The best poker magazines for gentlemen

Poker is one of those games that are as addictive as they are fun. It is a prominent part of games that require a very sharp mind. The amount of calculation and precision that poker requires makes it a very popular game all over the world. It has multiple rules that require quite a bit of practice to master. However, once you are comfortable, you still need to stay informed at all times. This will help you stay on top of your game.

One of the ways to do this is to go to as many poker tournaments as you can and watch the players. Study their strategies and how they play each hand. It can be a very interesting time for both the professional and amateur poker player. However, it is not a very practical option for everyone. It has a lot of costs involved and also requires the person to have a lot of time. A great alternative to attending the tournament is to read about it in a well-written magazine.

Poker magazines are distributed all over the world just like the game. These magazines not only cover all the major poker tournaments, but also include detailed match analysis. You will be able to read about the players who participated in the tournaments and you will also be able to read about their strategies. Although poker tournaments are also broadcast on some television channels, it is not the same.

The idea of ​​a poker magazine is to keep you informed. You can always go back to a magazine and look for a game played. Please refer back to the strategies. On TV, you can only see what is happening and listen to some comments. There are not so many repeat transmissions. Therefore, poker magazine subscriptions are always worth it.

As well as covering tournaments, poker magazines like Flush and Bluff are also full of the latest trends in the world of poker. You will be able to know the national and international trends of poker. They also have information on current player rankings, both nationally and globally.

Those who are curious to find out more about the celebrity or rising poker players will enjoy reading the interviews of these players. Magazines like Poker Pro regularly feature biographies and interviews of famous and new poker players. They also feature articles written by respected poker players, which are a great read for players and poker fans alike.

Poker magazines can be great for improving your game. No matter where in the world you are, there are poker magazines that can locate you there. They all come with columns on poker tips and best tips for playing. Magazines like ALL IN have poker experts on their panel to give their readers a regular dose of useful poker analysis and advice.

So if you want to find out more about poker travel, poker celebrities and generally anything related to the game, you should subscribe to a poker magazine. There are many options to choose from and you can do it online right now.

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5 Ways to Use Custom Concrete Coatings and Their Benefits

How often does the question linger in your mind about which product is suitable for your exterior or interior? It is difficult to demystify which product is similar or different in functionality and design. The selection of concrete is quite difficult due to the demand for new formulations in the market. However, many are of low quality and only a few can properly adhere to surfaces. Today, many coating products come with a mix of decorative alternatives, pigments, and other add-ons to achieve special visual effects.

With multiple options and choices, one can find the best concrete coating. However, this can be quite difficult because you have to search through several stores for that particular one that overwhelms you. So now the challenge is to find a custom concrete lining that is economical and practical.

Read on to find out which concrete coating best suits your needs.

Diffusion chip concrete lining

The transmission chip system is a pretty good coating system that is a non-slip, easy to clean, durable and long lasting floor coating. The application is soaked with a chemical and abrasion resistant basecoat that is a polyaspartic polyurea coating. This top coat is truly state of the art and does not blush or even fade when exposed to direct sunlight. The best part is that it only takes a few hours to install and your space is ready to enjoy within 24 hours.

This covering is adaptable and takes on any shape, pattern or logo, or can be placed on your floor to play your favorite sports with the team.

Solid Color Concrete Floor Coating

A great choice for auto shops, art rooms, playgrounds or retail areas, all of these coatings make it easy to see small parts and parts on large surfaces.

You can apply a solid-color concrete floor coating in a few coats, just like the drive chip system, except it’s chip-free. Start with a base coat with a topcoat and a coat of silica sand and finish with another quick-dry topcoat.

With this solid color concrete, you can create a great topcoat. Due to the polyaspartic polyurea coating, it is four times more effective than any epoxy. However, you can customize the concrete linings with the color palette of your choice.

Concrete protective coating

Concrete Protective Coating is perfect for those who love to enjoy natural concrete without finishing the protection. When you apply this coat, you can see the natural texture of the concrete along with the protective coatings. This coating allows you to enjoy your concrete driveway, patio for years to come and for a long time.

What are the benefits of concrete lining?

Concrete is durable and strong; however, it can easily stain and crack due to various environmental conditions. Refinishing the concrete surface coating is quite inexpensive than replacing the concrete. Whether you want to apply for your home or commercial space, finishing is an alternative way to replace concrete.

Concrete floor coverings also add benefits if the concrete is new. Whether the project is interior or exterior, faded or fresh, trained experts offer a wide range of design options and enhance the safety and appearance of concrete.

Affordable and quickly installed

The concrete finish saves you a lot of expenses. Replacing concrete, which is unnecessary most of the time, is a long and dusty process that involves breaking up existing concrete, pouring new concrete, and waiting for it to cure. On the other hand, concrete coating can repair cracks, holes and other flaws and re-cover concrete with professionals and materials. Repairing and protecting existing concrete is affordable, durable, and will leave your concrete floor, driveway, and patio looking like new. Even if the concrete is fresh, surface coatings are still much more reasonable than others. In this way, you can protect your expense, increase the useful life and improve the appearance of the place.

Concrete surface coatings can be ready in as little as twenty-four hours and best for home and commercial concrete coatings. These are made with special polyurea coatings manufactured by Penntek and designed for floor coverings to be quickly covered and refreshed. In most cases, professionals cover the area with many layers and have it styled in a single day and walkable in a few hours. However, some commercial projects will take a few more hours to cover the area if it is large or complex, but you will be happy with the final results.

Customize the design according to your needs

With concrete refinishing, professionals can customize the design of surface coatings. Designs can be simple but bold colors that match the space. Plus, the professionals can also help you find the right colors, plan, and touch for your space based on your budget. Whichever design you prefer, they always offer intricate patterns, logos and designs, multi-colored surfaces, and much more. Concrete cladding carries chipped and solid color systems that will match the style of your home or commercial space. Also, you can keep it simple or complex depending on your needs.


Whether you are at home or in your commercial space, security is always required. Even small concrete holes can be damaged by bacteria, mold, or moss. However, professionals will repair damaged concrete to minimize risks. For example, non-slip concrete coatings improve safety on the floor. The texture of concrete anti-slip coatings looks delicate, but it’s worth it when it comes to safety.

Improve the appearance of your home

Whether it is simple, small or large, you invest in your house; you want to live forever or sell it later. A cracked and stained driveway diminishes the attractiveness of your home to visitors and buyers. A custom concrete siding can improve the appearance of your driveway in just a few hours. Concrete finishing helps protect your investment by increasing the value of your home.

In shorts

Not all concrete linings are the same; you have to choose your home or commercial space wisely. The professionals are ready to coat the surface and improve its use. This custom coating system is stronger than epoxy surface coatings and you can apply it on a large number of products as well. Custom concrete siding is easy to maintain, 100% UV protected, and won’t fade easily; therefore, you will be happy with the end of the result.

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Can GEICO Auto Insurance help when it comes to DUI auto insurance?

DUI car insurance is a pretty significant issue for people charged with drunk driving, DUI, DWI, or other alcohol-related driving offenses. Auto insurance companies, including GEICO auto insurance, will base your rates on a variety of factors, including driving history.

Drunk driving convictions will cause many auto insurance companies to drop you as a hot potato as an insured; others will significantly increase rates. In many cases, it may be better not to disclose a pending case to an insurance company, simply because without a conviction, there is no obligation to do so.

If an accident is involved in the alcohol-related driving episode, it becomes even more complicated when to talk to your auto insurance company and when to talk to your attorney. Therefore, it is critical to consult with a qualified attorney in your area to determine if the insurance company can exclude the incident from coverage. In most cases, when someone has a DUI or DWI and is in an accident, a GEICO auto insurance policy will cover the damages. It’s not absolute, but it’s nice to know that they stand behind your auto insurance policies and can back them up with their strong financial power.

By getting a free, no-obligation auto insurance quote from GEICO Auto Insurance, anyone charged with DUI/DWI can learn the details of their situation while there’s still time to do something about it.

For quick information on some of the top 10 auto insurance companies, click Free advice for the top 10 auto insurance companies.

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Hosiery Market Size, Share, Outlook, Industry Analysis Report 2018

The report considers all the important aspects related to the stability of the Hosiery market, basic concepts followed to understand the business strategies. The report provides internal and external information and market insight. The information from the past year and the present is collected, ordered and disaggregated to build a future perspective of the market. The report also offers in-depth and point by point data regarding the different key players working in the worldwide Hosiery market and their finances.

The market will reach xxx million dollars in 2017 and CAGR xx% 2012-2017. The report starts with an overview of the industry chain structure and describes the industry environment, then analyzes the market size and forecast of Hosiery by product, region and application.

Company coverage:

  • wolford
  • Sheaf
  • oroblu
  • Le Bourget
  • pierre-mantoux
  • Aristotle

Visit the official website for more…

Region Coverage:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Pacific Asia
  • South America
  • Middle East and Africa

If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer the report as you like.

This report introduces the Media Market market competition situation among the vendors and company profile, in addition, market price analysis and value chain features are covered in this report. Data from the past few years is collected, categorized and analyzed to create a future market outlook covering the years to come.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Industry overview

Episode 2: general industry

Chapter 3: Stocking market by product

Chapter 4: List of key companies

Chapter 5: market competition

Chapter 6: Market demand by segment

Chapter 7: Region Operation



  • Global Market Table 2012-2017, by Type, in Millions of USD
  • Table Global Market 2012-2017, by Type, by Volume
  • Table Global Market Forecast 2018-2023, by Type, in Million USD
  • Table Global Market Forecast 2018-2023, By Type, By Volume
  • General list of table doors


About Reporting Hive Research

Report Hive Research provides strategic market research reports, statistical surveys and industry analysis, and forecast data on products and services, markets, and companies. Our clientele encompasses a mix of global business leaders, government organizations, SMEs, sole proprietorships and start-ups, management consulting firms and universities, etc. Our library of over 600,000 market reports covers industries such as chemicals, healthcare, IT, telecommunications, semiconductors, and more. in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific. We help in making business decisions in aspects such as market entry strategies, market size, market share analysis, sales and revenue, technology trends, competitive analysis, product portfolio and application analysis, etc.

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Preventing Childhood Obesity: The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is not a reference to pleasantly chubby babies or cherubic toddlers. Most children will start life with the flab we expect to see in babies. These children will grow larger and lose their “baby fat” as they begin to walk, run, and be more active.

Children who are considered obese are those who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 80% is considered obese. This means that a child who weighs more than eighty percent of his peers who are the same height, age, and gender is overweight.

Many people say that it is okay to be overweight before puberty because as a person hits puberty, they will automatically start to lose the extra pounds. This happens to some people, but it is not what happens to all people. A young person who is considered obese is 70% more likely to be obese as an adult.

The long-term effects of childhood obesity can be divided into physical and mental effects. The long-term effects of childhood obesity can physically shorten an individual’s life expectancy and can reduce the quality of life they are expected to have. Mentally obesity can cause great unhappiness in the life of the individual.

The physical effects caused by obesity include (but are not limited to):

• Hypertension (high blood pressure)

• Type II diabetes

• Heart disease such as coronary artery disease

• Gallbladder problems such as gallstones

• Osteoarthritis (a deterioration of the cartilage and bone that make up the joints of the body)

• Breast cancer

• Colon cancer

• Kidney cancer

• Liver cancer

• Strokes

• High cholesterol

• Sleep apnea

• Difficulties breathing

• Early death

• Back pain

• Difficulties getting pregnant, menstrual problems

• Fungal infections

Mental health problems caused by excessive amounts of weight include (but are not limited to)

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Low self-esteem

• Mood disorders and suicidal thoughts

• shame

Being overweight not only affects a person’s physical and mental state, it also affects their quality of life. Some of the life-altering effects of this condition include (but are not limited to):

• Inability to walk without pain or discomfort. This pain and discomfort can include joint pain, back pain, or shortness of breath.

• Difficulty finding clothes that fit well.

• The inability to sit on some chairs. Most chairs found in public places are designed to hold someone who weighs 250 pounds or less. An obese person may not be able to fit in the chairs in restaurants and waiting rooms.

• Vehicle seat belts may not fit the obese person correctly.

• Obese people may have to pay for 2 seats on a plane or a bus when traveling

• May have difficulty finding bathroom scales that weigh them.

• They often feel lonely due to their lack of self-esteem and social shame.

All of the long-term effects of excess weight create an increased amount of medical costs in the United States and around the world. According to the Centers for Disease Control, $190.2 billion is spent each year in the United States alone to treat obesity-related diseases. That boils down to 21% of the money spent each year by the US on medical related issues is money spent due to obesity. estimates that 14 billion of those dollars are spent treating medical conditions obese children suffer from.

The only way to stop obesity is to never start it. Everyone needs to worry about this problem for things to change. Some of the things that could be done to stop this epidemic include (but are not limited to)

• Increased education for parents and guardians

• Changes in foods offered at popular restaurants where children eat frequently

• A campaign to promote physical activity among young people and decrease the amount of time they spend watching television and playing video games.

• Insurance companies that offer reduced rates to families that fit the appropriate BMI chart for their age, gender, and height.

It will take a community effort to make the necessary changes to prevent this condition from killing so many people prematurely.

Legal Law

How Much Does a Washington, DC DUI Lawyer Cost?

Most lawyers do not post their legal fees online. The reason they don’t is because generally each case is different and there may be a fluctuation in prices between clients. However, you should have a starting point for the cost of DUI lawyers in Washington, DC. The cost of the DUI attorney depends primarily on the experience of the attorney and the amount of training the attorney has had in DUI law. There are other reasons why the cost can fluctuate between attorneys, such as attorney overhead.


When I talk about training I don’t mean law school. All lawyers have to pass the bar and that’s why I’m not talking about the bar. DUI law is an area of ​​the law that requires additional training beyond law school and the bar. The attorney’s continuing legal education is important because laws change and the DUI attorney must be aware of the changes. For example, DUI attorneys must be trained or “qualified” by the National Highway Safety Administration’s Standardized Field Sobriety Course. This course is typically 25-40 hours of classroom instruction. It is the same class that police officers must take to give citizens the standardized field sobriety test on the streets. Another example that DUI attorneys can take to improve their knowledge is to attend the annual national training in Las Vegas once a year hosted by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the National College for DUI Defense. Here, some of the best DUI lawyers in the country share their knowledge with other DUI attorneys. Generally, the more training your lawyer has, the more you will pay.


The experience can only come through time. Yes, aging sucks, but through age comes wisdom. Just as it takes a young doctor years before he can polish up and gain experience in his field, the same is true of lawyers. It’s hard for an attorney to get out of law school and start trying DUI cases because they have a level of complexity. As you know, there are many lawyers in the country. Just because the lawyer is licensed to practice in court does not mean that he has the experience to handle all types of cases. Generally, the more experience your lawyer has, the more you will have to pay.

Office and general expenses

This is the area that you will never hear the lawyer talk to the client about. However, the truth is that the client pays the overhead of the DUI attorney. The lawyer can do the job cheaper and faster if he uses technology to change the cost. For example, a lawyer must provide documents to his client; however, shipping by post is slow and costs more. Using the Internet and a closed portal system, the lawyer can communicate with the client, provide dates, share documents and communicate with the client more effectively and save money. If your lawyer is still using paper documents and by mail, it is costing you more money. Times have changed and DUI attorneys need to be more efficient with their productivity. The other part of the attorney’s overhead is office space. This is where the costs of the 2 lawyers differ equally. If the attorney has to pay for marble floors and expensive staff, he passes the cost on to you. We understand that some customers feel that if you have beautiful marble floors and beautiful paintings on the wall, then it must be good. This is not necessarily true. Remember, this is your money at work. Without a doubt, the more your lawyer pays for his overhead, the more you will pay for his services.

So what should you pay for a good DC DUI lawyer?

Like most urban courthouses, the dockets are overcrowded and therefore an attorney spends more time waiting for cases to be called, making the cost of a DUI in DC more expensive than, say, in a courthouse. rural. In the District of Columbia there is a minimum of 2 court appearances for DUI cases. Below are estimates of the typical cost of a DC DUI attorney.

onest offenses

The cost of a DUI lawyer for a first offense bench trial is generally between $2000.00 and $3000.00 dollars. If you pay a DUI lawyer less than $1000.00, you will probably get what is known as a “dump truck” lawyer. He just declares you at the first opportunity. Remember, a lawyer has a duty to investigate, consult and prepare the case regardless of whether the case goes to trial. Trials typically last one day or less, but can be spread out based on the court’s schedule.

2n/a Crimes, 3rd cost of offense

Jury trial for a DUI in the District of Columbia is a minimum of $4000.00 -$6000.00 depending on the facts. Jury trials typically last a day or two, not including waiting for the verdict.

Beware of any lawyer who gives guarantees. In fact, there are no guarantees. The only guarantee that a lawyer should give you if you are charged with a DUI is that he zealously defends you within the limits of the law.

Remember that if an expert is used in the trial, the cost could be higher because the client is usually responsible for all of the expert’s fees. This also does not include representation before the DMV. Representation before the DMV is usually a “stay of proceedings” pending the outcome of the DC Superior Court proceedings. The typical cost of DMV representation is $300.00 to $500.00.

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Pilates Modification for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Do’s and Don’ts

Maintenance of bone density is achieved by long-term routine loading on our bones, which will return to pre-training density when exercise is discontinued. To better keep what you have and avoid further losses, follow these rules:

DO exercise with foot weights every day. The other day an osteoporotic client in the studio asked her why she shouldn’t keep doing the plow in yoga, since being in that extreme flexion was surely putting weight on her spine. Bearing weight in our case means standing! Rolling on your back not only doesn’t cut it, but can actually cause vertebral fractures. Just say no!

DO work on your balance while standing as often as possible. The less you fall, the lower your risk of wrist or hip fracture. The PhysicalMind Institute’s Standing Yoga and Standing Pilates® poses can be very helpful here.

DO resistance, cardiovascular and flexibility training within safe guidelines.

Focus on the extension of the spine and torso. As our bodies give in to gravity, we begin to rotate forward. It is crucial that we constantly work to stay upright with a gentle squeeze of the shoulder blades and a beautiful lift of the sternum.

Be careful when you sneeze and cough. Many fractures occur from forceful coughing and sneezing. Try to stand or sit with your back against something for support.

DO NOT flex spine forward. Do not lean over to tie your shoes or pick up something from the floor. Do not lean forward when getting in and out of bed. And never roll on your spine! Yes, spinal flexion is healthy for healthy bones. It is completely contraindicated for low bone density. As you can see in the image of the fracture, micro-fractures occur in the front of the spine and are irreversible. Do you want to look like a round ball all the time for the rest of your life? I know not!

DO NOT roll on your spine. I know, I’m saying it again, but this is very important! And I’m afraid to tell you how many osteoporotic clients I’ve seen given extreme push-up exercises in studios by certified Pilates teachers.

DO NOT twist your spine forcefully. Be kind to your spine. The forceful twist will hurt.

DO NOT do crunches or crunches! Remember the earlier discussion about bending? A good Pilates teacher can show you many abdominal strengthening alternatives.

DO NOT pull your leg out to the side of your body (abduction). There have been many hip fractures here.

Real Estate

What is transportation?

Conveyance is the legal work involved in the transfer of ownership of a piece of property or land, usually carried out by an attorney or licensed consignor.

While a property inspection will identify any potential structural problems, it will not uncover problems that may affect the property and the land on which it is built. It is for these reasons that a professional conveyance attorney or licensed conveyancer is needed.

Issues such as leases, use restrictions, access to services such as water and electricity, rights-of-way, and land leases can affect the home, your purchase or sale, and your ability to successfully complete the transaction.

Your conveyance attorney will be responsible for checking these to ensure you are aware of all issues affecting the property before committing to buy or sell. Your attorney will also draft the paperwork necessary to transfer legal title to a property from one party to another.

Typical duties of a transporter include:

Verify legal title documentation (for example, contract and Land Registry information) and make inquiries to clarify any information provided in the contract package.

Conducting searches with various authorities to determine if there are flood risks, financial liabilities, boundary disputes, potential building developments.

Provide the buyer customer with a detailed report of legal title, contract and supporting documents provided by the seller

Submit a tax return and pay the required stamp duty land tax to HM Revenue & Customs.

Drafting contracts detailing what is included in the transaction such as accessories, accessories and content.

Submit the documentation relating to the transfer of ownership to the Land Registry.

Advice on additional costs such as stamp duty, lease notification fees, land registry fees and other mandatory expenses

Request the mortgage down payment from your lender.

Liaise with mortgage lenders to ensure funds are available when needed

Produce the transfer documents required for the purchase or sale of a house to process

Perform all final checks before contract exchange, after which neither party can withdraw without incurring significant costs

Exchange of contracts, bringing the day of completion one step closer

Contact the seller’s attorney to receive a contract package

Manage the presentation of the transmission in the property registry

Request and obtain a copy of your mortgage offer.

Arrange payment of all related fees.

You should appoint an attorney/conveyor as soon as you consider selling or buying a property, even before you have made an offer on a home (or someone has made an offer to you), as this can help speed up the process by bringing them in early on board.

If you are buying a home, you can expect the contract exchange to take place within 6-8 weeks of receipt of the contract package. However, keep in mind that if you are in a long chain of transactions, the delays in the chain will have an impact on your own completion. Each home is individual and the transfer process reflects this.

How much will it cost?

The cost of streaming services depends on the value of the property you’re buying, although there isn’t necessarily more legal work involved with buying a £2.5m house than there is with a £150,000 flat.

However, the conveyance required for the purchase of an average UK property usually costs around £800-£1000.

This amount includes the expenses of time, calls and letters from the assignor, as well as the fees of the municipal registries and registration in the Land Registry.

You may be able to save money by opting for an online transporter, some of which only charge as little as £500.

DIY transportation is possible. However, it is a complicated and time-consuming business that could end badly.

Shopping Product Reviews

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup: Free or Paid

Ok, so you have a number. You have no idea who it belongs to and want to find out. You sit down at your computer and decide to do a reverse cell phone lookup. Log on to the Internet and type the words into an Internet search engine. And there you have it: thousands of results. Which one should you choose? There are some that are free and others that charge. Are you sure the free ones would be better? It is not like this?

See, the thing to keep in mind when visiting these free reverse lookup cell phone websites is that very rarely do you get anything for free. Ok, you might be in luck, and I’ll admit that these free sites are good if you have a home number you want to look up. Very often you can get perfectly good results for a landline residential number. The problem arises when you start looking for a cell phone number or any other type of number listed. See, many of these free directories and databases simply do not have the facilities available to store cell phone number details. Nor have they negotiated contracts to have access to this information. The only people who may have these types of records are service providers, etc. of the phone and the companies to which they give access to their records.

Another problem that you will run into when trying to perform a free reverse cell phone search is that the search itself may be free, but more often than not, it will ask you to pay for the results, or it will simply direct you to a site which he charges when he realizes the number is a cell phone number. When that’s the case, you’ve just wasted your own time and effort searching for a number that you simply can’t get without paying for results.

Websites that allow you to perform reverse cell phone lookups usually require you to sign up and pay. You may have to pay a certain amount per search or for ten searches, for example. There may even be a monthly fee, but whatever number of searches you want to do, there will be a site and payment plan to suit your needs. Once you’ve signed up and paid for everything, it’s never been easier to get the results you want and many of the quality sites you pay for offer a hundred percent money back guarantee if they can’t provide details for the number you want. I have asked.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for and if you don’t pay for reverse cell phone number lookup, you’ll only get a limited amount of details, if at all. Unless you want to be disappointed, it might be best to find a paid site that suits you and the number of searches you plan to do. At least that way, and especially with the money-back guarantee, you’ll get the details and information you want, or get your money back and try another site again if that’s what you choose to do.

There are pros and cons to free and paid reverse lookup cell phone sites, but in my opinion, you’d be much better off going with the ones you have to pay for rather than risking time and effort on the ones you don’t. you!

As a side note, free reverse cell phone lookups are possible if you’re willing to play a little detective and only need one number. If you visit the second resource below, there’s a bit more explanation on how to do this, but essentially it involves using search engines to crawl the personal information of cell phone users based on information. that they have made available on the web through things like job postings, search ads, social media, etc. Clearly this is not a very high search rate, but sometimes you can get what you are looking for. Happy searching!


Bloch tap shoes or Capezio tap shoes? A guide for anyone who needs to buy tap shoes

The first question that new students always ask me is: “What kind of tap shoes should I buy?” Since this is the season when many students take tap classes for the first time, I thought this short list of tips might be helpful and timely.

The names most new students come across are Bloch Tap Shoes and Capezio Tap Shoes. Lucky for you, I remember when these names meant nothing to me, either! Let’s go beyond the names and get to the council.

Your first pair of tap shoes should fit snugly.

Comfort is the most important consideration when buying tap shoes. If the shoe doesn’t fit, style and sound quality won’t really matter. A tap shoe should fit snug. There is no need to have extra room in a tap shoe unless you are still growing or have a medical condition. Over time, and with frequent use (and practice), shoe leather will stretch quite a bit… this means that if you start with a shoe that’s too big, you’re likely to eventually break a mirror or head. from some poor member of the audience. with that!

The style of the tap shoe is up to you

Quality tap shoes tend to last a long time, and you don’t want to marry something you can’t bear to look at. Ladies this means if you really want heels get them, if you don’t mind don’t get them. Sorry guys, most men’s tap shoes don’t have high heels.

Heels (not that I wear them) can be a bit more difficult to balance on and will require you to be a bit more alert while dancing. If you’re willing to do the extra work, go for it. Otherwise, stick with the flats.

In general, I recommend a firm, leather character tap shoe with a “box” toe box (supports the toes) and a firm sole (supports the foot).

You should spend as much as possible on tap shoes… No!

I knew that would get your attention. Tap shoes can be very expensive, but there are many reasons not to spend a lot of money on them.

Here are a few:

– You’re a beginner. Very expensive shoes are not going to change that. Did Michael Jordan basketball shoes make you play like Michael Jordan?

– If you later decide that tap dancing is not for you, do you really want to lose $150? FYI… The tap shoe resale market is not very generous.

– You probably don’t know what you like in a tap shoe yet. After tap dancing for a while, you’ll have a better idea of ​​your personal preferences and what’s important to you.

A good price for your first pair is between $30 and $70, although this isn’t a hard rule. The most popular brands, as mentioned above, are Capezio tap shoes, Bloch tap shoes, and Leo’s.

Please note that taps are sometimes not included with the shoes and are an additional $20. You may also have to pay a few bucks to have them installed at a local shoe repair shop.

I hope you found this short guide to buying tap shoes useful!