SwissJust Review – Marketing of essential oils and aromatherapy

SwissJust is an organization that was formed in the Swiss Alps in 1930 by Ulrich Justrich. It produces a series of solutions based on necessary oils with a philosophy of producing goods with a natural approach to well-being and well-being. The company’s products are sold in more than 35 countries around the world using a direct sales multi-level marketing model. This post provides a brief overview of SwissJust.

SwissJust produces vital oil-infused items that provide solutions for minor ailments caused by lifestyle, pressure, man-made chemicals and eating habits. For example, their best-selling Eucasol product is a eucalyptus spray that cleanses the sinuses and helps with respiratory disorders. Other items include a variety of balms and moisturizers that help protect and heal skin along with aromatherapy oils.

SwissJust products are distributed by a team of over 75,000 independent consultants who promote items by hosting parties for family and friends. Consultants earn a percentage on the price of the goods they immediately market (between 25% and 40%) while also earning commissions (2% to 9%) from the consultants they have introduced to the business. The company also offers incentives to top performance consultants in the form of cash prizes, recognition and free travel.

The company’s consultant program is easy to join and has minimal startup fees; A consultant doesn’t need to keep inventory, for example, and a starter pack can cost as little as $49. A new consultant joins the system through a sponsoring consultant who hosts meetings and provides support to help them get started. To get started, a new user must complete the Consultant Agreement Form, order a starter kit, and host a Swiss Herbal Spa evening. Your sponsoring consultant displays the merchandise for invited friends and family.

The corporation provides a step-by-step education program at no cost, as well as mentoring from the sponsoring consultant. SwissJust also provides article data kits, organizes national training events and offers international consumer support for your articles. The company also offers a monthly customer email promotion program and item e-commerce web pages that allow consultants to sell items online.

When consultants achieve success with their sales, they can introduce other men and women to the system as sponsoring consultants and then earn a percentage on the sales of the entire group. This allows Consultants to generate revenue from each and every group member that has submitted and earn even larger cash bonuses.

When the company emphasizes that becoming a consultant is typically a full-time job opportunity, the part provides independence and flexibility because a consultant can work as small or as long as their lifestyle and other commitments allow. The advantage of this type of sale is the team atmosphere of like-minded men and women that gives you a supportive environment to achieve achievement.

SwissJust is a respected corporation that continues to operate for over 80 years with proven products and is especially suitable for those already using essential oils and aromatherapy. This SwissJust review is optimistic due to the high quality of the company’s articles, as well as the added benefits of becoming a consultant. In addition to generous commissions, you’ll find paid incentive trips to exotic locations, month-to-month rewards applications, as well as opportunities to advance to leadership consultant positions by introducing friends and family to the system.


Bach flower remedies for mother and daughter

Bach Flower Remedies are among my favorite natural medicines because they are so gentle but really effective. They fall into the category of “energy” drugs because they do not contain what we consider to be standard active ingredients. Unlike homeopathic medicines that tend to be associated with physical signs and symptoms, they are chosen solely based on emotional cues, making them very easy to use. Here are a few that I’ve chosen especially for situations that can relate particularly well to moms and their daughters.

CHERRY PLUM is for anyone who is overwhelmed by great emotions and fears losing control. It’s great for moms who are losing patience with their sons, or girls having major hormonal swings with all the emotional instability that can bring. It is for those who are afraid to talk about their feelings, or who simply cannot express how they feel.

CRAB APPLE is the best remedy to help girls who suffer from a very poor self-image. In particular, this remedy addresses feelings of unattractiveness or even uncleanliness and has been known to help with compulsive washing, facial cleansing, or fear of germs.

LARCH is the self-confidence remedy for those who feel they can’t do anything right, or that nothing they do will succeed. The teenage years are a time when we must adapt to sudden changes in our physical body; we can even lose a sense of who we are and what we are capable of. This isn’t just a remedy for teens, because most moms lose confidence in their parenting skills at one point or another. This remedy can be of great help in restoring your confidence.

WALNUT is a great protection for times of great transition, such as changing schools, moving, breaking or forming new relationships, or starting a new job. This is highly recommended for moms during separation/divorce situations, or the initial stages of starting a blended family.

VINE is for those with strong leadership qualities who become dictatorial, demanding, or even bully when under stress, whether at home or in social situations. It is a great remedy that can be given to adolescents who may be expelling a lot of negative energy into their circle of friends. Vine can put them back in place as strong personalities that don’t overwhelm those around them!

RED CHESTNUT is for those who are overwhelmed by concern for the safety or well-being of others. Sometimes it is because the bond is so strong that you assume the problems or pain of others as if it were your own. Any mom who has ever walked a child through a painful breakup probably can relate! Some children may also enter this state if one of the parents is ill or in ongoing emotional distress.

WATER VIOLET is for the girl who doesn’t share her problems, who prefers to be alone even when she needs support. This remedy is a lovely way to help a girl you love who isn’t even at the point of asking for help, but she really needs it!

Bach flower remedies are available in many health food stores. You can take them alone or in combination. A few drops in a glass of water can be drunk at intervals, or just regularly throughout the day. There is a lot of information available online to help you choose the right ones, but sometimes it helps to have a doctor ask specific questions to narrow down your search. I love working with these remedies, so don’t hesitate to contact me.


Avoid a second trip to divorce court

Co-parenting with your new spouse will probably be one of the hardest things you’ll ever attempt. In fact, two out of three second marriages fail in the first five years. The good news is that once you get past that point, second marriages are statistically stronger than first marriages. The question is: How do you become the one in three that lasts? Ask any marriage counselor and they will probably tell you to put your relationship first, above all else. That seems like a no-brainer, but what does it really mean? Just telling someone to focus on their marriage is too vague to be of any help.

How to be the only couple that does it

Obviously there is no magic wand; But there are steps you can take right now to strengthen your stepfamily. I am going to share what I believe to be the #1 most important key to success. In order to narrow the subject and give some concrete and practical advice, I am going to focus on an aspect of the couple’s relationship that is specifically related to raising children.

So here it is, my #1 strategy: Get on the same page!

your parenting style

You and your partner each developed a parenting style over time. Her relationship with her children began with instant love and her parenting style emerged as her children went through different stages. As this foundation evolved, some of its norms and expectations took root.

Your new spouse’s parenting style

Now let’s move on. You are in a new relationship with someone who also has children. Like you, he or she developed a parenting style and set his or her own standards and expectations. Fusing your two styles can be trickier than you think. While it’s important to be on the same page about your overall parenting philosophy and overall goals, it’s equally important that you consider the seemingly mundane routines of life. Some of these include: bedtime, mealtime, personal hygiene, homework and assignments, and academic expectations (just to name a few).

Prevent moles from turning into mountains

These “little” details can sneak in as annoyances and become a full-blown wedge between you and your spouse (kids can smell a wedge from a mile away, by the way). The key is to consider the details. prior to they become a problem. Have a game plan for how and when to reconcile your expectations, if at all. There are many variables that will affect your decisions, such as the ages of your children, whether or not the children live with you, your relationship to the other parents, etc. You may not want to change some things. This is fine, but be prepared to explain to your children why there is one expectation for them and another for the other group of children.

To get started, try this exercise:

First, identify your expectations for each of the items listed below. Next, ask your spouse to list their expectations on a separate sheet of paper. Now identify the areas of agreement and disagreement. The goal at this point is not to agree on everything, but rather to acknowledge the areas where you have different beliefs and values ​​so that you can make deliberate decisions about how to proceed.

  • rituals before bed: how rigid time is (does 8:00 mean 8:00, or does it mean 8:15 or 8:30? Where do the kids sleep, when do the lights go out, what about the stories, etc.)
  • food: where do we eat, what happens if someone does not like the food, what do we eat or do we not have for breakfast, dinner? How much is enough or too much, what about snacks?
  • Hygiene: how often do young children take baths, at night or in the morning, how long do showers last, what happens to their teeth, feet, hair, clothes?
  • Tasks and Assignments: Do the children have homework? At what age do they start, are boys and girls expected to do the same? How is distributing money tied to chores?
  • Academic Expectations: Is a “C” good enough, who reviews homework and how, what are the consequences for poor performance or behavior?

Help is available! These are just a few considerations. For guidance on how to go through this process and to help find the middle ground, please email me to schedule a consultation. Together, we can determine if a parenting coach is right for your stepfamily.

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Wooden toy boxes and other heirloom gifts for children

This holiday season, consider giving a family-quality gift to the special child or children in your life instead of the usual electronic game or toy. While games and gadgets can be fun for a while, they quickly lose their appeal as kids move on to the next great toy or game. Give them a gift that combines the practical with the beautiful, like a personalized wooden toy box just for them.

Heirloom gifts used to be a tradition in most families, and grandparents often gave a gift of lasting value to their grandchildren that would be kept in the family and passed down. It is a wonderful tradition that is gaining popularity again. If you want to make a gift that will stand the test of time, consider these ideas:

Wooden Toy Chests Are Versatile And Stylish

Both boys and girls will appreciate handmade or laser-engraved wooden toy boxes. Look for premium construction and thoughtful details like security hinges. Furniture-grade toy boxes use hardwoods like oak or cherry to last for years and can withstand the wear and tear of toys being dragged in and out. Personalized touches can include your child’s name engraved in a decorative font, the alphabet in whimsical letters, or a special message from you.

Wooden toy boxes or toy chests are versatile gifts because they can be used as storage chests or blankets when the child is older. They can take it to their first home and use it as a traditional “hope chest” to store bedding, treasured keepsakes, or quilts. In time, a handmade toy chest may be used by the next generation, who will love using their parent’s or grandparent’s chest as their own.

Fine jewelry will be passed down to the next generation

Engraved jewelry is another beautiful heirloom gifting tradition. Little girls can receive a small gold cross for their first communion, as fine jewelry is always in style for boys. A locket engraved with an image of the gift giver will be cherished by the girl in her life. Birthstone earrings or a birthstone ring also make wonderful gifts that will be passed down after years of being proudly worn on special occasions. For a young child, she may want to purchase an ID bracelet with her name on one side and a short message on the back.

Furniture quality toys often become family heirlooms. A hand-carved rocking horse that is beautifully painted will be a hit with any young child. Years later, that same rocking horse will be used by children and grandchildren. Look for rocking horses with premium wool or cotton yarn manes and tails and a smoothly sanded wood finish for comfort and beauty.

Make or buy heirloom quality gifts

If you want to make a beautiful and warm gift, a handmade quilt is a great option, especially if the child is redecorating his room. If you’re good at quilting yourself, you can create a unique piece of art. If not, choose your fabrics and design the quilt on paper, then hire a professional to make it for you. You can even embroider or sew a special message on the quilt. Years from now, the grown child will read your words and smile.

Not all of us are carpenters or quilt weavers. If you want truly traditional quality gifts, you will need to find craftsmen who can create a quilt, rocking horse or wooden toy box for you that is beautifully constructed and finished. There are many crafters online who can create the perfect gift for you and personalize it this holiday season.

There are many gifts for children that can become family heirlooms. The key is to choose a gift that is versatile, well made, and will stand the test of time. From wooden toy boxes to quilts, the perfect gift is one your child will fall in love with and keep for years to come.


3 Ways To Turn Your Financial Worries Into The Meaning Of Christmas And Still Have Fun

the meaning of christmas it is about God’s unconditional love for us, faith, eternal life.

Now that you have less disposable income, it’s time to bring back the sacred on vacation.

Is your credit card debt at an all time high?

The average credit card debt among all US households is $8,400. With rising mortgage payments, increasing job losses, wages not rising, and a ruined housing market, many people are more afraid than ever since 9/11.

However, there is a silver lining amid the darkness and doom. We can break free from being prisoners of fluff and stuff and enjoy a calm, centered, and content Christmas vacation.

As a parent, you are the guardian upon whom your children depend for financial, health, moral, and spiritual teachings. You shape your son’s life by the way he handles his own personal financial crisis.

You can teach your children the valuable character trait of spending only the money you have, not borrowing based on future earnings. Yes, your kids can get grumpy and upset at first, but so what?

Would you rather lose your house and end up on the street than keep buying things you can’t afford?

Your at-home character education lesson gives your child so much more than any store-bought gadget or toy.

Children who witness the character traits of outstanding leaderswhich is every parent, will soon model the trait.

Where is it written that you should give material gifts during the holidays?

3 easy ways to recapture the meaning of Christmas

  1. You can start to stop spending money you don’t have and start getting more creative with your gifts. Go through your house and find what you no longer use or need. Clean out closets, drawers, attics, and basements. I guarantee that your garage sale will generate enough money for a credit card payment or two, or to buy a few Christmas presents.
  2. Give your extra stuff to one of the many charities that care for the needy and the homeless. You can turn the financial crisis America is experiencing into a way of life that changes your life and the lives of your loved ones. Giving things to those in need brings back the meaning of Christmas more than anything else.
  3. Be more creative with your Christmas gifts. Find things you can do with other members of your family. Most importantly, share your heart with your loved ones. Read them inspiring Christmas stories.

I’m sure they have more than enough stuff.

Article Summary
I just gave you 3 easy ways to enjoy the holiday season and save money. Click on inspiring Christmas stories to help you bring back the meaning of christmas.


Helping Your Preschooler With Math: Read Math With Your Child

We have already discussed the importance of developing a good mathematical foundation for your preschool-age children. The first, best, and easiest way to incorporate math into your child’s early life is to incorporate math into the reading you already do with your child. It’s never too early to start reading to your child, and it’s never too early to add math concepts to that reading.

There’s no need to run out and buy a bunch of preschool math books, although you can mention to your friends and family that math-related storybooks would be a great gift idea. You probably already have books with math concepts. For example, Goldilocks and the three bears is a wonderful story to introduce math concepts. Allows for early counting. It has size comparisons with too small, too big, and just right. It has a one-to-one match with the bear and the little bed. You certainly won’t use this terminology, but you can point out these concepts as you read. three blind mice, Three Little Pigs, three little kittensY Five little monkeys jumping on the bed are other good examples you may already have.

Before you spend a lot of money on books, I suggest you check out your local public library. You can check out books, read them with your child, and if the book seems like one of those books that your child wants you to read over and over again, THEN you can buy it. Certainly use your library before buying anything you haven’t read from online sources.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own math-related books, I have several suggestions. I am a huge fan of Dr. Seuss books. Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb Enter large numbers. Ten blocks up! It’s a good counting book. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish He is good at counting and colors. Horton listen to who! it even introduces the concept of infinity. Many other Dr. Seuss books contain number concepts, colors, and shapes to read with your child.

You may have read or heard about Baby Einstein. If so, you should know that getting your young child to watch the videos is a very bad idea! Research shows that there should be NO SCREEN TIME for children under the age of two and very limited time for the older child. However, baby Einstein my first number book is a wonderful example of what a picture book of numbers should be.

The Sesame Street book ABC and 1 2 3 it is also an excellent illustrated book related to mathematics.

When considering the purchase of illustrated math books, there are a few things to consider. The book should be colorful, interesting to you, and make sense, not just rhyme. Don’t assume that because it’s about numbers it’s a good book. For example, I found a book called One two Three! By Sandra Boyton. I actually got confused while reading! One line read “…and when you want to explore, the number you need is FOUR.” WHY? What does the four have to do with exploring? Another page read “Seven is perfect for a play.” Again, I questioned what that meant. Any book you choose should be something you can talk about with your child. Choose books that you can read with enthusiasm. If a book doesn’t make sense to you, don’t buy it. I want to reiterate that you don’t need to buy a lot of books related to numbers because you can find number concepts like counting and making comparisons in just about any book.

As you read to your child, you should work on what is called “the language of space.” This refers to words like front, back, above, below, over, under, in front of, behind, first, last, on, on, corner, edge, surface, etc. These are all important concepts for your child to understand when he starts school. They can’t line up behind the blue line if they don’t know what ‘behind’ means.

When you read to your child, be sure to:

  1. Hold your child on your lap.

  2. Let your child know how much you enjoy reading time together.

  3. Read every day.

  4. Get involved with history. Read with great enthusiasm and expression. Use different voices. Be active pointing things out on the pages. Ask questions.

  5. Pay attention to your child’s responses. Know when to put the book away. If your child loses interest, do something different.

  6. Be prepared to read the same book over and over again and be enthusiastic each time.

Above all else, make reading FUN!


mary’s story

We have had a good year! No one could have predicted the way our entire world would change in a matter of just a few months. Each of us thinks that our circumstances are so unusual and have never happened before.

I have been thinking a lot about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and how she experienced so many parallels with us. She must have felt similar to how we feel. She reflects on this:

  1. Shock: Imagine the shock when this teen found out she was pregnant and yet hadn’t been with a man. We too were shocked to hear that a pandemic would shut down the entire world for a period of time.

  2. Confusion: Mary probably didn’t know what to do or how she would deal with the idea of ​​becoming a mother. She has not only confused us about COVID-19, but also the mixed messages we receive from the media, health officials, and loved ones about how to protect ourselves and others.

  3. Conspiracy – Imagine how Mary was treated when she said that she was a virgin who was pregnant with the son of God. Many people have stated that there are conspiracies around the pandemic in its origin, risk levels, statistics and treatment.

  4. Support – Joseph was the person who became the partner of Mary and the earthly father of Jesus and he too must have experienced some stress from others. Was he the subject of rumors and pressure from people who had alternative advice for him? Where were Maria’s mother and sisters? I bet he wished they were with her. During the pandemic we have had to find ways to connect with others through technology and remote interaction. Like Mary, many of our family members were also separated.

  5. Legalities – Even though Mary was nearing the end of her pregnancy, the ruler required her and Joseph to travel to Bethlehem. They were required to register for the census and pay their taxes. Our governments could have made some revisions to the tax-related laws by deferring taxes, but we still needed to pay our taxes and also follow the new laws on quarantine, travel, and the economy.

  6. Medical Care: There is no mention of Mary having a doctor, midwife, or other professional to help her deliver her firstborn. In fact, because there was no room at her inn, she was housed with the animals in a stable during her labor and delivery. Many parts of the world also have health care problems. Some faced a lack of protective gear, long lines waiting to be tested and no clear information on whether a vaccine will be available and effective in the near future.

  7. Unknown – I’m sure Maria was wondering what would happen to Jose, her son, and herself. How far into her future could she see? All of us have also been wondering about the future. Will our countries open again? What will help the economy? Will there be food shortages? Can we trust that “this too shall pass” and that we will be better off in the future?

  8. Faith – Mary trusted God. She followed the law by traveling to Bethlehem. She rusted up Joseph to help her. Every year we faithfully celebrate Christmas which is the birthday of that little baby that Maria was carrying. Do we have a strength of faith that even comes close to that of Mary?

We have already overcome several months of uncertainty due to COVID-19. Maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t know what was in store for us at the start of this.

And now we are facing a future that also has many unknowns. Will we face it with the love, peace and joy we talk about so much during the holidays?

I hope so.

Merry Christmas to all!


Looking for the Bobolee – Holy Week Traditions in Trinidad

Temperate countries have winter, spring, summer, and fall seasons, driven by weather. Very often we hear that tropical countries only have a dry season and a wet season. Trinidad and Tobago, located in the Caribbean Sea, however, has many seasons and they are driven by the main activities of the country. Hence we have the Christmas season, the Carnival season, Lent, the Easter season and the Divali season. Each of these stations has its unique traditions and although the origins of some have been obscured over time, Trinidadians continue to follow the traditions. Easter is one such season in Trinidad in the Caribbean.

A very old tradition that continues to survive is the beating of the Bobolee. The origin of the word “bobolee” has been obscured over time, but the actual word is still widely used. A bobolee is an effigy of Judas Iscariot made with old clothes stuffed with rags or dry grass. It is placed in a public place on Good Friday and everyone who passes by is welcome to “hit the bobole” with sticks, kicks or slaps. The beating originally symbolized Judas’ retribution for betraying Christ. Over time, the bobol has also come to symbolize anything that is unpopular, be it inflation or unpopular politicians. You’d think only kids would “beat bobole,” but adults are often in on the fun. The actual word “bobolee” has now become such a part of Trinidadian culture that it is used to describe anyone who is taken advantage of by others or who has received a severe beating.

Finding a bobolee on Good Friday was very easy, since they were erected in all the communities. As time has passed, it has become more difficult to find a bobolee in the city areas of Trinidad, but in the rural districts they can still be seen on Good Friday morning. The ones that are well built often survive bumps and last into the night. In the eastern parts of Trinidad, in the districts of Valencia, Sangre Chiquito and Sangre Grande, bobolos are still found placed on the side of the road. In the area known as the Valencia stretch, one man has, for several years, faithfully built a bobole every Good Friday and placed it on a chair by the side of the road. This effigy is so well made that when you walk by you often don’t realize it’s a bobole.

However, boboles are not the only Easter tradition in Trinidad. Another Easter tradition is the kite flight that is facilitated by the strong breezes of this time of year. Kites were traditionally diamond-shaped with cross-shaped wooden struts and thus symbolized the cross on which Jesus died. His flight in the sky symbolized his ascension into heaven. Today the tradition survives without any religious symbolism even though many have forgotten how to make a kite and most kites are purchased. The attraction is simply because it is good clean fun that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There are now several kite-flying competitions at Easter.

Traditionally, Catholics abstained from meat on Fridays during Lent. This has now become a tradition that is followed by many people of all faiths, although some only observe it on Good Friday, when only fish is eaten. Another tradition whose origins have been obscured over time is eating ground provisions (yams, cassava, dasheen (taro), eddoes) on Good Friday. Another Good Friday tradition is eating Hot Cross Buns, where the cross is a symbol of the crucifixion.

An old tradition that has more to do with myth than reality is to avoid bathing in the sea on Good Friday. In earlier times, Trinidadians did not go to the beach on Good Friday. There was a myth that if you went into the sea on Good Friday or you would turn into a fish or grow up. Why this tradition developed is unknown, but now the tradition has died to the point that only older people avoid the sea on Good Friday.

A relatively new tradition is camping during Holy Week. With a public holiday on Friday and another on Monday, Easter weekend is commonly referred to as the “long weekend” and Trinidadians flock to the beaches to camp along the coast.

So if you are in Trinidad during Holy Week, go and find a bobolee to release your tensions and experience the other Holy Week traditions.


DIY scary decorations for your Halloween night

Hallowe’en! Yes, that time of year when you can be whoever you want and decorate your house however you like. It’s the only time people appreciate graveyards and dead bodies on their front lawns. The creepier it is, the better.

Decorating doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dig into your pockets to get that scary Halloween vibe. There are cheap ways to create amazing decorations. Here are some tips.

creepy silhouettes

Do you want to create that haunted house effect? Create a spooky silhouette and stick it on your windows. Cut creepy figures out of cardboard or paper. It can be a beheaded man, a serial killer, the ripper, any image you can think of. Stick on your windows and have that spooky effect, especially at night when you turn on the lights.

crawling spiders

Creepy crawlers are a staple when it comes to Halloween. You can buy small chandeliers and creatively place them on window shades, stairways, above doorways and entryways, as well as on tables. You can create a huge spider and place it on your lawn or patio to create a scarier environment. You can use a huge styrofoam ball as your spider’s body and pool noodles as your limbs. Paint him black or glue black cotton balls to his feet and body for a creepier effect.

creepy dolls

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is watching you from afar? Recreate this with the use of those creepy dolls. This gives me the creeps even if it’s not Halloween. Place them strategically around your house or on your front lawn and they are sure to give your friends and passersby the chills.

head in a jar

This is really a cheap trick. All you need is a jar, water, and a picture of a head. You can simply have one printed. Place the image inside a jar filled with water and there you have it, a head in a jar. It is simply a forced perspective. Put this on your fridge and wait for that scream.

creepy eyes

Create some glowing eyes, you can use cardboard or paper plates and then place them behind the bushes. This would surely catch anyone’s attention.

Floating candles

Remember those floating candles in the Great Hall from Harry Potter? You can replicate this by using a roll of old paper painted white, insert some twinkling light in the middle, then hang them with some nylon string. The effect is so impressive.

There are still more tricks you can do. Just get the imagination juices flowing and scare the hell out of your friends and neighbors.


Interesting Facts About Asian Sports

Did you know…

Soccer is the national sport of Myanmar (formerly Burma). Khin Maung Lwin (Secretary General of Myanmar Olympic Committee) said, “As in most countries in the world, football is the most popular sport in Myanmar. When our national football team became champion in the 5th “Asian Games Bangkok 1966 and the 6th Asian Games Bangkok 1970, football became even more popular among our people. Apart from that, athletics, sepaktakraw and wushu are also popular in our country.”

Japan won five gold medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympics: one in track and field and four in judo.

Susanthika Jayasinghe became the second athlete in Sri Lanka – formerly Ceylon – to win an Olympic Games medal when she won the silver medal in the 200m at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Australia. The great runner Susanthika won gold in the 100 and 200 meters at the 2007 Asian Championships in Amman, Jordan. At the 2007 IAAF World Championships in Athletics, she won the bronze medal in the 200 m. Susanthika was born on December 17, 1975 in Atnawala, Sri Lanka.

Bangkok (Thailand) has hosted four Asian Games (1966, 1970, 1978, 1998).

Pakistan sent 32 athletes to the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich (West Germany). Pakistani athletes competed in six sports (track and field, boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, field hockey, sailing).

Sawao Kato was one of the greatest gymnasts of the 20th century. In the 1960s and 1970s, Kato won several international medals in Europe, Asia, and Mexico. At the 1968 Olympics, she won three gold medals in the individual all-around, floor exercise, and team competition.

Kabbadi is practiced by millions of people in Bangladesh and India. Unfortunately, it is not an Olympic sport.

Brunei Darussalam – one of the richest countries in the world – won two bronze medals at the Hiroshima Games in 1994.

Volleyball (men’s and women’s) was presented for the first time at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo (Japan). The host country won the women’s volleyball competition. The winners were: Yuriko Handa, Kinuko Tanida, Emiko Miyamoto, Ayano Shibuki, Massako Kondo, Yoko Fujimoto, Setsuko Sassaki, Yoko Shinozaki, Katsumi Matsumura, Sata Issobe, Yoshiko Matsumura, Masae Kasai.

The Kingdom of Bhutan – about 2 times the size of Massachusetts – has never won a medal in any sport at the Asian Games.

Jordan sent 7 athletes to the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. This Arab country participated in four sports: athletics (2), shooting (1), table tennis (1) and taekwondo (3).

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) hosted the 1975 Field Hockey Men’s World Championship. Final standings: 1.India, 2.Pakistan, 3.West Germany, 4.Malaysia, 5.Australia, 6.England, 7.New Zealand, 8.Spain, 9.Netherlands, 10.Poland, 11.Argentina, 12.Ghana.

The United Arab Emirates won 22 medals at the 2005 West Asian Games in Doha, Qatar.

Japan is the birthplace of judo. The first world judo championships took place in Tokyo (1956). Judo made its debut as an official sport during the 1964 Summer Olympics in Japan.

The most popular sports in Oman -an Arab country- are soccer, volleyball, athletics and handball.

The 1962 Asian Games were held in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. As the host, Indonesia won a total of 48 medals and 9 golds. For political reasons, Israel and Taiwan did not participate in the Games.

Ahmed Al Maktoum (United Arab Emirates) won a gold medal in shooting at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. A sports journalist said: “On an extraordinary day in August during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates claimed victory in the men’s doubles trap shooting event, equaling the Olympic record for 189 points previously set by Australia’s Russell Mark at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.”

Mongolia sent two women archers to the 1972 Summer Olympics. They were Natjav Dariimaa and Doljin Demberel.

Tokyo hosted the FIVB Men’s World Championship in 2007. Final standings:

1. Brazil,



4.Serbia and Montenegro,


6. France,




10.United States,


12.Puerto Rico,


14.Czech Republic,

15. Cuba,


17 Chinese,

18. Greece,

19. South Korea,




23. Iran,


Japan has famous athletes: Ryoko Tani (judo), Takehiro Kashima (gymnastics), Kori Murofushi (track and field), Saori Yoshida (wrestling), Ayumi Tanimoto (martial arts), Mizuki Noguchi (marathon), Kosuke Kitajima (aquatics) , Ai Shibata (swimming), Hiroshi Yamamoto (archery).