Make Money on eBay – How to Run an eBay Store

One of the best growth strategies to make money on eBay is to open an eBay store. However, it is not without some frustrations. Many sellers don’t realize the costs associated with opening and running an eBay store. They make the move and then discover that it takes time and money to be successful.

It is possible to make money on eBay without an eBay store. In fact, many successful sellers have never operated an eBay store. Many others have no plans to open one. However, most sellers who have opened an eBay store report that sales increased when the store opened.

Aside from increased sales, plan before you open your own eBay store. Plan costs in terms of time and money. To open a successful eBay store, you need a lot of both. However, keep in mind that this is one more step towards success and making money on eBay.

Opening and maintaining a store that has the right look and feel will require commitment and investment. Fortunately, eBay offers a template that the beginner can use. However, you do sacrifice some of your own uniqueness in appearance and identity, as many others have used the same template before you. As your eBay store grows and you begin to earn money on eBay, plan to invest in a more professional appearance.

The other part of the equation is the merchandise. It is important that you have a constant inventory and reliable suppliers of merchandise. There are niche wholesalers, distributors, and drop shippers that will be able to fill this need for you. Invest time to find the right one for you before you open your store and start making money on eBay.

Opening an eBay store is a good move for sellers who want to continue growing their business on eBay. It involves hard work, dedication and money. Just remember that your investment can be recovered after you open your store and start making money on eBay.

For your success on eBay!


San Diego Chargers: Most 300-yard passing games in NFL history

One of the most common ways to judge a quarterback or a team’s passing game is to see how many 300-yard games they’ve thrown in a season or in recent years. A 300-yard game shows that a quarterback or team was very successful in moving the ball through the air. This will continue to be the yardstick used in the future as well, as a 300-yard passing game by a quarterback or team also generally means the team was successful, perhaps even to the point of winning the game. .

Much attention is paid to the quarterbacks with the most 300-yard passing games, but which team has had the most 300-yard passing games in league history? The San Diego Chargers top the list with the most of any team, even though their first year in football wasn’t until 1960. The passing game has always been important to the Chargers and they’ve had some talented quarterbacks. over the years, including John Hadl, Dan Fouts, Drew Brees, and Phillip Rivers.

Here’s a look at the top ten franchises in NFL history, ranked based on the number of 300-yard passing games they’ve had.

1. San Diego Chargers – 114
2. St. Louis Rams – 112
3. San Francisco 49ers – 106
4. Indianapolis Colts – 92
5. Green Bay Packers – 88
6. Tennessee Titans – 87
7. Three teams tied for seventh with 85 all-time 300-yard passing games: Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins.
8. New England Patriots – 83

Unsurprisingly for being the newest team in the league, last place in the entire NFL in this category is the Houston Texans.


A healthy diet check

If you’ve tried every so-called healthy diet plan on the planet and every exercise program from the latest fitness guru and have repeatedly failed to achieve your weight loss goals, chances are you need a healthy diet overhaul. from the neck up.

There is no such thing as a healthy, fast weight loss diet plan. Successful weight loss does not happen. It took more than a few days to get to the point where you are now. Give yourself a breather and wait for a while before you see measurable results. Take a leap of faith and follow some basic principles in your diet plan.

Start along with your self-talk. This is the conversation that goes through your brain continuously. What kind of conversation do you have along with your internal dialogue? What type of negative self-talk has historically prevented you from reaching your weight loss goals?

In case you had the opportunity to do it again, would you modify the dialogue? That’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? Well, the good news is that you can turn the tide on the negative self-talk by starting right now. It’s never too late to start and it starts by reprogramming your internal dialogue and starting a whole new weight loss diet plan.

A good starting point is to start with positive affirmations. Positive affirmations, spoken aloud with authority and faith, positively affect your attitude, focus your thinking, and lead to action work that will help you become the person you need to be and have the things you need to have.

Start by writing your weight loss affirmations on paper. You can start with something like, I need to lose 25 pounds before Christmas. That’s a worthy and achievable goal, but they need to do some work to structure the claim.

Your unconscious mind has no capacity to understand the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtime. Everything is in the moment… here and now. When you tell your unconscious mind what you want, that’s exactly what you’ll get… what you’ll want… without ever being fulfilled. Unless you tweak your mental tape recorder, you’ll achieve exactly what you’re telling your subconscious, that you want to lose 25 pounds. You’ll want to lose 25 pounds for the rest of your days unless you change your internal dialogue.

To begin with, I want to give the impression that what you want is always in the future. To reprogram your internal dialogue, you need to trick your mind into believing that you have already achieved weight loss success. This is how your unconscious mind works.

If your weight is 150 pounds and you want to be 125 pounds, then you must be 125 pounds from the moment you make the decision to change your self-talk. In case you write your affirmation to read something like this: I am healthy and fit, I weigh 125lbs.

It is very important that your affirmation is crystal clear because what you affirm is exactly what your unconscious mind will bring to you.

You don’t need to limit yourself to just one statement, either. Write another one that reflects your new exercise program. I enjoy my new healthy diet plan or I love the healthy foods I eat.

Write and rewrite until you are absolutely sure that you have written down your weight loss goals in the here and now AND it represents exactly what you want. Only then do you start saying it out loud and do it several times a day.

At first you will feel awkward and uncomfortable, and you may not mean or think what you are saying. It doesn’t matter, keep speaking them out loud with as much conviction as you can muster. It has taken a long time to train your unconscious to make use of negative self-talk. If you persevere in saying your affirmations out loud, firmly and confidently, you will be surprised how quickly you can change your thoughts.

Note that you must use the present tense. I acknowledge the achievement of all my weight loss goals. I have the ability and talent to exercise every day. I am a winner. I am grateful for all my accomplishments, no matter how small.

You didn’t get on a bike the first time and ran down the street. It took practice training your body to balance on those two wheels. This will take some practice too. Continue repeating your affirmations out loud several times a day for the next 30 days and you will be amazed at how much it changes your thinking and attitude.

Above all, take action. Do nothing and nothing is done. Do something and many things are set in motion.

Regardless of what you are doing in life, you must take action. Do something every day to put your plan into action

Home Kitchen

Design ideas using granite in your kitchen remodel

There are many original design ideas using granite to remodel your kitchen. It is available in a wide range of colors and textures. It is one of the most durable materials available for use in the kitchen, as it is resistant to burning, staining and cracking. All of this and more makes granite the perfect choice in most kitchens.

A granite-topped kitchen island will add style and utility to your kitchen. An island with a raised breakfast bar can make any kitchen instant dine-in, providing a quick spot for a snack or for the kids to do their homework while dinner is cooking. Due to the antibacterial properties of granite, a work island topped with it is a particularly suitable place for food preparation.

Another way to take advantage of the beauty of granite in your kitchen is to install a granite kitchen sink. These types of sinks don’t stain or dent like sinks made of other materials. Like any other sink, they are available in a variety of sizes and with single or multiple compartments. They can be the same color as existing countertops, or they can be chosen in a shade that complements the countertop.

If you don’t want to install new countertops, another option to bring it to your kitchen is to install granite floors. Granite floors are some of the easiest floors to clean and maintain. It does not need to be waxed or polished like other materials. Granite floors are durable and attractive. A matte floor adds rustic charm to a room or can be highly polished for a sophisticated look.

By using granite throughout your kitchen, you can create a cohesive look that is both attractive and long-lasting. Selecting neutral tomes is best if you are planning any future remodeling projects down the road. Neutral tones fall into two categories: warm and cool. By making sure all of your granite projects fall into just one of those categories, they’re sure to complement each other.

While granite countertops are popular, there are other uses that can bring the beauty of granite into your home. If you just want to do a small kitchen update, a granite accent may be just what you need. With a larger kitchen remodel, using granite in a number of ways can bring your kitchen decor together in a sleek and stylish way.

Digital Marketing

When should you change your digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and this can seem unsettling at times. Strategies that were working in the past may not be effective in the present. Do you know why many companies fail to get ahead of their competitors? It is simply because they are not willing to adapt to the ever-changing world of digital media. But, the best thing about a digital marketing strategy is that you can change them on the fly in response to real-time results and analytics data. While this may seem tricky as you turn things around too quickly, you may not be able to find if your strategy worked in the long run. But if you wait too long, you are likely to waste your two valuable resources: time and money.

With that being said, how do you know when the time is right to change your digital marketing strategy? To help you keep up with the fast-paced industry, I’ve created this post to help you know when to change your digital marketing strategy.

Below are the 5 signals to help you decide when to abandon your current strategy.

1. Focus on low-value metrics

If you’re concentrating on low-value metrics like impressions and clicks, you may be missing out because impressions and clicks only give you insight into your marketing visibility. And not the actual accuracy of your strategies.

2. Only focus on your brand and not on the needs of the audience

All marketers want to get their brand out there, but you shouldn’t go overboard by sticking your brand on everything. In fact, make your educational content focus on your hearing problems and needs. This would really help you target buyers in the early stages of the buyer’s journey.

3. Excessive use of keywords

Although it is necessary to place keywords in your content, Google’s priority is always to provide a user experience of reach and content relevance. Google has nothing to do with the number of times your site shows the keyword as “Digital Marketing Strategy”.

4. Don’t trust your instincts

Your previous experience is certainly precious. But your decision-making process shouldn’t be based solely on what has worked in the past. This is a very bad idea as what worked tomorrow may be completely irrelevant today. Therefore, guiding your marketing strategy through objective data will only allow you to obtain better results.

5. Not integrated

Whether you’re a digital marketing expert, an IT department, or a startup, it’s all too common for digital marketing strategies to end up in silos. It is an easier way but of course it is not effective. It is true that the digital approach works best when integrated with traditional channels.

Now that you know whether or not you need to change your digital marketing strategy, here is a complete guide to help you build a powerful new marketing strategy to achieve your goals online.

What are the essential steps to create an effective digital marketing strategy?

When creating a marketing strategy for your business, always keep your audience first. Set goals, plan your strategy, implement it, and finally measure your success.

  • Research on your target market and competitors

  • Know your audience because if you don’t know them, how can you help them?

  • Integrate different marketing strategies and use only the right tools

  • If you don’t have the required skill set, feel free to purchase special services

  • Identify your online value proposition and apply it across all digital marketing channels

  • Last but definitely not least, be prepared

But before you do anything, ask yourself a few questions. Asking yourself the right questions and having the answers in place will certainly help you make the right decisions. I have provided some questions and answers below to help you.

Which digital channels are most effective for you and why?

With so many digital channels, it becomes difficult to choose the best one. So you can identify it with these simple basics:

  • Identify the channel where most of your potential customers like to hang out

  • Analyze the behavior of your target audience

  • Create awareness with Twitter

  • Attend industry events and conferences.

  • Social networks and newsletters to reach your potential customers

  • SEO or combination of SEO and PPC to help you attract more visitors

How to evaluate your digital marketing activities?

Unfortunately, some companies do not know how to correctly answer this question. If you are one of them too, don’t be ashamed! Just jump on and find out how you can determine the right metrics and evaluate your current digital marketing activities.

  • Identify your target KPI (key performance indicator) to help you understand what’s working

  • Monitor your website traffic and sales to learn the necessary statistics about your customers

  • Track and measure your metrics through Google Analytics

  • Survey your site visitors to find out if they are satisfied with your solutions.

  • Track ROI, conversions, market share, and sales

How to make your business stand out from the crowd?

In today’s competitive digital market, it’s really hard to make your business stand out from your competitors. But an effective strategy can help you stay ahead of them. Let’s see how.

  • Effectively communicate and educate your customers

  • Stay honest and transparent to build customer loyalty

  • talk less, listen more

  • Be authoritative and helpful in what you do

  • Know your competitors and learn from them

  • Be creative, open-minded and try new technologies.

  • Speak in the language of your audience

  • Use test points and testimonials to prove that you are the best

final thoughts

As the world of the online landscape changes, so should your digital marketing strategy. Therefore, it is essential to keep abreast of the changing market and new technological advances to help you grow further.


Pattachitra and Tala Pattachitra – Traditional Oriya Painting

Indian art and culture have a rich heritage. Every Indian identifies with this creative legacy. Belonging to the state of Odisha, Pattachitra is one such chain of the ancient Indian pictorial tradition. The styling is immensely classy to say the least. The word Pattachitra is derived from two Sanskrit words, ‘Patta’ meaning canvas or cloth and ‘Chitra’ meaning paint. The artists are very skilled in this art form and are known as ‘chitrakars’.

Pattachitra, one of the oldest art forms in Odisha, mainly depicts the characters and tales from Hindu mythology. Lord Krishna, Lord Jagannath, Lord Krishna-Radha, Lord Shiva & Goddess Paravati, Lord Nataraja, Kanchi Abhiyan and Tribal Life are the main inspirations for these paintings. Rich colorful application combined with ornamentation and imaginative designs form the basis of this art form. The Pattachitra tradition still exists in traditional Oriya cities such as Puri, Raghurajpur and Chikiti.

Pattachitra paintings are made with very fine details. They beautifully reflect both the people and the traditional elements. The art form employs natural media. The surrounding things are used to make the paintings. Only natural colors derived from vegetables, earth and stones are used. Yellow, red, black and white are the 4 key colors in a chitrakar’s tablet. One of the most distinguishable features of these paintings is the red border. Even the brushes used are made from the fur of domestic animals. The skins are tied to the end of a small bamboo stick.

Traditional Patta paintings were done on small strips of cotton cloth. To prepare the canvas, a mixture of chalk and tamarind seed gum is spread on the canvas. This gives a shiny leather-like finish to the fabric, which is then rubbed with two different stones. Finally, the cloth turned into canvas is left to dry. Once ready, the chitrakar experts directly use a brush to paint on the Pattas. Coloring follows drawing. To further enhance the brilliance and protect the paintings for a long time, fine lacquer is applied to the surface. All this time, the back of the painting is exposed to fire. Tussar silk is another preferred canvas after cotton. Over time, the shape and size of the canvas have also become varied.

A variation of the Pattachitra canvas is the palm leaf. These Pattachitras are known as Tala Pattachitra. The paintings are drawn and colored on the palm leaves, which are sewn together to form the canvas. These days, Tala Pattachitras are pasted on handmade papers to prevent the art pieces from being damaged.

Health Fitness

The dark side of cardio

Does cardio have a dark side? But everyone says that cardio is the best exercise method to lose weight. So what’s the deal?

I recently received a letter from a woman who discovered that there is a hidden, darker side to good cardio.



I saw the orthopedist today and he noted several things that could be causing my hip pain (which has gotten better with light exercise). It seems that one of my legs is longer than the other. And when I increased my cardio times (to try to get more results), the difference started to ‘come out’ and resulted in my hip pain…


She learned her lesson the hard way.

When someone with a small injury or biomechanical defect, doing the same activity over and over again (like the thousands of repetitions you’ll do in a cardio workout), will hurt you every time.

Why are you runners always in the physio’s office? Or why do people always get hurt when they go from being sedentary to trying to do cardio 3 times a week?

Do you think I’m full of it? Well, I’m not the only one with this opinion. We only need to resort to the words of Alwyn Cosgrove for an even better explanation…

CB: Alwyn, where do you start working with an overweight person?


With a complete lifestyle and structural evaluation. Typically, the overweight person has so little structural integrity that my first approach is a resistance training program to address their weaknesses and imbalances. By manipulating rest periods, I can always get a cardio workout without the overuse injuries that often occur in the untrained.

Research (Jones et al., Sports Med. 18(3): 202-214, 1994) has shown that the intensity required by the average sedentary person trying to improve their cardiovascular system is likely to create excessive structural overload; in fact, in this study there was a 50-90% injury rate in the first six weeks of training.

It is interesting that the typical program for an overweight person is usually thousands of repetitions (ie aerobics) which will cause more problems.

A superior system would be to focus on the muscular system and control the duration of the sets and the rest periods to create the same metabolic and cardiovascular demand.


Yes, cardio is like a good old water torture…because pressure, when applied over time, will always bring you down. Even this woman’s doctor said intervals were best for her conditioning.

So, prime your muscles with strength training (bodyweight exercises performed on the floor) and low-volume interval training (performed at a slightly harder-than-normal cardio pace), rather than jumping into a routine. of intense aerobics to lose fat. If you have good nutrition, you will lose as much or more fat with this approach than you will with hours of cardio. Nutrition is more important for beginners than exercise.

Train smart and safely!

Legal Law

What you should know about the birth control pill

The contraceptive pill represents one of the most popular contraceptive methods, as it offers the greatest protection against unwanted pregnancies. However, it does not protect the user against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and has a number of side effects.

How to use it?

You should not take any pregnancy control pill without consulting your gynecologist. The specialist will prescribe the most suitable pill for your state of health, age and specificity of the period.

The woman needs to take the contraceptive pill every day, preferably at the same time, for 21 days in a row. During the last 7 days of the cycle, she will either take no pill or receive an inactive one, depending on the type of product she is using. During the seven day off pill, she will get her period.

You should then start using the pill again after the seven-day break, on the same day of the week as before.

Side effects of birth control pills

This method of birth control has quite a few side effects, some temporary, some long-term. When you first start using the pill, nausea, morning sickness, spotting, and breast tenderness can be a problem. But the symptoms go away as the body gets used to the new level of hormones.

In the long run, the contraceptive pill can have serious side effects, so specialists recommend not using it for years. Among the health risks of long-term administration we must mention an increased risk of cervical and breast cancer, blood pressure problems, thrombosis, liver dysfunction, benign cysts, etc.

Who should NOT use the birth control pill?

Women with a chronic health condition or a family history of thrombosis, for example, should not use hormonal methods of pregnancy control.

The contraceptive pill is not recommended for women who have been treated for ovarian cysts, cancer, or liver problems.

Smokers and women over the age of 35 should also not use pregnancy hormonal control due to the increased risk of side effects.

Your doctor will usually recommend blood tests and a careful assessment of your health to ensure that your body system is within optimal parameters. Oral contraceptives should not be prescribed otherwise because of the health hazards they pose, particularly in some categories of users. In addition to the birth control pill, you may want to explore your other birth control options.

Lifestyle Fashion

patches for dry skin

For years, I have had a problem with patches of dry skin, especially on my face and arms. The degree of severity tends to vary with the weather and my diet. Sometimes these patches tend to itch and of course there is a temptation to scratch, but this only makes the problem worse and increases the chances of infection.

I’ve been battling this problem for many years, so I thought I’d offer some advice for those of you who also struggle with patches of dry skin.

1. Improve your diet. That is, drink more water and make sure you are getting enough omega 3 fatty acids (from fish, nuts, chia seeds, supplements, etc.).

2. Switch to natural soaps and lotions. This is the easiest way to avoid the irritating chemicals (I’ll give you a list below) that make dry patches of skin worse. Always read the ingredient label before buying to make sure it doesn’t contain a skin irritant.

3. Exfoliate. I like chemical exfoliants like Alpha Hydroxy Acid Body Lotion, but some people prefer abrasive type exfoliants. This is a personal choice, but be sure to exfoliate regularly to remove old, dead skin.

4. Moisturize with a pure vegetable oil. I think the two best vegetable oils for moisturizing are coconut oil and camellia oil. You only need to use one of these. Other popular options are jojoba oil, olive oil, and almond oil. Whatever you choose, make sure it is 100% oil and has no additives.


The following ingredients can make patches of dry skin worse. Don’t buy products that have these ingredients, especially if the ingredients are at the top of the list (meaning they have a higher concentration in the product).

  • sodium hydroxide
  • potassium hydroxide
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Sodium laureth sulfate
  • triclosan

With just a few simple changes, you can improve the condition of your skin. I find these products can be easily purchased at a local health food store and many online merchants. Go for natural products and stores that sell these types of products, as many people report that they are less irritating than other products.

swollen eyes from crying

Well, lately I’ve been going through an emotional roller coaster. Let’s just say a lot of tears are being shed, and I hope it continues for a few more weeks, at least, healing process, you know?

What I want to know is, what should I do with my swollen eyes from crying? It seems like all the water coming out of my eyes is swelling the skin in that area. Not a pretty look! It worsens the appearance of dark circles and accentuates the slight bags under my eyes.

Being that I still have bills to pay and expenses to meet, I still have to go to work, so I want to look decent.

Please share your tips with me on what works to soothe puffy eyes from crying!

Shopping Product Reviews

Top 10 benefits of using a VPN service

A VPN or “virtual private network” is a service that allows Internet users to enjoy higher levels of privacy and security while conducting business online. These types of connections are very attractive for both home and business users. Business users can access work networks from outside their offices, for example, without having to worry about information being sent and received over the network being intercepted.

Personal users don’t have to worry about private data that could potentially identify information like an address getting into the hands of rogue system administrators while browsing the Web. Virtual private network services have a host of clear benefits that should not be ignored.

1. They provide security to unsecured connections

If you’ve ever connected your laptop or mobile device to a public Wi-Fi network, you may not realize that you’re making all of the data on that device vulnerable. If you were using a virtual private network, information sent and received over public networks remains secure.

2. Blocked sites

Another great benefit of VPN connections is that they allow you to get around sites that are blocked on certain types of networks, like at home or school. Many companies and educational institutions will block sites like Facebook or Twitter to prevent users from accessing them. With a VPN, you could access your favorite sites on those types of connections.

3. Greater anonymity

It is very easy to use a person’s IP address to track files they have accessed and downloaded while on the Internet. With a VPN connection, you can download and share legally obtained files with friends and family in confidence, as the VPN’s security protocols will hide your IP address.

4. Decrease in censorship

If you live in a country where the government has blocked access to certain websites, a virtual private network connection would allow you to get around those restrictions.

5. Greater privacy when browsing

If you’ve ever typed something into a search engine like Google, you might be surprised to find that the information was probably recorded by the search engine itself. With a virtual private network and the security protocols that are inherent in these types of connections, your search history will never haunt you again because you’re no longer connected to your computer’s IP address.

6. You can network different business locations together

If you run a technology-based business with multiple locations, you can use a virtual private network to create a unified connection between all facilities. The virtual network will act as a link between different offices in the city, state, country or even the world.

7. Easily encrypted data

Virtual Private Network connections let you easily encrypt data before it’s sent over the Internet, which means no one can intercept or read your important personal or business documents.

8. Avoid monitoring

Certain websites can download various types of spyware and malware onto your computer without your knowledge in order to monitor your activities while you are online. With the right VPN service, these kinds of concerns will completely disappear.

9. Regional Content Restrictions

Some types of video content can only be viewed in specific regions of the world based on the original publisher’s request. With a VPN, these regional content restrictions are lifted and you can watch any content you want from any computer with an Internet connection.

10. Prevent identity theft

Because information transmitted through a VPN is secure, even if the network itself isn’t, you don’t have to worry about hackers or others with malicious intent accessing your information and stealing your identity the next time. try to check your bank account balance. online or log in to your credit card site to make your monthly payment.