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Merits and demerits of quartz wall tiles

If you ask today’s mosaic experts about the advantages and disadvantages of quartz wall tiles, they will tell you that there are more advantages than disadvantages. Few other mosaic materials available today have the strength and durability of quartz. They are the best friends of any housewife since they are very easy to clean. Like any other building material, quartz also has some advantages and some disadvantages.

Let us know some facts about quartz tiles:

It is a natural material and grows in clusters.

It does not form large blocks of stone like granite.

Quartz is made into slabs during the manufacturing process.

Quartz tiles typically contain around 93-95% quartz. The rest is made of resins and pigments.

The manufacturing process ensures that they are made to withstand high pressure, are dense and resistant to stains and scratches.

They are non-porous and therefore do not allow bacteria or mold to grow.


Attractive Appearance: Quartz wall tiles are available in many colors and designs. They are easily combined with any decoration. Mirror flecks on the surface offer plenty of shine. When you use quartz tiles on the walls, the reflection of light makes the room larger and more spacious.

Durable – The non-porous nature of these tiles makes them highly durable. They do not need a sealer or surface conditioner. These strong tiles do not lose color or shine if you take good care of them. They are scratch and stain resistant. Kitchens and bathrooms, where the walls are constantly exposed to dirt and foam, are well protected by the use of quartz coatings. They do not absorb water or moisture and therefore do not harbor germs and do not allow mold to grow. The kitchen or bathroom becomes a hygienic space.

Easy Maintenance: You don’t need to work hard to clean these tiles. General cleaning with a soft cloth and occasional cleaning with soap will keep them shiny for a long time. Many suppliers give them a guarantee of 10 to 15 years, which is very good for a mosaic material.

Strength – These are very strong and are in fact considered stronger than granite. They do not chip or break easily.

Many shapes and sizes- Since these are manufactured according to general tastes and trends; you find them in innovative shapes and sizes. Choose the correct shape and size according to the room you plan to place.


Weight-Quartz is a heavier stone compared to its counterparts. You should hire a professional to install these tiles with experience.

Price – Because they require professional help with installation, they cost more than other tiling materials. However, wall tiles are small and are more easily installed than large stones. And thus you can minimize the expense.

Quartz has a few downsides and many upsides, which has made it the most popular cladding material for homes and commercial spaces.

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Hinges: doors open for you

They are small. They are used every day. And when they don’t match a room’s décor, they can really stand out. No, they are not cabinet knobs. They are hinges. First used in 1600 BC. C., have increased almost ten times the strength of man and are perhaps one of the most important inventions for everyday use.

Available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors, hinges not only make your life easier, but also complete a room. The only way to get a complete idea of ​​what’s out there in the world of hinges is to do some shopping online. Sure you could go to all the hardware stores in your neighborhood and search through endless boxes that may contain only a few hinges when you need twenty or more. But wouldn’t you rather sit at home and find what you need at the click of a button? If you do.

There are many styles of hinges to choose from and what you need will depend on the type of door you are hanging. There are hinges for residential doors, gates, screen doors and cabinet doors. Then there are three types of cabinet doors; with lip, flush and overlapping. Butt hinges are the most common type of hinge. They consist of two flaps with screw holes connected by a pin and can be used on any door. The barrette can be finished off with balls or finials for a decorative touch. T hinges are shaped like the letter T and are used on garage doors and hood lids. Pivot hinges are designed for overlay cabinet doors or doors that rest on the door frame. Butterfly hinges, which are usually both decorative and functional, are used on flush doors or doors that rest within the frame. One of the most popular hinge types is the spring hinge. Also called a self-closing hinge, a small spring inside allows the door to close on its own.

In addition to the hinge type, they also come in a wide variety of finishes. If you like the vintage look, go for antique copper, brass, or pewter. Keep it simple with black nickel, matte black, or white. If you like a modern European look, opt for polished chrome or satin nickel. Recreate your grandmother’s kitchen from the 1950s with oil rubbed bronze hinges or go for something different with red bronze. Whichever finish you choose, it’s important that it matches your motif. You can even match the hinges to cabinet knobs and drawer pulls.

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen and need all new hinges or just replacing the hinges on a cabinet, take a moment to admire the strength they provide. Hinges are generally eight to ten times stronger than the task they are given. So the next time you open a door or close a cabinet, think about how heavy that door would be without the hinges to open or close it for you. Once you do this, you’ll never take hinges for granted again.

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Viking VGCC5366BSS Range Review

A professional quality natural gas range made by Viking, the Custom 36″ VGCC5366BSS is a six burner range/oven with an infrared rotisserie. While the base unit is made of stainless steel, unique finishes are available to match décor. of your kitchen.Colors include Cobalt Blue, Gold Mist, Apple Red, Burgundy, Lemonade, Racing Red, or Sea Glass.To add a touch of class, order a nameplate with brass accents, panel knob bezel control panel or oven door handle bracket.This model includes island trim.

The elegant structure of the Viking range adds a professional touch to any kitchen. The heavy steel knobs on your control panel will stand up to even the busiest cooking show without breaking and looking good at the same time. The flip-down oven door features a towel bar pull with an extra-wide window.

The standard oven has three racks that can be set in six different positions to handle casseroles, cakes, and other foods for large family gatherings or dinner parties. Continuous grates are made of cast iron and porcelain. The stove surface is also made of porcelain.

The oven burners run at 15,000 BTUs each. The range’s SureSpark Ignition feature makes burner ignition quick and easy. Each burner will light whether the position on the control panel knob is high or low. The Viking VariSimmer setting helps control cooking even on the lowest heat settings. The VGCC5366BSS control panel has separate settings for grill and simmer operation, grill settings, and a convection fan switch. VSH Pro sealed burners ensure consistent heat whether the setting is high or low.

Remove burner caps for quick cleanup. The one-piece cooking surface and removable racks make maintaining this unit a breeze.

Regardless of your cooking application, the VGCC5366BSS has you covered: there’s Natural Airflow and Convection Bake, Convection Dehydrate and Thaw, Simple Infrared Roast, and Thorough Convection. The exclusive GourmetGlo infrared grill provides scorching, restaurant-quality heat for juicy steaks and fish. The sturdy boiler pan prevents drippings from falling into the unit.

Control oven temperature with a thermostat and on/off indicator light. Two halogen lights conveniently located inside the oven illuminate food for a quick check on progress.

As with all Viking ranges, there are a number of optional accessories available for the Viking VGCC5366BSS. Customize your kitchen with a back or side counter trim, high shelf or 8″ back guard. We also offer a curb base with a custom front for this unit, as well as a conversion kit for liquid propane and propane.

The Viking VGCC5366BSS comes with a one year limited warranty on the complete unit. A five-year limited warranty covers tube and surface burners; The porcelain oven is covered for ten years. Glass and other decorative pieces have a ninety-day limited warranty.

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Importance of water dispensers

The importance of clean drinking water cannot be stressed enough. The importance of clean drinking water cannot be stressed enough either!

Clean drinking water is essential for humans and all forms of life. Human beings have about 55% to 70% water in their bodies. However, there is no uniform standard for the percentage in humans. Varies by age and body size.

Naturally, to avoid dehydration, we must consume between one and six liters of water a day. While it may depend on other factors like exercise, weather conditions, temperature, it’s safe to say that we need to ingest water in its purest form rather than relying on the foods and beverages we drink.

Water dispenser

That is why it is essential to have a safe and hygienic supply of drinking water. Your own dispenser becomes absolutely indispensable.

A dispenser is a machine that provides drinking water at the push of a button or knob. They are primarily made to dispense hot and cold drinking water. However, it can also be used to make coffee and tea.

Water dispensers are mainly used in offices, schools, homes, restaurants, and hospitals to store water and deliver it on demand, directly into a glass or other containers. The common feature for all dispensers; however, it is that they save energy by reducing the number of times the refrigerator doors are opened.

Types of water dispensers

Countertop and freestanding dispensers are available, with the freestanding being more expensive than the other. Either style would need an outlet and a solid platform. A countertop unit should sit on a countertop or tabletop, not too high to dispense or change the large water bottle.

Coolers or Dispensers with Filtration

Some models have a filtration system built into a special water bottle. These are most popular with those who require filtering their water without the expense of buying pre-filled water bottles. There are different types of filtration systems available with dosing functions.

Water dispensers are made from different materials. Brass, chrome or satin nickel, also known as brushed nickel, is commonly used to make faucets, glass or bronze, which is similar to brass, is often used in the manufacture of storage tanks because they resist corrosion. corrosion. Styrofoam is commonly used to make water dispensers and is used with stainless steel for insulation. The best feature is a stainless steel water tank. Eliminates the plastic taste of the water. Most hot water faucets have child locks. If you want to refill personal water bottles, tall glasses, or travel mugs, there should be adequate space between the drip tray and the faucet, and the spout should be small enough to insert into your bottle.

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Combining your kitchen and cabinets

When you’re doing a kitchen remodel, one of the biggest challenges is matching your kitchen cabinets. Your cabinets have a huge impact on the overall feel of your kitchen space, and if you choose the wrong type of cabinet, you’ll often find it very difficult to create a harmonious feel throughout the area. Some simple guidelines can help you make the right decisions.


Most of the time, a modern kitchen and cabinetry will have a minimalist feel. Kitchen trends come and go but, in recent years, stainless steel appliances have been particularly in style. If you have this type of kitchen setup, you may want to consider black cabinets. If you have granite countertops, black cabinets are a great match, as that particular stone tends to have a lot of black coloring. Black cabinets also have a very streamlined appearance, as the color tends to overwhelm any features of the wood. If shiny stainless steel is your thing, imagine your kitchen with black cabinets and see if that appeals to you.


Combining a rustic kitchen and cabinets is usually a bit easier. A rustic kitchen can have more variety between cabinets, appliances, and counter space, giving you a little more freedom. There’s also no need to favor a minimalist look when you have a rustic kitchen. Some people like white cabinets in these kitchens, others prefer red, and still others prefer the look of natural wood. One of the things to consider with this type of kitchen is the amount of ornamentation you want on the cabinets. When you’re creating a more handcrafted look, you can go ahead and enjoy the more elegant aspects of your kitchen and cabinetry a bit.


If you’re looking for a truly conservative look, you may want to consider matching your kitchen and cabinetry to the less intrusive designs. These would include traditional styles such as light wood, darker stained wood, or other wood that is not painted and shows its grain. You may also want to opt for more expensive woods to make the kitchen look a bit more elegant. Like black cabinets, wood that shows its grain pairs nicely with granite countertops and other surfaces that have their own patterns.

Remember to consider what type of flooring you are going to put in your kitchen when looking at cabinets. For example, if you’re installing Saltillo tile, you may want to consider a more weathered look for your cabinets, as these finishes are popular choices in the Southwest. If you are looking for a more western look, hardwood floors would be a natural option and cabinets that have a slightly darker finish or in some cases cabinets that are actually painted white would be good choices. It’s good to let your imagination run wild, but make sure everything works together.

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How to organize your medicine cabinet

Just like your own closet, medicine cabinets can sometimes be quite messy, especially if you have a lot of medication stored in it.

These days, with the pharmaceutical industry booming, you can find a wide variety of medications being sold for different health conditions. Companies compete with each other as consumers search for the best drug brand to buy another one for their health problem.

You may be one of those people who is faced with a dilemma when it comes to properly organizing the medications in the medicine cabinet. Sometimes when you already have a lot of drugs in stock, it becomes more difficult to find the drug you’re looking for when you need it. This could be due to many different factors, such as improper labelling, a backlog of expired medications, etc.

However, despite that, there are still ways to make your medicine cabinet organized and tidy again. There is no need to spend money or hire someone to do it for you. It is very easy and you can do it in an instant. The following are some of the tips you can consider to organize your medicine cabinet well:

Color code

Why not apply color coding when handling your medications? If there are many in the family who are taking medication, then try to classify each of them according to color. You may want to group the brands separately or put a color on each medication to separate them by date and time of administration. It totally depends on you. You are the best person who knows how to best color code your medications.

medication containers

A medicine cabinet can get very messy at times, especially if all the medications are not neatly arranged in separate containers.

You may want to organize your medications based on their shape by placing them in different containers. For example, all tablets will be placed in a different container and the same goes for liquid medications.

This way, it would be easier to find and take out a medication you need right then and there because you already know where you put it.

These days, you can find various types of medicine packaging available for sale. You can buy them at the department store or your local pharmacy. You can also do a DIY if you want.

Label each container

Even if you put all your medications in separate containers, it would be difficult to find each one if they are not labeled correctly.

Don’t forget to label each container according to the categories you have made. Label each container correctly and clearly.

Labeling containers doesn’t have to be difficult and complicated. Simply cut out a small piece of paper, just appropriate for the size of the container, then glue it to the front, then mark it with a pen. You can even be as creative as you like and put some colors, stickers, and some cute decorations on the container or label to add more beauty to the space.

Clean out your medicine cabinet

Make sure to clean out your medicine cabinet from time to time. You should constantly check for expired or damaged medications and dispose of them immediately. Of course, you must also dispose of each expired medication properly according to the disposal instructions written on the label.

When you clean your medicine cabinet, you need to remove dirt and dust. This will ensure that all of your medications remain in good condition.

Honestly, cleaning out your medicine cabinet every once in a while would have more benefits because doing so will prevent your medicine cabinet from smelling bad, especially with expired medications that don’t get thrown away. Other than that, this will keep the potency of your medications usable.

have enough space

While it’s important to make use of the available storage spaces in your medicine cabinet, taking up all the space without enough room for your hands to move around inside would be really annoying.

Keep your medicine cabinet neat and well organized by not storing too many items inside it, especially those that don’t belong in this type of storage space. Even the way you arrange the containers should be considered so they don’t look jumbled.

If you think organizing your medicine cabinet is difficult, you need to think again. Follow these simple tips and you will surely not regret it.

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Top 5 Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Luxury Home

Your kitchen is where the action is. That is the area of ​​your home that is likely to see the most foot traffic. It’s also the room that prospective homebuyers gravitate toward. They want to see a clean, spacious, well-designed space that optimizes function and form.

Designing your kitchen is not an easy task. Fortunately, sticking to the basics minimizes the chances of making serious and unfortunate mistakes. We’ll cover 5 of the most common design mistakes below so you know what to avoid.

Mistake #1: Not considering storage space

Storage is more important than it seems during the design phase. Most people set aside ample space to store items, but eventually end up needing more. Cookware, containers, and appliances quickly eat up available space.

Be sure to allocate plenty of storage space. Make sure there is room for pots, pans, plates, and other items. Like most homeowners, you’ll probably run out of space at some point in the future. Maximizing storage capacity up front will help you delay that problem.

Mistake #2: Not planning traffic flow

Your kitchen should be designed for optimum efficiency. Part of that equation involves recognizing how people will travel through it. Another part is making sure they don’t clog or impede food preparation.

Traffic flow will be dictated, in part, by design. Is the room L-shaped, U-shaped or open? Ideally, the traffic lanes should completely surround the work triangle. The triangle represents an area that connects the refrigerator, stove, and sink. That is where most of the work is done.

Mistake #3: Placing Too Many Appliances Close to Each Other

The space on your work tables is limited. There is not enough space to keep all your appliances in sight. Doing so would make it look cluttered and overcrowded.

Decide which appliances to keep outdoors and which to put away when not in use. Base your decisions on how often you use them. For example, do you use your blender every morning, but only use your electric can opener once a week? If so, keep the latter in a cabinet. It will save space on your work tables and give the space a cleaner and more organized look.

Mistake #4: Neglecting to Plan for Lighting Needs

Lighting serves several purposes in your kitchen. Provides lighting; shows key features; and influences the mood and atmosphere. It is important to design the space with a sound lighting plan in mind.

Task lighting should be used to illuminate work tables and areas where food is prepared. Ambient lighting should be used to make the environment warm and inviting. Accent lighting can be used to highlight decorative plates or other unique features.

Layering the room with different types of lighting creates a workspace that doubles as a place to relax with friends and loved ones.

Mistake #5: Letting design overshadow function

As important as design is in the kitchen, function is twice as important. After all, the space has a practical purpose. It is where food is prepared and family members congregate.

Unfortunately, many homeowners allow form to overshadow function. They focus so intently on the look of their cabinets and the style of their backsplash that they forget to consider whether the space is designed for efficiency.

The work triangle was mentioned earlier. It offers a helpful guide when it comes to design. Each point on the triangle represents the location of the sink, refrigerator, and stove. As a general rule, each leg should be between 4 feet and 9 feet. Also, the triangle must not be disturbed by the flow of traffic.

Designing a kitchen that is both efficient and visually pleasing can be a challenge. The first step is to become familiar with the most common mistakes homeowners make. That alone will help you create a kitchen that is as attractive as it is functional.

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Shoe rack: the best way to organize an array of shoes

A well-furnished house is not complete without a shoe rack. This functional piece of furniture gives you enough space to store your boots, slippers, flip-flops, sandals and other footwear. The best part of having a shoe rack is that your shoes can be stored neatly instead of littering your house. You can change the feel of your home with an organized arrangement. It provides you numerous advantages, some of them are listed below:

  1. Maintains the quality of your shoes: If your shoes are scattered here and there in the living room. Then you can step on them and damage their shape and details. Every time you trample on them, you often ruin their quality. However, your shoes will last longer when they are placed in a safe place. A perfectly crafted shoemaker maintains their quality. Provides you with a secure place to accommodate a variety of shoes.
  2. Provides easy access to a suitable pair – Allows you to organize a large number of footwear in an organized way. By keeping your shoes on your shelves, you can quickly get the right pair of shoes when you’re in a hurry.
  3. Provides an attractive appearance: You can prevent the spread of dirt in your hallway by placing a shoe storage unit at the entrance of your home. It will give a cozy look to your guests or visitors. In addition, they will have an ideal space to take off their shoes.

If you have a perfectly designed shoe rack in your home, it can accommodate a large number of shoes in a well-organized way. cobblers They come in various styles and designs, some of them are listed below:

  1. Shoe Storage Bench: Offers you storage and sitting space. It has a flat top that gives you a comfortable space to sit when you put on or take off your shoes. It is perfect for the entrance or hallway of your home.
  2. Shoemaker: it is the most popular type of shoemaker. It comes in a set of shelves that sit low to the floor and provide enough space to store multiple pairs of shoes.
  3. Shoe cabinet: It comes with sliding or folding doors. It offers the best way to hide a large number of shoes.
  4. Extra Storage: Shoe racks also come with extra storage, like drawers to store your socks and shoe cleaning kit. It’s the best way to create a clutter-free environment in your home.

So, these are the basic types of shoe racks; you can choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.

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Bamboo bathroom furniture: the new alternative to wood

Environmentally friendly

Trees that are harvested to create real wood products often take decades to reach the level of maturity necessary for them to be harvested. Because of this, wood is slowly becoming a depleted resource. This grass, on the other hand, is abundant now and can reach full maturity in as little as four years, making it a more sustainable natural resource. Environmentally conscious individuals are encouraged to double check with the manufacturer they buy their products from to ensure that the herb was harvested in an environmentally friendly manner.

No moisture damage.

Wood often absorbs moisture and water, causing it to swell and lose its original shape. This alternative to wood doesn’t absorb moisture in the same way that wood does, making bamboo an exceptional choice for bathroom remodeling projects, especially if family members enjoy extremely hot showers. Homeowners won’t worry about their bamboo bathroom cabinets warping over time. Instead, they can enjoy a room that looks just as visually years later as it did on the day their products were first assembled.


Most people seem to be under the impression that it won’t be as durable as wood because it’s technically a grass, but it’s the exact opposite. This material has proven to be more durable than wood in most cases. It can take a bit of abuse, hold more weight than the strongest wood shelves in some cases, and so far, it lasts longer. This alternative to wood has the potential to outlast much of the furniture in your home today, while still retaining its beauty.


Because this resource is still abundant in the world, the recent increase in demand for this natural resource has not resulted in increased prices. Instead, the price range for this material remains affordable for families with a variety of incomes. After bamboo bathroom cabinets are installed, they remain affordable for homeowners. There are no special chemicals or maintenance required to keep your home looking beautiful other than oiling the material and occasionally cleaning it with warm soapy water.

Different colors and styles.

Bamboo can be manipulated into a variety of styles and can be stained just like wood, making this new building material as versatile as wood when it comes to redecorating. However, owners should stain this material with caution. It doesn’t work the same way with wood, so it’s a good idea to practice a little on a small, inconspicuous piece of your shelves.

Remodeling projects can go one of two ways: they can make your house less attractive, or you can end up with a house that requires less maintenance and has more visual appeal. Bathroom cabinets made from this material help you do the latter, giving you a unique design that will impress your guests and requires little to no maintenance on your part. Take the time to research this eco-friendly option to discover all the other benefits that come with these uniquely designed additions to your home.

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kitchen remodeling costs

It is important to prepare a budget for your kitchen remodeling plan before you begin to implement it. If you don’t prepare a complete and detailed estimate before your kitchen renovation, you may find yourself in a spiral of spending for unbudgeted extras.

Limit spending on kitchen remodeling to about 15 percent of your home’s value.

Do some research on the cost of each component in your remodeling plan. Browse the Internet, collect product information, annoy friends who have remodeled, read, ask questions and make phone calls. Do everything you can to be informed. The more you know, the better you can make wise decisions.

The cost of appliances, countertops, cabinets, flooring, etc. will add between one-half and two-thirds of the total cost of the remodel. Find out the prices of these items and enter those figures in the budget. Similarly, make provisions for the cost of labor, design, contracting services, and permit fees.

The best way to list the items needed for the remodel is to write down everything that is installed in your existing kitchen. Visit appliance stores and ask sales staff questions. Meet with local kitchen design centers and ask for samples of the work they have done and ask about the cost. A professional will be able to give you details that you might forget.

For a kitchen that measures around 10×12 feet, a cosmetic kitchen upgrade can cost around $2,750 in products, including new cabinet doors, laminate countertops, vinyl flooring, a stainless steel sink and a chrome faucet.

If you want to upgrade to higher quality hardwood cabinets, ceramic tile countertops and floors, a coated steel sink, a pull-out faucet head, new appliances, and track lighting, the cost could range from $7,000 to $7,500.

A kitchen with semi-custom cabinetry, ceramic tile or laminate flooring, a cast-iron sink, designer faucet, upgraded appliances, bowl lighting, and granite or solid-surface countertops could cost as much as $16,500.