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10 books for success with horse racing

Horse racing can be difficult to start for novices learning about form, track conditions, and which jockey is doing well at the time. For those of you looking to get a head start, here is a list of ten of the best books to help you improve your knowledge of horse racing. This list is totally subjective and the opinion of the best books will be different. I invite you to publish any other books that you may feel are beneficial to other members.

1. Handicapping 101: An Introduction to Horse Racing, Brad Free (2007)

Winning in the races does not mean that you need advanced IQ, but rather that you have a basic understanding of racing mechanics; this book teaches you. Free’s handicap basics are easy to understand for a beginner, as well as being a refresher for the veteran horse player. This book explains how a horse’s individual characteristics, such as health, habits and skill level, come into effect when deciding whether or not to bet on that horse. A horse player who learns to recognize and utilize the horse’s characteristics may realize that winning bets are in his future. This manual provides practical ways to pick winners and avoid losers.

2. Betting on horse racing, Richard Eng (2005)

Do you want to be able to go to the racetrack with a group of friends and feel like you know what you’re doing? Want to be able to make smarter bets that increase your chances of going home with dollars in your pocket? Reading this book answers those questions for you. With over 20 years of experience in the horse racing industry, Eng focused this book on learning how to bet and how to increase your chances of winning. Doesn’t go too deep into handicap skills. This book teaches you how to read the race forms, which serious bettors use to increase their odds of winning. There is an excellent glossary at the end where the author explains all the industry terminology so you can understand every word he uses to describe the horse racing experience.

3. The Complete Handicapper, James Quinn (2013)

This book can help both the beginning rider and the experienced handicapper. It has been said to be required reading for anyone serious about making more winning than losing bets. James Quinn has over 40 years of experience in the horse racing industry and has laid out the most important basic handicap skills he has learned over those years, as well as the new ideas he has learned in this 21st century of purebred racing. blood, everything in this book.

4. How to turn any race track into your own money machine (and only be one of the 2% that do), Greg Boomer Wry (2005)

The world of horse racing can be very exciting, and this book helps open it up for you. It is designed to teach you everything there is to know about handicap horse racing, from learning sound betting strategies to successfully managing your money so you have a better chance of success. Through it, you will learn lifelong skills. This inclusive book uses highly understandable terms that are defined and explained, sometimes with examples. You will learn how to analyze a race by reading and understanding The Daily Racing Form and by rating each horse to determine whether or not to bet on the race.

5. Bet With The Best: Expert Strategies From America’s Top Tipsters, DFR Press (2001)

At the time of its publication, it was the most comprehensive book on thoroughbred horse racing to have been published in over a decade. With nine different chapters written by nine different authors on nine different topics from the world of horse racing, this book will appeal to beginners as well as expert handicappers. Example chapters are Beyer on Simulcasting, Quinn on Class, and Brohamar on Pace. If you don’t want to buy 9 separate books on these 9 separate topics, then this book will be a good place to start learning about each of them.

6. Betting Thoroughbreds for the 21st Century: A Professional Guide for Horse Players, Steven Davidowitz (2009)

This book is the revised and updated third edition of the author’s classic “Betting Thoroughbreds,” first published more than three decades ago. The book is so popular and has such a dedicated following among new racing fans and veteran gamblers alike, that for decades it has been the horse racing industry standard for handicap, syndicate betting, software programs computer and more. Have you ever looked at a horse’s past performance and wondered what he was doing in today’s race? This book will answer that question, as well as many others. Among those covered are various topics, such as the tracking bias of trainer intent. This industry standard handicap book will become a favorite read for beginning riders, as well as a welcome refresher for experienced riders.

7. The Best of Thoroughbred Handicap: Handicap Advice, James Quinn (1987).

Quinn’s book contains 48 essays from some of the best Thoroughbred handicaps including Tom Ainslie, Andrew Beyer, William Quirin and himself. Individual essays explain that author’s system and give examples of how each works. Some of the systems are too complex to condense into a single chapter, and the essays are difficult to follow. But in general, the essays whet the rider’s appetite for reading the original books that are listed in an annotated bibliography. Topics ranging from betting strategy to pace handicap to visual analysis of horses in the paddock make this extensive collection of writing useful for all handicappers. If you are looking for a comprehensive book on handicap methodologies, this may be the one for you.

8. Exotic Bets: How To Bet Multi-Horse And Multi-Race And Win The Biggest Profits From Racing, Steve Crist (2006)

“Handicling a race is only half the battle, betting is the other.” Crist’s strategy teaches the horse player to win the most money by betting on numerous exotic bets, including the daily double, exacta, trifecta, quinella, superfecta, pick 3, 4, and 6. Crist says this book is not about picking winners at the track, but teaches that how you bet is as important as who you like, especially in the 21st century world of horse racing where new ways of betting, such as superfecta and the pick four, have surpassed the routine win, place and show bets of the days. past. Both serious and casual horse players will benefit from understanding the strategies and mechanics of placing these exotic bets.

9. Modern Rhythm Handicapping, Tom Brohamer (2000).

“The pace makes the race” is one of the oldest sayings you’ll hear on a race track, and this book is the reference book on pace limiting. For beginners, reading up on racing style will give you an idea of ​​how the race will run and which horses will benefit from the likely pace scenario. For experts, the Sartin Methodology chapter establishes a new method for analyzing race pace. The author used the Sartin Methodology to develop his own technique for handicap horse breeds. He looked at racing styles, lap times, track variants, energy distribution and par times to predict race strategy and outcome. Daily Racing Form charts are placed throughout the book.

10. Ainslie’s Complete Guide to Thoroughbred Racing, Tom Ainslie (1988)

This third edition is known as the “most comprehensive, complete and trusted guide to the handicap and understanding of Thoroughbred racing”. Although some of his ideas may seem outdated by today’s racing standards, countless generations of people have learned the basic handicap skills Ainslie teaches, skills necessary to help them become ‘expert handicappers’ and able to pick winners consistently on the track. Some of the basics the author covers are class, distance, form, speed, track conditions, riders and trainers, and breeding.

After taking the time to read this article on these amazing books on learning to bet and developing your handicap skills, remember to subscribe to the FREE horse betting tips service provided by along with our free tips. about horse racing.

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9 Hangover Cures


When your body ingests alcohol, it becomes dehydrated and filled with toxins (perhaps this is why we describe the condition as intoxication). You experience a myriad of sensations, including sensitivity to loud sounds, light, headache, nausea, and thirst. In addition to physiological symptoms, alcohol is believed to induce psychological effects such as anxiety and depression. Spirit Gin has a reputation (deserved or not) for making some people feel low in “spirit” or depressed.

Although the precise causes of the psychological symptoms of what we know as a hangover are not yet known, in general terms we can safely say that it is likely due to toxins that are rapidly entering the system. This leads to vitamin B12 deficiency, dehydration, and acetaldehyde poisoning (the liver that breaks down alcohol creates acetate and acetaldehyde as waste products), hence the toxic effect of alcohol on the system.

Drinks that contain a high content of chemicals resulting from fermentation (red wine) are more likely to cause a severe hangover than, for example, white wine. Whatever the causes, you are likely to experience a hangover that lasts several days, depending on your metabolic rate, your body build (endo form or ecto form), your weight, age, and whether you are male or female, all depending on the amount and quality of alcohol consumed in relation to these qualifying conditions.

So let’s take a look at some tips to help ease that pounding head and upset stomach. For some this will work; for others, well… cut back on alcohol!

· Try to drink plenty of water before you get caught up in the drink, and again after – this will help you stay hydrated and prevent you from getting a hangover!
Some vitamin B12 capsules can help: Bovril, Marmite, and Promite have varying amounts of B vitamins as well.
Drink plenty of pure water and fresh fruit juice that contains vitamin C; orange juice is an example.
A glass of tomato juice
Dry toast: It may be the lack of sugar that is making your legs feel wobbly.
Take a hot and cold shower alternately – it will wake you up if nothing else
A can of sardines or sardines (rich in minerals) if the stomach can handle it.
Exercise: ‘walking’ has long been on the list of hangover pain relievers
· Go to sleep – getting enough sleep can be the best hangover cure, and you won’t be wandering the streets looking stupid!

Finally, and NOT on the list is coffee; It’s a fallacy that coffee sobers you up. With coffee comes caffeine, and it’s the caffeine that dehydrates. Since you’re already dehydrated (which is what caused the ‘hangover’ condition in the first place), it’s the last thing you need.

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Colon Cleanse Supplements Free Trial – Are Colon Cleanse Free Samples Effective For Weight Loss?

Colon cleansing is extremely beneficial in removing toxins from your body. Most of the people adopt various methods like low calorie diet plan and weight loss surgeries which can be extremely dangerous for your body in the long run. It is always advisable to adopt nature based techniques like Acai berry and colon cleansing supplements.

There are various methods of detoxification such as juice fasting, enema, etc. Excessive consumption of junk food, erratic lifestyle, depression, and stress mainly deposit toxic substances in our colon, further blocking our DI tract and causing improper bowel movement. To promote general health, we must take colon cleansing supplements.

Obesity has become a global problem. There is a great fad to shed that excess weight through colon cleansing. Now you can easily get these supplements from various countries like Canada, Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Is colon cleansing effective for weight loss?

* Colon cleansing helps you lose weight by decreasing toxins from your body. Helps maintain the colon and promotes better digestive health. Usually, a dirty colon can lead to deadly complications like colon cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, etc. Colon cleansing protects our body from these disorders.

* Rejuvenates our entire body. It not only improves our physical health but also rejuvenates our nervous system. It also helps improve our mental focus.

* Colon cleansing also promotes skin enhancement. It can easily diminish the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, dark discolorations, etc.

* We have recently seen Oprah go through this weight loss diet plan and it was very successful. She recommends acai berry and a colon cleansing diet to burn fat naturally.

* You can easily get these supplements from anywhere in the world now. Some of the main countries involved in the sale of these products are: France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey , United Arab Emirates, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy, Mexico, Singapore and India.

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The Magi Cards: Learning the basic concepts related to Tarot and Astrology

The old one Magic cards they are similar to the Tarot and other decks of Divination cards, as well as the normal playing cards we are so familiar with. This system is also known as Mystic Cards and the Quadrate system. It is also similar to Astrology in that there are elements and planetary energies that affect the natal and progressed Magi Card charts.

There are four sticks. Each suit has its characteristics that affect those whose main Magi birth cards are of that suit. In reality, our full birthday table often has all or most of the suits represented, but they are defined within certain perimeters. A Venus Heart card works differently than a Saturn Heart card, for example.

In fact, it must be said that a Magi Card with all its many facets and layers, works very similar to an Astrology card. There are millions of people, for example, who have the Sun in Aries and have the same very general content written about that sun sign. What makes it unique is the position of that Sun sign, its relationship to all the other cards in the chart by aspect, dignity, and transit. The same goes for Magi cards and their card number, suit, and position. The chart is a combination of the whole, not just one card taken by itself.

Still, that’s where we started in our studies. First, one must learn the meanings of the 4 suits, which is what this article is about. Then you must learn the meaning of the 10 numbers of each Suit and the Court Cards. For example, all 3 have certain characteristics in common, just like the other numbers. Finally, we study the meaning of a specific card in a suit and relate it to the position they occupy on the table.

From there, in advanced studies, we learn to blend the meanings and get into the layers of chart spreads… the 13 Year Chart, the 7 Year Chart, the 4 Year Chart, the Year Charts, the Season Cards, the Lunar Month Cards, the Weekly and Daily Cards.

To begin with, let’s look at the general meaning of the Suits:

The four card suits

HEARTS suit. It represents the Season of Spring and the element of Fire.

Spring is the beginning of the growth cycle. It is a creative time, and those of this suit greatly appreciate the Arts, beautiful things, harmony and peace. Love and relationships are very important and Hearts people tend to have many friends. Home and family is very important to them. They are passionate and put their hearts into what they do. They tend to be emotional and have empathy. However, they can wear their feelings up their sleeves and get hurt and offended easily. Some are lazy or too pleasure oriented. Loving unconditionally will overcome self-centered tendencies.

CLUB suit. It represents the Summer Season and the element of Air.

Summer is the time when things grow and flourish. Clubs rule over mental attributes and some are quite brilliant. They love to meet, learn, communicate and spread ideas. They are also creative and often excellent writers. They are skilled at discovering, obtaining, and sharing information. It’s the high intelligence suit, but they can get too mental, too analytical, too stubborn, even arrogant. Being too much in your head can bring indecision due to a confused feeling when you feel overwhelmed. They can be stubborn in their views. They should strive to be open and flexible, also think with their hearts, and be willing to work and listen to others and their points of view.

DIAMONDS suit. It represents the Autumn or Fall Season and the Earth element.

Autumn is the harvest period when things bear fruit and profits are made. Especially the financial gains. It is the suit of business talents and good sense. It is material, yes, but it is also the dress of high values, high morals and good ethics. One seeks to create value and have a healthy sense of self-esteem. However, Diamond people must guard against being materialistic and/or afraid of money or becoming greedy and selfish or doubting their own worth. Don’t equate having money with your value as a person. It is not!

Spades suit. It represents the Winter Season and the element of Water.

In winter, the cycles are completed, it is a slower and deeper time and it is a period of calm preparation for the new. It tends to feel like a heavier period and work, job and health issues are dealt with. It represents seriousness and a hard worker who is reliable, organized, determined, practical, has tenacity and self-discipline. It is also the outfit of spiritual wisdom and reflection and inner growth. It is the suit of rebirth and transformation. Many of this suit are “old souls”. These people need to make sure they don’t get stuck in a rut, become too rigid, or fearful. They need to take care of their health, have good lifestyle habits to support this. Do not become a workaholic or ignore the spiritual. Everyone has a creative side and developing/expressing this is a wonderful way to grow, be happy and be a positive person, as well as a constructive and trustworthy person.

Now let’s give an example to see how the different Suits can be related in a situation. Let’s say a person has just experienced a difficult traumatic event in their life. It brings sadness to their hearts, they feel worried and don’t know what to do, but they long for some relief and answers. Fortunately, he has many friends who care.

friend #1TO Heart, come to his aid. The Heart Person has a lot of empathy and feels the sadness together with him/her, giving him/her the emotional support and love that he/she so needs. He assures them that he is there for them and that he will be a good listener anytime.

friend #2TO ClubHe is energetic and positive, so he tries to cheer him up, tries to help him find something positive in the situation. He has lots of ideas and helps them explore possible solutions. It is objective, so you can see all sides and it helps them evaluate you rationally and objectively.

friend #3TO Diamond He has a great sense of justice and common sense. (Not that guys in other suits don’t, but Diamonds are better known for the trait) They will help you assess the event/circumstances to see what value there is or isn’t. Is there any hidden value in the matter? What is the morality of this? They are interested in understanding this and will help you figure it out in a very practical way. There’s no pie in the sky… just what can actually be done in practice. And if there are finances or contracts involved, they are quite astute in these matters, having great business sense.

Friend #4TO swords, will be down to earth, like the Diamond, and may suggest that they get back to work as quickly as possible, or somehow keep busy while they let this pass. They are also likely to suggest some spiritual solutions and urge you to have faith and trust in the Universe by letting go. There’s no point in trying to hold on. You are free only when you let go, they will say. In fact, they may suggest a technique to use…they’re full of “techniques”, like the Sedona Liberation Method. They may suggest that all of this may work out in your favor in the long run. They get the big picture.

I hope this helps you better understand card suits as a basis for further study.

Would you like to know which Card is the main one for YOUR birthday? Click HERE for your card and also below the Calendar is a picture of what the Natal Life Chart looks like. Find your card on this chart.

Copyright 2011 by Seline Vaala. All rights reserved throughout the world

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Sunburn Recovery: To Peel or Not to Peel


Sunlight, one of the main sources of UVA and UVB radiation, penetrates deep into skin cells, and excessive exposure can lead to suppressed immune systems, eye cataracts, and multiple skin conditions. While UV rays are known to damage collagen fibers in the skin and cause premature aging and sunburn, they are also responsible for the deadliest form of skin cancer: malignant melanoma. Although the incidence of skin cancer among people with a darker skin tone is lower than in Caucasians due to the extra melanin in the skin that limits the absorption of UV rays into the deeper layer of skin cells. , darker people are at risk of developing skin cancers from unrestricted subjection to the sun. Additionally, these rays can also aggravate multiple skin diseases and conditions, including Sjogren’s syndrome and rosacea, among many others. The harmful bands of UV radiation reach the Earth even on a cloudy day and have their effects also indoors, so it is essential to always take precautionary measures as a defensive mechanism to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

How to defend yourself?

Dermatologists highly recommend photoprotection as the leading UV protection strategy; Sun protection products have evolved tremendously over the years based on consumer needs and technological advances. Sunscreens are now being incorporated as a vital ingredient in the manufacture of a wide range of products, from traditional sun creams to daily skin care and cosmetic products. Responding to the growing demand for healthier and more effective sun care products, the sun care industry has effectively made available to consumers a wide range of products to choose from based on their lifestyle and skin type. Sunscreens that offer multiple properties are now available in the form of creams, lotions, gels, and sprays that are cost-effective and therefore more attractive to customers.

Choose your sunscreen wisely.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, you should choose a sunscreen that provides “broad-spectrum protection” to address both UVA and UVB rays. While all sunscreens protect against UVB rays, UVA rays, which are responsible for causing premature aging and skin cancers, are specifically blocked by products that offer broad-spectrum protection. Additionally, a product with an SPF of 30 or higher should be used as a face and body sunscreen where the SPF factor indicates the level of protection it provides. However, no sunscreen can fully protect you; SPF 30 filters around 98% of UVB rays, while SPF 50 filters around 98.8%, beyond which there is a minimal increase in protection.

For best results, sunscreen should be used 30 minutes before going out in the sun so it can be fully absorbed into the skin, and should be reapplied at least every two hours (even more if you swim or sweat). According to Dr. Noor Almaani, a consultant dermatologist at King Edward VII Hospital in Windsor, two milligrams of sunscreen is required per square centimeter of skin: six teaspoons for the adult body and about three teaspoons for children. It is essential that sun protection be applied to all exposed parts of the body, including the ears and neck. However, the use of sunscreen should be avoided on children under the age of six, as their skin is too thin and sensitive to chemicals. Therefore, they must be kept out of the sun completely.

What other thing?

Also, extra precautions must be taken to stay safe in the sun. Seek shade as much as possible and avoid going outside between 10 am and 4 pm, when UV rays are strongest. Be sure to wear loose, lightweight protective clothing and a wide-brimmed hat to protect as much skin as possible when you go outside. Also, protect your eyes by including sunglasses in your outfit to block approximately 99% of harmful UV rays from reaching your retina. The intensity of the sun’s rays depends on factors such as the altitude of your location and the time of year. While UV rays are strongest during summers, they reflect off snow and water during the winter months, increasing your chances of sunburn. Therefore, plan your activities accordingly.

As much as you want to enjoy the summer sun until it lasts, don’t forget to take care of your super skin! Stay safe in the sun and be sure to put on plenty of sunscreen. Keep a close eye on how you dress when you go out and limit your time in the sun. With this in mind, you are good at appreciating the well-being of the wonderful summer sun.

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Paraben-free products – What are parabens? How to avoid the dangers caused by them?

How do you know if your personal care products are paraben free? Here are some helpful tips on how to prevent parabens from being absorbed into your body. First, let’s find out what paraben is so we can better understand why we should avoid it.

So what is paraben?

It is a synthetic chemical compound widely used as a preservative in most cosmetic products. It is an ester of para-hydroxybenzoic acid. You can always find them in shampoos, moisturizers, shaving gels, personal lubricants, skin care creams, skin tanning solutions, and even toothpaste.

Some of these microorganisms exist in nature. Blueberries contain a small amount of parabens, although nothing indicates that they are harmful when the berries are eaten. In fact, blueberries are considered to be rich in many antioxidants known to help us fight free radicals that damage our cells.

The type of paraben used in cosmetic products and some medications is produced synthetically. Many studies have already indicated that parabens can cause breast cancer, disturbed hormonal balance, and many allergic reactions.

UK study

Chief among these studies is the one conducted by researchers at the University of Reading, UK. Published in 2004, the research showed that parabens were found in substantial amounts in subjects’ breast tumors. It was assumed that the parabens in underarm deodorants might have somehow migrated into breast cells and possibly cause tumor cells to develop.

The most common forms of paraben that are generally found in many personal care products are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben. Try checking out some of your personal care products now and see if any of these forms of parabens are listed as an ingredient.

To tell the truth, the studies carried out so far on paraben and its relationship with some identified diseases do not contain conclusive evidence. In fact, the medical and scientific community is divided on whether paraben actually promotes the development of tumor cells in the breast, for example. However, this is not to say that you should not be on the lookout for paraben.

These reports are somewhat alarming considering that paraben is widely used in most personal care products. In fact, it should be treated as nothing less than a potential risk. At the moment, there is a pact between the manufacturers on the prohibition of the use of parabens in their products. Well, that remains to be seen if the compromise continues to be honored.

Fortunately, there are a handful of companies that produce only natural skin care products etc. These products contain ingredients that are taken from nature and are known to cause no side effects. The proliferation of a dizzying number of skincare products should make you more careful when choosing.

Products that contain parabens are also likely to contain other harmful chemicals, such as mineral oil, alcohol, and fragrances. The fragrance itself could be any of 4,000 synthetic scents suspected of being carcinogenic.

Knowing how widely used paraben is amidst the myriad products that continue to flood the market today, it must always be a challenge to sift through them every time. If you are truly health conscious, you need to choose only paraben-free products.

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What can I say to make my husband understand the pain his cheating has caused?

It is very common for me to hear of wives struggling to explain to their husbands how much their infidelity or affair caused them and hurt them. But often, their husband doesn’t react the way they expected and they search for a way to explain their feelings so that he really understands them.

I recently heard from a wife who said, in part, “I have tried repeatedly to explain to my husband the depth and reasons for my grief after his infidelity, but he either doesn’t want to listen or doesn’t understand what I want.” “I’m saying. Sometimes, I open my heart to him and try to explain how he’s hurt me and all I get is a blank stare or empty reassurances that he’s really trying. This is very frustrating for me because I need him to understand the extent of my pain so that I can be sure that you will never cheat on me again. I want you to understand why I sometimes act the way I do because of the grave mistake you have made. But a part of me thinks that you don’t want to or he is simply unable to listen to me. How can I explain my pain in a way that he truly understands and is willing to listen?” I will address these concerns in the following article.

Pick the right moment and know that once you start repeating yourself, your words lose their effectiveness: I listen to both faithful wives and non-faithful husbands on my blog and I can tell you that if you constantly talk about your hurt and pain, eventually even the most sincere husband will start to tune out. One of the reasons for this is that no one wants to be constantly reminded of the pain they have caused. And husbands will often want to focus on moving on, while the wife wants to focus on understanding and digging a little deeper.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the husband doesn’t care about your pain or simply doesn’t want to hear it. But, at least sometimes, he listens to your words as accusations. You may be constantly hearing that his selfishness and weakness have hurt you deeply and that this is not a message you want to hear on an ongoing basis, day after day. Men often make comments like “she constantly wants to tell me how much cheating has hurt her. I believe and understand that and I’m sorry. But do I really need or have to hear what a horrible person I am every day? How many times Sometimes she needs to explain where I went wrong or how horrible I am before she’s satisfied that she’s said enough? I tell her I’m so sorry. I listen. But I don’t. They don’t seem to be enough and we repeat this process all the time.”

I’m not telling you this to imply that you can’t regularly argue and try to get over the infidelity. I tell you this because I want you to understand the obstacles that are in your path and the dynamics that are at play here. If you really want her husband to listen and take your words to heart, then sometimes you need to time and limit your message for maximum impact.

Consider what your husband is actually going to hear before saying the words: This is what I referred to in the previous paragraph, but sometimes the message your husband hears has more to do with your tone and delivery than the words you say. So you could say something like, “Your infidelity has hurt me deeply. It has made me doubt your integrity and your love and commitment to me. It has affected my self-esteem and confidence level. And I’m not sure when things are going to change.” . improve”.

But what she often hears is something more in line with: “Your bad decision to cheat on me has ruined my life and will probably ruin our marriage. You are a horrible, selfish person with very little impulse control. And your actions have caused me so much pain.” that I may never fully recover. Because of this, I am going to feel pain and resentment every time I look at you or even think about you. And, this will be our lot in life from this day on. Because I don’t anticipate any changes. “.

These examples may seem a bit extreme, but they’re not that far off from the feedback I’m hearing. A cheating husband can hear a message that he never wanted. And because of this, she is often somewhat resistant to that message. Of course, the wife will often take this to mean that he isn’t listening or just doesn’t care, so she will continue to repeat herself with more feeling. And of course this just keeps the cycle going. She doesn’t feel heard and he feels beaten and neither of them gets what she wants or needs.

If you think about it, probably what you really want is to feel heard. You want him to know, understand (and even feel) his pain because if he does, he’s less likely to cheat on you again and more likely to show the remorse that so many of us really want and need. So think about what this is most likely to accomplish.

You don’t want to come off as too accusatory or downcast because unfortunately these things will contribute to him becoming defensive and shutting you down. Instead, you should use “I” sentences so it sounds like you’re talking about responsibility for your own feelings and not just trying to put the blame on him or make him feel continually guilty for the rest of his life. And you want to choose the time when the message from him is most likely to be heard. You don’t want to try to explain yourself in the middle of a fight or when your main goal is to hurt him. I have found that the message is more likely to be heard if you say it when things are going a bit more positive and both people are calm.

An example of what to say to express the pain that his deception has caused: An example would be something like, “If this is a good time, I’d like to briefly explain how much your infidelity has hurt me. I’m not doing this to punish you or paint you as a horrible person. I love you.” and i don’t think you’re a horrible person, but i need to feel that you care enough to listen to me. And I need to know that you really understand so you’ll hesitate to fool me again. Have someone you love. More than anything, betraying you in this way is something that is more devastating and hurtful than I could have imagined. It calls into question things about your marriage and about yourself that are just devastating. Can you even begin to put yourself in my shoes and imagine that the tables are turned? Because I need to know that you understand how much pain I’m in so we can start moving forward once and for all. I don’t intend to keep mentioning this, but before I continue I need to know that you really understand it.

A phrase like this is much more likely to get the response and understanding you seek. But you can only play this card so often before your husband starts ignoring you. So once you’ve laid your cards on the table, it’s best to start moving forward so your husband can see that you’re sincere about not using your words to continually punish him.

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Stand Down and End of Clock

I’m a big fan of procedural police dramas. They are comforting and reassuring because they usually include what, why, and a solution. Granted, there is drama throughout the story and the resolution isn’t always satisfying, but the lies and excuses are always exposed. As a victim of narcissistic lies and deceit, I find it reassuring that cops in shows/movies always get to the truth, even if it’s ugly.

As I worked on my recovery from narcissistic abuse, I found another encouraging aspect of police shows. There are two sentences that are commonly used in police dramas that tell a character that they have reached the end. Those sentences are: backing out and End of watch. The reason I find them encouraging is because when applied to dealing with a narcissist, they are permissions to walk away from the abuse.

backing out

In a police drama this expression means stopping a confrontation or ending a state of alert. In real life, this phrase is an authorization so that a victim does not have to engage in a demeaning discussion with a narcissist. It is the security that a victim can end the state of alert that she has maintained throughout the relationship with a narcissist who has intentions to torture. It is also a directive to stop “pecking the bear” in an effort to show that you are not stupid or overly emotional or inferior; the bear will never admit that you are right.

End of watch

On police shows, this phrase is used to refer to the end of a work shift. It is also used as a tribute to law enforcement officers or other public safety officials when they retire or pass away. For a victim of narcissistic abuse, it can mean that the need to watch her back, protect her sanity, or protect her spirit has ended. Just as it can signal the retirement of a police officer, it can represent the departure of a victim from a relationship with a narcissist.

Victims of narcissists rarely have relationships with narcissists because they want to. The victim may have been born to a narcissist. You may have married a facade and now share children with the person behind that facade. The victim’s career may be in the hands of narcissistic bosses. Because there are circumstances that have made it necessary or important to be in the relationship with the narcissist, the victim has been conditioned to “live with it.” Permission for backing out or implement a End of watch It’s a tough thing for victims of narcissistic abuse to deliver, no matter how much they want it. It can be difficult for a police officer to walk away when faced with an obviously guilty person, and it can be frightening for a police officer to walk away. Similar emotions are behind the abuse victim’s hesitancy to deal with a narcissist or end a relationship.

If I had a megaphone that could be heard around the world, I would broadcast this: Attention all victims of narcissistic abuse! You are hereby granted permission to Withdraw and End Your Surveillance. You are allowed to ignore the gaslighting, stop pretending to believe the lies, and even walk away from the relationship.

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Is pomegranate juice good for body detox? Find out the truth about cleaning your system

Your body is packed with organs, such as the colon, liver, and kidneys, that deal with the toxins that enter your body every day. It has its own mechanisms and processes that keep the body away from waste materials and chemicals. For example, use alkaline materials to neutralize acids.

Detoxification is a natural process that the body can perform. The problem is, when the organs responsible for this natural process are overwhelmed by all the toxins from processed foods, air pollution, and unhealthy eating habits, the body’s ability to cope is low. Toxins are stored in the body and soon become toxic when they stay there for a long period of time. You need to give your body the resources it needs to get rid of this waste.

One way to get bioavailable nutrients into your body is to drink juices. All the nutrients you get from fruit juices will help your cells work well to get rid of waste products. Remember to use organic fruits or a mix of organic fruits and vegetables to get the best amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed by the body.

Pomegranate juice to cleanse your system is a good idea. Although the fruit is only native to areas like Iran and the Himalayas, it has garnered a lot of attention due to its potential to combat, prevent, and cure diseases. What it can do to the body is amazing. Pomegranate juice is known to contain nearly three times the amount of antioxidants found in green tea or red wine. It also has about the same amount of potassium as a banana. When preparing this juice, you can use the whole fruit, including the peel. There are also easily prepared juices available in the market. However, if you are lucky enough to buy a fresh, raw pomegranate, then it would be better.

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Reveal the mystery of antique jewelry and real estate with its sinister, illuminating air of the past

Antique and antique jewelry, also known as advantageous, changes with the times, and each era has many designs. When you’re looking for real estate sales, whether online or in person at stores, auctions or shows, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the unmistakable air of the past. Those were the times of long, puffy skirts, lace collars, horses and carriages and ladies, arm in arm with gentlemen who strolled through the park seduced by social conversations. Since the beginning of time, jewelry has played an important role in human life. Starting with branches, feathers, stones, etc., primitive people used nature to decorate their bodies. And it wasn’t much different in the later days of ancient jewelry, when metals, precious stones, and skill turned primitive pieces into the most elaborate.

Beginning with the Georgian period from 1714 to 1837, jewelry was definitely inspired by nature with leaves or birds and often set with precious stones. Diamonds, faceted with a rose cut, were affordable and worn only by the wealthy and royalty. Popular jewelry was a lock of a loved one’s hair between two pieces of glass or a painted picture hung from a chain at the neckline. However, today Georgian antiques are very rare and therefore highly collectible.

Then there were three Victorian segments. Starting with the first jewelry from the Victorian era, from 1837 to 1850, where again the designs were inspired by nature and romance, with detailed engravings and precious stones. Today, estate sales feature pins, brogues, and medallions from that period.

The mid-Victorian era, from which much antique and property jewelry is found, was called the era of great jewelry. It began in 1860 and lasted until 1880 and was shaken by the death of Queen Victoria’s husband. Pieces from this period are gloomy and dark, solemn looking but highly creative. Various dark gemstones such as onyx, garnet or amethyst were used.

The late Victorian or aesthetic (visual) period began around 1885 to 1900. These antiques consist of hat pins, stars and crescents, set with brilliantly colored diamonds and gemstones, as well as feminine designs that were implemented into jewelry.

The period from 1901 to 1910 was called Edwardian, named after Prince Edward, who took the throne after the death of his mother, Queen Victoria. From those times you will find vintage jewelry with elaborate designs. Rings, for example, were made of yellow gold and platinum, often embellished with diamonds and other precious stones such as emeralds, sapphires, or rubies with delicate lace-like filigrees.

Around 1920 to 1930, geometric designs, rich colors, enamels, and sharp lines replaced the romantic curves in antique and vintage jewelry of earlier periods. Women boasted of wearing many bracelets at once, glass beads and amber in long necklaces were popular, as were chokers. This era is called Art Deco and was inspired by Egyptian, African and Japanese cultures.

In the 1930s to 1940s, for example, a white and yellow gold ring was made with elaborate engravings on the sides of the shank with various geometric shapes of ornaments and additional enamels. In vintage engagement rings, you’ll find that diamonds, which take center stage, were set in a square white gold case to enhance the size and color of the diamond. Today you can also find many old and property amulets from that period.

Retro or modern culture jewelry ranging from 1935 to 1950 was inspired by Hollywood. Presumably considered to be the last part of the ancient era, it was also the period of World War II. Platinum was not available and yellow gold ruled the jewelry market. Synthetic and semi-precious stones were subsidized by genuine gemstones, since wartime did not allow for much luxury. For the first time aluminum and plastic were introduced. Beautiful, daring and complex with large or many stones, would be the description of the designs in that age of ancient and stately jewelry.