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Executive Summary: Will it be in first or third person?

If I had my way, every executive summary would be in the first person. But the world has not yet come to see it my way.

Whether you write your executive summary in first person or third person usually depends on your relationship with the client. It’s like this. The larger the organization, the more likely it is to use the third person, a more formal tone. The more familiar you are with the client and the better the relationship, the more likely your executive summary can be written in the first person and be more informal and conversational. For entrepreneurs, this tends to be more true with small business clients with whom they have worked and built relationships.

Purpose – keep this in mind. Whether you use first or third person in your executive summary, the choice depends on the relationship. If you have a great relationship with the senior management of a major organization, you can use the first person. That is – me, me, us, us. However, if your executive summary will be seen by others who won’t appreciate the low-key, warm, first-person language you’re likely to use, or who don’t have a relationship with you, stick with third person; he/she, he/she, they/them, it/it.

It’s up to you to decide if using the first person in your executive summary fits the client’s comfort level. For example, you might say to the customer, “We suggest you take this course of action. If you agree, I’ll schedule an appointment with your people and then we can go over the next steps.” That’s in the first person, and informal.

Generally speaking, you won’t or shouldn’t use the first person when providing an executive summary to any organization you don’t know; that is, government, large corporations, NGOs. They might be surprised if you start using me or us. They won’t expect it and the problem you are facing is that they will dismiss any great proposal simply because of the language you have used.

There are exceptions? Sure there are. Some organizations are just different. They are progressive, creative, more open to alternative approaches. A sports team, an entertainment company, or even a political organization may want to see something out of the ordinary. If your proposal is unique, then your executive summary must be unique. You don’t have to follow a traditional third-person format.

My criteria for developing an executive summary, in addition to being a summary of your proposal, is that it be accessible. What do I mean by accessible and how does that connect to first person or third person usage? I bet you have read a book or article that you thought had great content but it turned out to be a difficult read. By accessible, I mean that the writing is easy to follow, easy to understand, and complex issues are explained effectively. Books, articles, and proposals are often pushed aside if they are not accessible. People can’t be bothered to read them, including me. My point is that I think writing in the first person is generally more accessible. You can write – with your own voice. It is very natural, it tends to be warmer and therefore more accessible. It can even be better understood.

I said at the beginning that the world had not yet caught on to my way of thinking about using the first person. That’s not entirely true, thanks to the impact of social media. Social media is revolutionizing relationship building. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are generating relationships that could never have existed in the past. These new connections are driving inbound marketing, much of it through blogging, and blogs are invariably written in the first person. This relationship building through social media is creating a more informal world. That, in turn, is affecting the way we communicate in other areas. So don’t expect an executive summary to be as rigid in the third person as in the past.

But what if you must stick with a formal third party to respond to that RFP or other proposal, but you’d like to give your proposal some personality? You may not be able to use the executive summary, but guess what. Your cover letter gives you that option. It’s from you, it’s first person, you can distinguish yourself, your unique qualities, what you would really like the customer to know about you and your company.

Executive summary in first or third person? Ask yourself what kind of relationship you do or don’t have with the customer. You can always play it safe by using the third person. If you can be more personal and informal, and the customer relationship warrants it, then consider using first person.


Divorce in Rhode Island – "Do’s and Don’ts After Divorce" -Family Law and Child Support by an RI Lawyer

(For your convenience, I have prepared this list of “Post Divorce Do’s and Don’ts” that apply to Rhode Island divorces. Some may apply to you and many will not. Please, Please take a few minutes to read this.If you have any questions about this article or need legal help, contact a Rhode Island divorce lawyer) Artilce by David Slepkow 401-437-1100


Keep accurate records of child support, alimony, or other estate settlement payments. In the event there is a dispute as to whether or not you have made payments, accurate records are important as proof of payment.

If you have an estate settlement agreement on your case, any changes to the estate settlement agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

In the event that you do not have an estate settlement agreement and there is only one final judgment in your case, changes can only be made by applying to the court for a modification of the final judgment based on a material change of circumstances.

If your children’s visitation is in dispute, keep accurate records of your visitation documenting dates, times, activities, and/or confrontations with your ex-spouse.

If your ex-spouse receives “welfare” (afdc benefits), then do not make direct payments! You must make the payment to the State of Rhode Island. In the event that your ex-spouse receives welfare and you make payments directly to him/her, these payments will be considered a gift. The State of Rhode Island (RI) will continue to pursue you for child support payments, even though you made the payments directly to your ex-spouse. This means that you will have to make double child support payments.

Do not modify the property liquidation contract by a verbal agreement. ALL changes to a property settlement agreement must be in writing, signed by both parties.

Do not make cash alimony or child support payments without a receipt signed by your ex-spouse.

If you make payments directly to your child or purchase something for your child, these payments will be considered gifts to your child and will not be a child support credit. Therefore, if you want these types of payments to be considered child support, they must be given directly to your spouse as child support.

If there is a restraining order or no contact order in your case, do not contact your ex-spouse without having the restraining order dismissed. Even if your ex-spouse initiates the communication or invites you, he could still be arrested for violating the restraining order. Any type of communication is a violation of the restraining order, including emails, letters, faxes, or voicemail messages. Do not rely on your ex-spouse’s insistence that a restraining order has been dismissed. You should verify with the Clerk of the Rhode Island Family Court that the restraining order has been dismissed.

Important information

If your circumstances change, consider filing a motion to modify alimony right away. This only applies if the alimony is modifiable. If there is an estate settlement agreement that is incorporated into the final judgment that alimony is not modifiable, then the alimony is not modifiable. If there is no property agreement in your case and alimony, then the alimony is probably modifiable upon a substantial change in circumstances. A substantial change in circumstances could be a loss of income, loss of a job or a disability, etc.

A. Child support

Child support does not automatically end when your child turns eighteen (18) years of age. Child support will automatically accrue unless a Motion to Cancel Child Support is filed.

If you are the parent with the physical placement of your child or children and your income decreases significantly or your ex-spouse’s income increases significantly, then you should contact an attorney to file a Motion to Increase Child Support Payments.

If you are the parent without physical placement of your child and your income decreases significantly or your ex-spouse’s income increases significantly, then you should contact an attorney to file a Motion to Reduce Your Child Support Obligation. If you are unable to pay child support due to a change in circumstances, you must file a Motion to Modify Child Support immediately; otherwise, you may be subject to contempt proceedings for failure to pay child support.

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Weight Loss: Can You Gain Weight By Eating Healthy Food?

Do you often feel like you are eating as healthy as possible, but are still gaining weight? Are you fed up and frustrated with dieting because nothing seems to help you achieve the weight you want? “If so, it is understandable that you are frustrated. Eating healthy takes work, and when you’re fighting food cravings, you want to know you’re getting something out of it.

Here’s what you should know about this issue…

1. Healthy foods still contain calories. First of all, keep in mind that healthy foods still contain calories, and that is why it is possible to gain weight by eating them. If you eat too many healthy foods, you may still have the problem of consuming more energy than you burn throughout the day and that is what causes you to gain weight.

To lose weight, you must do one thing: burn more calories than you consume. It has nothing to do with eating healthy or not. Generally speaking, it’s easier to lose weight if you eat healthy because those foods tend to be more satisfying, but that’s not always the case.

2. Calorie-dense healthy foods should not be eliminated. Next, keep in mind that calorie-dense foods should not be eliminated from your diet plan. Sure, you should restrict high-calorie ones like nuts, oils, avocados, etc. Eat smaller portions of these items, but still include them because they provide plenty of proper nutrition.

3. The use of volumetry is key. Finally, also keep in mind that bulking is key if you want to lose weight while eating healthy without counting calories. Volumetry has been proposed as an innovative way to control appetite.

It’s mostly about eating foods that are low in calories for the amount of food you can eat. For example, take popcorn. You can load up and eat five cups of plain popped popcorn for about 100 calories. Eat the same amount of fries, however, it will easily be over 750 calories. And remember that food, for example, fruit or soup, contains a lot of water and has little density. That is, it has few calories per pound.

If you focus on this while trying to lose weight, you’ll find your journey more comfortable and fulfilling.

So keep these points in mind. You should definitely eat healthy, but there’s more to losing weight than just this.

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How to look up a cell phone number in Canada

It’s hard enough to find someone’s phone number, but when most cell phone finders and other cell phone hacks only cover the United States, Canadians have it even harder.

US laws are very different when it comes to regulating cell phones and cell phone lookup databases that allow anyone to find a cell phone number. But that’s not to say it’s not possible in Canada too.

Since US citizens put their private phone number into just about anything, it’s easy to build a huge database, even beyond a typical public records search. Marketing professionals say, however, Canadians are less likely to write down their private numbers on forms at the mall or on the Internet. This fact has caused many cell phone directories to establish themselves only in the United States, where they can easily access millions of phone numbers. Over the border, however, there are only a few places that have established a Canada cell phone directory.

There are positives and negatives to this: Canadian cell phone directories are less likely to find a number, but the information is much more likely to be correct. This is because, unlike residents of the United States, Canadians are also less likely to include false information in shopping center questionnaires and online forms.

Another plus is that the competition for companies that let you look up cell phone numbers in Canada is only marginal. So finding a decent service is much easier than filtering out the scams and spam that dominate the US market.

If you need to look up a cell phone number in Canada, try using social bookmarking sites or Google to find more information about the person. You may stumble upon their MySpace or Facebook profile and you can message them directly. Sometimes people also post their numbers on resumes for job openings. Both can appear in a Google search result. While it’s unlikely to find someone’s private information this way, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

The most reliable way to look up a Canadian cell phone number is to use a private directory.

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Sex toys and demonic possession

A young man just sent me an email telling me what’s been going on since he got a sex doll. He is being tormented by demonic spirits. He is frustrated, he lost his job, he has no wife, etc. I sensed his deep frustration right away and had to counsel and pray with him on a video call this Sunday morning. His use of sex dolls, viewing pornography opened the door for demons and sexual spirits to torment and frustrate him. Perhaps, we need to listen to it directly before continuing, “I bought a sex doll… After a period of time I started having violent attacks from demon spirits on my body… I feel torment from evil spirits on my body” It feels like a burning sensation, radiation and torment that is attacking my body. There are spirits moving in my organs and feelings of energy and pain moving around my neck, chest and back. This is really bad since I came to the Lord.” Jesus crying out to Him for addictions to masturbation and pornography. I was able to stop most of the time for a couple of years, but gave in to masturbation many times… I continued to watch pornography and masturbating. I never felt the presence of the Holy Spirit again… I lost my job and the torment and pain was so bad that I could not work. I have never been intimate with a woman… I have never been able to have a relationship successful and lasting. So never come close to being married. Time and time again I have been financially robbed and cursed… Sometimes I would also hear voices. I couldn’t identify who the voice was coming from. I just praise Almighty God for the gift of life right now. People here in the US are very bad at knowing what to do when it comes to helping someone with tormenting spirits in their body. They often worry that if they try something, it might get worse. They don’t want to The responsability.” My God!

Sex toys, dolls, masturbation, pornography, and immorality all attract sexual demons. And you already know that most of these sexual spirits are very aggressive, jealous, difficult and evil. They make sure to thwart, keep in chains, and completely destroy their victims. Look at the series of problems for this brother: demonic attacks, pain, torment and strange movements, job loss, almost homeless, loss of interest and stable relationship, strange voices and a deeper and dirtier hook on masturbation and pornography, etc Jesus Christ! No wonder the man started his post with an excerpt from my article Sex Toys: Good or Bad? There I noted that, “The Bible says that those who crave this kind of pleasure outside of God’s will are dead. Walking corpses! Not all pleasurable practices are allowed.” And that is correct. Please, isn’t the person who is going through all the above problems like a walking corpse? Tell me. You cannot abuse sex and not fight sexual demons. And you can’t fight those powerful unclean spirits and still have spiritual, emotional and physical peace. They will surely destroy you. Now, imagine what millions of users of these sex dolls, toys and objects are going through every day. They fight with these dirty invisible beings in secret.

Anyone who masturbates, uses sex dolls and toys, or prostitutes is possessed by demons. There is a spirit behind each doll and each idol. And this is why those who are related to them often lose control of their lives. They become slaves to these spirits, finding it very difficult to resist or stop these practices. And some even end up being rapists or committing suicide. Sex demons are some of the most powerful, wicked, and versatile in the realm of darkness. They are very possessive and I have everything or they destroy you. They hook you to spiritual wives and husbands and that explains the problems their victims experience in marriages and relationships. Like our friend here. I asked him why he is not married yet. And you read his answer. He has never had a stable or fluid relationship with the opposite sex. Such a young, handsome and promising man? Yes, that is the trademark of sexual demons and spirit spouses. They will never allow you to have a stable and fruitful relationship. I have seen them afflict their victims with ailments, cancers, childlessness, odors, attitudes, spiritual masks, and other conditions that will scare off suitors. I remember knowing a lady that every time she finds a suitor she gets breast cancer just to frustrate the relationship. And when it fails, the cancer will go away. And some are attacked with insanity, brain dullness, permanent and inexplicable depression, and instability. We must be careful about what we do with our bodies and the company we keep. You must not use or have sex toys, dolls, objects, idols or engage in immoral acts. Do not read or view pornographic materials and do not associate with loose individuals. If you have been doing any of these, stop immediately. And if you haven’t, never get into it. Otherwise, you will be hooked, chained and destroyed. You can get my audiobook or book Sex Toys: Good or Evil? From Scribd or Amazon and learn more about it. I stopped our series on Stopping Generational Curses to drop these words. We are going back to that. Blessings to you!

Gabriel is the author of the books/audiobooks: The Power of the Midnight Prayer, Receive Your Healing, Breaking Generational Curses: Reclaiming Your Freedom, Never Again!, I Will Not Die, Moving On, Sex Toys: Good or Bad? And many others

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Situations in which you need the help of an employment lawyer

The employment lawyer will help you resolve any conflict in the workplace. The lawyer has a specialization in resolving any of your legal rights. They will also handle the case related to human rights issues. If you want your lawyer to help you with your case, they will ask you for certain information (evidence) that can support your case. They expect you to be somewhat realistic about the results. Helping them the right way saves you money and time. Improves the chances of winning the case. If you know how you can prepare yourself, then it will make your way easier.

collect all the facts

Before you meet with your employment lawyer, you must clarify all the facts. Where and when did the events occur and what happened after that? You need to separate fact from opinion. Keep all details related to the incident well organized. An easy way is to list what happened in chronological order.

get the evidence

Lawyers love to see evidence. Relevant documents, texts, recordings, emails, are welcome. The eyewitness accounts carry a lot of weight. Your lawyer can review all the evidence you provide. They will let you know what is acceptable or what to exclude. However, be sure to obtain all material legally. Assume not, it can cause you a lot of legal trouble or seriously undermine your case.

Be prepared to answer any questions

Work through your opinions, evidence, and facts before the meeting. It is not much different from the job interview. So preparation makes a big difference. Like the job interview, you are asked several questions. You should be prepared to quote details. Let your lawyer know what is important.

don’t talk much

Being charged for an hour counts fast. And let’s say you’re getting free and low-cost legal advice, then time is limited. Therefore, avoid lengthy explanations and unrelated information. Ask your employment attorney about the first visit charges. It can be free or at a nominal price. That’s the best time you’ll get to know each other well, without going crazy.

Be ready with the synopsis

You should give your employment lawyer a full description of that situation. They would like to know the gist of the matter quickly. He compresses his facts into a short story, not stretches it out. Two minutes or less can do. Start with according to you what is the main problem. After that, indicate the key events that took place. And end with the next steps you both plan to take.

Admit if you are to blame

Your employer is likely to be at fault. Most likely, he has said and done something that has contributed to this problem. Never hide it from your lawyer. Their duty is to advocate for you.

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Tea "Old" in Old World Globes is often nothing more than a marketing ploy

“Old World” has become a term often used loosely (too loosely in my opinion) to characterize something that is ancient or classic rather than to represent the specific era it came from. But period details should not be vague or misleading when given in reference to a globe, whether Old World or not.

It amazes me how many stores and websites misuse this term in balloon product descriptions, especially for antique style reproductions and bar balloon replicas. Sometimes I wonder if retailers don’t really know what Old World really means, don’t bother to learn about the products they sell, or just use the phrase to entice more and are counting on you not to know the difference.

The use of the word “old” to describe the world during a particular time period only came into practice after Pedro Mártir De Anghiera, an Italian-born historian of Spain, coined the term “New World.”

In 1493, Martyr sent a letter to Cardinal Ascanius Sforza in Italy to report on the voyages of Christopher Columbus. The letter, dated November 1, 1492, contained references to the “New World.” Martyr mentioned the New World again in his second letter to the Cardinal the following year.

Giovanni da Verrazano also used the term in “The written record of Giovanni da Verrazano’s voyage of 1524 as recorded in a letter to Francis I, King of France, July 8, 1524”, and Martyr’s accounts of early contacts between Native Americans and Europeans were published later in 1530 in a collection called “On the New World” (From Orbe Novo).

Before Christopher Columbus made his first voyages in the late 15th century, people thought that the Earth consisted solely of Africa, Europe, Asia, and the surrounding islands known from medieval geography. This supercontinent, known collectively as Afro-Eurasia, is the Old World.

As far as the New World is concerned, you might think it includes everything discovered during and after the Age of Exploration that followed the voyages of Columbus, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. The New World refers solely to the Western Hemisphere, or rather the Americas.

Technically, Oceania (including Australia) and Antarctica are neither the New World nor the Old World because both terms were already in use when Europeans discovered the lands in the 17th and 18th centuries.

My guess is that most of the original Old World globes that survived to this day are in museums or historical societies. And from what I’ve seen on the market, most globes and bar globes that are accurate replicas have reproductions of maps from the 16th, 17th and later centuries, especially the nautical models.

In essence, an Old World globe or replica represents a map of the earth as it was known during the 15th century or earlier. So if you see someone selling one with America or Australia on it, feel free to give them a little lesson in world history.


University of Virginia (UVA) Cavaliers – Nickname Explained

The University of Virginia Cavaliers share a nickname with the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA franchise, but that’s where the similarities end. The explanation for the nickname of the University of Virginia Cavaliers actually implies a story of historical importance to the region.

Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, the school with a total student population of close to 20,000 is often referred to simply as UVA for short (based on the VA state post office abbreviation for Virginia). The orange and navy blue now worn by the Cavaliers first came into being in 1888 when athletic teams representing the university used to face off against local YMCA teams for lack of more formal competition. Many people are interested to know that in the early days of college athletics, playing games against local YMCA groups was the norm across the country. In fact, the University of Kentucky basketball program that currently has the most wins of any college team in history began its success with a single win in the 1903 season against a YMCA team (the United Kingdom team). United finished a disappointing 1-2 in that first season).

The origin of the nickname of the Cavaliers comes from what was happening in this region of the world during the 17th century, when England was embroiled in a civil war that pitted supporters of the parliamentary system of government against King Charles I, who claimed absolute power in terms of rule. The use of the word Cavalier predates the formation of the United States of America with a very similar spelled version of the word used by William Shakespeare in his famous play Henry IV. Shakespeare chose the word to describe a swordsman not unlike the University of Virginia’s current mascot, which is a sword-wielding companion on horseback. Before being written by Shakespeare in the final years of the 16th century, the historical character of the word Cavaliers goes back to the Spanish word caballeros (translation: horseman) which is actually a derivation of the Latin term caballarius -which has a similar meaning to the of Spanish term.

With a solid foundation of the etymology behind the term Cavaliers, it’s important to understand how it relates to the Virginia program in Charlottesville. Before the days of the American Revolutionary War, the modern state of Virginia was known as the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Commonwealth of Virginia had a reputation for being home to many loyalists who were very supportive of the British Crown. When the University of Virginia officially adopted the name Virginia Cavaliers in 1923, it was to pay homage to a bygone era when, during the tumultuous British Civil War of the 17th century, the good people of the Commonwealth of Virginia sided with royalist supporters who they were often referred to as Knights.

Next time you see the University of Virginia Cavaliers take on the University of North Carolina Tar Heels (the oldest rivalry in the South, dating back to 1892), feel free to lean over to a friend and impress them with your In-depth knowledge of the 17th century British Civil War and the subsequent role that era played in the eventual selection of the UVA Cavaliers nickname.

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It’s raining good food in Delhi!

It is rightly said that variety is the spice of life. In a country like India, one can find a wide variety of culinary specialities. From north to south, east to west, India is rich in agriculture, which has led to a greener India. This is one of the reasons why Indians are great foodies. Be it the real Rajsthani thali, heavy and hearty Punjabi cuisines or authentic Hyderabadi biryanis, we can find all kinds of varieties of food in India. But in recent years we can see that restaurants now have a menu of not only Indian food but also a menu for those who wish to try Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and American cuisines. So today I am going to share some trivia about some of the best Chinese, Italian and Mexican restaurants in Delhi.

To start with the Chinese restaurants, then Buzz Punjabi Bagh, Yo! China and Noottee Resto and Lounge are taking the lead. Buzz Punjabi Bagh not only specializes in Chinese but has a wide variety of other menus including North Indian, Thai, Lebanese, Italian, Mexican, Asian, Continental, Mediterranean, and Japanese cuisines. I! China is said to be the first and largest chain in India to serve an authentic Chinese Indian menu in an international setting at its restaurants. Rajouri Garden’s Noottee Resto and Lounge is also a suitable option to try a high level of Chinese cuisine. A couple of good Chinese restaurants are Bikanervala, Pinch of Spice, Hammer Club and Lounge, and Just Baguette.

Looking towards Italian cuisine, restaurants like Grub House, The Sky Bar and Terrace Garden Lounge and Resto Bar are an easy choice above the rest. Grub House is well known for its architectural design and rich variety on the menu. They have a cafeteria on the ground floor, a restaurant on the first floor and a lounge on the second. The Sky Bar is a good alternative to enjoy delicious Italian food. Along with the gastronomic offer, they also have live music and bar service made available to their customers. Terrace Garden Lounge and Resto Bar is also a very good restaurant that you must try. Other restaurants such as The Royal Spice, Big Yellow Door and Sakley The Mountain Café are also worth trying.

For Mexican food, hands down, Zamossa, Fusion Lounge, and Garage Inc are a must. Zamossa is another restaurant that takes an unusual approach to its interiors. The interiors give you the feeling of stepping into a nightclub from the 80s movie. The food here is wonderful and tastes even tastier with live music and a variety of sparkling cocktails and other drinks. Fusion Lounge is elegantly finished to its interiors, while the food service here is excellent. Garage Inc. is another good restaurant that serves a delicious Italian menu.


Tips for rewarding your project team

Recognizing and rewarding project teams or individual team members is a crucial part of a project manager’s role. As project team leader and mentor, he wants to keep his most talented employees highly motivated and encourage those who are less committed to pick up the pace. A great way to do this is by acknowledging when someone has gone the extra mile and giving the appropriate reward for doing so.

However, giving a reward is not always as easy as it seems. Give it too little thought and those people might be left wondering why they bothered, but overdo it too much and the rest of your team will have their noses blown out. Despite the thought and careful balancing act that must come into play here, the payoff is serious business. Research has shown that employees who feel appreciated are twice as likely to stay with their company than those who feel unappreciated.

If you feel you don’t have the time or resources to say thank you when it matters, just consider the costs involved in recruiting, hiring and training a replacement team member, in case someone goes missing. And it may surprise you, but most workers aren’t looking for a massive pay raise or financial bonus as a reward; in fact, a simple and heartfelt thank you can be enough of a gesture to lift their spirits for the day.

Some prize ideas for your team

As mentioned, your team probably won’t be looking for a financial reward for their efforts, so what can you do to make them feel appreciated? Here are some simple team reward ideas that will show your value and appreciation.

• Flexible work arrangements: Allowing your team to start some kind of flexible work can be greatly appreciated by everyone. It shows a level of trust on your part and will allow team members to work their careers into their personal lives in a much more efficient manner.

• Free Day Vouchers: A very popular reward is a ‘Free Day’ Voucher. The employee can use this at any time, no questions asked and no missing holidays or sick time.

• Lunch Out – If your budget fits, a hearty pub lunch will go a long way towards building great relationships with your team. If you can afford the time, surprise them after lunch by giving them the rest of the day off as well.

• Sabbatical: Similar to the day off token, but not as costly for productivity, a Sabbatical can be used to give that employee a late start on the day of their choice.

• Upward Notifications: A simple, yet effective way to thank a team member is to write a well-worded thank you email and send it not only to them, but to their boss as well, making sure that person feels appreciated on the team. company. as a whole, as well as within his team. This is a great way to motivate your project team members and building a motivated team will go a long way towards making you a successful project manager.