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Sync 3 now supports Apple CarPlay

Ford now supports SYNC 3 with software updates to support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™ for 2016 and 2017 model year vehicles.

Customers can now upgrade by downloading the software to a USB drive, visiting a dealer, or using a wireless Wi-Fi connection. This is Ford’s first software update over Wi-Fi. It offers a convenient and automated alternative to existing update methods.

Customers with 2016 model year Ford vehicles can upgrade to the new SYNC 3 version 2.2 to get this support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

“Our SYNC 3 software platform was designed to be easy to upgrade so that we can offer our customers the latest and greatest features, functional enhancements and safety,” said Don Butler, CEO of Ford Connected Vehicle and Services. “With wireless updates, we can offer new features to customers in the background while they continue to use their vehicles.”

Android Auto

Compatible with Android ™ 5.0 and higher devices, Android Auto experience Android in the vehicle safely and easily. It offers Google Maps, Google Play Music, telephone, messaging, and third-party applications projected on the car’s built-in screen and available through voice controls. With a streamlined interface, large touch targets, Google voice search, and easy-to-use voice controls, Android Auto is designed to minimize distractions on the go.

Android, Android Auto, Google Maps, and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 5 and later with iOS 7.1 or later. Apple CarPlay offers iPhone users an intuitive way to make phone calls, use voice-guided navigation, listen to music, and send and receive messages. Convenience allows the driver to stay focused on the road. Users can control Apple CarPlay through the vehicle screen or via Siri voice control. Apple CarPlay compatibility requires a USB hub upgrade available from Ford dealers.

SYNC 3 currently supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on all 2017 model year Ford cars, including Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, and Mustang, SUVs including Escape, Explorer, and Expedition, F-series trucks, and Ford electrified vehicles.

Receive updates over Wi-Fi

Ford has had SYNC updates since 2009, but this is the first time the company has offered an update over Wi-Fi. In Wi-Fi enabled vehicles with Automatic System Updates enabled within SYNC 3, the system will periodically connect to the designated Wi-Fi network to check for updates. If an update is available, the system automatically downloads it in the background for a period of time without customer interaction. And SYNC 3 is designed to update as long as Wi-Fi is connected before the vehicle is turned off, so there is no need to keep the vehicle running for the update to take place.

Visit the support site and register / log in to learn more about these updates.


Ness Notes for August 8

The Dodgers continued to maintain the proverbial “full pedal” last night, winning their 10th straight game with a 7-2 victory over the Rockies. MLB’s longest active winning streak is also the Dodgers’ first 10-game winning streak since May 2003. Jeff Kent returned after missing 18 games and had one HR and three RBIs.

My free game for Tuesday is the Los Angeles Dodgers over the Col Rockies at 10:10 ET. On Tuesday I’m introducing another new Technical Insider (won last night with Seattle) plus one of my exclusive Insiders from Las Vegas (62% winners since May 1, despite a drop in late July). Get them right now.

LA, which was 7 1/2 games behind San Diego in the West in late July, is now just 1 1/2 games behind the Padres and is tied with the Reds for first place in a wild-card field of the National League packed. Greg Maddux will make his Dodger Stadium debut tonight against the Rockies (10:10 ET), as Los Angeles looks for its 11th straight win in a tight 15-game schedule for Tuesday. MLB’s worst team, the Royals 38-73, are on a four-game losing streak in their home game tonight against the Red Sox (8:10 ET).

The Tigers continued to dominate the Twins this year, beating Minnesota 9-3 on Monday night. Detroit is now 10-3 against Minnesota this year, including 7-0 at Comerica Park (they’ve outscored the Twins 56-11). The Twins’ loss ended the team’s eight-game winning streak on the road, which had equaled a franchise record.

However, the biggest story from last night’s game may be rookie phenom Francisco Liriano’s health. Liriano had missed his previous start with a sore left forearm and allowed a season-high 10 hits last night in just four innings. His ERA this year against the Tigers is 7.63 compared to 1.39 against the rest of MLB.

Speaking of the Tigers, they now have a season record of 50 games over .500 at 76-36 and the team’s .679 winning percentage puts them on track to win 109 or 110 games. The Tigers joined the American League in 1901 and have only five 100-win seasons. The most memorable is the 1968 team that won 103 plus a World Series over the Cardinals and the 1984 team that won 104 games plus a World Series over the Padres.

Zack Miner improved to 7-2 with a win Monday, giving Detroit three rookie pitchers who are at least five games above .500. The others are Justin Verlander (14-4) and Joel Zumaya (6-1). No major league team in the past 120 years has had three rookie pitchers who finished the season at least five games above .500.

Two other release notes from Monday’s games include Chicago’s Mark Buehrle and San Francisco’s Jason Schmidt. Mark Buehrle was 9-4 with a 3.22 ERA through the end of June. At the time, he ranked seventh in the American League in wins and sixth in ERA. In seven starts since early July, Buehrle is 0-6 with a 9.61 ERA. That’s the most losses and the highest ERA (minimum: 25 innings) for any major league pitcher since July 1.

Schmidt beat the D’backs 8-4 last night. While the victories raise his season mark to just 9-7, 3.15, he is now undefeated in his last 15 starts against the Diamondbacks since the start of the 2003 season. Schmidt’s 15-start unbeaten streak against Arizona is tied at 3rd longest current streak of any pitcher against any team.

John Smoltz is undefeated in his last 17 starts against the Reds (since 1995) and David Wells is undefeated in 16 straight games against the Royals (since 1993). The other 15-game streak is Schmidt himself, against the Marlins (since 1996).

Tonight’s 15-game schedule features just one television game, the Yankees in Chicago, where they open a three-game series against the White Sox (WGN at 8:05 ET). It wasn’t long ago that the White Sox still had hopes of catching Detroit, trailing the Tigers by two and a half games as they entered a three-game series at Yankee Stadium after the All-Star Game. However, New York edged Chicago 26-12 to sweep the series.

The sweep started a streak in which the White Sox lost 10 of 12 games to lag far behind the Tigers. Chicago (65-45) is 10 games behind Detroit in the AL Central, but tied for the wild-card lead with Boston. Meanwhile, New York has won 16 of 22 games since halftime and 10 of its last 12 overall. The Yankees have overtaken the Red Sox for the AL East lead and have a two-game lead over archrivals.

Chien-Ming Wang (13-4, 3.58 ERA) puts his five-game winning streak on the line when he starts Game 1 for the Yankees. Wang is 5-0 with a 1.64 ERA in his last five outings and is entering an 18-inning streak without a run. Chicago’s Freddy Garcia (10-7, 4.87) is winless in his last six starts, going 0-3 with a 5.50 ERA.

Week 1 of the 2006 NFL preseason begins Thursday night. The Eagles, 16-10 losers to the Raiders a couple of nights ago, will host the Browns (Philadelphia is a three-point option with 33 1/2 total) and the Rams will host the Colts at 8:00. Et the. Fox. The Rams are a 5 1/2 point top pick with a 38 1/2 total.

College football ranks are set for the first weekend of the season, with the first games being played on Thursday, August 31. The No. 1 Ohio State (coaches poll) opens with a home game on Saturday, September 2. Illinois and are one of the first 19-point picks.

Three of the most exciting games on Opening Weekend will be played on September 2 (Saturday). No. 12 Cal is at No. 23 Tennessee, where the Vols are favored by two points. Notre Dame, tied for third with USC in the preseason coaches poll, visits Atlanta to face Georgia Tech (the Irish are an eight-point option) and co-No. 3 USC is on track to face unranked Arkansas (Trojans are favorites by 8 1/2 points).

There will be much more soccer news tomorrow as Ness Notes will be available Monday through Friday at 1:00 ET.

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First steps towards a happy life as a minimalist

Since I avoid paying for Hulu and Netflix services, I have been exploring more fully what YouTube has to offer. It’s interesting what you connect with when selecting your own entertainment. One community or trend that I have followed is that of tiny houses and the trends of minimalism. I was raised by minimalists and have always been quite subconsciously minimalist, but now I want to wake up to more possibilities with that.

The first step is to open your eyes to the things you consume and surround yourself with at home. I think everyone has some things that stand out as things that we seem to collect, but that we don’t take advantage of. This may motivate us to part ways with these things, simply stop collecting more or make an effort to use what we have already collected. I’ve always been a fan of the shopping needs pyramid and would love to recreate it as a piece of art to hang in my home. The base of the pyramid, similar to a food pyramid, are the healthiest options. From bottom to top, the buying hierarchy is: use what you have, borrow, trade, save, make, and finally buy.

These are the things that I noticed I collect that I am not getting optimal use of.


I am such a creative person. Crafting makes me feel good until my mind has created more things than I can physically support and even storing my supplies has become a mess. This year I have decided to clean my palette. Once I have completed the crafts in the queue, I will put all my creative energy into writing because it takes up little space and furthers my career.


Books are another of the usual consumptions with a new minimalist look at the beginning. I’m not THAT bad, but I’m a new mom who hasn’t had a chance to regularly read the books I’ve accumulated. Instead of using my credit card points on books as I usually do as a gift to myself, I am going to read what I have and hand over my points for cash rewards. If I’m interested in reading a book on a topic on a whim, there are plenty of free and inexpensive books offered on Google Play.


Jewelry doesn’t take up much space, but it encourages me to buy more clothes to match. Some jewelry lovers may have great pieces that go with everything, but not me! Over the years I have made a small collection and I never wear them. It’s sad. If I can’t add them to my wardrobe anymore, I’m going to donate them and combine them with the most versatile and interchangeable pieces.


With a changing body, from pregnancy to postpartum, my wardrobe has expanded and not in a good way. There are clothes left that I would never consider putting away; ripped tank tops, ugly dresses, ill-fitting pants, and leggings and sweatpants with holes. All because I anticipate more changes and also stretch and mistreat the clothes until I finish breastfeeding. When I walk into my lavish but organized closet, I try on various pieces before being satisfied with the fit, look, and quality of an outfit. To feel good in my current wardrobe, I will have to adjust the collection and cut the fat. Anything you are not absolutely sure you need to throw out will go to a Rubbermaid bin in another closet for removal and evaluation in another season.

My son’s toys

After reading about Montessori methods, I understand the importance of not having too many toys so that a child can work on the concentration and skills associated with one or a few age-appropriate toys. Since then I have been distributing toys that he grows up with and even toys that are appropriate for his age at his grandparents’ house or distributed in different rooms. Being overwhelmed with toys only makes the child focus less on them and more on getting into whatever they are doing! It also contributes to a messy home and safety hazards, which is why I am much more pleased when my son has 3 age-appropriate toys in each room that I can sit down and show him how to use. It is more peaceful for all of us.

What things do you have an overabundance of? Some other examples might be makeup, tools, film, cables and remotes, canned food that never circulates, or boxes “that may come in handy.” What things are you consuming that can be cut from your budget to provide you with a savings or vacation cushion? Some of these things might include coffee and lunch bought away from home, eating out in general, and Hulu / Netflix / Cable. Maybe you buy so much of something that you DO use that you can buy it in bulk to save money and save our planet from excessive packaging waste. Exploring feasible minimalist practices can only help you, your family, and your planet. What are you waiting for?

Arts Entertainments

The modern people

We recently traveled to New York to be part of our granddaughter’s birthday celebration that took place in a few days. The plane was half full and, except for the two-year-old twins across the aisle, pretty quiet! The kids (and their parents) were going to visit Grandma and Grandpa, and as I watched their activity level, I hoped that Grandma and Grandpa would have a great garden and lots of energy.

I already knew what to expect from our (almost) 7-year-old granddaughter. He would take us by the hands and lead us to his bedroom, close the door firmly, and place us on his bed. Then it would show us all of your most recent acquisitions. Many of them would have some connection to the movie “Frozen”, his most recent obsession. Ooh and aah at the right times and she and I would apply age-appropriate makeup, nail polish, and skin glow that would peel off in 15 minutes. She would sing some of the songs from “Frozen” to us and then we would go to the living room to play the “Sorry” game. What fun!

My husband keeps saying that if we had known that grandkids were so much fun, we would have had them first! But we both know they are so much fun because we’ve already been through all of this raising three children. Now I understand why it is better to live in “villages”, to have an extended family around you to share the bad and the good moments; to take some of the burden off overwhelmed parents and share some of the wisdom gained over the years.

I know I know! Sometimes this “wisdom” is less than wise, and sometimes it just adds more stress to young parents trying to do everything at once. But in general, I think the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is valid.

Neither of our parents lived nearby when we were raising our children. That was partly because we were looking for jobs and opportunities and partly because we chose to live apart from parents who, we feared, could simply add more stress to our lives. We were probably right about the latter, but I wonder now that I am a grandfather, if we do not deprive ourselves and our children of really knowing their “village”.

My “village” consisted of three great-uncles, great-aunts, my grandmother, and a variety of cousins, some who lived in the city and others who visited in the summer. My uncles and my grandmother had traveled from Lithuania to Virginia, Minnesota in their twenties, seeking more opportunities and trying to escape pogroms targeting the Jewish community in their home country. They literally left their village behind and later recreated it in a small town in northern Minnesota.

I remember vacations at Aunt Bess and Uncle Carl’s house, poker games every Saturday night at rotating houses, and fishing trips in wooden rowboats that carried too many people. I remember my grandmother who gave me unconditional love and died years early. My most vivid memory of my grandmother is visiting her on Friday afternoons and walking over the newspapers placed on the wet floor of her kitchen, my nose filled with the wonderful aroma of chicken soup simmering on the stove. The freshly washed floor and the good smells of dinner were in preparation for Shabbat, which came at dusk.

When Grandma died, we moved into her house above the store and family poker games were often held at our house. Both men and women played and the mixing created nights filled with loud conversation, good food, and a lot of tension. Most of the time, the game ended in a heated argument and threats to quit the game. Usually this lasted until the end of the following week, when it was time to meet up for the next poker night. My brother and I would hide under the table or try to disappear into a quiet corner so they wouldn’t send us to bed and lose all the excitement.

In the summer, my family often gathered at Uncle Carl and Aunt Bess’s cabin on a small lake that offered good walleye fishing. This is where I learned to swim and meet older cousins ​​and their families returning from places like Minneapolis and Detroit, where they had settled after leaving home. We were scattering, like all second-generation American families.

I always knew that I would not settle in Virginia. As much as I loved it, the city had less and less to offer as the iron ore that had funded the original boom was mined. I think my parents realized this too and knew that once my brother and I were sent to college, we would never live there again.

So my husband and I have created our own villages in every place we live; first in southern California, then in upstate New York, and finally in Florida. Our extended families visited us and we visited them, trying to keep the bond alive. But now our children are doing the same; creating their own towns where they live. We all work hard to keep the family bond alive with frequent visits, phone calls, and emails, and I’m so thankful for the airplanes, the phones, and Skype. They all help to keep our villages intact when we don’t live on the same street.

After landing in New York, I ran to collect my luggage, hoping to see the reunion of the twins and their parents with their grandparents. And there they were, lifting the suddenly shy children in their arms for lots of hugs and kisses. After our bags arrived, we too were on our way in a taxi to spend time with our daughter, son-in-law, and our nearly seven-year-old granddaughter. And for a few days, part of our village was together and we made new memories for our granddaughter to take into her future.


Social Media Optimization Trends for 2017

The evolution of Snap is expected to lead to new opportunities, which would be interesting to say the least, in 2017. In recent months, Snap, formerly and more popularly known as Snapchat, has improved by leaps and bounds. Experts predict big things for this platform in the coming days. Snap has already managed to change the major trends and user expectations in the world of social media marketing. Thanks to Snap, the vision of communication focused on the moment is back again. This has meant more lively and spontaneous content. It has helped developers create more applications that are focused on mobile platforms.

Snap has also featured vertical videos and made them part of the mainstream. However, he is now looking to develop products that are outside the scope of his domain of focus: that of message exchange. It seeks to offer real-world glasses to its users so that they can capture first-person visual information. When it comes to optimizing social media, Snap will be at the center of it all. It is also expected to provide some major league marketing opportunities.

Twitter fatigue will get worse

Experts believe that not everything is going well with Twitter and, in the future, it is not expected to improve in 2017 either. In fact, in recent years many people have said that Twitter will soon die a natural death. However, there are also those who believe that Twitter will in all likelihood be there for at least another year. However, they also say that Twitter fatigue will increase significantly in 2017. Twitter is known for its short updates delivered at a breakneck rate, but it also contributes to a large number of inbound and outbound tweets.

When it started, it was quite exciting for the simple reason that it was brand new. However, now users have gotten used to it and are asking for something very different. They want it to be bigger, to have more detail, and to have more interesting content as well. They also want the pace to be slower. In fact, Instagram has already started to slow down its rate of updates.

More sensational experiences

Yes, this is what users will want in 2017 and they want social networks to fulfill that role, to be the provider so to speak. It would no longer be enough for users to declare on social networks that they are attending an event; They need to show others how it feels to attend that event live. This can be achieved through live video and 360-degree images. Even posting in real time could also solve the puzzle to some extent. The basic idea would be to make the others, who are not present, feel part of the whole show. They should feel that they are a genuine and organic part of the whole experience, even as it continues to unfold.

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Choosing door handles and doorknobs for your kitchen

Buying door knobs and handles is just one of the things you need to worry about when it comes to kitchen renovation. When shopping for these vital parts, you’re not just choosing the available products that you like. The kitchen is a very important space in the house. That is why it is essential that you select the most suitable door knobs and handles for your cabinets. The following are some factors to consider if you want to get the best door knobs and handles for your kitchen:

• Style – Take a look at your kitchen and determine its style. Does it look modern? Does it seem traditional? Since door knobs and handles come in a variety of styles, you won’t have a hard time choosing the ones that will look good with your kitchen. You want these things to complement the rest of your kitchen. That is why you should stick with the particular style that your kitchen exhibits. If there are door handles in your kitchen, decide if you want to stick with your style or if you want to go for a different style.

• Finish – Door knobs and handles are also available in a wide range of finishes. So which finish should you select? You should select one that can handle wear and tear well. But just because a particular finish can handle wear and tear well doesn’t mean it’s immediately recommended. You still have to check if it will match the look and style of your kitchen. Some of the more ideal finishes include chrome, weathered brass, brushed nickel, and aged brass.

• Budget: of course, this is a very important factor. When shopping, you will be surprised how expensive door knobs and handles can be. Before buying these pieces, you must establish a particular budget plan. This is so you don’t spend too much on expensive things. Door knobs and handles come in various prices. You may not want to end up buying the most expensive ones. If you’re remodeling, ask yourself if you really need to replace all of your kitchen handles.

• Locks: there are two types of door knobs: one has a lock and the other does not. The same goes for the handles. You will easily find traditional handles, but there are also some that come with locks and keys. Dilute carefully if you really want lockable door knobs for your kitchen. If some family members love to sneak into the kitchen at midnight, you may want to go for the traditional lockless knobs and pulls. Of course, lockable handles are ideal for cabinets where you store expensive dinnerware.

These are the four factors to consider when purchasing knobs and handles and remember, these things are important parts of your kitchen. Door knobs and handles are not just mere decorations and that is why you really need to consider the above factors when purchasing these things.


Is a 6-cylinder SUV better than a 4-cylinder?

Buying a new or used car requires doing your research first, you want to get the best vehicle for your money and when it comes to engine size and how much power is needed in your sport utility vehicle, it is good to know the difference between a 6 cylinder vs. 4 cylinders. Some things to consider when buying a car is to look at the many factors that determine the power, design, and fuel efficiency of the engine.

Year, make and model can affect the performance of different engines.

It is important to note that a 4 cylinder engine has four pistons and they are generally found in smaller cars, for example a Toyota Tacoma is a first generation compact pickup from 1995 to 2004 models, the two wheel drive Tacoma came with 2.4L and 2.7L four-cylinder engines, while 6-cylinder engines have six pistons and are generally found in most passenger cars, vans, and small trucks, such as those found in the truck’s V6 engine GMC produced in 1960 to 1978 in the Chevrolet 250 cid inline 6. Theoretically, more pistons would equal more horsepower.

Is a 6-cylinder V6 better than a 4-cylinder engine?

The inline 6 engine has been replaced by the V6 engine due to its compact size and high performance engine, which is why it is the best choice if you are looking for a high power engine while maintaining great fuel economy for your SUV. Straight-line or in-line 4-cylinder is standard on most vehicles and is considered an economical engine. Its lower emissions and fuel efficiency make it the engine of choice for those who care about their impact on the environment. So determining which engine is better will depend on what you are looking for in the next car you buy, although more cylinders equals more power when comparing different engines.

Advances in technology for modern 4 cylinders

Many had thought that 4 cylinders lacked acceleration, this is changing with Japanese automakers building high-performance SUVs, such as in the Toyota sports utility, where you have the option to buy the Highlander, Rav4, and the new Toyota. The 2010 4runner has a 2.7 liter four cylinder engine that produces 157 horsepower, the only difference between a modern 4 cylinder compared to a V6 is the cost, due to the advancement in performance over the last decade.

Digital Marketing

Insurance agency websites, microsites, minisites and landing pages

Everyone knows what an insurance agency website is, but more detailed insurance agency web marketing terms such as microsites, minisites, landing pages, and compression pages can be a mystery to many agents. and runners. What is the difference between these and why are they an important aspect of your insurance agency marketing?

Let’s start with a brief definition of each:

  • Microsite: A microsite, which is also known as a landing page, minisite, or weblet, is an Internet web design term that generally refers to an individual web page. Examples of this could be a website dedicated to auto insurance, homeowners insurance, condo insurance, or errors and omissions.
  • Minisite: A minisite is a small, focused website dedicated to a specific topic. Most minisites contain only a few pages, although pragmatically they can have as little as one web page or up to 20. They are generally a subset of a larger website. For example, the XYZ Insurance Agency website may have 30 pages of content and two mini-sites, one of them dedicated to the insurance of the trucking company (potential truck insurance clients) and the other dedicated to benefits and Compliance (Group Benefit Leads).
  • Landing page: A landing page is a unique web page that is rendered when a user clicks on a search result, online advertising, social media link, etc. The landing page is usually geared towards potential customers or sales, displaying content directly related to the ad, search result, or social media link. An example of a landing page could be Florida Yacht Insurance or Professional Liability Insurance for Engineers.
  • Press page: Compressed pages are landing pages created and designed to capture leads, increase subscriptions (to newsletters for example) or registration for an event (webinars / seminars), etc. Examples of a compression page include: Territory Exclusive Insurance Lead Generation webinar or subscription to the PPACA Compliance Newsletter.
  • Weblet: Weblets, a term attributed to NASA’s origin, is similar to a minisite or microsite, although there are some key differences. It is often maintained by a single individual. It generally provides downloadable content. Weblets are often created to help non-technical people publish professional-looking web content without having to know anything about coding.

All of these terms apply to insurance agency websites and insurance agency web marketing. They are specific tools aimed at driving traffic, generating incoming leads and increasing subscription and / or event attendance. They are also used to convey experience and credibility in the matter. If you are an agent or broker looking to extend reach and generate more qualified inbound leads, microsites, minisites, landing pages, and compression pages should be part of your vocabulary.


The advantages of renting an apartment vs. Owning a home

Compared to owning a home, living in a rental apartment is incredibly easy. Why do the work yourself when you can enjoy the following benefits?

Dedicated property and maintenance staff to call if something goes wrong

No shoveling snow, lawn maintenance, or pool / sauna care

A single monthly rent check usually pays everything (instead of multiple separate bills and fees when you own a home or condo)

You get more for your money

Believe it or not, you can usually rent an apartment or house for much less than the cost of buying it, especially if you live in a larger city. And if you want to be in the center of the city, renting is almost always more affordable than owning a condo (and you also get a lot more space to live in, since apartments in the center are usually much larger than condos in the city. center).

Plus, apartment renters don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in down payments, closing costs, and fees for things like building inspections, legal advice, land transfer taxes, and insurance.

And this doesn’t even take into account the cost of borrowing: In the first five years of ownership, most mortgage payments apply to interest only, not principal. This is money that you will not receive when you sell your home (and you will still have all the hassle and added costs of putting your home on the market).

That tax exemption is not guaranteed

Getting a big tax break is supposed to be one of the biggest perks of owning a home, but you can’t always rely on getting this break. If your annual mortgage interest payment, plus any other deductions to which you are entitled, is not more than your standard tax deductions, you will not receive any tax benefits for owning a home.

However, if you rent an apartment, you will always receive some form of tax relief, as a large part of your rent is tax deductible every year.

Maximum flexibility

The rental offers enormous flexibility. You can pack up and go immediately at the end of your lease (which can be monthly or yearly, whichever works best for your lifestyle); No waiting to sell or worrying about the real estate market before moving in. For many people, the freedom to live where and when you want it is a great benefit that simply cannot be overlooked.

Minimal risk

For homeowners, the stakes are high if their finances collapse. When they can’t pay the mortgage, the lender has great leverage – the home and all of the equity invested in it could be in jeopardy. That is not to say that there are no consequences if a tenant cannot pay the rent, but the financial devastation that comes with losing your home is far greater than being evicted from your apartment.

In addition, there are various social service programs run by all levels of government to help people in need pay their rent so that they are not evicted. Are banks so lenient or supportive when it comes time to pay the mortgage?

Ultimately, making the decision to rent an apartment or buy a home involves much more than simply comparing rental rates, mortgage payments, length of leases, and tax breaks. It is a combination of all the personal circumstances that happen in your life, both now and several years from now.


Helping Your Daughter When She’s a Teen Mom

What do you do when your teenage daughter arrives and tells you that she is pregnant? Strangling her is not an option.

Parents’ response:

The “real world” is already too harsh for teens and now your baby is having a baby. How you respond will be the factor in your success or failure. He’s spent time educating her about abstinence and birth control and it all went out the window. You are wondering what you did wrong. You feel like you’ve done everything right, but now your teenage daughter is pregnant. This kind of thing still happens and your daughter is going to need it more than ever.

At this point, your parenting shifts from prevention to preparation. Your feelings should be compassion and empathy. She is trying to deal with all the emotions she’s going through and doesn’t understand how to deal with them, but as her mother, you can help her examine and talk about them. Believe it or not, many teenagers try to get pregnant, they simply lack the maturity to make responsible decisions. She is not mature enough to raise a child, she has not experienced life enough to understand what affects her decisions and the future actions she takes will affect both her and her baby for the rest of their lives. Not only do teenagers lack the experience and maturity, their brains are not actually fully functional, like their father, you have the opportunity to teach him the skills that he is going to need.

Creating a plan:

You may have extensive childcare experience, which is great because you will have the basic skills necessary to raise this child, but have you had the experience of being extremely sleep deprived? What about all the problems that come up with raising a newborn? Only experience can give you the coping skills you will need. Have honest conversations with her. What is your plan? Most likely, she has no idea. Sit her down and help her come up with a plan, the plan should address where everyone is going to live, are you going to allow the father to move? They are going to get married? What about childcare? Is homeschooling an option for her? What is the father’s plan? Are you going to give him monetary support, moral support, what is your position in all this?

Just remember, your teenage daughter has no idea what’s coming, he’s even worse off than she is. As a general rule, children take longer to mature, so all the mistakes you make also have a life-changing effect on you and your family.

Guilty feeling:

Don’t put her on a guilt trip. There is nothing you can do at this time except help her make good decisions. She is now pregnant and, other than putting him up for adoption, she has no options. There is such an important event in her life that you don’t push her away, she needs all the support she can get, even if she acts like she doesn’t care or even if she’s happy for the little grandson coming into the world. There are so many things your teen is feeling. Teenagers already have the mindset that this word is about them, they simply lack the ability to see into the future, proving once again that their brain is immature and unable to make real adult decisions. Think back to when you were a teenager and made decisions that were about you, right?

Unless you were a teenager, you can’t really put yourself in their shoes, but just thinking about the stupid decisions you made.


Chances are that both you and your daughter are feeling embarrassed now. Most of the time, the adolescent feels embarrassed, especially if she hasn’t told anyone. It’s a scary time for her. Make sure to keep communication open. She really is going to need it. What about your guilt and shame? Of course you are embarrassed that this is happening right under your supervision. You don’t know what you did wrong, this didn’t happen to the “good girls”. In reality, your daughter is the same person she has always been, but she has made some poor decisions. Deal with your embarrassment by talking to your supportive spouse or friend. Don’t blame your teenage daughter.


Studies reported in 2010 found the following.

1. Teen moms are at a higher risk of not finishing their high school education.

2. Less than 2 percent of teen mothers go to college. 3. Babies of teenage mothers are 50 percent more likely to be behind than their peers of the same age.

4. Information on teenage pregnancy can be found on the Internet. Try

5. The CDC suggests that one of the most effective and efficient ways to prevent teenage pregnancy is to educate adolescent girls at school with the school curriculum.

The role of grandparents:

Let your daughter be the mother. Grandparents often intervene because they want to help their daughter but because she doesn’t know what to do. Offer support, which is your job. Teach her how to take care of the baby and let her learn. You have to make your own mistakes as a mother. You will see what mistakes he is making or things he is doing differently than you would. This is your baby and he has to learn to make mistakes or he will ask for help. As a grandparent, this should be one of the greatest joys of your life. Let it be. Have faith in her and, most importantly, keep communication open so she doesn’t mind coming to you for advice.