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WARNING: The 3 BEST Past Life Myths (and the ONE Truth You Shouldn’t Ignore)

Are past lives real? Does everyone who remembers living before have memories of being rich, famous, or someone super important? Are most people who remember past lives dysfunctional adults? And is hypnosis the BEST way to remember past lives, or are there other techniques that work just as well?

Past lives are quite an interesting topic to write about and research. Why? There are so many myths, misconceptions, and general skeptical nonsense that it is often difficult to convey the overwhelming amount of authentic evidence that they really ARE very powerful and persuasive when looked at by intelligent, spiritually-minded people.

Let’s start with the top 3 myths that many people believe about past lives, and the kinds of stories that skeptics and cynics WANT you to believe too.

Myth #1: – Everyone remembers a lifetime of being famous, a celebrity or someone who was very important.

This is 100% NOT true. Most past life memories are very mundane and are from average lifetimes, lived by average people. In fact, the ONLY thing that seems to be consistent across most reports is the memory of a premature death at a young age. (whether due to accident, violence or even illness)

Myth #2: Most people who have past life memories are dysfunctional adults.

Completely false. The vast majority of cases where genuine past life memories are documented and detailed and then studied are actually reported by young children. In fact, many of these children forget memories by the age of 8, even when the younger years were dominated by repeated memories and stories of living as previous people. (many of which have been meticulously documented by scientists who study and publish these stories)

Myth #3: Hypnosis or regression is the most common way to remember a past life

Again, not true. While EFFECTIVE, and written about in great detail, regression therapy or hypnosis accounts for less than 10% of people who experience past life memories. Why? It is EXPENSIVE for one. And 2…it takes someone pretty committed to want to go see a therapist to explore their past lives.

The most common ways that people remember past lives are typically through spiritual tools and techniques such as a horoscope or birth chart or reading, working with a past life karma clairvoyant, or more spontaneous experiences, such as recurring feelings of déjà. vu, precognitive or recurring dreams, or a combination of the above.

Finally, the ONE fact that is impossible to explain?

Remembering past lives and solving the problems that arise during these memories is a very healing process, very hopeful and very USEFUL for 90% of people. There are no less than 10 books written in the last decade by serious scientists detailing the therapeutic value of remembering past lives and solving present problems through the prism and perspective of the past! (And I can personally attest to how fun and enlightening these experiences can be!)