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Use cabinet lining in the staging process to sell your home

“Cash so I can collect”

As a homeowner preparing to put your home on the market, have you ever found yourself thinking…

The house will be sold; we don’t have to do anything to it.

Why spend more money on this house? You can see it well.

These misconceptions can cost you time and money. These days, other homes on the market competing for that buyer are new construction that offer updated kitchens and baths, and show up and sell quickly. Few are willing to buy a home that looks worn, dated, or so shabby that even a fresh coat of paint won’t hide it. Buyers are looking for a home that is move-in-ready, affordable, and offers a little more than expected.

When you’re ready to put your home on the market for sale, it becomes a commodity. Similar to a product on the shelf at your local store, the product has features and benefits. Your home is no different, it’s one of many homes for sale, and you need to present it to buyers in the best possible light. Make your house look better and show more value than the other houses, to compete in the market.

First impressions are very important! When a staged home comes on the market, it stands out so most buyers will want to move quickly.

So what is staging?

Staging is the process of preparing any home for sale, regardless of price or location. Consider that your home is unique to you and your family. You have everything in place to fit your personal lifestyle. Now that you plan to sell your home, you need to make it attractive to sell to a variety of buyers. This means that people who come to see your house to buy it should see themselves living in it and be inspired to make it their own.

Evaluation of the kitchen and bathrooms

Kitchens are the true heart of a home and bathrooms need to be not only functional but also beautifully assembled. Take an objective look at the cabinets and countertops. Are the cabinets and countertops worn or outdated? To attract a homebuyer and motivate them to buy your home, it may take more than just a facelift. Offering additional conveniences, which are built in, can seal the deal.

How is your home measured?

Here are three keys to consider in assessing whether your kitchen and baths need modification to meet today’s demands and trends.

1. Are the counter and cabinet surfaces durable and easy to maintain?
2. Are the hardware and accessories up-to-date and stylish?
3. Are the cabinets, doors and drawers fully functional and offer additional conveniences?

Cabinet lining will do the job.

Use cabinet veneer to change and update the exterior of existing cabinets. Replace cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware with updated hardware. Modify cabinet boxes and drawers, adding accessories like pull-out drawers and shelves, trash sliders, cutlery trays, and lazy susans.

Cabinet refinishing is the popular choice for completing a kitchen remodel because it is available at a fraction of the cost and can be completed in much less time. It’s a cheap, efficient and fast way to increase the value of your home and improve its appearance, without the stress of dismantling existing cabinets. Cabinet remodeling takes just days versus weeks to replace cabinets.

personal preference

When deciding on colors and styles to use, avoid personal preference and opt for a neutral palette that allows the buyer to see themselves in their dream home.

Hire an NKBA professional to do the job.

Based on written examinations and experience, the NKBA Certification is the primary hallmark for kitchen and bath professionals. NKBA-certified designers must also meet mandatory continuing education requirements annually. An NKBA Certified Professional can quickly assess what will update your kitchen and baths using cabinet refinishing techniques, with the greatest appeal and convenience for the most people.

Cabinet relining as part of the staging process

Using cabinet refinishing as part of your staging process is a proven technique to help you sell your home faster and for more money. Employing these strategies will give you the edge in selling your home in this competitive market and you can do as much as you want and your budget allows. By reworking your home furnishings and creating space, warmth and function and highlighting the positive features of your home, you can set your home up for a successful sale. The way you live and the way you show a house are two different things. Knowing that your home is prepared and ready to sell, real estate agents will have great confidence in showing your home to potential buyers.

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Metal kitchen cabinets are back

It has been said many times that what goes around, goes around, and this seems to be the case with metal kitchen furniture. From their heyday in the 1940s and 1950s, they eventually fell out of favor. Now, however, interest in them has resurfaced. Whether it’s newly manufactured units or upcycled vintage kitchen cabinets, more and more people are opting for this venerable style.

While the popularity of metal kitchen cabinets has suffered in recent decades as manufacturers have introduced a wide range of relatively low-cost units, often made of particleboard with applied veneers, today the strength of metal kitchen cabinets metal cabinetry has renewed appeal for many. They are very low maintenance and easy to keep clean. While newer ones aren’t the lowest priced of the options available, bargain hunters willing to put in some time and effort can often find older units on the internet, and there’s at least one website dedicated to rounding up buyers. and vendors.

The market for used metal kitchen cabinets tends to be very local, as they are expensive to ship, so Craigslist is a good place to look for them. In one case involving a friend of mine, he owned a home that the county reassessed to a ridiculous level, so he abandoned it. He soon saw an ad on Craigslist for a complete set of metal kitchen cabinets, which he had left behind. Long story short, he ended up selling the game for $2,000, and the buyer dismantled it and took it with him. Moral of the story, be proactive and post an ad looking for such units if you are interested in owning them.

While metal kitchen cabinets can have a virtually unlimited life (lifespan?), they will eventually lose their shine. If you want to renew them you have a wide variety of options. On the high end, you can strip them down and powder coat them or professionally repaint them after disassembly. However, some painters will do the job on site. For those interested in a DIY project, there are options. Probably the most cost-effective for the results achieved is to purchase cans of appliance epoxy and apply it according to the instructions. However, there isn’t much of a color choice when doing so.

Applying an epoxy-style paint is another good option. It can be sprayed, but it’s really not a good option for someone who is inexperienced. Application of such paint by brush or roller tends to give a sort of ‘orange peel’ appearance, which is generally not considered desirable, although some people like it. They can also be painted with ordinary latex paints by brush/roller or spray. However, a good oil-based paint is generally preferable, as it will provide a harder, shinier surface in exchange for the extra effort required to work with oil paint.

If you want an exciting new look in your kitchen, and maybe you can’t afford quality real wood cabinets or just don’t want them, and you’re tired of the look of particle board, consider new or vintage metal kitchen cabinets.

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Kitchen Cabinet Renovations: Doing the Job Right

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen furniture? If so, you probably want to get the task done right the first time while spending the least amount possible, right? Cutting too many corners can cost you in the long run, but by planning accordingly, you can save a ton while going with quality kitchen cabinets.

The “Wetaskiwin Times” recently put this premise to the test in an article titled “Proper Kitchen Renovation Planning is a Must to Getting It Right.” The story focused on “dozens of considerations involved in planning a kitchen.” As the focal point of the room, kitchen cabinets are high on the list of those considerations. What kind of planning goes into new kitchen cabinets?

Cabinet style and quality are key. The article notes, “Most kitchen cabinets are made from particleboard because they cost so much less than solid wood and don’t take the abuse that doors do. Basic cabinets available at [home improvement centers like] at Ikea, Rona, Home Depot or Totem they work very well but they have a main drawback: they are not customizable. While they are available in dozens of different sizes, they require cover panels and filler pieces to fit your kitchen exactly. True custom cabinets are built to fit perfectly by true craftsmen; however, perfection comes at a price.”

It’s the age-old conundrum for kitchen remodelers: customization or cost? But what the article does not consider is a compromise between the two. Many of today’s assembled and ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinet designs come with customization options that put them on par with custom kitchen cabinets, without the associated price tag. In other words, they are a mix of the best of both worlds.

What kinds of customization features can you expect to find with assembled and ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets? Here are the most common.

1. Accent Trim – Available in a full range of colors, accent trim can be used to soften kitchen cabinet corners at the intersection of floors, walls, and ceilings. Also, decorative molding can finish the exposed ends of your cabinet design. “Valances and crown molding can also hide lights and complement cabinet construction,” the newspaper article notes.

2. Lazy Susan: Make the most of your corner storage space with a lazy susan. This customization feature comes with an adjustable carousel height to keep your most-used kitchen items organized and accessible.

3. Pull Out Trays – If you want easier access to all your stored items, you’ll definitely want to consider kitchen cabinets that cater to this feature. Look for a tray location that is adjustable for the most flexibility.

4. Infills – Infills allow you to install pre-assembled cabinets in hard-to-fit spaces. Because they’re made of solid wood to match your ready-to-assemble cabinets and can be trimmed, they’re virtually unnoticeable compared to the real thing.

5. Special End Panels – If you want to accentuate the exposed sides of your regular cabinets, special end panels let you do just that.

Get started and finished faster and save money in the process…all without compromising the look of custom kitchen cabinets…with quality assembled and ready-to-assemble cabinets with customizable features.

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Why you should use kitchen design software when planning your new kitchen

When designing your new kitchen, you no longer have to rely on pen and paper, instead there are a number of different kitchen design software programs that you can easily use. These software programs allow you to design your own kitchen in the comfort of your own home, and then give you a virtual look at what the finished project will look like.

Many of the kitchen design software programs now available allow you to add color, lighting, furniture, and whatever else you need to design what you would like. Also, the best part of these programs is that they usually have catalog products from manufacturers and designers that you can choose from and include in your design. In fact, there are some software programs that have been created especially for kitchen design, such as 20-20 Design, Kitchen Design Software, and AutoKitchen Pro.

However, 20-20 Design is now recognized around the world and this program allows full color, 3D and photographic renderings and allows designers to achieve realistic kitchen environments from every possible angle with the added ability to zoom in on any section of the kitchen that they want.

The benefit of having a kitchen design software program is that it allows you to plan and design your kitchen before you start building it. Such software will allow you to choose the type of kitchen furniture, accessories and accessories (sinks, etc.), as well as the flooring that you may need for your kitchen. The benefit also allows the user of the program to visualize the kitchen before the construction process begins.

Another good software program to consider is AutoKitchen Pro, which is a standalone program and includes the Auto CAD OEM engine. This software includes universal cabinet catalogs along with a catalog editor that allows you to modify the height, materials, cabinet frames, and other features of any cabinet that interests you. This software program has over 150 cabinet door styles, as well as over 100 knobs and handles.

With any kitchen design software you use, it is meant to give you an idea of ​​what your kitchen will look like if you were to choose a certain color, fixtures, and appliances. Plus, it saves you money, since you’ll be able to see what the finished kitchen will look like before you build it. You can avoid costly mistakes you could make by trying to assemble the kitchen as you go. For even the smallest kitchen jobs, planning ahead can really save you money and can ensure you get a kitchen that looks exactly the way you want it.

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3 Advantages of Using Occupancy Sensor Controls

For many years, interior lighting design has existed within the confines of the light switch. The nature of the traditional light switch has created the bad habit of leaving the lights on in societies. The companies realized that a large part of their operating costs was contributed to lighting their buildings. The solution to this problem was the introduction of automated lighting controls, and the most notable component of them all would be the occupancy sensor switch. An occupancy sensor replaces or complements a traditional light switch to turn lights on when an occupant is detected in a room and automatically turn lights off when no one is detected in the room for a designated period of time. First introduced for commercial buildings, occupancy sensor controls are now being developed for residential applications and provide commensurate benefits at an affordable price. Three benefits of using these controls in your home include; comfort, energy efficiency and versatility.


There are many instances in our daily lives where we worry about turning on a light switch to illuminate a hallway or a room we are entering. For example, walking into a room where the light switch is far away and hard to find in the dark. Another would be to enter a room where our hands are often occupied, such as a laundry room or a dressing room. Installing an occupancy sensor switch is an easy solution to eliminate the hassle of putting down your gear and flipping the light switch. Also, when you leave, don’t worry about leaving the lights on because they will automatically turn off when you’re no longer in the room.

Energy efficiency

Perhaps the only reason to develop the occupancy sensor is to create a more energy efficient lighting system and to inherently contribute to the energy efficiency of the entire building. The concept is clear; make it impossible to leave lights on when a space is not occupied. This is exactly what an occupancy sensor switch does. Reducing energy consumption is not only good for the planet, but also for your monthly budget. Residential wall switch occupancy sensors can cost less than $20 and provide lifetime savings on your energy bill by reducing unnecessary consumption.


Versatility is an often overlooked advantage of occupancy sensors. The main reason for their use is to control lighting, but they are also capable of controlling other equipment and appliances in your home that run on an outlet controlled by a light switch. Creative thinking can lead to additional unconventional uses for your occupancy sensor and save you more money on your utility bills. To start thinking about uses, look around a room in your home and consider what’s plugged in but never used when you’re not in the room. Some examples could include a fan or space heater, or possibly a coffee maker or toaster. While not much, some of these appliances draw energy even when not in use. Controlling these household items with an automated light switch is a perfect solution to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

These three benefits of occupancy sensor controls can enhance your home in many ways. The convenient and luxurious nature of this automated lighting component is enough to justify its use. However, some building codes are beginning to require the use of occupancy sensors in many cases; for example, California’s Title 24 energy efficient housing regulations.

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Find the most stunning and contemporary pieces for all your home decorating needs.

Everyone knows that making your house a home involves adding not only home furnishings, but also home accessories. Instead of going to your local big box store and selecting the same home accessories that everyone else has, why not go online and find more unique pieces for your home? You can add a truly unique touch of style to your home, with a number of nickel-plated models. An impressive piece is a nickel plated armillary on a tripod. This incredible display piece features a spherical frame on the rings, which is centered on the earth, representing lines of longitude and latitude. Whether you’re an air enthusiast or looking to offer a housewarming gift, there’s also a nickel-plated DC3 plane, as well as a beautifully captured Concorde.

A truly unique home accessory is a solid wood and nickel tic tac toe game, which will add not only a touch of style to any home or office; It can also be used for entertainment and decoration. A great way to highlight your home accessories would be on a coffee table or even a side table. You can find an impressive range of coffee tables that offer black glass and solid wood. There are also a number of contemporary pieces, such as coffee tables that offer high-gloss, round, and swivel levels. Available in black or white, they are also available in squares and are sure to accent any decor. You can also find an extraordinary number of ornate lamp tables, which can be classic, elegant, traditional or truly contemporary in design. Whatever your tastes, you will surely find a coffee table and bedside tables that suit your tastes and your budget.

For dining, there are many different bistro tables, as well as complete table and chair sets. You can discover the differences with the glass bistro tables, the Mambo bar tables with adjustable height, as well as the turntables. Perhaps you would like a TV stand that adds a touch of class to your home. There is a stunning three tier TV stand that is available in exemplary tempered glass, the top shelf is clear while the bottom two shelves are frosted. Sitting on tubular chrome legs, this TV cabinet would be perfect for any study or living room.

Possibly one of the most underrated home accessories are curtain tiebacks. You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and materials in all of your tiebacks. Add a special touch of class to your home with these hanging tiebacks that are sure to turn heads. You can also add a stunning spiral twisted silver metal vase, which is spectacular for flowers or simply makes a statement on its own. You can also discover a variety of premium quality bookends, abstract sculptures, wine racks and much more. With an exceptional variety of home decor and furnishings, you’re sure to find all your home accessories under one roof. Log on to the internet and discover for yourself the difference these exemplary home accessories can make to your home décor.

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Is it a struggle for you to order? 3 mistakes you may be making and what to do instead

You decide it’s time to tidy up your house. You are full of enthusiasm and energy. But after a while you hardly see a tooth in the piles. You get discouraged and quit.

If you’ve made any of the mistakes below, you could be sabotaging yourself. Learn what to do instead and you’ll be on your way to success!

Mistake 1: Tackle big jobs without a plan.

You jump feet first and start to punt. You take everything out of the closet and throw it in one big pile.

You underestimate how much time and effort it takes. No wonder you get discouraged and quit.

What to do instead: Make a plan. Divide a large job into smaller jobs.

  • Set a timer for 15 minutes and work on one small area at a time. Schedule those 15 minutes on your calendar to remind yourself to do this every day.
  • Plan to work on one part of a room, closet, etc. at a time Complete cleaning and cleaning of one section before moving on to another.

Mistake 2: Letting perfectionism make you procrastinate.

Do you keep putting off your cleaning project because you don’t have a huge amount of time to work on it? Can’t get started because you haven’t found the right kind of storage boxes or shelves yet? If you’re procrastinating because it’s not the perfect timing or the perfect storage bins, then you’re letting your perfectionism hold you back before you’ve even started.

What to do instead: The best way to overcome procrastination and perfectionism is to start small and with the easy stuff. Use a timer or even commercial breaks during your TV show.

1. Start by putting obvious trash in the trash can or recycling bin.

  • old newspapers
  • unwanted mail
  • all kinds of empty food wrappers
  • empty soda bottles
  • empty packages, bags, etc.

2. Clean items belonging to other rooms. Gather them in a laundry basket and take them to the room where they belong.

Mistake 3: going alone.

You know you’re smart enough to figure out how to order once and for all. But every time you start a project, you end up discouraged and quit.

You are ashamed to ask for help. You don’t want anyone to think you’re a failure.

What to do instead: The formula for clearing and losing weight is the same. Calories in vs. calories burned. Things come into the home vs. things that come out of the house It’s a simple concept but difficult for most people to do without help.

Help comes in many forms.

  • Self-education: books, blogs, articles, etc.
  • Personal help: friends, family.
  • Virtual support and encouragement: Twitter groups, Facebook pages, blogs, forums
  • Professional virtual help: e-courses, one-on-one emails
  • Professional Organizer Help: Phone Calls, Practices at Home
  • Occupational Therapist: Find someone who works with emotional issues that cause excessive clutter and hoarding.

Remember that the turtle crossed the finish line taking one small step at a time.

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What are custom cabinets and how can they be used?

Who in this world doesn’t want a highly personalized home and rooms to utilize the space in the best possible way? One cannot just spend money every time on renovation. Custom cabinets are best for this purpose. These are storage areas that are measured, designed, and built to fit a particular room, as defined by the word custom, it is specially built for the area in which they are to be used, unlike pre-made ones that sometimes don’t. They adapt to the space they are in. buying for These cabinets can be mounted above floors and ceilings to utilize wasted area. Custom cabinets can be designed for multi-purpose rooms or around appliances that are not a standard size.

How custom cabinets can benefit you and your home?

Custom cabinets are much better than standard and semi-custom cabinets because you are committed to choosing which material, style, and dimensions best fit your room. Semi-custom and stock cabinets came with pre-defined and limited variations and varieties. There are many other advantages to having a fully custom cabinet which are discussed below:

  • One can make endless modifications and experiments with the material, the style, and almost everything in it.
  • The space is fully utilized, in fact, you build and design your cabinet to give you such satisfying results in terms of appearance and space occupancy.
  • It is very eco-friendly, as you design it to be. One can never be 100% sure about the thing bought in the market. As these are made in front of you only with your guidance, you can be 100% sure of their quality.
  • In the case of custom cabinets, the craftsman is king, he can go as far as he wants in terms of creativity. He can add quality touches by carving drawer slides, door and other parts, making them durable by using dovetail joints, dowels and all, instead of glue, nails and other temporary items.
  • It also allows you to implement your personal creativity. There may be thousands of combinations in stock cabinets, but they are still limited by product availability. Since they are manufactured on an assembly line in batches at different times, they are often mismatched in materials and finish.

Cabinets are mainly used in kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. Custom kitchen cabinets allow you to choose your own style and infrastructure design with more durable and good quality materials. One can simply build a cabinet for your small or big kitchen, new or old, to fit in the free space and provide you with solutions. Similarly, the other room that might need custom cabinetry is the bathroom, since the space in your bathroom might be more premium than your typical kitchen. The bathroom is the untouched high humidity and humidity room of the house, great care should be taken before choosing the material to build cabinets for it.

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formica countertops

The most economical approach is post-formed high pressure laminate countertops, often referred to as plastic laminate countertops, although the façade material is more of a wood product, consisting of craft and decorative papers, bonded under high temperature and pressure. We often refer to the product as Formica countertops, but that’s a trade name for a man-made high-pressure laminate.

Formica countertops are prepared with laminate, and Formica is the trade name for the material. Formica Corporation is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and started in 1913. Homebuilders, homeowners, homemakers, and interior decorators have always paid attention to Formica countertops because you can find them in almost any color to match their your wishes and decoration.

In 2006, Formica Corporation added several exciting new colors to its line of Formica countertops. According to a Formica Corporation press release, the new Formica countertop color reflects artificial colors. There are some Formica countertops that look like more expensive countertops, such as those made of concrete or granite.

But let me tell you a truth: Formica countertops are not as durable as granite or concrete countertops. The laminate facade can be a challenge to be flawless. For light stains, Formica countertops can be cleaned with mild soap and water. If it’s a tough brand, try baking soda and a household cleaner. The downside is that if it’s a heavy stain, using a harsh cleaning solution will scratch the Formica countertop.

Many homeowners turn to Formica countertops not just for the design or color, but simply because they are reasonably priced. Formica countertops are available for $7 to $20 per square foot, while granite countertops range from $70 to $100 per square foot.

Selecting a Formica countertop color for your home is not an easy job. However, there are Formica samples that you can also take home with you. It is suggested that when you are preparing to replace your countertops with Formica, then you should take home at least 10 Formica samples at a time.

If you live far from society or any hardware supply that might stock Formica swatches, be aware that you can download many specialty Formica color swatches online. Be sure to use natural lighting in your kitchen or bathroom, as that will be the lighting in which you will see your Formica countertops on a daily basis.

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Ideas for a great bedroom interior design

The interior design of a bedroom is the most common concern in all home design. The bedroom design should be such that it is a comfortable and relaxing place. The bedroom is among the rooms where it is recommended not to use bright colors. The reason is that bright colors do not have a calming effect. The best colors for bedrooms are neutral and light colors.

Fabric selection and base wall color choice are the first things to determine when beginning a bedroom interior design. The furniture comes later. But, to select the right type of furniture, the fabric and the base colors must be decided. It is not necessary to invest a lot of money in covering the walls. Amateur photography can be very useful when covering the bedroom walls. If the photographs are not to your liking, choose some paintings, frame them and stick them on the wall. Both ways are good for creating a great feeling in the bedroom because of the inimitable images you covered the walls with.

Bedroom interior design has few commonly accepted rules. One of those rules is that tile, granite, or marble materials should not be used for bedroom floors. The best materials for bedroom floors are carpets and wood. Tiles, marbles and granites are not used for bedroom floors because during winter and especially early in the morning, the floor will be icy. Choose a rug if you want exceptional warmth in your bedroom. Wood remains the popular preference for bedroom flooring. Storage spaces and cabinets can be used to keep the bedroom from getting cluttered with items. Depending on how much space you have, a closet is a good idea for storage.

There are other great ideas for bedroom interior design, such as selecting similar colors and fabrics for curtains and bed covers. Extremely dark curtains prevent morning sunlight from entering the bedroom and prevent sleep disturbance. This would usually result in a dark colored curtain and a light colored wall. To avoid this, use two layers that are made of light-colored curtains.

Wall mirrors are the way to go to make a small bedroom seem bigger. The usual option for lighting the interior of the bedroom is to use a light source in the center of the ceiling. Lampshades are good for additional lighting. Pin lights can be used to create various light patterns.

Bedroom interior design is very important as a lot of time is spent in the bedroom. So keep these tips in mind and design a great bedroom interior.