Yorkshire Terriers: small but mighty

Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies as they are commonly called, are very small dogs that do not seem to realize that they are small. They are very brave, always ready to go on an adventure and almost always full of energy. It will be difficult to find a small dog that has more guts and attitude than a Yorkie.

The average dog of this breed weighs only 7 pounds and stands around 7 inches tall from floor to shoulders. They have very small bodies and are very susceptible to injury. This makes this dog unsuitable for families with young children.

The Yorkie has long, straight hair in several different colors. Because of this, it is important to bathe, comb, and cut them more often than other breeds. If the hair becomes too long in the front, the dog will have difficulty seeing and may start to have eye problems due to infections caused by hair in the eyes.

Yorkshire Terriers are very effective and make excellent companions as long as they understand, and except that their human owner is the alpha of the pack. If they are not trained in this way, they will become suspicious of other people, as well as other animals, and may begin to show aggressive tendencies. It is very important, with this breed of dog, that the owner is in charge of every situation, which will allow the dog to feel safe and part of the pack. In this way, they will not misbehave and will be well-behaved pets.

These dogs are fairly easy to train as long as the alpha state is established immediately, but they can be very rebellious and stubborn at times. To avoid this, the owner must be in control, but must also give the dog the space it needs to learn and explore on its own.

If the Yorkie begins to feel lonely, abused, or needs constant human attention, it can show mood swings, nervousness, and even aggression. Again, these types of dogs demand positive attention, but they must also have some personal space.

The Yorkie is a perfect companion for older children and adults because they are very loyal and active, but they are not a good companion for younger children because they are very fragile. They also require a lot of attention when cleaning and styling them, and because they are so small, they have a hard time adapting to severe weather changes. Before buying a Yorkshire Terrier, make sure you have the right temperament and have the patience to deal with them. They are very demanding and needy dogs at times, and if their owners do not satisfy that need, they can become dogs with behavioral problems.