Halloween Safety Tips: Your Guide to Getting the Treats Without the Tricks

The word Halloween probably brings to mind images of candy-filled pillowcases, cute little ones dressed up as mummies, princesses, or cowboys, and of course, lots of Jack-o-Lanterns. Many will spend “beggar’s night” preparing their children for a night of ghosts and candy and taking enough pictures to post the living room three times.

When it comes to your child’s safety, you probably imagine that they are smart enough to get by without you having to lecture them about looking both ways before crossing the street. This may not sound like light-hearted behavior, but frankly, how often is safety talked about in your family? Is it a priority? Are you going to go over some simple but life-saving safety guidelines? Probably not.

This Halloween there is more to fear than the ghosts, goblins and scary little monsters that run through the city – your child’s safety could be at risk. Before heading out for a trick-or-treating night, be sure to review a few simple safety tips with your kids:

1) Costumes: Make sure the Halloween costume is flame resistant and does not restrict movement or strange vision. Add reflective tape to your child’s costume – cool and safe. Other tips:

• Nat’l. Survey Finds More Can Be Done To Ensure Halloween Safety; More than 5 million children may have worn unsafe Halloween costumes. Source: The America’s Intelligence Wire

• Family briefs: Safe Halloween costumes. Source: The Wichita Eagle (Wichita, Kan.) (Via Knight-Ridder / Tribune News Service)

2) Candy: Inspect your child’s Halloween candy before allowing them to eat it and don’t trust homemade candy unless you know who and where it comes from. More tips to play it safe:

• CPSC urges safety for those who trick or treat on Halloween. Source: M2 Presswire

• California’s poison control system scares you with some Halloween safety tips. Source: PR Newswire

3) Strange Cunning Stray: On Halloween, children are encouraged to talk to strangers, making it difficult to differentiate between an adult who is harmless and one who is a threat. Car accidents involving pedestrians also hit record highs tonight. Read more:

• Scare some safety tips for Halloween. Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, Texas) (via Knight-Ridder / Tribune News Service)

• AAA Chicago offers tips for a safe Halloween. Source: PR Newswire

• Six tips for a safe and fun Halloween. (Lifestyles) Source: Jet

4) Pets: Don’t you have children? Is Fido as good as family? Draw attention to your pet and keep it safe by putting on a lighted collar or leash. Also remember that sweets (especially chocolate) can be dangerous or even deadly for pets. More tips in the following articles:

• Safety tips for pets on Halloween. Source: The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC)

• ‘Howl-O-Ween’ going to the dogs; APPMA releases hot Halloween pet products and safety tips for an increasing number of pet treats or tricks. Source: Business Wire

• Iams company offers clever pet tricks for safe Halloween fun. Source: PR Newswire []

• American Humane Association reminds pet owners to be careful this Halloween. Source: The America’s Intelligence Wire


Westie Puppies For Sale – 7 Important Questions To Ask Your West Highland Terrier Breeder

Let’s say you’ve made up your mind about what breed you want, which is a cute Westie puppy for sale. The next step is to find a responsible breeder. You can do this from the parent club website or even at a Westie show. The breeder referral officers at your local club can help you find a breeder in your area. Find out if they are registered with AKC or any association that is relevant to your country.

Responsible breeders always breed to improve the health of the breed, not just to create a product for resale. They know their livestock, study pedigree, and conduct extensive health examinations. They will kindly answer your questions and help you with lots of useful tips and information.

You should visit the facility where the puppy or puppies were raised in person, as this will influence the future health and personality of your Westie. You should also see at least one of the parents and some of the littermates.

A responsible breeder must also provide a contract with health guarantees and documents to register your puppy. West Highland Terrier breeders can be found all over the world; from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. From states like Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Breeders live to produce happy, healthy puppies, which are meant to be placed in special, loving homes. Puppies are typically checked by a vet twice before being placed in a new home. The experience of the breeders allows them to avoid skin disorders and any other genetic problems in their lines. They can also instruct you on the dos and don’ts of your Westie.

The worst options when buying a Westie are Westie hops or dealers, as they are typically looking for big profits and invest little in raising and caring for the puppies. Also avoid backyard breeders whose sole goal is to produce puppies and sell them quickly.


To make sure they are reliable, you should ask the breeders

About Checks for Hereditary Diseases

Health guarantee against them and what it covers

Any refund for a puppy you have chosen

Get a puppy pack and informational brochure

The right food for your Westie

Disassemble or trim Westies coats, related costs and frequency


Honest breeders will have no problem answering your questions, but if you feel like they are trying to avoid your questions, thank them for their time and look elsewhere. A good breeder has nothing to hide from you.

(Disclaimer: Any information on this site relating to various medical, health and fitness conditions of Westies or other animals and their treatments is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice provided by your own veterinarian. Do not use the information contained herein to diagnose the health of any animal. You should always consult and consult with your own veterinarian or veterinarian.)

Hope you found the article useful.

Good health and happiness


How to stop a border collie from digging in your garden

All dog lovers and dog owners know that with all the cuteness and joy, dogs come with many bad habits that can ruin many of their owners’ items, from shoes and clothing to their backyard. It is not easy to make them stop, and even if you train them, they will continue to do destructive things while you are out of the house.

The Border Collie is a very energetic and intelligent breed of dog that will become annoying and destructive if you don’t know how to train it and how to make it obey you. Some of the bad habits that a Border Collie has is digging holes and chewing on different objects around the house. If you have a backyard, digging will be more of a hassle than chewing, so you’ll want to make your dog stop. To prevent a Border Collie from digging, you must find an alternate way to entertain him or make a compromise and give up part of your backyard.

If you don’t want to ruin the look of your lawn, you should build a fence that protects it and doesn’t allow any animals to pass. It is a cruel method since border collies have almost infinite energy and cannot stay in one place. You’ll need to take your dog out for a walk at least four to five times a day, and occasionally supervise him while he’s in the backyard, allowing him only to sniff. It will also be difficult for you, as you must have a lot of time and energy to walk your border collie.

Also, since you restrict her access to the backyard and work all day, she will get very bored and start chewing on household items. This type of dog has a lot of energy and without consuming it will transform your house into a disaster. A solution to this problem is to make him exercise frequently, for example you can take him on a long walk in the morning that can last from half an hour to an hour.

If you are willing to compromise and provide your Border Collie with a piece of your backyard, you need to know how to improve it so that your dog likes and uses it. First of all, make sure you don’t ruin any of your flower beds and that you don’t make your home look bad. Second, choose a spot no less than four feet by four feet deep. Make a mixture of soft soil and soil and place it in the hole. You can even plant grass or flowers on it to make it look more attractive to your dog.

Another step is to bury some of your dog’s toys in the hole and then call him back so he can see what treasures you can dig up. After you see that most of your toys are there and some dog treats too, your Border Collie won’t resist digging up some of them on his own. If there is a tendency to poke holes in other places than the designated one, you should catch him in the act and firmly say “No” to him, and immediately take him to the “litter box” and show him again why that place is more appropriate. To dig.

In conclusion, the best solution to prevent your Border Collie from digging is to take him out for a walk or make a special area for him to play. You can also try covering the places you don’t want it to dig with small rocks or bird wire.


Family Vacation in Maine

Maine is the place to be during warm seasons like summer and fall. Maine offers some of the most beautiful sights in the world, with enchanting attractions and noteworthy surroundings. It is a state away from the din and noise of daily activities and yet it is an activity center for entertainment.

It is one of the most romantic getaways that you can go to as a family. You can get one of those Maine family vacation packages and have fun in the most family-friendly place ever. The Point Sebago complex is a place where families can have fun with table tennis tournaments, sailing, canoeing and even sitting around warm bonfires.

There are activities to keep both kids and adults busy on vacation. Some of the adult activities include golf tournaments, tennis programs, and nightclubs; children can enjoy crafts, dancing, sports, and games during the evenings.

The other hot spot in Maine is called Jackman, which is a famous canoeing center for extreme and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Nearby Bingham is one of the most scenic fall foliage drives in Maine. The sweetest treat in Maine would be the 1,700-pound chocolate moose at a chocolate factory called Len Libby, which is located south of Portland, Maine.

The rugged coastlines, long sandy beaches, flora and fauna and wonderful natural attractions make you swoon. Greenville and Boothbay offer the most comfortable vacation rental options for families, with the best facilities available, but they fill up fast. So start reserving your tickets in advance!


The difference between buying and adopting a dog

If you are considering adding a new pet to your family, have you considered visiting your local shelter or pet adoption agency? There are many reasons why these places should be considered before making a pet “purchase.” Here are a few reasons among many. Before going to your mall’s pet store, take a minute to think about adoption.

The most obvious reason someone would want to adopt a pet is the fact that a pet’s life is essentially saved through adoption. Shelters and pet agencies do their best to keep animals alive and put them in good homes, but sometimes animals are euthanized; there are too many homeless pets and not enough loving homes. By adopting a pet, you can ensure that the pet you choose is safe, while making room at the pet agency for another pet in need.

A second reason to adopt rather than “buy” is cost. Most pets in shelters have received all their vaccinations and have been spayed or neutered. Although there is a cost associated with adoption, it is minimal compared to what it would cost you to obtain these veterinary services on your own. Plus, the amount you pay helps keep the shelter running, so other pets and families can benefit from the shelter’s programs.

Some people have misconceptions about pets in shelters; it is common for someone to think that the pet was sent there for bad behavior. In reality, many pets that end up in shelters were abandoned as a result of divorce, relocation, or the owner’s inability to care for the pet. So don’t think shelters are full of misbehaving animals. Visit a shelter and spend some time with the animals. You can find a pet that perfectly matches your personality.

Believe it or not, there is often a better selection of animals at a shelter than at a pet store. Pet stores are more limited in the number and variety of pets they carry, while shelters accept pets of all ages and breeds. There are often tons of puppies to choose from, especially those that have been rescued. But not everyone is looking for a puppy; and it is easy to find a domesticated adult dog in a shelter. Many shelters offer websites with pictures and information on all of their animals available for adoption. Visiting the website can save you a lot of time, especially if you have a specific pet in mind.

If you are considering bringing a pet into your home, check with your local shelter or pet rescue organization before going to a pet store. There are a number of benefits to adoption, including lower cost and a wider selection. Perhaps the biggest benefit of adoption is the fact that you are essentially saving an animal’s life, while freeing up space in the agency for another pet in need.


Easy Tips for Finding the Best English Bulldog Puppies

Today many people are captivated by how adorable a new pet dog can be and often do not fully understand all that pet care ultimately entails. Various dogs are likely to have different needs. For example, if you are considering purchasing one of the many affordable English bulldog puppies for sale, make sure you know what is applicable in order to handle such a pet. The amazing thing is that they are somewhat relaxed, but then with almost any newborn puppy it is vital to have a few tips in mind when you want to make everyone’s life a lot easier.

Miniature english bulldog

When looking for English bulldog puppies for sale, remember to keep in mind that for the most part, these amazing little pets have large, soft-textured heads, short faces, smooth fur, and ultra-powerful arms and legs. They are extremely calm and charming, making them exceptional pets for children. Despite this, they can drool, snore and are notorious for flatulence. The good news is that even with all of this, many puppy owners would not trade these canines for everyone. Your loving character and courageous spirit can enchant even the most critical potential buyers.

Prepare before looking for an English Bulldog sale

As with any newfound pet, you really want to make sure you have the supplies you need to really care for your new puppy. Things like a place to nap, treats, dishes, toys, a training collar, leash, and even more are basic necessities when bringing a pet home. On top of that, if you are house training the family pet, be sure to get plenty of newspapers to help keep things clean. There can be very few incidents, which is why it is advisable to spend money on your English bulldog puppy from the trusted and reputable breeder who trains the dogs.

After looking at a variety of English bulldog puppies for sale, you will eventually understand that you absolutely want one of these family pets. If you ever get one, it’s critical that your pet’s trip home is as convenient as possible. These breeds can definitely be nervous or restless with unwanted actions and voices coming from the car. Possibly they could even get sick from their little bellies or maybe get wet. So try to make sure they use the bathroom before getting in the car. Other than that, be sure to drive at a safe and steady pace so that the journey home is as stress-free and stylish as possible.

What to Expect When Bringing Your English Bulldog Puppy Home

Once you initially bring your family dog ​​home, you may become stressed if you don’t fully understand what to expect. There are plenty of cheap English bulldog puppies for sale, on the other hand, before you decide to buy one on a whim, make sure you know what to expect with this new dog. For example, to a greater extent, your puppy will feel the urge to lie down and nap for most of the day. When you want to make things relatively easy, set up a certain place for your pet, in particular a cable box. Fill with a soft, comfortable bath towel. This will become a home for your little pup and he will feel safe and content when he is there, it works as a welcome mat.

Be very well prepared for the dog to whine and even cry for the first 7 days or so. This is common for many newborn dogs, not just the English bulldog puppies for sale. The dog can certainly lose his mom and is simply terrified of his new surroundings, so it is sensible to be prepared for such outbursts. If you want to support your new puppy, put up a small floor lamp and play soothing music near his place. This is known to really relax and reduce a puppy’s anxiety.

In case you really want to get your own English bulldog puppy, contact now for great quality AKC registered American Bulldogs at affordable prices. They are dedicated to breeding champion bulldogs and are experts in home-bred puppies within the best healthcare specifications. Contact them right now and decide to buy your first Miniature English Bulldog puppies.


What happens during a dog daycare temperament test?

Many pet parents are interested in enrolling their dogs in a reputable dog daycare program, whether they want a safe and social place to leave their furry children while they work, an occasional day out, or to give them more. opportunities to have fun while in the accommodation. . To participate in doggy daycare or group play, most high-quality facilities will require their canine children to be spayed or neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations (vaccination requirements may vary by area of ​​the country), in routine flea and tick control. and in good health. They will also typically require your dog to pass a temperament test assessment to determine if he is a good candidate for social play with other dogs.

So what happens during a temperament assessment? While the exact process may vary between different installations, most will include the following steps:

1. A preliminary application, where you may be asked to provide information about your dog’s basic personality, his home life (particularly additional pets), how he responds to new people, how he responds to new dogs, and what he likes to do. The app can also address any aggression issues … for example, does it protect food or toys? Have you ever bitten someone? The answers will not necessarily prevent you from being accepted into a program, but they do give the nursery staff an indication of things to keep in mind during group play.

2. A scheduled time for your dog to enter the test. Some facilities will allow (or encourage) you to stay and watch so that you can see for yourself how your dog reacts. Others prefer that you not be present since, like children, dogs may respond differently to the situation if they know that their mom or dad is there. Both views have merits, and you should be open to whatever protocol that facility has established.

3. During the test itself, again, the exact procedure will vary between facilities, but generally includes the following stages. They will usually start your dog on a “long” leash, so that he feels some freedom of movement, but the staff can still control the situation. Your dog will be able to explore the test area (room, yard, etc.) without other dogs present. The staff will then begin introducing your dog to other previously approved daycare dogs. A general rule of thumb is that they will start with a submissive personality of the opposite sex (on a leash) and will look for their dog’s reaction and the dog’s presentation skills. Approaches gently in a circular motion, with sniffing and other appropriate behaviors? Are the two dogs properly interacting with each other?

If the first presentation goes well, they will take the first test dog off the leash (with their dog still in the long line) and bring a second dog, usually submissive of the same sex, and repeat the introductions. If things continue to go well, they will stick with a more dominant personality of the opposite sex followed by a more dominant personality of the same sex. If your dog is doing well, displays appropriate behaviors with all the dogs in the group, and seems comfortable, then they will start adding several more daycare dogs to the playgroup and again judge your dog’s reactions and comfort level. The process can be fairly quick, if your dog responds appropriately and happily, or it can take half an hour or more if your dog shows signs of discomfort. The behaviors they want to see in a daycare dog are appropriate dog introduction skills, fluid play between dogs with a lot of movement and change of position, knowing when to “back off” if another dog gives a signal that your dog is too much on his ” Bubble “and appropriate warning behaviors from your dog to tell another that you are uncomfortable, without resorting to aggression. It’s also important that your dog responds to your name when called (you’d be surprised how many don’t!). Come when called and respond to “shut down” or “leave” commands if staff need to get you out of a potentially dangerous situation. Inappropriate behavior includes overt aggression towards other dogs or staff, too much protection from particular toys, or sometimes being too submissive or intimidated by a large pack. In the latter cases, your dog may be approved for daycare, but the attentive staff will probably let you know that you can enjoy a smaller group or individual play with the staff rather than a large group setting … assumes that daycare is fun and not stressful!

Once the staff is reasonably certain that your fur child has good dog-play manners and is having a good time, they will remove your pet’s leash and continue to closely monitor his off-leash behavior during the testing period and the rest of your first day. Most facilities that follow the recommended dog daycare guidelines (see Pet Sitting Services Association Standards and Practices) will have a rule that a dog is always on probation, which means if your behavior changes over time and becomes aggressive towards other dogs or staff, can be removed from the program for everyone’s safety.

So why do some dogs do well in some nurseries and not others? Like people, different dogs may respond differently to each other, to different staff members, and to different program settings and structures. Some combinations of dogs (for whatever reason) don’t mesh well with each other. Just because your dog is not doing well in a certain program on a certain day does not mean that he cannot participate in another program … or even the same program on a different day of the week with different dogs. Well-trained staff who understand dog behavior, breed characteristics, and pack dynamics should be able to tell you if your dog could do better in a different group, in a different facility, or with a different group of dogs. or if it really isn’t. a good candidate for group play based on fear or insecurity, aggression, or the fact that you would simply rather be with people than other canines.


Main methods to successfully train Pomeranian dogs

Everyone wants a happy and healthy Pomeranian! However, without proper training, this wish simply will never come true.

Despite their size, Pomeranians are arrogant, stubborn, and highly intelligent. This makes for a dog that can be quite difficult to train. Basic obedience problems are the biggest problem with these dogs. Barking at your house guests, making noise for any little thing that is out of place (an untrained dog can even go crazy just because there is a bird outside the window or because a package was left).

If your dog’s obedience problems are severe enough, he may even bite (or “bite”) strangers, or you if you try to discipline him or tell you what to do. Fortunately, all of this can be controlled with a little work, provided you use the proper techniques.

There are several guides and articles on “Train Pomeranian” on the Internet, but unfortunately there are many factors that make Pomeranian different from other dogs, and much of the “one-size-fits-all” information you find online simply won’t work. In this case.

Domination is the most important factor. By nature, poms tend to feel like they are the bosses, and you are the one who should listen to them. It is this confidence that gives this breed its distinctive personality. However, you must establish the domain right now and go from there. You will be surprised how many negative traits (barking, biting, grunting, etc.) will be eliminated once you know that you are the boss and have given it a firm “No!” every time he misbehaves to show him that you won’t tolerate him.

It should be noted that no matter how serious the dominance issue you are facing, you should never use force or be aggressive (no matter what!). The Pomeranian is a very small and delicate dog and can be easily injured. For that reason, stick only to verbal training methods. If you intend to train Pomeranian puppies, this information is even more important to remember.

The only exception to this is that in cases where you need to get the dog’s attention or make it listen, you can do a “Psst!” sound while tapping him gently on the hip. Note that a “touch” is not a push or a hit. Do not use more force than you would when hitting a friend on the shoulder to greet them.

Only once you’ve established the domain can you move on. Start with a basic command, like “sit.” Always use positive reinforcement, as that is the key method to be able to train Pomeranian breeds. If the dog sits every time you say “sit”, you can move on to the next command. If you hear “sometimes” or “when you feel like it,” you have not yet established the proper authority and should continue to work with him.

When training your dog to follow commands, don’t use a harsh voice and never scold him for not listening. Patience and perseverance are the key here, and the last thing you want to do is instill a negative mental association with yourself by giving an order.

Make sure to reward your Pom with a scratch on the head and a treat every time he hears you. After a while, you will listen without as much positive reinforcement, but it’s important to provide great reward-based motivation when starting out.


How to deal with the Border Collie’s whining

Border collies don’t make many different sounds, but they all mean something. If your dog is whining then he must need something, whining to get attention or because he misses you or some other pet that maybe died or ran away from home. Dog owners consider whining to be a major problem. This is mainly because stopping it is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to training a dog. Training can be effective if you start early, but older dogs can also be trained in this regard. To deal with a border collie whining problem, the first thing you need to do is understand the reason for the whining. Once this mystery is cleared up, more can be done to fix the problem.

Dogs whine because they want to show what is bothering them. Like people cry, border collies complain. They may try to say that they are upset, in pain, or perhaps scared. Usually this is a behavioral response to being upset or feeling abandoned by the pack. However, since your Border Collie has probably never been part of a pack, has not complained before, and has suddenly started doing this, it is probably sick, hurt, or upset about something you did. If you notice that your dog is hurt in any way and doesn’t act like he used to, take him to the vet and the whining will stop as soon as his health problem is fixed. However, if you see your Border Collie whining even though he is not hurt, then his problem must be related to a feeling of abandonment or fear, in which case the whining works as a rescue alarm. Do not punish him to curb his behavior, as this will only increase the sense of anxiety he has. In return, try to train both him and yourself. This will have a greater effect than punishment could have.

Whining can also occur in cases where the border collie misses you. If this is the case, teach him to accept short periods of time with you away. Increase these time periods until your dog gets used to the idea that he will be home alone from time to time. Begin this training procedure by accustoming the dog to the area where it will be left alone. After playing with him, leave him alone for a few moments to see how he reacts. If he starts whining, this sound will probably hurt you. Therefore, this is also a great challenge for you. Do not return to the room under any circumstances, because if you do, your dog will observe how he can emotionally blackmail you, and his whining will never stop.

You have to work hard not only where your beloved Border Collie is concerned, but also where you are concerned. When training the dog, if the whining does not stop within a few minutes, then you need to go into the room where you left it. In this way you will let him know that you are the boss and that you will come back when you want and not when he asks. If he still whines even after you’ve returned to the room, you should keep playing with him a bit longer until he stops. After a couple of times of doing this, you will notice the whining decrease. If not, look your Border Collie directly in the eye and say a direct ‘no’. Praise him if he hears it and continue the process until the whining stops for good. However, if the whining happens when you are in the house with him, it means that he likes the attention or because he wants to play.


Three reasons why adopting a dog is the best option

Note: I mentioned above “dog adoption” and not “dog purchase”. If you want to have a dog, it is advisable to adopt one rather than buy one.

Puppy mills are largely responsible for the sale of dogs. These mills are a well-kept secret of the pet trade industry.

They supply animals to pet stores and purebred enthusiasts without providing proper care, and millions of animals die in animal shelters as a result. It is common practice for puppy mills to keep animals in dirty and dirty conditions without regard for their welfare.

For example, female dogs are bred over and over again until they can no longer give birth to puppies. Then they are sold or killed. Mothers and their young often suffer from malnutrition and lack of adequate medical care.

By buying a dog, you are supporting puppy mills.

Below I will describe some reasons why dog ​​adoption is the best option to choose.

You are saving a life

Did you know Each year 2.7 million dogs and cats that could be adopted are killed. The process of euthanasia, the act or practice of killing an animal that is very sick or injured to avoid further suffering, is also used to keep the stray pet population low.

One of the main reasons these animals are euthanized is that too many pets enter shelters and too few people adopt them.

The number of animals euthanized could be greatly reduced if more people adopted pets rather than buying them. By adopting, you are saving your animal and opening shelter space for another who may need it.

You are supporting a charity

When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you help and support a non-profit organization. Supporting this type of cause ensures that homeless animals are well cared for and adopted. These organizations also benefit prospective pet owners because adopting a pet is more affordable than buying one.

You also help spread their message because people will ask you where you got your cute pet.

You’re getting better You Health

Dog adoption isn’t just about the animal, it’s about you as well.

We all know that animals like cats and dogs give us unconditional love, but what many people don’t know is that studies have found that animals are psychologically, emotionally, and physically beneficial to humans.

Caring for a companion animal can give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your life, and it can also reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation in all age groups.

You cannot buy love, but you can adopt a dog; which is a better option for everyone involved.

Being the most intelligent of all species, we have a responsibility towards the least intelligent creatures. I hope the reasons listed above inspire you to love and care for a dog.