What you need to know about online jobs working from home

Nowadays, you can find many online work from home jobs that are offered on different internet sites. Some are legitimate, while others are not. Many people work for online jobs as they find the comfort of working from their own home and can do other household tasks when they take a break from their work. There are still many advantages you can get from working online besides having the luxury of doing some housework. This is not limited only to the one who works, but also to the person or company that offers those jobs.

For the worker, another advantage of getting online jobs working from home is that they no longer have to leave their home and travel to other places to report to their office. This can save you a lot in terms of travel expenses. Another advantage is that you can have flexibility regarding your time. Perhaps those who can benefit the most from this type of work scheme are those with disabilities since they no longer have to travel back and forth from their office to their home. They can earn money sitting in front of their computer or in front of their laptop.

However, finding legitimate online jobs that work from home is not that easy. Every day, reports of people being scammed while looking for a job online continue to rise. To avoid falling into these kinds of situations, you must first improve your knowledge and ideas about online jobs. Another way to avoid getting scammed is to only apply for jobs at reputable sites. Sites like, Craigslist, and are among those that are known to have a good reputation when it comes to offering different types of jobs online.

Also, try to avoid sites with tempting lines like “make a lot of money quickly”, “be a millionaire in a few weeks”, “make a lot of money quickly and easily”, etc. These lines are just trying to get your attention so that you are tempted to go to other pages on your site where you have to pay a registration fee or membership fee. Once they have received your money, they eventually disappear. So never be fooled by these types of strategies. Better choose those jobs that do not require fees and memberships.


Children’s fashion: a new era of fashion

Children’s fashion in today’s world is taken much more seriously than in years past. Today’s children are much more curious, intellectual and scientific. As a result of the modern child being much more self and fashion conscious, children’s fashion has taken off into a new era as children are more up to date with modern fashion trends.

Gone are the days when mom or dad would go to the store and buy a plain white T-shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans that looked outdated, take them home, and be greeted with a grateful, golden smile from their son or daughter. In these modern times, children have become fashion freaks. They know all the latest trends better than adults. Just taking a short walk down the street is the evidence that supports this fact.

Most parents in these modern times would not allow their children to be trapped in a white t-shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans that look outdated. Indeed, times have changed. It is certainly obvious that young parents have passed on their modern style to their children.

Many parents feverishly search online for particular brands of fashionable clothing for their children on a daily basis. From the newborn stage to their teens, children are taught, both directly and indirectly, about new styles and fashion trends on a daily basis.

However, many children join the children’s fashion boom on their own without the help of mom or dad. When children are old enough to understand everything about fashion, they become more fashion conscious and observant of what is going on around them. They see their friends wearing particular types of clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories and crave these items as a way to feel accepted and part of the crowd. The children will then try to convince their parents to buy these same items.

Unlike in the past, people are now more daring in what they wear. The boldest and brightest colored clothing in thousands of available styles is the modern way to do it. Kids these days have an eye for style, so for most of them, perfectly matching clothing and accessories is the desired way to dress.

A major influence in terms of desired clothing for children today are modern age cartoon characters and new age animation, which are heavily advertised and advertised by all kinds of media. Children automatically want to be part of the excitement. Therefore, some children prefer fashions that portray these characters.

The bottom line is that whether a child is a baby, toddler or teenager, young parents and adult children prefer to stay in tune with modern fashion trends in order to feel accepted and look exceptional.


The 6 Best Ride-On Toys for This Holiday Season

With just a few weeks to Christmas, the festive cheer has set in and children are beginning to feel the excitement just like the adults. Christmas brings a feeling of joy, something to be shared, and what better way to share your joy than by giving gifts to those around you. Children would be eagerly awaiting gifts during Christmas, and for those who are not sure what to buy for their children this holiday season, why not consider electric ride-on toys? These vehicles are exciting, adventurous, and will definitely appeal to kids of all ages!

Let’s take a look at nine of the kids who ride in cars and vehicles that you might consider this season for your little ones:

1) For toddlers: The Ride-On-Toddler Train with real motions and sounds should definitely be something worth considering for kids and toddlers under the age of two. It comes with bright, blue lights, and the sound it makes closely mimics real trains, and would thrill your toddler immensely. It is definitely worth the money you are paying, especially if your child loves trains.

2) The Ride-On Toy Hummer – This miniature-shaped electric car can thrill kids (especially boys) who love the look and feel of the Hummer. It can also be driven outdoors and can be used on non-flat surfaces like grass and sand, so if your child is the adventurous type, they should definitely go for this!

3) The Ride On Toy Motorcycle – Something that would probably also interest boys more than girls, this motorcycle has also been well designed to resemble its real life counterpart. However, it is safe for children to ride

4) The Ferrari Electric Vehicle – This car is something many children would dream of, and when you receive it as a Christmas present for your child, rest assured, they will be beaming when they discover the gift.

5) The Police Motorcycle – Instead of buying your child a regular motorcycle, turn up the excitement level by investing in a Police Patrol Motorcycle – complete with lights and sound! Opt for the electric version and let your child pretend to be a real police officer. This motorcycle can also run outdoors, so your child would definitely be happy with this gift!

6) The Electric ATV – This is the one that would suit your child if he is in rural areas or in houses as the ATV is more suitable for outdoor settings. Watching your child ride their electric ATV might even tempt you to get your own ATV, which is for real! Your child could ride the ATV over sand, mud, and even through trees, so it’s definitely a smart purchase, but only if your child is old enough to ride the ATV.

Remember, children will always love colorful and moving items, and by investing in ride-on toys, you can definitely make Christmas this year unforgettable for your children.


Homeschooling and gardening: what your child can learn and grow in a garden

The experience of gardening can help homeschool students learn a lot. A garden can be very rewarding and also very frustrating. Growing a successful garden doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some things your homeschooler can learn from working in a garden:

1. A hands-on demonstration of how plants grow: You can read all you want about plant cycles in a textbook, but until you see it in front of your eyes, it won’t always make sense. Maintaining a garden shows children how a seed becomes a plant and how weeds grow along with the plants. They see a demonstration of how weeds can choke out a plant if not cared for properly.

2. Problem Solving Skills: When your plant isn’t growing or you see holes or bugs everywhere, you need to figure out what to do. This could motivate further research on how to fix the problem.

3. Growing plants can take a bit of patience and perseverance – Sometimes it’s hard to wait for that seed to sprout out of the ground or for fruit to appear on your plant. Sometimes those pesky weeds keep cropping up and need to be uprooted and uprooted again. Sometimes it is necessary to continue caring for the plant that has insects or becomes sick. Regular weeding is required to have a successful garden.

4. Gardening Can Be Good Therapy: After working hard and maintaining a garden, it can be a wonderful experience to just go out into your garden and take a walk to look at the plants and wonders of God’s creation.

5. Various grades can benefit: a two-year-old and a 100-year-old can learn and enjoy a garden. A small child can help plant and cover the seeds with soil as well as pick up some weeds. An older child can pick up quite a few more weeds and learn how the flower becomes the crop. All ages can help with harvesting and processing the food that was harvested.

Even children who live in a city can benefit from gardening. All you need is a bit of soil, a seed, water, and sunlight. Try some easy plants first like: carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, beans, lettuce and many more. Sometimes maintaining a garden can teach your child much more than he would learn from a book. There are many benefits for both parents and students.


Some Thoughts on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a time when we can reflect on the male role models in our lives and appreciate the lessons learned from their contributions. Gifts and cards are often given in recognition of the importance of that parental role.

But these days, many homes are single-parent families, and the father may be seen only occasionally. Stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, neighbors, teachers, all can provide valuable guidance and teach a lot about those predominantly masculine traits and characteristics. And sometimes other men are more understanding and trustworthy than our real father.

If a boy’s father, his first significant male role model, comes up short, it can be difficult for a boy to process, sometimes internalizing it as rejection, not being good enough, unwanted. They may become defensive or emotionally withdrawn, as a means of protecting themselves from further hurt and disappointment.

Or, alternatively, you may feel compelled to continually push yourself to do better, constantly working harder and harder, or even reacting against the situation, becoming rebellious and defiant, giving the appearance that you don’t care, yet constantly demanding attention.

– As a single mother It is important to try to avoid sharing negative views and experiences of your ex, in order to color your son’s perspective of his father. It may have been a difficult breakup that left you hurt, disappointed, betrayed, let down, but those emotions are specific to your relationship with your ex. Your common children deserve to have the best of both of you and to have each parent in your lives in the most positive way possible.

It is far better to encourage children to keep in touch with their father, which will result in a happy outcome for everyone in the long run. A single mother may feel aggrieved because she is in a position where she can bribe and buy the children’s affections with lavish gifts and treats, which they happily accept! Why wouldn’t they? But children are more insightful than we think. They usually know and appreciate the emotional and financial struggles their mother has, the effort it takes just to put food on the table every day.

Keep your relationship with your father alive and even if there is a more ‘healthy’ male role model in your lives, a grandfather, an uncle, an understanding mentor, accept that the father of a child occupies a unique position for them.

– As a separated parent it is important not to exacerbate a situation if it is already fragile or acrimonious. Children are the innocent in this and if they misbehave or play, accept that it may take time for them to settle and readjust. Try to ensure ongoing liaison with your mother, respect agreed decisions, keep civil communication channels open, and do everything possible to avoid reacting to points of contention.

Let’s reflect on the qualities that are important in a father:

– Physical strength it gives peace of mind to the children, who value their father as a guardian, protector, healthy and physically fit. They feel safe and secure when they know he is strong enough to defend them and the family.

– Moral values affair. The children look forward to seeing their father do ‘the right thing’, be principled and fair. Admiring and respecting their father for his integrity, honesty, and guidance teaches them to have standards and respect for the law and for others.

– Men feel more and more comfortable when it comes to expressing their feelings., showing how much they love and care for their wife and children. Today it is more acceptable to talk about issues and problems, to discuss how to cope and manage stress. Being able to hug, show love and affection is important. The days of the strong and silent man are fading. Boys need to see and learn from their important male role model how to successfully discuss, compromise, and solve problems.

– Family values they are learned when they see that their father enjoys spending time with them, treating him as a priority, important to him. Children are sensitive to nonverbal cues, sensing disinterest, rejection, and mixed messages in a variety of ways. They also note how he treats his mother and other family members, separated or not. Family values ​​are learned by witnessing the relationships in the home.

– Respect for others is another important lesson. How the father treats other road users, restaurant and store staff, how he addresses the people he meets. Is he deferential, submissive, arrogant, assertive, or nice? Good manners, consideration, and appropriate communication styles are important in building positive and successful relationships with others.

– Does the father have a good work ethic? Being conscientious, fair, and diligent, enjoying your work choices, doing a good job, and finding satisfaction in your efforts demonstrate a sense of responsibility. Do you respect and care for money, treat property well, express gratitude and appreciation for what you have while having fun and enjoying yourself? All the traits that a lucky child will witness and learn from a parent.

But Father’s Day can also be a time to reflect on the things we would have done differently. Many people have memories of unsatisfactory experiences with his father, perhaps witnessing his relationship with work, money, success, areas where they feel he needed to have a better focus. Your goal will be to avoid repeating the mistakes that were made with them. After all, we all want to be the best we can be when raising our own children.


How to organize your house for Christmas

Stress is a many-sided evil, but what most people don’t realize is that some of that stress could be alleviated when they get organized at home. Families need planners just as much as a major businessman. Monitoring and organization of all family events, parents control the nannies for when they want to go out; can make chaos a piece of cake. Plus, knowing how to get your home in order with your lives takes another load off your shoulders.

A family organizer will help everything run like clockwork, and can even be a relief from the hectic lives of busy people. All it takes is a full-size folder with calendars, schedules, planning forms, and inventories, and fast-paced families can still communicate.

Calendars will ensure you don’t miss important events or appointments, or to remind everyone that something isn’t happening (missing classes, time off work, etc.). Posted schedules will get the family into a routine, so if you’ve recently started a new class for personal enrichment (dance, karate, piano, etc.) or something of the sort, you can be prepared; this reminder each time they check the organizer will make it easier to adjust to the new schedule.

Planner forms streamline the organization of small events (small parties, presentations, etc.) so no one has to slow down to have a smooth event run. Also, inventories are self-explanatory: everyone needs to know what’s there, when it was obtained, and when it ran out. Whether it’s household items, food, or just something miscellaneous, families need to communicate.

Consequently, planners should be used to prepare and execute the plan (PEP) for Christmas.

The first option is completely preferential: choose which support to use to store the planner. There is, of course, the popularly chosen three-ring binder, as it is easier to make them festive. However, anything is fine; computer file, a notepad, PDA file, cards, as long as it serves the cause: the organization. However, the standard binder is recommended. Lists, recipes, gift ideas, all the pieces at the base of Christmas planning, for those who chose the folder, the decoration on the cover develops a festive atmosphere. However, those who are artistically challenged might consider using past holiday pictures or cards to place in a folder with a clear plastic cover.

However, if the planner must be hidden from especially prying eyes, disguise it as something ordinary like “Children’s Immunization Records” or “Children’s Report Cards.” Anything boring should do, otherwise the surprises will be spoiled if there are suspicions of sabotage in the house. And make sure the planner is portable, since gift lists and clothing sizes will need to be accessible when you go shopping. The planner will need dividers. These will vary by family, but here are some basic ideas:

-Current plans

-December calendar

-Christmas card

-Meal plans with recipes

-entertaining ideas

-Decoration designs

As mentioned above, clutter kills mood and increases stress, so here are some tips to clean up clutter and get rid of it all year long.

For those who are in the habit, it takes time to break. Take time out of the day to organize and sort what is needed from what is not. This could be fifteen minutes a day, or it could be two to four hours one day a week, depending on what fits the schedule best. It’s okay to store some things as long as they stay organized. However, for high-traffic areas of the home where household items, mail, or toys go missing, cleaning only lasts a day. Make sure everything that comes into the house has a place. Otherwise, the accumulated misplacement creates a mess in no time. This is the real key to staying clutter free. That, and having a place where some clutter is okay as long as it stays there (for example, a junk drawer with sundries).

A lot of stress is relieved when people come home organized. Everything is already planned and recorded, so home managers can rest easy. With disorganization and clutter out of the brain, the home can run smoothly and stay that way, when done right.


JONES Versus GENESIS: Chapter 8 – Zwingli Sausages

The focus of this chapter is food, and the title refers to Swiss reformer Ulrich Zwingli’s decision, in 1522, to flout the church’s traditional rules for Lent by eating sausages on Ash Wednesday.

clean and unclean animals

Of course, the action was double because the sausages would have contained pork, a meat prohibited by the Law of Moses. To this day, there is confusion among Christians regarding eating what the Old Testament describes as ‘unclean’ animals, such as pigs and rabbits.

Jones offers a simplistic reading of Peter’s vision account in Acts 10, in which God shows him a menagerie of all kinds of unclean animals, including reptiles, and then tells him to kill and eat some of them. What could be simpler? However, as the verses show, Peter was astounded by the order, protesting that he had never eaten any unclean creature. God responded by commanding Peter not to ‘call’ unclean anything that He had ‘cleansed’.

After taking some time to reflect on the vision, Peter realized that God was not announcing a change in the dietary laws, but that He should not call or consider any common or unclean man (Acts 10:28), which was , of course, precisely as the Jews had always regarded the Gentiles. In other words, salvation was available to Gentiles (Acts 11:18), as indeed had been made clear hundreds of years earlier in the Old Testament (Romans 1:13-17), but it seemed to have been forgotten. .

Despite Peter’s insight, many creatures are clearly unfit to eat, for while some people may be happy to eat cats and dogs, snakes and lizards, slugs and worms, worms, etc., some ‘meats’ are in poisonous reality. So the meaning of Peter’s vision is not as clear as many suppose.

Although Leviticus, part of the Law of Moses, explained how to distinguish clean from unclean animals, the distinction had already been made in Noah’s time. And there seems little doubt that the reason seven pairs of clean animals were brought into the Ark was because they would be used for food, as opposed to unclean. Why would a long-established principle be suddenly changed, especially in light of the last dozen verses of Isaiah chapter 66 that describe how eating abominable and unclean creatures will be prohibited when Jesus returns as Messiah?

food for the mind

Although Jones is well aware of the Bible’s emphasis on food and diet, he omits to discuss the important metaphorical lessons involved. Clearly, the body represents the mind, just as food represents knowledge, with a mouth-like mentality that can be opened or closed, to receive or reject knowledge. Once again, the metaphorical nature of the world goes well beyond Intelligent Design and cannot be an accident of evolution.

Clearly only a chef works to make a meal attractive and nutritious, so the teacher works to make the lessons interesting and valuable. And one of the laws of learning is that just as food must be chewed and digested, the student must also be encouraged to discuss and analyze the topic of the lesson and work on special exercises to assimilate understanding.

Just as good food builds and maintains the body, sound knowledge builds the intellect. Although academic learning is often dismissed as having little practical relevance for many students, education has a magical effect in unlocking human potential and stimulating creativity. And although some people dismiss the idea as too simplistic, the body itself clearly represents the mind, and the physical muscles our mental abilities and capacities. Contaminated or poisonous ‘diet’ will, of course, make us metaphorically sick, weak and ineffective.

false doctrines

Then, of course, there is spiritual food, with Jesus, the ‘bread of life’, telling us that man will not live on bread alone, but on every word of God (Matthew 4:4). However, as men like Zwingli experienced, even the word of God, the Christian gospel, can be perverted (Galatians 1:6-8). It has been rightly said that the supposed Christian church of AD 150 bore little resemblance to that of the Apostles. How strange that people who claimed to follow Jesus’ admonition to love even his enemies, actually resorted to fighting and killing fellow believers with whom they disagreed; Zwingli himself was killed for these heretical beliefs in a battle with the Catholics in 1531. What impure spiritual ‘food’ had the minds of such individuals been filled with?

A lesson here could be the need to ‘taste’ and ‘chew’ the spiritual food our pastor gives us before ‘swallowing’ it, in case there is something wrong with it. To misquote Paul, prove all things; he only swallows what is good (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

an external stomach

Jones explains that we have about 5,000 taste buds on our tongues: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami, the latter being a Japanese word that simply means pleasant or ‘pleasant’. How evolution could have created such miraculous structures and connected them to our nervous system, and thus the brain, you have no idea. He just assumes it happened, thanks to Darwin’s ‘machine’.

He goes on to list some of the things that anthropologists tell us evolved to make us human, so that we are ‘the upright, greedy, well-dressed, practical, thoughtful, talkative, dishonest apes’. Also, physically, our gut is only half as long as an ape’s, and we have small mouths, tiny teeth, and weak jaws.

Oh, and of course, then we find out how to make a fire and learn to cook, something no animal does or can do. As a result, we developed smaller stomachs because the pan became an auxiliary external stomach. Plus, cooking softened the food, making it easier and quicker to chew, allowing us to develop those smaller mouths and still not have to spend all day nibbling away hunger. That was clearly a bonus, as it gave us more free time to evolve all sorts of other attributes. Can the good teacher really believe this rubbish? Can?


Top Live Sex Cam Sites For Adult Video Chats

Top Live Sex Cam Sites

The best live sex cam sites allow you to experience virtual sex in HD quality. Whether you prefer group sex or private shows, you can find it all here. Pay as you go is a great feature, and many performers offer a variety of ways to get you hot and heavy. Some even offer free show recordings.

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Top Live Sex Cam Sites For Adult Video Chats

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You can chat with people from all over the world and meet new friends or partners. The website is free to join and does not require any credit cards or other forms of payment. Its simple design makes it easy to use, and there is no need to prepare any details before you start a chat. You can also choose chat themes to talk about things you are interested in. You can even chat anonymously, as there are no profiles.

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Apps and bots are also available to help the models/broadcasters make money on the platform. For example, they can add tip games to the room and set up sex toys that react to certain tips. This allows them to increase their revenue on the site and offer more content for fans. They can even sell panties on the site if they wish.


The best 3D modeling software: what to look for

I think we are all aware of and amazed by the leaps and bounds that the 3D animation industry has taken in recent decades. Like Walt Disney and now you have movies like Avatar and Tin Tin and the list goes on and on. Cartoon and mixed media. Fluid movements, bright colors and spectacular sounds. Just amazing!

And now it’s very easy for a person to get a piece of software and learn the basics of animation and if you want to go to the next level and make it a career.

For some who don’t have an artistic bone in their body, like me, but an incredible desire to create some form of art, computer software is a godsend! You can literally spend hours and hours creating and learning in your free time just to please yourself. It’s typical that once you learn a few things, people start to notice and want you to create something for them. “That sort of thing. It wasn’t long before the owner of the company I worked for saw me and asked me to take over the duties of updating and modifying the company’s website, and I might add, doing a nice addition I did a self-study course over a period of 14 days and managed the website for 8 years.

Today, the software available for you to learn is very exciting. Design new games and create great graphics etc. It has gone up and vertical in its progression. Fantastic and so mobile and realistic! I sat down with a friend once and was enjoying a soccer game with him and when I finally realized he didn’t recognize the teams I asked him who was playing. The guy he was watching couldn’t believe he was asking who was playing. It’s a video game I’m playing!! ” and laughed. I didn’t know it was a video game. Unreal! But so real! It wasn’t the only time it happened to me. Is it just me or do other people feel that this new reality in animation is just Young people are very good in these games and they don’t seem impressed by the realism.

Well, if you are like me and want to learn how to use this type of software for fun and your own entertainment or if you would like to take it to a whole new level and adopt it as your career, there are some amazing programs and software suites that will blow your mind. It’s a new adventure waiting for you to try it. Some of the things to consider when buying animation software. are as follows:

1]Game Design/Animation/3D Modeling Software for Home Users

2]Quality 3D content, 3D figure design and animation, rendering

3]Real-time interactive 3D and game creation with live playback

4]Fully illustrated tutorials and many step-by-step training videos.

5]Can be used to create high-end game characters and scenarios

6]Lots of tools for high-end 3D production, this software is constantly improving

These are just some of the features that come with such software. This is fun and creative, it’s not hard. The support and tutorials for these things are extreme. It always helps a business to have happy customers and these guys are very supportive. Very funny and nice. You will be surprised how quickly you learn this new art.


Fun Facts About Ghana – From National Idols To Soccer!

Welcome to Ghana, a democratic nation in Africa

Ghana and the United States

did you know- For more than three decades, Ghana has maintained cordial diplomatic relations with the United States of America. Interestingly, in the 1970s, Shirley Temple Black, a former world-famous actress, was appointed as the US ambassador to Ghana, at the time a pro-Soviet nation. For its exemplary democracy, three US presidents have visited the country in recent decades. The English-speaking nation was visited by Bill Clinton in March 1998. Ten years later, US Head of State George Walker Bush arrived on an official visit. Finally, Barack Obama paid a state visit to the African Republic in July 2009. During his visit to Ghana, he said: “The African continent is a place of extraordinary promise and also of challenge. We will not be able to deliver on our promises unless that we see better governance.”


did you know- The Republic of Ghana covers approximately 92,100 square miles (238,540 square kilometers). The English-speaking east is located on the southern coast of West Africa. Interestingly, it borders three former French colonies: Ivory Coast (once called the Ivory Coast) to the west, Togo (one of the smallest republics in the world) to the east, Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) to the north, and the Ocean South Atlantic. This nation is covered by wetlands, savannahs, and tropical rainforests. Accra — a city with several historical buildings — is the capital of the country.

National Wonders

did you know- Lake Volta is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world (more than twice the size of Rhode Island).

world famous people

did you know- Ghana is the birthplace of Kofi Annan, who was Secretary General of the United Nations from 1997 to 2001. Meanwhile, he was the second African to be appointed Secretary General, after Boutros Boutros-Ghali (Egypt). What’s more, no other black diplomat had won this position. Born into a wealthy family, Mr. Annan, an expert on world issues, hails from Kumasi, the country’s second largest city. Like Nelson Mandela (South African leader), Anwar Sadat (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate) and Abebe Bikila (Olympic champion from Ethiopia), Annan, a US-trained diplomat, is one of the most respected people on the African continent.

Golden Coast

did you know- When the British conquered it in the 19th century, the African country was renamed the Gold Coast.


did you know- Today, Ghana is a bastion of democracy, with a good human rights record, in West Africa. After decades of military rule, this corner of the planet became a democratic nation – “the envy of West Africa” ​​- in the 1990s. During this period of time, a new Constitution was proclaimed on April 28, 1992 multi-party, backed by Ghana’s ruler, Jerry Rawlings, and became the headquarters of several political parties. Thus, the following presidents were all democratic leaders. Before 1992, dictators had imposed censorship, including Kwame Nkrumah (1957-1966) and other warlords. Starting in the 2000s, it has intensified its efforts to build a strong democracy. And in December 2008, John Atta Mills, a British-educated lawyer, was sworn in as Head of State; he has become the nation’s second Democratic president of the 21st century. Because of this, it is one of the best democracies in sub-Saharan Africa.


did you know- Soccer – a legacy of British rule – has long reigned supreme in the country since the 1970s and most of its idols play in Europe. Despite the exodus, the country is one of the best developing country teams in the world. Ghana qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, along with Nigeria, Algeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and other nations.

continental titles:

1963: Africa Cup of Nations – winner

1965: Africa Cup of Nations – winner

1968: African Cup of Nations – 1st runner-up

1970: African Championship – 1st runner-up

1978: Continental Tournament – champion

1978: All Africa Games – bronze medal

1982: Continental Tournament – champion

1992: African Tournament – 1st runner-up