Time to place your bets, even on some strange bets

It is commonly known that Las Vegas is the place where one can legally bet on almost anything, as long as the books offer the proposed bets. Players love putting their money on odd bets, especially around Super Bowl time. Now that the Supreme Court has overturned the sports betting ban, we may see more bizarre bets being offered in states competing for sportsbooks. Weird bets are not exclusive to Las Vegas. The UK is also in on the action.

Here is a collection of some of the weirdest, strangest and most outrageous bets ever made:

  • 1979: The late Jackie Gaughn, owner of the El Cortez hotel in downtown Las Vegas, posted odds when the American satellite faltered Skylab, it was about to crash into the earth. Odds were set on where it would crash: 5/1 for one of the five oceans, 12/1 in the Soviet Union, 100/1 on California soil, 2,000 / 1 for a hit in tiny Rhode Island, and even 10,000. / 1 that would crash into El Cortez! Turns out it landed in Australia on 1/30.
  • 1980: from the popular television show Dallas: “Who shot JR?” Bets were taken at the Castaways Hotel with odds from each cast member prior to the season-ending Cliff Hanger episode, but the Gaming Control Board ordered to stop all bets because someone had to have a script that knew the answer. .
  • 1981: In the midst of the ongoing controversy over the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the grave of alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was about to be exhumed to confirm his identity. The Union Plaza sportsbook was quick to jump on the proposal train of who would be in the coffin. Odds were posted of: a Soviet agent, Jack Ruby (Oswald’s killer), or an empty coffin. Due to concerns about the virtue of such a bet, the gambling commission terminated it. Turns out it was Oswald after all.
  • In the UK, it was 500/1 that the FBI will confirm that Elvis is still alive and another 500/1 that Michael and LaToya Jackson are one in the same.
  • UK sportsbooks also offered 1,000 / 1 that Tiger Woods would become president of the United States and 5,000 / 1 that Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky would marry.
  • A London resident named Matthew Drumbell made a 1,000,000 / 1 bet that the world would end before the year 2000. Of course, who would be left to pay him if he survived? No pun on the man’s name.

During Super Bowl week in Las Vegas, millions of dollars are thrown through the betting terminals to bet on one’s favorite team and some odd bets as well. Here are some of the previous Super Bowls prop bets:

Will singer Kelly Clarkston omit or spoil one or more words from the National Anthem? How long will it take you to sing it? Over / Under 1 minute, 34 seconds. Will your belly show bare when you sing it?

· If quarterback Tom Brady’s son appears on television during the game, will he wear a Tom Brady jersey?

How many times will Patriots owner Robert Kraft be shown on television during the game?

What will be the celebration of the first touchdown? A ball spike, a dance, lying on the floor, a pole dunk, a kneeling Tim Tebow, or kissing a cheerleader?

What color Gatorade will be thrown on the head coach of the winning team? Yellow, orange, clear, red, green, blue? (Yellow was the favorite).

Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first in his postgame interview? Teammates, God, Owner, Coach, Family, Anyone? (Teammates were the favorites.)

So there you have it. I wonder what weird bets await us for the next Super Bowl. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.


Why would a guy avoid you if he likes you? 5 things you should know

You have observed actions of this particular type for weeks. His looks, the way he behaves around you, the things he says, are all indicators that he really likes you. But suddenly, you see that their behavior changes. Start avoiding yourself! This article shares 5 things you should know Why would a guy avoid you if he likes you?, so that you can get and keep a worthy man who appreciates you for life.

# 1 Must Know: Some guys just can’t bear to lose control of their emotions.

That you like someone is irresistible. When a man likes a girl and is attracted to her, he begins to behave irrationally and sometimes cannot control what he thinks and feels. Some guys hate losing control over their emotions. And because having control of his emotions is much more important to him than liking a girl, that guy will do what he can to keep his emotions in check. He will avoid the girl he likes in order to stay in control, because she is what keeps him comfortable in his life. It is their way of facing life.

If the boy you like is like this, I urge you to leave him alone. Leave it to your preferences. It will take a lot of effort to help him see that it is safe for him to open his heart and lose control of love.

# 2 You Should Know: Even if she agrees to be in a relationship with you, she may still resent you for being the source of her discomfort.

It sounds crazy, but the human mind can’t help but behave irrationally until someone makes the decision to change and do something about it. Still, it takes a lot of motivation and determination for a person to change. Change can be difficult.

While some say that love conquers all, is it worth all the heartache and drama? Leave the drama to TV shows and movies. Don’t waste your precious time and energy chasing after a guy who doesn’t want to change from within. You deserve to be chased and in love with a guy who can’t help but want to see you every day!

# 3 Must Know: A man won’t avoid a girl he REALLY likes.

If a guy really likes you, he will make it happen! He will put superhuman time, effort and creativity to pursue you and become his girlfriend!

Very often, the guy you meet at work, at school, or at social events is competitively attracted to LOTS of girls. It’s not just you. Don’t be surprised if he likes your best friend too! So, if a guy avoids you even though he likes you, quite possibly he might already be actively pursuing the girl he met yesterday, because he can’t wait to make her his girlfriend!

But these are things he’s not going to tell you. Even your closest friend may not know that you are actively pursuing a girl right now!

# 4 Must Know: Men tend to keep their love life private.

Guys often delay announcing their intentions to chase a girl until they succeed. This way, you save yourself the double humiliation of being rejected and teased by your friends for failing!

So if a guy avoids you when you THINK he likes you, he may already be talking seriously to another girl you don’t know yet. Instinctively, he knows that being attracted to you will jeopardize his plans to be with the girl of his dreams. So he avoids you to keep his master plan intact!

# 5 Must Know: It sounds romantic that a the boy is so attracted to you that he avoids you. But it really isn’t!

Stop falling in love with this guy who avoids you. Observe the other guys around you who are doing their best to impress you. It’s the guys who take the time to help you and lend you their ears that deserve a chance! Appreciate them for being an important part of your life. Honestly, why wouldn’t I give a fun, sweet, caring guy a chance? Do you realize that no man NEEDS to spend his time with you? They too can avoid you like this guy has done … so appreciate what you have!


Gene Smith, Ohio State University (OSU) Buckeyes Athletic Director (AD) – Bio

Gene Smith is the Athletic Director (or AD for short) of the Ohio State University (OSU) Buckeyes Athletic Program. Mr. Smith oversees a diverse variety of men’s and women’s sports for a school that has the unique distinction of being one of only four colleges to have won national championships in men’s soccer, basketball, and baseball.

Gene Smith’s official appointment to the announced position of Ohio State athletic director occurred on March 5, 2005. Upon his arrival as director of one of the strongest college athletic programs in the country, Gene gained relevant work experience while serving as an athletic director in eastern Michigan, the state of Iowa, and the state of Arizona.

While many casual fans think predominantly of soccer and basketball when they think of college athletics, the spectrum of college sports is actually quite diverse. In total, Mr. Smith oversees approximately 900 student athletes spanning a challenge of 39 college sports (20 women and 19 men). The Buckeyes have won national championships in numerous sports that are often forgotten, such as synchronized swimming, gymnastics and fencing.

Long before bearing the burden of the highly vetted position of Ohio State University athletic director, Gene Smith was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, not far from the OSU’s main campus location in Columbus, Ohio. Smith was an athlete in his youth at St. Peter Chanel High School in nearby Bedford, Ohio and went to the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, where he earned an athletic scholarship as a defensive end for the football team.

Before graduating from Notre Dame in 1977, Gene was on the 1973 national championship soccer team. Gene earned his business administration diploma and remained at his alma mater as an assistant coach in the soccer program until 1981.

In 1981, Gene Smith experimented with a brief stint outside the field of college athletics when he accepted a job in the marketing department of International Business Machines (IBM). After two years in the private sector, Smith realized that his true calling was a lifelong career dedicated to college sports.

In 1983, the Ohio native found a position at Eastern Michigan University, where he was able to serve as an assistant athletic director. In 1986, Gene became the full-time chief athletic director at Eastern Michigan. Seven years later, in 1993, Gene became an AD at Iowa State University, where he served diligently until 2000, when he moved to Tempe, Arizona, to accept the position as athletic director at Arizona State University.


Fantasy Football: a lesson to monetize anything

Attention enterprising spirits: the following would have seemed as fictional as Star Wars to our grandparents, not to mention Vince Lombardi. However, it is all true and there is a valuable lesson in this: you can monetize anything!

Congratulations to the NFL. They have found a way to maintain a large fan base despite the myriad off-the-field issues that they seem to ignore on a weekly basis. The 2012 referee strike and inept replacements? Forget it, that didn’t even make it to the NFL fans’ “To Worry List”. How could I do it? This is a league that has recently seen popular players charged or convicted of domestic violence, rape, child abuse, and murder. Good guys, huh? In short, there is NOTHING stopping us from tuning in every Thursday, Sunday and Monday (in my life, I’m sure there will be a game every night of the week). Television ratings suggest that this monster is really too big to fail.

So why do we do it? It is not because we care about who wins or loses the actual game. Some of us do, but now we are in the minority. No, wins and losses are not even the second reason. Sports gambling, while illegal in most states, WAS what kept the NFL at the top of the sports fan list. People bet nearly $ 10 billion on the Super Bowl alone. Imagine what a full season brings. The joke used to be something like “Dad’s favorite team is the Dolphins and he wants them to win by less than 4 points.” However, because gambling has such a negative connotation in society, people don’t talk about it much and certainly not when they lose.

What will help the NFL remain king of the hill indefinitely turns out to be the negative photo of the game. It’s Fantasy Football, and it’s almost reached the point where we can remove the word “Fantasy” from the name. It is quite real and it is here to stay. Gambling is illegal because it is considered a “game of chance”. Betting on Fantasy Football is legal because it is considered a “game of skill” (don’t ask me who decides these things, but it’s true). Gambling is ugly because it can ruin people’s lives when they lose. Fantasy Football is innocent and fun, although the same amount of money is spent participating, and yes, half is lost. With gambling, there is only money. With Fantasy Football, there is money, but also fun team names, trophies, and bragging rights. It is the rules of the market versus the social norms, once again. Unless you live in one of the few states where gambling is legal, you need connections with people with connections to participate. Participating in Fantasy Football only requires an Internet connection and an investment of only $ 1.

Fantasy Football’s roots go back to the 1960s, but that was a different world. It wasn’t until the last 10 years, thanks entirely to the internet, that it took off and became insane … and SERIOUS business. Roughly 40 million Americans are playing some form of Fantasy Football this year and spending roughly $ 2 billion to do so, but that’s just the beginning. When the entire industry is considered, the empire that is Fantasy Football is estimated to be worth more than $ 50 billion. And it will continue to grow. Everybody is doing it. I play, my friends play. Heck, even NFL players play! Just this week, an NFL player tweeted “I’m probably going to lose my fantasy football game this week because (Adrian Peterson) can’t play Sunday for disciplining his son …” Really.

While you won’t hear announcers talking about point spreads, they frequently refer to Fantasy stats. The crawl at the bottom of the TV screen is now dedicated to the new national pastime. As big as the NFL has gotten, they recognize that you NEED the Fantasy Football element to keep their brand healthy, so they go out of their way to promote it. There are magazines, books, radio shows and TV shows dedicated to him and there is even a TV series based on a group of friends united by their Fantasy Football league. Only in America!

Fantasy Football online sites are raising money, capitalizing on the popularity of this “game of skill.” One of the most popular sites boasts that it pays more than $ 10 million per week. Considering that they are cleverly charging 10% on every dollar to facilitate the thousands of contests between strangers, it’s easy to calculate how a company like this can be worth millions almost overnight. And it’s not just NFL football. Most of these sites offer forums for baseball, hockey, basketball, golf, and the major “fantasy” college sports.

The lesson from all of this is simple: if you build the site, they will come and go with dollars to spend. Find the product that people are passionate about and make it available to them online, in whatever form you can. If you don’t have the product itself, write a book about it. If you don’t want to write a book, write an article and sell it. Position yourself as an “expert” (anyone who questions that anyway), and it will come at a price.

Now if you’ll excuse me. It’s almost game time and I need to support my kicker’s offense to move the ball across the field at 30 and then stop. Strange thing, this Fantasy Football.


Three rookie managers are favorites to win the World Series in 2018

Alex Cora, Aaron Boone and Dave Martinez enter the 2018 season at an exclusive club, joining only a handful of other rookie managers to take over a team that had made the playoffs the previous year. Major League Baseball’s long history has seen only ten of those bosses, and not even one of them led his team to the World Series in that opening period.

Worse, more than half of those rookie managers failed to carry their inherited playoff teams into the postseason, including fourth-place finishes suffered by Jimy Williams with the 1986 Toronto Blue Jays and Bryan Price with the 2014 Cincinnati Reds.

Among the four who managed to lead their squad to a playoff return are two who failed to make it past the divisional series, Ken Macha with the 2003 Oakland Athletics and Brad Ausmus with the 2014 Detroit Tigers. In his freshman year As captain, Mike Matheny led the 2012 St. Louis Cardinals to the National League Champions Series, as did Dave Roberts two years later with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It’s possible that MLB could see the first rookie manager to lead a playoff team to a pennant in 2018, considering some of the first that have occurred in the past two seasons. Last year, of course, the Houston Astros won their first World Series title and in 2016 the Chicago Cubs won their first in more than a hundred years.

Of the three rookie managers who inherit playoff teams, two compete in the American League and the other on the Senior Circuit. All three are landing teams that are big favorites to win the pennant, and it is even possible that two of them can do just that.

If New York takes the title, Aaron Boone would become the first rookie manager to win a pennant after inheriting a playoff team. The Yankees are undoubtedly among the preseason favorites as they acquired 2017 NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins and re-signed veteran left-handed starter CC Sabathia.

However, his longtime rival from Boston stands in his way, the defending division champs are now led by rookie captain Alex Cora. The Red Sox had a busy winter, adding much-needed offensive power by signing free agent slugger JD Martinez.

It is very possible that if the Yankees or Red Sox manage to capture the pennant, they will face another rookie manager in the World Series. The Nationals, who boasted the best record in all of baseball last season before falling back into the playoffs, are now being led by Dave Martinez.

His path to the National League pennant will be made easier thanks to a sensational starting team, which includes Cy Young Award contenders Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez. Washington also strengthened the offense around former MVP Bryce Harper and third baseman Anthony Rondon, acquiring powerful left-handed hitter Matt Adams to share first base duties with veteran Ryan Zimmerman while spending time in the outfield.

Although New York and Boston have made bigger improvements to help their new dugout leaders, Washington still seems to have the best chance of winning a pennant. The Yankees and Red Sox not only have to fight each other, but they also have to beat the defending World Series champion, the Houston Astros.

The Nationals, on the other hand, should be able to move quickly through a division where almost every other team is in rebuilding mode. The postseason has been pretty cruel to Washington in recent years, but their increased competition has done little to bolster their 2017 pennant defense. The Los Angeles Dodgers actually lost valued starter Yu Darvish over the winter, and just last week. Last year they suffered an injury that put their top slugger Justin Turner on the disabled list to start the season.


Notes from Ness (May 22)

This year’s NBA conference semifinals have seen three of the four series in seven games (Heat beat the Nets in five games), after none of the four conference semifinals made it past six games in the year. past. It’s actually quite unusual for so many series to last so long, so early in the playoffs.

My free game is with the Chi Cubs over the Fla Marlins at 7:05 ET. After a perfect 3-0 sweep this weekend with my exclusive Las Vegas Insider plays (Spurs / Tigers / Pistons), I am looking to improve my Las Vegas Insider record in MLB this May to 6-1 with another winner this night. I also have a 15 * Rivalry Classic Play in the Yankees / Red Sox game. In the NBA playoffs, I will host a LEGEND Play (4-1 in TY’s postseason!) In one of two Game 7s tonight. Do not miss it!

In fact, it’s only the third time since Bird and Magic rejuvenated the league by entering the NBA in the 1979-80 season. The last time was in 1994 and the other in 1981. It has been nine years (since 1980) in which none of the semifinal series was forced to a seventh game with three years standing out. In 1998, the four series were just five games (it happened in 2002 as well) and in 1999 there were three four-game sweeps and one six-game series.

Also noteworthy in this year’s postseason is the number of closed games. Over two rounds last year (65 games), only one game was decided by just one point, another four by two points, and five more in overtime. Through 69 games this year, eight games have been decided by one point (three in overtime), six more by two points and another five in overtime. That is a big difference.

However, yesterday there was nothing like it in the first of three game 7s in this year’s semifinal round. The Pistons beat the Cavs on Sunday holding them to 23 points in the second half in a 79-61 victory. Detroit may have looked very vulnerable in the middle of this series (lost Games 3, 4 and 5) but they opened and closed it hard. They won Game 1 by 27 points and Game 7 by 18!

Detroit is now 10-2 when facing elimination since the ’03 playoffs and the Pistons are 12-1 in games in which they have had a chance to eliminate their opponent. That one loss came in Game 7 of the NBA Finals last year. Speaking of Game 7, home teams are now 77-17 in NBA playoff history.

There are two more Game 7s on the schedule tonight and will the home team’s dominance continue? Home teams have been struggling lately in this year’s playoffs, especially against the spread. After opening 30-9 SU, the home teams finished the first round with a run of 1-5 SU and ATS and have gone 15-9 SU (11-13 ATS) in the second round. That’s a 30-game run of 16-14 SU and only 12-18 ATS!

However, in two game 7s this year, the home teams won and covered easily. The Suns crushed the Lakers in the first round 121-90 in Game 7 and the Pistons won easily yesterday. Tonight’s first Game 7 (both televised on TNT) is the Mavs / Spurs at 8:00 ET with San Antonio favored by 3 1/2 points (192). Game two is Clippers / Suns at 10:30 ET with Phoenix favored by four points (215 1/2).

The Spurs have rallied in this series to win Games 5 and 6 and will seek to become the ninth team in NBA playoff history to overcome a 3-1 deficit and win a seven-game series. The Suns were the eighth team to do so, when they returned to beat the Lakers in the first round this year. Jason Terry is back for the Mavs after his one-game suspension in Game 6.

In the second game of the night, the Clippers are playing Game 7 of the franchise, while the Suns are playing their second Game 7 of as many series. Neither team has been able to win consecutive games in this series, with the Suns winning Games 1, 3 and 5 and the Clippers winning Games 2, 4 and 6. The teams have not played since Thursday and conventional wisdom says that that will help the Suns more.

Over players had been on a hot streak in the postseason, as nine of the last 10 games of the first round ended and then 15 of the first 21 did the same in the second round, for a 24-7 run. However, last weekend’s three games (two on Friday plus yesterday’s game) fell short of the total.

Followers of the “Zig-Zag” theory have been going through this year’s playoffs, both ‘hot’ and ‘cold’. They opened 19-8-2 ATS in the first round, but closed with a 0-8 slip. They opened strong again in the second round, going 10-4, but have since gone 1-5 (now 11-9 in the second round). If it weren’t for the LA Clippers and Phoenix Suns (who are perfect 5-0 in their series), they are just 6-9 ATS in the second round.

MLB Ratings

Interleague action takes place during the month after a game weekend in which Barry Bonds hit his elusive 714 HR. The new week begins with the Cardinals owning MLB’s longest active winning streak in five straight games with the Devil Rays and Dodgers right behind them, having won four in a row.

The Dodgers have won 12 of 15 and play in the only division in MLB (NL West) that does not have a losing team. That’s interesting, since last year the Padres won that division with an 82-80 record. The Dodgers swept the Angels in a three-game series over the weekend and the team that played the White Sox in last year’s ALCS is now 17-27 on the year, having lost 17 of their last 22!

Losing has been easy for the Royals (10-31), who open the week with the longest active losing streak in MLB with nine in a row (they are 2-20 on the road). The Marlins have lost seven straight games, ending a 10-game road trip 2-8. Florida (11-31) returns home tonight to host the Cubs, but the bad news is that the Marlins have the Marlins’ worst home record at 3-14.

The Marlins are the league’s biggest “money spenders” at minus $ 1,628 (100 / game), followed by the Royals (minus $ 1,457), the 14-30 Pirates (minus $ 1,449) and the Angels in freefall ( less – $ 1227). The 29-14 Tigers are still the MLB’s “best bet”, earning more than $ 1,539. The Rockies (25-19) are second best at more than $ 906 and it should be noted that these two teams they are the biggest ‘minor’ teams in MLB, at 14-26-3 and 15-26-3, respectively!

There are “13 lucky games” on tonight’s schedule, highlighted by the Yankees visiting Fenway Park to face the Red Sox at 7:05 ET on ESPN. It’s Wang against Schilling, with the Red Sox favored under $ 1.55 and a posted total of 9 1/2.

Ness Notes is available Monday through Friday at 1:00 ET.


3 numbers retired from OHL’s Sudbury Wolves

The Ontario Hockey League franchise now known as Sudbury Wolves has been firmly planted in that northern Ontario city since the 1972-73 season. The franchise started as Barrie Flyers in 1945 and moved to Niagara Falls to become Niagara Falls Flyers in 1960.

Since moving to Sudbury, the team has been to the Robertson Cup final only twice and has yet to win an OHL championship. Probably the best year in Lobos history came in 1975-76. The team was first overall, winning the Hamilton Spectator Trophy, and reached the Robertson Cup final before losing to eventual Memorial Cup champions the Hamilton Fincups.

The Sudbury Wolves have retired just three jersey numbers between 1972 and the present. All three played on that Wolves team from 1975-76. All three went on to long careers in the National Hockey League with two of the three playing more than 1,000 games in the NHL.

Randy carlyle dressed number 6 during his three years with Sudbury. The defender played with the Wolves from 1973-74 to 1975-76. In that last season, he added 79 points from the blue line in 60 regular season games.

The Toronto Maple Leafs liked what they saw and selected Carlyle in the second round of the 1976 NHL Amateur Draft. Randy played 1,055 regular-season games in the NHL between 1976-77 and 1992-93 with Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins and Winnipeg Jets. In 1980-81, as a member of the Penguins, Carlyle received the Norris Trophy as the best defender in the NHL.

Randy practically dedicated himself to a coaching career after retiring as a player. He won a Stanley Cup as the head coach of the Anaheim Ducks in 2007 and is currently the head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As Carlyle stared at the blue line, number 10 Ron Duguay he was providing an offense. In 1975-76, Duguay added 134 points in 42 goals and 92 assists in 61 games. Ron’s 92 assists were mostly assists in Rod Schutt’s 72 goals. Both the 92 assists and 72 goals remain today as team records in a single season. What is puzzling is that Sudbury has not recalled Schutt’s number either.

Ron Duguay played four years with Sudbury from 1973-74 to 1976-77. After his final season, the New York Rangers selected him thirteenth in the 1977 NHL amateur draft. Duguay played nearly 900 regular-season games in the NHL between 1977-78 and 1988-89 with the Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins and Los Angeles Kings.

Number 17 Mike Foligno He was in his rookie season with Sudbury in 1975-76, but he still made a major contribution to the team’s success. Foligno played four years with the Wolves from 1975-76 to 1978-79 and was captain of the team in his final season. In 1978-79, Mike scored 65 goals and assisted in 85 for 150 points. The point total today remains a single-season team record for the Sudbury Wolves.

Mike was the third overall pick in the 1979 NHL draft, going to the Detroit Red Wings. Foligno was drafted only behind Rob Ramage and Perry Turnbull and surpassed Hockey Hall of Famers Mike Gartner, Ray Bourque and Mark Messier. Mike played just over 1,000 regular season games in the NHL between 1979-80 and 1993-94 with the Red Wings, Buffalo Sabers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers.

Foligno returned to Sudbury for the 2003-04 OHL season and remained as General Manager and Head Coach for seven seasons. In 2006-07, he led the Wolves to their second appearance in the Robertson Cup final. This time, it was the Plymouth Whalers who denied Sudbury a trip to the Memorial Cup.


Dizzy Dean – St Louis Cardinals Biography, Career Highlights and Facts

Biography, Stories, and Facts About Dizzy Dean

In the day before the media published every word spoken by a sports star, Dizzy Dean entertained fans, the media and the world like very few sports stars have. Dizzy Dean was a natural clown who loved to make everyone around him smile. Few baseball players have done better and the stories that have been told about his life are legendary.

Before the 1934 season, Dizzy made the outlandish prediction that he and his brother Paul would win more than 40 games in one season. They didn’t win 40, they won 49! Dean won 30 games in 1934 in one of the best seasons a major league pitcher has ever had. Dean led the infamous Gashouse Gang to the National League pennant and a World Series game with the Detroit Tigers. It was in Detroit that Dizzy Dean would be loved by fans across America and established him as one of the greatest pitchers and most entertaining baseball players of all time.

Before Dizzy Dean made his first pitch, he made his presence felt. The day before Game 1, Dean joined the rival Detroit Tigers during batting practice. There he could be seen showing off to the Tigers team, taunting his players and practicing batting using Tigers slugger Hank Greenberg’s baseball bat. After that, he entertained the media by fighting with the skin of a tiger and playing with the stadium band. Love him or hate him, Dizzy Dean had a knack for making everyone around him smile.

While Dizzy was a ton of fun before the game, he was quite a business after he started. In Game 1, Dean struck out six in an 8-3 victory. In Game 4, he entered the game as a pinch runner. When a groundball was hit short end, he ran to second base to break a double play and was hit in the head with the baseball. Dean ended up in the hospital with a head injury. The next day’s headline was fun and heartwarming for the Cardinal fan at the same time. The headline read “Dean’s head X-ray reveals nothing.”

Despite his head injury, Dean returned for Game 7 and released a masterpiece. He allowed only one running back to reach third base and clinch the World Series for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Dizzy Dean Interesting Facts:

  • One day while journalists were interviewing him, Dizzy Dean told each of them a different story from his life. Later, he said that he did this because everyone wanted exclusive stories.
  • In the 1934 World Series, Dean won two games for the Cardinals, while his brother won the other two. This is the only time that two brothers have won all four games of the World Series.
  • He was so confident in his fastball that he would yell at the approaching players.
  • Dean was one of the few white baseball players to go on devastating tours with black pitcher Satchell Paige.
  • Dizzy Dean had a movie made in his honor called “The Pride of St. Louis.”

John Akii-Bua: Progress, Triumph, and Disaster on the Road to the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Quebec

Canada would host the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal in Quebec from July 17 to August 1. John Akii-Bua from Uganda, who had won a gold medal in the 400m hurdles and at the same time set a world record (47.82), construction began in late 1975 to defend his Olympic title. Preparation intensified in 1976.

At an international meeting in Berlin on August 22, 1975, Akii Bua won the 400-meter hurdles in 49.2. Significantly, here France’s Guy Drut lowered the world record for the 110-meter hurdles, previously held by American Rodney Milburn, to 13.0.

On June 6, 1976 in Dortmund in a match, Akii-Bua set the world leading time in the intermediate hurdles by winning at 48.58. Frenchman Guy Drut won the 110-meter hurdles with 13.59.

Akii-Bua on June 8, 1976 became the highlight of a German international match held in Dusseldorf, Germany, when he won both the 400-meter sprint and the 400-meter hurdles. The competition, although overwhelmingly of German citizens, was regarded as a qualifier for the 1976 Olympics. Akii-Bua’s victory in 400mh at 48.58 was his personal best of the year. Although excellent and a world leading time then, it would be reduced to the fifth best of the year behind the completion times of Edwin Corley Moses (US), Quentin Wheeler and Tom Andrews (US, 48.55), and Jim Bolding (USA, 48.57)). Finishes of less than 49 seconds had become more common, and dramatized the increasing competition in the intermediate obstacles!

Akii-Bua’s victory in the 400-meter dash final at the Dusseldorf match was a personal best time of 45.82. He was close to Amos Omolo’s Ugandan record of 45.33 set at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, in a quarter-final series in which he won. This heat included the legendary Lee Edward Evans, who would eventually win gold and simultaneously set the first U-44 world record. It would last almost a quarter of a century.

Akii in Dusseldorf beat the next Olympic relay bronze medalist, Germany’s Franz-Peter Hofmeister (46.39), and European record holder and Olympic finalist Karl Honz (West Germany), who fainted in third place. This performance, which took place just a couple of months before Montreal 1976, was Akii’s most in-depth pre-Olympic display of evidence that he was highly in contention for another Olympic medal. Akii trained in the city of Dortmund in Germany in preparation for the Olympics.

Akii, now 26, was expected to skillfully defend his Olympic title, especially given his commendable preparation for the Montreal Olympics which included excellent performances at both track competitions in Europe. Near the end of June, while in Helsinki, Akii-Bua was injured and doctors prescribed two weeks off without training. They told him that he could still make it to the Olympic competition if he had patience. In mid-July 1976, regarding his left hamstring strain, Akii-Bua declared in the Montreal Olympic Village (Associated Press: 1976: 34):

“I can’t get my foot off the obstacle at all. The muscle is sore. I can’t run, Dwight.”

High jump world record holder Dwight Stones later recommended treatment by California chiropractor Dr. Leroy Perry, known for treating a considerable number of world-class athletes; and he was in Montreal as part of the medical staff caring for the Antigua team that was here to compete in the Olympics for the first time.

Legendary American high jumper and friend of Akii, Dwight Stones, would comment on Akii-Bua’s prospects of winning at the Montreal Games (Berger 1976):

“I’m not so sure [that Akii-Bua will win] because Akii has been hurt. If you cannot run at your best, then you would choose [Edwin] Moses “.

Edwin Moses, running in “narrow” lane 2 in Eugene, Oregon, set an American record of 48.30 at the US Olympic Trials on June 21; although running as an intermediate hurdler was relatively new to him. Moses had raced in the 400mh for just three months, but the 48.30 was then the third fastest time in history, after the Munich and Mexico City winning performances of Akii-Bua in 1972 (47.82) and of Britain’s David Hemery in 1968 (48.1).

On July 18, 1976, the 50-year-old Queen Elizabeth of England opened the Games in Montreal. But sadly, many African nations, including Uganda, boycotted the Games. His effort to have New Zealand expelled from the Games by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was not honored. Lord Killanin, the president of the IOC, argued, among other things, that although the New Zealand rugby team was on tour in apartheid South Africa, rugby was not an Olympic sport; therefore, the African boycott was not justified. Other notable African athletes such as Mike Boit of Kenya and Miruts Yifter, therefore, would not compete.

In Montreal on July 25 in the intermediate hurdles final, 20-year-old Edwin Moses, running on favored fairway 4, set a new Olympic and world record (47.63). This was the first time Moses competed at the international level. In a span of 10 years, Moses would claim many victories, including winning an additional Olympic gold medal, winning 122 consecutive races, and breaking the world record four times. Moses established himself as the greatest hurdles in the world.

The following years, 1977 and 1978, were the peak years of political upheaval in Uganda, as Amin’s foothold in Uganda weakened as the regime collapsed as exiles and Tanzanian forces moved closer to overthrow. to the regime. There were rumors that Akii-Bua would be arrested and jailed; he and his family fled to Kenya. Amin’s regime fell in March 1978. The year 1976 was clearly the last significant year for Akii-Bua as an athlete. But the injury came and the boycott of the Olympics came. The confrontation with Edwin Moses that the sports community had hoped for did not happen. Akii’s significant achievement in 1978 was the silver medal at the African Games in Algiers. Their competition had decreased significantly. Akii-Bua did not compete in the 1978 Commonwealth Games (Edmonton) in which Uganda did not participate, nor had he competed in the previous 1974 (Christchurch).

He still tried one last season at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, also heavily boycotted. His performance was mediocre and he did not make it past the semifinals. The Uganda 4x 400m relay team that Akii was a part of didn’t fare well either. Akii-Bua’s namesake John Mugabi won Uganda a silver medal in welterweight boxing. Many countries, including the United States and Kenya, had boycotted the Olympics while protesting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

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Berger, Dan. “Track team to win only 5 golds – Stones”, in “Sarasota Journal” (July 14, 1976).


College Football – 9 AP Top 25 teams lose, 6 unranked teams, USC, Georgia and Florida all lose

The fifth week of college football revealed the 6 luckiest teams in the nation: Missouri, Texas Tech, Brigham Young (BYU), Kansas, Boise State and Vanderbilt. It was the 6 teams from the AP Top 25 Poll that had a bye week, saving them from possible defeat.

The other 19 Top 25 teams did not fare as well in Week 5 as only 10 of the 19 won (a meager 53%) while 9 more, including 3 of the top 4 teams, lost.

Among the 9 classified teams that lost, 6 committed the unforgivable sin of losing to unrated teams, an absolute no-no if you want to be in the quest for the national title. You can say goodbye to the national title hopes of Southern California, Wisconsin, Wake Forest, Clemson, Illinois and Texas Christian (TCU).

The biggest loser was the University of Southern California (USC, Shoulda Coulda University), which ranked first, which traveled to the Corvallis (OR) lair of the Oregon State Beavers. The Beavers, a 1-2 unrated team that had already lost road games at Stanford and Penn State, decided to take out their nastiness on the Trojans, dominating USC 21-0 in the first half and holding on to a 27-21 victory. .

USC should have known better, as the Trojans were upset by the Beavers 33-31 during their last trip to Corvallis two years ago. That loss ended Southern Cal’s 38-game winning streak in the regular season.

Fourth-ranked Florida hosted Mississippi unranked and quickly lost 31-30 with a lousy defense and star quarterback Tim Tebow, winner of last year’s Heisman Trophy, had a horrible day. Tebow was sacked 3 times for holding the ball too long, knocked down 4 receivers deep, lost a fumble that became an Ole Miss touchdown and failed to convert on a run attempt with a critical fourth down and 2 feet for the finish at the Ole Miss 32-yard line with 40 seconds left.

Florida won the first half 17-7 but lost the second half 24-13. It is a loss that coach Urban Meyer and his players will not soon forget, nor should they forget.

The No. 9 Wisconsin led by 19 and was ahead of Michigan unranked, but allowed the Wolverines to return to the game by giving up 20 points in the fourth quarter, allowing Michigan to enjoy its biggest home comeback in history and gave new coach Rich “I’m not hooked on West Virginia” Rodriguez his first win at Michigan, 27-25.

The No. 16 Wake Forest saw the unrated Navy 17 points at their home field and never came back while trailing 24-17.

No. 20 Clemson led unrated Maryland 17-6 at the half, but failed to score in the second half while trailing at home, 20-17. Here’s a news flash: Maryland is apparently much better than Clemson this year.

No. 23 East Carolina hosted the unranked Houston and bit the dust, 41-24. East Carolina’s early-season wins over Virginia Tech and West Virginia look less impressive each week.

The other 3 classified teams that lost at least lost to qualified opponents. No. 3 Georgia hosted No. 8 Alabama and was dominated by Crimson Tide 41-30 in a game that wasn’t as close as their score. No. 22 Illinois traveled to No. 12 Penn State and made the Nittany Lions look good in Happy Valley when the Illini fell, 38-24. No. 24 Texas Christian (TCU) traveled to No. 2 Oklahoma and found out why he doesn’t want to play the Sooners at home, losing 35-10.

The Georgia Bulldogs just took a beating, and at home no less. Georgia ranked No. 1 in the AP Top 25 preseason poll and will now plummet in the rankings. Illinois, Clemson and East Carolina should all be kicked out of the Top 25 this week.

Seven other qualified teams won, some impressively, some not. They included:

No. 5 LSU at home 34-24 over 1-4 Mississippi State (not impressive), No. 7 Texas at home 52-10 over Arkansas (impressive), No. 13 South Florida on Highway 41-10 over North Carolina State (impressive), No. 14 Ohio State at home 34-21 over Minnesota (Gophers came undefeated), No. 15 Auburn at home 14-12 over Tennessee (seriously, not impressive), No. 17 Utah at home 37- 21 over 1-AA Weber State (beating a 1-AA team isn’t impressive), and No. 25 Fresno State on Hwy 36-31 over UCLA (hardly impressive, given the current state of UCLA football).

Other game results that struck a chord with me were:

Seeing the recent great Hawaii Warrior tradition of winning games is now going through tough times. Hawaii dusted off 1-AA Weber, but lost to Florida, Oregon State and San Jose State to open the season. June Jones, who built a 75-41 record in 9 seasons in Hawaii, ran the show to take over the head coaching job at Southern Methodist University this year.

Michigan State is now 4-1 after beating Indiana 42-29 on the road, but can the Spartans continue to win against Iowa and Northwestern and host Ohio State with a 6-1 start? Has coach Mark Dantonio been able to build a different mindset at Michigan State, or will the Spartans double down once more when they play better competition?

Question: When was the last time the Tennessee Volunteers started a season 1-3? Answer: 14 years ago.

How bad could North Texas be? Rice is rarely or never good, and the Owls defeated their North Texas state rival 77-20. That was also the score at the end of the third quarter. North Texas must be really bad. North Texas has played the fifth toughest schedule in the country so far, but Jeff Sagarin also has them ranked 152 out of 119 1-A teams.

Washington’s two main institutions, Washington and Washington State, are terrible this year. Washington has lost its first 4 games, and Huskies star quarterback Jake Locker broke the thumb on his throwing hand when he lost to Stanford on Saturday, 35-28. Things are not going well in Husky land. Fourth-year coach Ty Willingham could move out soon.

Things are even worse in Washington state. The Cougars are 0-5, having lost 39-13, 66-3, 45-17, 48-9 and 63-14. Freshman coach Paul Wulff will receive a temporary pass, but it’s possible that when Washington state hosts its state rival Washington on Nov. 22, the Cougars could be 0-11 and the Huskies 0-10. .

Texas-El Paso (UTEP) coach Mike Price finally scored his first win this season by hosting and defeating the University of Central Florida, 58-13. Both teams are now 1-3.

The beauty of college football is the unexpected, the excitement of thousands of fans arriving on the field after their Oregon State Beavers defeated No. 1 in the Southern Cal rankings, the inexorable attrition of undefeated teams facing each other during the game of conferences and unknown players who advertise themselves as the stars of tomorrow in today’s games.

Welcome to the sixth week of college football, when Wisconsin hosts Ohio State, South Florida hosts Pittsburgh, Auburn travels to Vanderbilt, Utah hosts Oregon State, Michigan State hosts Iowa, Southern Cal hosts Oregon, and Missouri travels to Nebraska.

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