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Use cabinet lining in the staging process to sell your home

“Cash so I can collect”

As a homeowner preparing to put your home on the market, have you ever found yourself thinking…

The house will be sold; we don’t have to do anything to it.

Why spend more money on this house? You can see it well.

These misconceptions can cost you time and money. These days, other homes on the market competing for that buyer are new construction that offer updated kitchens and baths, and show up and sell quickly. Few are willing to buy a home that looks worn, dated, or so shabby that even a fresh coat of paint won’t hide it. Buyers are looking for a home that is move-in-ready, affordable, and offers a little more than expected.

When you’re ready to put your home on the market for sale, it becomes a commodity. Similar to a product on the shelf at your local store, the product has features and benefits. Your home is no different, it’s one of many homes for sale, and you need to present it to buyers in the best possible light. Make your house look better and show more value than the other houses, to compete in the market.

First impressions are very important! When a staged home comes on the market, it stands out so most buyers will want to move quickly.

So what is staging?

Staging is the process of preparing any home for sale, regardless of price or location. Consider that your home is unique to you and your family. You have everything in place to fit your personal lifestyle. Now that you plan to sell your home, you need to make it attractive to sell to a variety of buyers. This means that people who come to see your house to buy it should see themselves living in it and be inspired to make it their own.

Evaluation of the kitchen and bathrooms

Kitchens are the true heart of a home and bathrooms need to be not only functional but also beautifully assembled. Take an objective look at the cabinets and countertops. Are the cabinets and countertops worn or outdated? To attract a homebuyer and motivate them to buy your home, it may take more than just a facelift. Offering additional conveniences, which are built in, can seal the deal.

How is your home measured?

Here are three keys to consider in assessing whether your kitchen and baths need modification to meet today’s demands and trends.

1. Are the counter and cabinet surfaces durable and easy to maintain?
2. Are the hardware and accessories up-to-date and stylish?
3. Are the cabinets, doors and drawers fully functional and offer additional conveniences?

Cabinet lining will do the job.

Use cabinet veneer to change and update the exterior of existing cabinets. Replace cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware with updated hardware. Modify cabinet boxes and drawers, adding accessories like pull-out drawers and shelves, trash sliders, cutlery trays, and lazy susans.

Cabinet refinishing is the popular choice for completing a kitchen remodel because it is available at a fraction of the cost and can be completed in much less time. It’s a cheap, efficient and fast way to increase the value of your home and improve its appearance, without the stress of dismantling existing cabinets. Cabinet remodeling takes just days versus weeks to replace cabinets.

personal preference

When deciding on colors and styles to use, avoid personal preference and opt for a neutral palette that allows the buyer to see themselves in their dream home.

Hire an NKBA professional to do the job.

Based on written examinations and experience, the NKBA Certification is the primary hallmark for kitchen and bath professionals. NKBA-certified designers must also meet mandatory continuing education requirements annually. An NKBA Certified Professional can quickly assess what will update your kitchen and baths using cabinet refinishing techniques, with the greatest appeal and convenience for the most people.

Cabinet relining as part of the staging process

Using cabinet refinishing as part of your staging process is a proven technique to help you sell your home faster and for more money. Employing these strategies will give you the edge in selling your home in this competitive market and you can do as much as you want and your budget allows. By reworking your home furnishings and creating space, warmth and function and highlighting the positive features of your home, you can set your home up for a successful sale. The way you live and the way you show a house are two different things. Knowing that your home is prepared and ready to sell, real estate agents will have great confidence in showing your home to potential buyers.