure the content goes viral. How do you know if your content is viral worthy? Well, if your content is worth your information, it will usually spread on its own. Give your target audience reasons to connect and/or share your content with others. Is your content absolutely amazing? Are you offering special offers?

Developing viral content is of the utmost importance as it will compel your users to share your content. For Shopify eCommerce stores, it is sometimes a bit more challenging, and for this reason, you need to make sure that your Shopify eCommerce blog page is one of the best in your line of business or industry.

6. Newsjacking of social trends. We live in a world of hashtags and trending topics, and hashtags and trends come and go on a daily basis. When you use Newsjack, you’re basically leveraging the hot topics on social media to optimize your ecommerce content. For example, if #NationalCatDay is trending on Twitter, think of and/or find a way to link this trending hashtag to your business. You can even just tweet about it on your business Twitter account and users will notice that your business is one that keeps up with all sorts of hot topics.

7. Create longer blog posts/content. Guys, it’s a myth that users are lazy and don’t want to read long copies. Sure, if the content is boring or uninformative and invaluable to users, they will naturally bounce. However, if you have great content, with valuable and newsworthy information, your users will definitely want to read all of your content.

Plus, search engines just love long-form copy!

8. Create and use visual content. It has been reported that Tweets containing images have received approximately 89% more favorites and approximately 150% more ReTweets compared to Tweets without images.

Sure, you can select most of the images/photos you share on Twitter and other social media platforms, but it’s highly recommended that you dare to get a little creative with your smartphone and camera and experiment with a few for totally authentic images. You never know: you might even start something as big as the Hot Pepper Challenge!

Organizing and organizing content marketing for Shopify eCommerce stores

A lot of Shopify eCommerce stores/businesses have recently realized the importance of eCommerce and content marketing. But only a few have found the necessary infrastructure to optimize continuous content across the wide range of digital marketing platforms and channels available.

No matter what type of business you have, you must have access to the capabilities that will allow you to create, disseminate, and monitor your content.

9. Develop a calendar for Shopify eCommerce content. To get started, you need a concrete Shopify eCommerce content marketing strategy. Create a document that details: topics, short-term goals, targeting data, and segmentation. A calendar like the one described is the best way to start and ensure a successful ecommerce content marketing campaign for your Shopify ecommerce store.

As you get more familiar with your target audience, you’ll be better suited to prepare different content marketing strategies that are right for your users. Always make sure that any new strategy you implement is of the highest quality. Don’t create content just for posting something…

10. Reuse content. “Kill two birds with one stone…” When writing content, keep this quote in mind as it can be invaluable and extremely effective. When creating content, we often forget about some of the best writing ever published.

Take the time to go back to previous content you’ve written and/or created that you feel confident about and share it multiple times on the same platform, so you can reach people in different time zones or with different online habits. Once you do this, modify/reuse your content, so you can distribute these awesome pieces of content across different platforms.

For example, if you created an infographic a few weeks ago and are now developing a video for this week, see if you can incorporate your infographic from a few weeks ago into your new video. Remember, content is not just about words!

Start applying these amazing and totally effective tips that will boost sales in your Shopify eCommerce store!

Health Fitness

How to lose weight when diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Many people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, as well as other forms of hypothyroidism, gain a fair amount of weight and have a very difficult time losing it. Of course, a big reason for weight gain is that any hypothyroid condition will slow down the body’s metabolism. When it comes to losing weight in these people, there are essentially three different factors that one must consider. The first two factors you will be very familiar with, although many people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis do not consider the third factor, which is often the main reason people with this condition are unable to lose weight:

1. Diet. Almost everyone who tries to lose weight does so by changing their diet. And without a doubt, eating healthy is an important component of losing weight, as well as keeping it off. Of course, many people don’t really understand what a “healthy diet” consists of, and part of the reason for this is that different sources will recommend different diets. For example, some “experts” will tell you to cut out carbs entirely and eat whatever type of protein you want. Others will tell you it’s a “calorie game,” and as long as you limit yourself to eating a certain number of calories per day, you’ll lose weight.

When you really think about it, you probably know what you need to eat to help lose and maintain weight. Yes, restricting calories can work, but if you’re eating unhealthy foods most of the time, this is certainly not a long-term weight loss solution. And I am in no way suggesting that you need to eliminate all junk food from your life forever, as if you eat healthy most of the time, it is okay for most people to “cheat” from time to time.

So what should you eat when trying to lose AND maintain weight? Well, you definitely want to try to eat at least 3-5 servings of fresh vegetables every day. Of course, you should be careful to minimize goitrogenic vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, as they can further inhibit thyroid function. You can also eat a few servings of fresh fruit daily, such as apples, blueberries, raspberries, etc. Ideally, you want to minimize fruits with a high glycemic index, such as bananas.

Assuming you’re not a vegetarian, you can eat lean meats like organic chicken and turkey. You can also eat certain types of fish, such as wild salmon. Organic eggs are fine too, assuming you’re not allergic to them. And raw nuts and seeds are fine to eat, too. Of course, I haven’t listed all you can eat here, but I hope you get the idea. The general point is to avoid refined and sugary foods and eat whole foods.

Two other important points to keep in mind are that you need to make sure you don’t skip breakfast, as this can wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels. The second point is that after breakfast you don’t want to go more than two hours without eating, even if it’s something small. Every meal should consist of some healthy protein. Taking this approach will help you control your appetite and stabilize your blood sugar levels, which are essential to any weight loss program.

2. Exercise. We all know the importance of exercising, and as a result I won’t go into too much detail here. I realize that many people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis have low energy levels, which will make it difficult to start a regular exercise program. And to be frank, some people will need other areas addressed to help restore their energy levels. Seeing an endocrinologist or general practitioner will not usually accomplish this, as most doctors simply give their patients thyroid hormone, which may help with symptoms of hypothyroidism, but often does nothing for the actual cause of the disorder.

As a result, many people will continue to have low energy levels and will be unable to exercise. So, for those who fall into this category, I recommend consulting with a natural endocrine doctor, who will do more than just recommend synthetic or natural thyroid hormone, and will take a whole-body approach that will most often help restore energy levels for people with different types of hypothyroidism, including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

For those who have the energy to exercise regularly, I recommend working out at least three to five days a week, consisting of at least 30 minutes of cardio. This could be as simple as taking a 30-minute walk. Some people may not be able to start with 30 minutes as they may have to start with five or ten minutes and work their way up. But the ultimate goal is to rack up to 30 minutes of continuous exercise that makes you sweat. As usual, you should always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

3. Hormones. When it comes to functional endocrinology, one of my mentors is Dr. Janet Lang, who used to tell attendees during her seminars that “hormones are stronger than diet.” What this means is that if you have a hormonal imbalance, which many people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis do, then it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to lose any significant amount of weight by eating and exercising alone.

Eating a lot of refined foods and skipping meals affects two of the body’s main hormones, cortisol and insulin. And when someone continues these habits for many years, this will put pressure on the adrenal glands and can eventually lead to insulin resistance. And until this is corrected, you can eat a perfect diet and exercise daily and it will be difficult to lose weight.

Many people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and other types of hypothyroidism also have an imbalance in the ratio between the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which can also cause weight gain and therefore make it difficult to lose weight. This is yet another reason why I recommend that people with these conditions consult with a competent natural endocrinologist, as they will be able to detect a hormonal imbalance and, if determined that you have one, will help you correct it.

So these are the main factors to consider when trying to lose weight with any hypothyroid condition, including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Although most people focus on one or both of the first two factors I mentioned, very few are aware of the impact that a hormonal imbalance can have on weight loss. But if you want to lose weight and keep it off, then you really need to consider these three factors. Eating right, exercising regularly, and correcting any hormonal imbalances will not only help you lose the unwanted weight, but it will also help you keep it off forever.

Legal Law

Immigration Lawyers – Choosing the Right One

Many people who wish to become immigrants to the United States of America consult immigration attorneys on how to do so. The need to hire one is really very important because the immigration laws in the United States of America change very often and are quite complicated. Finding a good lawyer is essential for a high success rate.

Membership and Affiliations

Most of the best lawyers are members of societies or associations that have their own bylaws that generally govern them. These associations or groups also help their members by keeping them up to date on this specific aspect of the law. Members of these groups also tend to help each other or take care of each other. Two of the most important associations to look for are the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the State Bar Association.

Belonging to both groups can be a good indication of the professionalism and good reputation of immigration attorneys. It is important that he or she is well versed in immigration law and other related fields in order to help clients with their problems. Of course, a little common sense and instinct should help in finding one as well, some people are swayed by how they feel when meeting any individual and if one can read or understand people well that can be a basis for choosing.


References from other reputable and well-positioned professionals are also viable sources for legal specialist attorneys. Consulting someone who specializes in another aspect of the law or friends and family who have had experience with this side of the law can be helpful. The position of the ideal candidate in your own community should also be taken into account when reviewing her credentials.

It is preferable to hire a person who is morally upright but astute enough to be able to spot legal or viable ways to help their clients achieve their goals. Other references might be law school professors or other members of the law firm who have a good idea of ​​who they can trust or refer clients with specific needs.

Going online and researching associations that can recommend good lawyers is also another form of referral. There are groups that catalog the achievements and performance of a lawyer as a form of publicity for future clients. Some legal professionals also have their own websites that have answers to frequently asked questions that prospective clients may have for him or her.

Lifestyle Fashion

Remembering Atlantis – The True Story

Myths about Atlantis continue to be created, and I know that in my lifetime, like string theory, evidence of the truth behind the myths will be discovered.

Two recent BBC shows claim that the story of Atlantis stems from a major natural disaster in the Aegean that tore apart the islands of Thera and Crete in 1620 BC. I have no doubt that these catastrophic events happened, but I believe that the original story of Atlantis happened much earlier, 12,000 years or more before, and in a very different way.

Because this point in time on Earth parallels what happened in Atlantis, many of the people who lived then are incarnated now as part of their completion and you are likely among them, with your memories and possibly the karma of those great events. I was there too, many times, and this is what I remember from the last few days:

Atlantis was a great land located in the middle of what is now the Atlantic and it was very beautiful. It was abundant with riches of wildlife and culture, also wealth through trade. It was also the spiritual center of the world: the ancient wisdoms were known and practiced as the heart of civilization; great spiritual teachers were revered and sought after for their gifts; and priests and priestesses of the highest caliber served in temples of extraordinary high interdimensional frequencies, conduits between the people and the divine working magically to heal and transform to reach heaven on Earth.

Each temple had its own purpose and was designed to help achieve this through the use of colour, for example, shape and material. The Great Temple, the Temple of Light, was a portal to other planes and an entry point for beings of the highest light. It was the place where time did not exist and due to the strength of the frequencies only people of the clearest resonance could be there, and those who were allowed to be there were present only in their monadic being, nothing of matter could be there. As such, the temple was created from a living clear crystal and at its center was a large blue quartz crystal, a transmitter with powers that even now I cannot specify.

In its spiritual heyday, Atlantis was a place of bliss, but times change and nothing stays the same forever on Earth. Atlantis was spiritual sublimity, but, as in all those times, the swing of the pendulum changed as a result of Man’s choices.

The great continent was not only a spiritual and cultural center, but also a technological one, and amazing experiments and discoveries were carried out that have never been surpassed. The combination of spiritual wisdom, magic and science produced unimaginable wonders, and the fusion of these gifts of service worked in perfect harmony while following the imperatives of the ancient Laws based on altruism, simplicity and good intentions under the aegis of God.

Over time, certain men and women in all walks of life began to see the opportunity for personal advancement, bringing with it wealth and power. Using the sophisticated tools and knowledge they had, they realized that pure gold could be made from base metal; experimentation on humans and animals could produce hybrids that could be controlled and enslaved; psychic communications could foresee the future and influence the present; light could be used to create what was dark. The Atlanteans began to fall into material temptation and the fight between the vibrations of the highest and the lowest began.

Some of the priests and priestesses succumbed, others saw what was happening and resisted, but more and more people were drawn to the lure of possession, and they wanted more. The lands and the world of nature, hitherto so honored, were carelessly plundered as science and technology became preeminent for what they could offer. The spirit was forgotten or abused. Gaia watched and waited.

The dark masters of Atlantis had learned to control souls. His intention was to go further and control the monads, control the Spirit. It had never been done before. Each monad is a spark of God and as such is pure Spirit, incorruptible and comprising pure light. Souls, on the contrary, are the bridge between humanity and Spirit, a reflection of man’s path and man’s experiences, a mixture of light and darkness. For many Atlanteans, lured by the promise of wealth and power, the sacrifice of their soul on the altar of materialism was a price worth paying, and they ignored the long-term repercussions for themselves and their world.

The dark masters had their plan, a reverse reflection of God’s Plan, and it centered on the intent to control humanity through the drug of matter, and through this, using powers of great magic they had acquired through Atlantean spiritual experience, to exploit and then destroy divinity where it might be found. In this, they underestimated the determination of the Masters of Light, the Light and the Love of God, that the Spirit on Earth would not be destroyed.

A battle began between the scientists and technologists on the one hand, and the spiritual community on the other. You could call it the battle between the mind and the heart. There was intense pressure to bleed Atlantis and beyond of her lifeblood to fuel the demand for riches, but many resisted. Gaia herself, violated and despised for years, protested through sporadic earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. However, the tide of greed continued to swell, as did the insatiable desire for power.

The Temple of Light remained as it had always been, a sacred place of extraordinary interdimensional spirituality. The High Priestess and some of her acolytes knew what was occurring beyond that and recognized the challenges of the Master Plan, but they also saw that the experience was humanity’s ultimate choice and should be accepted as such without judgment. What to do about it was her personal and spiritual challenge. The dark masters also saw that as long as the Temple of Light survived and its flame of service burned, they could not achieve their goal of spiritual and world domination. The Temple and its servants had to be destroyed. The Temple was the key. In order to control the Spirit, the dark masters of Atlantis had to destroy the great Temple of Light that contained the cosmic secrets they sought.

They had in their power several lesser priests and priestesses whom they had corrupted both sexually and with the promise of riches; their minds had been changed and all sense of moral integrity had been stripped away. They waited within the sacred fortress of the Temple for the signal to administer drugs to the High Priestess and her loyal acolytes that would leave them paralyzed and blinded, unable to escape but locked in their bodies. The drugs would shut down all the chakras, severing all psychic and spiritual links, and would act as a truth drug.

Meanwhile, skilled Atlantean technologists and black magicians, hungry for fame and progress, had studied the workings of nature with the intention of controlling it, and they thought they had succeeded. The plan was for them to harness Earth’s energies and create an earthquake that would locate immediately below the Temple of Light destroying it but leaving the rest of the continent unscathed. It was risky but they were confident that they would succeed, because they believed that nothing could improve their scientific and magical knowledge.

Within the Temple, the High Priestess, herself a Master of Light, was in constant communication with the Source through the powerful quartz crystal that was the centerpiece of the crystal structure, and through meditation and ancient ritual. She knew of the Dark Plan before it was devised. It would have been easy for her and her friends to leave the place using the portal inside the crystal, but by leaving the Temple in this way, she risked violating cosmic secrets and the likelihood that Atlantis would become a potent center of darkness that could take over the world and destroy God’s Plan. She had to be there until the end.

On the last day of Atlantis the plan was in place, timed to begin exactly according to the perfect astrological profile for battle and success, but success for whom? The rogue priests, following instructions, poured poison into the altar cups of those they wanted to destroy, but their targets had been prepared through prayer, healing and cleansing, and the use of natural antidotes given to them by herbal experts, and the poison had no effect. When the men arrived to capture them for torture and brainwashing, they were met with the sight of a ring of priestesses ritually moving around a large fire that burned within the Blue Crystal. They were filled with unearthly light and strange music that seemed to come out of nowhere, while mythical creatures of magnificence accompanied them. The men were filled with fear and fled.

Deep in the Earth, below, the elementals that had been enslaved waited, but all too aware of the rituals unfolding in the Temple above them. The signal came for the earthquake to begin, and as it did, a bolt of energy, like lightning, pierced through the layers of crystal and released the spirits of the earth to do God’s bidding. They created an earthquake, but instead of simply destroying the Temple above it, it spread underground until it reached the place of capitalism, the home of the dark masters, and explosively erupted there before spreading further. Tidal waves of enormous proportions were created and dormant volcanoes sprang to life, and Atlantis began to break apart and submerge.

The Temple of Light stood, all the sacred wisdoms contained within the crystalline structures and the priestesses waiting, knowing it was their task to destroy the place they loved, and themselves, for the sake of the spiritual future of the planet. As Atlantis stirred and burned below them, they took the Temple’s secrets to keep until it was time to release them to the world again. The High Priestess, surrounded by those who remained, took the Sacred Rod of Initiation and invoked the power of God as she drew sacred symbols on the Blue Crystal and the others chanted mantras of great power.

With a crash of thunder and a burst of light, the Blue Crystal shattered, and the force of the event caused the Temple to shake and sheets of heavy glass began to rain down on those who stood there. Most were killed immediately, but the High Priestess continued to stand in the center of the Crystal, newly exposed, speaking in a strange language as she did the Spirit’s bidding using a form of magic never seen before, working with stars and moons and nature, with beings from other planets to ensure the mission was completed.

The Temple shattered around them and Atlantis disappeared beneath the waves. Some of the people who survived, fleeing in ships to other lands at night, spoke of seeing a column of light coming over the broken Temple, and that, when the light rose, the Temple could not be seen. The mission was complete.

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Benefits of leasing an SBLC

You may be wondering what the benefits of leasing a bank instrument are or considering other options besides risking your own collateral to secure a line of credit.

The benefits of leasing an SBLC:

  • It is very good for trade finance.

  • It is good to give the Seller peace of mind in case the Buyer does not pay for the goods received.

  • It is a good way for a Buyer to purchase goods to sell to a Buyer who is waiting in the wings and use the proceeds from the sale to pay for the goods purchased from the Seller.

How does leasing an SBLC work?

Let’s say you are a factory that converts soybeans into soymilk. You have an order from the local supermarket worth $150 million, you want to buy $100 million worth of soybeans from a supplier, you have $250 million in your bank account.

You may be concerned that with other outgoing costs, this request could leave you with very little money for other expenses. Instead of taking the entire $100 million out of your bank account to put up as collateral for a loan to buy the soybeans, you can choose another (safer) option.

You can obtain a bank instrument to show your Supplier that you have the financial means ready to buy the soybeans from him. This bank instrument will come from a third-party provider that will allow you to lease your collateral at, say, 10% of cost, so now you’re only spending $10 million instead of risking $100 million. Leasing a bank instrument means that you are a temporary lessee for one year and one day.

Invoices are typically issued on a 45, 60, or 90 day billing cycle. So, in theory, you could buy the Supplier’s soybeans by taking out a bank instrument. This would then be assigned to the provider as a backup in case you don’t pay the bill; this is very common in commercial financing.

In trade finance, the Provider will want collateral through a bank instrument to show that in the event an invoice is not settled, they can claim the instrument and cash it to collect their payment. If this is done at the right time, the Buyer of the soybeans can receive the products, convert it into soymilk for sale to the supermarket, who in turn pays the $150 million that has been pre-agreed and the Supplier, in turn, can settle the $100 million (the cost of the Supplier’s soybeans) within the stipulated timeframes, risking only very little of their own money.

Example of an SBLC lease:

Supplier sells soybeans for 100 million dollars

The buyer leases a bank instrument at 10% of the nominal value of the instrument. Therefore, the cost of leasing in this case is $100M x 10% = $10M

The buyer presents the instrument as a ‘promise to pay’ in case the buyer defaults on the $100 million invoice and the supplier proceeds to supply the soybeans.

Buyer takes shipment of goods and processes soybeans into soymilk

The buyer then immediately sells the soymilk to the supermarket for $150 million.

Supermarket settles $150M bill immediately

The buyer then takes the $150 million and settles the $100 million immediately and earns a profit of $40 million ($150 million minus $100 million minus $10 million for the cost of leasing the instrument) without having to provide the $100 million up front. The entire transaction essentially cost them $10 million and they managed to make $40 million in the process.

Buy a SBLC

If you’re looking to buy an SBLC, there are a few pros and cons to keep in mind. The main advantage of buying a StandBy letter of credit is that you become the official owner of the instrument and, in turn, you can lease the bank instrument to a third party. It is necessary to keep in mind that the price of the bank instrument will not be cheap, since the purchase cost would start at around 30% more than face value. So if you want to buy a StandBy Letter of Credit for $100 million, the purchase price would start around $30 million, so you’ll need to weigh the benefits of buying a bank lease v.

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Fourteen practical steps on how to gain massive traffic

One of the most important aspects of blogging is driving traffic, good traffic to your site, because you can also have bad traffic that will only annoy you. You also have to work to keep them coming with the right commitment.

Why do you want traffic?

1. Traffic means more views

2 More views, if managed well, generate more revenue.

Web traffic can be divided into four main types, mainly:

1. Direct traffic

These come from people who are already aware of your brand and visit your site directly by typing your site name into their web browser.

2. Referral traffic

This is the traffic that comes to your site through external links from other web pages.

3. Organic Traffic

These come to you through online searches that are helped through search engine optimization.

4. Social Traffic

People who visit your site through links on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.

5. Paid traffic

These are made up of Adwords, Remarketing and others.

So how do you drive traffic to your site now? Well, we will look at a combination of factors that work together to achieve the desired result.

1. Theme that grabs attention and drives traffic

Why do some topics appeal to you more than others? You’re browsing a page and suddenly you pause and hover over a title or topic and click on it for more information. Most likely, it caught your eye because it was catchy and attractive. This is how the themes should be. You also need to make sure that you capture what is in demand and what people are actually looking for. Google Trends is particularly useful in this regard, which brings us to our second point.

2. Analyzing your headline

“On average, 5 times more people read headlines than body copy. By the time you’ve written your headline, you’ve spent eighty cents of your dollar” -David Ogilvy

Very sure. When you enter a search term into a search engine and the results show up, scan the headings for something that is engaging or perhaps standout before reading anything else.

This is where a headline parser comes into play. Coschedule is a good option, fast and very effective. It does a complete analysis of your headline and offers you some tips to improve.

The instructions, the list and the questions are particularly good and should be taken advantage of. Emotional and powerful words are also important if you want to light the fire in your headline.

3. Meticulous keyword research

It is important that you research the keywords that are appropriate for your posts. This is essential if having visitors flood your site is important to you. If no one is searching for the words you used in your post, then you won’t get much traffic to your site. Your post should be read with them, but not affect the readability and flow of your post. Doing this will only turn off your readers. It has to be done right. Tools you can use for this include the Google Keyword Tool and similarweb.

Things I would be looking for include:

– How many people are actually searching for that term?

– Will it attract the right kind of audience?

-Will you be able to position yourself as well or better than your competitors?

4. Fundamental content

These are the most important articles on your site. They show what your site is about and are the foundation around which everything else is organized. Cornerstone content is also sometimes known as perennial content. This type of content should be written around and on the keywords you want to rank for in search engines, and it should be contained on the first few pages of your website. Your Cornerstone articles should be detailed and comprehensive to capture all aspects of the topic. Subsequent articles you write related to your Conerstone articles should also link to these all-in articles.

5. Stunning images

Yes, and I mean awesome. Images, photos and images make your article more visually appealing. Humans have a short attention span online, so you need something that will immediately grab their attention and want them to discover more. Images are gradually becoming the universal language and you should take advantage of this. Articles with images have also been found to get 95% more total views than others. However, be sure to give proper credit to any images used or find and use copyright-free images to avoid risking copyright infringement.

6. Page load time

Google considers many factors when ranking websites and page load time is one of them. If your site takes too long to load, you lose traffic.

Ways to reduce charging time:

# Remove unwanted plugins

Sometimes we install too many plugins on our sites, which consumes our server resources and makes our site slow. To avoid this you must

– Disable or uninstall unwanted plugins

– Instead of using multiple plugins

for various functions, use an all-in-one plugin like the

jetpack plugin.

# Optimize your images

Using images from various sources as found can significantly affect site load time. You can compress images using to conditionally load images when readers scroll to the bottom of the page.

# use a CDN

This stands for content delivery network and it is a network of servers located in various countries and helps deliver web content more efficiently. What it does is help a browser get data from a closer source, thus making it load faster.

# Reduce the number of posts on the home page

You can use a tool like Pingdom to analyze your blog’s page load speed. Example:

The more posts you have displayed on your home page, the slower it will load, of course that makes sense. Limit the number of posts that can be displayed in your page settings.

7. Email Campaign

Statistics show that emails convert up to three times more than social networks. The email campaign is an effort worth putting on your blog. All you need to do is make sure you feature relevant posts or posts related to the group and send them out as an email newsletter. Getting email logs can be difficult, but you can use these proven techniques:

> Make subscription forms available

> Build your email list

> Select the type of campaign you want – Newsletter,

offer, advertisement, etc.

> Create your campaign

> Measure your result

8. Participate in online forums

Forums where questions are asked and answered are a great place to hang out and establish a presence. Keep an eye on the topics and queries your posts are relevant to and you’ll soon build a legitimate following.

Sites like Quora and Reddit can give you immediate exposure to over 1 million monthly visitors. Provide links to your blog posts in forum responses and watch your audience grow.

9. Make use of SlideShare

Slideshare is useful to complement the content of your blog and attract a lot of traffic. If done right, your slideshow may even become more popular than the blog post itself. Be sure to provide a link to your blog in the submission.

10. Frequency and duration of publication

The more often you post articles, the more traffic you’ll get, and we’re not talking about just any quality well-researched article back. If you feel like you can’t keep up on your own, you can hire writers on sites like freelancer, Guru, or upwork to compensate.

Longer content of no fewer than a thousand words generally ranks better in search engines than shorter ones. They also often get more shares and links to, so increase your number of posts and give them more length.

11. Make use of content curation sites.

If you are sure of the quality of your articles, you can submit them to these sites that are constantly looking for good content to attract their readers and hope for good traffic.

Sites you can submit to include:

-> Participate Blog

-> Shredder

-> BizSugar

12. Ease of sharing

The presence of social sharing buttons on your page or even better on your posts is the most important thing. It makes it easy for readers to quickly share and spread your posts. Facebook, LinkedIn. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others are useful.

13. Guest Post

Getting featured on other blogs that target your target audience will help gain readership and awareness for your brand, so to speak. You can take advantage of the goodwill of others and win back traffic for your blog. Be sure to provide a link to your blog and make sure your posts are stellar. You get backlinks and the more you get, the more likely you are to rank higher in search engine results. The guest site will also benefit from this because they will get new and unique content from a different point of view. New life, you could say. It is a win-win situation.


Linking to another site’s page from your posts, called outbound links, helps Google rank you higher. What’s more, the site you link to may also be linked to you. Outbound links provide your readers with additional resources and material to help them in their search for answers and information.

You can also link from one post to another post within your blog, known as internal linking. Backlinks has already been mentioned above.

my take

The topic of traffic: getting it, keeping it, and growing it has become a focal point that every serious, results-oriented, aspiring blogger cannot afford not to take seriously. After all, the main focus of blogging or any other online activity is Numbers.

What’s the point of writing a good post that people can’t see or read? Only when our audience grows, we get mentions of positive comments and shares, will we be encouraged to produce better posts, and don’t forget the revenue that could accrue from all the traffic.