Social Media Optimization Trends for 2017

The evolution of Snap is expected to lead to new opportunities, which would be interesting to say the least, in 2017. In recent months, Snap, formerly and more popularly known as Snapchat, has improved by leaps and bounds. Experts predict big things for this platform in the coming days. Snap has already managed to change the major trends and user expectations in the world of social media marketing. Thanks to Snap, the vision of communication focused on the moment is back again. This has meant more lively and spontaneous content. It has helped developers create more applications that are focused on mobile platforms.

Snap has also featured vertical videos and made them part of the mainstream. However, he is now looking to develop products that are outside the scope of his domain of focus: that of message exchange. It seeks to offer real-world glasses to its users so that they can capture first-person visual information. When it comes to optimizing social media, Snap will be at the center of it all. It is also expected to provide some major league marketing opportunities.

Twitter fatigue will get worse

Experts believe that not everything is going well with Twitter and, in the future, it is not expected to improve in 2017 either. In fact, in recent years many people have said that Twitter will soon die a natural death. However, there are also those who believe that Twitter will in all likelihood be there for at least another year. However, they also say that Twitter fatigue will increase significantly in 2017. Twitter is known for its short updates delivered at a breakneck rate, but it also contributes to a large number of inbound and outbound tweets.

When it started, it was quite exciting for the simple reason that it was brand new. However, now users have gotten used to it and are asking for something very different. They want it to be bigger, to have more detail, and to have more interesting content as well. They also want the pace to be slower. In fact, Instagram has already started to slow down its rate of updates.

More sensational experiences

Yes, this is what users will want in 2017 and they want social networks to fulfill that role, to be the provider so to speak. It would no longer be enough for users to declare on social networks that they are attending an event; They need to show others how it feels to attend that event live. This can be achieved through live video and 360-degree images. Even posting in real time could also solve the puzzle to some extent. The basic idea would be to make the others, who are not present, feel part of the whole show. They should feel that they are a genuine and organic part of the whole experience, even as it continues to unfold.