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Is Kundalini Yoga Good For Anxiety?

Kundalini Yoga Good

Kundalini yoga (meaning “coiled energy”) is a form of yoga that combines deep breathing, physical postures or movements and sound. It is believed that the practice of kundalini yoga can help reduce anxiety symptoms and improve mental health. It can also be used as a complement to traditional therapy and other treatments for anxiety disorders such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and medications.

Kundalini yoga course online has been shown to increase serotonin levels in the brain, which can decrease anxiety symptoms. The practice also has been known to lower blood pressure, and improve mood and sleep. The combination of movement, breathwork and meditation is thought to produce an immediate calming effect. It is important to note that if you are taking any prescription medication, a medical professional should be consulted before starting kundalini yoga.

The first step to getting started with kundalini yoga is creating a quiet space in your home where you can meditate. It is recommended to use a room that has comfortable furniture and enough space for you to move around. Having a comfortable place to sit and meditate will help you relax, which is an essential element in reducing anxiety symptoms.

Is Kundalini Yoga Good For Anxiety?

Start by sitting cross-legged with your hands resting on your knees, with the tips of your index finger and thumb touching. This is called the gyan mudra, which stimulates the brain’s knowledge centers and encourages receptivity. This is an essential technique to learn in kundalini yoga because it prepares the mind for meditation and helps you regain focus when your thoughts become adrift.

During the class, you will be guided through three essential pranayama exercises, including long deep breathing, alternate nostril breathing and chanting. Chanting is an integral part of kundalini yoga, and it has been shown to promote relaxation and calm the nervous system. In addition to calming the body, this technique is also a powerful way to connect with the divine and invoke positivity and strength.

Breathing techniques are one of the most powerful tools for managing anxiety and stress. Kundalini yoga incorporates various breathing rhythms to stimulate the flow of oxygen in the body and trigger a neurotransmitter release that relieves anxiety and depression. For example, if you are experiencing low blood sugar, the bhadrasiaran nadi shodhana breathing practice can help reduce the sensation by stimulating the release of insulin in the body.

Although the benefits of kundalini yoga have been well documented in studies, it is important to remember that it should be used as an adjunct to other treatment options for anxiety, especially if you are diagnosed with a more severe disorder such as generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder. A recent study that compared kundalini yoga with CBT found that kundalini yoga was better than the control group in reducing anxiety, but it did not meet noninferiority standards to CBT. In the study, 226 adults were randomly assigned to either a kundalini yoga group or a stress education control condition and then followed up for twelve weeks.