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Quality affordable knives

There are many knife smiths today and they come from all over the world. Some of the highest quality knives are still made in Germany and Japan. However, there are knife makers in other parts of the world who make excellent knives. Without lowering quality standards, these companies bring professional quality kitchen utensils.

Traditional knife companies from Europe began arriving in Brazil in the 1930s and 1940s. Cheaper labor and more economic freedom helped drive moves. The Portuguese heritage already had a European flair, so expansion into South America was natural. Mundial, a Brazilian company that started in Germany in the 1930s and moved to Porto Alegre, Brazil, where its headquarters are located today. Their knives are of excellent quality and the selection is among the best in the world. Your Chef knives They are made from forged stainless steel and the 5100 series is a good choice for the professional chef. Today they make all the popular designs.

Tramontina is another Brazilian company that originated in Italy. Now it manufactures in Brazil, USA, China and has 20 plants around the world. A manufacturer of many other fine kitchen tools, your Santoku knives are considered very valuable.

Some Chinese knife companies are also getting strong with their affordability and quality, Yang Dong Changxin Industry and Trade Co is making some pretty good Damascus steel knives. Some of the best-named knife companies in the world have manufacturing plants in China. The Chinese have always been good at making cheap knockoffs, but there are some companies that make really great knives.

Nationwide, there’s a newcomer, The Saber Knife Company, who is dedicated to bringing affordable forged American-made knives to professional chefs. A relatively new company that makes a very nice line that will compete with some of the more famous knife companies. These are some of the best cookware on the market right now.

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Asian Walnut Hardwood Floors – Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

Asian walnut hardwood floors are one of the most unique hardwood species available on the market today. Often referred to as Acacia, this walnut hardwood flooring is obviously harvested in Asia. Asian walnut wood flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years. Although oak is still the number one selling wood flooring, exotic species like Asian walnut and Brazilian cherry have come a long way to become the top wood flooring options. If you are looking for a very different flooring that is considered a centerpiece for your room or home, Asian walnut hardwood flooring is worth considering. There are several things you need to know when considering the exotic Asian flooring species, Acacia Walnut.

Most Asian walnut floors are offered with a factory finish. Factory finish means that the factory has applied multiple protective layers of polyurethane, aluminum oxide, or a combination of both. These finishes protect the floor from minor scratches and wear. Of course, any wood floor can be scratched, but today’s factory finishes are much better than 20 years ago. The best option is to find an acacia wood floor with an aluminum oxide finish or a combination of aluminum oxide and polyurethane. If you purchase an unfinished Asian walnut hardwood floor, you will need to apply the protective finish after installation in your home. This type of home finish is not very comparable to a factory finish, as an installer cannot duplicate the heat and pressure on the boards in the same way as a manufacturing process in a factory.

Asian Walnut is usually available in 3 colors or tints. Natural is the most common color. Natural is not actually stained but has a protective finish. Natural Asian walnut planks will have a wide variety of color ranges from dark to light. However, darker colors will be a bit more predominant. Another commonly sold color is cinnamon or sometimes called cherry. This color has light red tones to give it an elegant and semi-formal look. Cinnamon is a very rich and deep stain. The final color you may find is a stain sometimes called Smoke or Toffee. Smoke-stained Asian walnut floors look very similar to another species, black walnut. The stain is not really black or extremely dark, but it is a darker, deeper hue than the other colors you’ll find. A smoke stain, Asian Walnut is a good alternative to its cousin, Black Walnut, as the Asian version may be priced a bit lower.

One tip to remember when obtaining Asian walnut wood flooring samples is to order two samples. Asian walnut or acacia wood has highly variable characteristics between each board. Two samples will give you a much better idea of ​​what the floor will look like. Another suggestion is that once you have decided to choose a specific color or distributor, buy a box first. When you get the box, place it loosely in an area of ​​your home to make sure you like the color and style. You may or may not be able to return the box to the dealer, but your initial investment will be much less than if you had purchased the entire job. If for whatever reason you don’t like acacia hardwood flooring, it’s only out for around $ 100 instead of thousands.

Some design and construction notes to consider are the characteristics of Asian walnut hardwood floors. Most of the time, Asian Walnut is a solid 3/4 “board that is designed for a nailed installation. Asian Walnut wood flooring species also have a distinctive grain pattern. Large swirls and a loose grain structure give a Asian Walnut one of the most unique looking of any wood species sold today. This unique grain pattern works great in rooms and large areas. Another feature of Asian Walnut or Acaica hardwood floors is that the The length of the boards is typically not more than 4 ft. The tree itself is not a tall growing tree, so the boards tend to be slightly shorter than traditional walnut trees Determine the hardness of a hardwood species. The higher the number, the harder the wood will be. At 2300, Asian walnut is much harder than regular oaks at around 1300. As a reminder, any hardwood floor can dent r, sc scratched, scratched, etc., however, the harder the wood, the stronger it is.

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Creating Kitchen Designs That Are Family Friendly

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the whole house: it is where evening meals are prepared and where the family gathers to share the activities of the day. Due to this focus on the family, the design of the space must reflect this by being fully functional and capable of meeting the needs of multiple generations. Fortunately, there are many ways to create a family-friendly kitchen design; some of them are described below.

The first aspect that you should take into account when designing your kitchen is the location of the refrigerator, oven and sink. With a busy family life, your top priority is preparing meals as quickly and easily as possible. The mornings are often hectic, trying to eat breakfast and prepare the children’s lunches for school. The same can be said for nights, when all you want to do is feed the kids and put them to bed so you can relax. By placing your oven, sink, and refrigerator in a “work triangle,” your family can eat much faster.

It is also of the utmost importance that you carefully consider the floor plan before finalizing your kitchen layout. Think about how your kitchen is commonly used – is the space just for meal prep, or do you eat there too? Are adults the only people using the space, or do children like to sit on the bench with you? The answers to these questions will help you decide on a floor plan that will keep everyone happy.

These days, the ultimate in family kitchen designs is having the space attached to a living room in the house. In most cases, this is the dining room, but it could also be the living room or a combination of both. This ensures that the family can stay together while Mom or Dad cook dinner. Children can watch television or do their homework knowing that their parents are nearby and can help if they need it.

The final aspect of your kitchen design that needs to be considered is the way the storage space is organized. If you have tall cabinets, be sure to use them to store your fine china and other fragile items that you don’t want kids to get their hands on. Use lower cabinets to store the crockery and cutlery that you need regularly and that the children can use. As you plan your storage, think about how things are arranged in your pantry and refrigerator; keep things that children cannot get out of their reach.

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What’s new and what’s new in kitchen design trends

Today’s modern kitchen serves as a family hub for activity and home entertainment. Now they are open and well-lit places. Kitchen size and layout should address your family’s lifestyle and how your kitchen is used for cooking, eating, and entertaining. Since the kitchen has to occupy more roles than any other room in the house, they have also had to increase in size. The challenge of today’s kitchen design is to create an open kitchen, one that is part of a dining area, family room, or the so-called great room.

Both the function and the style of the modern kitchen play an important role when approaching a kitchen design or renovation project.
If you are remodeling an existing kitchen or planning a kitchen addition or a new home, here are some current kitchen design trends to watch out for.

One of the newest trends in modern kitchen design ideas is making the kitchen part of a “great room” – that is, combining the kitchen with an adjacent family room. To create the great room, the wall separating the kitchen and the family room or dining room is completely removed, creating a more open space centered on a spacious kitchen island or peninsula.

There are some clear benefits to expanding your kitchen. You can open up the space and by doing so you make both the kitchen and the other room look and feel more deceptive. Plus, since kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances are beautiful pieces of furniture in their own right, you can now show off your new kitchen. Your remodeling costs won’t really go up that much when you open up the kitchen, aside from the cost of the extra cabinets. Regardless, the additional cost that would go into this type of kitchen design would be more than offset by the increase in the value of your home.

Furniture-style cabinets will continue to be a popular trend in kitchen design, at least according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). These furniture-style cabinets are considered especially popular in kitchen island development. Features that give cabinets a furniture-like appearance are legs or legs, trim, and trim. Cabinet doors are made from solid wood, with maple and cherry being the most popular. In terms of finishes, light and medium finishes remain popular, although kitchen designers and trend watchers also see a growing interest in deep, rich browns as influenced by the furniture industry to some extent and to create a more formal look for the kitchen.

Cabinet makers and kitchen designers are beginning to design more individual and freestanding furniture rather than the usual built-in cabinets for expanded ‘great room’ kitchens. This is known as the “spaceless” kitchen design, first popularized by English designers and cabinetmakers. This also leads to another trend of incorporating traditional quality furniture features like glazed, distressed and antique finishes.

Cast iron and stainless steel undermount sinks are among recent kitchen design changes because homeowners like the clean, smooth look that blends with modern designs. The advantages of an undermount sink are that it is functional, beautiful, and very easy to install. The bowl is placed under a countertop. The edge of the sink is not visible above the counter and there is no edge to catch the water and collect dirt and crumbs. Instead, debris is easily swept into the sink so the countertop can be cleaned faster.

Other recent trends in modern kitchen design include:

Countertops: Natural stone remains the most popular countertop material, with granite being the most popular. Limestone is another popular option. Mixing of different materials is becoming more and more common, using stone on some countertops, butcher block or concrete on others.

Appliances: Commercial-grade appliances are becoming popular, particularly ranges, as are European-style built-in refrigerators and dishwashers. Warming drawers and convection microwave ovens that can be used as a second oven are also popular.

Put pots and pans in drawers. With heavy-duty drawer glides, large, heavy pots can now be placed in drawers instead of cabinets.

The cabinet door thickness is likely 1 inch instead of 3/4 inch, as this size is more considered to be higher quality.

Antique, aged, and enameled finishes are increasingly being used to replace the traditional ornamental details that were once used in many high-end cabinets.

Painted finishes now include colors like cranberry, white, off-white, and oyster.

According to kitchen designers, as today’s kitchen expands in size and complexity, “mixed orders” are becoming more and more common. Kitchen islands, sink bars, bake centers, and butler pantries are increasingly being incorporated into kitchen designs, creating the need for more contrasts in cabinet styles, colors, wood types and finishes.

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Dangerous knife blades and sharp edges, Feng Shui poison arrows

Do hard corners hurt you?

Hard edges are a feng shui problem. These edges are often easy to miss and can be hidden. Sharp edges and corners can come from doors, square columns, shelves, cabinets, even furniture arrangements.

In feng shui, strong, rough edges are similar to the blades of a knife, and your energy should be treated that way. However, some edges are worse than others. Edges that point to the back, such as those on bookshelves behind a desk, or around the neck, shelves on a wall, or open cabinets, are considered especially dangerous.

Look around your home and office to see if there are knife edges pointed to somewhere of importance, like your bed, your desk, your dining table, or anywhere you spend a lot of time. Next, consider whether these hard edges are worth the risk of exposure. Most of the time, with a simple rearrangement, you can keep the shelf or cabinet without having to get rid of it.

Protective feng shui is one of the first steps to take when looking to improve the feng shui of a home or office. Protecting yourself from the dangers of rough edges should be on your checklist so no one is left unprotected or exposed. Read the tips below for more ideas on how to handle damaging edges.

1. Never put shelves over your head.

This type of shelves can press the head. If they are simple boards, the sharp edges of the boards can be damaging. Placed on a desk or against a wall, a sharp edge overhead will make it difficult to think clearly or make good decisions due to pressure. Remove them and place them elsewhere.

2. Watch for the tray or raised ceilings.

These are very popular in home construction now. If you have one of these on your head while you sleep, you may feel pressured, have headaches, or have trouble sleeping. You could even have financial difficulties. Try moving the bed away from this edge or create a canopy that covers the edge with fabric.

3. Be careful with the shelves.

Shelving should never be directly in front of or behind you. This can cause confrontation and backstabbing, especially if these shelves are in operation. Move the shelves so they are not aligned with your body. This is especially important at work or while you sleep.

4. Avoid the headboards of the bookshelves.

These have a LOT of sharp edges and are not good for you. In addition to fuzzy thinking, you could also suffer from head ailments ranging from sinus to poor vision to headaches.

5. Notice the L-shaped arrangements.

This type of arrangement creates the effect of “blade” or “ax”. The long side is the “knife blade”. Where do you see these? In L-shaped desk arrangements where the long blade of the knife is usually your desk! Separate the furniture. Do the same with the sofa arrangements as well.

6. Square columns have hard edges.

Hang a 6-rod hollow wind chime in front of the column to raise the energy or place a vine at the bottom to grow around the column, or place a tall plant, curtain, or screen of some kind in front of the column. These columns are very dangerous if they are aimed at your table, at your bed and, worse, at the door of your house.

7. Wall shelves create knife blades.

Wall shelves, especially those at neck height, act like guillotines. Make sure they are covered and not at the level of your head or neck, especially if they are located somewhere where you work or stand a lot (such as next to a stove or sink). Knife blades on the head can cause a very serious loss.

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Choosing the perfect details for your kitchen cabinets

Nothing refreshes the look of a kitchen more than new kitchen cabinets. Crisp, clean lines and shiny hardware draw attention and bring the entire room together. But there are so many options – how does an owner know what to choose? Here are some tips to help anyone choose the perfect cabinets for their home.

The first is the first

Before a homeowner starts choosing new kitchen cabinets, they need to know the exact kitchen layout. Measurements must be taken and an overall design theme must be chosen. This will make the ordering process much more streamlined. Standard lower cabinets should be 24 inches deep and 36 inches high, while upper cabinets are typically at least 12 inches deep and 18 inches above the counter. However, these measurements are only a guide and can be customized.

Stock, semi-custom and custom

Kitchen cabinets can be ordered in three ways: standard, semi-custom, or custom. Stock varieties come as is and are the most affordable options. They can come assembled or in a package to be assembled by the owner. Semi-custom means that buyers have some additional options when ordering that will give them more flexibility, but are still restricted to what is already available. Custom options are designed especially for the owner and can be adjusted to suit any configuration.

Framed vs. Frameless

Standard cabinets are usually framed, which means that the door and drawers are attached to a front frame. However, European or frameless cabinets have gained popularity in recent years. In this option, the door and drawers are attached directly to the box. The lack of a front face can reduce the strength of the structure, so experts recommend avoiding cheap materials like particle board and instead using more solid wood.

Door styles

There are several different door styles, from the traditional Shaker to the flat and glass pane doors. The style of the door will have a significant impact on the overall style of the kitchen. Consider flat doors for a minimalist look or Shaker for a more traditional feel. Custom trim and different finishes can be added to existing doors to create an even more custom look.

Built-in accessories

Various accessories can be integrated into the cabinets for customization. Designs tend to change according to technical trends. For example, today’s homeowners often design built-in charging stations that will keep electronic devices off the counter. Appliances, such as heavy mixers or coffee makers, can be placed on hidden lift shelves behind doors. Other popular trends include removable trash cans, one-touch opening doors, and built-in LED lighting.

To get the best value for your money, homeowners should focus on quality of materials and construction over desired features. Avoid over-customization, as some features can be customized so much as to damage resale value. However, a well done construction will always be a good investment.

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Choosing a custom cabinet to create the cabinet of your dreams

You are building a new space or rehabilitating an existing space. It can be anything from a kitchen to a law office. You want to make this space dramatic and memorable. What is the best way to do this? Cabinetmakers can answer this question for you. Custom cabinets may be just what you are looking for. A custom cabinet can be not only a place to store your tools of the trade, but also a durable piece of art. Cabinets made of hand-finished and polished wood have a luster that brings the room to life. You will proudly bring friends or clients. They will know immediately that you are a person with style and taste.

When choosing a custom cabinet maker, start by defining your personal style and envisioning the type of cabinets you envision living with. What’s your overall style preference: dated, modern, intricate, or stark? What are your wood preferences? Do you like light woods that brighten the room or do you prefer the dignity of darker colors? Let your mind wander. Consult your spouse, partner or confidante.

When you have the beginnings of some ideas in your head, you can begin the selection process to choose the cabinetmaker. This step requires research. Since the development of the Internet, the first part of this process has become much easier. Any cabinetmaker who wants to do business will have an Internet presence. Each site will be different from the others as each artisan expresses their individuality. A good site will have a statement of purpose or philosophy. The craftsman will tell you how he works and how he feels about the creative process. You can also view a portfolio of previous work. When you compare the photographs of different people, you can get a good idea of ​​how the style of each craftsman fits in with your style.

But studying candidates on the Internet is not enough. Sure, you can limit your choice to a small number of candidates, but then the next step is to visit each craftsman to discuss their needs and vision and see actual work samples. Be critical. Check the samples. How are the drawers constructed? Are the joints comfortable and orderly? Will they last through the centuries? Are the finishes impeccable? While a visit to the studio is enlightening, the craftsman will want to see your space as well. A more in-depth discussion can cover your vision of what can be done in your space.

Lastly, you should talk about money. How do different people compare when it comes to price? At this point, they will only be rough estimates. The actual estimate can be made only by the final choice. When you have made your final selection, you can come up with the final design and construction plan. When all these steps have been completed, you can start working. As you watch your new cabinets take shape, you will have a growing sense of pride in what you and the cabinetmaker are accomplishing.

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Modern kitchen design ideas

The definition of a modern kitchen varies from person to person. Simply optimizing the means of appliances in your kitchen does not make it a modern, central kitchen. Every aspect of your kitchen, from its accessories to the design and storage facility, needs to be contemporary to give it a modern outlook.

As you work on your kitchen design, first of all, look for furniture that makes your kitchen look spacious and less cluttered. Contemporary furniture employs artistic yet simple forms, bold colors, and clean lines. Storage media, like modern kitchen cabinets, have excellent finesse in bright, bold colors. Open shelving and glass doors are popular contemporary trends. As you draft your kitchen cabinet design, be sure to create them in simple square or rectangular shapes so they don’t take up much of your kitchen space.

You can further refine the look of your cabinets by coloring them with a new stain or paint that completely changes the look of your kitchen. You can also choose to change the look of your cabinets by laying a new veneer over your existing finish and redefine the look of your kitchen. This is one of the popular methods adopted by the average person to modernize the look of their kitchen. Using chrome handles, rotating shelves are other ideas to stylize your kitchen’s appeal.

Next, replace your old kitchen appliances with upgraded, high-tech appliances. Upgrade your kitchen amenities with appliances like stoves, fireplaces, etc. Choose the electronic brand that uses computer-based chips to power refrigerators and burners. These appliances are specially designed to provide peace of mind for users and create a healthy smoke-free kitchen environment.

In a typical modern kitchen, the decor is minimal. Instead, more attention is paid to choosing the right colors and style for your furniture and storage cabinets. If you have a small kitchen, choose to paint your kitchen walls in the color that blends in with the color of your kitchen utensils and furniture. Otherwise, if your kitchen is larger, please choose a

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Backplates – Perfect for enhancing the appearance of your hardware

You just bought some lovely new hardware for your kitchen cabinets and are in the process of getting it installed. After installing a few knobs and drawer pulls, you find that it’s not as flashy as you’d like. Instead of getting frustrated and throwing everything back, there is a decorative way to spruce up the look of that hardware, just buy some lovely backplates for it.

Backplates really are a surefire way to fix the look of hardware you bought, it’s also a great way to improve the look of old hardware. How is it possible that I am thinking? Well, it is because of the striking materials with which they can be made and the beautiful finishes that are applied to them.

For example, you can get bronze ones that have an oil rubbed finish applied to them. Or you can get others that are made from brass that is then polished to create a shiny piece that looks like the sun. Some of the other materials it can be made from include steel, stainless steel, wrought iron, aluminum, and nickel, while other finishes include satin, burnished, brushed, and matte black. Along with the finishes, they can also feature different designs such as you can get the ones with looped scrolls and some that have distinctive patterns.

Now, there are two main things to keep in mind when shopping for backplates. One, is to make sure you get the right ones for the hardware you’re buying it for. For example, if you are buying knob ones, be sure to get ones that have only one hole for the knob screw to go through because if you buy knob ones you will be out of luck as the knob ones have two screw openings.

Along the same lines, you also need to get backplates that match the current style of your hardware and your cabinets. For example, if you have cabinets that have a modern look, you don’t want to get ones that have a traditional feel. The great thing about these accessories is that since there are so many choices of materials and finishes, there are many styles available, from modern and traditional, to others that are on the old side, and some that are very Avante gard and have an art. deco feel for them. To navigate through the different options, what you need to do is go online and do some shopping. With just a click of your mouse, you can navigate through the many options, and when you come across something you like, it is usually at the best possible prices.

When it comes down to it, back plates are simply fantastic decorative accessories and are a surefire way to enhance the look of your hardware. So if you have any hardware that just doesn’t cut into your look, just turn to these wonderful accessories to enhance your look. With all the options available, doing so is pretty easy.

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Kitchen cabinets: when the interior and the exterior are equally important

Since cupboards are used to store things and food, they also need to be as clean as possible for health reasons. In the following lines we give you some tips to achieve this feat.

First things first: the exterior

Sometimes the exterior surface of your cabinets accumulates a layer of dirt, especially near the handles.

To clean them quickly, mix one part vegetable oil and two parts baking soda. Dip a cloth or sponge and rub the surface. You can also use an old toothbrush for a detailed cleaning.

When the inside is more important than what the eye sees

When cleaning the inside of your cabinet, you must empty its contents. It is like preparing the field.

If your cabinets are not painted, you can mix some mild soap and water in a bucket. Wash the inside of the cabinet, scrubbing where needed, with a cloth or sponge.

Sometimes we put food and other items in our closets and accidents happen. If you have oil spills inside them, rub the surface with the scrub side of your sponge. The same works for stubborn dirt.

Remember that dirt can’t clean dirt, so rinse your sponge or get dressed frequently.
After cleaning, towel them dry, then use a lint-free cloth for a finishing touch.

If your cabinets are actually painted, dust them off and test in an almost hidden spot to see if your soap and water mixture will remove the paint. If not, do what we suggested above; if so, use only water.

If your cabinets are made of metal or vinyl, it’s time to use a spray cleaner instead of the water mixture. Spray cabinets and then wipe debris with a sponge or cloth.

Of course, put the contents of your cabinets back where they belong!

Additional tips!

You can take advantage of your cabinet’s vacuum – replace any contact paper, cork, or other broken cabinet liner. Then put the content in it.

You can even re-wax your cabinets. Generally, a deep cleaning removes the old wax. Use simple non-silicone waxes and polishes. By doing this, you will be sure that no layer of dust will accumulate on your cabinets.

Do you want to share with us some of your experience while cleaning your kitchen? Let us know in our comment section!