Android Phone: Introducing Hidden Features

Are you an Android phone user, but don’t know most of the features it offers? Do you want to discover more secure and interesting features on your phone? Check out this article for some useful Android tips and tricks.

Most of the people in the world today use Android phones on a daily basis, to call, send messages and more. Android is the mobile operating system that most phone manufacturers use on their phones. There are many functions, rather than calls and messages, that need to be examined. Explore the hidden features and many tricks to save time on your device.

The basic problem faced by a phone user is battery problems. Most Android phones have a built-in power strip option, which when activated, provides a faster disconnection of the entire phone battery, thus eliminating apps. Another feature is that you can be the developer of your own phone settings. Go to ‘Settings’, select the ‘About phone’ option and tap on the ‘Build number’ of your phone seven times.

A countdown will appear on the screen, followed by a command telling you that you are now a developer and a ‘Developer option’ will be displayed just above the ‘About phone’ option.

This ‘developer option’ can also be used to reduce the lag of your Android phone.

By reducing the ‘Window Animation Scale’, ‘Animator Duration Scale’ and ‘Transition Animation Scale’ in the ‘Developer Option’, from 1x to 0.5x, your phone can feel faster than before. Now you can control those annoying app notifications by long pressing the app notification, in the notification bar, which will display an information icon in the right corner. Tapping this icon gives you the option to prioritize your notifications. You can block unwanted apps, hide private information, or select priority mode for most of the above apps.

To zoom in and out on Google maps while driving, all you need to do is double-tap on the spot and slide your finger up or down. This tip will help you avoid the problem of pinching your phone screen while handling your phone so that it stays in place, all while driving.

Today, children use their parents’ phone more often. To prevent your children from accessing dangerous games, adult content or accidental access to your bank, this feature will be of great help. Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Security’ and enable the ‘Screen pinning’ option. Open the app you want to pin and protect, then hit the overview button to pin the app.

Another cool feature is the built-in games on Android phones. In ‘Settings’, select ‘About phone’ and repeatedly tap the ‘Version number’ of the device to get this function.


Super Mario Bros game for the classic NES

You will have to think fast and move even faster to complete this classic mission! The Mushroom Princess is held captive by the evil Koopa turtle tribe. It’s up to you to rescue her from the clutches of King Koopa before time runs out. But it won’t be easy. To get to the princess, you’ll have to climb mountains, cross seas, avoid bottomless pits, fight turtle soldiers, and a series of nasty traps that only a Koopa King can change. It’s another SUPER MARIO BROS adventure!

Super Mario Bros was the first game to be released for the NES in 1985. It was the first game to offer effective levels of smooth scrolling with a well done map. Super Mario Brothers is currently the best-selling video game of all time. You can play it on the NES, Famicom, SNES, GBA, and recently on Wii. Believe me all, this game is a true blast from the past and still entertains us today. Mario was the first character in a true video game and he will stand up and shoot anyone else who tries to take his place. It will always be great in the video game industry due to the great impact of this game.

The history of the games:

Many say that the story of this game is horrible and it is a huge downfall of the game. I mean it’s like any other game where a princess is captured and you need to save her. The true basic plot of the game is that Bowser has unleashed a wicked spell on the Mushroom Kingdom. The only ones who can save the princess and break this evil spell are Mario and Luigi.

Well, this game was pretty much the first game to start those generic storylines. But honestly, what’s not to love about the classic Mario saving Princess Peach from Bowser’s story? NOTHING, it’s a simple and compelling story. I’m sure the story doesn’t deserve a high rank because at the time the game came out, the story was very unfamiliar and it probably sounded a bit cheesy. But today, we all meet our friendly plumber hero, MARIO.

How to Play:

This game is incredibly fun to play. The objective of the game is to complete each level by running to the end of the level and jumping as high as possible towards the flag. You will meet many famous enemies like Goombas, Koopas, Piranha Plants and many more. There are coins scattered throughout the game in random areas and hidden in blocks that you must break. Once you get 100 coins, you get an extra life.

You get a score for the number of enemies you kill, the number of coins you snatch, and for other reasons. Each level is unique and has different obstacles on each one and is a blast to play. There are 8 worlds with normally 4 stages in each world. The game is great because it has multiple hidden secrets throughout the game that keep the fun coming. There are even secret negative worlds and warp tubes that give the game a great twist.

The game also mixes in some mazes to give you a little challenge. You can also play with 2 players where you can play as Mario and Luigi and defeat the evil Koopa King. The few downsides are that the game is not very long, the screen scrolls and it becomes frustrating. If you play fast enough, you could beat all the levels in about 30 minutes.

You cannot go back once you advance one level. The game is frustrating because you can’t even save and there is no continuation (you can use a code to start from the world you lost in). The game screen just scrolls in the right direction. It would easily give Super Mario Bros gameplay a 10/10 if there were at least more levels per world.

Of course, you can’t take on those levels just like you and yourself, so you have a few things you can find to help you out. First, there are the power-ups that you can find in blocks throughout the game. The first one you will get is the Super Mushroom, and by getting this Mario it will grow to double in size (Super Mario!) And you can take an additional hit from an enemy (and return to normal Mario) before losing a life.

Like Super Mario, you also have the ability to break normal brick blocks that you come across, this can prove extremely useful in a number of ways, be it by finding a secret block or just taking a safe route. If you discover a power-up while you are Super Mario, it will be a fire flower, which will not allow you to take more hits but gives you the extremely useful power of launching fireballs. Fireballs can kill enemies in one hit, and while the same can be accomplished by jumping on the heads of most enemies, it is much easier to launch a fireball from a distance and knock out enemies from a distance. safe. As long as you can maintain the fire ability, you will be quite overpowered.

Besides that, you can also collect 1Up mushrooms, which will grant you an extra life and coins. Coins are collectibles that will give you an extra life by collecting 100 of them, then the counter will reverse so you can collect an additional 100, and so on. All things in the game; coins, power-ups, completing a level, defeating an enemy are added to the score.

This score is a leftover from arcade games, and will not really be used for anything, as the highest score is removed when you turn off the console, there will be no competition in this regard. Not having a save feature might sound bad, but as mentioned, levels can be completed quite quickly and there is always someone who will know the secret warp zones.

Speaking of secrets, that’s a cool thing about this game. While many other NES games show you just about everything, here are plenty of invisible blocks with power-ups or coins, pipes you can enter to get to underground coin collections, and sometimes a creeper will shoot out of a hit block when that you can climb. Get up to “coin heaven”. A funny thing with all these secrets is that some of them are out in the open, others are on a block of bricks that you never thought of getting right.

There are so many blocks scattered throughout each level, and only the blocks with the question mark contain anything, that you would never have time to try and destroy all the normal brick blocks. The good thing about all this is that you can play the game so many times and still discover something that you did not know. The amount of secret stuff is a very likely factor as to why the game has great replayability.


The graphics in this game are wonderful for the time. To tell you the truth, I am still completely satisfied with the graphics of today’s games. Even though Mario and Luigi have a bit of discoloration and it’s a bit blocky, it gives you the authentic warm welcome to know that it’s the first Mario game.

The backgrounds may be just a blue sky with the odd green bush or cloud, but that’s all that was needed. It means that it is very easy to see the objects in the foreground like the bricks that you can hit or the enemies that you face. There is nothing you can complain about with these graphics and especially when the game came out they were great.


The sound is great. I mean it’s not annoying like most NES games and it was the beginning of the classic “do, do, do, do …” music! The game has different music for each type of level, such as dungeons, underwater levels, and land levels. All if it is enjoyable and makes the game even better. The only downside is that the sound effects are a bit boring, but I really shouldn’t complain. Overall, it’s the fancy theme music that makes me like the game’s music so much.

Another cool thing is that the music is a bit context sensitive, which means that if you let the time go down to less than 100 seconds remaining, the music will speed up to let you know to hurry. Also, if you collect a star (element of invincibility), the music will switch to another theme that will last almost exactly until the power is depleted, a great audio cue of when to start worrying about your enemies again. The sound effects in the game are also good, they are not too complicated and the jingles that sound are great to make you feel satisfied when completing a task or picking up a power-up.

Control S:

This game is basically a collect and play game. The control design is so simple yet so good. The game perfectly records all movements. You keep going and Mario definitely moves on. Many NES games couldn’t perfect this, but this game definitely did. You can run and jump and you will learn the tricks on how to achieve the greatest jumping distance and basic skills in no time. The simple and sweet NES controller played great with this game and the game did all the commands perfectly.

The NES control panel isn’t really the most advanced piece of hardware out there, but in this game you’ll never feel like it’s missing something. The D-pad is used to move left and right, and with a downward pressure you can duck, which also results in the pipes going down if they are “open”.

Button A is used for jumping and is quite responsive; a short press results in a low jump and a longer press results in a higher jump. The B button has two purposes: to launch fireballs if you have that power, and it is also the execute button. It works better than you think, because if you’re running and want to launch a fireball, you can quickly release the button and then hold it down again to fire one, without losing much speed.

Repetition value:

This is the strong point of the games. I can’t even count how many times I’ve beaten this incredible classic. Makes you come back for more. It is a simple game that is absolutely fun to play. You can try to beat your previous score. You can play with 2 players to cheer him on with a friend or you can try a time track and try to get the record. Or if you liked it, you can win it again just for the great feeling of beating the endless classic. This game is the one that started it all. That makes the game that much more satisfying.


It is really quite resistant without deformation and with the use of the cartridge, so it cannot be stored. I mean, my friends were saying, yeah, it’s Super Mario Bros. I’ve beaten it a thousand times. And they came and lost in world 5. It is not impossible, but I want to say that it has a challenge. I’d say it has a perfect difficulty. It’s not so difficult that you never want to try to get over it, but easy enough to make it enjoyable, which is a very good balance.

Final thoughts:

Overall, I love the Super Mario Bros game. A true classic NES game that has stood the test of time, it may not be the best game in the whole world simply because of how it plays as a game on its own, but because of the fact that it revolutionized the home game scene the moment it appeared. In addition to being very popular with any retro gamer and even greatly enjoyed by current generation players, it explains why I find this game still so much fun.

Every aspect is designed to achieve perfection, if not complete. It shows how well Nintendo worked with the capabilities of the NES to make a game that was fun, simple, memorable, played well and offered a good challenge, had a variety of different stages that were approached in different ways, but it wasn’t that long. . since it could not be beaten in a single stage. It’s a classic side-scrolling game at its finest, and the influence on future platformers of not just the same genre, the same console, or even the same series has been evident throughout the centuries.


Should you stop trading during COVID-19?

The impact of the coronavirus on small businesses

As a human being, I am sure that you have been affected by COVID-19 (also known as novel coronavirus) in some way.

Whether that means worrying about aging parents, changing travel plans, or stocking up on work-from-home essentials for the foreseeable future, it’s hard not to feel the stress.

As a small business owner, you may see fewer customers as people limit social interaction, change travel and leisure plans, and focus on staying healthy rather than buying products and services.

Unless you are selling toilet paper or hand sanitizer, you may be concerned about the impact of the coronavirus on your small business; your income, employees, and empty marketing funnel.

So does that mean you need to bend over and stop your marketing efforts for now? Not!

The World Health Organization has declared that the coronavirus is a global pandemic and it is a very uncertain time. However, I strongly believe in focusing on what we can do and change while finding opportunities in the midst of adversity.

Every challenge can be met with common sense, rational thinking, and even kindness. This is not the time for irrationality. I was watching a webinar the other day and someone said, “Worrying is like a rocking chair – it gives you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere!”

I know we are living in difficult times. The virus and how the global economy is responding to the preventive measures that are being put in place is something that will go down in the history books.

But as business owners, there is one thing we still have control over, and that is the ability to be resilient and make decisions that help us get through these times in the best way possible.

In this article, I share some ways you can tackle the marketing challenge during a crisis and keep your business running.

Let’s start by looking at two of the wrong ways to approach marketing during a crisis right now:

1. Make a joke about the coronavirus. A few weeks ago, it was common to see online memes and humorous marketing campaigns being shared. In Las Vegas, the jeweler even created a campaign to sell rings!

As more and more people around the world were affected by the coronavirus, it slowed down a lot. Making the situation lightly is not only in bad taste, but it will likely alienate a good portion of your target audience.

2. Play with people’s fears. It’s one thing to use a sense of urgency to sell your product or service, but it’s another to use scare tactics.

For example, don’t scare people into buying a first aid kit with a message like “Only two left! Don’t risk your family’s health!” Rather, focus on the benefit of being proactive and prepared when stocking up on medical supplies.

Make sure the angle and tone of your marketing reflects your customer’s current concerns and pain points without capitalizing on their anxiety.

How to Effectively Market Your Small Business During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Regardless of the type of small business you have, your priority should be to communicate clearly with your customers so that they feel comfortable.

Think about what your customers need to hear from you and how you want to position your business during this crisis.

Here are 3 ways to market your business during the coronavirus crisis:

1. Assure everyone that you are protecting your health. This is especially true if you have a physical location. This may mean sharing your additional sanitary practices, placing a hand sanitizer station in front of your location, or implementing a policy where all staff wear masks and gloves.

For example, WestJet shares its additional preventive cleaning measures due to coronavirus on its website.

2. Be prepared to pivot. You must be flexible to provide the best service to your customers. That could mean that instead of canceling a conference with a client, you change it to a virtual event.

If you are planning an upcoming workshop or event, pivot with your audience in mind. You may have already been forced to cancel or postpone, but don’t assume that everyone wants the solution you are providing.

Consider options like making it a virtual version of the event or postponing your conference to a later date. Or some people may want ticket refunds.

Surveys and questionnaires can be a great way to get honest feedback from ticket holders before changing an event.

And of course, take a look at all of your contracts to make sure you’re covered before making any changes.

If you’re a service provider, create other ways to help your clients like this fitness trainer did. It offered them a way to stay in shape that didn’t involve being with a group of people in a gym.

3. Make your employees a priority too. Don’t focus all your efforts on marketing during this time. Your employees are the ones that keep your business going, so how can you take care of them?

Maybe you can give your staff the option to work 100% remotely, while COVID-19 is a concern. However, remind them that you strongly encourage them to stay home if they feel sick.

The more you reassure your employees, the better they can support your business and your customers.

What Small Business Owners Can Learn From The Coronavirus

I know this is difficult, and I hope you can endure and focus on the present and serving your clients and staff.

They are afraid and what you do or share can help alleviate those fears. Remember to be careful and intentional with what you are saying.

If your small business is adversely affected by the coronavirus, it is also a good time to reassess your business fundamentals, including how CONVID-19 is impacting your digital marketing. How will you deal with a crisis the next time it happens? Are there things you would do differently to be more prepared or avoid losses?

Like everything else in life, this is a learning experience. Stay healthy, safe, and positive.


Social Media Optimization Trends for 2017

The evolution of Snap is expected to lead to new opportunities, which would be interesting to say the least, in 2017. In recent months, Snap, formerly and more popularly known as Snapchat, has improved by leaps and bounds. Experts predict big things for this platform in the coming days. Snap has already managed to change the major trends and user expectations in the world of social media marketing. Thanks to Snap, the vision of communication focused on the moment is back again. This has meant more lively and spontaneous content. It has helped developers create more applications that are focused on mobile platforms.

Snap has also featured vertical videos and made them part of the mainstream. However, he is now looking to develop products that are outside the scope of his domain of focus: that of message exchange. It seeks to offer real-world glasses to its users so that they can capture first-person visual information. When it comes to optimizing social media, Snap will be at the center of it all. It is also expected to provide some major league marketing opportunities.

Twitter fatigue will get worse

Experts believe that not everything is going well with Twitter and, in the future, it is not expected to improve in 2017 either. In fact, in recent years many people have said that Twitter will soon die a natural death. However, there are also those who believe that Twitter will in all likelihood be there for at least another year. However, they also say that Twitter fatigue will increase significantly in 2017. Twitter is known for its short updates delivered at a breakneck rate, but it also contributes to a large number of inbound and outbound tweets.

When it started, it was quite exciting for the simple reason that it was brand new. However, now users have gotten used to it and are asking for something very different. They want it to be bigger, to have more detail, and to have more interesting content as well. They also want the pace to be slower. In fact, Instagram has already started to slow down its rate of updates.

More sensational experiences

Yes, this is what users will want in 2017 and they want social networks to fulfill that role, to be the provider so to speak. It would no longer be enough for users to declare on social networks that they are attending an event; They need to show others how it feels to attend that event live. This can be achieved through live video and 360-degree images. Even posting in real time could also solve the puzzle to some extent. The basic idea would be to make the others, who are not present, feel part of the whole show. They should feel that they are a genuine and organic part of the whole experience, even as it continues to unfold.


La Tules – Monte Reina de Santa Fe

Born around 1800, Maria Gertrudis Barceló The childhood years are still debated among scholars of history, but her subsequent marriage to Don Manuel Antonio Sisneros on June 23, 1823 is recorded in the records of Tomé, a small town about 30 miles south of Albuquerque. Although married to Sisneros, a member of a prominent family, she kept her maiden name. He preferred the attribution of Doña Barceló. As she gained popularity as a player, locals began calling her “La Tules,” a nickname that translates to “the cane,” in reference to her diminutive slim figure.

After moving to Santa Fe, she lost two children in childhood and adopted a daughter in 1826. During this time, La Tules decided to turn her gift of dealing letters and reading to men into a career as a courtesan, Monte merchant, lady and skilled mule trader. He knew exactly how to cash in on the insatiable gambling habits of merchants traveling from Missouri down the newly opened Santa Fe Trail. Working in a public gambling hall, she used her charm and beauty to separate the merchants from their money. Up to 100 Monte tables operated in Santa Fe during this time, with stakes as high as $ 50,000. In 1838, city officials realized that more money was made by issuing gambling licenses than by collecting fines, and they sanctioned the previously illegal activity.

In a few years, he had enough capital to buy a “Room,“or gambling house and parlor, in which she entertained her guests with dances, drinks, lavish dinners, and games of chance. Over time, she amassed a fortune as Santa Fe’s most famous Monte merchant and confidant of some of the New Mexico’s most powerful politicians and military, and religious leaders.This zoo included Manuel Armijo, the governor of New Mexico, with whom he had an illicit relationship that ultimately led to his downfall.

Tea room de La Tules was located on San Francisco Street at the southeast corner of Palace Avenue and Burro Alley where it stretched the width of the entire block. It was a long, low adobe building that eventually sported finely carved furniture from Spain resting on exquisite Turkish rugs. The main bar revolved around a gigantic room. Two additional mahogany bars connected to form a quadrilateral. Large gleaming mirrors adorned the walls behind bars, but overlooked in the gambling casino itself. The elaborate crystal chandeliers with candle rings provided plenty of light. As a final touch, private gambling halls stretched along present-day Burro Alley from San Francisco Street to Palace Avenue along the Plaza. The private gambling halls were strictly for professional players, important visitors, and wealthy people. La Tules attended the operation with a small army of bartenders, waiters, merchants and “hostesses.”

There is considerable debate about its beauty. Some accounts depict her as a dazzling beauty with olive skin, radiant dark hair that fell down a slim neck, and sensual black eyes that gleamed in the glow of chandeliers. They described her as charming, beautiful, graceful, crafty, witty, and brilliant. One writer described her as: “… as a sylph in motion with a slender figure, face with fine features, smooth and dark decent Spanish, thin lines, arched eyebrows, loose dark hair, thin lips, a beautiful woman, with a head firm and proud and the demeanor of a wild cat. ” On the other hand, others described her in less eloquent terms, describing her clothes as “like Eva and scarce, low-cut shirts and short petticoats.” neglected style. Another wrote: “When I saw her, she was richly dressed, but in bad taste, her fingers were literally covered with rings, while her neck was adorned with three heavy gold chains, to the longest of which was attached a huge crucifix. of it. precious metal. “

If you look at the drawing of La Tules that appeared in April 1854 Harper’s New Monthly Magazine he could side with his detractors. She appears as a stern, cigarette-smoking witch, who surely couldn’t justify a description of a tantalizing beauty. On second thought, it could be postulated that the image shown in the magazine was La Tules in his last years, where the wear and tear of the long hours of trafficking in the bush had made a dent in his appearance. In all likelihood, she was originally a very striking young woman capable of being a magnificent seductress.

There is definitely no debate that La Tules was incomparable in dealing with Monte in his room. Matt Field met her in 1839 and was amazed at her genius in handling letters. He wrote: “A woman was dealing and if you had looked on her face at any symptom by which to discover how the game was, you would have turned around unsatisfied; for the quiet seriousness was only discernible and the cards fell from her fingers as firmly as though I was only handling a knitting needle. ” In his book Mrs. Tules, Courtesan and Player of Santa Fe, Mary J. Straw Cook wrote about La Tulles. She wrote that, “She dealt night after night, often until dawn, with ‘deft precision’ as the cards’ slipped from her long fingers as firmly as if she were wielding only a knitting needle … With feminine bravado, Skillful tulles and tarnished fingers swept away piles of gold, the result of perpetual practice, as I won over and over again. “

Matt Field, while in Santa Fe one night, watched as La Tules changed Monte to a Kentuckian whose stated goal was to break his bank. Later he wrote that the drunk was:

“… swearing that he would make or break before leaving his seat … and drinking to the health of the Spanish lady from the newly filled glass that was handed to him at that moment … When daylight was peeking through the door”. cracks, (La Tules) once again swept the table, and the reckless merchant was left without a dollar.

The lady then bowed and disappeared through a side door with the dignity of an empress and the same skillfully modeled smile, followed by her assistant with heavy bags of gold and Mexican dollars. “

One of the legendary tales associated with the queen of the game revolved around those bags of gold and Mexican currency. Because there were no banks in Santa Fe or Taos, La Tules periodically sent some of its large profits to banks in the United States. As the story goes, he sent a team of 10 mules loaded with 20 gold buff bags to the United States with a contingent of armed guards. Somewhere in the desert, bandits attacked the mule train. Before being killed, the guards buried the cache of gold and did not reveal the location. Nobody found the gold and the legend about the “Lost Treasure of La Tules” began.

La Tules was quite politically influential and, although his relationship with Armijo, the last Mexican governor of New Mexico, gained insight into the practices of the Politicians. They lived generously off the corruption and heavy taxes of poor Mexicans and American merchants. As the conditions for war with the United States approached, he admitted that the American occupation meant the survival of his people. When the power of Mexico waned and the United States took over the acquisition of New Mexico in 1846, Doña Tules secured her position with a loan to General Kearny of the United States in order to pay her troops, on the condition that she had an escort military to the Victory Ball in La Fonda. It was a luxurious event attended by the upper echelon of the Santa Fe Society.

He was also credited with alerting US authorities to the Mexican-Indian conspiracy of December 1846. La Tules had many opportunities to hear the conspiracy and deception of the Mexicans in his gambling halls. As a result, it is recognized that it could possibly prevent a bloodbath in Santa Fe.

Doña Tules remained a colorful and controversial figure in Santa Fe history until her elaborate and executed funeral, presided over by the newly appointed Archbishop Jean Baptiste Lamy. Catholic Church records say she was interred in Santa Fe on January 17, 1852. Various reports from her biographers have described her funeral as lavish: some say $ 1600 for spiritual services, others $ 1000 paid for the candles alone. . La Tules’ lifetime gifts to charity had granted him access to the highest social circles of Santa Fe and in writing his will; He stipulated a final gift to the church to make amends for its questionable past. He was one of the last people buried within the adobe walls of La Parroquia, the old parish church in the Plaza that was later replaced by the Cathedral of San Francisco. What happened to her remains during construction and possibly where her treasure was buried in the desert is just part of the mystery that continues to intrigue historical researchers about this fascinating “The Queen of Mount Santa Fe.”


Historical note: The popular Monte (1800) gambling game is often confused with the “Three Card Monte” sleight of hand. There is absolutely no connection between the two; one is a game of chance, while the second is a “sure” winner for the dealer.


What does iOS 10 bring to application developers?

Announced at WWDC 2016, iOS 10 introduced a host of changes for developers, the most significant revamp since 2013. The SDK for iOS 10 brings new APIs and services that lead to new types of applications and features. To work on iOS 10, one would need to do the programming using Swift 3 and also download Xcode 8 to build the iOS apps. Let’s focus on the key related features developed that have been introduced in iOS 10.

Improved user notifications

iOS 10 marks the advent of the User Notification Framework (UserNotifications.framework) and the User Notification UI Framework and the end of UILocalNotification. The user notification framework helps to support and manage remote and local notifications. Developers can use the framework classes to modify local and remote notifications as they are sent to the device. The appearance of local and remote notifications can be customized with the help of the User Notification UI framework. With the help of these two frameworks, Apple has not changed the general local notifications, but has significantly improvised the functionalities.

The biggest change of the new notification system is that it incorporates an intermediary between the arrival of the message and the display of the device: a notification service provider capable of end-to-end encryption with the application that receives the encrypted message from Apple, decryption It is done on the user’s device and showing the notification in the notification center.

Improved IMessage

A large number of APIs have been introduced in iOS 10, especially improvements to the Messages app. The application extensions can interact with the Message application, and users can send multimedia files, interactive messages, and stickers. The sticker pack includes a set of stickers for the message content. The iMessage application not only helps users to search for images, but also provides a user interface within the application.

From a development perspective, custom interface for messages can be created with the help of MSMessagesAppViewController. MSSession and MSMessage could help in modifying the message, as the former has built-in support for expiring messages. To provide a custom sticker browser for the message application, the MSStickerBrowserViewController can be used.

As seen, the new and improved Messages extensions are better and more powerful.

Changes in animations

In iOS 10, better control over animations is established. The ability to control animated properties like resume, stop, or positions is detailed in iOS 10. UIViewPropertyAnimator is the important class that helps create and activate animations.

Speech recognition

A new API is added that supports continuous speed recognition. This helps developers create new applications to recognize speech and transcribe it into text. Most of the magic is done with the help of APIs in the Speech framework, especially with classes like SFSpeechRecognizer, SFSpeechURLRecognitionREquest, SFTranscription, etc.

Siri integration

Integrate Siri for most applications like messages, calls, payments, photos, etc. iOS 10 now allows users to use their voice to perform actions and this is all accomplished with the help of Sirikit. The domains in question must be registered with the answer made.

For non-graphical intentions, developers must make use of Apple Maps, while for graphical intentions also known as Intents UI extensions, developers can extend the user interface for interface design.

ReplayKit improves

iOS 10 has bought new enhancements to the ReplayKit introduced in iOS 9 That is, the introduction of live streaming of Replaykit streams, which means that a user can stream media through other sites or apps and stream the US extension. It helps the user to log into a service and set up a broadcast. . Developers should create RPBroadcastActivityViewController to allow users to select the streaming service they would love to use. The action would return RPBroadcastController which helps to start and pause live broadcasts.

There are other minor improvements and some of them are

  1. Enable the property for Safari content blockers to verify that the user has activated the content blocker.

  2. UIApplication’s openURL () method is now deprecated. The application (_: open: options 🙂 should be used instead.

  3. New set of properties enabled for UIPasterboard to handle cross-platform clipboard between iOS and macOS.

  4. The SKTileGroup class has been provided to SpriteKit for creating square, hexagonal, or isometric tile maps.

  5. For smoother scrolling, prefetchDataSource can help preload content.


Mobile phones drive the economy in developing countries

Mobile phones are a major contributor to the world economy, as well as to developing countries. Before technological advances such as mobile phones and other wireless communication devices and technologies, the pace of development in countries was much slower than now. Infrastructure is a strengthening element for developing countries as they advance in the construction of means of transport, improve communication modes and other infrastructures. It is difficult to say which is the most important factor in the development of the economies of developing countries, but mobile phones play a key role.

Cell phone service, points of sale, manufacturers, distributors and users stimulate the economy monetarily. Think of all mobile phone users. Each cell phone user pays a subscription fee, a monthly usage fee, and purchases cell phones and accessories. Add this up over five years and the amount of money spent on cell phones is astronomical. Thus, service providers, outlets, manufacturers, and distributors collectively employ thousands upon thousands of people, giving any economy a substantial boost. Mobile phones help employees of businesses, governments, and organizations to communicate quickly and cost-effectively. This convenient technology not only helps these entities do their jobs more effectively, it also helps them perform better financially.

India, a rapidly emerging country with a booming economy, has exploded with the use of cell phones. The financial industry is on par with the most developed countries in the world, because cell phones and their use have allowed financial markets to function quickly and all stakeholders are in constant contact with their agents and banks. In addition, the construction of infrastructure, cities and metropolitan areas is being completed in record time, all due to the ease of instant communications through the use of cell phones. China is another example, although China is much more developed, it is still an example of continuous proof that mobile phones are driving the economy in developing countries.

In a micro perspective of business and its functions within an organization, the use of cell phones has helped companies minimize downtime, quickly address goal needs, and connect board members and management. that are distant through wireless connections. Conference meetings are held every day via cell phone conference connection features offered on cell phones. This allows those who are miles away to connect, solve problems and make plans for the future.

Mobile phones are much more useful and play a very important role in developing countries and their economies. It is often something we overlook and take for granted. As globalization continues to occur, we can continue to see the global economy achieve many more milestones in the future thanks to cell phones.


Are they 5 inches large? Maybe for a child! 6.5 inches is average, and yes, size does matter! Frequently asked questions answered

Is it 5 inches large? No, unless he is a prepubescent boy. The average size of a grown man is 6.5 inches (still much smaller than what you normally see in adult movies), and size does matter for women. With a long, thick penis you can fill a woman up and give her that “helpless” feeling that drives her crazy, and you can create enough friction as you thrust to send her clit into ecstasy. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about penis size and how you can enlarge yours.

How big do I have to be to be considered “hung”? What size is considered “small”?

Well, the average is 6.5 inches, but it’s also worth noting that more than two-thirds of men are between 6 and 7 inches tall. Most guys (and girls) consider anything over 7 inches to “hang” and anything under 6 inches to be “small.” Of course, the circumference also matters. The average girth is 5 inches, and most men are between 4.75 and 5.5.

Is length more important than circumference?

Length and girth are equally important. Length matters because it allows you to caress long, hard and deep from any position, while girth allows you to create enough friction to really activate her nerve endings, as well as her clitoris (located on the outside of her vagina) while you are thrusting.

How can I permanently enlarge my penis?

The best way is with natural penis enlargement exercises, which are done only with your hands. There are exercises that target length, girth, and both. Study them all and determine which ones you should do to get the size gains you are looking for. Then go with a proven routine like the one I did. I went from 5.5 inches to very well endowed, and you can also make big (and permanent) gains and start seeing them in just two weeks!


The story of a hybrid: televisions are getting smarter every day! Samsung Smart TV

Years ago when I was a teenager, a debate arose that never ceased to irritate me as hell. The first rumors occurred at the end of my childhood, as my best friend was forbidden to see the cartoon series ‘The Mask’, since, according to the conviction of his parents, he was an “idiot”. The debate raged on for many years thereafter, becoming so worn that it was ubiquitous, suggesting that television was childish, stupid, tasteless … and other adjectives as well. The prevailing idea was that television was not smart. But guess that? Is now. Introducing the Samsung Smart TV.

For the past few years, certain bright sparks have been incorporating computer technology into absolutely everything. This was also the case in my childhood as well, it is only with modern developments that what constitutes computer technology is better defined for someone who, although he grew up on comic books and reruns of 1960s spy series. I remember hearing a washing machine described like a ‘robot’ and be bitterly disappointed. I remember that traffic lights were once described to me as a “supercomputer” and almost burst into tears in frustration. My heroes lived in a paradise populated by robots, powered by high-tech computers … Why the hell couldn’t I?

So yes, as I was saying, computer technology incorporated into devices such as mobile phones has led directly to the birth of the tablet PC, similarly, the new availability of television and movies on the Internet has led to the creation of the Samsung smart TV. .

What makes the Samsung smart TV the kind of device that could grace Captain Kirk’s living room or Bruce Wayne’s Batcave? Well, aside from its inventiveness and shameless future, Samsung’s smart TV combines the desktop PC with the family TV. This not only saves space, but is also extremely useful for playing content downloaded from the internet (I assume you did this legally and then you will leave it up to you). Samsung’s smart TV features crystal clear sound and picture, as you can reasonably expect from something so cutting edge. Samsung’s smart TV also comes complete with a built-in operating system and can be run as a smartphone or tablet.

It seems that in my life I may well see the bright and exciting future that I dreamed of as a child. I may still be able to slip into an all-in-one silver jumpsuit and fly a flying car around Saturn’s rings (though I doubt the suit is in any way complementary to my withered and ‘pruned’ physique by then). But for now, I think I’ll settle for a Smart TV. Therefore, the argument that television is stupid can be discarded, at least partially. TV content may be stupider than ever, but at least the machine itself is smart. Although, to be fair, the arrival of Samsung’s smart TV raises worrying possibilities that the people who watch the TV are smarter than they are. When Skynet launches one, I’ll get out of here.


How Blogging Software Can Help Your Blog

So you are a writer and you want to start a Blog, right? Perhaps you are looking for the right tools to write your first blog. The problem is that there are thousands of blogging and writing tools and software programs, some of which are free and some of which look promising. Here, I will recommend some free and easy-to-learn software tools to start your Blog.

If you want to write better articles and stories, the first step in deciding would be which tool to use and which to skip.

Ideally, you should go for the tools that would help you grow your audience along with adding value to your website. These tools will improve the blog writing process faster.

Setting up your website

To start a Blog, you will need a domain and a hosting provider. Buy a .COM domain name that you have full control over. Second, contact a reliable hosting provider for your website. If you need help buying a domain and setting up a website hosting, SiteGround is highly recommended. They are a premium hosting provider that provides additional security, backups, and other important services. Once you’ve purchased a website domain and hired a hosting provider, install WordPress. Try using Jetpack and WordPress SEO.

Via email

When your Blog is published, ask your readers to subscribe to the Blog as soon as possible. Publish that you can send readers a regular email newsletter. Use MailChimp, it’s free and easy to learn. Google Apps for Work and Lead Pages are some of the options you can try.

For design

If you want a professional look on your blog, the Premium WordPress theme will give it the right look and feel. If you’re not blogging about design, suggest that you don’t get too caught up in it. Eleven40 Pro by StudioPress works with the popular Genesis framework. It’s responsive, HTML5 compliant, and works great on desktop and mobile devices.

For images

Your blog posts would need quality images that will look good on your site and social media. Fotolia offers premium and royalty-free images. Alternatively, Canva makes it easy to create your own with a drag-and-drop editor.

For social media

Blogs and social networks go hand in hand. There are several tools you can get confused with, but use the Buffer & Hoot Suite. Both services offer a free trial.

Lastly, to sum up for help, use the WordPress tutorials on the internet. You would get numerous great online learning websites, which can teach you everything you need to know about WordPress, HTML, CSS, etc.