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Aphrodisiacs: myths and reality

Sometimes not only enhancement supplements are called aphrodisiacs, but also all sexual stimulants – erotic pictures, books, videos. Thus, an aphrodisiac is any object whose taste, smell, image or sound can cause passion. The undeniable impact of an aphrodisiac is love, or at least sympathy, admiration. Modern man is so depressed and stressed by daily life and the amount of information he receives that sometimes there is not enough time not only for us but also for loved ones. Then aphrodisiacs can come to the aid as a solution. However, scientists have yet to prove that one or the other alleged aphrodisiac promotes libido and potency. Some of these measures are just the placebo effect, just because the man is convinced. But medicine recognizes that sex hormones and some psychostimulants affect sexual drive or activity. Even if you stop taking the sexual enhancements, the effect can last longer, and in some cases permanently. Moderate alcohol use also has an incentive effect, but in large doses it inhibits sexual enhancement and constant use can cause impotence.

What people believe

But science cannot explain everything. What determines the fact that people meet their other half of the number of people around them? Is it just a gift from fate or maybe it’s the art of seduction, or maybe … an aphrodisiac used successfully? Since time immemorial, man has believed in myths, rumors and stories about the miracle of one or another aphrodisiac effect. People have always sought measures that preserve youth and sexuality, a powerhouse (first mentioned in the Egyptian papyrus in 2000 BC). Practically the folklore of all nations has a “love potion” that supposedly arouses passion. “The ancient Romans loved various” love potions “in which the components could be anything: caviar, lobster tails, blood and heart of pigeon, ash from burnt skin dissolved in the blood of a lover, frog bones, feathers from a rooster’s tail, sparrow brains, tobacco, lovers’ hair, even the bones of a dead man stolen from the cemetery … and today Today there are many myths about aphrodisiacs.

Food seduction

Sexologists say that the art of food and seduction are related. A variety of foods can be an aphrodisiac. They have long been considered as exotic dishes of meat, seafood and vegetables, various spices. Still today caviar, crab, oysters, ginger root, ginseng, golden root, as well as onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, egg white, honey, mustard, pumpkin seeds and chocolate. The Hindu Kamasutra says that a bowl of rice should be eaten before sexual intercourse. King Henry IV of France, famous for romance, has been sipping every morning sip of brandy with the diluted egg yolk. To increase potency, the Celts drank beer with yolk. Wine, especially sparkling wine, is believed to have aphrodisiac qualities as well. Italians believe that the sex drive is stimulated with chili peppers, strawberries, chocolate, caviar, and oysters. Generalized stories of sexual passion are based on the anatomical features of oysters. Oysters are assigned to androgyny, that is, bisexual beings, due to a double sexual energy. The interesting thing is that this myth is negated by another myth: the ingestion of oysters can provoke a non-traditional sexual orientation. Neither one nor the other is true. Even in ancient times it was believed that raw meat, eggs, oysters, pepper, mint, parsley, and even carrots can affect sexual life. Z. Freud was convinced that the most effective libido enhancers are rye bread, pumpkin seeds, dried fruit, mushrooms, and nettle. This opinion is consistent by the researchers when adding nuts, dates, and honey.

Use it with caution

Since ancient times it was believed that male sexual organs and their secretions had a strong erotic effect. He ate some testicles of animals or drank their sperm. They both contain hormones, testosterone and prostaglandins, which really have a stimulating effect. The alkaloids derived from horny goat weed plants and tongkat ali also have a real aphrodisiac impact because they directly influence the nerve centers of erection and ejaculation. As Kamasutra says: “Steps to initiate sexual enhancement should be gentle, natural, well coordinated, and used with caution to achieve the stated goal.” That is why well balanced natural herbal enhancement supplements could be one of the options.

Allies of passion

“Food has two important senses of sexuality: smell and taste. It gives a feeling of satisfaction. But the only true aphrodisiac: imagination,” says professor of Italian literature Falko Portinari, from the University of Italy. Sometimes it can be accompanied only by natural herbal enhancement supplements. A romantic dinner can be an ally of passion, but … More women than men see the link between food and sex. One woman in four believes that a man can be sexually seduced not only by a sexy dress but also by a romantic dinner. Therefore, an aphrodisiac can be anything that is capable of stimulating the human imagination. The best effect of sexual passion can be achieved by combining a romantic dinner and natural enhancement supplements at the same time.