Some common signs of dyslexia

While dyslexia is commonly associated with learning difficulties, it can deal with much more than having trouble reading and writing. Dyslexia usually becomes noticeable when your child starts school and begins to learn to read and write, but there are a few other factors/symptoms you can be aware of if you are concerned that you or your child may be dyslexic.

Dyslexia is genetic, so if you or your parents are dyslexic, chances are your children will be too, and while it will always be a part of your (or their) life, if diagnosed, it can be easily remedied with correct teaching methods, the support of teachers and family and some adjustments in their learning methods.

Unfortunately, there is still a misconception that dyslexic people have below average intelligence, this is far from the truth; as many are of average, if not higher, intelligence, it is often just a matter of the child or adult learning a new way of understanding what might be a common problem for others.

There is no dominant factor in determining whether you or your child is dyslexic, some show certain tendencies while others suffer from other problems. While the list below is by no means a complete guide, if you are concerned that you or your child may be dyslexic, it will show you some features to be aware of. If you recognize any of these signs in yourself or your children, it is important to seek professional testing, as there are many different problems and treatments associated with dyslexia.

Some common signs of dyslexia

phonetic spelling.

Transposition of letters or numbers or inversion of letters/numbers (d by b or 6 by 9).

Often leaves out or adds words when reading.

Has trouble determining left and right.

When your child is getting dressed, they may put their clothes on backwards or backwards.

It has problems with the sequences.

They are often clumsy or uncoordinated.

You may have a short-term memory problem but above-average long-term memory.

They are often very good at practical work or school work.

They tend to have trouble staying on task (easily distracted) and managing time or have difficulty organizing things.

Handwriting can often seem rushed.

These are just some of the more common symptoms, although they are not always indicative of dyslexia.

If you discover that you (or your child) is dyslexic, always remember that there is plenty of help available. Talk to a trained professional who can offer you many different techniques, from colored glasses to alternative approaches to learning, to help you overcome any learning difficulties you may have. Even as an adult, it’s never too late to start.


Tips for cleaning rabbit urine stains

Rabbits can make great and fun pets. Most rabbits, after some time and effort, can be potty trained to only use their litter box when they need to go to the bathroom. However, accidents will happen and we all know how frustrating it can be to discover a rabbit urine stain on your carpet. In addition to being unsightly, rabbit urine stains are very odorous and can make your home a significantly less clean and welcoming place. This article will provide some tips on how to effectively treat persistent and long-lasting rabbit urine stains.

A common home solution for cleaning a rabbit urine stain is to make a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar. First, blot up and soak up as much of the rabbit urine as possible. Then, apply your vinegar and water solution to the affected area. Allow the solution to settle and then continue to dry the area. Once you notice the stain and odor beginning to dissipate, apply more water to the area and continue blotting. Do your best to completely eliminate all urine smell, as well as the vinegar smell (rabbits don’t like the smell of vinegar!).

If the vinegar and water method fails to completely remove the unsightly stain and odor, you can always try some proprietary cleaning products that are known to be highly effective and convenient, like Nature’s Miracle.

Remember, before attempting to clean an area with any solution, whether it’s a homemade or proprietary product, always do a spot test on a remote area of ​​your carpet. This ensures that you will not damage your carpet in a highly visible area. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to keeping your carpet, clothing or furniture free of unsightly and odorous stains caused by rabbit urine.


anxiety or not

Is your answer to any of these questions yes?

Do your friends say your anxiety is excessive or unrealistic?
Can you control your anxiety?
Do you feel like your anxiety has taken over your thoughts most days for several months?
Do you suffer from restlessness, fatigue, tremors and muscle tension?
Do you experience shortness of breath, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, or stomach problems?
Do you feel nervous, have trouble concentrating, have trouble sleeping or falling asleep, and are you irritable?

Answering yes may mean that your daily life is sometimes overwhelmed by anxiety. We all experience stress, worry, and anxiety. Times of stress, worry, and anxiety can be caused by a job change, a move to a new city, the arrival of a new family member, or other life transitions. Life changes can lead to worries and fears about the future. Unhealthy anxiety manifests physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally; Anxiety can be all-consuming and affect every area of ​​our lives.
Anxiety doesn’t just affect busy adults. It can also infiltrate your child or teen’s life and keep them from reaching their full potential.

A child may experience secondhand anxiety through the anxiety of a parent or guardian, as well as firsthand anxiety caused by their own situation at home or school. Anxiety can affect a child’s confidence in school and her ability to be independent from her parents. Children don’t have the words or the ability to understand what anxiety is and why it sometimes affects us. Children sometimes need help understanding how to normalize their fears and how to find creative ways to deal with them. It is also important to ensure that children do not feel responsible for their worry and do not make anxiety part of their identity.

The teenage years can be difficult enough without the constant nagging of anxious thoughts. Anxiety can affect a teen’s ability to build healthy friendships, participate in class, and try new activities. Teens need to be able to ask for help when they need it and to question the fears that enter their thoughts. Allowing them to overcome their anxiety is a wonderful springboard that equips them to face future struggles.

Adults often list anxiety as a common symptom. Anxiety can control adults’ decisions in the workplace, their ability to have romantic relationships, and their fears about making the right decisions for the future. Working on anxiety issues can involve unraveling years of accumulated subconscious fears and internalized negative thoughts. As an adult dealing with unhealthy levels of anxiety, you need to redesign your personal coping skills so that you can effectively deal with the anxiety that normal life events can bring. You can take steps to deal with your anxiety and reduce how often it occurs so that you can function normally in your daily life.

The good news is that we are not meant to be consumed by anxiety. In Philippians 4:6 we read: Do not be anxious about anything, but present your request to God in everything, by prayer and supplication. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. God wants us to live full lives and trust him for our needs and future plans. Help is available and we can learn to live with change and without life affecting anxiety.


The 8 best gifts for your family to strengthen your bond

No one can deny how important family is to everyone. It is the family that provides the basic necessities and necessities to an individual from the moment he is born. The family provides you with all kinds of support and security that you need during your growth. In fact, family is responsible for making you the person you are today. Therefore, it is very important to do something for your family in return. Gifting them something during occasions can make them feel important. Here are ideas on eight of those things that you can consider gifting to your families.

  1. A family vacation: A vacation is all about relaxation and spending time with loved ones. So why not make such a plan with your family? This will strengthen the bond between family members and also provide the opportunity to explore new areas together. So, plan a vacation with your family and see the smile on their face.
  2. A family collage: There is hardly anyone who does not like to take pictures. You can capture those small and beautiful moments of your life in beautiful photos. To make it more special, you can take them out of your albums and transform them into a collage. Make sure that this collage contains all the small memorable events of your family and that all members of your family are included in it. You can frame the collage and decorate the walls with these. Nothing can be a better gift than this.
  3. handmade cards: Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or any other occasion, people often give ready-made cards to others. With so many companies designing cards for every occasion and ceremony, there is no shortage of beautiful cards in stores. But handmade cards have something different. You can make these cards for each member of your family and design them according to their favorite cards. This will be cherished by them forever.
  4. a family tree: Sounds innovative, doesn’t it? You can make a family tree including all members of your family. To make it fun, you can also add their images. Also, don’t miss out on your previous generations. This will also help your children remember and identify their predecessors and instill in them the habit of respecting elders.
  5. Personalized coffee mugs: With the ease of technology in recent times, you can get personalized items with your photos. You can also gift those things to your family members. One of the first things everyone does in the morning is sip their coffee with family members. So why not get personalized coffee mugs for your family members with sweet messages on them? This will make them feel how much you care about them.
  6. Movie tickets: Although the idea of ​​having a family vacation has been mentioned above, it is not possible to go out for many days in this busy schedule. So you can take your family to see a movie and then have dinner. Such plans are great for weekends.
  7. Flowers: With their sweet fragrance, flowers can conquer everyone’s heart. In addition, it also looks good in those vases full of life. You can consider giving flowers to your family that will simply be loved by them.
  8. Chocolates: Everybody loves chocolates. It is something that people of all ages in the family can simply partake in. One of the best things about chocolate is that it is so readily available. You can also get personalized chocolates based on your preferences. To make it more innovative, you can add beautiful messages for each of the members as wrappers.

With these small efforts towards your family, you can bring them closer to each other, which will strengthen the bond. It is not necessary to wait for any particular occasion to give them something. You can make them feel more special with surprises when organizing gifts. So start planning something special for your family today.


Halloween costume ideas: 25 homemade costumes to make

Halloween costumes are fun to create. You can find many items to use with your Halloween costume at your own home or at your area thrift store. Creating costumes can be inexpensive and a lot of fun to make and wear. You’ll find that some of these will even work as last-minute Halloween costume ideas.

Here are 25 costume ideas to inspire you to make your own costume this year. It can be quite simple to put together a costume and after deciding on one, search the websites of online Halloween retailers to find your costume. You may get some more ideas. Use your imagination and creativity when making a costume as this makes the costume unique and truly yours.

Dracula: For this scary costume you will need a pair of black pants, a long-sleeved white shirt, a black jacket, and a white vest. He wears a black cape with a collar and a gold necklace. Slick your hair back with hair gel. Wear pale face makeup, dark eyes and bloody lips with blood also dripping from the mouth and of course vampire teeth.

To the witch: You will need a long black dress with long sleeves, a witch’s hat, black shoes and a broom. Wear green and gray face makeup and dark gray lipstick. A fake wart on the nose would also help. Blacken some of your teeth for a really ugly effect.

Tom Sawyer: Wear overalls that look worn, a boring plaid shirt, and be sure to go barefoot. Put a straw hat on your head and chew on a somewhat long piece of straw. You can also add freckles to your checks and make your feet look dirty.

to genius: You’ll need a pair of baggy pants that fit snug around the ankles and a matching tank top or vest. Wear a brightly colored scarf as a belt tied around your waist. Wear wide bangles on your arms and large bow earrings. go barefoot Make a fabric turban and attach a large plastic jewel to the front of the turban using fabric glue. If you can’t find the pants that this outfit calls for, wear a pair of baggy pants and tie them up to the ankles with a colorful ribbon and make the pants look puffy.

Instead of a turban, you can pull your hair up into a ponytail on top of your head. Add some shine to your hair. Put a thin scarf on the lower part of your face.

Peter Pan: Using dark green fabric, make a tunic that reaches above the knee and has a ragged hem and ragged sleeves. Wear opaque black or green tights, a black belt, and black shoes. Make a hat out of the green fabric and add a feather to the hat. Put a dagger under your belt and you’re Peter Pan.

igor: For this costume you will need an oversized lab coat or long-sleeved white shirt. Place the stuffing in a pillowcase and sew it to the inside of the shirt for the hump. (You can also use Velcro to keep it in place.) Wear a tattered pair of pants with holes in the knee areas. For a belt, use a rope and tie it in the front. A boring old t-shirt that is torn at the neck, sleeve and hem looks great. Bring a jar of brown water (use food coloring) with a piece of cauliflower for the brain. Shaving your head and walking hunched over… shaving your head is optional.

Jack and the magic beans: For this costume, dress in green and wrap yourself in wired silk ivy from head to toe. Using a straw hat, glue cotton balls to the hat for a cloud effect. A sprig of ivy should come out of the top of the hat. Make a robe for a Ken doll and Ken becomes Jack, and you are the bean stalk. Bring a bag of beans to pass out.

Octomam: This one is really fun. She has long dark hair and large very red lips. Place eight baby dolls on top of you and you’re ready to go.

Indiana Jones: For this costume you will need a brown hat with a brim. Use a rope for the whip and attach a handle, or use a jump rope, pull out one of the handles, and spray paint the rope and handle. Wear brown paints, a brown shirt, and brown boots. Wear a leather jacket. Use a rough sponge and brown makeup to create a stubble. Add some dirt lines around the cheekbones, temples, and below the jawline.

to the sorcerer: For a sorcerer, wear a long black or dark colored robe with long dropped sleeves and a robe belt (use a curtain tie for the belt). Hang mystical items from your belt, such as a bag, herbs, crystals, and carry a staff.

Mrs clause: For this cute outfit, glue cotton balls to a shower cap for your hair. She wears a white button down shirt, a long white skirt, a red apron, red and white striped tights, and wire-rimmed glasses on the end of her nose. Add red and rosy cheeks and you are good to go.

to the hunter: This one is really easy. He wears camouflage clothing, a hunting vest with many pockets, a camouflage hat, gloves and rubber boots. He carries binoculars, a canteen, and a fake rifle.

to hell: Wear red socks and a red turtleneck shirt. Make pointed ears out of red felt. Make the horns out of red felt wire inserts or painted red foam and attach them to a headband. Make the felt tail in the shape of an arrow at the end and insert the wire into the felt. Cover all exposed skin with red body paint. Take a black eyebrow pencil and draw your eyebrows at a sharp angle outwards. Color your lips red or black.

cat thief: This guy wears all black. Wear black leggings, a black turtleneck, black cap, black socks and shoes, black eye mask, and black gloves. Hang some tools from a belt and put them around your waist. He carries a bag on his shoulder.

Tinker Bell: Cut the hem of a short green dress in an irregular pattern. Put your hair up in a bun and wear very little makeup (mostly a little blush, lip gloss, and mascara). She wears green flats with pom poms on top. Wear little fairy wings and carry a wand and a big smile.

the easter bunny: To be the Easter Bunny, he wears white sweatpants and a white hoodie. Using wire and white and pink felt, make bunny ears and glue them to the hood of the sweatshirt. Cut an oval shape out of the pink felt for the bunny’s chest and glue it to the front of the sweatshirt. Create a bunny nose and whiskers using makeup and wear white gloves. She carries a basket full of colorful plastic eggs.

A soldier: Wear military clothing such as: uniform, hat or helmet, black boots, dog tags, utility belt with canteen, and a fake grenade. Camouflage your face and carry a fake weapon.

teen wolf: He wears a basketball suit and a headband. She buys some faux fur at a craft store and uses gum to adhere it to any exposed fur. Wear rubber nails and high-top tennis shoes.

To rap: For this modern guy, you’ll wear baggy jeans that fall to your hips, a t-shirt and hoodie, a baseball cap tilted on your head, a gold chain, a large watch, a grill on your teeth (a rubber wrap silver chewing gum will work for the grill) and great sneakers.

P with black eyes: This costume is super quick and easy. Wear a white t-shirt and with a black marker draw the letter P on it (make sure it’s a big P). Using black face makeup, give yourself a black eye. Now you’re a black-eyed P.

Circus clown: Wear overalls over a brightly colored long-sleeved shirt, Converse sneakers (the older the better), and a clown wig or spray-dye your own hair. Paint your face white and create a clown look that you like. Take along a noisemaker and spray a silly rope.

School Crossing Guard: This one is quick and easy. You will need to wear dark-colored clothing (pants and a button-down shirt), a whistle around your neck, and a stop sign.

Rock’n’roll star: All you need to be a rock star is a pair of leather pants, a leather jacket or vest, a spiked dog collar, fake tattoos, a long-haired or spiked wig, and sunglasses. Make sure to bring a toy guitar.

A used car salesman: Slick your hair back using plenty of hair cream. Wear a plaid polyester suit, a button-down shirt, and several chains around your neck. Hand out business cards you’ve made yourself and tell people you can get them for a good price.

Marge Simpson: Wear a Marge Simpson wig or make a wig out of blue yarn. She wears a green tube dress with an elasticated top, orange ballerinas, and a beaded necklace. Use makeup to dye your skin yellow.


Strip Club Hidden Cam Sex Videos

Strip Club Hidden Cam Sex

If you are an avid web surfer, you have probably wondered what Strip club hidden cam is. A hidden cam is an extremely intimate way to experience striptease with a girl of your dreams. Some clubs even have VIP booths where you can retire with a girl. This video was shot with a hidden cam in a striptease club booth. Watch as the girl dances on a man’s top while letting him paw her tits and cunt!

If you’re a porn enthusiast, you’ll love this video of a striptease from a sex cam club hidden cam. This video is captured from the booth of the strip club’s VIP section, where men retire with girls. The stripper dances on top of a man’s top while the man paws her cunt and tits. Watch the video to see what you’re missing!

VIP lounges at Striptease clubs are generally reserved for high rollers and VIPs. In these areas, strippers compete for your attention and are eager to please you. VIPs may have a reserved table or booth where they can watch the show in comfort. VIPs can also get their own photos taken with the strippers. Guests may also buy tickets to one of the stage dances, which are quite pricey.

Strip Club Hidden Cam Sex Videos

If you’re tired of watching the same old videos of the same old strippers, check out this new video show that will let you see real strippers. The show features strippers in all their glory, and you can watch them for free with a hidden cam! Puma Swede is a hot Euro babe that just found a hot stripper in a club in the Netherlands. Check out her free live show and you’ll see why she’s so popular.

If you are looking for a sexy way to watch Nicole Aniston, you have come to the right place. This famous pornstar has shared some of her hottest videos in the world on her strip club hidden cam videos. Nicole Aniston’s Johnny Sins is a highly popular porn video that’s been watched by millions. If you’re a fan of this actress, you can also check out other videos from her strip club.

Watching live videos of sex acts in a nightclub is a unique way to enjoy the latest videos in live pornography. The website offers videos that are 1080p HD and streaming at lightning speeds. This website also has a unique selection of porn videos, including those of models at nightclubs and other upscale settings. You can enjoy watching these videos even if you’re not in the nightclub itself.


Tips for buying cosplay costumes that fit you well

If you are looking for cosplay costumes, be sure to keep an eye out for shady and mischievous vendors. In general, you may want to look at different products as it can save you a lot of money and get the right product based on your preferences. Some sellers offer faster shipping than others. But the most important thing is to get the right product at the right time. In this article, we are going to take a look at a couple of tips that will help you buy the cosplay costume that you want and that suits you best.

use filters

First of all, the biggest benefit of shopping online is that you can check out many user-friendly websites. Aside from this, shopping online can save you a lot of time as you won’t have to walk down many aisles.

All you need to do is use the handy filters to get the product based on your personal requirements and preferences. For example, you can set these filters based on size, color choice, and budget. This will help you get the website to display a list of products that you can choose from.

Consider the size chart

Each seller has their own size charts. Different manufacturers create their own size charts as there is no universal pattern that they can follow. Here’s the thing: You may not want to rely on the size number to make a choice. Instead, what you need to do is find the “cm or inches” on the chart.

Generally, cosplay costumes are made of fabric that doesn’t stretch very much. Therefore, you may want to get a size that is smaller than normal. So this is quite important if you want to get the best fit.

read the description

You may not want to make your decision based on the fancy pictures the store displays. Manufacturers want to attract the attention of their potential customers. Therefore, they include a large number of items and accessories that are not included in the package.

As they do not want to confuse their customers, they include the list of contents included in the package. So you may want to read the description carefully. Apart from this, the color of the product may be slightly different from the color of the products you have seen on your computer screen. So, that’s why it’s important to keep in mind once you’ve read the description.

Read the return and refund policy

Since cosplay costumes are special costumes, they cannot be worn after the event ends. In other words, these costumes are time sensitive. So you may want to place your orders a couple of weeks before the event. This way you will have plenty of time to receive the product in a timely manner.

If you’re running out of time, you may want to opt for the fastest shipping method you can get. After all, it’s better to be on the safe side. Delays may occur due to unknown reasons, regardless of the type of shipping method you have chosen.

Make sure the seller’s return and refund policy is quite flexible. You can also read what other customers are saying about the size, durability and quality of the cosplay costumes you want to buy.

So these are just some of the important tips that can help you buy the cosplay costumes you want.


The meaning of XIN

When my wife and I took our first trip to California before moving here, we saw a large population of Asian Americans in San Francisco. We had come west from Massachusetts, in part because the state we lived in felt like it was still attached to a round world, and we were looking for the new flat world.

California fits into that more modern heterogeneous model of a flat world state.

As we drove toward Big Sur, we passed several schools where the crosswalk had the letters “XING” carved into the roadway in large white letters.

After seeing them several times, I turned to my wife and said, “Do you see all those “XING” words on the crosswalks?”

“Yes, I have,” she answered, “and I’ve been wondering what they mean.”

Now, by nature, and I hope also by upbringing, I am not an unpleasant person prone to jokes or jokes, put-downs or practical jokes. But for some reason I couldn’t resist. Maybe the devil made me do it…

“Well, ‘XING’ is Chinese for ‘Be careful.’ It tells all the Asian-American kids who can’t speak English well yet to be careful when they cross the street.”

“That’s very good. I knew I liked California, they would never do something like that at home.”

“That’s right,” I told him. “Only in California.”

For the rest of the trip, every time we passed a school and crossed a crosswalk, we sang “XING” in unison (sounds like Shing, just hold the ending for a few seconds).

Until he finally found out. “XING” was just a shortened version of “CROSSING”, like Xmas is a shortened version of Christmas.

After that trip, whenever one of us cheated on the other, the Faker had the right to say “XING”, as in “Gotcha”, to the Fakee.

Now what the hell, flat or round, does this have to do with internet copywriting?


If you’ve read this far, you’ve been hooked by the story. And if you were selling “XING” soap or, more likely, a “XING” web marketing scam, you might be well on your way to becoming one of The Converted.

So here is the lesson and the true meaning of “XING”.

Great or even good storytelling is one of the most powerful and seductive ways a Copywriter can take control of your mind. So be careful where you put your brain.

If you let a great Copywriter lead you down the garden path, if you indulge in someone’s compelling story, before you know it you’ll be hitting the “Buy Now” button.

On the other hand, it might be worth paying for the entertainment.

PS: I also bet you won’t forget the new meaning of “XING” for a long time.

PPS, I also know that if you tried to sing it like I told you, you’ll probably hear it inside your head the next time you cross a crosswalk marked “XING.”


Halloween games for the perfect Halloween party!

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to dust off those messy and cobwebbed Halloween games for kids. Depending on the style of party you’re throwing, you may be looking for Halloween crafts, sticky food games, some races, and team games. A good selection of Halloween games and activities will keep the group engaged and the party going smoothly.

Just a little organization will go a long way, so make sure you have a few more games prepared than you think you’ll need. Games can end quickly or if the kids aren’t interested, a couple of backups can save you from any embarrassment. Prepare all the music, props and prizes before the party and make sure you understand all the rules.

When choosing Halloween games for kids, it’s important to select games that are age appropriate. An older child may love the demon and fear of all the scariest Halloween themes and games, while a careful selection should be made for preschool children.

Young children will love games and themes that involve pumpkins, friendly ghosts, black cats, and a handful of not-so-spooky witches and scarecrows. The little ones prefer simple, short games, nothing that requires too many explanations or has many rules.
Many toddler/preschool games are variations on favorite party games that have been given a Halloween twist. Games like Marshmallow Bobbing (a milder variation of Apple Bobbing), Witch Hunt (based on Scavenger Hunt), and Monster Freeze Dance are fun games for little ones.

Halloween party games can be as diverse as crafts, sticky food games, racing games, team games, or even some good old fashioned Halloween games.

Halloween crafts are a great option as they encourage imagination and creativity and kids will love being able to take home their own special Halloween creation. Crafts can be as varied as making and decorating cookies, producing your own Halloween decorations, painting Halloween faces, or decorating pumpkins.
Older kids will love the squishy, ​​gooey games that can be played with food and can even help them think of ghoulish names for spaghetti intestines or cauliflower brains.
Most traditional Halloween games focus on fall and harvest themes. Many involve apples and fall leaf craft ideas.

Regardless of which Halloween games you choose, be flexible and willing to improvise if necessary. Let the children set the pace in terms of the length of the games. If everyone is enjoying a game then let it continue, if not continue on.
And most importantly Happy Halloween!


Clear and present danger: running outdoors with headphones

(Not the movie starring Harrison Ford as CIA agent Jack Ryan)


Headphones 2Running with headphones results in reduced awareness of your physical surroundings. If you’re running on the treadmill, press playlist. When you are outdoors, being less than fully aware of your physical surroundings compromises your personal safety. Like it or not, all runners (especially women) should run defensively at times. Hearing aid users range from being less attentive to completely ignoring other people, cars, and dogs, all of which are potential attackers that pose a real threat to a runner’s physical safety.

Last month, Runners World Online published a story about a teenager wearing headphones who was hit by a car and seriously injured. He was running a 10K night race and took a wrong turn, veering off course and onto an open road. He didn’t hear the runner behind him yelling a warning.

A little closer to home: Last year, my teenage daughter and I argued about wearing headphones while running. She insisted that she could hear what was going on around her, with or without headphones. I waited until she left the house to run. I put on my running shoes and went after her. I ran after her. She was absorbed in her music, unaware of my sudden presence. I tapped her on the shoulder, startling her away. She’s lucky; Dad is a confident guy.

What is my body telling me?

When you are in tune with the melodies, you are not in tune with your body. When we run, our bodies provide us with valuable information. We learn what a certain beat feels like, how our breathing, heart rate, and muscles respond, especially when the beat is pushed. We continually integrate this data, making the appropriate physical and mental adjustments in response as we run. When we run and receive the same cues that we experience during training, we can stay calm and in control because we know that we have previously experienced the discomfort of running faster and dealt with it. Headphone users can easily miss the subtle cues from their bodies and the race-day lessons that flow from them. It’s hard to listen to music and your body at the same time.

Am I missing a beautiful experience?

Last May, my wife and I volunteered as race stewards at the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon. The off-road course traversed a section of Toronto’s scenic park system. An old woman was walking past me. She stopped and slyly observed, “Those women (referring to some of the racers wearing headphones) are running through the beautiful nature but they won’t enjoy the song of the birds and the smell of the flowers.” Yes, she was right on her first point…and probably on her second point as well.

“I run from the feel of the textures of the earth beneath my feet. I know of no time when I am more alive or intimately connected to the physical world.” Roger Robinson, columnist and author.

The sounds and smells of running outdoors in a natural setting, one of the great joys of running, are no match for iPods.

Hopefully, some readers will think twice before reaching for their headphones when they’re out for a run.