The need to adjust accounts receivable

(1) Definitions: first we have to define some terms:

* Accounts receivable represent amounts owed by customers who have purchased merchandise or services on credit and who have agreed to pay within a specified period or when invoiced.

* Bad debt expenses (synonyms: bad debt expenses) represent customer amounts that are not collectible; Bad debt expenses are estimated and recorded in the balance sheet;

* Cash discounts represent amounts that can be deducted from your customers if the invoice is paid within a set period (for example, within 10 days; 2% deduction); These discounts are recorded in the income statement;

* The valuation adjustment is the record to reduce the book value of accounts receivable and recognize the expense for bad debts.

* Accounts receivable, net represent the amounts of the original accounts receivable after deductions for bad debt expense and received cash expense (reported on the balance sheet)

(2) Estimate of bad debt expense

The important question is: How to estimate bad debt expenses? We know they will occur, but we can only estimate the amount. Factors such as credit ratings, history of payments to other providers, general economic situation are impacting bad debt expenses. Here 3 methods are being introduced

* Method 1 – Percentage of credit sales: this is a simplified assumption about the collection of all credit sales made during a period. For example, a business may estimate, based on its past experience, that 95% of its accounts receivable are collectible. The advantage of this method is its simplicity. The main disadvantage is that the time effect is not considered in a dynamic market: imagine that the assumption was 2% bad debt receivables in strong economic times. With a sudden bump in the economic environment, you begin to determine only retrospectively, that this assumption is invalid, when it turns out that your old good customers cannot pay and you may need to increase the percentage, for example, to 4% from 5%. of bad debts.

* Method 2 – Aging of accounts receivable: Therefore, other companies also take time into account. For example, the following age categories (and their estimated collection percentage): 0-30 days (98% collection), 31-60 days (95% collection), 61-120 days (85% collection), 121-180 days (only 60% collectible). After 180 days, the accounts receivable will be turned over to a collection agency.

This would provide a more accurate forecast over the time period. In a sudden economic downturn, you already recognize after 30 days (first age category) that the estimated collection percentage needs to be adjusted: For accounts receivable aged 0-30 days, the collection percentage can be lowered, for example, 98% to 95%. Analogous to the other percentages for the different age categories: 31 to 60 days (reduction from 95% to 90%), 61 to 120 days (reduction from 85% to 75%) and a reduction of 60% at 50% for the age category. 121 to 180 days.

* Method 3 – Cancellation: The cancellation method would reduce the accounts receivable directly. It takes effect that some customers will not pay. However, it does not include which customer. And, therefore, it is not GAAP.

Once the provision for bad debts is estimated (with method 1 or method 2), the net accounts receivable can be calculated: (Accounts receivable – Bad debt expense). Bad debt expense is hereby a contra asset as it will be subtracted from Assets on the balance sheet.

(3) Cash discounts to encourage prompt payment

Cash discounts can be a method of encouraging customers to make a timely payment. For example, the customer receives a 2% discount when he pays the invoice within 10 days. Earning 2% in 10 days is a high rate of return and is therefore normally well regarded. On the other hand, it generates significant costs for the seller. The amount of the cash discount allowance can also be estimated. Once estimated, it is convenient to reduce Accounts receivable also for this against asset.

(4) Summary: In an economic recession, the provision for bad debt expense should be adjusted. It will decrease accounts receivable and will have a direct impact on profit and loss. But the sooner you start to adjust your estimation practice, the sooner you will be in a position to report the rally again.


Why Choose a small moving company copenhagen?

small moving company copenhagen

A small moving company in Copenhagen can help you relocate to another Danish city or even within the country. These movers will move you to any location within Denmark. There are many benefits to hiring a small moving company for the move. You can expect a lower cost and fewer hassles. You can even get a free quote on the price of the move. Just make sure to prepare all of your household items and furniture well before the moving day to avoid any hassles.

While it may be tempting to hire the cheapest company, you should know that this type of move can end up being very expensive. While you can find a cheap flyttefirma in Copenhagen, you should keep in mind that it might not offer the best service. If you are planning a long distance move, a good mover will arrange for a truck to arrive at your new home or office. They will also pack your valuable items and handle the transport.

Finding a small moving company in Copenhagen can be a hassle, but luckily, you can get a free quote right away. You can even ask for additional services like insurance for your goods and assistance disassembling furniture. Getting a free estimate from a reputable Copenhagen moving company is the best way to get a competitive price. Most of the moving companies will even be happy to provide you with a free quote, so you’ll know how much to budget for your move.

Why Choose a small moving company copenhagen?

A small moving company in Copenhagen can help you get the best price. There are numerous reasons to hire a professional moving company. Choosing a moving company will save you time, money, and stress, and will make your move as hassle-free as possible. In addition, a small moving company can provide you with a new car, temporary housing, and much more. If you’re worried about your budget, then a small moving company in Copenhagen may be the best option for you.

Using a small moving company in Copenhagen is an easy way to get a free quote. You should make sure that the company you select is licensed and insured. You should also ask for a free quote before signing any contracts. It will also help you compare prices from different companies and choose the best one. If you need a large-scale moving service, it’s best to go with a smaller company.


How to Create a Private Home Cleaning Service App

Private Home Cleaning Service App

The best way to create a private home cleaning service app is to study competitors. Airbnb, Uber, and Instacart all started small. You can do the same. Make sure that your cleaning service app has a simple user interface and includes a pricing structure. In addition to this, you should protect the user’s private information. By using geotags and geolocation, you can track the number of requests and adjust prices according to market trends.


If you want your cleaning service to be more competitive, you can integrate social login credentials. You can even integrate your company’s website to your app. Whether your clients are local or not, your app should help you pick the best cleaning service for your needs. If you have multiple locations, you can add the number of cleaners to choose from. Once you’ve chosen a cleaner, you can view their booking history and rate them accordingly.

Another important feature is scheduling. You can select a date or time for your cleaning and set up repeated cleanings so that your cleaners will be available on the days you want them to come back. While this might seem a hassle, this is a simple and effective way to make sure that your customers are happy with your service. Once you’ve picked a cleaner, the app will match your requirements with a matching cleaner. This is an excellent marketing tool for your cleaning business.

How to Create a Private Home Cleaning Service App

While a private home cleaning service app may be a luxury for some consumers, many people will find it useful to have the option of hiring a cleaner in the comfort of their own home. It can even save time and money by allowing you to schedule the appointment through your phone. By building an app that helps you schedule a cleaner, you can avoid the hassle of finding a cleaner and managing her schedule through text messages.

Private home cleaning services have become a popular trend in today’s fast-paced world. These services allow busy people to relax and focus on other things. They’re cheaper and easier to arrange than doing housework themselves. And because they’re so convenient, many of them are able to work around their busy schedules. The best way to do this is to hire a private home cleaning service. There are many benefits of using a private home cleaning app, including the ease of scheduling your appointments and the safety of your privacy.

One of the best features of a private home cleaning service app is its flexibility. You can schedule an appointment with a cleaner that’s nearby, or you can schedule regular cleaning services. These on-demand cleaners can provide top-quality results, while ensuring that the job is done in a timely and affordable manner. Unlike other types of house cleaning apps, private home cleaning service apps can be expensive, but they’re still an option for busy people who need help with their homes.


How Many Ryoshi Vision Tokens Are There?

Ryoshi Vision Tokens Are There

The question of How many Ryoshi Vision tokens are there is a common one among people who are new to the Crypto space. This asset is one of the trendiest in the United States. In the future, it could become the next Bitcoin or Ethereum. The Ryoshi Vision token has been gaining significant popularity, and it has been rated as one of the top 10 Cryptos by CoinGecko and Coin market cap. The community behind the coin refers to the creator as “SHIB father.”

It is possible to purchase RYOSHI with ETH at the RYOSHI website. However, this cryptocurrency is not officially supported by any wallet. To buy Ryoshi Token, you must use a wallet that supports the ERC-20 standard. The most popular wallet is MyEtherWallet, but you can also use a wallet like MyCrypto. The only disadvantage of using an ETH-based wallet is that you will have to wait 2.5 percent before you can withdraw your money.

In a peer-to-peer exchange, the RYOSHI vision token is a good example of a community-driven meme token. The Ryoshi vision token is in high demand because it can build a strong community around it. This makes it a great option for anyone who wants to start a meme business. As a matter of fact, RYOSHI is an example of such a platform, which has a deflationary and centralized structure.

How Many Ryoshi Vision Tokens Are There?

The Ryoshi Vision token was introduced in early 2013, and has been a popular cryptocurrency in the past few years. Its price has grown by 777 percent in less than a month. As with all other cryptocurrencies, the RYOSHI vision token’s value will eventually hit one dollar. If the RYOSHI vision is not widely known, it may be worthless. So, it is possible to earn money with it.

The Ryoshi vision token is one of the most popular meme tokens in the crypto space. It is a purely digital asset that is linked to a famous meme created in August 2020. The creator of the Ryoshi Vision is an anonymous person or organization, much like Satoshi Nakamoto was. The creator of the RYOSHI vision is the same as the creator of the RYOSHI project.

The RYOSHI vision token is a digital currency that has become popular due to the fact that it is a community-driven currency that provides daily entertainment. It is a very popular cryptocurrency, so it will surely attract large volumes of trading once it is listed on a popular exchange. Its value is a combination of its price and its supply. Therefore, the RYOSHI vision token is an excellent investment for any crypto-currency investor.


The folly: 5 daily practices of the unschooled without stress

We live in incredible times. Thanks to pioneering people and constantly evolving social constructions, most of us can not only legally educate our children in our own homes, but we can do it in the way that we see fit. Increasingly, families are turning to the concept of “unschooling”, or outdoor learning, as the method most aligned with their family values, structures and schedules.

By deciding to drop out of school, we commit to trusting that we are all capable of learning what we need to learn when we need to, despite endless social messages to the contrary. Out of school means a commitment to allowing everyone to direct their own learning, while also providing a constant influx of enriching opportunities to keep everyone motivated and engaged. It means not allowing complacency or boredom to rob us of vital opportunities for authentic learning. One way to achieve balance is through a daily commitment to five open practices. These practices have the potential to provide a comforting framework that can help families fully relax on the blank canvas of non-school life.

  1. Turn on your game. Not only will you get more family connections by making a daily commitment to playing a game, but you will have the opportunity to teach and model many other concepts in real time: math, reading, logic, problem solving, and of course the ability to lose gracefully. Engagement is the key to authentic and powerful learning and connections = engagement. Setting aside a small block of time to play with your children, giving them your undivided attention, is time well spent and the payoff far outweighs the investment. Board games, card games, games that don’t need equipment – the learning opportunities are limitless and easy to find. Find what works best for your family, try to set aside this time in your daily routine. Maybe after dinner, before each person leaves, and spend an hour or so in our personal free time before bed. In the summer, take the games outside and use great body movements. In winter, take advantage of the wide variety of amazing board games available these days, there are many more than Monopoly and Life, although both are still great games! A daily engagement with the game will support engaging conversations and create multiple opportunities to model more refined strategic planning.
  2. Create. Committing to creating every day can greatly enrich the unschooling experience, while allowing each person to pursue their own passions. Someone who really enjoys creating food has the opportunity to develop essential safety skills, practice reading and math, and play with chemistry. Art lovers will find concrete ways to share their feelings and emotions, practice a multitude of gross and fine motor skills, and honor and practice. intrapersonal skills. And don’t forget to take the time to create yourself too! It is important for children to see their caregivers take time and honor their own creative process, which looks different to each person, but brings comfort and comfort to all. Modeling is a powerful teaching and learning tool. The sky is the limit when it comes to creation. Legos, Minecraft, magazine paper dolls. Visit a retirement home and create some joy. Take out the tools and create an aviary. If you can dream it, you can create it. And if you can create it, you can learn from it.
  3. Be still and silent. Interestingly, this could be the hardest of all. However, there is no shortage of studies to suggest that adding a mindfulness / meditation practice to your day is extremely beneficial. It may take a small start, but results will show up quickly with dedication. Start with two minutes of silence and work your way up. An easy way to start is to take one quiet car trip a day. No music, no talking, just looking at the changing scenery and letting the thoughts come and go, noticing them but not acting on them. It will be challenging at first, but a commitment to silence, even for a short time, not only creates a wonderful opportunity to listen to our own inner wisdom, but also provides us with a powerful tool that we can return to in times of overwhelming and disgusted.
  4. To write. As a means of self-reflection and exploration, writing is hard to beat. Even something as mundane as simply recording the events of the day can not only get your juices flowing, it can also provide a cherished memory later on. It doesn’t matter what you write. Depending on the mood, energy level, and interests of the day, the time could be used to journal, write letters, do field guides, or write a daily menu. Set aside a 10-20 minute block each day to write down what your hearts dictate. It is a time of meditation, calm and quiet. This is not a time for perfection or overthinking. The emphasis is on capturing thoughts and feelings to preserve moments and generate ideas.
  5. To go outside. If you’re only following one piece of advice, this is the one. Get out, even when it’s raining, even when it’s cold. Invest in rain pants, good dry boots, and other necessary gear. On days when all you want to do is sit, tell yourself that you will only go outside for five minutes. On some days, five minutes may be enough, but on others you may want more. Fresh air clears our minds and Mother Nature calms our spirits when we forget the simple things. Exercise gets our blood pumping and exploration inspires our souls. Honoring time outdoors is a critical component of health, happiness, and learning.

The above guidelines present just one of many possible roadmaps for the out-of-school that honors the slow and easy pace of a self-directed life, while providing daily opportunities for growth and inspiration. These five practices may not resonate with your family, and that’s okay. But taking the time to define three, four, or five core values ​​and commit to including them in your daily life will help your family develop a routine that calms the spirit and excites the mind.


The benefits of a bike rack for bicycles

Cycling makes your life easier. It allows you to get between vehicles during heavy traffic, helps you exercise, gives you pleasure while driving, and more. But taking it with you in the car when traveling long distances can be difficult unless you have the right bike rack for bikes. You can attach the roof rack in many ways in your car. You can also find it in the streets along with other urban furniture such as steel bollards, telephone booth, bench, light poles, etc.

There are several types of bicycle racks and the most common are:

– Hitch mounting racks. These racks are attached to the top tube of the bike with the wheels suspended in the air. They are advantageous because they facilitate the loading of the bicycle and do not cause drag.

– Luggage rack on the roof. They are ideal for vehicles with roof racks and cross bars.

– Truck box racks. There are designs of these bike racks that allow both wheels on the bike to remain in place, while others would require the bike racks to remove the front wheels.

– Ball hitch rack with trailer. These are good for those who have a receiver hitch with a tow ball attached to it. You don’t need to ditch the tow ball just to attach your bike rack when you have this type of bike rack.

These are some of the advantages of using bike racks:

– It is convenient. In the past, those who wanted to take their bikes somewhere had to take them apart before they could take them in their cars. The wheels had to be removed from the chassis so that the bike could fit in the car. This means that you must disassemble it before leaving and mount it when you arrive at your destination. If you are trying to get the most out of your trip, this is not the right way to do it. Luckily there are modern bike racks that are very comfortable to use. You can easily put your bike on them.

– Makes traveling easy. There are several types of bike racks on the market. You can find one that is easy to install in your vehicle and allows you to maximize the available space. The right type of mount would make riding your bike less challenging. For example, you can choose to attach a bracket to the trailer hitch or to the roof. You no longer need to share your bike space with the other passengers in your car. This also means that you can have more space for more people, which can help you save on your transportation costs.

Just as vehicle bike racks are advantageous to their owners, parking bollards also provide many benefits to the public. On the one hand, they offer security to the bikes that are parked and locked on these bollards.


Transfer procedures in the lease of commercial properties

In commercial property, the delivery of premises is a critical time to take note of important issues and matters that require attention. Later, these notes can help the tenant or landlord in any matter of debate or dispute. There is a handover and the beginning of the occupation and again at the end of the occupation.

In all respects, the tenant’s occupancy and delivery of the premises must be in accordance with the lease. This says that you, as a property or leasing manager, should read the lease and understand it. Even on a single property with many different tenants, the leases can and usually are different. The “performance” clauses and “transfer provisions” of the lease are unique and must be understood in relation to each lease.

The taking of photographs is also part of the documentation of the facilities at the time of delivery. It is recommended that the photos taken have the date and time stamp in the camera, and that the photos are subsequently saved as ‘gif’ files and not as ‘jpg’. This is because ‘gif’ files are a more stable and fixed format that cannot be manipulated with software editing tools like ‘Photoshop’. If you want the photograph to be evidence of something important, then the ‘gif’ format is a reliable option.

While each lease is unique, let’s set a few rules to give you some benchmarks to work with at the time of transfer. Then you can add some other matters that may be applicable to the location or property where you work.

  1. Take photos in ‘gif’ format as evidence of important things and levels of presentation
  2. When taking pictures, it is worth putting a scale reference, like a ruler, on the image.
  3. Make notes of any comments or agreements from either party to the lease.
  4. Check all painted walls and surfaces for damage or current condition, taking photographs as appropriate to record the current condition.
  5. Check roof panels and T-bars for roof presentation and integrity.
  6. Look over the ceilings for the satisfactory removal of any unnecessary wiring that should have been removed
  7. Check all floor coverings for damage or deterioration beyond normal ‘wear and tear’
  8. Look for any floor or wall penetrations that exist or need to be repaired, keeping in mind that any penetrations must be fire rated per local building code standards.
  9. Check the operation of the air conditioner and observe any need for balance of the air conditioner due to conditioning or partitions altered or installed in the leased space.
  10. Check lights and light switches for operation and safety. It may be necessary to replace all tubes in light fixtures as part of the provisions of the lease.
  11. Check all doors and locks for safety and security. Don’t overlook the need for doors and locks to meet all building codes. All door keys must be surrendered or returned as appropriate. If a master key system is installed in the building, verify that all keys comply with the master system
  12. Check the windows to see their function, safety and protection.
  13. Check the electricity supply to the tenant and any measurements of the energy consumed.
  14. Verify the installation and compliance of any local signage and that it is in accordance with the architectural rules established for the building.
  15. Look for any changes in the structural integrity of the building and facilities.
  16. As part of the verification process, it is sometimes desirable for homeowners’ contractors to inspect the premises and provide a full report of any complex or sensitive issues. This will support any subsequent legal disputes about the good terms and conditions.

When keys are exchanged between tenant and landlord, or landlord and tenant, a receipt must be obtained as a record of the handover of the keys. The actions of real estate agents in the assignment to any tenant must also be supported by notes. It’s amazing how many disputes come up later when you least expect it; in such a case, your notes are invaluable.

Never return any bail money or bank guarantees to tenants until you are absolutely sure that all the requirements of the lease have been met. It is also noteworthy that all repairs must have been made prior to the expiration of the lease; it is not something that is done after the lease expires.

Efficient relocation and repair procedures are a critical skill that the real estate agent must develop and implement in every leasing situation.


Payroll Services: Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

This is one of the most critical departments in a company. In accounting and finance terms, it is the sum total of compensation, deductions and benefits from all salaries of a company. If the company does not have a fixed system for calculating the salaries of its employees, it could be chaotic for the company to handle the payment of the employees. In addition to paying wages, there are payroll taxes that can affect business income at the end of the tax year. These reasons are the reasons why a company needs to maintain an effective payroll system. The norm in recent years is that larger companies outsource their payroll services, but this has its pros and cons.


• Cost effectiveness

• When a company has its own payroll department it means that it has to manage a payroll department and hiring accounts, but outsourced payroll services alleviate these burdens. It also saves the tedious work of calculating payroll.

• Money and human resources invested for an internal payroll can be used in other productive jobs

• It can help businesses keep track of their income and expenses.

• Helps the company keep a detailed record of payroll, which is important for any business.

• Streamlines all payroll management in the hands of experts in that field.

• They give the business excellent results along with high performance.


• Payroll services involve allowing a third party access to private and sensitive employee information, which could not be secure.

• Employees may not like the idea of ​​outsourcing payroll services out of business because they value their privacy.

• Not all outsourcing agreements are successful, even if the profitability is very high.

• Your returns may not be worth the money you spent if you don’t hire an inexperienced company.

• Have the threat to privacy

• Lack of direct control over the company’s payroll services.

Many reputable companies outsource payroll services, but you should do your research to make sure the company you choose is reputable. Check to make sure they have a high customer satisfaction record. You can also check with the BBB to see if there are any complaints filed against the company you are considering hiring for their payroll services. If you look at the pros and cons of outsourcing your payroll services, you can see that it reduces the burden on your HR department and that the payroll will be done correctly because the outsourced company specializes in payroll. Choosing a reputable, qualified company will also protect employee privacy.


Business Plan Writing Services – If you need to create a business plan

Business Plan Writing Services

If you need to create a business plan, it is important to follow the right steps to make it look its best. Fortunately, there are business plan writing services that can help you create an original and detailed plan. Using one of these services will ensure that your business is presented in a way that is engaging and well thought out. By using a professional service, you will have access to a qualified writer who has years of experience crafting business plans.

When choosing a business plan writing services , be sure to ask how they can help you. They can provide assistance with creating a customized business plan for a fee. While real-life businessmen usually know about other types of businesses, students should always seek the help of a professional writer. Many companies will offer business plan writing services to their clients to make their assignments easier to complete. To learn more about these professionals, check out their website and check out the various reviews left by previous clients.

A good business plan writing service will have a structure that will help clients understand the process. It should also provide a draft within a few weeks. The process itself will vary, but most agencies can provide a draft within two to four weeks. If the client has provided a detailed proposal, the writing service will be able to deliver a complete document. In addition to the written content, a professional will also conduct a comprehensive risk analysis.

Business Plan Writing Services – If you need to create a business plan

The best business plan writing services will take the time to study the industries and industry you wish to target. In addition to that, you should also look for the qualifications of the writer and management team. The Homework should be able to answer your questions regarding the business model, goals and strategies. A well-written business plan is essential for your success in your venture, and should be an integral part of your business strategy. A successful plan should include a solid strategy, a clear outline, and an outline of your growth plans.

It is also important to remember that the business plan writing services are not fellow-students. They are professionals in the industry and can provide valuable assistance to the clients. However, the cost is higher than a software, but the benefits outweigh this. In fact, such companies can even serve as trusted advisors for the clients. The writers of these services are experts and have a wealth of knowledge. A successful business plan is the key to a successful company.

When you need to write a business plan, you will need to hire a professional. These services will help you write a business plan that will be useful for investors. You can also get help with marketing by hiring a professional. By hiring a company, you will also have a professional who can help you with the financial side of your venture. When it comes to business plans, they are necessary for your success. There are various factors that will affect your business.


Ways to overcome copyright problems

In this age of instant communication, more ideas and products are being created than ever before. With the current business trend, new business owners are creating never-before-seen content and services to improve the world. With so much going on, it can be easy to create something that mimics another person too closely. Fortunately, there are several steps that can be taken to overcome copyright issues.

1. Get permission from the original owner.

When it comes to using copyrighted content, the only legal way to make use of the content is to contact the original owner and ask for permission. In case this is impossible, there are websites like Creative Commons that offer royalty-free audio and image files that are free for commercial use.

2. Brand and copyright your own content.

If you create something that you intend to turn into a business or income stream, it is important to obtain legal rights to it. While it may be your intellectual property, it can’t stop someone from coming up with a similar idea and starting a business based on it. It is important to register your ideas with trademarks and copyrights to protect them.

3. Obtain a legal copyright.

Intellectual property can be copyrighted simply by placing the copyright symbol in front of it with your name. However, the Copyright Law covers certain subjects over which it is not so easy to claim ownership, including architectural and choreographic works. Speaking with a copyright attorney is the way to go in properly claiming ownership of your own work and avoiding illegal copying of your work.

4. Register your property.

A trademark differs from a copyright mainly in the things it protects. While copyrights are generally used to cover creative work, trademarks are used to protect names, logos, symbols, and other corporate IPs. The property registration process is long and complicated, so it is best to consult a professional. You should first look to make sure there are no trademarks similar to the one you want to file; Even if an existing trademark is not identical, one that is too similar can make it impossible to display.

5. Remember: registration is not absolutely necessary.

Since 1978, there has been no formal requirement in the United States for copyrighted works to carry the copyright symbol. A novel, for example, is protected as soon as it is “saved” to a Word document. That being said, registering your work offers certain protections that proprietary copyrights do not. A person can only sue for copyright issues if their copyright is registered. The restitution that a person can receive for damages will only count after the content is registered, not before.

While it may be an extra step, taking the time to register copyrights and register your property, be it intellectual or physical, can protect it in a way that you cannot claim ownership. Copyright issues can pose a number of problems for content creators or those who want to use content, but knowing how to overcome these issues before they arise can avoid a lot of headaches.