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Boosting Website Ranking: A Simple Technique That Works

We all want to have good rankings in Google, it’s no secret. The better we rank, the more traffic we receive and the chances of our business making a profit also increase. This article explains a technique that can help your site rank better in Google.

The technique:

Google is a search engine that wants to give its users the best possible experience, they hold their search engine to the highest standards. They want everyone to have instant gratification when using their search engine.

One way to earn the respect of the big “G” is to register your domain names for more than 1 year. Yes, this has come up in many SEO communities and many have agreed that having a domain name, registered for more than 1 year, gives instant credibility with Google.

If you register your web address for 5-10 years, it tells Google that you are in business for a long time and will stay more than 1 year and will not go away. This builds trust with the super search engine and will give you an SEO boost.

By doing this, you won’t instantly rank at the top of Google results. All of these little factors add up to good rankings in the end. The next time you want to register a domain name, why not do it for 5 years and show Google how serious you are about providing quality business on their search engine? They will give you an on-page SEO boost and you will be ahead of your competition.

As I mentioned in my other articles, you still need to do proper off-page optimization for your sites to rank well in the big ā€œGā€. Registering your web address for more than a year only makes the chance of ranking better that much stronger.