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Why a man’s attraction fades and how to keep it: 7 untold truths every woman should know

So many beautiful girls are abandoned every day. And as they sit there, their pride shattered, they think, “I am everything a man would seek. Why did he leave me?” The truth is, that beautiful face and sleek body doesn’t come close to what a guy needs to maintain his attraction. Sure, it’s what he notices in the first few minutes, and then he goes on to look for funnier things.

Forget the fallacy that attraction should diminish over time. I have seen many elderly couples who have been together for decades, but are still hopelessly in love with each other. We’ve compiled unspoken reasons why a man’s attraction wears off, and we’ve also offered some tips on how to avoid being abandoned.

Has high expectations.

Every man has a list of things that he wants his perfect girl to be. Sometimes it’s really not your fault if he loses interest. It is a rule that you should never change who you are for anyone. If you’re looking for someone you just can’t measure up to, no matter what you do, flaunt your assets or go.

Here’s the deal: You’re not his type, and he finds that every time he backs out, you do what he wants. A lightbulb lights up in his head and he will play with you like a puppet. But if you show him that nothing can influence you, he will respect you more and more.

He couldn’t cope with incredible revelations.

So you’re lying in bed, cuddling, and he starts wondering about the men you’ve been with. “Many?” he asks, and you say, “Well, there’s Tony, Marcus, Bryan, Olsen, Neil, Walter, and Carl …” and the list goes on as his eyes widen in disbelief. He just can’t get out of his head that you’ve been around and he’ll think differently about you. How to avoid it?

Stay away from these types of questions early in the relationship, especially when you have not yet established a stable bond. There are other unavoidable things you may discover that are not your fault at all. He may not be able to accept your religion or your ideals; It’s all about a compromise, but if you’re adamant about staying away for it, then it’s not worth it at all.

He is confused with sex and love.

Normally, a boy can draw a straight line between the two. But what if you’ve been constantly dating and now he’s coming home more often to have sex? He starts to need you more and mistakes it for love. So when there are times when you can’t give it to him (the red flag is raised or you’re too tired), he throws a hiss attack because he thinks you don’t love him. Keep the attraction strong by not giving in to his sexual needs when he wants it. He will discover that you too must have a say in this entire game.

You can’t get over the first impression.

When she met you, you were a quiet girl walking her dog. And the next time you go out, he’ll see you wild and nasty on the dance floor. There goes your attraction for the door. He is completely taken aback by your change in behavior and will think you were putting on a show the first time. Of course not, but that’s what you will think. To avoid this, you must give it gently.

First, you can go out and have a drink. Then you can take it to the dance floor. When you dance, show him that you dance for him and that you don’t mind other boys looking at you. He’ll feed his ego and he won’t mind that you’re grinding so sexy after all.

It has a distraction.

He likes girls, and when he met you, he fell in love instantly. But some kids have their own first love, one they’ve had since they were kids: toys. Your man may be interested in games and toys. Instead of throwing a tantrum when he’s not paying attention to you, you can distract him by cooking up some extra special medium or making fun of him sexually. You won’t know what hit you.

You feel the relationship is abusive.

Abuse doesn’t mean you hit him with a bat every time he makes a mistake. For men, fastidious fit this bill perfectly. Abuse may mean that you just don’t believe there is justice in the relationship. You always get away with it, and when you don’t, you make him suffer. He can’t be wrong, or you will give him a hard time. And on top of that, you really don’t give him time for anything.

You are with your friends and he has nothing to say. You use derogatory comments when you talk to him, often channeling them towards his pride and manhood. You want me to buy you material things, and you won’t get no for an answer, and you won’t show the slightest sign of appreciation. You can date someone, but drag him into WWII if he does the same.

The relationship has crashed into a wall.

Oh boy This is the hardest. What do you do when you can’t think of things to talk about or do together? Creativity is the reason many couples last for decades. They always find magical ways to spend time together. If your relationship has hit a wall, ask your man out. Dinner and get out of town. Get away from work and just spend the day in a whole new environment. Get him a gift. Do something you never do for him. You will be amazed at how it goes back to being like the first day.