How to organize your house for Christmas

Stress is a many-sided evil, but what most people don’t realize is that some of that stress could be alleviated when they get organized at home. Families need planners just as much as a major businessman. Monitoring and organization of all family events, parents control the nannies for when they want to go out; can make chaos a piece of cake. Plus, knowing how to get your home in order with your lives takes another load off your shoulders.

A family organizer will help everything run like clockwork, and can even be a relief from the hectic lives of busy people. All it takes is a full-size folder with calendars, schedules, planning forms, and inventories, and fast-paced families can still communicate.

Calendars will ensure you don’t miss important events or appointments, or to remind everyone that something isn’t happening (missing classes, time off work, etc.). Posted schedules will get the family into a routine, so if you’ve recently started a new class for personal enrichment (dance, karate, piano, etc.) or something of the sort, you can be prepared; this reminder each time they check the organizer will make it easier to adjust to the new schedule.

Planner forms streamline the organization of small events (small parties, presentations, etc.) so no one has to slow down to have a smooth event run. Also, inventories are self-explanatory: everyone needs to know what’s there, when it was obtained, and when it ran out. Whether it’s household items, food, or just something miscellaneous, families need to communicate.

Consequently, planners should be used to prepare and execute the plan (PEP) for Christmas.

The first option is completely preferential: choose which support to use to store the planner. There is, of course, the popularly chosen three-ring binder, as it is easier to make them festive. However, anything is fine; computer file, a notepad, PDA file, cards, as long as it serves the cause: the organization. However, the standard binder is recommended. Lists, recipes, gift ideas, all the pieces at the base of Christmas planning, for those who chose the folder, the decoration on the cover develops a festive atmosphere. However, those who are artistically challenged might consider using past holiday pictures or cards to place in a folder with a clear plastic cover.

However, if the planner must be hidden from especially prying eyes, disguise it as something ordinary like “Children’s Immunization Records” or “Children’s Report Cards.” Anything boring should do, otherwise the surprises will be spoiled if there are suspicions of sabotage in the house. And make sure the planner is portable, since gift lists and clothing sizes will need to be accessible when you go shopping. The planner will need dividers. These will vary by family, but here are some basic ideas:

-Current plans

-December calendar

-Christmas card

-Meal plans with recipes

-entertaining ideas

-Decoration designs

As mentioned above, clutter kills mood and increases stress, so here are some tips to clean up clutter and get rid of it all year long.

For those who are in the habit, it takes time to break. Take time out of the day to organize and sort what is needed from what is not. This could be fifteen minutes a day, or it could be two to four hours one day a week, depending on what fits the schedule best. It’s okay to store some things as long as they stay organized. However, for high-traffic areas of the home where household items, mail, or toys go missing, cleaning only lasts a day. Make sure everything that comes into the house has a place. Otherwise, the accumulated misplacement creates a mess in no time. This is the real key to staying clutter free. That, and having a place where some clutter is okay as long as it stays there (for example, a junk drawer with sundries).

A lot of stress is relieved when people come home organized. Everything is already planned and recorded, so home managers can rest easy. With disorganization and clutter out of the brain, the home can run smoothly and stay that way, when done right.