OK Boomer – OK Millennial – Can’t we just get along?

Have you heard or seen the two words that seem to be everywhere these days: “OK Boomer”?

This slogan has quickly gained traction this fall on the Internet with memes, jokes, and merchandise bearing the “OK Boomer” logo. In fact, several trademark applications have been filed for its use, notably one from Fox for a television show last week.

Supposedly, this whole “OK Boomer” thing took on a life of its own after a viral clip on TikTok showed a white-haired man in a baseball cap and polo shirt declaring, “Millennials and Gen Z have Down syndrome.” of Peter Pan, they never want to grow up.

Of course, the younger crowd was outraged, with many responding with YouTube videos, memes, and tweets with two simple words: “OK Boomer.”

What exactly does this expression mean? It depends who you ask.

According to Wikipedia, “OK Boomer is a discriminatory catchphrase and internet meme that gained popularity throughout 2019 and is used to dismiss or mock attitudes stereotypically attributed to the baby boomer generation.”

If you ask the younger generation what they mean by “OK Boomer,” they’ll probably tell you that they feel misunderstood by the older generation and are tired of their patronizing attitude. Faced with mounting student loan debt, financial instability and environmental concerns, they are wary of patronizing advice from baby boomers who didn’t face the same problems at their age. The younger generation is tired of being called “snowflakes,” implying that they can’t hold down a job, aren’t resilient, and are too emotional when it comes to challenging viewpoints.

Baby boomers have a different version of the phrase. Many are quick to point out that the catchphrase, “OK Boomer,” smacks of ageism. A conservative radio host, Bob Lonsberry, went so far as to label the word “boomer” as “the n-word of ageism” in a controversial tweet.

The New York Times headlined an article on the subject: “OK Boomer Marks the End of Friendly Generational Relations.”

Say it isn’t.

Okay, I don’t like the phrase, “OK Boomer.” The catchphrase seems dismissive, sarcastic, mocking and sadly decisive at a time when this country is already being torn apart by differing views on politics. And it does look aged, hinting that baby boomers are old-fashioned, resistant to change, behind in technology, and out of touch. As a boomer myself, I disagree with those assumptions.

But, in all fairness, I can see why the younger generation is upset by some of the insulting jabs directed at them. They have felt silenced when older people claim that their opinion does not count because they lack experience. Many millennials are in their 30s now and tired of being told to “grow up.” The younger generation deserves to be recognized and listened to. Unfortunately, while defending themselves, this generation is using the same disparaging age-oriented stereotypes they don’t want to be labeled with.

So let’s stop it. All of us. Let’s stop using insulting and derogatory slogans based solely on the generation people were born into, which, by the way, is completely out of our control.

Let’s close the gap. After all, we have many of the same problems. For example, it is true that much of the younger generation is buried in student loan debt. But many boomers are also in debt, filing for bankruptcy in record numbers while facing rising medical costs, job losses and vanishing pensions. We are all in the same boat. Can’t both generations show compassion and empathy for each other?

Let’s go one step further. Perhaps we boomers can admire, and even imitate, some of the traits that young people have, such as a sense of adventure, spontaneity, and curiosity. Perhaps the younger generations can learn from the older ones who have lived through tragedies and triumphs and have learned to overcome adversity.

After all, what benefits do you get from hurling insults at each other? Let us respect and learn from each other instead.


Star Wars Costumes for Toddlers

If you’re a Star Wars fan, I think you have a lot of stuff lying around that will alert people to that fact: action figures, t-shirts, bed sheets, or even breakfast cereal. Your fanaticism has no end and you show it with pride! Why wouldn’t you be? It is one of the best movie franchises of all time. It is modern stories like this film that inform us what the experience of life is all about. Most people see Star Wars for the first time as children and never look back. They are hooked and the influence resonates for life. But like anyone else you get older, you get married, you have a career and you have children. Once you have children of your own, it’s up to you to instill that Star Wars influence in the next generation so that they can appreciate and carry the messages and meanings of the films to their children and their children’s children. A fun way to introduce your toddler to Star Wars is through Star Wars costumes and playtime. Fantasy will help them feel immersed and engaged with the galaxy far, far away.

George Lucas has said that the little droid R2-D2 is supposed to be like a little child. He is emotional, prone to tantrums, but he is also very courageous and incredibly lovable. His little boy certainly looks a lot like R2-D2! This is a great costume idea for your little one. They’ll love making droid beeps and boops just like the ones in the movies. Your little one is the perfect size to take on the role of the iconic droid. Some playtime ideas are that you can become C-3PO and the two of you can become the droid duo, investigating the forest moon of Endor (aka the backyard). This is definitely a fun way to introduce Star Wars into your toddler’s life.

Most children will want to be good. They will want to use the light side of the force as a Jedi or fight for the cause of the Rebellion. Then there are the little kids who have a mischievous streak and revel in the opportunity to be a little nasty. This is the little boy who is going to want to be the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader! It’ll be quite a fun juxtaposition when your smiling toddler dons the black Darth Vader costume (just be careful not to teach him the dark side!). They’ll love being the villain, while you can play the Emperor and little Vader as your apprentice. Or you could even pretend to be a Jedi while they’re pretending to be your enemies, despite all the laughing and smiling.

Master Yoda is a perfect costume for young children! They are the perfect size! Make a little hut in the backyard and name it Dagobah. The two can learn the ways of the force by running, jumping, and learning to fence with a lightsaber. Like Yoda, an Ewok or a Jawa are perfectly sized Star Wars characters for a young child. They’ll love being any of these Star Wars characters, as long as they dress up and play!

Star Wars is a wonderful thing that needs to be passed down to the next generation. If you use Star Wars as a basis for making up fantasies with your children, they will love the movies and have fond memories of playing Star Wars with mom and dad in the backyard. A great place to find costumes for kids and adults is They have stuff from the Star Wars and Clone Wars trilogies. Star Wars will stay alive in people’s hearts and minds when you bring it home and use it as an impetus to interact with your children at an influential age.


Positive affirmations using YouTube

Internet marketing demands understanding of the mind, with respect to its surrounding environment. There is no need for devilish, cunning, or deceitful behavior. Consider these positive affirmations using YouTube. Advertising can be challenging and deserves respect. The concept of supply and demand is relevant to YouTube marketing. Simply understand what you’re selling and find a match to a prospect’s desire. Doing that was quite a task, before the Internet was developed. People would sail the seven seas. Vendors would fly around the world. There are still vendors who travel for sales. Why would they travel? It’s probably because they haven’t come to a full understanding of the power of the web.

Personal contact is ultimately a powerful sales tactic, with limits. How many people can you personally contact on a given day? There may be expenses for plane tickets, hotel bills, meals, etc. Marketers use the Internet to easily make new contacts. Expenses are minimized by using the Internet. You can discreetly make personal contact after your Internet connection. YouTube is an excellent platform to meet people. The video element can give a detailed description of people and things. You can analyze all you want. There is nothing better than seeing things with your own eyes. The saying that pictures speak louder than words is quite relevant here. Radio, print media, even phone communication is great, but I applaud and admire video very much.

Video communication is highly appreciated, after living through the age of Xerox and phones. Young people today may not fully understand the incredible value of web promotion. I remember pagers and message boards. That was before Windows 95. Many of you assume that video sharing was always here. The change of industry and technology has an effect on the human psyche. I can also say that the change in the human psyche has an effect on technology. That makes a change in the industry, the days of putting up a sign and selling lemonade are long gone, although there are still some trying to do just that.

Tradition can impede progress. I relate to a typical brick and mortar store. I mean your pizzeria. I like pizza in the morning and there are probably many other people who have the same taste. The pizzeria owner would make a morning profit if he went beyond tradition. Supply and demand is a common relationship and tradition creates limits to its progress. Many of us are too caught up in tradition. Some are not in business at the right time of day. That’s sad and also ridiculous. An Internet store is usually open twenty-four hours a day. The so-called pizzeria can’t do that. The hindering issue may be the cost of operation. A classic pizza chef believes that the cost of having hot pizza available 24 hours a day is disproportionate to the number of customers making a profit. You will need an employee, unless you install a vending machine. The guy from Seven Eleven has his store open day and night and sells a variety of things. The idea here is that every hour he brings in a different type of customer. There are many ways he can see how to make sales.

Connected to a sales link it is comparable to a global vending machine. You can make a video to attract anyone. Make them thirsty, hungry or whatever. Then direct them to your solution. Your solution is your point of sale. It’s that easy. Making a video can be enough for Soulja Boy or Lady GaGa. You will probably need to make several videos accompanied by a considerable amount of promotion to generate income. Promoting your video can be free. The only cost is time and energy; This is where your mind can once again play an important role in advancing your financial freedom. Remember that for every piece of quality content you submit to the web, you will be rewarded for your presence in one way or another. The more content you submit, the more recognition you will get. I have discussed third-party recognition in my other writings and will return to it here. People can see you clearly through the search engine. It is common for a person to submit a keyword or phrase to the search engine to get a response. That’s how people find things. You connect with these people by being seen in the search engine. How they see you in the search engine is the search for a seller. Here’s how to get seen without spending any money. Use the support of a third party. This is a simple concept. Who can be used as your third party sponsor? The answer to this question is the subject of university courses. Find viable solutions and you have free advertising.

Selling your products or services through YouTube is what others may want to do as well. You have the option to create your own affiliate program. ClickBank creates the mechanism for its own affiliate program. They will give you a unique encrypted link. Use YouTube to drive people to your exclusive ClickBank link. You will see other videos on your page as others will see your videos on their page. Give examples to your affiliates, to promote their link. You may want to create banners and sequenced emails. You can actually do what I’m doing now. Give article marketing instructions. Having an army of salespeople selling your product or service is a wonderful thing. The commission you offer is what you determine. You can afford to give your affiliates a large commission and still get great results. ClickBank really does the math for you. All you have to do is tell them what percentage you want to give to your affiliates or you can choose a fixed amount of the sales. ClickBank also handles chargebacks. This is why I like ClickBank as they are a full service affiliate broker that works honestly. They benefit both sides of your transactions. YouTube may work in conjunction with affiliate programs like ClickBank. This is what I call a profitable mix.

Positive affirmations using YouTube include the partner program. You may already know that you need to have at least a few hundred thousand channel views to get a reasonable payout. It turns out that YouTube pays about pennies for every hundred channel views. This means that you should create an interesting channel. There are so many directions you can go. It may interest you that the most popular channels are basically nonsense. You have Ray William Johnson at the top, at the time of this writing. He’s making fun of Howard Stern, even though Ray started out looking like a crazy kid ranting. I don’t know what to think about what people like anymore. The reason is usually madness. This does not mean that you have to be angry for people to like you. You might want to take a look at what’s trending on YouTube, so you can get an idea of ​​what you’re embarking on. No matter what you do, you’ll need production skills. In fact, you can start as a suit of armor and work your way up. You don’t need a camera. You can use slideshows with a free Windows program called “Movie Maker.” You can of course make a standard video. Getting up in front of a camera and talking usually works.


How to install a manual boost controller without blowing up your engine

Before installing any manual boost controller, it is important to have added a high flow exhaust and aftermarket air intake/air filter. This will ensure the car can breathe and allow the turbo to spool up more easily.

It is imperative to have an aftermarket boost gauge installed. Most stock build indicators are not accurate, even at stock build levels, and lose more accuracy once stock build is increased. Without an aftermarket boost gauge, you risk damaging the engine from overboosting.

How does it work:

The dump valve actuator determines the stock build-up levels. The boost controller interrupts the pressure line running to the wastegate actuator, allowing you to increase boost over stock levels.

Step 1:

Find your wastegate actuator which is usually connected to the turbo unless you are using an external wastegate. The wastegate actuator will have a vacuum line port that goes to a boost source. The source of boost is usually the turbo compressor housing, intercooler piping, or intake manifold. This vacuum line is where the manual boost controller will be installed. If there is a tee connection in the vacuum line between the boost source and the waste gate actuator, you will have a separate vacuum line going to the boost control solenoid. If you have the tee fitting, remove the line going to the solenoid, but leave the solenoid plugged in.

The tab on the boost controller that connects to the wastegate actuator will have a small hole drilled in it. It is important to leave this hole open and never change the dump valve reed and booster reed.

Boost controllers usually come with about 3 feet of vacuum line that you can cut into 2 pieces of your desired lengths. The first piece will connect from the boost tab on the controller to your boost source. The second piece will connect from the wastegate tab on the controller to the wastegate vacuum port. Tip: If you have difficulty sliding the vacuum lines over the tines, use a little oil to lubricate the tines. Block off any open sources of reinforcement with vacuum caps and use cable ties to secure all vacuum line connections. We recommend using Premium Fuel with all turbo cars, especially once you’ve increased your stock boost.

Step 2:

Now that the boost controller is installed, it’s time to test drive the car. We recommend leaving the adjustment knob exactly where it was when you received and installed your MBC when you begin testing. Turning the adjustment knob clockwise increases boost, turning the adjustment knob counterclockwise decreases boost. This step is very important to keep an eye on your boost gauge to make sure you are not overloading and causing damage to your engine.

Drive your car in an isolated area where you can stop and go several times without interfering with traffic. Slowly press on the throttle and watch the boost gauge rise. If the boost gauge doesn’t reach its target, increase the boost. If the boost starts to exceed your target, decrease the boost. Repeat the steps as necessary. It usually takes 5-10 adjustments to get the boost exactly on target. We recommend starting by adjusting the boost knob in 1/2 turn increments and as you get closer to your goal you may need to make smaller adjustments. Never adjust more than 1/2 turn at a time.

Every car has a safe maximum boost level, depending on vehicle upgrades and fuel system characteristics, specifically how much fuel its pump and injectors can provide. It is important to do your research and know what the maximum boost level is that your specific car can safely run.

This guide serves as a basic starting point for the manual installation of the boost driver. If you have an external wastegate or twin-turbo vehicle, the installation technique may vary slightly.


Dress up like the Burger King from the commercials!

Everyone knows the face. The Burger King mask and costume have become easily recognizable thanks to television commercials promoting the popular fast food restaurant. Now you can also join in the fun and dress up as the well-known King!

The first image of the King appeared on the first store sign in Miami, Florida in 1955. It was in the late 1960s and early 1970s that an animated Burger King was used in advertisements to attract children to the restaurant chain. Today he is a King played by a real actor from whom the King’s costume and mask were inspired.

It was in 2005 when they started selling the mask for Halloween costumes.

Two Burger King costumes for adults are now available for purchase. The deluxe adult costume features a bright red and orange tunic with a white collar, a mask, and a gold medallion. The second, called the standard adult costume, comes with a patterned brown and orange tunic with a white collar. This costume also includes a gold Burger King medallion and a realistic looking mask. Both costumes come in a standard size.

Want to add to the look? White tights and black shoes could complement the costume, making the wearer even more like the commercial king!

Just like the costumes, the King mask is also available in two different versions for adults. The deluxe mask and the standard 3/4 mask are made of vinyl and have King’s signature look. The deluxe mask covers the entire head, while the standard mask covers 3/4 of the head. Each Burger King mask also comes in a standard size. Each one will transform you into a king wearing a crown and save a dime!

The King mask is best known for the smile that spreads across the mask’s face. The Burger King mask also features curly brown hair, a beard and mustache, and a Burger King crown on top of his head.

Since his debut, the King has appeared in more than just commercials. The King, wearing the well-known mask, has been seen in many parodies in Tonight’s Show with Jay Leno and various movie promotions, including the simpsons movie. A video game featuring the King in a mascot costume, titled sneaky King, it was also created in February 2006. More recently, the King is said to appear in his own upcoming movie.

Whether you’re a fan of the King, the fast food restaurant itself, or want to get ready for the movie, a Burger King costume and mask would be the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe. It can even come in handy during the Halloween season or for fun at a local barbecue!


Part II: Managers, are you still making tough decisions?

part 2 of 2

Not all difficult decisions are negative. Some positive and fun decisions are also hard to make. Having a reproducible process for making decisions increases your chances of consistently making the right decisions.

In the sales business, you constantly make decisions from the moment you wake up and set daily goals and priorities to the moment you set an agenda for the next day. Who do you spend your precious time with today? What strategy do you use with each client? Does this last phone call warrant your immediate attention, or does it postpone attention until your prospecting objectives are met? Who do you have a face-to-face date with today and what clothes are the most suitable for such dates? Etc etc. etc…

In part one, we discuss three decision-making tools to augment the process you use to make the decisions you can comfortably live with. In the second part I will add two more theories that you can add to your repertoire.

Get in touch with your intuitive self

Many of us have met people who naturally have a strong intuitive side, and it seems that these people can come up with the best ideas and the most creative solutions with ease. You, on the other hand, may have to rely on your logical and analytical talents and information gathering skills to arrive at decisions you are comfortable with. There are ways to become more intuitive:

1. Gather as much information as you can

Especially if it’s an area you’re not very familiar with. Be careful with selective information. Get information from those closest to the problem. Be sure to take into account your own selective reporting biases.

2. Give yourself permission to brainstorm

Too often, we don’t allow ourselves to “fly” to come up with outrageous scenarios in the hope of finding a solution. This is especially evident in group decision making, where each member of the group is reluctant to bring new ideas to the table. Change the ground rules and tell everyone that it’s okay to work “from scratch,” even if those ideas haven’t been thought of.

3. Know the difference between left brain and right brain thinking

The left side of the brain is logically oriented and the right side is the creative and intuitive problem solver. When people say to you “This decision seems right to me”, consciously or not, they have allowed their right brain to work on the problem. What normally happens in group decision making is that everyone focuses on left-brain thinking. People pass spreadsheets, market analysis, and other left-brain material, and each member of the group begins to work left-brain style. But when the left brain is working, the right brain shuts down. Add stress to the mix and your right brain won’t have a chance to surface.

4. More information on “Information”

Have you ever noticed that when you stop working on something and come back to it later, you get a better solution? This process is also known as the Insight process, those “Aha’s”, or moments you’ve had where suddenly everything becomes crystal clear. One way to help this process is to change your physical environment. Instead of sitting at your desk and letting your left brain take over, move to a different place. Driving in your car may work for you. Or maybe you’ve noticed that more ideas come to you in the shower. Everyone comes up with real winners during the holidays, when you can feel the sand between your toes and hear the roar of the waves. Air travel is also a source of right-brain activity for some people. Have you seen the US Air TV commercial where a night sky is filled with hundreds of light bulbs? Another way to facilitate the Insight process without getting up from your seat in your office is to simply close the door, close your eyes, and take five slow, deep breaths. This will change your mindset immediately, helping your left brain calm down and allowing your right brain to take over.

5. Put mother nature to work for you!

Most of us have had wild ideas that come to us just before we fall asleep, just before we wake up, and certainly during our dreams. Mother Nature makes sure that we turn off our bodies every day of our lives. It is at those times of the night and early morning that our right brain has free reign over our entire mind. She captures those thoughts. Write them down or tape them immediately after experiencing them… even if she doesn’t know what to do with the thought, because those thoughts are slippery little ones that are hard to remember even minutes after we think them. She will be surprised at how much more creative she will become by making this process a routine.

Check your original premise

Work with solutions and choose the best one. If you have the luxury, sit with that solution overnight or for a couple of days. Then go back and review your original premise. Take a look at what you were originally trying to achieve. If your choice still feels correct and makes logical sense, without any modification, then it is the correct decision.

I hope this makes your decision-making process more enjoyable the next time you’re faced with an important one.


Why do we allow hackers to continue to threaten critical national infrastructure?

Financial losses due to cybercrime now exceed the total dollar amount of the illegal drug trade globally: more than a trillion dollars. By 2025, the total loss is projected to be more than six trillion dollars. That is incredible!

The entire critical infrastructure of every nation state is clearly at risk.

The major threats to a modern country such as the United States can be viewed from the point of view of its sixteen vital and interconnected economic and industrial sectors. Elements range from the energy sectors and finance to national defense and health care. The interdependencies are totally intertwined.

A former director of national intelligence in the United States called cybercrime the number one threat to national security.

Any nation whose political and business leaders do not respond aggressively to the threats that are lined up against their vital infrastructure is in deep trouble. Truth be told, this author is unimpressed with the lukewarm response of businesses, government officials, and everyday citizens to massive threats against civil society. The risks are being virtually ignored.

The author has presented at dozens of venues in the United States and the world on the dangers facing digital processing infrastructure. All countries that have established automated computerized controls on their economy and lifestyle face similar threats, from cybercriminals to rogue nation states that want to steal money or wage unrestricted information warfare with the aim of world domination.

Our populations are largely unaware of the magnitude of the problem. Many of the same politicians and leaders who should be providing strong leadership are ignoring the obvious signs and consequences.

The critical national infrastructures of every modern nation are interconnected to the point where the weakest link can be exploited to create the catastrophic destruction of an entire country. However, we are still accelerating to become more and more dependent on digital interfaces, sensors and controls every day.

We are now completely open to what one author, Winn Schwartau, called “Digital Pearl Harbor.”

The combined package of information security threats and vulnerabilities is massive. Threats are asymmetric in nature. They can range from a single individual buying a malware software package on the Internet to a nation-state using an information warfare battalion to scout soft infrastructure targets for exploitation.

Part of the author’s professional experience included working with the intelligence community to detect what are known as ‘over the horizon’ threats. I can assure you that there are legions of threats focused on the disruption and destruction of civilized society.

Adversaries are currently cataloging vulnerabilities in interconnected information systems around the world. Law-abiding nations, as well as business and industry, are significantly lagging behind, largely due to complacency.

Is it really that bad?

Consider answering the following question if you are having difficulty understanding the scope of the information security threat: “How many critical national infrastructures are fully protected from the effects of a high-energy EMP* weapon attack on the digital nerve centers of the world?” his country?” The answer is very few. Businesses and commerce, as well as civil authorities, can barely handle the effects of a blizzard, let alone survive the widespread digital destruction.

An EMP attack targeting a nation’s digital infrastructure has the potential to literally destroy all unprotected computing circuitry and render all devices, including computers, digital controls, and smartphones, inoperable.

A modern nation-state faces horrific and unimaginable effects in the event of a successful attack against its nation’s critical national infrastructure. An intelligence officer once commented on reality in layman’s terms. He said, “The one with the oxcart wins!” Many of us do not even recognize the problem.

I challenge you to learn as much as you can about strengthening your information security readiness.

* An EMP is a weapon designed to generate a pulse of high-energy gamma rays that can be destructive or damaging to delicate electronic circuits and equipment over a wide area.


I could have met him

I schedule my sessions so I can take a break to walk around the neighborhood. What a wonderful way to clear my head. As I wander through the tree-lined streets, I occasionally glance at a house, as if there is some connection between me and someone who lives there. And for a moment, I stop and wonder…

I recently Skyped with Renee, an elegant middle-aged lady with thick dark hair. She smiled as she introduced herself, then gestured to her adult son, sitting behind her.

“Can Bruce-” She stopped, flustered. “I mean Ted-“

The young man narrowed his eyes and looked at his mother.

“Ted,” he repeated with a shake of his head. “I don’t know why I said that.” Then he turned to me. “Can Ted sit in on my session?”

Ted acted like this was the last place he wanted to be. I closed my eyes and began to center myself, asking my guides to allow me to help this woman and her child. Instantly, I felt a strong connection to a masculine energy. “I’m getting the feeling that he was a strong man. He’s making me feel like a strap on my chest. Was he a personal trainer?”

“Yes,” Renée said. “That was my son, Bruce. Ted’s twin.”

“Bruce tells me he has a headache. A blood vessel burst in his brain. It was totally unexpected. It happened in the gym. There was nothing anyone could do…”

“Yes,” Renée replied. Bruce arrived with several messages for his mother and when he mentioned Ted, the young man’s ears perked up.

“Bruce is showing me a bowling ball,” I told him.

“Yes,” he murmured. “I haven’t really wanted to do that since he died. Sometimes he would go bowling with me and play pool while I played in my league.”

At the end of the session, I felt compelled to stay and talk with Renee to comfort her. Being a mother myself, I could only imagine how difficult it was to lose a child.

“I don’t know why I called Ted by his brother’s name,” he said. “I have never done that.”

“I think that was his way of letting you know he was here,” I told him. “His presence of hers was very strong.” In fact, I saw it so clearly in my mind that I could have described it down to the buttons on his flannel shirt.

“I’ve never been to a medium before,” Renee said. “One of the reasons I felt comfortable making an appointment with you is that your office is located two blocks from where Bruce lived. He always told me how much he liked living in this area. Everyone is so nice.”

I shivered as I said goodbye to my clients and then looked out the window. I felt Bruce’s presence still with me. He had lived in my neighborhood. I could have seen him jog. My cart could have passed yours at the grocery store. Could I have greeted him while he was out for one of my walks?

Down the street, a burly guy in a Jays T-shirt was mowing the lawn. He stopped for a moment to chat with a young woman and her daughter, who were walking a beagle. The dog sniffed at the man’s ankle and then sniffed the grass as if he expected to find a bone. I didn’t know the woman or her daughter, but the man had helped me start my car a few winters ago. I decided to go over and say hello. It is important to appreciate your neighbors. Bruce would have liked that.


History of Ogwashi-Uku: The Battle for Sectional Supremacy

”A people without knowledge of its past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”, (Marcus Garvey).

Thus we define history as the study of past events, particularly in human affairs, or rather the entire series of past events relating to a person, thing, community, nation, or even an empire. Today, we have reams of documented stories of people, places, or countries whose history cannot be denied or contradicted. The Bible provides a classic example from history that has not been contradicted even though the new generation of ‘men of God’ are twisting the Bible to suit their purposes.

Ogwashi-Uku as a community is not isolated from finding the ‘real and true’ story of their origin and possibly having it instead. Having this history in place has suffered severely as the prevailing oral history that is always available often lacks attributes such as research backing with precise dates and events. In addition, factual content, empirical knowledge and peculiarities that can guarantee an authentic history of the kingdom are unfortunately lacking. Most people have been limited by the fact that they cannot read or write and therefore have not seen a written story. I note, with some trepidation, that there is a vibrant literate class trained as historians, and who, for some reason, may not have treated the idea of ​​a history book for their homeland lightly, but simply put off its execution, thus resulting in high ideas that are gradually extinguished in their memories and programs.

People like F. N Odum, lived and died for the cause of history written by the beloved homeland. In contrast to the baseless oral history common today with different kinds of variations, the Ogwashi-uku story is a distillation of standard versions from medieval times to the present, full of events, adventures, and heroism. Writing the history of Ogwashi-uku may not be complete without mentioning those renowned men who made Ogwashi-uku terrible. These include war legends such as Nwabuzo Nwaiyogolo and his celebrated counterpart, Agbambu Anika, and other brave and successful men who, by their deed and strength, seemed larger than the kingdom itself.

The closest documented history of Ogwashi-Uku, though not conclusive, is the work of Ben Nwabuwa, who at the age of 39, with the encouragement of Mr. A. R Okaeme, had written a well-documented book on the Kingdom of Ogwashi-Uku. uku. In writing this, I pay tribute to this great son of the earth in the effort to find who we are as a people.

Before now, I have pointed out the difficulties associated with stories. This could be due to the fact that it is often forged, or that the person who wrote it did not do the necessary research before drawing their conclusions. And then there are other individuals who can make no effort to ascertain the authenticity of anything, but are quite apt to condemn the work of others, especially if such history does not see them or considers them first before anyone else. In this sense, I think this is absurd, despicable and delusional. It is more destructive than constructive. In my opinion, we should be chasing the form more than the substance, and denounce any disproportionate interference if we want to move forward in the search for our true root or, at best, accept what has been written so far.

A few weeks ago I published the dynasties of Ogwashi-Uku and later, the Nine Federative Units of Ogwashi-Uku on Facebook. Those posts went viral. On the dynasties, I got more than 50 likes and more than 30 comments, while 17 people sent me thank you messages for that post. One person specifically said that he thought that Obi Izedinor alone was the only Obi that Ogwashi-uku had had so far.

There were others who joined the thread, without the slightest knowledge of the subject under discussion just to prove that they are from the “royal family”. Others argued that it was incomplete, wrong, and misleading with no genuine reason(s) to back it up. A careful reader or critical thinker would have looked at the list of enumerated monarchs and perhaps highlighted the question marks placed on most of those monarchs to see the gaps and lapses. Those gaps and lapses show that the quest for kingship has been going on for decades in the Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom. What precisely was “incorrect, incomplete or misleading” in the post? At what time were the names mentioned incomplete? Unanswered! Apparently, these groups fell into the categories of people mentioned above. They would rather be happy to see the history of Ogwashi-uku modeled around their own neighborhoods, or mention the names of their ancestors under whom Ogwashi-Uku could never have existed.

The second post was more or less technical. Ogwashi ebo-iteni (Ogwashi, the 9th federative unit). I understand people’s frustration at not seeing their own neighborhoods on the list, but that’s the way it is. You just can’t change things that have been there for a long time. We can misunderstand things like the new generation preachers mentioned above, but there are things we can’t vehemently change. Those who fought over this issue knew the truth, but the question was, who is the author and who gave him the nerve to broach such an issue without acknowledging them or their quarters? Is he one of the first settlers or from the royal family?

But, here’s the deal. I grew up in Ogwashi-Uku, living with my grandmother whose fondness for the history of the kingdom of Ogwashi-Uku was invaluable; and a father who lived to see the relentless murderous carnage carried out by the feared Nwabuzor Nwaiyogolo of Azungwu. Can I start writing now, using my dad or grandma as my source? How can I quote them to portray them as heroes? Would anyone in their right mind ever believe me? This is definitely an issue for me. I was barely 18 years old when I started collecting information about the Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom. Those materials, including those from the Ibadan National Library, and those given to me free of charge by the late Professor Andy Ajiduah from the education department at the University of Lagos. There are other materials including photocopies from the British Library in Euston Road, King’s Cross, London, and finally a book that I hold dear; Ogwashi_uku Kingdom; 1,000 Years of Traditional Democracy and Cultural Life: 950-1940, by Ben Nwabuwa.

At relevant times, none of these materials have been questioned, denied, refuted or contradicted; and perhaps the most important reason why anyone who tends to challenge me on this issue must be fully prepared and, when necessary, present a constructive argument to convince me otherwise.

To make a thoughtless falsification of history for personal or one-sided gain is the last and worst depth to which any scholar or anyone can descend in life. This counterfeiting may do more to prevent or trigger an erosion of human development than ever known to mankind. As people, we need to learn where we have failed, and whether we accept it or not, it is of paramount importance as this may herald an erosion of people’s right to know and a clear threat to a legitimate investigation that is very likely to set a precedent. dangerous to the intellectual knowledge of our revered community. In all of these, we owe it as an obligatory duty to our children who are prone to asking questions.

I have previously argued that no form of informative or scholarly research has been successful using a source. Research methodology on any given topic may include publication research, interviews, surveys, and other research techniques, including historical information if required. By the time our preliminary research is complete, we need to narrow our focus, organize that information, access scholarly sources, and subsequently evaluate and analyze all the materials we’ve collected. In doing this analysis, all of the above procedures must be considered, including oral interviews, and before long, in the course of our evaluations, we can see, without being told, where fiction gives way to reality and vice versa. It is, in my opinion, on the basis of these that we can authoritatively and categorically quote our source without any panic or anxiety.

Asking Diokpa Okafor or Nwafor because he is 120 years old is not enough and over time, we must question diokpa’s mental capacity to answer such questions as he has shown, in most cases, that one’s knowledge of a subject given tends to decrease. along with age. If diokpa cannot tell us precisely “what happened, when, where, who was involved and how it happened”, it is unlikely that any information collected in such a way would be used by a sane mind as a reliable source, on the ground. only diokpa is 120 years.

However, it would be highly unfair to suggest that diokpa’s contribution is unimportant. It should be noted that experience has continually shown that most of them in this category are intellectually sound, even when most of them cannot remember when they were born. Anything we’ve been told needs to be cross-checked with other sources before we can come to any meaningful conclusions.

We can play with the development of our community and even play politics with it, but I guess we can’t play with the valuable history of the kingdom of Ogwashi-uku. We can never move forward as a community riddled with cheap lies, innuendo and unacceptable fabrications that see us first before anyone else in the Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom.

Despite our differences, I pray that we can all challenge ourselves to delve into the deepest resources of our hearts; cultivate an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance, tolerance and compassion.


Michelangelo’s famous inventions

Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo they are frequently compared throughout their careers to try to decide who was the most important artist of the Renaissance era. One aspect of his work to study is that of invention, and it is here that Da Vinci has the advantage. This article, however, will give examples of how Michelangelo remained influential in this sphere of creativity and place them in context with the rest of the work he produced during his illustrious career.

Da Vinci made sketches of his own ideas, and these have become well-known inventions, in some cases even becoming reality. However, Michelangelo only worked on other people’s ideas and was therefore not a true inventor in the normal way. However, he worked closely on many inventions, signing on to add his considerable drawing skills to help illustrate and promote several new products.

After producing notable sculptures and frescoes, Michelangelo had built an exceptional reputation as an artist and also had some high-profile contacts that the commissioned inventors may also have sought to exploit in their attempts to bring their respective products to market.

Michelangelo may not have invented anything, in terms of actual products, but he did invent and create a lot in the sphere of art with new techniques and ideas on how fresco art and sculpture could be done. The greatest impact of the Renaissance was through new ideas like these, and this is why Michelangelo is still considered one of the masters of this era.

Leonardo da Vinci was well known for having invented the first versions of a diving suit, an armored tank, and a parachute. It is perhaps the difference between da Vinci and Michelangelo in the stakes of invention, plus the fame of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, that demonstrated the difference between these true Renaissance masters. Fortunately, both are still highly revered and respected by those who understand the importance of this artistic period in which so many changes and new ideas arose.

We can conclude that as creative and innovative as Michelangelo was, he was not an inventor in terms of coming up with new products. But he was inventive, in a way, with his new ideas about how art, literature, and architecture could function within the Renaissance, and his influential work would shape much that followed in each of these areas of art. the society.