Discount Tire Franchise Review

With more than 790 stores in 23 states, Discount Tire Company has grown to become the world’s largest self-regulated tire and wheel retailer today. In 1960, company founder Bruce T. Halle borrowed a building on Stadium Boulevard in Ann Arbor, MI.

Although the catalog consisted of only six tires (four of which were retreads) and the display area was not exactly the showroom we see today, trust, vision and hard work were then, and still are, the foundation on which this company grew and flourished.

As with any new venture, Bruce Halle’s business venture faced many obstacles, perhaps one of the biggest being that he did not have an air compressor. What he would do is run to a nearby gas station and fill the tire with air before selling them. Out of necessity, he became a guru on inventory turn.

He wasn’t just a sales man, Bruce Halle was the all around man for the job. He was the tire technician, accountant, store IT guy, sign painter, and cleaning crew. Day after day, each tire was replaced by himself. This one man process of operation slowly grew into what is now one of the most prestigious tire companies in the US.

Discount Tire Company received the “Most Admired Company” award voted for by its peers in Arizona and has time and again ranked first in revenue according to the Arizona Corporate Excellence 100 for private companies.

Both Tire Business and Modern Tire Dealer rank Discount Tire Company as the #1 independent tire retailer based on number of outlets and annual revenue. The company was also known by Forbes magazine, for being ranked 171 of their top 500 companies with impressive annual revenue.

Discount Tire Company has a dream that not only lives but thrives in the hearts of its employees every day. From part-time to full-time at the store, regional or corporate level, your employees work to be the best in the business.

A common bond that runs through the hearts of everyone within the organization remains the same: treating customers and others with respect and fairness. Help those in need, always do the right thing, work hard, be responsible and have fun.

Discount Tire employees represent their philosophy and brand by being knowledgeable, friendly and honest. By offering the highest level of customer service, the most product choices and the lowest prices, they have earned the right to be considered trusted experts.

Making sure every customer is satisfied has helped Discount Tire become a leader in the tire industry. Their continued growth not only provides opportunities for employee advancement, but also allows more customers the confidence to choose Discount Tires for all their tire and wheel needs.

When looking to start any business, it’s important, particularly considering today’s market, that you look for specific ways to reduce, minimize, or reduce overhead and risk. Any business is going to have risks, but it is important to have a full understanding of the amount of investment, the initial cost and the “ROI” (Return on Investment).

Most people are unaware that 80% of ALL franchising efforts fail in the first two to five years, leaving large debts behind for years to come.

One way and, in my opinion, the best way to reduce overhead, startup and investment costs is to take advantage of the new era of entrepreneurship and start a business from the comfort of your home. Opportunities have emerged in the online marketplace that are creating millionaires every day. Learn more about the exciting opportunities tied to a business model starting to pay off by visiting:


Improve your presentation skills by stretching your voice with 5 P’s

Voice is a powerful tool for presenters. Voice can make the difference between success and failure when it comes to engaging your audience. Whether it’s sales meetings, company updates, or technical meetings, it’s critical to keep your audience engaged and interested in their feedback. Learn to stretch your voice by understanding the 5 P’s of voice control, including pitch, rhythm, pause, projection, and personality.


Pitch refers to the ups and downs of your notes when you speak. We all have the ability to speak from a vocal range, which includes higher notes and lower notes. However, it takes a lot of awareness and practice to become aware of your own tone and consciously change it. Why is tone important? A monotone voice bores an audience, and a bored audience is less likely to remember your key points or take action. To play with tone, try thinking of popular characters who have voices at either end of the vocal range, and then practice speaking (or singing!) like them. For example, you can think of Michael Jackson’s high-pitched voice and then compare it to the deeper tones of Barry White. You can also simulate the voices of movie actors to start expanding your own range. Over time, your knowledge and practice with tone will allow you to vary your voice as you speak, all with the goal of drawing your audience into your comments. Now that we’ve seen Pitch, let’s move on to Pace.


Pace refers to the speed at which you speak. Just as monotony is boring, so is monorhythm. A good speaker knows the value of changing the pace as he speaks. For example, when he presents an interesting topic, he may speed up the pace of his voice. On the other hand, when he wants people to focus his attention, he may slow down to emphasize. The general point is that variation is the key to success here. So play with your rhythm the next time you speak to see the impact on your audience. Now that we’ve explored Rhythm, we’ll move on to discuss Pause.


Pausing means pausing momentarily in the middle of your comments. It is a tool that is used hand in hand with the variation of Rhythm. It is better to use a pause before or after a significant point as a tool for emphasis. Pausing is also a great tool for nervous speakers who tend to speak too fast. By stopping at key points, the speaker allows the audience to process the key points before moving on to new material. An easy trick is to underline key points in your notes and then put the word PAUSE in big letters to remind you to stop talking for a few seconds. Actively playing with the pause will have a profound effect on the progress of your presentation. Now that we’ve covered Pause, let’s move on to the powerful Slideshow tool.


This aspect of voice is by far the most important, as it correlates to your audience’s ability to hear your feedback. Even the smartest presenter can’t have the desired impact if the people in the room can’t hear her key points. With projection, everyone can hear your feedback without having to force the audition. However, there is still value in varying your projection to add intrigue and interest to your comments. For example, you might want to soften your voice to emphasize a key point, then turn up the volume for another point. In either case, you need to make sure that every member of the audience can hear each and every point. Practice projecting your voice by imagining that everyone is sitting against the far wall of the room. Make sure they can hear you and that you are speaking from your diaphragm. Now that we’ve discussed Projection, let’s take a look at Personality.


Personality refers to the color, warmth, and meaning that comes from hearing your voice. The personality of your voice will dictate whether people get “turned on” or “turned off” when they listen to you. Without a doubt, adjusting the pitch and volume will improve the quality of your voice. Adding emotion will add color and warmth to your voice. So will a smile that softens and warms the vocal tones people hear. Personality can range from passionate, boring, serious, light. What personality do you look for when talking about a certain topic? Give it some thought and choose a word that captures the tone you want your voice to convey. Write that word at the top of your notes so that you consciously strive to infuse your voice with the personality that will help you make the most impact.

Using the 5Ps of Vocal Control Together

When you’re just starting out, you may want to focus on one P at a time and then add more until you can stretch your voice to reveal all 5 P’s in any given performance. By playing with every aspect of the vocal control, you can imbue your voice with interest, warmth, and personality! Use each of the P’s including Pitch, Pace, Pause, Projection, and Personality to actively engage your audience and keep them wanting more. For additional information on honing your presentation skills, visit our website for a free copy of the Mastering Your Presentation Skills report at


‘Otai – A traditional Tongan watermelon drink

A favorite Polynesian drink

Summer is over, but the watermelons still hold up. Why not go a little further and make a memorable watermelon drink? I have been living in Polynesia for the last 20 years and this drink is always a big hit at gatherings. You will run out of it before the food is served.

Be sure to use clean surfaces and wash your hands and tools you use. First, choose your watermelon. Look at the watermelons and find one that is symmetrical, firm, and without bruises, cuts, or dents. pick it up It should be heavy for its size, as watermelons are 92% water. The exterior of the watermelon should have a dull, healthy shine. It should not have a glossy, shiny surface. Turn it around. The bottom should have a telltale “ripe spot,” a creamy yellow spot where the watermelon settled on the ground. This spot develops as the melon grows in the soil. If the spot is greenish or white in color, it is not ripe yet. Watermelons do not continue to ripen once they have been picked, so this is an important clue to keep in mind.

The easiest thing is to choose a seedless watermelon, but if you have one with seeds, this will be the most tedious part. Cut the watermelon in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon; the little yellow ones don’t count. Then use a fork or potato masher to mash the fruit. You want it to remain meaty (it’s a drink you eat and drink at the same time). Now put half of the pureed watermelon in a large bowl and add two quarts of water, one or two cups of sugar or sugar substitute (depending on preference), two cups of half and half (fat free is best), or one can of coconut milk. You can also add a handful of shredded coconut from a bag, or grate a fresh coconut, if you are experienced in doing so.

Add a can of crushed pineapple or use fresh pineapple, peeled, cored, and cut into small pieces. Be sure to mix until the sugar no longer scrapes the bottom of the bowl.

Chill before serving or if you are in a hurry you can add ice. I promise you will not be disappointed. You can add shaved ice, but drink soon or it won’t be as good. Tongans make this drink with green mangoes, green apples, and a few other fruits. They also like to crack cookies in it. It takes a little getting used to, so try the watermelon-coconut-pineapple mix at first.


Tips for family time

Family time is valuable time when parents can take time to watch their children, follow their children, hug and kiss them, encourage, guide and laugh. Family time is when children feel comfortable opening up to their parents. This is a time when the mood is relaxed and children feel supported, valued, and loved. Family Time is a special opportunity for families to relax and play together.

While the importance of family time is clear, it’s not always easy to find the time to enjoy family time. Today, both parents work long hours and the children spend time in many places besides their home, such as school, sports activities, music classes, dance classes, and other places in the community. There is no doubt that activities can enrich children’s lives and expose them to more possibilities for future success, but too many activities can create stress and exhaustion for children, opening them up too much. Family time is fun and rewarding, and even in a busy modern family, a little special time goes a long way.

Research has found that one of the most effective strategies parents, grandparents, and other primary caregivers have for raising healthy, well-adjusted children is to eat frequent family meals together. Parents can use this time to talk with their children. If it’s impossible to schedule a dinner, families can find a different meal to get together, a fun idea is to set the table later in the evening when everyone is home and have dessert together.

Be a good listener. By staying connected with their children and teens, parents can be a source of support, create a climate to discuss difficult issues, and serve as a role model for responsible and empathetic behavior. Parents can initiate or extend family time by encouraging conversations and discussions about shared experiences. Encourage children to talk about their day and parents can also share something interesting about their day.

Let your children help in the kitchen. Parents can panic at the thought of having children in the kitchen, but even young children can help with meal preparation. Ask them to help stir, sprinkle, etc. as long as it is safe (no sharp objects please!). This is a great opportunity to bond with your children and have a little extra help at the same time. Of course, with small children, it may not help at all, with the mess you have to clean up afterwards, but hey, it will be fun!

Playing together as a family provides opportunities for parents and children to do something nice and fun with each other. Coloring, board games, guessing games, acting, wrestling, playing with dolls or cars, and reading are fun things to do together.

Do crafts together. Keep a box of scratch paper, stickers, stamps, crayons, and scissors for art activities. This is not only great fun, but also encourages creativity. It’s also a great way to create sentimental gifts, cards, ornaments, trinkets, etc. be loved for a long time.

Telling stories is a great way to spend time with children. Share family stories, including tales from your childhood. For added fun, challenge children to create their own silly stories.

Some outdoor activities that can be shared as a family include: biking, hiking, canoeing, softball or soccer. Plan a picnic at a park, a beach, or even in your backyard.

Other fun activity ideas include: bird watching, gardening, going to the local farmer’s market, attending free local outdoor shows and festivals, visiting museums, or organizing tours of local businesses like candy factories, print shops, silversmiths, etc.

Organize family meetings to discuss issues that are important to you. Give everyone a chance to speak and hear what they have to say. Schedule these regular family meetings once a week or once a month so everyone can think about things they want to discuss or any ideas they might have.

Mark activities on a family calendar. This way, your family can plan these days and look forward to the activities.

There are many activities that can be fun for the whole family. You just have to try to realize how important family time is and make it happen!


2 best exercises to lose weight!

Here are 2 of the best exercises for weight loss. If diets discourage you and you want to lose weight by exercising, then read this now so you don’t waste your time doing unnecessary and useless exercises that won’t help you lose weight.

The best exercises to lose weight

Exercise #1: Walking on an inclined surface

Whether you’re walking uphill or on a treadmill with a 15- to 20-degree incline, incline walking is much better than jogging, riding a stationary bike, using an elliptical machine, or stepping on a stair.

The key, of course, is to walk uphill…not on a flat surface. My take on walking on a flat surface…it’s good for slow weight loss and weight maintenance, but if you want to lose weight fast, walk on an incline.

You only need to do these walks for 25 minutes 4 days a week. 100 minutes a week isn’t asking for much when you consider you have 10,080 minutes a week! That’s not even 1% of your total time. If you can’t do without that just for your health (I’m not even talking about weight loss), then you should consider reassessing your priorities.

#2 Exercise: Do Hindu squats 5 minutes a day at home

On those days you don’t walk (or if you skip a day walking), do hind squats. The way I want you to do them only requires a total of 5 minutes.

What are Hindu squats? They are squats without weights. Just you and your body squatting up and down. The 2 things I want you to remember about this exercise is that you MUST go as fast as possible and you MUST do it for 5 minutes straight without significant rest.

Now getting started, you may need a few short breathers. So rest 10 seconds several times in those 5 minutes. After a week or less, you should be able to do 100 or more squats in 5 minutes without stopping.

This is a powerful exercise because it causes a HUGE oxygen deficit within your body. That oxygen deficit forces your body to search for body fat for instant energy. So you get fast fat loss doing this…in just 5 minutes.

In my opinion, these are the 2 best exercises to lose weight.


The psychology behind the cougar dating phenomenon

There are obvious questions and typical myths surrounding the dating phenomenon between older women and younger men. Here is a partial list:

Q: Isn’t it just about sex? And don’t cougars just want a youngster to have fun and play with?

No! Many people think of Stiffler’s mom in American Pie or Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate and assume that cougars are desperate aging women willing to pounce on any younger man with a pulse. There is a lot more to this dating dynamic than people realize. It’s not just about the sex, and yes, I know plenty of May/December couples who are very happily married. Cougar women are actually much more selective about their younger man and this means that younger men must have more to bring to the party than just a raging libido. Younger men are driving this trend. There are more young men looking for older women than older women looking for younger men. So, it’s the ladies’ choice.

Q: Cougar dating is here to stay?

Yes. It has always existed and is very popular in Europe. In the United States, 30% of older women date younger men. The BBC says that 25% of older women are married to younger men. From a physiological perspective, it makes sense that an older woman would prefer a younger man. From a psychological imprinting perspective, I have interviewed thousands of men who have specific defining moments in their lives when they knew they were attracted to older women and preferred them to women their own age.

Q: Why don’t these guys go after women their own age?

Younger men tell me that women their age are boring, manipulative, playful, self-centered, and shallow. They are drawn to the depth, maturity, and spirit of the older woman.

Q: What happens when men turn 35 and their Cougar is 50 or 60 or older? Don’t the young people leave?

20 years of psychological research specific to psychosexual imprinting focuses on how younger men imprint on older women. A footprint is a very powerful psychological phenomenon that is a lifetime bond. Her babysitter, schoolteacher, mom’s best friend, actresses, and other older women caused a footprint formation that instantly linked them to an attraction to older women. Even as these men get older, they continue to look for women older than them. For that reason, men over the age of 40 consider themselves Cubs and refuse to date women their age or younger. This explains why a man in his early 30s may marry a woman 20 years older than him and, once single, wants to find, date, and marry another older woman. Not all Cubs are 20-year-old men, and as I always tell my members, ‘There’s a lid for every pot.’

Q: So, is there more to this Cougar dating trend than the general public knows?

The ‘experts’ in the media and pop culture have jumped on the bandwagon and really know very little about this dynamic. They want to narrowly define this demographic of people and capitalize on and sensationalize it for profit, notoriety, and to sell their “self-published” books. People I have interviewed who have lived this lifestyle for many years take issue with this bias by non-credentialed people who offer a cursory overview of their otherwise convoluted lives. I do my best to make things clear.


Online Soccer Betting Tips

Most sports bettors know that there is no better bet than online soccer betting. This is true for countless reasons, but perhaps most importantly, soccer betting can be a game of skill if approached in the right way. Simply put, do your homework and online soccer betting can be a winning proposition.

For example, take the 2005 NFL pro football season and the Indianapolis Colts. Football handicappers had a field day with the Colts. Imagine starting the season with $100 and raising your bet on the Colts. At the end of the season, that $100 could have been worth many, many times as much. The Indianapolis Colts were the best online football bet for almost all of last season.

The reason so many sports bettors are more likely to bet on soccer really comes down to the odds and handicap lines offered on the games. With a little dedicated research, anyone can bet on soccer and become pretty good at it. The secret is to never get too greedy and always keep your focus on what the research shows and not what the odds say.

Very often, players who bet on soccer are disappointed when they start placing their bets during pre-season. In fact, the pre-season can be a good time to watch soccer, but a bad time to bet on soccer. This is due not only to the volatility of players as they settle into the season, but also to coaches, who frequently rotate their players in and out of games to study the performance of new players.

In anticipation of your mid- and late-season soccer bets, use preseason as an opportunity to take notes on players and teams. See how the key players work without their starters by their side. This initial research will expand your knowledge of the standard seasonal performance of teams and give you a fuller understanding of the team’s potential to perform in adversity.

Soccer betting is a way for fans to enhance their gaming experience, a way to feel more involved. But a fan’s passion for the home team can be their undoing. Perhaps the most important thing in soccer betting, be scientific. Many bettors have vowed never to bet on their favorite team, resigning themselves to not being able to watch the game objectively. While this may not be necessary for all soccer bettors, it is certainly prudent to do everything possible to remove as much emotion from soccer betting as possible.

It is important that players who bet on football learn as much as they can about the teams that play in both college and the NFL. Even more important, players who bet on soccer should follow the injury reports of players from the teams they are considering betting on in a given game. Key injuries change everything, which is one reason for the big move between morning lines and gametime lines.

In online soccer betting, as in betting on anything with so many variables in play at once, bettors will certainly make mistakes from time to time. But just as a team must approach each game as a blank slate, bettors must also view each game free from the weight of a loss or the joy of a winning streak. Forget the past and just watch this weekend’s games. As a winning football bettor once said, last weekend’s game can teach him how to improve, but next weekend’s games are the games he can win.


Dog and puppy training is easy with these great tips!

How do you train your dog to become the adorable, obedient pet that everyone will envy? It’s not easy without the right tools. I’ll provide you with a few in this “training made easy” article. The first thing you should learn is that it is never too late to start training your dog. Don’t accept a misbehaving dog just because he’s not a puppy anymore. In fact, my experience is that training older dogs is much easier to steer in the right ways, because they are generally a bit calmer than younger dogs. But don’t skip puppy training and don’t accept a disobedient dog, no matter how old he is.

The second thing is that when you have started training your dog, it is full time. All the time you spend with your dog is training time. But by saying that, I don’t mean you should be standing over your dog with a stick in one hand and a whistle in the other, 24/7. Most of the exercises can be done while cooking a meal or watching television, as long as you have implemented basic training in your dog and the dog understands the different correction signals you will give. It really is easy.

Third thing. Dog and puppy training is for everyone. Not just professionals!

Fourth thing. Be the leader! Your dog will always try to challenge you in different ways when you try to train him. The new routines will more often than not be considered “wrong” by the dog, since he is used to behaving badly instead of behaving well. Therefore, it is very important to always be the dominant one and show the dog that you are the pack leader and not him/her whenever he/she is challenged. Of course, this shouldn’t end in a fight between you and your dog. All dog behavior problems can be solved and all it takes is patience, understanding and an effective training method.

Fifth thing. The goal for you when applying dog or puppy training should be:
1. To raise a highly respected canine citizen. You want a happy, involved, and outgoing dog that is a valued and trusted member of the community.
2. Build a genuinely strong owner-dog relationship based on trust, cooperation, and well-defined roles.
3. Have confidence and control over your dog in any situation, even around children and other animals.
4. Work with my dogs’ natural impulses and instincts, not against them.
5. Absolutely no cruelty or harsh “old school” dog training techniques. You certainly don’t want to have to “break your dog’s spirit” in the training process. After all, dogs are man’s best friends.


San Diego Chargers: Most 300-yard passing games in NFL history

One of the most common ways to judge a quarterback or a team’s passing game is to see how many 300-yard games they’ve thrown in a season or in recent years. A 300-yard game shows that a quarterback or team was very successful in moving the ball through the air. This will continue to be the yardstick used in the future as well, as a 300-yard passing game by a quarterback or team also generally means the team was successful, perhaps even to the point of winning the game. .

Much attention is paid to the quarterbacks with the most 300-yard passing games, but which team has had the most 300-yard passing games in league history? The San Diego Chargers top the list with the most of any team, even though their first year in football wasn’t until 1960. The passing game has always been important to the Chargers and they’ve had some talented quarterbacks. over the years, including John Hadl, Dan Fouts, Drew Brees, and Phillip Rivers.

Here’s a look at the top ten franchises in NFL history, ranked based on the number of 300-yard passing games they’ve had.

1. San Diego Chargers – 114
2. St. Louis Rams – 112
3. San Francisco 49ers – 106
4. Indianapolis Colts – 92
5. Green Bay Packers – 88
6. Tennessee Titans – 87
7. Three teams tied for seventh with 85 all-time 300-yard passing games: Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins.
8. New England Patriots – 83

Unsurprisingly for being the newest team in the league, last place in the entire NFL in this category is the Houston Texans.


#18 Arizona Devils Forward St. Sun

Fall camps are underway and the regular season will be here soon, which means getting an early jump into the 2006 NCAA football season. Knowing the teams now will save you time, and Matt Fargo is here to help you understand. what to expect next year. We go from worst to first in this 2006 college football trailer.

#18 – Arizona St. Sun Devils 7-5 SU; 6-6 ATS

Fargo’s Take The Sun Devils have been to three bowl games in the five years Dirk Koetter has been head coach, but none of them have been very glamorous and that needs to change. The offense has been spectacular all those years, but it’s been the defense that has held Arizona St. back. After finishing 48th in total defense in 2004, the Sun Devils fell to 114th last year and lost three games in which the offense amassed at least 31 points. With such an explosive offense, losing four games by at least 10 points is inexcusable. Immediate help is needed and it appears that help may be on the way. The quarterback controversies occurred at the start of fall camp but have since died down, so the Sun Devils have one goal and that is to become more competitive in the Pac Ten. If the defense can improve to anywhere near its 2004 numbers, that goal is very achievable.

Returning starters on offense – 8 The quarterback situation was shaky throughout the spring and fall, but that’s no longer the case. Sophomore Rudy Carpenter has been named the starter and that led to Sam Keller leaving school and transferring to Nebraska. Carpenter was terrific filling in for the injured Keller, as he completed more than 68 percent of his passes while throwing 17 touchdowns and just two interceptions. Now the task at hand is finding a replacement for All-Pac Ten catcher Derek Hagan. Junior Rudy Burgess looks ready for the challenge after catching 59 balls last year. Tight end Zach Miller is one of the best in the country at his position and is a preseason All-American. The offensive line returns largely intact as running back Keegan Herring rushed for 870 yards as a freshman. Basically all systems work.

Returning starters on defense – 5 After allowing just 24 points per game in their first four games, the defense imploded. He allowed 35 second-half points to USC and it all went downhill from there. Easily the worst defense in the conference, Arizona St. enters this season ranked fifth best in the Pac Ten. That’s because of a defensive line that sits just behind USC, and for good reason. Three transfers, Loren Howard (Northwestern), Tranell Morant (Fla.) and Michael Marquardt (BYU) will handle the line and the run defense that ranked 89th in the country could be one of the best. Linebackers remain a concern with the departure of Dale Robinson and Jamar Williams, but the secondary should be vastly improved. Two starters are back at safety and while corners need replacing, anything can be better than last year after finishing 112th in passing defense.

Schedule Facing Northern Arizona in Game 1 should show us how the defense has fared even though it’s against a 1-AA opponent. The real test comes the following week at home against Nevada, which will also have one of the best offenses in the nation. The schedule really stiffens after that with a trip to Colorado followed by three games against the other three contenders in the conference: California, Oregon and USC. To make matters worse, the games against the Bears and Trojans are outside of Sun Devils Stadium. After that four-game stretch, the rest of the slate will feel like child’s play with four indoor wins followed by the final two games against UCLA and at Improved Arizona.

You can bet on… At least the Arizona St. games will be entertaining. The offense is going to score a ton of points, and even though the defense is improved, there are still issues. Koetter hopes he made the right decision with Carpenter as his quarterback and if something goes wrong, there’s no help waiting in the wings. At least Keller will start next season at Nebraska. Arizona St. is just 4-13 ATS as an underdog on the road since Koetter took over in 2001 and much of that failure has to do with defense that couldn’t stop anyone. Whether or not that changes this season remains to be seen, but the Sun Devils will be in that role for their first three road games of the season. Arizona St. has also covered just six of its last 20 conference games on the road.