Reducing call center agent turnover with predictive analytics

Organizations that have many employees who are in high turnover positions, such as call centers, sales teams, or temporary agencies. All of these roles could benefit from modeling to determine why employees leave.

Predicting employee turnover through data mining and analytics can help reduce and retain top talent. The impact of turnover can be in both time and money. It’s time to train new hires and get them up to speed on your systems and processes. Monetary cost associated with posting new roles, paying third-party agencies, paying overtime to remaining staff, and investing in employees just to have them leave within six months to a year.

According to Quality Assurance & Training Connection, the standard turnover rate for the call center industry is 30-45%. In the article, Exploring Call Center Turnover Numbers, they indicate that the average cost to replace a frontline employee is $10 to $15,000 per employee. To calculate the impact using these numbers. A call center that has 100 full-time workers with a 30% attrition rate would cost approximately $300,000 per year in replacement costs alone. Using the high end of the example, 45% churn at $15,000 per employee would cost $675,000.

By collecting data on employees and then building a predictive model using employees who have left the organization. A predictive analytics model can be created that will give you new insights into the characteristics of employees at high risk of leaving. In addition, employees with a low risk of leaving would have different characteristics. The output of the model creates a score for each employee that indicates their probability of leaving or staying. By having this score, you can compare employee performance to determine options to keep your best talent and prevent them from leaving.

Some of the factors that could be used in the model include:

  1. Environment Satisfaction
  2. Previous experience
  3. Working time under the same manager
  4. normal working hours
  5. Work satisfaction
  6. overtime pay
  7. relationship satisfaction
  8. storage options

Understanding why some employees succeed and others fail can give you the competitive edge needed to increase revenue and market share. Programs can be created to help screen candidates who are likely to drop out and reduce the cost associated with hiring new employees. Additionally, operational changes can be made to reward top talent. Other employees you want to grow to peak performance can be targeted based on this information. Specific actions can be taken to make these employees even more productive.

Leveraging predictive analytics will lower your overall cost of keeping traditionally high-risk positions filled. Since the cost of employee turnover can be very high. Companies should start a pilot project to understand exactly how data mining can affect their business and customer experience.

Home Kitchen

Beautiful kitchen makeover in a gorgeous way

The kitchen is the heart of every residence and that place must be designed and decorated with all the necessary features. The place must always be kept hygienic; therefore, top quality material should be designed inside the kitchen to make it suitable for cooking. But, to do that, every homeowner must know the different areas related to decorating and designing a kitchen. Budget is also another important factor that should also be considered once you are planning to renovate the kitchen. There are different types of tiles and marbles available in the market and they are also available at different prices. Here you just need to calculate your budget and select the marbles or tiles accordingly.

Among the different designs, the kitchen backsplash is known to be one of the most unique ways to give your kitchen a special look. Subway tiles can be used here and these tiles will give your kitchen an exclusive look. Here we can take a look at the necessary designs for your kitchen.

Dimensions: For flooring, you need to take a look at various types of tiles or marbles that can meet your demand within your budget. For the backsplash design, you can opt for porcelain tiles that are available at a reasonable price in the market. Here you need to consult with professionals who can guide you to have the best quality tiles that are available with a great mix and match.

gray pigeon: Dove Gray Arabesque has become one of the most exclusive designs for backsplashes. This design doesn’t involve a lot of tiles, but it will make a big impression. For kitchen countertop and backsplash wall, these tiles are perfect for designing backsplashes. This will cover a particular wall and section and you don’t want to invest in all the walls here. These backsplashes are sure to become a focal point of the room.

classic white: White is always known to be one of the most popular designs from the past and if you install white tiles inside the kitchen, you will get a luxurious design. The Classic White Carrara is less expensive and these are easy to use and these tiles are scratch free.

Fossil Cannon: To renovate your kitchen, it is always suggested to go for glass mosaic tiles. Fossil Canyon Blend mosaic tiles are extremely necessary for all types of backsplash designs.

arctic storm: This is another great way to style your countertop and backsplashes and it will automatically make your kitchen more elegant and classic. Here you can go for Arctic Storm Bamboo Pattern which is a great option to give your kitchen a great look.

Here it is suggested to take the necessary details from the professional companies to take the necessary details on how to carry out the necessary kitchen renovation work. Professionals will guide you to make the most ethnic and elegant cuisine.


Battery Life Powers Cars

It’s not unusual to see people excited about getting extra power batteries in their electronic devices or vehicles. This is how they want to know how some of these systems can power a car and make it run for those extra hundreds of miles. This curiosity is high among car owners as most of them have encountered starting problems at least once in their life because the car battery died. In traditional diesel or gasoline car engines, it could only expire if you don’t remember to turn off your headlights or reading light for quite some time.

Considering the sheer size of a car battery that takes up a lot of space on the engine hood, it’s no wonder this particular thought persists among all car owners. To solve this problem, it is required to know the main difference between the systems that provide energy to electric cars and the traditional car battery.

For traditional car battery manufacturers, the rate of their products is an important factor, and furthermore, in order to maintain a proper budget, they use only limited technology. Although the battery mechanism is identical to how traditional car batteries work, they use extremely modern technology in their formation and charging. For example, these systems contain electrolyte in gel form and not in a liquid state like most traditional car systems.

Due to this gel form, it is feasible to adapt these systems in various orientations. This allows electric car manufacturers to fix these systems in any kind of orientation they want, thus packing more cells into a given limited space. A larger number of batteries in just a limited bay will allow for great mileage and engine performance on a single charge.

There are 2 types of electric car charging systems like GEL and VRAL. The GEL system includes VRAL technology; however, it is highly advanced and requires very little maintenance. With GEL batteries, the chance of a spill becomes substantially less as they contain highly advanced sealing technology.

One limitation of the GEL charging system is that these would not work well with irregular use as they require constant recharging and discharging. With constant charging and discharging, GEL batteries perform better and, for the same reason, constant travelers find them very practical. If a person does not have consistent use of the car, these systems at a very early stage can wear out, leaving the person with maintenance issues.

The latest advances in the industrial sector are the use of batteries based on lithium ions. Despite the fact that these have been over for more than four decades, their effective and efficient use in automobiles could not be developed and this problem is being solved with the latest technology. Recent nanotechnology ensures that new lithium-ion based batteries will be quite small but could carry a large amount of energy and power in them. These can stay for a longer period of time and the deficiency of fluids in them will help consumers to drive the cars for a long period of time.

Digital Marketing

6 Useful B2B Marketing Trends for 2021

We enter a new decade at the beginning of 2021. The previous decade began when many companies realized the importance of exploring the digital landscape to expand their horizons. The spread of the pandemic towards the end forced more companies to explore this avenue, and as a result, B2B digital marketing gained new momentum.

Although the opportunities have multiplied and the possibilities are endless, competitiveness has also grown proportionally. Innovation has become the key to surviving digital Darwinism. Digital content marketing strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), and other technology-driven strategies now have a fair share of the budget when it comes to marketing overhead.

So what are the B2B marketing trends that businesses should capture in 2021 to gain that competitive edge? Here are some of the significant trends that cannot be ignored.

1) Content marketing will continue to be at the center of all campaigns: Digital content will continue to be king. Google’s algorithm keeps getting smarter. Especially after the BERT update (Two-Way Encoder Renderings of Transformers, an article published by Google’s AI language researchers), it is believed that the “context” of content based on the user’s “intent” has gained more prominence. Therefore, content backed by proper keyword research, intended audience profiling, and analytics data, etc., will be key.

two) Influencer marketing will gain momentum: Having eminent social media personalities on board to promote various products and services has already been all the rage when it comes to B2C marketing. In 2021, B2B campaigns will also tend to exploit it to the full due to its huge potential to drive sales. In addition, it generates trust and loyalty to the brand. Influential content like case studies, webinars, video content, and blog content will continue to come to platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, etc. TopRank Marketing has some interesting statistics related to this here.

3) Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled marketing: AI is a great tool for tracking the digital footprints of consumers in order to understand their behavior and choices, which in turn helps companies launch targeted marketing campaigns. Additionally, AI tools such as chatbots have already become an integral part of websites, and according to one study, 67% of customers around the world reported using a chatbot for customer support. in 2017. There is no reason to believe that this number would not have grown since then. after. AI also facilitates programmatic advertising, semantic search, email personalization, etc. and therefore it will be a great tool for lead generation.

4) Video content marketing will increase your engagement: According to a Wyzowl study, 86% of people would like to see more video from brands in 2020. Additionally, people watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week, a 52% increase over the last 2 years. It is safe to assume that video content marketing will continue to gain prominence and is likely to offer a great return on investment.

5) Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) will add more value to marketing strategies: According to Statista, total AR/VR spending worldwide was projected to reach US$12 billion in 2020, and is expected to rise sharply to US$72.8 billion by 2024. While virtual reality is Ideal for simulated experiences, augmented reality offers you an interactive experience. experience to test products virtually. For example, L’Oreal’s makeup app allows users to try on various types of makeup online.

6) Customer Retention Marketing: Acquiring new customers is often more expensive than retaining old ones. According to one study, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s revenue by 25% to 95%. So investing in better communication mechanisms, customer education and onboarding, best-in-class customer support and customer appreciation, etc., can really be a great way to optimize your marketing ROI.


Weight Loss Motivation Ideas for Self Esteem Body Image

Everyone is probably dreaming of a slim and athletic body or just to look and feel slimmer in their clothes. Although proper diet and exercise have been shown to be beneficial to health in many ways, weight loss success seems to be elusive. Reasons can range from a lack of willpower to stick to a diet, to a lack of determination to exercise, but one of the biggest reasons is low self-esteem and a lack of acceptance that results are possible, but long term with small and constant changes.

Drastic short-term weight loss is sometimes featured on TV shows and in magazines, but it’s more reasonable to accept that sensible weight loss programs have more modest goals and are based on self-esteem and positive body image.

No one except yourself can make you healthier or change your attitude. You may just need some extra support and some professional experience to become more confident in deciding what’s right for you. That support can come from family, friends, or the workplace. Workplace wellness programs make sense for companies, because the resources invested can be well rewarded: healthier, more united and productive employees, reduced health care costs, etc.

Positive influences, at your workplace or elsewhere, can make all the difference in your weight-loss efforts: If you feel good about your body, you tend to have high self-esteem. In today’s modern culture, youth and physical attractiveness are highly desired: women may feel pressure to be young and glamorous, while men may worry about beer belly, hair loss, or short stature.

Such concern over body image, especially for women, can start early and have serious consequences. A girl concerned about her weight can later lead to poor eating habits, which can eventually result in bone loss. While proper nutrition and regular exercise (cardio and resistance training) promote bone health along with many other benefits.

The three main areas essential to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight are:

  • What you will eat: food choices, cooking and preparation, and how you enjoy your meal;
  • Physical activity: how much you move, what activities you choose to participate in, and how much intentional physical exercise you do;
  • Attitude: how you deal with self-esteem issues and different psychological barriers.

Rapid weight loss is often unrealistic for most people. Healthy weight loss is generally estimated at no more than two pounds per week, indicating a slow and gradual process. Many people may underestimate celebrating small victories and reinforcing the progress of others. Caring people can give you the emotional stimulation and support you need to be successful.

In reality, true well-being can be the result of the interaction between multiple components: physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual, social, professional, etc.

Here are some key weight loss motivation ideas to improve your abilities to build a healthy body image and self-esteem:

  • Be independent of what the scale may say. – Get rid of negative thoughts and subconscious prejudices. Learn to appreciate your efforts and appreciate even small improvements, feel good in your body and enjoy what you are doing “right now”, in the present time.
  • Achieve peace and accept yourself as you are. – Establish acceptance of your body image in the present way. Self-acceptance allows you to channel your energy into real changes in behavior, instead of struggling with negative thoughts like: “I would, I could, I should.”
  • Create a positive mental outlook. – The attitude, desire and conscious effort you put into a situation largely determines the outcome and furthermore affects whether you will expect good results or be put off by negative ones.
  • Encourage yourself with positive self-talk. – Positive self-talk can reinforce qualities and abilities within you. Self-talk messages like “Never back down” or “Don’t give up” can affect your unconscious mind and can improve your confidence and determination, but you should think of a way to constantly remind yourself of those mottos.
  • Try to stay away from comparisons. – Beauty (and body shape and image) is a multidimensional combination of a variety of aspects, qualities and attributes, and depends on an individual basis that is in a constant state of change. Recognize your unique personal expressions of beauty and monitor your own physical, mental and then visual progress.
  • Build your self-confidence and trust yourself. – No matter how difficult it is, every time you attempt a task that is outside of your comfort zone and achieve even the slightest bit of success, you can experience a greater degree of confidence and inner satisfaction.
  • Reward yourself for the missions you have completed – Allow and prepare positive incentives to keep you up to date with your weight loss progress, to recognize the effort you are putting into your body image program.
  • Give yourself and others a compliment. – Recognize the positive result of their efforts for their personal well-being and give and receive compliments regularly.
  • Share your interest and progress with others. – Sharing your healthy living goals with others can help you stay on track with your weight loss routine. Appreciate the benefits that supportive friends, family, and colleagues can bring to your life. Take time to be in regular contact with nature and the environment, which can help you relax and “recharge your batteries.”
Health Fitness

The perfect home gym – Power Rack

The power rack is an essential piece of home gym equipment for anyone who wants to get the most out of their weight training routines. Power racks, sometimes referred to as squat racks, are frequently used to perform squat and bench press exercises. These exercises are necessary for any complete fitness regimen. Power racks can be purchased from a variety of retailers, both brick-and-mortar stores and online.

A quality power rack is equipment that a home gym simply cannot do without. This is due to the wide variety of exercises you can perform on a power rack. Dips, pull ups, inverted rows, rack pulls, bench presses, and front squats can all be done with a power rack. Any athlete knows that a strength training routine would be completely lost without these exercises. Seasoned athletes likely already know how to perform these exercises safely, but people who are new to exercise may want to read up on this. There are a variety of manuals available online, in libraries and book stores.

You may want to consider buying gym quality weight lifting equipment if you really want to exercise and not just a weekend warrior. Surprisingly, small gyms close all the time. When that happens, you can usually get some amazing deals on all the weightlifting equipment they have in stock. Not selling your weightlifting equipment would result in a total loss for them, so they are usually more than willing to make a deal if you take their equipment. This translates to a great deal for you on very expensive weight lifting equipment.

When you finally buy your perfect power rack, make sure you have enough weights to keep you busy for a while in your home gym. There’s nothing more annoying than starting a weightlifting routine, only to find that you’ve gained enough strength that you’ve overcome the weights around you. It’s a good idea to get the weights you anticipate needing for at least the next three to six months at the same time you purchase your power rack.

Always take proper safety precautions when using your power rack and other weight lifting equipment. An injury or accident will delay your exercise regimen by at least several weeks or months.

Keep pumping iron and stay safe!

Legal Law

Bloodborne Pathogens – Prevention of Disease Transmission

Imagine receiving a call that an employee has been injured in a fall down a flight of stairs at your facility. The caller tells him that he has called 911 and that some of his co-workers are treating the victim. As a supervisor, he decides to respond to the scene.

You arrive just as the firefighters and paramedics take over the care of the victim. These rescuers do their job well: they stabilize the victim, wrap them up for transport to the hospital, and gently place them on the stretcher.

As you watch, you can’t help but notice that the firefighters and paramedics wear medical gloves and goggles. As EMS (emergency medical services) personnel leave the area, you reach out to the employees who helped to thank them for their efforts. Almost immediately you notice a very frightening sight: both rescuers have quite large bloodstains on their clothes and, even more annoying, they are both using paper towels to wipe the blood off their hands. It is obvious that these employees did nothing to protect themselves from disease transmission and both have been contaminated with the victim’s blood.

The use of PPE (personal protective equipment) is an important part of the equipment of professional rescuers. They know that protecting themselves from bloodborne pathogens is, in a way, just as important as caring for the victim. But what about his people? Are they aware of the risks associated with not wearing protective equipment?

If your company provides first aid kits for employee use or if your employees must respond to a medical emergency, they should have access to protective equipment and receive training on bloodborne pathogens.

ASSESS THE EXPOSURE RISK OF YOUR OPERATION – I was recently asked to assess the exposure risks for an association of tow truck operators, body shop technicians, and auto mechanics. These individuals lacked training on bloodborne pathogens.

Tow truck operators wear thick leather work gloves and routinely pick up blood-stained windshields or wrap contaminated air pockets around steering columns. Body shop technicians remove contaminated seats from wrecked vehicles and then sit on them during their breaks or at lunch. Mechanics tend to cut their knuckles or their foreheads while repairing vehicles. They also share tools with their co-workers, tools that are contaminated with blood from their latest injury.

I know you’re not in the auto repair business. The above examples are intended to get you thinking about the risks of your own operation’s exposure to potentially hazardous body fluids. Do you have a first aid team or people assigned to respond to an emergency? Are first aid kits available for employees? Do employees share equipment or tools that could become contaminated? Who is responsible for cleaning up bodily fluids after an accident or injury?

Without proper communication policies and training to prevent disease transmission, your employees could be exposed to the same dangers paramedics and firefighters face when they come to your aid.

So what can you do to reduce your risk of exposure? Let’s start with the definition of bloodborne pathogens and the impact exposure to them can have on employees and employers.

CONTAMINATION PREVENTION GUIDELINES: Bloodborne Pathogens are pathogenic microorganisms that are transmitted through human blood and cause disease in humans. They include, but are not limited to, Hepatitis B and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

I know that for many people (myself included) words like microorganisms, immunodeficiency, and pathogens bring back memories of high school and health classes, the last places in the world most of us want to revisit. So before I continue, let me put it in my terms: There is a lot of garbage out there that can make us seriously ill or even kill us if we become contaminated.

We need to be constantly on guard and very careful not to contaminate ourselves. I’ve been teaching CPR and first aid for over 25 years, and I’m often asked if I’d do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation without a barrier on someone I don’t know. I answer without hesitation: If I found someone unresponsive and not breathing, I would immediately call for help and start chest compressions on the victim, but there is no way I would give the person mouth-to-mouth without a respiratory barrier.

First responders know the risks associated with contact with bloodborne pathogens and know how to protect themselves. Unfortunately, too many people in the workplace or Good Samaritans on the street do little or nothing to take the necessary precautions. Too often they realize they have been exposed to bodily fluids after the emergency, when it is too late to do anything about it.

EMPLOYEES – Here are some simple rules to follow when faced with the possibility of exposure to bloodborne pathogens or any bodily fluid for that matter. This information is presented as a guide for both employees and employers. The American Heart Association calls it “Make a PACT, know how to act.”

PROTECT YOURSELF: Protect yourself from blood or materials containing blood. This includes the use of protective equipment, such as gloves and goggles, and the use of a respiratory barrier if you are performing CPR. Consider your options if you find yourself without protective gear.

ACT: If you discover that you have come into contact with someone else’s blood or other body fluids, act quickly and safely. Immediately wash area with hot soapy water for one minute before rinsing. If your eyes have become contaminated, flush them with clean water for up to five minutes. If no flushing agent is available at the scene, have someone bring you water. Firefighters or paramedics can help you if they are still on the scene.

CLEAN UP – After an emergency, especially in the shop or office area, clean up any area contaminated with blood or body fluids. Wear protective gear. Clean the area with a solution of one part Clorox and eight parts water. Thoroughly rinse the area and let the solution sit for at least three minutes. Take care when cleaning the area, especially if it involves broken glass or splinters of wood or metal. Put all dirty items, including dirty cleaning materials, in a plastic bag and put it in the dumpster as soon as you’re done. If an injection device (such as a needle) is involved, try to give it to the medics or firefighters before they leave; otherwise, throw it in the dumpster and be very careful when doing so.

SAY IT – Report the incident immediately to your supervisor or the human resources department. Request a dated copy of the report (even if it is handwritten).

RESPONSIBILITIES OF EMPLOYERS – Employers have a responsibility to protect their employees from exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Here are the details of this responsibility.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT – Any employee at risk of being exposed to bloodborne pathogens should have the necessary protective equipment to keep them safe from exposure. This kit includes gloves, goggles, and, if required, breathing masks or CPR barriers.

EDUCATION: Not all professions require bloodborne pathogen prevention education and training.

A call to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) may or may not give you the answer you’re looking for. It appears as if OSHA looks at a number of factors when determining whether or not an employer should comply. For example, if you offer voluntary CPR/First Aid training to your employees, they may not be required to take bloodborne pathogens training. If you have designated first aid responders within your organization, you probably meet the training requirements.

Many of you are aware of the occupational exposure risk of your employees. If you have staff who are routinely or even occasionally exposed to blood or body fluids in the course of their duties, you may want to consider offering protective equipment and training to these employees.

ENGINEERING CONTROLS: Engineering controls help protect employees from bloodborne pathogen contamination and prevent the spread of pathogens in the workplace. Here’s an example of engineering controls: An employee wearing his leather work gloves realizes that he has come into contact with bodily fluids and that the gloves are contaminated. Two controls must be in place to protect the employee. First, knowing his exposure risk, the employer should keep a spare set of gloves on hand so the operator can complete his job. Second, the company must have a procedure for disposing of or cleaning dirty gloves.

WORK PRACTICES – Establishing standard practices to prevent the spread of disease is a very important part of an employer’s responsibility to protect employees.

In the case of the body shop mentioned above, good labor practices would include establishing a policy requiring workers to wrap seats removed from a wrecked vehicle in plastic and prohibiting them from sitting on the seats, even with the plastic covering on their seat. place.

Providing employees with their own tool boxes is another good practice. If you share tools, have a policy for cleaning and decontaminating tools, especially after an accident or injury. Also, make sure employees know the importance of disposing of or cleaning contaminated personal protective equipment.

Finally, offer a bloodborne pathogen training course. It’s a great way to communicate the importance of preventing disease transmission and protecting your company from a large workers’ compensation/liability claim.

HAVE A WRITTEN POLICY AND REPORTING PROCEDURES IN PLACE – As I mentioned earlier, implement policies related to bloodborne pathogens in your operation. Start small, then expand policies as new problems arise. Communicate with your people. Make sure they are aware of the notification procedures and the importance of reporting any potential contamination.

OSHA has templates for creating your own bloodborne pathogens policy and/or procedure. Simply download the forms, fill in the blanks with your company name, etc., print them out, and you’re good to go. Additional information can be obtained by calling your OSHA regional office.

TRAINING AND POLICIES ARE WORTHFUL INVESTMENTS. I am a business of one, but if I had employees, I can assure you they would be trained on bloodborne pathogen risks and contamination prevention, and my company would have a policy in place. It is the right thing to do for a company, its employees and the employer. And imagine how good it would feel to know your operation is compliant should OSHA officials decide to visit.

Invest an hour to set up your program, distribute the information to your employees, and host a 30-minute bloodborne pathogen education and prevention class. The investment is small, but the dividends for you and your employees will be huge.

Lifestyle Fashion

3 Delicious Peanut Butter Snack Recipes Kids Will Love

Peanut butter is delicious, but did you know it’s also good for your health? It is packed with healthy fats that are good for your heart. It’s a nice gift that you can enjoy without having to feel guilty!

If this delicious treat is something your kids love, make them a special snack instead of the usual PBJ sandwich!

Try these 3 delicious snack recipes for kids:

Delicious No-Bake Nutty Bites

What do you need:

  • 1 1/2 cups rolled or quick oats
  • 2/3 cup plain peanut butter
  • 3 tablespoons of honey or maple syrup

Place the oats in a blender or food processor. Pulse until the oatmeal reaches a floury consistency. Add pb and honey/maple syrup to blender and blend until well combined. Pour the mixture into a bowl. You may have to scrape down the sides of the blender to get all of the mixture out.

Shape “dough” into round bite-size pieces. If they are falling apart, return to blender and add 1 tbsp pb. If they start to stick to your hands, grease with cooking spray. Serve as is or chilled.

Hassle-free PB bars

What do you need:

for the base

  • 2 cups graham cracker crumbs
  • 1 1/2 cups sc
  • 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

for coverage

  • 1 1/2 cups milk chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup bp

To make the base, mix the graham cracker crumbs, peanut butter, and powdered sugar in a bowl until well combined. Press mixture evenly into a 9×13-inch baking pan lined with parchment paper. Set aside.

To make the topping, add the milk chocolate chips and peanut butter to a microwave-safe bowl and melt in the microwave in short 20-second bursts, until smooth. Pour the mixture over the base in the pan and smooth with a spatula. Chill in the refrigerator for 1 hour or until set. Cut into squares and serve!

Snack Cereal PB

What do you need:

  • 4 cups plain Cheerios
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup of honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Combine the peanut butter and honey in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave on high for 1 minute. Stir, add the vanilla extract and microwave for an additional 30 seconds. Add the cereal to the mixture and toss to coat well with the mixture. Arrange the portions on a parchment-lined tray and allow at least 1 hour for the snack to set.

These delicious peanut butter snack recipes are sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face!


California Child Custody and Visitation Issues – General Information

Child custody issues in California family law can arise through the initiation of dissolution of marriage (divorce) proceedings, legal separation, annulment, or paternity proceedings. Child custody issues can arise even if the parties are not legally separated, but live apart.

There are various classifications of child custody in the state of California such as; Sole legal and physical custody, primary legal and physical custody, shared legal and physical custody, and no right to custody.

In the case of married couples, the father or the mother have the same right to custody of the minor children of the marriage, before a court ruling is issued. If you are thinking about getting divorced, filing for divorce, legally separating, or living apart, it is very important to get court orders that articulate your child custody rights as soon as possible. Without court orders, a child who, say, lives with the mother (or father) could be legally taken by the other parent in the absence of court orders. If you have minor children from the marriage, it is important to file an order to show cause for child custody along with any petition for dissolution of marriage or legal separation paperwork, so you can obtain a court order that articulates your custody rights. of the children. .

The court primarily focuses on what is best for the child when determining who is entitled to what type of custody of a minor child of the marriage. Although it sounds simple, child custody and visitation issues under California law are quite complicated and should not be litigated without the help of an experienced attorney.
Formerly it was thought that children should be with their mother. Today, however, the court considers many factors in determining who gets what kind of custody of minor children. If you are a mother, you should not assume that you will automatically get custody of the children. If you are a father, you have an equal chance of getting primary custody of the children.

Entire law books have been written on the subject of child custody.

If you have child custody issues in Southern California and would like a free consultation about your case, please call our law firm at 818-739-1544 extension 10 or you can click here to go to our family law website.

By Norman Gregory Fernandez, Lic., © 2006

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Top 4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Payroll Service Provider

Companies are devising ways to outsource pay structures for their employees. Payroll service providers are experts in this discipline and have the ability to process payroll more efficiently. Also, using the services of the right payroll company can go a long way in saving the organization a substantial amount of money in the form of hiring the services of in-house staff to get the job done. Factors to consider when choosing a payroll service provider include:

· payroll accuracy

when choosing payroll services it is advisable to consider the accuracy of the payroll. Wrong paychecks have the ability to make you and your employees feel dissatisfied. The Right Payroll Provider understands the importance of ensuring that every single paycheck is processed accurately. The right payroll service provider will consider reviewing payroll with the organization in detail, while providing you with all the important information you need.

· Consider the future needs of the organization.

The right service provider takes every effort to verify payroll accuracy together with you. The service provider will review the hours worked, number of checks and the total amount of the payroll. They will also consider verifying important details whenever the provider pulls information from the organization’s payroll.

· Unmatched customer services

The organization needs to find a service provider that has been in business for a reasonable amount of time serving many customers. In this way, the service provider will be in a position to know the degree of involvement required. The right service provider should be able to offer self-service and full-service options. They should have a payroll specialist who can help decide on a complete payroll service from start to finish. They should also be in a position to offer a web payroll system that offers a self service option.

· Responsible for file errors

Whatever degree of involvement the organization chooses; The right payroll specialist should be ready to answer any concerns or questions that arise. Some payroll services They fail to offer this type of personalized system. Some providers offer a call center approach, where the organization may deal with different people each time payroll data is submitted. With this approach, clients find it difficult to find someone they can trust for every payroll.

Although making mistakes is not common when preparing your own payroll, it can still cost the organization. Valuable energy and time spent figuring out how money is allocated can be spent on making money. This explains why many organizations outsource their payroll.