What is a locking wheel nut remover?

If you have a car, you probably know that the rim of that wheel is attached to the axles of threaded studs using something called a wheel lock nut. This is able to maintain its lock on the wheel axle by means of a nylon thread insert that lines the central hole of the nut. If you need to change a wheel on your car you may need to remove this nut, however this can be difficult if the insert is worn or torn.

It is not a good idea to try to use a wrench, as some people advise, to try to remove it from the threaded bolt shaft. If you lose grip, you could end up damaging the wheel rim. The easiest way to loosen and remove a jammed nut is to use a locking wheel nut puller to remove it. This should be placed on your socket wrench and then placed over the nut. The way most of these are made means you have to exert some force to fit them together.

As soon as you can grab the nut with the wheel nut puller, turn it clockwise, which will tighten its hold. When you tighten the nut before attempting to remove it, it is sometimes possible to push the nylon thread back into alignment with the threads of the nut. Once it has been turned clockwise, it should be turned counterclockwise. These twists are designed to loosen the nut’s grip on the bolt shaft, making it easier to remove.

Although the above method of removing a stripped wheel nut is the simplest, it does not always work and you may need to try other methods. You may need to fit the Locking Wheel Nut Puller onto the wrench in the same way, but instead of placing it over the nut; you put it aside. Leave the key where it is and place the butane or torch. Applying a little heat can burn the nylon thread. As soon as you detect the scent of burnt nylon, turn off the torch and then take the key again.

Once you have burned the thread, with the wrench you can push the tool over the nut and then turn it counterclockwise. Turning it this way should loosen your grip on the threaded bolt shaft, allowing you to remove it. Again, this method of removal is not always successful and you may have to resort to cutting the nut by hand. The latter method could be avoided by using one of the best locking wheel nut extractors on the market today.

As you can see, it is not always a straightforward process, even with the correct tool. Rather than risk damaging the tire, wheel rim, or lug nuts, it is probably best to take your car to a professional to have the wheel removed safely and without incident.