The biggest hurdles with using an online fax service

Old traditions are hard to die. In business, they die even more, especially when you consider that workers and companies have an established method of carrying out their tasks and getting the job done. Nothing is more true than when it comes to a company or business adapting a new technology, one that both the employee and the employer are uncertain about using in the office environment.

A perfect example of this dilemma would be online faxing or using an online fax service for the first time. Workers and businesses are so familiar with the conventional office fax machine that suggesting any other means of sending a fax sounds downright sacrilegious. People get used to a certain routine and it can be very difficult to break it.

However, the saving grace in all of this is that companies are always looking for new ways to reduce operating costs to make their company or business more competitive in the marketplace. Online faxing is cheaper, easier and completely mobile…if businesses want to remain competitive, they will at least need to consider the benefits of using fax online or via email, especially if their business depends on sending faxes to generate sales, contact clients and communicate with their workers.

This relatively new technology is changing the way people and businesses send their faxes. Just get an online fax account with one of the major fax providers and you can receive all your faxes through your email system as a Tiff or Pdf file. You can even “port” your old fax number to this system without loss of business. You can also log in to your account and do all your faxing tasks from your account and since it is web based you can access it from anywhere and from any device connected to the web. You can even send and receive multiple faxes at once, and there are no more lost faxes due to a busy signal or paper jam.

Despite all these benefits or advantages, online faxing still has some hurdles to overcome before it is truly accepted in the workplace. It may be worth taking a close look at these obstacles and dismissing some of the fears associated with using an online fax service.

1. New technology – Old traditions

As mentioned above, old traditions are hard to die for, especially when it comes to new technology. Most people adapt very quickly, but there are certain people and companies that like to keep the old ways of doing things. However, if you were to ask these parties if they could run your current business without email, you might get some puzzled looks. Most companies now use email as a daily part of their business, not using it would sound ridiculous.

Once you fully explain that online faxing is simply leveraging your email system to send faxes, old barriers may be easier to break down. Email is fast and simple. Online faxing is fast and simple. Taken from this point of view, the traditional fax machine is outdated and somewhat obsolete. Businesses simply have to accept that there is a new, more modern way to send their faxes.

2. Hard copy please

Another major hurdle for many people is that they need to have the actual fax in hand: a hard copy or paper copy of their message. How can I work or even archive all these email faxes? This one is easy to beat – most businesses and offices have a printer, just print your email fax to get a hard copy.

When it comes to archiving your messages, nothing could be easier than accessing all your email messages. They can be stored on your computer or in your online account, although it should be noted that most providers have a limit to how long you can store your messages online. With this method, you can easily find all your faxes, no matter if you received them yesterday or six months ago.

3. Privacy

Privacy is another major concern, do I really want confidential faxes to be transmitted over the Internet? Actually, online faxing can be totally private as you can encrypt your messages and ONLY the recipient or the person to whom it is addressed receives the fax. You can even receive a notification that your fax has been received. It can be sent directly to the person’s email account and only they can see the fax. Just compare this to the traditional method, where anyone walking past the office machine can see a confidential company fax or message.

4. Trust the Internet

This obstacle is related to the previous one, how much do we trust the Internet? We have read so many horror stories about hacked sites and theft of vital information; Most people just don’t trust doing business on the web. Those barriers and fears are slowly being removed, as more security measures are taken and implemented.

As we have seen with online shopping, the general public has come to accept doing business or transacting on the web. It only takes some time before trust is fully developed and this will eventually happen as people become more familiar with the web and how things are done on the internet. Online banking is another example where web users have come to trust the internet and how things are now done.

5. Understand how online fax works

Many trust issues can be overcome when individuals or companies fully understand how this new way of faxing really works. The best way to explain the whole process is by comparing it to email. Internet fax uses your email system and a third-party online server or provider to handle all your messages or faxes. In exchange for a small monthly fee (on average around $8-$10 per month), this provider will act on your behalf to handle/process/store all your messages.

You have your own fax number and typically have 5-10 email addresses attached to each number, depending on the provider you choose. When a fax is received, it is sent to each email address as a Tiff or Pdf attachment; you can also log in to your online account to read your fax. Any mobile device such as a smartphone, netbook or laptop can be used as a fax machine. This is much more convenient because neither you nor your workers are tied to the location or environment of the office.

6. Adapt to changes

Finally, like any new way of doing something, many people and companies simply need time to adjust to the changes. The same goes for using an online fax service, people will just adjust to these changes, but it will take some time. In many situations, and online faxing is no exception, early adopters typically reap the most rewards. Those businesses and businesses that have quickly changed their methods now have a much faster and cheaper way to send and receive all their faxes. One that can be truly portable and much more convenient to use and implement.

It can also make your business much more competitive in these tough economic times where any advantage or even a slight advantage can make all the difference. Companies must adapt to this new technology or new way of sending their messages or lose. They should overcome any obstacles, real or imagined, and at least consider using an online fax service, but like all business decisions, it’s their call.


How to Find the Best Pest Control Services Near Me

Best Pest Control Services Near Me

If you’ve noticed an ant hill in your garden or spiders crawling around the house, it might be time to call a pest control company. A professional exterminator can quickly and easily take care of a variety of unwanted pests that can destroy your home’s value, harm your health and cause expensive structural damage. Many companies offer preventive services that can keep bugs, rodents and other pests out of your home for good.

The best pest control near me companies will evaluate your specific situation and recommend safe, effective treatment options that fit within your budget. They will also be transparent about their products and service guarantees. When you’re ready to choose a pest control company, ask for references, read online reviews and compare custom prices and plan options. Ideally, you should hire a pest control company that has been in business for at least 10 years and has a proven track record of customer satisfaction.

Most pest control companies offer a wide range of services, so it’s important to ask them what areas they can treat and what kind of pests they specialize in. Some offer green pest solutions and are certified by the National Pest Management Association’s GreenPro program. This means that they focus on integrated pest management strategies and work with clients to identify contributing factors such as conducive conditions, habitats and food sources.

How to Find the Best Pest Control Services Near Me

When selecting a pest control company, it’s a good idea to ask for a free estimate and comparison quotes from several companies in your area. Be sure to check that they are licensed and insured and that their employees receive ongoing training. Some pest control companies will even provide you with a guarantee that covers re-treatments if your pest problem recurs between treatments.

Once you’ve found a few qualified pest control companies, it’s a good idea to interview them to determine which one is the best fit for your needs. Ask about the type of pests they’re trained to treat, the types of prevention and monitoring methods they use and their re-treatment guarantee. In addition, ask if they can provide you with an estimate over the phone or by email.

If you’re buying a new home, consider having a pest control company conduct a pre-purchase inspection before closing. This can help ensure that you’re not purchasing a termite-ridden house with costly repairs on the horizon. Many pest control companies also offer real estate inspections as well as termite protection plans that can cover necessary costs should the home need repair. This will provide you with peace of mind that your investment is protected.


How to Start a Medical Marijuana Business in California

Medical marijuana shops or medical cannabis dispensaries are nothing new in California. They have been around since the law was passed in 1996 that legalized medical marijuana in California. Prior to 2016, you could open a medical marijuana dispensary in California by meeting local city and/or county requirements.

But now we have two new licensing laws regulating the marijuana business in California. First, we have the Law for the Regulation and Safety of Medical Cannabis that was enacted on September 11, 2015. This new law creates a new regulatory framework that regulates all aspects of the production and sale of medical marijuana. That law went into effect on January 1, 2016.

Then we have California Proposition 64, which is officially known as the “Adult Use Marijuana Tax, Regulation and Control Act,” was voted into law by 64% of Californians in 2016 and became law on November 9, 2016. The law is also known as the “Adult Use of Marijuana Act.” This law regulates the production and sale of recreational marijuana in California.

Both laws require the licensing of various parts of the marijuana business with a full licensing scheme to be ready as of January 1, 2018. There are several different types of licenses available under both laws, including licenses related to various parts of a marijuana business, including the following license types: manufacturer, test, dispensary or retail store, distribution, and carrier.

Three licensing agencies will oversee the sale, cultivation, and manufacturing of marijuana. These agencies are identified as follows: 1) Department of Consumer Affairs: issues licenses related to retail sales of marijuana; 2) Department of Food and Agriculture – issues licenses related to the cultivation of marijuana; and 3) Department of Public Health: issues licenses related to the manufacture and testing of marijuana.

Your new marijuana business, whether it is a medical marijuana dispensary or adult recreational marijuana retail store, will want to stay ahead of the competition and investigate the application process for these new licenses. We look forward to seeing new regulations and a new license application process posted on the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs website. The new subagency of the Department of Consumer Affairs that will issue retail and dispensary licenses is the new Office of Marijuana Control. At the time of writing this article, this Division of the Department of Consumer Affairs did not yet have an active website or web pages outlining the new license requirements.

Home Kitchen

Selection of materials and surfaces for the kitchen of your home

The kitchen has evolved from construction grade cabinets and plastic laminate countertops to a modern showcase with commercial grade appliances and exotic stone countertops. The days of extreme ‘over the top’ kitchen remodeling may be long gone, but that still doesn’t change the fact that the kitchen is one of the hardest working areas in the home. Choosing durable yet attractive finishes is still important, but it shouldn’t break the bank. Here are some tips on choosing materials for your kitchen, including how to get a high-end look without spending a ton of money.

Selection of countertop materials

There are so many countertop materials to choose from, many people just don’t know where to start. There is also a wide range of prices even within a material (such as stone). For an affordable option, consider plastic laminate. There are some sophisticated patterns and colors available now that, when paired with a tile backsplash and designer paint colors, can look great together. There are also new edge details that eliminate seams that can be damaged.

For budgets in between, look for solid surface materials like Corian. These materials have evolved well beyond basic white and are now available in patterns that are more like stone. One big advantage of solid surface countertops is the ability to integrate a sink into the countertop. Therefore, cleaning with water in the sink and cleaning is easier.

Another newer countertop option is Quartz. Quartz countertops turn quartz into slabs that look almost like stone. One of the many benefits of these countertops is that they do not absorb liquids that are spilled on the surface.

Natural stone countertops are also a popular choice and a visit to your local stone patio will show you that there are literally hundreds of options. To help you find a suitable stone faster, ask for help searching for stones only within a certain price range and/or color range. When you find a stone you like, try taking a sample home and see how it holds up to wine, ketchup, mustard, and spilled oils. Beware of stones with many fillers. Fillers are a sign of lower quality stone and can be more easily damaged and even fall out.

Other new options are concrete, glass and paper countertops. Many of these are fine for kitchen use, but some won’t be durable enough over time. If you are using a material that has not been tested over time, inspect a facility that has been in use for some time.

Selection of cabinet materials

One tip when choosing cabinets is to look at the interior door style of your home (the doors to each room, such as a bedroom). Many times, choosing a cabinet door style that matches the interior doors of the home is an easy and safe way to ensure that your new kitchen design looks good. Don’t make the mistake of selecting a fancy door style unless your home calls for it. You don’t want your friends walking into your kitchen and saying, “Wow, look at your fancy cabinets!” You want them to say, “wow, look at your amazing kitchen!” You want them to notice everything. If you have children and pets, consider a stained wood cabinet instead of a painted one. They will usually end up looking better for a longer period of time and are easier to touch up when cut. If you’re considering a faux or decorative finish, keep in mind that when looking at a painted sample on a door, you’ll generally want it to look less weathered than you think it should rather than overly weathered. When you’re installing all the kitchen doors, it can look very ‘over the top’ if you’re too strict with faux or decorative finishes.

select soil

Often the first thing I consider when choosing a floor is combining an adjacent floor material in another room or space. If there are wooden floors in adjoining rooms, a good solution may be to extend the wood into the kitchen. This is especially true in a smaller space, where continuing with the same flooring material will usually make the space feel larger. If you don’t want hardwood floors in the kitchen, then consider a tile that has a similar color value to the adjacent hardwood floor, so the transition won’t be harsh and break up the space. A resistant material such as cork can be an excellent option for the kitchen, since it is slightly soft when stepped on and better tolerates a plate being dropped on it. Natural materials like Marmoleum are also great and a good “green” option.

How to Select Backsplash Materials

For whatever reason, backsplash is often the most difficult material choice for people. But the backsplash is one area that can have incredible visual impact and help tie the design together. If you’re having trouble choosing a material, look to the other kitchen surfaces for inspiration. In a more modern kitchen, choosing a stainless steel backsplash to match your stainless steel appliances can be a wise decision. For a less expensive option, look for plastic laminates that look like stainless steel that you can even install yourself (but resist the urge to use them on countertops, as many aren’t rated for use on horizontal surfaces). Glass mosaics can be another good option to join materials of different colors. There are so many glass mosaic options available today that choosing one can be a challenge. A safe place to start is by choosing a glass mosaic that brings out the colors of your countertop. Other material you might want to consider are sheet glass, plastic laminate, stone tile, ceramic tile, or even wood (painted or sealed, of course).

While choosing kitchen materials can be challenging, just take it one step at a time and you’ll get there. Start with finishing the countertop and cabinet. Once you have chosen them, select a material for the floor. Then choose your backsplash and paint colors. This process will help you choose everything more quickly, so you can finish construction a little sooner and then enjoy your new kitchen.

Digital Marketing

How to plan to blog

When you’re blogging, it’s important to plan ahead for the content that will appear on your blog. This should be based on the season, as well as the products and services you plan to promote or launch.

Survey your audience

Just because you’ve studied your audience once doesn’t mean you shouldn’t survey them occasionally to make sure you’re still delivering the information they need and want. Try a quarterly survey so you can find out what they think and get deeper insight into their issues.

research your niche

Stay up to date in your niche. Read industry news and study the periodicals for clues as to the state of your niche. Look to the future for killer technologies that could turn your niche on its head.

Take a look at the competition

You should always be aware of what your competition is doing. Not to copy them, but to stay one step ahead in whatever way you want to compete with them.

know what’s coming

Not all businesses are seasonal, but their entire audience is. They think of things in terms of certain seasons depending on where they are in their life. For example, if you have school-age children, they think differently during back-to-school than they do during the summer. Also, if you have a product or service launch or other event coming up, you should plan for it in the quarter before the event.

Know your realistic schedule

If you have a regular job, kids at home, or other responsibilities that will get in the way of your blog, be honest when creating a schedule for yourself. If you have a lot to do, build a realistic blogging schedule around these other responsibilities.

Brainstorming Topics

Once you’ve got some of this other information set up, it’s important to take some time to think about topics based on the information you’ve previously collected, plus events you know are coming. At this point, nothing is wrong, just write it down.

organize your topics

Take the brainstormed topics and categorize them for your blog. Throw out everything that doesn’t fit. Then organize and match them to the seasons, events, and products you want to promote.

Create a posting schedule

Add everything to a posting calendar. Here you enter the information so that during the times you have reserved to write and produce content, you can get down to work.

Take time to create

Now that you have everything ready for you, whenever you have time to work you can pull the information from the publication calendar and get going. You can also easily look ahead to see if some content needs to be outsourced.


Some Thoughts on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a time when we can reflect on the male role models in our lives and appreciate the lessons learned from their contributions. Gifts and cards are often given in recognition of the importance of that parental role.

But these days, many homes are single-parent families, and the father may be seen only occasionally. Stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, neighbors, teachers, all can provide valuable guidance and teach a lot about those predominantly masculine traits and characteristics. And sometimes other men are more understanding and trustworthy than our real father.

If a boy’s father, his first significant male role model, comes up short, it can be difficult for a boy to process, sometimes internalizing it as rejection, not being good enough, unwanted. They may become defensive or emotionally withdrawn, as a means of protecting themselves from further hurt and disappointment.

Or, alternatively, you may feel compelled to continually push yourself to do better, constantly working harder and harder, or even reacting against the situation, becoming rebellious and defiant, giving the appearance that you don’t care, yet constantly demanding attention.

– As a single mother It is important to try to avoid sharing negative views and experiences of your ex, in order to color your son’s perspective of his father. It may have been a difficult breakup that left you hurt, disappointed, betrayed, let down, but those emotions are specific to your relationship with your ex. Your common children deserve to have the best of both of you and to have each parent in your lives in the most positive way possible.

It is far better to encourage children to keep in touch with their father, which will result in a happy outcome for everyone in the long run. A single mother may feel aggrieved because she is in a position where she can bribe and buy the children’s affections with lavish gifts and treats, which they happily accept! Why wouldn’t they? But children are more insightful than we think. They usually know and appreciate the emotional and financial struggles their mother has, the effort it takes just to put food on the table every day.

Keep your relationship with your father alive and even if there is a more ‘healthy’ male role model in your lives, a grandfather, an uncle, an understanding mentor, accept that the father of a child occupies a unique position for them.

– As a separated parent it is important not to exacerbate a situation if it is already fragile or acrimonious. Children are the innocent in this and if they misbehave or play, accept that it may take time for them to settle and readjust. Try to ensure ongoing liaison with your mother, respect agreed decisions, keep civil communication channels open, and do everything possible to avoid reacting to points of contention.

Let’s reflect on the qualities that are important in a father:

– Physical strength it gives peace of mind to the children, who value their father as a guardian, protector, healthy and physically fit. They feel safe and secure when they know he is strong enough to defend them and the family.

– Moral values affair. The children look forward to seeing their father do ‘the right thing’, be principled and fair. Admiring and respecting their father for his integrity, honesty, and guidance teaches them to have standards and respect for the law and for others.

– Men feel more and more comfortable when it comes to expressing their feelings., showing how much they love and care for their wife and children. Today it is more acceptable to talk about issues and problems, to discuss how to cope and manage stress. Being able to hug, show love and affection is important. The days of the strong and silent man are fading. Boys need to see and learn from their important male role model how to successfully discuss, compromise, and solve problems.

– Family values they are learned when they see that their father enjoys spending time with them, treating him as a priority, important to him. Children are sensitive to nonverbal cues, sensing disinterest, rejection, and mixed messages in a variety of ways. They also note how he treats his mother and other family members, separated or not. Family values ​​are learned by witnessing the relationships in the home.

– Respect for others is another important lesson. How the father treats other road users, restaurant and store staff, how he addresses the people he meets. Is he deferential, submissive, arrogant, assertive, or nice? Good manners, consideration, and appropriate communication styles are important in building positive and successful relationships with others.

– Does the father have a good work ethic? Being conscientious, fair, and diligent, enjoying your work choices, doing a good job, and finding satisfaction in your efforts demonstrate a sense of responsibility. Do you respect and care for money, treat property well, express gratitude and appreciation for what you have while having fun and enjoying yourself? All the traits that a lucky child will witness and learn from a parent.

But Father’s Day can also be a time to reflect on the things we would have done differently. Many people have memories of unsatisfactory experiences with his father, perhaps witnessing his relationship with work, money, success, areas where they feel he needed to have a better focus. Your goal will be to avoid repeating the mistakes that were made with them. After all, we all want to be the best we can be when raising our own children.

Health Fitness

Fat Belly Weight Loss Protocols

Here are some tummy fat weight loss tips and tricks that will help you achieve a slimmer, flatter stomach in no time (pun intended). Look, his biggest challenge is probably with his stomach fat. That is also the most dangerous fat on your body. HAVE TO GO. Read this article now so you can learn how to make this happen.

fat belly weight loss

1. Do interval training

No matter what you do, do intervals where you do it hard and fast and then follow up with intervals where you do it slow and easy. This goes with running and walking, biking, stair climbing, the elliptical, and anything else you can think of. By doing fast intervals followed by slow intervals, not only do you burn fat during exercise, but your body rapidly burns up to 18 hours NON-STOP AFTER you’re done exercising.

This is where the big weight loss happens. This is called “AFTER CARB”. You don’t get that jogging constantly or at the same speed doing any exercise.

2. Rub your belly fat in circles

This is great for reducing blemishes. Others say you can’t reduce points, I say you CAN. I do this after meals for 1-2 minutes, but you can also do it right after you wake up and right before you go to bed.

Rub your belly in circles for 1 minute with your right hand and then again for 1 minute with your left hand. That’s all. This stimulates better digestion and also has a loosening and breaking up effect on the fat cells you are rubbing off.

These are 2 fat belly weight loss protocols that have been proven over the years to work.

Legal Law

The Future of Online Master’s Programs: Find the Best School for You Today

Do you consider doing your Master’s programs online? Did you know that you can start from an associate’s degree to a master’s degree? These are all very great opportunities for you to move up the corporate ladder, if you want something good for your life. There are many online master’s degree courses that you can take to further your career.

You can earn a bachelor’s degree online, a bachelor’s degree in life experience, a master’s degree in education, a master’s degree in nursing, an online law degree, and a Ph.D. Distance learning courses will help you discover many benefits over conventional university or college programs. You can study from the comfort of your home, at work or on vacation.

There are various online degree-granting institutions or universities around the world. Some of the recognized schools are University of California, University of Phoenix, DeVry University, University of Liverpool, University of London External Program, ITT Technical Institute etc. ITT Technical Institute offers online engineering degrees, online computing degrees, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and other related technical programs.

Some distance learning universities offer accelerated programs such as associate degree courses, bachelor’s degrees, and graduate degrees. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can go on to a master’s degree and then a doctorate. All this can be done online.

Lastly, before registering to study master’s programs online, be sure to do your research to find out whether or not the college or university you are applying to study at is fully accredited. Qualifications obtained from accredited institutions are well recognized throughout the world.

Lifestyle Fashion

Common health benefits of clapping that can change your life and lead you to a healthy future

Most of the people today would be surprised to realize that clapping or clapping hands is a good exercise for the body that helps stimulate the organs and their proper functioning, so scientific researches have proven the fact that that small babies who have the habit of clapping grow up. with smart brains. This physical movement is the direct key to living a joyful and stress-free life, as palm-clapping is therapy, related to celebrations and achievements, and therefore plays an important role in healing depression, high blood pressure, occasional headaches and problems like hair. fall. Clapping during the morning hours of the day, such as praying at holy places or singing songs, helps activate a large part of the brain gradually improving health. It is also a useful medicine to cure pain such as arthritis or any other form of ailment in different parts of the body.

Doctors have suggested applying a little coconut or palm oil to both hands to stimulate the pressure points on the fingers and activate them to create energy waves in the body. Hitting both hands helps improve blood circulation in the veins and arteries and is extremely beneficial for people with cholesterol problems. Also, children who are prone to clapping every day in schools are likely to have bright academic prospects, as they make fewer spelling mistakes than others and increase concentration levels. This exercise also helps improve digestion and makes the body more immune to disease, allowing you to stay fit and healthy for life.

At present, residential areas have established amusement parks for people to gather for morning walks and exercises. Some of them go there to clap as a matter of routine to have positive effects on both body and mind. A few minutes of clapping can help in better secretion of hormones as well as keep the heart healthy by clearing all the blockages in the blood vessels and other channels. Patients suffering from low blood pressure can also raise their hand and clap for faster recovery. It is also extremely effective in improving the nervous system, so those who take time out of their hectic schedules to clap their hands daily feel refreshed and active throughout the day. It also acts as a medicine to lower blood sugar levels and help cure certain mental illnesses like insomnia, protects the body from infections like the common cold, and lung-related problems like asthma and eye defects. Biologically, the hands and palms are the settlements of the reflex points that ensure the healing response of the entire body system, so the health benefits of clapping as a yoga exercise result innumerable in the healthy development of the body for people. of all ages.

Real Estate

Playing professional liability hardball with federal agency attorneys

Lawyers for government agencies live in a bubble. They are protected by the same system of corruption, nepotism, waste, fraud and abuse that causes so many federal employees so much hardship. As long as these lawyers toe the party line, their jobs are secure; they get good pensions; and they don’t have to worry about much.

While not all government lawyers do this, the temptation to do so is great. Shadowing the agency director, special agent in charge, or some other high-ranking bureaucrat is generally a big key to most federal agency positions, so that of a lawyer should be no different.

However, there is a higher authority than that bureaucrat. He sends shock waves through all the lawyers at the Federal Agency, and in the vast majority of cases, these people are shocked by a new system of authority, something completely foreign: the Bar Association. Even Bill Clinton lost his Arkansas bar license because the people in the Arkansas bar didn’t care that he only perjured about sex.

The vast majority of complaints in bars come from disgruntled customers who did not get a good outcome in the case, for which they blame their lawyer. The average lawyer in private practice will get a few of these in his career. For this reason, private practice lawyers after several years in practice have well-developed defensive systems to hedge against these allegations.

The agency’s lawyers do not deal with this system and have no idea about it. As such, they are generally unaware of professional liability rules. The fear of suspension or debarment can be so great that the Agency attorney simply cannot stomach a threat to report to the bar association. There is very little reward for the Agency lawyer for going through one of these crowds of bars if it can be avoided.

Consider these examples that the Agency’s lawyers are clueless about, but fully support their bureaucratic bosses:

1. A federal employee has an existing whistleblower claim. To tighten the screws, the Agency says in mediation that if the employee refuses to accept its low offer, the Agency will fire the employee for reasons it already knows are untrue. It is unethical for lawyers to defend claims that have no merit. Since the federal employee will be filing another Merit Systems Protection Board claim against his agency, the agency’s attorney will be litigating a claim: a frivolous, legal, and factual claim because his bureaucratic boss ordered him to. The status bar of him, he doesn’t care about the bubble, that’s a violation.

2. A federal employee has an existing legal action for discrimination and is represented by an attorney. The Agency attorney executes an order from the bureaucrat boss to send the Proposed Recall letter directly to the employee, even though the employee is represented by an attorney. In most state bar associations, that is a violation because the attorney communicated directly with someone that attorney knew was represented. The agency’s attorney had a professional responsibility requirement to contact that person’s attorney and failed to do so. The status bar of him, he doesn’t care about the bubble, that’s a violation.

3. Someone in the US State Department orders a federal prosecutor not to release Hillary Clinton’s emails as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit because they will make her look bad. The US attorney agrees. Later, the federal judge finds out that the federal prosecutor was more loyal to the Clintons than to the Rules of Professional Responsibility that a lawyer must follow. That lawyer should be preparing to become a lobbyist.

Here’s the bottom line: the bubble can’t protect bad guys from everything.