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How to create a YouTube video

How to create an attractive video for online and offline?

Creating a video is very challenging because through the video we can tell a story to our audience, a message that we want to convey to the audience or we can promote our business or product through the video. If you want to create a video, you have to be creative because telling a story or promoting a product or business is not a big deal, but the way you tell your story, promote a product or business must be engaging at the same time.

Is equipment required to create a professional video (online, commercial, promoting a product)?

You don’t need a Hollywood type studio to create a video if your budget is tight, you can shoot videos or make videos with your smartphone, and you need to be creative while editing your videos.


Fluid head tripod.

MIC for Voice Over.

editing software.


1. Script: – They are the written text of a film or broadcast.

You should include points related to your video like:-

A. What you want to tell your audience

b. Roll shots B.

against A-roll shots.

d. Locations to record a particular video.

2. Camera:- It is a myth that to make a video you need a professional camera setup. You just need a powerful camera mobile (phone @ Rs 10000).

3. Tripod:- Helps your camera stabilize your video, because no one likes to see video shake. With the tripod, you can take many creative shots like pan and zoom, Dolly shots, etc. if you can afford expensive so go with your budget then you can buy tripod under 1000-3000RS.

4. Lighting: – It is one of the most important factors when creating a video because with the right lighting it is much better and attractive than inadequate lighting. You can shoot in soft light (morning or evening), try to avoid strong sunlight (direct sunlight), if you shoot indoors then you need some soft boxes for light, they are quite expensive, but you can make your own DIY soft box.

5. Music: It helps make your video sound more professional because through background music we can make it feel better and attractive. Use royalty-free music for your video.

6. Editing:- Also known as post production, it’s a final step where your story comes in its original form, editing doesn’t just mean joining two clips together, trimming, cutting, etc. You need to be very creative while editing your video and edit it according to your script, which helps you edit your video much faster and better.


There are tons of editing software on the market, but which editing software is best for you? I have classified the software according to the level. Categories as follows:-

1. Beginner

2. Intermediate

3 professional

For Beginners: It is very difficult for beginners to choose the right editing software because they do not have any knowledge related to video editing, so they can go for this software.

Windows Movie Maker for (windows).

I Movie for (MAC).

For Intermediaries:- This category is for those who have basic video editing skills like trimming, cutting, splitting, adding text, etc.

Filmora (Windows/MAC).

Camtasia (Windows/MAC).

ShotCut (Windows).

Power Director (Windows/MAC).

Davinvci Resolution (Windows/Mac).

For professionals: This type of editing software requires high specifications for your PC or Mac. This type of software is used to edit movies, TV shows, music videos, YouTube videos.

Adobe Premier Pro. (Windows/Mac).

Final Cut Pro X. (Mac).

Sony Vegas Pro. (Windows/Mac).

For motion graphics:-

Adobe After Effects (Windows/Mac).


Your content king on YouTube. If your content is good, people will subscribe to you and YouTube is also the best option to earn money and you can pursue your career on YouTube if you are passionate about it.


1. Make attractive thumbnails, they must be unique.

2. Use keywords in your video titles.

3. Write proper descriptions and give credit to your music

4. Always write keywords correctly, no spam, keywords related to your topic.

5. Be patient, don’t give up too quickly.

6. Unique content.

7. Be consistent.


1. No duplicate content.

2. Don’t click baits.

3. No keyword spam.

4. Inconsistency.

If you follow these steps, you can create amazing videos and you will also be successful on YouTube.