Mobile phones drive the economy in developing countries

Mobile phones are a major contributor to the world economy, as well as to developing countries. Before technological advances such as mobile phones and other wireless communication devices and technologies, the pace of development in countries was much slower than now. Infrastructure is a strengthening element for developing countries as they advance in the construction of means of transport, improve communication modes and other infrastructures. It is difficult to say which is the most important factor in the development of the economies of developing countries, but mobile phones play a key role.

Cell phone service, points of sale, manufacturers, distributors and users stimulate the economy monetarily. Think of all mobile phone users. Each cell phone user pays a subscription fee, a monthly usage fee, and purchases cell phones and accessories. Add this up over five years and the amount of money spent on cell phones is astronomical. Thus, service providers, outlets, manufacturers, and distributors collectively employ thousands upon thousands of people, giving any economy a substantial boost. Mobile phones help employees of businesses, governments, and organizations to communicate quickly and cost-effectively. This convenient technology not only helps these entities do their jobs more effectively, it also helps them perform better financially.

India, a rapidly emerging country with a booming economy, has exploded with the use of cell phones. The financial industry is on par with the most developed countries in the world, because cell phones and their use have allowed financial markets to function quickly and all stakeholders are in constant contact with their agents and banks. In addition, the construction of infrastructure, cities and metropolitan areas is being completed in record time, all due to the ease of instant communications through the use of cell phones. China is another example, although China is much more developed, it is still an example of continuous proof that mobile phones are driving the economy in developing countries.

In a micro perspective of business and its functions within an organization, the use of cell phones has helped companies minimize downtime, quickly address goal needs, and connect board members and management. that are distant through wireless connections. Conference meetings are held every day via cell phone conference connection features offered on cell phones. This allows those who are miles away to connect, solve problems and make plans for the future.

Mobile phones are much more useful and play a very important role in developing countries and their economies. It is often something we overlook and take for granted. As globalization continues to occur, we can continue to see the global economy achieve many more milestones in the future thanks to cell phones.


Are they 5 inches large? Maybe for a child! 6.5 inches is average, and yes, size does matter! Frequently asked questions answered

Is it 5 inches large? No, unless he is a prepubescent boy. The average size of a grown man is 6.5 inches (still much smaller than what you normally see in adult movies), and size does matter for women. With a long, thick penis you can fill a woman up and give her that “helpless” feeling that drives her crazy, and you can create enough friction as you thrust to send her clit into ecstasy. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about penis size and how you can enlarge yours.

How big do I have to be to be considered “hung”? What size is considered “small”?

Well, the average is 6.5 inches, but it’s also worth noting that more than two-thirds of men are between 6 and 7 inches tall. Most guys (and girls) consider anything over 7 inches to “hang” and anything under 6 inches to be “small.” Of course, the circumference also matters. The average girth is 5 inches, and most men are between 4.75 and 5.5.

Is length more important than circumference?

Length and girth are equally important. Length matters because it allows you to caress long, hard and deep from any position, while girth allows you to create enough friction to really activate her nerve endings, as well as her clitoris (located on the outside of her vagina) while you are thrusting.

How can I permanently enlarge my penis?

The best way is with natural penis enlargement exercises, which are done only with your hands. There are exercises that target length, girth, and both. Study them all and determine which ones you should do to get the size gains you are looking for. Then go with a proven routine like the one I did. I went from 5.5 inches to very well endowed, and you can also make big (and permanent) gains and start seeing them in just two weeks!


The story of a hybrid: televisions are getting smarter every day! Samsung Smart TV

Years ago when I was a teenager, a debate arose that never ceased to irritate me as hell. The first rumors occurred at the end of my childhood, as my best friend was forbidden to see the cartoon series ‘The Mask’, since, according to the conviction of his parents, he was an “idiot”. The debate raged on for many years thereafter, becoming so worn that it was ubiquitous, suggesting that television was childish, stupid, tasteless … and other adjectives as well. The prevailing idea was that television was not smart. But guess that? Is now. Introducing the Samsung Smart TV.

For the past few years, certain bright sparks have been incorporating computer technology into absolutely everything. This was also the case in my childhood as well, it is only with modern developments that what constitutes computer technology is better defined for someone who, although he grew up on comic books and reruns of 1960s spy series. I remember hearing a washing machine described like a ‘robot’ and be bitterly disappointed. I remember that traffic lights were once described to me as a “supercomputer” and almost burst into tears in frustration. My heroes lived in a paradise populated by robots, powered by high-tech computers … Why the hell couldn’t I?

So yes, as I was saying, computer technology incorporated into devices such as mobile phones has led directly to the birth of the tablet PC, similarly, the new availability of television and movies on the Internet has led to the creation of the Samsung smart TV. .

What makes the Samsung smart TV the kind of device that could grace Captain Kirk’s living room or Bruce Wayne’s Batcave? Well, aside from its inventiveness and shameless future, Samsung’s smart TV combines the desktop PC with the family TV. This not only saves space, but is also extremely useful for playing content downloaded from the internet (I assume you did this legally and then you will leave it up to you). Samsung’s smart TV features crystal clear sound and picture, as you can reasonably expect from something so cutting edge. Samsung’s smart TV also comes complete with a built-in operating system and can be run as a smartphone or tablet.

It seems that in my life I may well see the bright and exciting future that I dreamed of as a child. I may still be able to slip into an all-in-one silver jumpsuit and fly a flying car around Saturn’s rings (though I doubt the suit is in any way complementary to my withered and ‘pruned’ physique by then). But for now, I think I’ll settle for a Smart TV. Therefore, the argument that television is stupid can be discarded, at least partially. TV content may be stupider than ever, but at least the machine itself is smart. Although, to be fair, the arrival of Samsung’s smart TV raises worrying possibilities that the people who watch the TV are smarter than they are. When Skynet launches one, I’ll get out of here.


How Blogging Software Can Help Your Blog

So you are a writer and you want to start a Blog, right? Perhaps you are looking for the right tools to write your first blog. The problem is that there are thousands of blogging and writing tools and software programs, some of which are free and some of which look promising. Here, I will recommend some free and easy-to-learn software tools to start your Blog.

If you want to write better articles and stories, the first step in deciding would be which tool to use and which to skip.

Ideally, you should go for the tools that would help you grow your audience along with adding value to your website. These tools will improve the blog writing process faster.

Setting up your website

To start a Blog, you will need a domain and a hosting provider. Buy a .COM domain name that you have full control over. Second, contact a reliable hosting provider for your website. If you need help buying a domain and setting up a website hosting, SiteGround is highly recommended. They are a premium hosting provider that provides additional security, backups, and other important services. Once you’ve purchased a website domain and hired a hosting provider, install WordPress. Try using Jetpack and WordPress SEO.

Via email

When your Blog is published, ask your readers to subscribe to the Blog as soon as possible. Publish that you can send readers a regular email newsletter. Use MailChimp, it’s free and easy to learn. Google Apps for Work and Lead Pages are some of the options you can try.

For design

If you want a professional look on your blog, the Premium WordPress theme will give it the right look and feel. If you’re not blogging about design, suggest that you don’t get too caught up in it. Eleven40 Pro by StudioPress works with the popular Genesis framework. It’s responsive, HTML5 compliant, and works great on desktop and mobile devices.

For images

Your blog posts would need quality images that will look good on your site and social media. Fotolia offers premium and royalty-free images. Alternatively, Canva makes it easy to create your own with a drag-and-drop editor.

For social media

Blogs and social networks go hand in hand. There are several tools you can get confused with, but use the Buffer & Hoot Suite. Both services offer a free trial.

Lastly, to sum up for help, use the WordPress tutorials on the internet. You would get numerous great online learning websites, which can teach you everything you need to know about WordPress, HTML, CSS, etc.


5 Google AdWords Features You Should Use In 2018

There is a lot to know about managing Google AdWords. Google’s privacy policy is not that high yet as they are updating and releasing their new features for the AdWords platform. The new Google AdWords interface may take some time to understand, but once you get it, it will be a breeze. In 2018, Google found itself in a product advertising wrestling match with Amazon. This year, Google AdWords management introduces some exciting new features for the marketing business. You should have the following five characteristics, whether you are running a business for the commercial company or some digital store. Let’s see what are the main features introduced by the Google AdWords administration.

For the year 2019, the old version of the AdWords admin interface will be removed and you will get the new interface that will help you operate better.

Here is the list of five features that AdWords management should use in 2018.

The new AdWords interface

It will take some time for users to get used to the new Google AdWords management interface. Once they understand the interface, they are sure to love it. In the new interface, you will enter the world where you can bid on different call extensions, target revenue, check out some new landing pages, and also promote discounts. The new Google AdWords management interface is making all of this possible for its users.

In the new user interface of the Google AdWords management system, you will get a new user interface, as well as some amazing controls. The most favorite update to the user interface is the call detail reports. In the old version, you could only see the levels, but in the new interface, you will know how long your keywords are. In the new Google AdWords interface, you will get the cool dashboard where you can see all the trends.

Extension promotions

In 2018, more than 180 billion dollars were spent on digital marketing. What does this have to do with promotional extensions? In the new Google AdWords update, the main update is the extension promotion, because with the help of this you can take your product to more doors. It is well documented in Google Policy that the growth of extensions depends on the click-through rate. Advertisers are always trying to attract more customers. Google is trying to do everything for you so that you spend on AdWords, not Amazon.

Message extensions

If you designed your landing page as a masterpiece, chances are high that users will contact you before they read your page. You must use the new Google AdWords “Message Extension” extension so that you can be easily contacted. Message extensions really do participate in user engagement with your landing page. Post extensions are the important part of your landing page. PPC management works here too, as in a standard text ad users can click through to your page, but engagement isn’t always 100%. PPC management is the other side that helps you in some other effective way. If you are going to use the message extension, you know what your users really want from you.

Just call the ads

PPC management works in the form of call-only ads. Please note that call-only ads will only run on mobile-enabled devices. This allows the optimization of clicks on phone calls. Google AdWords unlocks more than enough data for you to run a call-only ad campaign. With the help of calling only ads, you can see the following things like

    How many users click on your page without the call? How many calls were made and what is the duration of each call? What keywords are generated when the ad is clicked?

Shopping Campaigns

Shopping ads are served by AdWords as it is the best way to market Shopping campaigns. A simple search can produce a large number of results regarding your product. This is the difference that shopping announcements can make. According to the latest report, 87% of clicks come from shopping ads and 60% of shopping ads are unbranded keywords.

Final remarks

AdWords got a lot of update in 2018 and hopefully these tools will help you and give you a fresh approach. If you are still having difficulties, make an appointment with our experts and professionals to speed up your account.


Top 10 Electric Shaver Reviews in 2016

You can even rinse off several new electric razors or use them in the shower, while some even have LED screens. Today, “high tech” is not limited to laptops and smartphones. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of modern technology to remove stubble, listed below are the best electric razor reviews for men of 2014 for you to consider.

Reviews of electric razor for men

10. Remington R4-5150A Titanium Rotary Shaver

With this Remington R4 rotary shaver featuring Pivot and Flex technology, you can get a close, classic shave. This electric razor will be profiled towards the chin and jaw line angles simply by its 3 independent flexible heads, while also reaching areas that can be difficult to shave, such as your neck, simply because of your neck. pivoting.

Remington R4-5150A Titanium Rotary Shaver

9.Remington F5-5800A rechargeable foil shaver

This Remington rechargeable electric foil shaver is sure to give you professional quality shaves in minimal strokes. You can easily cut 72 hours of growth thanks to the integrated intersection trimmer. Likewise, the angles and contours of your respective face will be effortlessly accompanied by the surgical steel blades caused by its Pivot and Flex technology.

Remington F5-5800A Rechargeable Foil Shaver

8. Wahl 7060-700 shaver without bumps

The Wahl 7060-700 Bump-Free Shaver is usually a splendid grooming solution that has a hypoallergenic gold foil that can be ideal for those with sensitive skin. The foil also ensures that you shave without bumps on your face, head and neck, while its extendable trimmer can give you an even closer and more precise shave.

You can run it with cable or batteries.

Wahl 7060-700 Shockless Shaver

7. Wahl 5 Star 8547 Hypoallergenic Free Rechargeable Shaver

This hypoallergenic free rechargeable razor from Wahl may be an upgraded version of the 5-star Wahl 8061 electric shaver, which had been quite favored after its first introduction. Since this is truly a deluxe rechargeable cordless shaver, it guarantees mobility and portability once it is truly fully charged. The anti-allergic gold foil of this shaver not only guarantees a hypoallergenic shave, but also a bump-free shave.

Wahl 5 Star 8547 Hypoallergenic Free Rechargeable Shaver

6.Panasonic ES8243A Rechargeable 4-Blade for Men

This Panasonic wet / dry rechargeable electric shaver has nanotechnology blades that provide an exceptional shave. It is built with four cutting blades and also a quad blade, while Panasonic has enlarged the cutting surface by 32%, so a better shave emerges with each pass. The Panasonic linear motor drives the blades to shave even the thickest beards.

Panasonic ES8243A Rechargeable 4-Blade Men’s

5. Braun 3Series 340S-4 wet and dry shaver

If you want to shave your personal way, this Braun wet and dry shaver will work both in and out of the shower. You can use this electric razor with foam or shaving gel to customize its performance for added comfort while shaving. The electric razor’s SensoFoil technology will glide across your skin for comfort and control.

Braun 3Series 340S-4 wet and dry shaver

4.Panasonic ES8103S 3-Blade Male (Arc 3)

This fully charged wet / dry washable electric razor comes with innovative and smart features that deliver a remarkably close, cozy shave. This electric razor includes a 3-blade shaving system, which guarantees maximum closeness and coverage, even for the parts of the face that are most difficult to shave. The razor will float effortlessly simply by its flexible swivel head.

Panasonic ES8103S 3-Blade Male (Arc 3)

3.Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch

The efficiency and longevity of the Philips Norelco classic shavers combine for a more attractive design and improved functionality within this Philips Norelco Powertouch electric shaver. This electric shaver allows for quick and easy cleaning under an open tap, while you can enjoy ease of mobility thanks to its cordless operation.

2. Braun Series 7- Pulse Shaver System

This 790cc advanced shaver through the Braun Series 7 can be designed to provide the best personal care experience. The revolutionary Pulsonic technology is included in this electric shaver that captures a large amount of hair with each stroke through the use of more than 10,000 micro vibrations. In addition, a cozy and deep shave is what generates its powerful linear motor.

Braun Series 7- Lung Shaver System

1.Philips Norelco 1150X SensoTouch 2D

With an innovative design and easy to hold, this Philips electric razor offers an exceptional shaving experience thanks to GyroFlex 2D technology. A lithium-ion battery powers this electric shaver for cordless portable operation, and its easy-to-use features like SensoTouch 2D make shaving a pleasure rather than a chore. This electric razor can be great for traveling as a storage bag can be included.

Philips Norelco 1150X SensoTouch 2D this is a bit like the wahl electric shaver

If you are ready to take the leap and put a touch of modern technology into your shaving routine, then you should go for one of the top electric razors for men above. If you loved my article, share it on your social media profile, thanks for reading.


Learn about trading Bitcoin

Bitcoins are the newest form of digital currency used by many traders and investors. Any exchange market can trade bitcoins, but it’s a risky opportunity as you may lose your hard-earned money. You have to be very careful before continuing.

About Bitcoin:

A bitcoin is the same as a currency, although it has a digital form. You can save it, invest it and spend it. The cryptocurrency once circulated in the market and gave rise to Bitcoin. This started in 2009 by an anonymous person with the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin has gained popularity this year as its rate jumped from $ 2 to $ 266. This happened during the months of February and April. A process known as mining is said to generate a Bitcoin using powerful computer algorithms called blocks. Once a block has been cracked, you earn around 50 Bitcoins. Usually solving a single problem takes a long time, maybe a year or so. If you can’t do it, then there is another way to get these Bitcoins; that is, you just buy them.

How a Bitcoin works:

When you buy a Bitcoin, you exchange your physical money and you get the digital currency in the form of Bitcoin. It is very simple, if you want to change currency you have to pay it to be able to obtain that currency. The same goes for Bitcoins. Pay the current Bitcoin rate. Let’s say it’s $ 200, so you pay $ 200 and get a Bitcoin. It is basically a type of merchandise. Most of the exchanges that operate in the market generate a lot of money by moving the currency in the market. They get US dollars by giving these Bitcoins and get rich instantly. But the thing is, since it seems easy to make money by converting Bitcoins into dollars, these exchanges lose their money quite easily too.

Become a player in the market:

There are several ways to become a player in the Bitcoin market. The easiest way is to buy a dedicated computer and install some Bitcoins mining software and start cracking the blocks. This process is said to be the easiest way possible, but it is time consuming.

If you want to make money faster, you have to form a team. You must organize a Bitcoin pool that includes four to five members. Then you can form a mining pool and can crack the blocks faster than one person can.

The fastest way to earn money through Bitcoins is to go directly to the markets. Go for the trusted and reputable Bitcoins exchanges that operate in the market. First of all you have to register. Sign up and create an account and then you must respond to confirmations accordingly. This will keep you up to date on all Bitcoins operating stocks. You can exchange bitcoins on any online trading platform. Some companies have even started accepting bitcoin payments.


Can you still track an email if the account is closed?

Do you need to trace an email address to locate or identify the sender? You can still achieve this even if the email account is now closed and no longer active. It may be a bit more difficult, but it is still possible to identify the person behind that email address. In this article we will attempt to address the additional issues an investigator faces when attempting to investigate an old or state email address that has been deactivated.

First, what we have to do is find out if the email address we are trying to investigate is still active or has been closed. If the email address we are investigating was opened for the sole purpose of contacting our customer and then closed immediately after sending an email, then it will be difficult to track. But if the account has been used for years, but only recently deleted after sending the offending communication, it can be a very simple investigation. In fact, the email address can be found in an instant database service.

To determine if email is active, you need to test it using one of the many online services that will tell you if email is active. You can also email the account from a fake email account and see if it bounces. Of course, there are many more technical methods you can use, but in this article we cover the basics.

If we have determined that email is inactive, this cuts our investigative techniques in half. Because we can only analyze incoming data from email. In an ideal investigation, we will be investigating the sender’s computer by analyzing the information that we can capture when they open a pretext email that we send to them.

So we will have to analyze the incoming headers and extract the IP address, use geo tracking, IP address location and good Whois to identify the sender’s ISP. We can also investigate the IP address to see if it is associated with any other online activity. But in addition to the IP information, we may be able to inform the sender’s email program, such as Outlook Express.

We can send the email to a database search to see if it has been used online in the past. We can search the deep web, member submission sites, online billing, and payment services to see if the email address has ever been used in a financial transaction. Social networks also have an email search feature to find or add friends.

There are also paid searches like Online Infidelity Investigations and Online Gambling Investigation searches that can track an email to an online gambling site or a secret online personal ad on a dating site. This type of email investigation can actually return a picture of the person behind the email address.

As you can see, it is possible to trace an email and locate or identify the sender even if the email address has been deactivated or removed.


Apple MacBook Pro MC372LLA 15.4-inch laptop: the MacBook of your dreams

The Apple MacBook Pro MC372LL / A is probably the best MacBook you will ever own. Blazing speeds for this 15.4-inch laptop are the result of the dual-core Intel Core i5 processor (2.53 GHz nominal) combined with 4GB of DDR3 RAM. The Apple MacBook Pro MC372LL / A has ample storage space with a 500GB HD, plenty of room for audio, video, and images.

Video quality is high, as with most Apple products, but this laptop utilizes an NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics card sporting 512MB of GDDR3 RAM on-board, and using Intel HD Graphics processor to boot with automatic switching between the two for optimal performance and power Conservation. Combine them with the 15-inch LED-backlit widescreen display and you have a true cinematic experience. The NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M card is used for the heavy workload of graphics processing, while the Intel HD Graphics processor handles the lighter and more energy efficient jobs.

The Apple MacBook Pro MC372LL / A comes with Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard OS (pre-installed). For those who love their media, be it movies and music or online gaming, this laptop will do everything you’ve always hoped for. Don’t worry about running out of power, the Apple MacBook Pro MC372LL / A will last up to 8 or 9 hours on battery power, depending on the intensity of use.

With a slim, near-anorexic profile of less than an inch and weighing in at just over 5 1/2 pounds, you won’t feel like dragging your entire desk when you’re on the go. Durability is never an issue with MacBooks and this remains true with the Apple MacBook Pro MC372LL / A. Crafted from a solid slab of aluminum, this is a laptop that combines industrial strength with high science fiction technology. If you are looking for a laptop that gives you the best of all worlds, then the Apple MacBook Pro MC372LL / A is what you have been waiting for.


How People Used To Pirate Retro Software

You will be forgiven for thinking that I am teaching you how to make illegal pirated copies of your software after reading the above title. Well rest assured that I will not walk the board as this article is for informational purposes only. As a programmer, I understand how software piracy can harm businesses, so I don’t recommend it. There is a lot of good software that you can download for free, especially if you don’t need all the fancy features of expensive software. This article explains how people used to pirate retro computer software like Spectrum and Atari ST.


Spectrum and C64 software came on cassette tapes that were inserted into data recorders (or tape recorders) and could be loaded into memory by typing a command such as load “”. These computers relied on a series of sound signals that were never pleasant to hear, as they were horrible screeches. Very often, you would have to wait up to ten minutes (especially for a Spectrum 128k game) to load when it might crash, which means you have to readjust the volume and start over. In the case of a low recording, the game cassette would normally have a separate copy on the other side.

Most people could copy these games using a hi-fi system with two cassette decks. If you insert the original game tape on the first deck and press “play”, and insert a blank cassette on the second deck and press “play and record”, you can get a perfect copy. You can buy cassette tapes for storing data, such as a C15 that lets you record for up to fifteen minutes. Some people would use a C90 which would allow them to store many games at once.

If you don’t have access to two cassette decks, you can use the software. On the Spectrum, you could use something like “007Spy” which would allow you to load the entire game into memory and then back it up to a blank cassette. Some games had different ways of loading, such as pulsating (or clicking) loaders, a method used by many Ocean Software games. This led to the release of other software capable of addressing these chargers. The average Spectrum game would consist of a small code snippet (the header), a loading screen, and the main code. This is the standard charger, easy to copy.

When the Spectrum 128k +3 was released, it came with a built-in floppy drive. Since only so many games were released on +3 discs, methods were used to transfer them from one tape to another. The standard charger was easy. All you had to do was type merge “” to enter the editor code and save it to disk +3 (save “a: program-name”). I would then load the loading screen higher into memory (load the “screen name” code 30000) and save it to a +3 disk. Finally, I would do the same with the main code and add the load commands to the main header code.

For the more complicated loaders, a set of programs called “007 Trans-Master” was used to convert the files to the standard format so that they could be saved on +3 disks.


The great thing about the Atari ST and Amiga computers was that you could get your hands on hundreds of pieces of free software, without the need to pirate commercial software. There were many PDLs (public domain libraries) that distributed free software for the price of a disk and shipping, and for their distribution work. The actual software is free and covers anything from demos to games to pictures and music files. There was also the shareware method in which a small subscription fee is paid to receive extras for full versions of the software and licensed software, in which the PDL would offer a small commission to the original contributor.

The Atari ST software was normally copied using dedicated disk copiers such as “Fast Copy” while the Amiga used the popular “X-Copy”. However, some discs were protected and therefore more powerful copying software had to be used.


Software publishers have used many forms of production to discourage copying, such as the more complicated Spectrum loaders. Other methods would require the user to enter a word or letter from the manual before they can enter the game, or to choose a series of colors or symbols from their book to match those on the screen. Some games let you think you’ve copied them until you’ve played them for so long and you notice an unpleasant surprise. The game “Shadow of the Beast” turns the screen upside down at certain levels, for example.

This led to the rise of Cracking Groups such as the famous “Pompey Pirates” on the Atari ST who would hack the game and remove copy protection. They would then release a series of games (hacked and packaged) on a single floppy disk that was passed on to multiple users.


The battle between software publishers and pirates is constant and people will always want free software if they can get it. Old retro software is freely available for download on various websites for people who want to relive the old days, so there is little need to copy them from the originals. I’m not going to tell you how to copy the latest PC software. I just wrote this article to explain how people used to back up their software for older systems. I said that there is a lot of free and expensive software available for the PC and I urge you to use it instead of resorting to piracy.