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Finding the best crossbow on the market: the PSE TAC 15i vs. the Barnett Ghost 400

Finding the best crossbow on the market: the PSE TAC 15i vs. Barnett’s Ghost 400

With the increasing number of crossbow models available on the market, it is necessary to compare the best brands and products. There are currently 2 leading products on the market, the PSE TAC 15i and the Barnett Ghost 400.

The PSE TAC 15i

In 2010 PSE released an exciting new crossbow, the TAC 15i. This crossbow has a lot going for it. The accuracy it has is unmatched because it offers amazing accuracy out to 50 yards. The power it has is also something to consider. At 402 feet per second, the TAC 15i is simply amazing. Additionally, it has several mechanisms, such as vibracheck backstops, that help minimize vibrations, making the crossbow smoother to operate and quieter when released.

While most crossbows available require effort when cocking and loading, the TAC 15i has a crank mechanism that requires only 12 lbs. of force to turn. This makes it easy for owners to load and fire it. The crank also functions as an unloader, eliminating the need to fire the crossbow to unload it. The design also has various mounts for additional parts such as scopes, flashlights, and bipods.

The downside is that the TAC 15i crossbow is quite expensive and requires a special arrow designed specifically for the device. Also, it is not as compact as other crossbows available on the market, as the TAC 15i resembles the AR rifle in size.

Barnett’s Ghost 400

The Barnett Ghost 400 is a force to be reckoned with. With Barnett’s proprietary ultralight laminated carbon body, it’s lightweight and easy to carry and aim. Due to its form of construction, the crossbow is not only lightweight; It’s not very heavy either. This helps hunters aim correctly and adds precision to every shot.

The quality of the materials also decreases the vibration of the crossbow, making it 30% quieter and smoother to release. Safety, especially for customers who are new to crossbow enthusiasts, is a much-needed factor and the Ghost 400 offers incredible 5-to-1 safety features not available on the TAC 15i. The crossbow is rated at 400 FPS and has an anti-dry shot mechanism, which means you cannot fire the crossbow without an arrow. The crossbow is not only powerful and accurate; its price is also competitively priced compared to the TAC 15i, making it a hot item, especially for beginning bowhunters.

On the downside, the bow may be lightweight, but at 24 inches wide, it’s less compact than the TAC 15. Cocking the arrow isn’t as convenient as the TAC 15i because the Ghost 400 requires a string to accomplish this.


Actually several factors such as security. Cost, power, and accuracy are taken into account when purchasing crossbows. In terms of power and precision, the TAC 15i tops the list. However, the Ghost 400 is excellent in safety and value for money. One thing is for sure though, the TAC 15i and Ghost 400 crossbow will continue to dominate the market.