The story of a hybrid: televisions are getting smarter every day! Samsung Smart TV

Years ago when I was a teenager, a debate arose that never ceased to irritate me as hell. The first rumors occurred at the end of my childhood, as my best friend was forbidden to see the cartoon series ‘The Mask’, since, according to the conviction of his parents, he was an “idiot”. The debate raged on for many years thereafter, becoming so worn that it was ubiquitous, suggesting that television was childish, stupid, tasteless … and other adjectives as well. The prevailing idea was that television was not smart. But guess that? Is now. Introducing the Samsung Smart TV.

For the past few years, certain bright sparks have been incorporating computer technology into absolutely everything. This was also the case in my childhood as well, it is only with modern developments that what constitutes computer technology is better defined for someone who, although he grew up on comic books and reruns of 1960s spy series. I remember hearing a washing machine described like a ‘robot’ and be bitterly disappointed. I remember that traffic lights were once described to me as a “supercomputer” and almost burst into tears in frustration. My heroes lived in a paradise populated by robots, powered by high-tech computers … Why the hell couldn’t I?

So yes, as I was saying, computer technology incorporated into devices such as mobile phones has led directly to the birth of the tablet PC, similarly, the new availability of television and movies on the Internet has led to the creation of the Samsung smart TV. .

What makes the Samsung smart TV the kind of device that could grace Captain Kirk’s living room or Bruce Wayne’s Batcave? Well, aside from its inventiveness and shameless future, Samsung’s smart TV combines the desktop PC with the family TV. This not only saves space, but is also extremely useful for playing content downloaded from the internet (I assume you did this legally and then you will leave it up to you). Samsung’s smart TV features crystal clear sound and picture, as you can reasonably expect from something so cutting edge. Samsung’s smart TV also comes complete with a built-in operating system and can be run as a smartphone or tablet.

It seems that in my life I may well see the bright and exciting future that I dreamed of as a child. I may still be able to slip into an all-in-one silver jumpsuit and fly a flying car around Saturn’s rings (though I doubt the suit is in any way complementary to my withered and ‘pruned’ physique by then). But for now, I think I’ll settle for a Smart TV. Therefore, the argument that television is stupid can be discarded, at least partially. TV content may be stupider than ever, but at least the machine itself is smart. Although, to be fair, the arrival of Samsung’s smart TV raises worrying possibilities that the people who watch the TV are smarter than they are. When Skynet launches one, I’ll get out of here.