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Hostess with the most

The story begins in 1919, when the world met what is now known as the Hostess® Cup Cake, at the sale price of two for 5 cents. It was the beginning of a revolution, at the height of the Toll House and Oreo cookies. No one had to search for a bakery or fire up the oven for a snack attack anymore. Six years later, the Continental Baking Company, which had found gold with its Wonder® packaged white bread, named its new creations Hostess and they were a success. In 1930, an employee named Jimmy Dewar came up with a cake called Twinkies®. and they beat cupcakes by a mile. Twinkies are an American icon, with 500 million sold each year.

But it wasn’t until 1947 that a machine was invented that injected cream filling into cupcakes and Twinkies, wowing its customers by providing not just an individually wrapped treat, but one packed with creamy filling. What idea. As other products were added to their repertoire, including deep-fried fruitcakes, Ding Dongs, and Ho Hos, the cupcakes category was secured with no end in sight. A staggering 11,000 cakes are currently being produced every hour, so joke around all you want, but Hostess is grinning from ear to ear.

Although the property has been turned over multiple times in its history and faced bankruptcy, those snacks keep coming and their popularity continues to this day, proving Americans with that artificial cream filling and the convenience of sipping a sandwich. Fried Twinkies are a popular item at many regional and state fairs each summer, as Americans line up for this high-fat treat, along with stalls selling deep-fried funnel cakes. Featured in numerous movies and cookbooks, the Twinkie continues to reign despite jokes from comedians and taunts from celebrity chefs. (One has to wonder if there are secret fanatics who indulge in private.)

Although preservatives are used for a long shelf life, the company insists that the Twinkies are removed from your local grocery store after 10 days, making way for more “fresh.” Here is the current parade of the hostess snacks:

1) Ho Ho’s – best seller, basically a rolled up version of Ding Dongs

2) Twinkies – The butt of endless jokes, still high on the list

3) Sno Balls: Marshmallow Coated Chocolate Cake Rolled in Coconut Flakes

4) Ding Dongs: shaped like a hockey puck and covered in chocolate

5) Suzy Qs – no frosting cake with cream filling

6) Cherry Pies: fried and easy to eat by hand

7) Vanilla Zingers – oblong cakes filled with cream, vanilla queen

8) Chocolate or Orange Cupcakes – The classic one, complete with a white squiggle on top

9) Crunch Donettes – People of all ages start their day with these mini-treats (easily eaten while driving)

10) Mini Muffins – Not exactly bakery quality but still popular

Currently, the main competing brand Little Debbie, started by the McKee family during the 1930s and still a private corporation, occupies most of the space in the snack aisle that was once dominated by Hostess. Their oatmeal cream cake remains the flagship product, followed by Swiss Cake Rolls and Nutty Bars® Wafers. Dozens of additions have been added since 1960, when the company took off nationally, racking up a staggering 157 billion snack cakes sold, totaling $ 1.4 billion in annual sales, followed by Hostess with $ 670 million. Dollars.

Maybe actress Ann Blyth just did it for the money, or maybe she actually fed her own kids cakes, but either way, those packaged treats are made so fast they’re probably pretty fresh. However you look at it, when it comes to our sweet tooth, we are all children at heart.

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Nches Iredu, a woman of extraordinary faith!

Rev. (Ms.) Nches VN Iredu is a Nigerian who grew up in a typical loving and stable home. She gave her life to Jesus at a very tender age, before that, she lived a very decent life. Rev. Ms. Nches Iredu is the President of Sisters Fellowship International, which is commissioned and mandated by God to impact the entire nation with the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ for a life full of purpose and fulfillment on earth and with a great vision to see that the whole earth is filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea. This kind woman is an instrument in the hand of God. He found the humiliation that turned out to be a stepping stone to his ministry.

He loved God and was born again very early in life. He married at a mature age but had a primary infertility problem for a period of eight (8) years. But overall, his great love for God did not stop in any way. She never took offense at God; neither was she crying and complaining about her problem. Rather, he sought God’s face and settled it once and for all with God. With peace of mind, she continued to serve the Lord with all her heart.

For the sake of time, he left Nigeria and went to the University of Birmingham and the University of Hull, UK, to obtain his first and second degrees respectively. She asked “Why do people worry so much about not having children? Isn’t it to see someone who will grab them by the dress and call them mom and then take care of them when they’re older? “OMG“She continued”I have loved you so much and I still love you to death, even if you don’t give me physical children, I will still love you. One thing I beg You Lord, do not deny me spiritual children, I will move from the UK to Czechoslovakia, America, Ghana, Canada and all over the world spreading the gospel. Please sir, don’t deny me this. Because I’m going to win these souls so that they love you and love me too and call me mommy. “

Being a lover of God, she maintained a firm and faithful relationship with God. He joined a small group of very serious Christians who loved God equally and served him fervently. This group of Christians worshiped the Lord in Spirit and in truth.

There came a time in that fellowship when they decided to pray for their various individual needs. They were taking turns taking prayer requests. When it was her turn to express her request like the others, she began to sing a song like that “I have a God who never fails forever. “As she sang the song, the whole atmosphere was charged with the presence of God. Immediately the Lord began to speak and said:”My daughter, I have heard your cry, by this time next year, you will be carrying a baby. “

The Lord kept His promise and from that moment on she never stopped appreciating God for answered prayers. Every time she looks at herself during pregnancy, her eyes fill with grateful tears. She didn’t care if she was shopping, at school, alone in her room, or anywhere. In time, she gave birth to a bouncing baby, just as the Lord has spoken.

On another occasion in the same fellowship, a call was made for people to come out in turns to testify of the goodness of the Lord in their lives, she came out with a song “you are so big. “While she was in deep appreciation, the same incident that happened before, was repeated, the whole atmosphere changed and was charged with the manifested presence of God; then God began to speak:”My daughter, because you have appreciated me so much, you have not yet seen my blessings, around this time next year you will have another baby; I will use you to meet the needs of other women in similar situations. As you pray for them, they will conceive. People will listen to your message and have a close relationship with me.. I will use you to heal broken homes; You will teach men and women ways to have a happy marriage and lasting peace in their homes. I will use you to train young women in the straight path so that they too can lead blessed and happy married lives. I will use you to impact lives in a positive and meaningful way.“Today she has been blessed with four (4) biological children and so many spiritual children around the world. She is happily married, the wife of one supportive husband, and a great encouragement to her ministry.

A few years later, he returned to Nigeria, where he began working in a school and started a staff scholarship during the rest period, which he called a staff scholarship; He invited the school teachers to the fellowship and taught them the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The fellowship grew so large that they began meeting after school. People came with their neighbors and friends. As the fellowship grew, many women joined, the name was changed from personal fellowship to sister fellowship. With the rapid growth of members to 300 women, the chapters spread far and wide. Today, she has impacted the lives of so many women through the Sisters’ fellowship chapters in Enugu, Benin, Nasarawa, Aba, Umuahia, Port Harcourt, South Africa, Cote d’Voire, Ghana, Togo, Republic of Benin, Cameroon , America, London and other countries. She is committed to bringing souls into the kingdom of God. It also organizes dinners for couples. He has written books like Marriage can be exciting Y Do not Cry more.

She believes that women shape character and influence the family. She and her group have visited women in prisons and sent them daily devotions and drinks. She built her ministry on love and extended it to homes for motherless babies, homes for the elderly and widows, the blind and the homeless are not left out; she also gives them food and clothing along with the gospel of peace.

Rev. Iredu is a decent woman who believes in modesty when it comes to dressing! She encourages women, especially married women, to dress in a way that glorifies and beautifies God in themselves and in others. She is truly a woman of influence who has inspired so many women to live lives of achievement.

His story and testimony continue to positively affect millions of people around the world; what the devil brought as a setback for her fueled her passion and love for God. Woman, does it hurt? Are you discouraged? It hurts? Have you been given nicknames because of your situation? Cheer up, joy comes in the morning! This is the morning of your life, so get up, dust off your skirt, and run your race through Christ who strengthens you!

Copyright, Jaachynma Agu

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Choosing a business

The fact that you are reading this article indicates that you probably want to own and operate a business. It is very likely that you also have a good idea of ​​what that business will be. I will help you make sure you have selected the right business for you.

The success of your business will be directly proportional to how much you love what you are doing.

Considering how much effort you will have to put in as an entrepreneur to make your business successful, the business you select should be something that you like. There are many reasons why people decide to start a new business. At the top of the list is dissatisfaction with your current job. If this is your situation, try to understand why you don’t like your current job. This will help you select a business that is right for you.

Select a company because it has something to give, because it understands the market, and because you know it will do a better job than anyone else. Don’t choose one because you want to make a quick buck or because “the deal seems too good to pass up.” If your heart and soul are in business, you have a much better chance of succeeding.

The business you choose should meet realistic goals and an honest assessment of yourself. The following checklist will help you decide which business may be successful for you. Bruce bought a fast food franchise because the opportunity seemed too good to pass up. It could have been, but Bruce didn’t know anything about the food business or restaurants, and as far as I knew, he didn’t even like fast food! Would you mind guessing how successful it was? Or how long did it last? Would you mind guessing what happened even though “all the details are well taken care of by you?”


o Is this the type of job that I really enjoy?

Look at your current interests. Many successful small businesses grow out of hobbies because you choose a hobby for all the right reasons … you enjoy the task, the challenge, the time invested.

o Do I have the necessary technical experience?

Don’t go into business if you know little or nothing about it. The story told above is true … and one of many similar ones. When you have the necessary technical expertise, you can ask the right questions, make good business decisions, and evaluate other “expert” opinions.

o Can I make enough money in this business?

First, your financial goals must be realistic. Then look around similar businesses to see how they’re doing. Talk to the owners. Most will give you enough information to decide if it is financially right for you. This will help you choose a business that can meet your financial goals.

o Can I get the help I will need?

If your business is not going to be a one-man operation, you need to find out if the right kind of help is available in your immediate area. Are there similar businesses in the area? Also check with local employment agencies.

o Do I understand the market?

Will you be able to find clients? Do you have the knowledge to set prices properly? Will you be able to run a marketing program? (You may not do it yourself, but you may need to manage the effort.)

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How to Attract Women Using the Law of Attraction: Become a Magnet for Beautiful Women

If you are looking for the best way to attract women using the law of attraction, then simply align your unconscious mind with what you want. In this case it is to attract beautiful women.

You will see that our conscious mind is our goal setter, but it is our unconscious mind that achieves it.

No matter how much conscious effort you make, it will all be in vain if you are not unconsciously consistent in your desire to attract women.

So what we need to do is have the right mindset to attract and attract women. Our confidence and self-esteem must be in the correct amount necessary to take action when necessary and any self-limiting beliefs and fears must be removed from our unconscious mind.

You will see that the law of attraction is always working. It is always sending a constant frequency out into the universe based on our habitual thought patterns. It doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative, in the end we will reap what we sow.

If you think that attracting women is difficult, then that is the frequency that you are sending out into the universe and the universe will respond by validating your belief by presenting you with a reality in which attracting women is difficult for you.

When you understand how to attract women using the law of attraction, you can effortlessly attract a large number of women into your life. Picking up girls, approaching women you don’t know, and creating sexual tension will be easier for you if you have the right mindset.

Imagine if you had the belief that women find you irresistibly sexy. What do you think your reality would be then?

Like everything, the law of attraction would manifest reality for you to validate your belief. You will see that women find you irresistibly sexy.

Not only that, but because of that belief, you would also behave differently around women. You would have more confidence around him and maybe even some blatant arrogance. Your fears, if you had them, would also begin to diminish, all from changing just an unconscious belief.

Beliefs are constant filters of our reality that work at an unconscious level to dictate what we will and will not do. If you think you can approach a girl and get her number, you will be ready to act, and as if you don’t think you can do it, you will hesitate and be paralyzed by approach anxiety.

To install a new empowering belief that harnesses the law of attraction to attract women, you must first erase the old self-limiting belief.

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Canterbury School – Academic Excellence in Fort Myers

Canterbury School is an independent coeducational private day school in Fort Myers, Florida that claims the distinction of sending 100 percent of its graduates to colleges or universities. With such high academic statistics, it is not surprising that Canterbury students are regularly admitted to select universities across the country, including Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Harvard, New York, Princeton, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, and Yale, among others.

The school spans 32 acres, comprising four divisions: Lower (grades K-3), Intermediate (grades 4-6), Middle (grades 7-8), and Upper (grades 9-12). Elementary and middle schools have classrooms dedicated to the arts and music, science labs and computer labs, and classrooms with a shared library. Middle and high schools share a library, music and art rooms, but have separate science labs, computer labs, classrooms, and common areas. The entire school shares a cafeteria, a gymnasium and sports center, an outdoor marine biology touch tank and classroom, and a performing arts center.

Canterbury’s strong academic performance is due in part to a low 10: 1 student-to-teacher ratio and average class size of 17. Another of Canterbury’s secrets is one shared by many high schools. Canterbury Guidance Counselors have developed strong relationships with various colleges and universities. Over time, Canterbury has built its reputation among graduates who excel in both academics and leadership. In fact, each year Canterbury students earn top honors in local, regional, state, and national academic, athletic, and arts competitions. These traditions, along with the strong ties between guidance counselors and college admissions officers, pave the way for exceptionally high admissions rates.

Canterbury begins the college selection process early when students enter their “senior years,” or the equivalent of ninth grade. Students work with counselors to select appropriate target schools based on academic strengths and majors, as well as school size. According to the principal, Tony Paulus, students continue to receive personalized attention during their senior years so that they can be admitted to the college or university that is best suited to that child.

Canterbury students, however, do not focus solely on academics. The school believes that athletic competition and team service are an integral part of the educational experience in building character and leadership. According to a recent press release, 85% of all middle and high school students participate in track and field and can choose from soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, golf, cross country, cheerleading, track and field, softball. and lacrosse. . The fall 2008 season included victories in men’s district soccer and women’s volleyball. Canterbury’s top female golfer, Michelle Shin, ranked second at the state championships.

While an education in Canterbury is not cheap, the school actively seeks a diverse student body and offers a variety of financial aid options. For example, in the 2008-2009 school year, Canterbury provided more than $ 1,100,000 in financial assistance to 18% of the student body, with awards ranging from 20% to 95% of enrollment.

As graduates, many Canterbury alumni continue to exceed expectations, pursuing prestigious careers in government, science, law, and the medical front. Students enthusiastically comment online that, “As a former student, this school relentlessly prepared me for future success. Small class sizes and excellent teachers make this a great option for all children.”

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Pay Per Click Marketing – Everything You Need

Before going into details, let’s analyze a little myth; Ignis fatuus. Is it true that 1000 views make a dollar on YouTube? The answer to this simple question is No. There is no virtual connection between the amount of money and the number of views you get on YouTube. However, higher number of views will help you in sponsorship, YouTube association, and earnings through third-party payroll ads. There is no such hypothesis that tends to resolve this conflict of direct dependence on number of views and estimated revenue (I know the low CPM on your AdSense account is bothering you, but that is also a rough estimate). Before understanding how to make more money on YouTube, we need to know the basics of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

Caution: Geeky stuff next, proceed with your brain!

PPC is a marketing strategy employed to inorganically drive more traffic to your website (the opposite is SEO).

This knowledge includes paying search engines money to display your website on the search engine’s website. Given that around 51.2% of the total on the web, searches are carried out on Google; We will delve into the depths of Google Marketing.

You’ve built a website and you want to advertise on it, and you pay Google a substantial chunk, that’s all and Bravo, your website is at the top of the search results! It sounds too simple, but wait, there are thousands of other sites that offer their content that may be similar or even better than yours. The question “How does Google classify them?” Arises. Well, the first criterion is an easy guess. Money, the more, the higher the ranking. Aside from this, Google believes in providing quality content as you simply won’t ruin your reputation by displaying unrelated and underdeveloped websites just to make little money and act on people’s faith. Things get a bit tricky when the Google AdWords auction comes into play, in addition to the bidding procedure, Google takes into account PPC campaigns, supporting backlinks, less competitive long-tail keywords, and how well optimized it is. the place.

Ad rankings are designed based on these factors. You may be wondering what it has to do with my videos. Remember that poor ad rankings mean higher CPC rates (that’s what we want!) There are two ways that ad companies pay Google, first is cost per view (CPV) – based on the number of times they an ad is seen on the video, payments are made to the creator. What advertising companies are looking for, the sales of their products and what they want is for the user to access their landing page instead of being seen only from the outside (which perhaps can evoke interest but to a lesser extent) this strategy Backup is a bit outdated and suffers from lower income from its YouTube videos.

The second is my favorite technique (ad companies love it too), the cost per click (CPC) technique, the only problem is the higher payout rates (good for us!). The AdWords auction is bidding on keywords that are relevant to advertising companies, while some keywords may be competitive, some are a little concerned, for example keywords on insurance, mortgages, and finance are incredibly competitive, and the highest bids go there. . You just want to choose a suitable title, description and even subtitles to use these keywords in your videos. Search engines have spiders and bots to identify them from the rest of the videos and help you rank higher.

Remember that quality content is a must on YouTube, as audience retention time is a critical factor in rankings. Use catchy custom headlines and thumbnails.

The headlines are where your head is. If you asked a copywriter how essential a headline is, they would say they spend 90% of their time rewriting headlines. So how should you write the first one? First of all, I want you to ask these three questions;

Why would people be willing to click on your video?

Two, what would stop them until the end?

Three, why would they care to like or subscribe?

The answer to the first question is self-interest. Why did you click on my “Get $ 10,000 a month on YouTube” article simple because it promotes one of your personal interests, the information you care about is something that is important to you (you can’t help but get 10, $ 000! ). These are the considerations to keep in mind when uploading videos: make viewers reluctant to click on them.

Having learned how important a title is, now you have to optimize your description, here are some rules:

Make sure the keywords used in the title are taken multiple times (just don’t be intrusive, keep it natural and truculent) include these keywords in your tags as well. (Choose at least 5-10 cards) and your channel description should ensure that you specialize in providing that particular content (search bots will read it, giving you greater authority – better search rankings).

Provide a hyperlink at the beginning of the description – it only acts as a backlink for your videos, improving searchability.

If you really are a lazy bum then the last option would be to seek the help of a freelancer, there are numerous websites (freelance, fiverr, and work to name a few) that would do your job for the best possible price.

You mentioned the use of highly paid keywords. I saw that “mesothelioma law firm” has the highest cost per click (117 $). Can I make a video about it and make a lot of money?

I wish it had been that simple. However, this is not likely to be the case. The nature of the ads depends on the content of your video, and the CPC rates depend on the audience, this means that you will never get the same $ 117 paid ad flashing on your video (it’s alliterative, but probably not). Since mesothelioma is a disease, it is possible that advertisements for law firm and health care agencies with a low CPC rate will appear in your video, making hardly any difference to your income.

What happens if I start clicking on the ads shown in my video? If not, can I create a fake account and click on my ads?

The answer to the first question is clear: no Google has strict rules against you, and this type of action can permanently block your AdSense account. The second question is something acceptable, you may get paid by clicking on your ads through a fake account; For a beginner, after a 45% deduction in CPC rates, you get 3-6 cents on average for hitting the $ 100 threshold. Math.

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Why Should You Hire An Attorney For A Slip And Fall Case?

Slip and fall injuries can happen anywhere, anytime in Massachusetts. The pain and discomfort caused during such injuries have a serious impact on the victim both physically and financially. It can also leave the victim with large medical bills, time lost from work, and lost wages.

Simply put, a slip and fall injury leaves the accident victim with intense financial and mental stress. Hiring a Massachusetts slip and fall attorney would go a long way to alleviating some of that stress in such a situation. Here are some reasons why a victim of a slip and fall injury should consider hiring an experienced attorney:

1> Establishment of responsibility

To resolve the case or proceed with the trial, it is always best to seek the advice of experienced attorneys. According to legal experts, the most critical part of a slip and fall case is proving that the defendant was legally responsible for the fall.

The first thing an attorney will need to confirm is how your injury occurred. It goes without saying that falls happen very quickly and unexpectedly. Therefore, establishing how they happened and what caused your injuries becomes relevant to your case.

Herein lies the responsibility of a good lawyer. They will investigate the accident site and analyze the possible causes that may have contributed to your accident. They will then present the theory along with the evidence to the insurance company and the court of law.

2> Damage check

Although it may sound simple, proving slip and fall damage and then pursuing a defendant’s legal claim can be quite difficult. Medical records provided by victims are not always considered concrete evidence in court of law, as they can argue that part of the injury was due to a pre-existing condition.

This is why many Massachusetts slip and fall attorneys, especially Massachusetts construction accident injury attorneys, hire experts to analyze the accident scene and collect the client’s medical records and bills. During the term of the case, these documents are provided as evidence in the court of law.

In the event that the records lack sufficient evidence to establish the conditions suffered by the victim, the lawyer will ask the doctor to present a medical report or a letter that addresses the cause of the injury and its aftermath. The attorney will carefully review the pain and suffering caused to the client so that they can present a demand letter to the insurer to negotiate a settlement.

3> Negotiate Settlement

If a victim tries to negotiate the settlement amount directly with the insurer, then, in all likelihood, they will receive much less compensation than they deserve. Hiring a Massachusetts slip and fall attorney can be immensely beneficial. Having an advocate on your behalf negotiating with the insurance company is critical to getting the amount you deserve for your injuries.

So, it goes without saying that it is always best to hire an attorney with experience handling slip and fall cases. Not only do they represent the case in the most efficient way in the court of law, but they also reduce the amount of stress on the accident victim.

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What you need to know about law school

Law school is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a student can have. The popularity and demand for law schools has grown at a dizzying rate. If you’ve ever seen “Devil’s Advocate,” Al Pacino (during his dramatic closing monologue) says that there are more people in law school than there are actual attorneys. I’ve done some research and haven’t been able to verify if this is true or not, but it wouldn’t be a total surprise if it were valid. Television shows such as “Law & Order,” “Boston Legal,” and “Shark” have made the practice of law more attractive to young adults. Plus, the great potential salary that can be earned through a law career makes it even more attractive. In fact, the average starting salary for an associate at a mid-size law firm is $ 93,000. But keep in mind that a career in law generally does not focus on high-drama, high-paying court cases. It actually requires discipline, a lot of research, and strong written / oral skills. Let me explain …

This may surprise you, but most attorneys never set foot in a courtroom. This is due to the fact that less than 10% of all motions and cases go to trial. So if you dream of being the new Denny Crane (Boston Legal) or Samantha Cabbot (Law & Order), you need to specifically focus on trial law during your hanging in law school. On the subject of salary, yes, a lawyer can make a lot of money. But keep in mind that high-paying jobs are predominantly in the private sector that works with corporate clients. In addition, associates and partners of law firms work, on average, 60 hours a week. So, you will earn that great salary as a lawyer.

Here are some basic facts and guidelines that you will need to know if you really want to attend law school:

(1.) To be accepted into a quality law school, you must have a high GPA and a high score on the LSAT. Most law schools have a formula for determining who they accept. Yes, your essay and letters of recommendation are important, but the combination of a high GPA and an LSAT score is essential if you want requesting reviewers to consider you. To get into one of the top 25 law schools, you will need at least a 3.0 GPA (at least a 3.5 for the top 10 schools) and an LSAT score of at least 152 out of 180, but much higher for the top 10. at least 165 out of 180.

(two.) Law school is expensive. Most law schools charge more than $ 20,000 a year in tuition and fees alone. Private law schools charge even more. For example, Harvard Law School charges $ 53,000 a year for tutoring … tuition only! That doesn’t include books, a laptop, lodging, and miscellaneous expenses. So, if you’re serious about law school, you probably need to get a good student loan. Or do whatever you can to win a scholarship or grant. Here’s a helpful resource for loans, scholarships, and grants …

(3.) The Law School lasts for 3 years and you will work non-stop during that period. Law School is a difficult and time-consuming task, especially during the first year. Some law school graduates and professors have even said that the first year is specifically designed to be extremely challenging, so those who are not really committed will be eliminated. So understand that if you go to law school, it won’t be child’s play. You’ll have to read hundreds of cases, write lengthy articles, do a great deal of legal research, and argue in front of a judge in a mock trial. So if you don’t like writing or speaking in public, law school is not for you.

(4.) Even after graduating from law school, you still won’t be a lawyer! That’s right, even after 3 years of hard work, you are technically still not a lawyer. You must pass the bar exam and obtain your license in order to be a lawyer legally (good pun hey).

Sum: I don’t want this article to sound pessimistic about the law school experience. It can be one of the most satisfying companies of your life. You will learn and master something that is involved in all aspects of our life: the law. Once you graduate, people will turn to you for advice and advice on important matters. And the ability to handle a high-profile case and / or make large amounts of cash is certainly possible. But remember, you must have a genuine interest in the law or have the inherent skills to handle the workload in order to be successful in law school.

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Blow that whistle!

America is a land of the free, guided by laws that protect civilized conduct. Americans can dial 911 if they see problems and help will arrive. After the September 11 attack in the United States, the New York Transit Authority issued an advisory. “If you see something, say something.” Public safety was worth all the efforts.

The complex United States government does not have such useful tools for reporting problems. Instead, it has the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 that requires federal employees to report suspected misconduct.

Those in government are elected, appointed, or dedicated as career professionals. The elected reflect the voice of the people in theory. They are actually chosen based on the money raised for the campaigns. That works in conjunction with visibility in the air and in appearances. Appointees are chosen by elected officials based on campaign donations, often through mutual contacts. In contrast, career professionals entered the government to develop skills in the service of the country.

The ingenious American Constitution entrusted the government to three equal branches to act as controls over the others. The Congress makes the laws, the Executive puts them into practice and the Judiciary decides the course of action in case of conflict between the other two. If the president wants a program that Congress does not want to fund, the courts will decide the matter in a sequence of legal steps. That established procedure is now reversed by Donald Trump as head of the Executive Branch.

Donald Trump took office as a nonconformist. He was already known as a dangerous business mogul known for circumventing the law. He channeled that skill into entertainment as a media celebrity who called the terrible verdict of “You are fidtod!” about the contestants on his show. He carried that brand to the White House and beyond, particularly after he ousted an Attorney General who headed the judiciary and replaced him with one who considered the presidential powers to be unlimited.

Thus, two branches of government pledged to a widely contested position that led to a complicated impeachment process by a Trump base applauding Trump’s brash style of defying constitutional laws and norms. That point of view seems to hold that anything goes. Trump was elected businessman. You now have the highest powers in the country and you have the right to seize every opportunity.

The American majority asserts that the great American presidential powers were destined to be used in the service of public error. They were not to be wasted for personal gain.

Half of Congress agrees with the majority opinion. The House maintains that, according to the Constitution, the presidential powers are subject to the supervision of the other two branches of government. However, the Senate and the other two branches of government are leaning towards the Executive led by Trump. That speeds the bumpy road ahead, particularly as the Trump brand is virulent.

Donald Trump shames, lies, threatens and acts in secret. With the help of the judiciary, Trump has extended his grip on the abuse of America’s presidential powers to the world at large. Your response to the legal proceedings to stop you simply states that you will not cooperate. His tweets and changes of position have led to a chaos that finds its relief in leaks to the press. In return, he threatens polygraph tests for everyone in his administration. The only way out of the quagmire is for whistleblowers to say what they see with respect to the rule of law.

Even in less virulent times, whistleblowers go through agony before acting. They observe, question their perception, and reflect on the wisdom of divulging what they suspect. They take a step, perhaps they run into an obstacle, they back off, they reconsider, and then they act according to every dictate of life that they have committed to.

That decision must be excruciating. Whistleblowers have nothing to gain and everything to lose by presenting what they know. The exact reward at a high price. They help the country and destroy themselves.

Protected by law. Whistleblowers have little to rely on that recourse to a president vilifying them without being seen and who has declared that he will not obey the law. When they are presented en masse, the rule of law will be restored in the United States and Trump’s whistleblowers will receive the Medal of Honor for their valor in battle.

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LSAT Tips You Should Know

If you are taking the LSAT test, be sure to take the time to prepare for the test. This will help you get a better idea of ​​your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you will be able to focus your efforts on the areas that require the most attention. After all, it’s not a good idea to spend 15 minutes on a question that you know will be wrong no matter what. Therefore, you may want to know your strengths and weaknesses beforehand. Here are some LSAT tips that can help you.


If you want to achieve excellence, you must practice. Taking a lot of time to practice will help you prepare for the exam. Also, you can take this opportunity to identify areas that you need to work on.

There is nothing wrong with guessing

You don’t have to be scared when it comes to guessing. The reason is that there is no penalty for wrong answers. Therefore, it is a good idea to answer all the questions. If you are not sure of an answer, you should forget about the options that you are sure are incorrect. Then you should guess among the rest of the options.

Logic reasoning

There are three components to arguments: evidence, assumptions, and conclusions. And the main point of the argument is the conclusion. Therefore, it is supported by undeclared assumptions and stated evidence.

You should try to understand the structure of the argument, which will help you choose the correct answer. You must read the root of the question before attempting a question.

Analytical reasoning

On the LSAT test, most logic games are of three varieties: hybrid, grouping, or sequencing games. The rules of the game indicate how the objects should be placed in order in a sequence game. In a grouping game, you learn to put the objects in a group. And in a hybrid game, elements of grouping and sequencing are incorporated.

What you need to do is understand the information provided for the games on the LSAT. You must have a solid understanding of the rules and conditions before answering the questions. Before attempting the questions, you should also draw some general conclusions.

Most questions have one or more assumptions and require you to determine the final conclusion. What you really need to do is understand the current rules of the game and how they interact with the new rules.

Reading comprehension

You must answer the questions based on the information provided in the given passage. You do not need to demonstrate your knowledge of a certain topic. In fact, assumptions can cause you to give the wrong answer.

Also, you should take it easy when it comes to memorizing facts. Most of the questions involve inferences, details, and ideas. Be sure to look them up when reading the given passage.

Writing sample

Before you start writing, don’t forget to collect your thoughts. They will judge your writing sample based on its clarity.

So here are some tips that can help you prepare for your LSAT exam.

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