How to find the best iPhone apps

Today I noticed an article on iPhone applications that said that there would be up to three hundred thousand applications in the store by November 2010. How many of these applications could be useful to anyone? How do you scroll through the myriad of apps to find those few apps that will help make your day easier for business and personal use? You can go to various sites that offer iPhone app reviews that will give you the iPhone apps that best suit the app you want.

At you can search a variety of app categories for just about anything you can think of. There are featured apps (I can’t determine what makes them featured unless they just pay for the privilege of showing up at the top of the page) along with links to free apps and paid apps and iPhone app reviews. There is even a tips section for iPhone users to maximize their device’s capabilities.

If you click on the “Most Popular Applications” link, you will be taken to a page with many links beginning with “Top 50 …”. Some of these categories include Top 50 Free Game Apps, Top 50 Free Entertainment Apps, Top 50 Free Lifestyle Apps, Top 50 Free Utility Apps, and many more categories. These categories are reflected in the Top 50 Paid Game Apps, Top 50 Paid Entertainment Apps, etc.

For entrepreneurs, you can check out the Top 50 Free Utility Apps that start with an interesting app called Touch Scale: JaJa and Company. Touch Scale supposedly turns your device into a scale that can weigh small items like jewelry, coins, etc. These apps are ranked based on iTunes statistics, so since it was listed first, it should be the most popular (downloaded) app. After reading the reviews, I don’t understand why this app could be ranked # 1 overall. Overall, the reviewers said the app was awful and it didn’t actually weigh anything.

The second application that appears in the Utilities section is AT&T Mark the Spot. This application allows users to notify AT&T when there is a service problem with their device and provides the user with the opportunity to instantly provide AT&T customer service with the exact location where the problem occurred along with more detailed information on whether the problem occurred only once. or repeatedly in the same area. This seems to be a much more useful app than the scale and most of the reviewers were of the same opinion.

The third most popular app seems to be aimed more at middle school or high school math students. It’s called Convert Units Free. There is a similar website that does the same, but for mobile devices it has a much cooler interface. It can convert almost any combination of units for mass, angles, area, energy, force, length, and data and has a calculator-like interface. Early reviewers liked the app and said it wasn’t fancy, but it got the job done by being the best iPhone app choice for unit conversion.