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When you think of Jamaica, what comes to mind are beautiful white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, palm trees and a nature untouched by humans and/or pollution, in short, paradise on earth. Jamaica offers much more than untouched nature during the day, but also an exciting time at night in its ten casinos in the main cities of interest to visiting tourists.

Kingston, the capital and largest city, has two casinos, Falmouth has one, Negril has two, Ocho Rios, which is a major port, has two, and Montego Bay, which is also a port, has four. Both Ocho Rios and Montego Bay attract many tourists, mainly, but not all, from cruise ships. The hotel complexes house most of the casinos in Jamaica and this is convenient for tourists who do not have to travel further to play their favorite games.

Treasure Hunt, located in Ocho Rios, is the largest casino in Jamaica, with a total of 120 slot machines. Table games are not common in Jamaican casinos, but most casinos will have a large number of slot machines and are often open 24 hours a day, such as Treasure Hunt of Ocho Rios. However, the hours differ wildly and it is advisable to check before you go. At the Jamaica casino, the Sunset Beach Resort & Spa welcomes guests daily between 8 am and 6 pm only.

In order to participate in any gambling activity, you must be 18 years of age or older in Jamaica and the same applies to the consumption of any alcoholic beverage; Bring a recent photo ID, as some Jamaican casinos may require it before you can enter and gamble.

In addition to casinos, gambling in Jamaica also includes betting on horse racing. There is only one such facility on St. Catherine at Caymanas Park, where you can bet and watch live horse racing. Betting is open Monday through Saturday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

In Jamaican casinos, English is the official language, since Jamaica was a former British colony; however, many dialects are spoken in the country, which are difficult to understand or follow, but fascinating to listen to. The people of Jamaica are very friendly and welcome you into their homes so you can enjoy their culture and try their cuisine, such as the famous Jamaican rum specialties and rum cakes. Enjoy this beautiful country and the hospitality every time you go to the Caribbean, as well as the excitement of its casinos.

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Challenges in Manual Testing

The number of organizations implementing formal software testing strategies is gradually increasing. Also, most companies today prefer to automate their testing efforts to save time and cost. But every organization must remember that it cannot fully automate the process. Therefore, the software testing strategy should focus on identifying and addressing the main challenges seen in manual testing.

The main purpose of manual testing is to make the software free of defects and to ensure that it works according to the requirements specification document. But testers must perform manual tests without using test scripts or test automation tools. Therefore, they must address a number of significant challenges for the manual testing process to be effective.

Main challenges associated with manual testing

Test of the whole application

QA professionals cannot manually test the entire software application. It is impossible to manually run the large number of test cases required to test the entire application. As they are required to complete the process within a stipulated time frame, it is important that the organization clearly define the specific combinations to be tested.

Clearly understand customer needs

As noted above, QA professionals must ensure that the software application meets the specific needs of the client. Therefore, they must clearly understand the customer’s requirements. At the same time, it is also important for them to clearly communicate the customer’s needs to the developers in a clear and unambiguous way. Before starting the process, QA professionals must pay full attention to the customer’s needs.

Decide the required skills

Manual testing requires quality control professionals who possess a variety of skills such as communication, analysis, and problem solving. Once the professional starts working on the app, he will keep finding more bugs or bugs. Therefore, he must correct the errors to continue testing. This is why most testers find it overwhelmingly challenging to perform regression testing manually. When they have good communication, analysis, and problem-solving skills, they can keep running test cases by fixing bugs without delay.

Selecting the right testers

The experience and skills of individual quality control professionals vary. Since manual testing requires good communication, analytical and problem-solving skills, it becomes essential for the organization to deploy the right staff on the job. The manager must build an efficient team, focusing on the experience and skills of each individual, to handle the pressure and stress associated with carrying out the exhaustive process manually.

Creating Accurate Test Designs

The outcome of a manual test project will be affected by the quality and accuracy of the test designs. But complex software design and the risks that come with it make it difficult for QA professionals to create accurate designs. Also, to create the most accurate designs; the professional must have test design skills along with adequate domain knowledge.

Prioritization of test case execution

While testing a software application manually, QA professionals must run a variety of tests without using any tools. At the same time, they must also prioritize the test cases and decide which ones to perform first. But professionals often have to modify the test case execution sequence in case some problem occurs in the middle of the testing phase.

meet the deadline

Time is one of the most important constraints in software development and testing today. Like developers, testers must also complete all tests within a stipulated time frame. Since they cannot run all the test cases within the stipulated time, they are mainly focused on completing the tasks. The emphasis on completing your tasks on time affects the overall quality of manual testing.

Tests without Tools and Script

The use of test automation tools streamlines and streamlines the software testing process. Even though they must complete the project within a predefined time period, manual testers are not allowed to use any test tools or scripts. Therefore, they often find it more difficult to execute test cases manually. Also, manual execution of the test case requires additional time and effort.

An organization must remember that the same process can be done manually or using automation tools. Therefore, the strategy should clearly identify the tests that will be performed manually. Most companies prefer to use manual tests for test cases that do not need to be run repeatedly. Although cost-effective, the process is time-consuming. Therefore, the overall strategy must address these major challenges to deliver a flawless software application.


baseball pitching machines

A baseball pitching machine is a great tool to help hitters improve their hitting. When shopping for a baseball pitching machine there are five things to consider.

1. Launch Speed ​​– You want to have a machine with the launch speed that is right for you.

2. Number of Wheels – You want the correct number of wheels.

3. Portability: Choose a machine that is easy to transport.

4. Parts and Accessories: Generators, automatic ball feeders, dimpled balls and covers are important to your machine.

5. Warranty-Make sure you are properly covered with your investment.

Pitching machines come in different styles. An arm action machine and a circular wheel machine are very popular. Pitching machines are useful for hitters who can practice on their own. The starter is ideal for young players. Pitches are normally 30 mph in these games. The curveball machine actually spins the ball in an opposite direction. The spin moves forward, causing the ball to curve downward. Since the ball curves toward the ground, gravity doesn’t stop it from curving. It actually helps him. You can put different spins on the ball. The 2-pitch sidewinder can throw a 3/4 fastball and curve fastball, a 3/4 fastball and slider fastball, a tail fastball and side curve, and a tail fastball side slider. The 2pitch3 machine can throw a 95mph and 75mph curveball in a single setup. There is also the double cast which gives you 2 casts in one setup. Parts and accessories are important to your machine. Automatic ball feeders feed the balls at different intervals. It can be used with almost any pitching machine. A power generator is an alternative power source to run your single wheel machine or automatic ball feed units in places where there are no electrical outlets. Baseball pitching covers protect your machine. Dimpled balls will dramatically extend the life of your machine. A pitch selector allows you to throw fastballs and curveballs without the batter knowing what pitch is coming. Two downhill feed ramp extensions are connected to the feed ramps. Two balls roll down the feed chutes at the same time. The batter can see the balls roll down. Both balls appear just before the launch wheels, but only one comes out. This feature makes it impossible for the batter to predict the pitch, but allows ample timing of when the ball will be delivered.

I hope this article is helpful in your quest to purchase the best baseball pitching machine for your game. In addition to improving your game, you can share your machine with your teammates and have a lot of fun.

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10 little-known secrets to achieving goals

These secrets are usually exclusive to my coaching clients and have never been offered for free before.

I want to share with you what I have discovered are the main reasons why people do not achieve their goals.

Study these secrets. Don’t read them once and stop there.

If you fully understand and carefully study these reasons, they will help you experience a breakthrough year.

I have been studying goals and the goal setting process for over ten years. I have been helping others for almost that long and have been teaching and consulting on goals for the last six or seven years.

I have seen people achieve mind blowing success and I have seen many more people give up on their goals and continue to suffer. Pain that could and should have been avoided.

I’ve tracked why people don’t achieve their goals. There are many reasons, but I have summarized and simplified the reasons why people fail into just ten reasons. These reasons are very powerful to reflect on and understand.

Go over these reasons many times until you are sure they are not holding you back.

As these reasons help you, please contact me via email or phone and let me know your progress. Please do not dismiss any ideas, thoughts or insights you gain by reflecting on the reasons below. They are truly authentic and powerful. Here are the reasons why you need to know and study:

  1. Your goals are not yours People all over the world adopt goals that are imposed or influenced by others. Mom always wanted you to be a doctor. Your wife wants you to change jobs. Society says you need a bigger house and a fancier car. The big, big question is what do you want? What is in the bottom of your heart? Until you find this, your goals are not authentic. You will not be at peace. You will fight and your “adopted” goals are doomed to fail.
  2. You really don’t care You have goals that you “sort of” want, you know maybe you should have them, but you’ve never bought them into your heart. This is what I call a “wish list.” I want it but I won’t take action or work for it.
  3. You have no idea why… You’re chasing this target, you’ve identified it pretty well but you have no idea why it’s a target. To reach a goal, you need to know why you are pursuing it. If you don’t, you will lose motivation very, very quickly. If you are looking to earn more money, why? Will it give you the best lifestyle you want? Will you be able to buy that new house of your dreams? You get the idea. Spend time on the “why” and dig deeper. The why is often not the first or second thing that comes to mind when you think seriously about it.
  4. You have too many goals Too many goals leave you scattered. You pursue one goal for a day or a week and then another and another. You need to have a laser focus to achieve a goal. Multiple targets are fine. I have goals in many aspects of my life (business, personal, family, spiritual, etc.) but you can only focus on one or two goals at a time and be effective.
  5. You don’t check your goals I can’t tell you the number of people who set solid goals in early January and forgot most of them by March 1st. You need to review your goals every day and I mean every day! Post your goals on the wall, the dashboard of your car, on the bathroom mirror. Where you can. I understand how privacy can be an issue, but think, where can you post your goals?
  6. You don’t believe in your goals in your heart – You talk a good game of ball, you can recite your goals, you tell everyone what a great thing you have planned and will do, but deep down you don’t believe them. In your heart you don’t think you have what it takes to achieve them. You know that you have pursued goals in the past and failed. Why should this time be any different? You need to believe and have faith. If you believe in a higher power, trust that power and have faith that you will achieve your goals. This is a process you work on. It’s not a snap of the fingers and you’re done. It is a very important step. Don’t discount faith in yourself!
  7. Low self-esteem – Many people feel that they are not worthy of their goals. They feel like they are asking the universe to achieve too much. They feel that they are not smart enough and that they are not worthy of achieving their goals. I hear people tell me that they don’t deserve success and so on. You were born to achieve great things. You are worthy of achieving all your dreams and much, much more. You are a miracle.
  8. No persistence – People give up too easily and too soon. Excuse the language but many people need to WAKE UP! I know persistence is one of my strengths and it has saved my butt many, many times. My wife says I’m stubborn. Persistence to me is stubbornness with a definite purpose. Stubborn, by no means! Persist, you bet!
  9. Hang out with dream stealers – Stay away from or limit your time with toxic people. Some people hate to see you succeed and enjoy life when you don’t. They will live through you and do everything in their power to see you fail. This happens for many reasons. We don’t have time to discuss the twisted thought process they create. We have time to tell you to find positive, motivated and inspiring people who support you and your goals.
  10. Try to do everything yourself – This was probably the hardest concept for me to accept. I had been burned, hurt, financially and emotionally taken advantage of too many times. I am far from naive and have a lot of common sense, but dishonest people are everywhere. I’m a big tough guy who thought he could do it all. I can’t and no one can. We all need help. Something is emotional support, something is special skills we don’t have, something is building a “team” that can often do exponentially more than a single strong person. Strategic planning is often an easier answer that will lead to faster and more meaningful results.

Some of these reasons may be starting with you. Some may not. I think for most of you they will be very valuable. I use this information in my training and in my daily consulting. Your understanding of these reasons can have a tremendous impact on your life. Reflect on them, make the changes you must and then their magic will remove all your fears and doubts and allow you to live the life of your dreams.


Consumers continue to spend more time online

How is the increase in Internet consumption affecting the world we live in? Brits are spending more and more time online. Large audiences spend up to 30 hours a week on the Internet, according to a report.

The report showed that, on average, we spend 2 hours online for work and 3 hours for leisure every day, with about 3 hours per day on weekends browsing to keep us entertained. Online usage is increasing in the younger age groups, with people aged 18-24 spending 45 hours a week online.

The way we access the Internet is also changing. The growth of the mobile Internet, due to more sophisticated 3G mobile phones, is increasing the amount of time spent online. Users have more options to access the web from portable devices wherever they are.

Faster connection speeds and greater broadband coverage in Britain mean that broadband use at home continues to rise as well. Ofcom’s research into broadband speeds in Britain found that average UK broadband speeds in April 2009 were 4.1 Mbit/s and that 70% of broadband users receive average speeds. of more than 2 Mbit/s. Higher connection speeds allow for faster loading times and the ability to stream higher-quality content, such as HD videos.

The effect on ad spend

The increasing amount of time spent online is having an impact on where advertisers spend their marketing budgets. Online ad spending has now surpassed television. Increasingly, brand name advertisers are realizing the potential of the Internet as a means of reaching mass audiences.

Big brands like Kellogg’s are realizing the potential audiences it can bring online. Kellogg’s spent £58m on TV advertising between August 2008 and July 2009 and only spent just over £300k online. But this is about to change with the appointment of dedicated digital positions to devise strategy for 2010. This indicates that large advertisers are now attuned to the benefits that online customer communications can bring to a brand.

Kellogg’s seemingly late embrace of Internet ad spending is not surprising, as FMCG brands have generally found it difficult to embrace the digital landscape. This is because they have failed to understand how it can fit in with their overall marketing strategy. But the UK’s majority adoption of moving online means advertisers need to be where the audience is.

The convergence of TV and Online

More and more people in the UK are consuming television online. Catch-up TV became popular in 2008, thanks to BBC iPlayer and 4OD. Figures from Ofcom’s latest annual communications market report show that 23% of households say they watch programs online. This increases to 33% in people aged 15-24.

There are two ways to watch TV online via streaming or download. If you’re streaming, you’re watching directly from the station, just like traditional TV. Programs can often be paused and renewed (unless they are “active”), but they are not saved to your computer. Downloaded shows are saved to your computer’s hard drive and can be viewed whenever you like, though many have digital rights management (DRM) protection that blocks them after a set period of time to prevent you from viewing them again.

Is TV consumption likely to move solely online? This may happen in the future if more programs are broadcast exclusively online, as in the case of England’s World Cup qualifier against Ukraine, which, for the first time in early October 2009, was broadcast online without television coverage. The cost to watch the match started at £4.99 before 8 October and increased to £11.99 until the day of the match.

General consumer feedback was that this was too expensive for a match and alienated spectators and fans from pubs with slow internet connections. But there will undoubtedly be more events in the future that are not broadcast on TV and are only broadcast on the Internet.

The growth of social networks

Social media is huge in the UK with Facebook being the clear market leader accounting for 1 in 7 UK pageviews. Facebook is the second most visited site in the UK after Google, but is the undisputed leader in terms of page views due to the sticking of the site with more page views than Google, eBay UK and YouTube combined.

The success of Facebook is staggering, with an 86% increase in visits in the last 12 months. Despite recently losing press coverage to Twitter, it remains the most popular social network, accounting for almost half of all social media activity that takes place online, with no sign of slowing its growth. Social media isn’t just for a young audience, the fastest growth was in the 35-54 age group during the first quarter of this year.

Children and their time online

Most children are totally comfortable using the Internet, as they don’t know a world without it. A report from the London School of Economics found the following about Internet use by children aged 9-19. Children are very comfortable using the Internet with 40% using the Internet daily. Although time spent online tends to be shorter than with adults, 19% spend up to 10% and 48% spend between 10 minutes and an hour. The activities they carry out on the Internet, ordered by popularity, are:

  • Get information about things other than school work (94%)
  • Help with school work (90%)
  • Send and receive emails (72%)
  • Play online games (70%)
  • Send and receive instant messages (55%)
  • Download music (45%)
  • Seek information about careers and higher education (44%)
  • Search for information and buy online (40%)
  • Read the news (26%)
  • Chat rooms (21%)

I have no doubt that Internet usage will continue to grow over time. Our children use it from a young age, creating a generation of people who are comfortable doing a variety of tasks online, from entertainment to shopping. Continued improvement in Internet access lowers the barriers to entry, and increasing technologies that use the Internet to make certain tasks easier and faster will help continue the growing expansion of the Internet.

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Metal kitchen cabinets are back

It has been said many times that what goes around, goes around, and this seems to be the case with metal kitchen furniture. From their heyday in the 1940s and 1950s, they eventually fell out of favor. Now, however, interest in them has resurfaced. Whether it’s newly manufactured units or upcycled vintage kitchen cabinets, more and more people are opting for this venerable style.

While the popularity of metal kitchen cabinets has suffered in recent decades as manufacturers have introduced a wide range of relatively low-cost units, often made of particleboard with applied veneers, today the strength of metal kitchen cabinets metal cabinetry has renewed appeal for many. They are very low maintenance and easy to keep clean. While newer ones aren’t the lowest priced of the options available, bargain hunters willing to put in some time and effort can often find older units on the internet, and there’s at least one website dedicated to rounding up buyers. and vendors.

The market for used metal kitchen cabinets tends to be very local, as they are expensive to ship, so Craigslist is a good place to look for them. In one case involving a friend of mine, he owned a home that the county reassessed to a ridiculous level, so he abandoned it. He soon saw an ad on Craigslist for a complete set of metal kitchen cabinets, which he had left behind. Long story short, he ended up selling the game for $2,000, and the buyer dismantled it and took it with him. Moral of the story, be proactive and post an ad looking for such units if you are interested in owning them.

While metal kitchen cabinets can have a virtually unlimited life (lifespan?), they will eventually lose their shine. If you want to renew them you have a wide variety of options. On the high end, you can strip them down and powder coat them or professionally repaint them after disassembly. However, some painters will do the job on site. For those interested in a DIY project, there are options. Probably the most cost-effective for the results achieved is to purchase cans of appliance epoxy and apply it according to the instructions. However, there isn’t much of a color choice when doing so.

Applying an epoxy-style paint is another good option. It can be sprayed, but it’s really not a good option for someone who is inexperienced. Application of such paint by brush or roller tends to give a sort of ‘orange peel’ appearance, which is generally not considered desirable, although some people like it. They can also be painted with ordinary latex paints by brush/roller or spray. However, a good oil-based paint is generally preferable, as it will provide a harder, shinier surface in exchange for the extra effort required to work with oil paint.

If you want an exciting new look in your kitchen, and maybe you can’t afford quality real wood cabinets or just don’t want them, and you’re tired of the look of particle board, consider new or vintage metal kitchen cabinets.


Garage Door Opener – Overhauled

The class is now in session….

There are many types of garage door openers, so which one is right for you? The first thing to keep in mind is that garage door openers are not a one-size-fits-all app. Garage door openers are made to work best if they are on the correct type of door, most of our repairs are done on machines that are installed incorrectly or if the opener is on the wrong type of door, and in many cases, just a quality opener bass.

So far I have used the words “opener” and “machine”, they both have the same meaning, they refer to the entire mechanized operation, so when I say “opener” I am not referring to the handheld device in your car. .that’s called “remote control” or just “remote”. Having said that, there are several types of garage door openers on the market… there are screw drives, chain drives, belt drives, and last but not least, direct drives commonly known as “Jackshafts”. But let’s take them one at a time and start with…

screw drives

These machines have been popular (not necessarily good) on all types of doors for the better part of 45 years, but… due to their design, they require regular maintenance. In the late 1960’s, 1970’s and early 1980’s, Genie used a very durable steel in the “cart” or “cart” and the machines were tough! Even with no grease on the bolt they would run for what seemed like forever then they switched to a lighter grade steel and that was all downhill the openers would still last as long as any as long as you greased the bolt regularly but what? who does that? !! So the average life of the Genie screw drive carriage was about 4-5 years and that’s generous, Liftmaster, Chamberlain or Craftsman all made by the same manufacturer… (Chamberlain) also has a screw drive and has Same problem to counter they use a plastic inner carriage and a self-lubricating casing around the screw to keep heat and wear in, but the self-lubricating casing really only lasts about a year…or the equivalent of your warranty, then Back to the same ol, same ol, “fat-fat-fat.” My official take on screwdrivers is… stay away from them, they’re old technology with a new look.

chain drives

This type of machine has been around for as long as screwdrivers 5 years or so and they have come a long way. Chain drives have always been very durable machines but they got a bit of a bad rap when Sears started selling a Chamberlain DIY model called the Craftsman, now this machine although called a “chain drive” was driven by a chain in one side and a wire on the other and there seemed to be nothing you could do to silence this thing because the wire was stretching until it broke at the loop. So from that point on, chain drives started to get a bad rap as a “coffee grinder” or noisy machine, even though it wasn’t a true chain drive.

The Liftmaster 1300 series of chain drives… dollar for dollar is the best machine around, they are versatile as they can handle any type of door from heavy wood to light steel, one piece or sectional and are powerful and economical and Relatively speaking…low maintenance, but to get to this point they’ve had a lot of nice upgrades along the way. Chamberlain added a chain spacer that prevents the chain from hitting the rail, changed the front sprocket to a pulley to drastically reduce chain noise, changed the steel worm gear to a nylon worm gear inside the case to reduce Heat on the worm gear and removed the two inner carriage tension springs to reduce door bounce and it’s a solid one piece track with full wrap around chain.

The components on this machine can handle what the motor puts out, so in most cases you don’t need 1/2 hp to lift the gate, and as far as routine maintenance goes… there’s virtually none, just have the two nylon ones. the gears inside the motor case get lubed every 7 years and that’s it, in the rare case you have a beach house and only use the opener in the summer then you can spray the chain with a good silicone to keep the links of the chain free. My two favorite models that have been true workhorses for us for the past two decades are currently called #1346=1/3 hp and #1356=1/2 hp.

belt drives

Several manufacturers make belt drives these days but I like to stick with the most reliable brand which for me is Liftmaster we have the most brands but we prefer to deal with the brand with the fewest problems so let’s focus on Liftmaster belt drives for now. Please note that belt drive openers are a VERY door specific machine, they DO NOT work very well on 1 piece doors or for long periods of time and should NOT be installed on a 1 piece door. For simplicity, there are two types of belt drives…AC and DC.

The Belt Drive Model AC, known as Formula I, is one of the earliest belt drive model designs and is essentially a chain drive motor that drives a belt instead of a chain. It’s minutely quieter than a chain drive minus the power and to me…it’s not a good machine, but it’s an easy sell because it’s cheaper than a DC model and the general public just doesn’t know the difference You know Belt drives are supposed to be top of the line and this is a belt drive so they don’t know the gimmicks dealers can buy these types of machines much cheaper than their DC motor counterparts and sell them for the belt. unit price (premium). What makes a “DC motor” belt drive quiet is the motor! Otherwise why would they offer it in CC? Also, the other benefit is being able to have a backup battery attached so it will work even with the power off.

In its simplest form, a DC motor generates more torque than an AC motor and power for DC is rated in “Newtons” rather than HP, but DC motors also have a “slow start/slow stop” feature. ” which helps maintain full operation. don’t worry. When an AC motor machine is activated, it goes to O-60 or it should say “O full speed” in one go… the moment you press the button, but the door on the other hand is not on the same page and wants to resist the sudden force and that’s where a lot of the noise is coming from…basically it’s the jolt of the door resisting the opener while the slow starting of the DC machines acts as one more motivator smooth for the door to open. It goes without all the jolt, and does the same thing when stopped, so for the first two inches and the last two inches it slows down, which greatly reduces the noise of the entire operation.

DC machines also electronically calibrate the pressure needed to operate a door based on its resistance and weight,

which leaves little room for installer error, in other words the installer can’t set the machine to smash the hood of your car or your jack, AC motors are at the mercy of the installer, if you set the force setting too much high, squash, if he set it too low, the door will bounce back on a cold or wet morning as you happily drive to work not knowing that your garage door will be open all day and that new Craftsman toolbox you just of receiving for his birthday is about to be sold for a fraction of the price it’s worth at the local swap meet… all because he thought he had a belt drive garage door opener at a bargain price! Final Thoughts… AC Motor Belt Drives = Not Good (better with a chain drive) DC Motor Belt Drives = Very good, very quiet, but very door specific. (Only works on a sectional door)

secondary tree (Direct management)

This section is simple because there is literally only one available and that is a Liftmaster #3800, and it will only work on sectional doors. So for those of you looking for a machine that doesn’t mount to the roof like a traditional machine does, the Liftmaster #3800 might be just what you’re looking for, it’s quiet, has (800 Newtons) or the equivalent of 3/ 4 hp and mounts to either end of the torque tube as long as you have at least 10 inches of side clearance, so the idea behind this opener is that if you have a room above the garage, it completely eliminates… the vibration of a typical opener hanging from the ceiling, or if you have a low beam in the garage supporting the second story of your home or have installed a loft or storage shelving where a typical opener would mount, you could still automate your gate using this type of machine.

It can also be used in applications where you simply don’t want an opener dangling in the middle of your garage. Over the years I have found that the #3800 likes heavier sectional doors compared to the lightweight models without insulation, another benefit to this type of machine is that it will lift a sectional door up to 13 feet tall without modifications. , while a normal machine only lifts doors up to 7’4″ with a normal track machine, you would need to get a longer track to accommodate the added height of, say, an 8′–9′ opening or 10 feet of height that is becoming more common in newer homes.The Liftmaster #3800 has been a very reliable choice for us since 2004.

Everyone loves choice, but given the fact that when it comes to garage door openers there are so many options it also makes it very easy to make the wrong choice for your particular garage door, which could result in Lots of service calls and repairs to come, so hopefully this can clear some things up for you when it comes to choosing the right machine and you’ll have a lot of “good” ups and downs with the right system.

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Measuring a Business Process: How to Create Customer-Centric Metrics

There’s a familiar quote that says, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” So how do you know what to measure for a business process? It’s different than what you would do in a manufacturing environment where you have specific defect metrics. For business process, metrics should be related to customer needs.

In Step 2 (Creating the Foundation) of the 10 Steps to Business Process Improvement, you develop basic information about the business process. A key area included in the database is the measures of success. After you’ve identified your customer (or client) and what they need from the process, you also need to describe how you’ll know if you’re meeting their needs. At this point, simply write a sentence that describes what you want to measure. Don’t worry about this step. as you are going to measure something, just identify that you want to measure For example, a sales manager might describe a measure of success as “increased number of new customers.”

Since you or the project team are simply describing general information about the process in step 2, it should be fairly easy for you to define the process. that. If you have trouble writing the statements, ask questions like “What does success look like?” “How will you know when you are successful?” As you create the measurements, think about effective efficiency, and adaptability and try to write measurements that fall into each of these three areas.

Step 7 is where you spend some time thinking about as to turn your general measures of success into specific metrics. By the time you get to this step, you have drawn the process map (Step 3), identified how long the process takes from start to finish (Step 4), validated your information (Step 5), and applied a number of techniques to improve the process ( step 6), so you are well positioned to meet the metrics challenge.

The sales manager’s measure of success may initially seem like a efficiency metric, because it seems to focus on volume, but if the sales manager also cares about the quality of new customers could actually fall under effectiveness and it reads something like, “30 percent increase in the number of new qualified customers over the next six months.” Notice how much more specific the metric is than what appeared in Step 2. However, if you had spent the time in Step 2 to get to this level of detail, you would have found yourself buried in too much unnecessary information too early in the process.

In step 7, you also need to determine how you will deliver the metric. You may need to create a new tracking method, set baseline information, or develop a new report. In step 8 (testing), ensure that any new report meets stakeholder needs by displaying a repeating version.

In step 10 (continuous improvement) decide how often you plan to review the measurement data. Will you do this weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually?

Finally, remember that you can’t measure everything! Albert Einstein says: “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” Therefore, use the needs of your customers as the source of what you measure. Include the most important metrics for effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability to get you started.

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Health Fitness

Running tips for overweight people

If you are overweight and want to lose weight by running, congratulations because you have just made the right decision. Running is one of the best exercises for weight loss because it will not only instantly burn excess calories and fat, but it will also improve your fitness level and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Here we have compiled 4 tips to help overweight people start running and drop those unwanted pounds:

Believe in yourself

Running is not an easy task for overweight people because they are out of shape. However, believing in yourself can produce miracles. Your beliefs are like the set of rules that dictate your mind. So if you strongly believe that you can become a lean and healthy runner, chances are you can achieve that goal.

You can use visualization to build your self-confidence, motivation, and performance throughout your running program.

build slowly

You should not try to run too much too soon. This is a big mistake and can lead to many injuries and health problems. If you run too much during the first days of training, you will feel exhausted and disappointed. You should be able to accept the fact that you may not be able to run at all at first due to your overweight and out of shape condition.

You need to start slowly and build intensity as time goes by. For example, you may only need to walk for 25 minutes three times a week in your first month and then start adding 30 seconds of running and one minute of walking during your training days in the second month and so on.

Regularly check your heart rate

You should check your heart rate to make sure you’re not running too far too soon. If your heart rate in the morning is too high (between 6 and 12 beats per minute) than its normal level, then you are doing too much.

You should check your heart rate in the morning and record your data in your running journal. As your training progresses, your pulse rate will also improve. Your heart will become more efficient at pumping blood and working on your muscles.

record your runs

You need to log your runs so you can analyze what you need to improve. A continuous log can help you keep track of your progress and doing so is crucial to your success and constant improvement.

In your run log, you should keep track of your distance, pace, and the type of workouts you’ve completed on a regular basis. Plus, he can clearly see the progress of his fitness and weight loss goals so he never loses sight of them. This is a great tool to increase your motivation as a runner.

These tips are very helpful and you should take action now. If you don’t take action, then nothing will ever change.

Legal Law

5 Tips for Hiring a Good Car Accident Lawyer

Getting involved in a car accident is not a pleasant experience. You and the people sitting in the car can be seriously injured. Sometimes the injuries are fatal. To protect yourself, you need to have a car accident attorney on your side. Choosing the wrong professional can make things worse. Below are 5 tips that can help you choose the best one.

1. Good qualities

You need to put together a list of traits and behaviors that you want to see in the professional. This will help you choose a lawyer who offers the services you need. For example, you may want to go with one who is approachable, passionate, competent, and trustworthy.

2. Bad features

There are some things you may not want to see in the attorney you choose. For example, during the interview, if he makes unusual or unrealistic promises or guarantees, know that he should stay away from them.

In the same way, if your calls are not returned even after calling several times, find another professional. Professional lawyers do their best to exceed their clients’ expectations and are always ready to answer clients’ questions.

3.Local Lawyer

It is best to seek a local lawyer as they understand the jurisdiction and the local environment much better than outsiders. Apart from this, they will have a lot of experience in taking care of local cases. Therefore, they are the best professionals you can count on to help you.

4. Background check

You can easily run background checks. All you need to do is consult the State Bar Association. They can provide you with files and records of the attorney you wish to retain. The purpose of the checks is to find out if any petitions have been filed against that professional.


Before you interview the lawyer, you should be ready to create a list of important questions to ask. For example, you can ask questions about your area of ​​expertise, experience, terms and conditions, etc.

As soon as you’ve done an interview, go home and think about it for a while. She should go back to the lawyer after a few days with a few more questions. You should feel comfortable with the professional, but if you are not, we suggest that you find someone else.

Bonus Tips

While working with the lawyer, if you feel that he is not doing his job properly, you may want to fire him. Although you may think that hiring another will take a while, it is worth it. You don’t want to hire someone who isn’t ready to meet your expectations. So, it’s better to look for someone better.

To summarize, if you have been injured in a car accident, we suggest that you do not delay and hire a good car accident lawyer to defend yourself or hold the other party responsible for the injury you suffered. This will help you recover compensation.