Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow Review 2016

Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow Review 2016 – Summary

The good

  • Head is not pushed forward like donut pillows

  • Great neck support on both sides.

  • Adjustable for individual preferences

  • Good material and construction

  • Washable pillows

  • Compact carrying case

The not so good

  • No support if the neck leans forward

The verdict

  • Good buy for frequent travelers.

Kuhi Comfort Travel Pillow Review 2016 – Full Review


Rest while traveling is always a lottery. You could be locked in between really loud speakers or heaven forbid for a grumpy baby. Your seat may not recline or the room temperature may not match your usual sleep preferences. Given all this, most travelers consider themselves lucky if they can get some sleep while traveling. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Using the right pillow for your sleep style along with taking care of other environmental variables can lead to deep, restful sleep even in a travel environment. The Kuhi Comfort travel pillow is a favorite of many travelers and for very good reason too. However, there are some drawbacks that you may want to consider before you jump into buying this equipment.


The Kuhi Comfort travel pillow looks like a soft dumbbell. It has two large lobes that are joined by a narrow piece of cloth. The lobes of the pillow are designed to support each side of your head while you sleep. This is a great innovation as it eliminates the thick piece of cushion that would be behind your neck if you were using a donut shaped pillow. Now this type of design is great if you are the type of traveler who tilts your head to the side while sleeping. On the other hand, it is not a good thing if your head is tilted forward while you sleep. The literally added “twist” on the product is that the two lobes can be twisted and repositioned as needed for your unique sleeping comfort. This gives the product a good range of customization that is lacking in other products.


The two cushions of the Kuhi are soft and plush. They are filled with polyester fiber and feel like they have the perfect balance between soft and firm. The cushions are covered with a polyester microfiber velvet which will ensure that you do not have any strange wrinkles and marks on the side of your face once you wake up from a nap. Unlike most other travel pillows, the entire Kuhi pillow is machine washable and tumble dry. This is very useful for frequent travelers. The Kuhi also comes with a travel case that wraps the pillow to save space. This can be easily attached to your travel bag.

For whom?

The Kuhi, as we have seen, works very well if you tilt your head to the side when you are sleeping. If you normally tilt your head down to catch a few winks, Kuhi may be uncomfortable. However, with a little practice, I think anyone should be able to find a comfortable enough position with the Kuhi. It certainly has the potential to provide you with long hours of sleep once you get the hang of it. For a medium-sized person, it should work perfectly. Since it is easy to transport and also washable, it is a worthy purchase for anyone who travels a good amount of time.