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5 main reasons why marriages break up

Love: Yes, I mean love. I know you are wondering how love can cause a breakup. Love is believed to be the foundation of marriage. It is love that produces marriage. You only get married once you realize that you love someone else like yourself. You cannot marry someone you hate. Unless it’s for other reasons. When the sweet love you once shared turns sour, the marriage is about to break down. How are you going to live with a person who bothers you so much? It is impossible, and because of that, most couples choose to separate and go their ways. Every human being wants to be loved. therefore, where there is no love, couples never stay together for long.

In laws: What role do in-laws play in your marriage? Well, there is no marriage without in-laws. When couples marry, they automatically get in-laws. Some of these in-laws are the best and some are the worst. One might wonder if they ever wanted their son or daughter to marry. They interfere a lot with the marriage of your children / brother / sister. Who is to blame in this case? In most cases, it is the in-laws on the husband’s side that bring all these problems. In such cases, the fault lies with the man. You must defend your wife at all times, even if she is wrong. It should not be he who incites his people against the wife. I’m sorry to say this, but some husbands have the audacity to speak ill of their wives to their families. Tell me, won’t your in-laws hate you when they hear such bad things from your own husband? If you allow your family to interfere so much with your marriage, then know that in time your wife will tire and stop.

Infidelity: This is the worst of all. Nobody wants to be cheated on by the partner. In fact, if the other party finds out, there is no forgiveness. When a man finds out that his wife is cheating on him, he can do the worst to the man involved with his wife. Women are forgiving. For their part, they can forgive their husbands but they will never love them again. Some women end up choosing to leave the man and even asking for a divorce.

Let’s compare: This is a very painful reason for breakups. When one spouse chooses to constantly compare their spouse to another, it really hurts a lot. Despite the fact that the one who does it, could be doing it without knowing it. In some cases, the spouse making these comparisons is aware of this and usually does so on purpose to hurt the spouse. The target spouse may, in some cases, try to measure up to the part they are comparing themselves to, and if the sacrifice is not noticed, this can lead to a breakup.

Physical, emotional and mental abuse: This is one of the main causes of marriage breakdown. One partner could abuse the other. This could be physical / emotional torture. An abusive spouse is worse than a murderer. The reason is: they often use intimidation and manipulation to keep the abused partner under control at all times. They are sadists! They never want to see their husbands happy! They beat them up, call them all kinds of abusive nicknames, and even make the other partner feel worthless and unworthy. With that, the marriage will definitely break down, especially when the abused get tired of being constantly abused.