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Around Stockholm Old Town – Gamla Stan

The city of Stockholm in Sweden has a lot to offer people, both locals and visitors. If you want to go on vacation to Stockholm but don’t know what to do, there are many things you can enjoy in Stockholm. There are beautiful tourist spots, picturesque landscapes, historical sites, and exciting sports activities that we can all enjoy in this amazing city in Sweden.

Visit the famous old town of Stockholm, the Gamla stan, or what they call the Old Town. Stan comes from the word “staden”, which means city. Its name, as said, represents the characteristic of the city. It is an old town, dating back to the 13th century, and everything around it is contemporary. The streets and architecture have classical designs. Currently, around 3000 people live in this part of the city. This is a very good place to visit if you would rather enjoy medieval designs than some brilliant and intricate modern sights and structures.

Gamla stan is also the place where historical events occurred in Stockholm, including the famous Stockholm bloodbath. It is historical for the massacre of Swedish nobles carried out by order of King Christian III, a Danish king. This site in Gamla Stan is called Stotorget. Except for the site of the Stockholm bloodbath, the Stockholm Stock Exchange building is also located in this great square in Stockholm. Other architecture and buildings found here in Gamla Stan are the Royal Palace, the Noble Museum, and the Stockholm Cathedral, where the statue of Saint George and the Dragon was erected. They all have contemporary designs, especially the Royal Palace, which was designed in the Baroque style.

If you want to talk about finding restaurants, visit Den Glyden Freden. The interiors were not changed. It is still in its original state. It even got a page in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest restaurant.

The narrow streets of the Old City were made of cobblestones, which made it more attractive to tourists. Gives the feeling of being in the old days. There is the tourist street of Vasterlanggatan, formerly called the West Wall of Allmanninggatan, which is lined with tourist shops. These tourist shops sell different types of items and souvenirs. The street is mostly crowded in summer. There is no dull moment on this street because there are always artists and musicians performing on the streets to entertain people with their amazing acts.

There is the Marten Trotzig alley, which also has a rich history. As part of Gamla Stan, it is the narrowest alley in the city. This is where the difference in the ground levels of the Old City is very important. The people of the Old City celebrated the opening of the alley in 1945, as it had been closed for almost a century.

After an exhausting walk through Gamla Stan, head to the Branda Tomten. Branda Tomten is where tourists often go to rest. There are many large trees that offer fresh air and shade for a more comfortable rest. Branda Totem got its name from the history of the place. There was a house that was originally located in that part of Gamla Stan, but in 1728, the house was burnt down. That is why it is called Branda Totem, “the burned farm”.