The Steelers broke the game Vs The Giants

The Steelers have overcome injuries all season; but on Sunday there was an injury that they couldn’t. That would be Greg Warren. “Who” you ask? Even some of the Steelers’ most die-hard fans couldn’t tell you who Warren was before this week. Greg Warren would be the long snapper for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who injured his knee in the fourth quarter against the Giants.

We all know that injuries are part of the game and that good teams have to overcome. They need to have reliable reserves that can step in and get the job done. The Steelers were missing a couple of players against the Super Bowl Champion Giants. Wideout Santonio Holmes was deactivated because, for whatever reason, he felt the urge to smoke blunts while driving through Pittsburgh. Cornerback Bryant McFadden came out with a broken arm. Running back Willie Parker has been out with knee problems. Left tackle Marvel Smith came out with a bad back. The Steelers also lost Ryan Clark during the game with a dislocated shoulder. Mitch Berger hurt his groin on a punt and was doing his best to clear the entire game. But the only injury the Steelers couldn’t overcome was the loss of Greg Warren, who tore his ACL in his knee.

The Steelers had players in other positions who stepped in and produced. Nate Washington for Holmes, Tyrone Carter for Clark and Mewedle Moore for Parker are the leading candidates. The thing is, no one has two long snapper on their team. They only have “emergency snappers” that they can fill in the short term if something happens. Linebackers James Harrison and James Farrior fill that emergency role for the Steelers. Harrison was the player who offered to replace when Warren went down.

Pittsburgh was leading 14-12 at the time. Roethlisberger was sacked and the Steelers had to punt from their own 18-yard line with 6 minutes to play. That’s when Harrison came in and threw the ball over the head of punter Mitch Berger and left the end zone for a touchdown. That tied the score at 14 and the Giants returned the free throw that followed the 50-yard line. Although the Giants hadn’t moved the ball much throughout the game, they had good momentum to score a touchdown and take a 21-14 lead.

The Giants unit before leaving the end zone also had a very opportunistic play. New York was down 14-9 with just under 10 minutes left in the game. They faced a quarter-and-one from the Steelers 29-yard line. Eli approached the scrimmage line and looked confused, so he indicated a time-out. Unfortunately, the Giants had just used a timeout and two cannot be called in a row. So they were called up for a game delay and now faced a 4th and 6th from the 34-yard line. Eli made a cheeky play that seemed to have cost the Giants a chance to win the game. But he made up for it on the next play when he connected with Amani Toomer on a hot 30-yard route to the Steelers 4.

All the “experts” claim that the Giants are the best team in the league. New York definitely had a couple of plays of its own in this one. It was a good, hard and forceful game. But they could / should have missed this one very easily. It was the injury of long snapper Greg Warren that opened the door for New York to suppress this game. If Warren isn’t hurt; I doubt that any of the so-called “experts” are calling the Giants the best team in the league.


Jam making principles: four easy steps to make your own jam

Follow these four steps for almost every jam you make

  1. Choose your fruit. Wash and crush
  2. Boil the fruit in a little water until soft.
  3. When it is soft and cooked, add the sugar and pectin, mixed. Then add lemon juice or cream of tartar
  4. Quickly boil to 104 ° C (220 ° F) and it’s done. (about 20 minutes)

A generic jam recipe

1 kg of clean crushed fruit 2.2 lb + 125 g of water (1/2 cup)

1 kg of sugar 2.2 lb

30 g lime juice, lemon juice (OR 2 teaspoons cream of tartar)

10 g of powdered pectin (2 teaspoons)

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between jam and jelly?

Jam is chunky fruit or thick fruit puree that has been “curdled” by boiling it with sugar. Gelatin is a clear fruit juice that has been “hardened” by boiling it with sugar.

Why is the jam set?

When the fruit is boiled with water, it collapses and any pectin in the fruit is released. When sugar and an acid (such as lemon juice) are cooked with fruit, it reacts with the pectin in the fruit to form a jelly. Most jams are naturally high in pectin. If you use a fruit without a lot of natural pectin, you should add apple seeds, orange peel, or pectin extract to get the same result.

Why did my runny jam come out?

Undercooked (not 104-105 ° C). Not enough pectin, not enough acid, or not enough sugar. Fruit does not gel easily (eg, Pineapple)

Why is my jam too thick?

Overcooked or with too much pectin

What kind of pot do I need?

Bigger is better. Use a wide bottom pot with a heavy bottom that has an even heat distribution.

The 4 things you need to make jam

  1. Fruit
  2. Sugar
  3. Pectin
  4. Acid

About the fruit

Some fruits contain a lot of pectin and are easily made into jam. Pectin is a natural substance. Apples and citrus fruits are very rich in pectin. If the fruit you are using has a lot of pectin, you don’t need to add more pectin. If the fruit you are using is low in pectin, you should add powdered pectin OR add a high pectin fruit such as apple, apple seeds, or citrus peel.

About sugar

Jam is high in sugar. Expect an average amount of around 50% fruit and 50% sugar. Sugar and acid preserve the fruit and give it texture. It is possible to make low-sugar jams and sugar-free jams. Do a Google search for those recipes.

About pectin

Pectin is a natural ‘polysaccharide’. When boiled with sugar and an acid like lemon juice, it forms a ‘gel’. Many fruits naturally contain a lot of pectin. The fruit has more pectin when it is not ripe and less when it is fully ripe. Powdered pectin extract is commercially available. These are made from orange and lemon peel or apple seeds.

About acid

Lemon juice, lime juice, or cream of tartar (tartaric acid) are the usual options. The pectin must be cooked with sugar and acid to form a jam or gel.

A quick list of high pectin fruits:

  • Orange peel, lemon peel, grapefruit peel, lime peel.
  • Raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries, blueberries
  • Apples, grapes, plums

When using the high pectin fruits mentioned above, no added pectin is needed. They have enough naturally.


Human-type “AI”

“AI” … of the human species!

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

Several years ago, you may remember a post that describes our increasing reliance on machines, devices, and “AI.” On several occasions, I have tried to raise awareness about this phenomenon of the abilities of artificial intelligence to create and / or recreate itself … over and over again. What was once a “science fiction” story has become, in vivid colors, scientific fact.

The article, “Machine Dependent Device”, has described instances and descriptions in which robots or robotics have been designed to emulate the actions, abilities and appearance (s) of humanity … “As humans”; “The image of its creator!”

How many times have you been in your car and engaged in a shouting match or argumentative interaction with your ‘GPS’ or ‘on-board interface’? Aw come on now … haven’t you gotten mad and yelled at the device when the voice behind it gives you wrong or wrong instructions? Sure you have.

Contributing author Selene Yeager spoke of a Ph.D. student at Stanford University who specializes in Technology-Human Interaction.

“We (humans) get confused and angry because we don’t know what the ‘GPS’ is’ thinking,” says David Miller.

This author (sincerely yours), however, is and has been guilty of that particular type of behavior. I remember typing in an address (when that was not satisfactory, I tried to activate the voice command option), it told me the damn thing; He instructed me to take a highway and exit … I followed his example. When I realized the directions were totally wrong, the cursed voice put us on “Highway to Hell!”

We traveled sixty miles out and far from our planned destination “Pocono Mountain”.

Well I’m here to tell you that momentarily (Oh, like so many) I went crazy and started yelling at the voice inside the ‘GPS system’. Miller went on to say, “In the future, when your GPS gives you directions, it can give you justification, so you have a better two-way relationship.”

… Yeah right. I am happy when and if the thing takes me to my unknown destinations … through the right route! I don’t want to be too harsh on the device … it’s a pretty good little tool when it works as expected.

“A Bite Of The Apple” addressed the ‘IT’ community on big issues related to Apple’s stance on “covert and proprietary practices” in the tech world; hardware and software, in particular its hardware products. Apple’s ‘IT’ decision makers defend an ergonomic flaw that reveals a preference. They have said that the “Apple-like” shape over function, that is, the iMAC connectors on the back of their machines are designed and / or decided by anal retention.

Your ‘IT’ management team describes one possible meaning of “anal retention.” It is a point on a curve where the curvature changes from convex to concave or vice versa. It can also be called a “flexible point” or “inflection point”. Apple management says its proprietary devices are exerting more impact on commercial user marketing. Apple devices are making their way into business because “IT” managers, not users, like them.

The ‘end user’ report emphasizes the fact, suggesting that the products are just as good and excellent in terms of ease of use, design and reliability. Does anyone remember the definition of cloning?

Many of us have PCs in our homes today. And there are many others who feel they are and believe they are one step ahead as they use home robots like IBM’s “Alexa” or “Watson” and a myriad of cloned devices that clean, monitor and coordinate their daily lives or lifestyles.

Where is your cell phone?

It used to be the desktop computer that was the central ‘Internet’ connection. Then it was the ‘Laptop’. The “tablet” is still popular these days, but the “smartphone” outshines them all. All one has to do is simply look around … look and see how many people walk, run, ride, drive and fly … depending on those devices that they continually do not give up to keep them in existence, and in their lives. own lives. this planet.

Not long ago, a vicious computer virus battled control of some 400,000 computers in more than 160 countries in one of the worst international cyberattacks and computer infections.

The virus blocked all access to programs, files, mainframes, and networks unless the owner of the computer paid a ransom. Obtainable funds can only be paid through “Bitcoin”.

Bitcoin is an online currency that is almost impossible to track. Bitcoin currency is exchanged for the purchase of a “ransom key”. Often times, victims have paid the money only to not get the key to unlock their computers (or) systems, losing both their money and their data.

This incident should serve as an important wake-up call for users with the recommended “must have” procedures on PCs and Internet devices under their care or use and the prevention of viruses, botnets, web crawlers, malware, worms, etc.

I certainly agree with the author, Doug Shadel, in suggesting that users / owners regularly back up their important files to an external drive or remote storage service; have a pop-up blocker running in your web browser at all times; instantly leave the websites to which you have been routed without your consent; use a reputable antivirus program, keeping it updated at all times; make sure your software (and antivirus software) is up to date; do not click links or open attachments from unfamiliar email addresses; and buy only legitimate software and register it.

Remember the scene from the movie “Star Wars” where the bartender yells at “Luke Skywalker” to get his droids out of his establishment?

That scene is the result of human prejudice against machines or robots. Detroit, Michigan’s auto industry and workforce is almost entirely robot-driven (or robotics). Robots are performing important operations on both humans and animals. Robots prepare food, package and ship items, drive cars, and diagnose human ailments and diseases. Robots answer phones and redirect calls. Robots are calling you on your phones, reminding you of overdue bills, appointments, prescription drug pickups, and trying to sell you goods and other services. Robots are building bridges, buildings, and homes. Robots are doing just about anything and everything that a human or animal can and has been doing. Ask yourself … how many jobs have been lost and are being lost by robots?

“Many companies are using sentiment analysis to gauge mood on social media and / or the web … but getting insights requires new tactics and skills,” said Doug Henschen of ‘Techweb’.

“New tactics and skill sets are definitely needed to gain a position in the new world of IT, BI, Communications and Analytics.” This conclusion is postulated through the published article, “Destruction and creation: a hyperbole of new works”. No one can deny the massive and important changes that have occurred in the ‘New World Economy’ of this century. What will happen in the centuries to come? Will we be “like Star Trek”? How about a world and future like “Logan’s Run”? Will robots become the new judges, lawyers, congressional appointees, senators, or presidents? Those of us who are aware of, interested and / or motivated in or towards the continuation of humanity’s reign over machines, must become the master of both sides of IT / BI.

AI: Artificial intelligence … contrasted with natural (human / animal) intelligence … the ability of a computer or robot to do what humans or animals normally do, with intelligence or intelligent abilities. .the ability to think.

How long will it be before humans (the human species) are completely overtaken by “AI”, becoming totally and completely our replacements instead of being our servants of yesteryear?

“How long? Not long!”

Now this argument doesn’t make you wonder …

“AI” … human type?

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

Until next time …



How to tell if a man is interested in you: 7 telltale signs that will show you if he is interested in you or not

If there’s one thing guys aren’t made to be good at, it’s expressing their feelings. It is as if they have the inherent idea that being emotional and verbal about their own emotions is “unmanly” and contradicts the macho effect they are trying to project. We will leave them to their ideologies, but that does not mean that the boys are also devoid of feelings. They feel a lot and they feel real, and here we show you how to tell if a man is really interested in you.

You are often the butt of their jokes.

Nobody has anything weird to say about your beautiful hair, but they make fun of you incessantly for your crown of glory. He calls you cute mocking names, and he wants to be the only one to call you that. A guy who likes you but is afraid to show affection will do the exact opposite to “hide” how he feels. It sounds like high school, but many adults still fall for this trend.

He completely ignores you when his friends are around.

When he passed high school, some parts of your boy got stuck there and never left. His friends have a suspicion that he’s a bit (or a big crush on you) and doesn’t want them to make a big deal out of it, so he tries his best to stay hidden when you’re around. But notice that the quieter you get, your friends will stumble and behave even more, giving away your feelings.

He does all the old school gentleman stuff for you.

This is a classic, especially if you don’t have your friends doing this for you often. He holds the doors, pulls out chairs, and seems to always be there to offer to carry your things. This is a good sign. It means that he may not openly show you how much he likes you, but he is willing to let you know that he respects you and wants to do little things for you.

There is always something you want to know.

You tell him that you are a vet and all of a sudden he has a dog as a pet. You tell him that you are studying to be a doctor and he calls you at random times of the day to ask you about a certain random ailment. You are an environmentalist and you recently joined a group that supports community recycling. Now he can keep his PSPs and his basketball-loving friends, but why does he seem completely interested in what you do now?

Everything is in the small acts.

A guy who is interested in you will try to break down any barrier, even a physical one. When you speak, does he look you straight in the eye? Do you casually tuck your hair behind your ear? Does he often pat you lightly on the shoulder or touch your hand lightly when you speak?

He is afraid that you will see everything.

One of the most credible tricks to know if a guy likes you is, during a conversation, while looking at you, look him in the eye and keep your gaze fixed. You will feel that all your secrets are about to be discovered through the mirrors of your soul, so you will break that gaze and smile shyly. Try it.

He wants to be the friend of your friends.

Now why would a guy want to be friends with a girls only click? The point is, he wants to be friends with them so that he can use their advice to get to know you better and, at the same time, get their approval, so they can convince you that you like him too. But if all of his other tricks have worked for you, you don’t need your friends to let you know, do you?


University of Southern California (USC) Trojans Heisman Trophy Winners: 7 total recipients

Seven football players from the University of Southern California (USC) Trojans won the Heisman Trophy. The seven footballers who have won the seven Heisman Awards are as follows:

  • Mike Garrett, a running back, won in 1965
  • OJ Simpson, a runner, received the award in 1968
  • Charles White, a runner, accepted the honor in 1979
  • Marcus Allen in 1981 became the fourth USC running back to win the award.
  • Carson Palmer was the first Trojans quarterback to win the award when he accepted it in 2002.
  • Matt Leinart played quarterback for the University of Southern California and received the Heisman Award in 2004
  • Reggie Bush in 2005 was named the fifth USC running back to take home the award.

With a total of seven Heisman Trophies produced by Southern Cal, the Los Angeles, California-based institution of higher education, it is tied for the most received by any school. Both the University of Notre Dame and Ohio State University each match an impressive seven trophies from a single school. Because Ohio State has the distinction of producing the only two-time winner at Archie Griffin, Notre Dame and the University of Southern California actually stand together as the only two universities to produce seven different winners.

The Heisman Trophy is named after soccer pioneer John Heisman and was first presented to Jay Berwanger of the University of Chicago in 1935. Over the decades, the award has been widely accepted as the most hyped and prestigious individual accolade. in the sport of college football. Although the Heisman’s Association was awarded the most outstanding college football player, earning the honor has not proven to be a guarantee of professional success.

As for the seven Trojans players who have had the honor of winning the Heisman Trophy, two of those men went from college football to the National Football League (NFL) as the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft. in their respective years. The two players chosen with the first pick of the first round in the NFL Drafts are Orenthal James (OJ) Simpson, who was chosen by the Buffalo Bills in 1969 and Carson Palmer, who was selected with the first draft selection of the 2003 NFL by the Cincinnati Bengals. .

Despite falling to No. 10 by the Los Angeles Raiders in 1982, Marcus Allen joined OJ Simpson in 2003 as the only two former USC players to win the Heisman Trophy and be inducted into the Soccer Hall of Fame. Professional American in Canton, Ohio.


A brief history of Channel 4

Post-Newsweek Stations is the owner of WDIV-TV, or virtual channel 4, a television station affiliated with NBC. WDIV-TV is the group’s flagship station and is based in Detroit, Michigan. Therefore, the news broadcast is known as Channel 4 Detroit News. It is also the group’s home base, which sees the Post-Newsweek station offices located next to the WDIC-TV studios. Along with its flagship status, all of the group’s stations were included under the ‘Local’ brand umbrella.

Before 1978, the Detroit Channel 4 news station was known as WWJ-TV. The new name came after the Evening News Association swapped stations with the Washington Post to get around regulations the FCC was considering at the time. Although it was ultimately not approved, the new policy would have limited ownership of the press and television media in the same market. WWJ-TV was renamed WDIV-TV, so the ‘D’ stood for ‘Detroit’ and the ‘IV’ stood for the number ‘4’ written in Roman numerals

WDIV stands out for a number of firsts in its broadcasting history. When he signed with WWDT in 1946, it became the first television station in Michigan. It aired regularly a year after demo programming that ran for one day in 1946. WDIV, which is also said to mean “Where Detroit is Vital,” also achieved the first television broadcast of Red Wings games, Detroit Tigers and Lions. It was also the first Michigan television station to broadcast in color in 1954.

WDIV ended its analog television broadcast in the first half of 2009, converting completely to digital broadcasting. This marked the end of 62 years of broadcasting on channel 4. Although their digital broadcasts are broadcast on pre-transition channel 45, their virtual channel still reads ‘4’ thanks to the System and Program Information Protocol (PSIP). used to transmit to digital television receivers.


Notes from Ness (March 15)

Monmouth is making his fourth NCAA appearance this year and has lost his previous three first-round games by 23, 43 and 33 points. However, Monmouth appeared in last night’s inning game and beat Hampton, 71-49. It marked the first victory in a NEC NCAA tournament since 1983.

The 16-seeded Hawks now move to face Villanova, the top seed for the Minneapolis Regional. As everyone knows, no seeded 16 has beaten a seeded in 84 previous attempts. Only four No. 15 seeds have beaten a No. 2 seed, and all four surprised winners lost in their second-round games.

My free game for Wednesday is BYU over Houston at the NIT at 8:30 ET. At tonight’s NIT, I’ll be releasing one of my exclusive LEGEND Plays, a game you DON’T want to miss! In the NBA, I’m looking to keep winning steadily (64% since Feb 3) with not one, but two, 15 * plays. My NBA 15 * plays are on an 8-3 streak, that’s 73% ATS, after last night’s win over the Suns.

Monmouth’s first NCAA victory leaves four schools in this year’s tournament without an NCAA victory. Air Force is 0-3 in three previous appearances, George Mason is also 0-3, San Diego State is 0-4 and Winthrop is 0-5. Before Monmouth’s victory, 10 schools in this year’s tournament won just one NCAA game.

The school with the most attempts and only one win is Murray State. Running backs are 1-12 in 13 previous NCAA appearances. Also prominent are Iona and Montana (both 1-7) plus southern and southern Alabama (both 1-6).

In 19 of the last 21 years, at least one No. 12 seed has beaten No. 5 in the first round. Since 1985, 14 No. 12 seeds have produced Sweet 16, including Wisconsin-Milwaukee last year. However, only a No. 12 seed has won a game in the Sweet 16.

LSU was an 11th seed when it reached Final 4 in 1982 (the lowest seed to go there) and Villanova was an eight seed when it upset Georgetown to win the 1985 national championship. Villanova’s victory is still the most seedy seed. low on capturing an NCAA title.

Five schools representing six of the last 10 national championships rank fifth or less this year, or in Maryland’s case, not even here. Maryland is a No. 1 seed in the NIT (I bet that makes them feel good!), While Arizona and Kentucky are eight seeds, Syracuse is five seeds and Michigan State only six.

Louisville, a member of Final 4 last year, is like Maryland a No. 1 seed this year but in the wrong tournament (NIT). The Cardinals join Marquette, as the only two schools in the past nine years that made Final 4 one year and weren’t even invited the next.

The last AP poll of the year was released Monday, and Duke finished as the nation’s No. 1 team for the fifth time since 1999 and for the seventh time in the school’s history. UCLA and Kentucky have ranked number one in the latest AP regular season poll a record eight times. However, ranking number one in the final AP poll hasn’t been a good thing for a long time.

Over the past 26 years (from 1979 to 2005), only four schools, ranked No. 1 in the latest AP poll, have managed to capture the national title in that same season. The list includes North Carolina (1982), Duke (1992), UCLA (1995), and Duke (2001). Six times, the nation’s number one team made it to the championship game but lost (Illinois did it last season) and four more times it made the Final Four, only to lose in the semifinals. Much more ‘dope’ from the NCAA tomorrow!

John Chaney skipped Temple’s game last night (his wife is ill) and couldn’t see his Owls lose at home in OT to Akron, in one of eight first-round NIT games. Home teams finished 4-4 SU and 3-5 ATS on Tuesday night. The field of 40 teams is now down to 32 and seven first-round games are on the schedule tonight. Six teams with 20 wins are in action tonight, including 20-8 BYU at 20-9 Houston and 21-9 Old Dominion at 20-9 Colorado.

Also, 20-12 La Tech is in Clemson and 23-7 Western Kentucky is in South Carolina, the defending champions. ESPN will broadcast Vanderbilt on Notre Dame (7:00 ET) and the Irish are favorites by 5 1/2 points (142 1/2). ESPN2 leads Wake Forest in Minnesota (7:00 ET), where the Gophers are favorites by 3 1/2 points (134). All four No. 1 seeds of the tournament start late. Michigan plays tomorrow, Cincinnati and Louisville don’t play until Friday, and Maryland doesn’t play until Saturday.

Dallas and San Antonio won last night and remain tied for the top of the Southwest Division and Western Conference 50-14. Dallas beat Cleveland 91-87 and the Cavs have now lost three straight games and are just two games behind Indiana for the fourth seed in the East. The Spurs beat the Hornets (96-81) and New Orleans has now lost seven straight games, the most of the season. New Orleans is one game away from the Lakers for the West’s final playoff spot.

Speaking of the Lakers, they lost last night in Sacramento (114-98) and lagged behind the Kings (who have won 13 straight home games, including SU 10-0 and ATS with Artest) by half a game. The 33-31 Kings are now seventh in the playoffs in the West, just two games behind Memphis. The Lakers 33-32 are eighth, one game above New Orleans and two games above Utah. In a rematch of the league’s highest-scoring game since 1995 (Seattle beat Phoenix Jan. 22, 152-149 in 2-OTs), the Suns beat the Sonics in Seattle last night, 129-120.

The Suns host the Clippers tonight on ESPN at 9:05 ET, leading a 10-game NBA schedule. The Suns are favored by 5 1/2 points and the total is 216 1/2. Detroit still owns the best record in the league (50-12), but the Pistons are just 3-9 ATS in their last 12 road games. Tonight, they are in Toronto (7:05 ET), where they are favored by seven points (194). The Mavs can move a half game ahead of the Spurs tonight, with a win at Houston (9:05 ET). The Rockets are 1-15 without McGrady in the lineup (he’s out) and they are home losers by four points (174 1/2).

The Lakers are 0-3 this year against the T-wolves, but Minnesota enters their game tonight in Los Angeles (10:35 ET), losers of 19 of their last 22 road games. LA is favored by five points (201). The Magic have lost 19 of their last 23 and the Knicks have lost 24 of their last 28, but both are favorites tonight! Orlando hosts Utah at 7:05 ET and is favored by 3 1/2 points (181 1/2), while the Knicks host the Hawks at 7:35 ET, as three-point favorites (205).

Ness Notes is available at 1:00 ET Monday through Friday.


Digital Marketing Means Business Survival During COVID-19

Even during the heat of the pandemic, we saw companies struggling to change their operations enough to stay afloat. Now the name of the game is “adapt”, and we are all gamers trying to figure out where we fit in the bigger picture. Even if that means stepping out of our comfort zone, we are forced to leave behind the traditions we build and move into the digital age.

Contactless service

Before COVID-19, some companies didn’t even have a social media page. These companies relied on loyal customers, word of mouth, and in-store marketing efforts. You know the stores I’m talking about, the mommy and daddy stores that use printed brochures, bulletin boards, and give out an award to the 100th customer of the day.

For some, this type of business model sets them apart from conventional stores and made them popular. For others, it was a general lack of enthusiasm for technology (or an inability to pay for expensive digital marketing campaigns). Then, with a snap of his fingers, it was gone. No one could enter through the doors, and thus the entire structure of the business collapsed.

Word of mouth, brochures, or bulletin boards couldn’t be trusted. An increase in online shopping for a contactless experience became the most important. What did this mean for those who didn’t even have social media?

Dive headlong into digital

Pride must be replaced by necessity in terms of entering the digital world with your business. You have to be social media aware, you have to have a website, and you cannot rely on physical customers to bid. Forget getting used to the water. Hop on and wait for you to swim and stay afloat.

If you want your business to survive the pandemic in general now and in the future, you can’t wait for things to get back to normal. You have to move forward and adapt to the changes, and they must be done now.

Transition to digital marketing

Everything seems to be done on a smartphone or computer device, even shopping for everyday necessities. To expand your clientele and stay in full operational order, the use of digital marketing is more than a requirement. It is the only lifeline that most companies have. Business owners cannot hope to survive during COVID-19 if they do not transition to a digital marketing strategy. Make sure your business has a proper and modern website that is mobile friendly and easy to use. Customers should be able to easily contact you or buy through your website on all devices so that no potential sales are missed.

Business practices and customer care have not changed in their marketing structure, only the method in which it is delivered. Customers should feel safe shopping and feel better doing things online. Businesses will not survive this new era if they do not turn to the digital marketing platforms necessary to reach these customers.


Five current players who could soon join Trammell and Chipper as a Hall of Fame team

Because six new players were inducted in Cooperstown over the weekend, many baseball broadcasts have included discussions of current members as well as potential future members. During one particular game, one analyst praised the fact that two of the new Hall of Famers spent their entire careers with just one team.

Of course, he was referring to Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones and Detroit Tigers shortstop Alan Trammell. Jones received 410 out of 422 votes during his first year of Hall eligibility, while Trammell was elected by the Veterans Committee.

It was noted that baseball fans may not see even one one-year-old player, let alone two of them, arrive in Cooperstown for at least another decade. The announcer identified two future recruits, Albert Pujols and Adrian Beltre, who have played for several different teams.

However, a cursory glance at other stars approaching retirement seems to indicate that we will indeed be seeing another one-year-old player soon. In fact, there could be two or more.

Here’s a list of likely or highly prospective single-team players who could be enshrined in Cooperstown after they leave the field.

Yadier Molina of the St. Louis Cardinals
This guy is a no-brainer for Hall of Fame induction in his first year of eligibility, no matter what his offensive stats are. He has been the top receiver for nearly two decades, has led the Redbirds to multiple World Series appearances, has been selected as a perennial All-Star and remains one of the best decisive hitters in all of baseball.

Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners
As he approaches his fourteenth season, King Felix is ​​likely to rack up two hundred victories when he hangs up, well below the coveted three hundred mark that guarantees consecration. However, his era makes it nearly impossible to get more than fifteen wins per year, so that fact, plus a Cy Young award and six All-Star games, could give him a plaque.

Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds
His long contract almost ensures that the Canadian will end his playing days at Great American Ball Park, and his numbers are close to HOF statistics.

Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins
The Minnesota native has declined since winning the Most Valuable Player Award as a catcher for the Twins, which could affect his chances of entering the Hall. Also, because he is at the end of his current contract with his hometown team, Mauer could be fired from this list if he signs elsewhere next year.

Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants
Ten years into his career, the catcher is a six-time All-Star with MVP and Award Rookie, but it could be his three World Series Championships that eventually land him in Cooperstown.


Favorite catcher of New York Jets legend Joe Namath

Joe Namath left the University of Alabama to become the AFL favorite as a quarterback for the New York Jets. During his career, despite a series of injuries, he would become one of the best quarterbacks in the league and eventually be elected to the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

It can be argued that there was no more important footballer in the American Football League than Joe Namath. It was cheeky and got a lot of press. He also gave the young league a lot of legitimacy based on his talent. Predicting a Super Bowl II victory for his Jets over the more established National Football League Colts was just the icing on the cake.

Namath has not only become one of the best in any of the leagues, but he is also fondly remembered and always associated with the franchise he starred in, the New York Jets.

During his career, Namath threw passes to various receivers. Some of those players were household names and some were the average everyday professional soccer player. What was your favorite? Who caught the most Broadway Joe touchdown passes?

Don Maynard caught more touchdown passes thrown by Joe Namath than any other player. To be honest, he’s not even very close as Maynard caught 42 of Namath’s TDs and the second player on the list only came in with 27.

Aside from Maynard, who was a great player, Namath always lacked that superstar catcher that other great quarterbacks can rely on throughout his entire career.