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The growing Android app development market

Android is one of the emerging markets with millions of users all over the world. Currently, Android app download figures have exceeded 10 billion and this clearly shows the growing interest of people in buying Android platform devices. Looking at the success of Android phones, even mobile phone companies like Nokia have decided to release Android platform device in the future. The success behind this mobile operating system is not only its user interface but also its unique Android app development which makes the phone truly captivating and interactive.

Android apps include apps for business, finance, news, travel, weather, utilities, lifestyle, themes, personal apps, games, sports, music, videos, etc. Companies like HTC, Sony, Samsung and Motorola are the current companies that offer AndroidOS. In addition, Android application development has shown a resurgence for the aforementioned mobile phone companies in competition with Nokia, iPhone and Blackberry.

Buying an Android phone is really not as expensive as an iPhone device and this even helps the mobile phone company to attract maximum number of customers to their desk. In short, the cost-effective price is the main factor that helps Android to compete with other smartphone devices. Also, games on this OS platform are widely famous and this is one more reason to drive the decision of mobile users to buy Android phones. IT companies around the world are gaining a lot of attention on Android application development as the number of users increases; the greater the need for applications.

What has helped the Android market to grow more?

It is affordable and reasonable than the iPhone.

It has interactivity and usability.

Has scalable applications

He is fast in operations.

Support 3D games.

Allows for high definition screen resolutions.

Google Play has millions of apps for users.

Help with many free applications online.

Experiencing the success of the Android market; Google has recently changed its title to ‘Google Play’. This is the online site, where Android users download thousands of apps daily. It is the place for developers to live their apps and a place for users to download and install various Android-based apps.

With the increasing use of devices and smartphones; the demand for applications has increased simultaneously. Nowadays, there are a growing number of companies that actually take projects related to Android app development and also help them earn huge amount of money by selling the apps online to the concerned client or company.


A look in the rearview mirror of college football: The worst of 2006

A trip down football memory lane

Before we start another season, let’s take a last look at last season to remember the good times. And put the bad guys to a worthy end. Lessons from the past can be useful in preventing failures in the future. Unfortunately, many of the schools that appeared in the 2006 FirstWorst Futility rankings seem destined to stay there.

There are some perennial powerhouses that live among the FirstWorst. The Duke Blue Devils know this place well. While Army and Navy have a terrific track record of producing people who can blow things up and take other people’s things, Army can rarely manage to produce more than 3 and out on the gridiron. Perhaps this is because their graduates are expected to achieve, and therefore the best high school recruits go elsewhere. The Army Mules are still trying to convince each other that a win over Kent State counts as a win.

Losers deserve respect. Without them, the Nebraska Cornhucksters would have no schedule. Eastern, Western, Southern, Central, Lower, and Upper Michigan states would have no way of funding their sports programs. Troy State (who?) bankrolled a good chunk of their athletic budget by sending eleven poor bastards to Lincoln in September to go down for a 56-0 thrashing of the Big Red. Nebraska cashed in for this. Big Red fans really paid.

Being cannon fodder playing against a top school has its rewards, although winning is rarely among them. The Sage acknowledges that while the Montana State Bobcats thrashed the Colorado B’lows in their season opener in Boulder, most underprivileged schools grit their teeth, accept the beating and the paycheck. However, underdog players and coaches must question their self-esteem. Still, Sage is betting that Montana State had fewer players arrested in the offseason than CU, unless you can get arrested for shooting rabbits in Bozeman.

Losers deserve respect because they may not always be among the best of the worst. The wise will miss Rutgers. The Knights destroyed years of school tradition last year by falling to a dismal 11-2 record. The campus has not yet recovered. The monkey wrench the Knights dropped in predictions early last year has tipsters twirling their Cross pens wondering how they got it so wrong. And now CA sportswriters have to learn to spell ‘Piscataway.’ By building a legitimate show, Rutgers has failed fans across the country and relegated their show to respectability. A fate worse than the Sage cannot imagine.

Losers have their place in this world. They balance everything. The sage loves to find bits of wisdom and irony in lost football. To these little moments of fun, this column is officially dedicated.

Here are the original picks for the ten worst in college football. Before continuing, the Sage points out that this list: · Lacks any scientific process · Focuses on but is not limited to BCS teams · Develops entirely at the whim of the Sage of College Football · May contain inappropriate references for underage readers · May require literate adults to explain the finer points to children or people who paid to watch Nebraska play at Troy State May have nothing to do with an actual football game

Number one: Duke’s poor blown heck

This one is a no-brainer. Basketball schools shouldn’t try soccer; Putting the ball over the goal posts does not award any points. Also, that ball bounces weird. The BDs ascended to the lofty status of number one on the FirstWorst list by virtue of their brilliant 0-12 record last season. Capped off by a season-ending loss to rival powerhouse North Carolina, the Bleu Devils stole defeat from the jaws of defeat by coming back to have an extra point blocked late in the fourth quarter to seal the loss by a spot. This strong record and strong finish set up Duke’s coach, who loses and gets the job. – to another splendid recruiting season.

Included in the head coach job description is: “Study, evaluate, and recommend innovations in soccer team and strategy. Qualifications required at this level: Education/Coaching N/A”

At least the University is realistic. The Wise Man wonders if it is possible to produce a winner by designing new pants. In any case, the University capped off its celebration of the perfect season by adding new parking at the stadium for more than 500 cars. The occupants of such vehicles can anticipate another spectacularly futile season.

2- Owls of the Temple

After going through their challenging schedule, facing and losing to the likes of Buffalo (not the Bills) in which neither team scored a touchdown, the Owls fought hard to close out the season on a five-game losing streak, including losses to Toledo and Akron. . The Pitiful Owls also had to play Ohio State and survived losing 35-7. That seven points were scored in favor of Temple was cause for celebration. Pennsylvania produces hundreds of star high school recruits each year. Unfortunately for Temple, they all choose other schools.


The forces in Chambana recently declared a second “St. Patrick’s Day.” When spring break coincided with the holy day of alcohol, local bars howled that they were losing business to foam-drinking students in Florida. So, to support local bartenders, the university introduced a second St. Patrick’s Day celebration. It is this type of visionary leadership that has earned Illinois third place in the FirstWorst rankings. The (D)UI leadership also showed foresight and strength in retiring Chief Illiniwek this offseason. Illini, who was crying, then had an extra reason, as well as an extra day to drain his sorrows in green beer consumed in Gatorade glasses. The Oranges and Blues finished the 2006 season with wins against Eastern Illinois (yes, there is such a place and they play football), and they got a surprise win at Michigan State. If the Illini can win at home this year against a Big Ten school, the University has promised to declare a third St. Patrick’s Day.


It pains the sage to declare Army a member of the FirstWorst club. The only “Shock and Awe” delivered by the Mules in 06 was that people kept coming to see them. The Army’s Black ‘Nights’ simply cannot produce a win against a quality team. Beating VMI, Kent State and Baylor doesn’t qualify as a stellar season. The Sage wishes the Army the best this year, but West Point’s top brass may have to call in close air support to complete a pass. We’ll see if Air Force can help.

5-State of Boise

The Sage can hear it now… ‘How can a big Fiesta win against OU on New Year’s Day rank a school among the worst in College Football? The simple reason is the hideous blue soccer field they play on. Just because it’s possible to create blue grass doesn’t mean it has to be done. A quality team deserves to play in something other than the Tidy Bowl. A blue soccer field doesn’t exist in nature for a reason. The Sage does not know what that reason is, but he is sure that it is a good one. BS students need to be smoking something different in their pipes before home games for it to look real. BSU proved that you don’t need a blue field for any competitive advantage and you can win in a big game. Lose the blue field!


A team called the Fighting Ducks should find its way onto the FirstWorst roster. But that’s not the reason for the Ducks’ inclusion this year. Oregon puts out a good team on its two-tone field, but every year, it displays an incredible lack of taste in putting its team — appropriately descriptive wording eludes Sage — in those hideous yellow uniforms with tire tracks on the shoulders. The ducks look like highlighter pens against green felt. The assistants in the Department of Psychology must have devised some kind of experiment to see if such a poorly dressed football team can generate a competitive advantage. The Sage thinks that a state where the other University is called Beavers, he would insist on putting a team on the field that could look as good as his record. Ducks often look like cheap office supplies.

7-North Carolina

The aforementioned Duke Blue Devils almost made the Heels reconsider showing up in those baby blue uniforms last year. NC failed to pull off a loss in their season-ending game against Duke, but came close enough to earn a spot on the FirstWorst roster. Blocking an extra point in the closing minutes against the Dukes squandered the Heels’ chance to finish in the top five. Maybe Duke and NC should play soccer on the basketball court. How can two southern schools have such poor football programs?


The Buffalos of Colorado started last season strong at home with a solid loss to the Division II Montana State Bobcats. Then B’low’s season quickly went downhill. CU was in contention for a top-tier finish and had a real shot at number one in the FirstWorst standings before losing its form and not losing to conference foes Texas Tech and Iowa State. Former Boise State coach Dan Hawkins is going to dye the grass at Folsom Field pink in 2007 to match the red noses of CU students.


Stanford’s “Cardinal” nickname was declared after school administrators dropped the nickname “Indians” in 1972. At least “Indians” was plural and implied that there would be more than one person on the football field dressed in red. (Yes, the Wise One acknowledges that “Cardinal” is technically plural, but without an ‘s’, the ghosts of college football lore have abandoned the Stanford kids and cast their curse on the red eggheads.)

Although it has produced some good teams in the past, Stanford is a perennial favorite in the losing bracket. The school is still best known for sending its band onto the field to stop a Cal kickoff comeback in ’82. Even that failed and Stanford went on to record the biggest last-play loss in history. The 2006 season produced a single win against PAC-10 foe Washington. Stanford has always had trouble finding people who can pass the first few tries and pass the entrance exam. The plan for 07 is to multitask the tuba players to play offensive line between tunes.

9, 10 and more: the pathetic western conference

If all the losers meet in the same conference, some will come out winners. The boys playing home toilet bowl in Boise turned in a respectable season. The rest of the conference succeeds in losing. Four WAC teams combined for a total of seven conference wins in 2006. The Sage can only imagine the WAC Skywriters Tour in July, kicking off in Hawaii, followed by visits to outfields like Boise, Louisiana Tech, Fresno, and Las Cruces, NM . Hawaii, despite its winning record, deserves an honorable mention… any team named Rainbow Warriors qualifies. Imagine being assigned to cover the New Mexico State – Idaho game. The sage shudders.

The Sage wishes these schools the best of luck in 2007. Visit weekly for the wit and wisdom of Scholarly Sage, as well as updates on the FirstWorst College Football Futility Rankings.

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Tips for Finding Housing During Your Summer Internship in New York City

You have a great internship scheduled for the summer in New York City, but you’re currently in school in College Park, Maryland. Trying to figure out where to live? Start here! Here’s an insider’s guide to preparing for your summer internship in New York City.

student housing

Universities like the New School, NYU, and Fordham offer summer housing programs on their campuses. While the requirements for housing eligibility may vary by school, they still offer convenience and a smooth transition for those seeking an internship in New York. NYU’s summer housing program has residence halls in some of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods, including Greenwich Village, SOHO, and Union Square.

All residence halls are conveniently located near public transportation and have a public safety officer on duty at all times. NYU also offers non-traditional apartment-style housing with private bathrooms and kitchens.

local toupee

LocalBigwig sheds light on how to find some of New York’s best kept secrets. Their Insider’s Guide is a great tool for summer interns looking to navigate the city in a short amount of time. Lists local lifestyle tips and discovers neighborhood apartment hunting options. For those who are too busy to commit to the search, they can hire a Big Wig assistant to help them find the perfect summer spot.

New York City Intern

Do you want the convenience of staying in a local residence but with more options than the traditional summer residence setup? NYC Interns offer a variety of options for your summer internship in New York with apartments in Midtown and the Lower East Side. Choose from residences with free laundry facilities, communal kitchens, and 24-hour security. You must be an undergraduate or graduate student and provide proof of internship at the time your application is accepted.

sublease in the city

For older interns, or those seeking less stringent stipulations, Sublet in the City is your source for New York City apartment rentals. The site offers options for apartments, corporate housing, lofts, and hostels. They also offer relocation services to help with transportation, banking problems, or furniture rentals. Whether you dream of spending your summer exploring Chelsea’s restaurants or hobnobbing in the Financial District, Sublet in the City gives you plenty of options to suit your needs.

Have you found the perfect place to live during your summer internship? Tell us how you found the perfect place.


Apple iPhone vs Samsung Armani – Fabulous Phones

These days there has been an increase in hype and demand for the trendy phones that not only look impressive but are also great in terms of performance and utility. Totally fascinating and efficient high-end phones that have attracted the mobile phone users are Apple iPhone and Samsung Armani.

Samsung Armani is a truly amazing phone with its wonderful features and very fashionable design. The phone looks admirable with its wonderful and elegant look. This innovative mobile has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the very fashion conscious users who want to have a stylish phone that exudes elegance. This phone is loaded with an amazing touch screen interface that provides immense ease to access the menu of the phone with a single touch. You will be amazed by the highly luxurious and fascinating style of this fashionable phone. Designed by the most celebrated fashion designer, Giorgio Armani, this device is certainly in a class by itself. Users admire its wonderful functionalities and impressive performance. The phone comes in a sleek and rugged casing that gives it a completely sophisticated look. It comes in a compact design and measures 10.5mm x 54.5mm x 87.5mm. The phone weighs only 85 grams. It features a large 2.6-inch advanced touch screen that offers excellent viewing with high resolution and clarity.

The phone comes with a wonderful QWERTY keyboard which is extremely useful and allows you to type emails with great ease. It has a high memory capacity of 60 megabytes and also provides a memory card slot for the MicroSD card with which the memory of the device can be further expanded. The high fashion Samsung Armani phone comes with an advanced music player that offers users a wonderful music experience. Users can also listen to the amazing shows and chat shows by tuning into their favorite radio station with the help of the built-in FM radio. The phone is equipped with a 3-megapixel camera with which users can easily record videos and click still images. The gadget has enhanced features like auto focus and flash light and digital zoom. The phone also comes with the wireless Bluetooth connection that offers seamless connectivity to the various compatible devices.

The Apple iPhone from the most renowned brand in the field of technology is the high-end stylish phone that is endowed with amazing features. The device gives users an amazing experience with its amazing internet features and advanced multimedia applications. This phone has an advanced touch screen interface that provides complete ease and convenience to the users. Apple’s sleek and stylish iPhone appeals to people who demand a sophisticated phone. This amazing phone comes with advanced Wi-Fi with which users can easily access the Internet. The iPhone has a 2-megapixel camera with which you can record home videos and amazing images with great ease. This amazing device comes with advanced features like Bluetooth and USB port for connectivity with other devices and PC. The phone comes with a highly efficient music player with which you can enjoy various music tracks. With the help of iTunes, users can easily download new songs and music tracks.


How to sell Tupperware and AVON together locally

There’s a lot of talk these days about diversifying and not putting all your income eggs in one basket. If you’re in direct sales or a home party planning company, this applies to you, too. You need to make sure that you have multiple ways to monetize your existing customers.

This can sometimes mean selling products from more than one company. Two of the best companies to do this are Tupperware and AVON.

Both companies have universal appeal. Both are household names, and both have been serving customers for decades. Chances are your mother and grandmother have purchased both Tupperware and AVON products.

The customer base is almost the same too. AVON has new catalogs and campaigns every two weeks; Tupperware has new brochures almost every month.

Products do not compete, but rather complement each other. Your customers will appreciate the strength and variety of the products you offer.

So how do you sell Tupperware and AVON together locally, in your offline business marketplace? It’s actually a lot easier than you think.

The best way to notify new customers that you are selling both AVON and Tupperware is to set up hangers to hang on multiple doors in your neighborhood or in a new neighborhood near your home. Buy these door hangers from AVON, since the Tupperware ones are more expensive.

On the door hanger, hang your current AVON campaign, a Tupperware monthly flyer, and a business card that says “Contact me for a FREE gift!” Your gift could be an AVON sampler or a Tupperware citrus peeler.

Place one of these door hangers on every door in the neighborhood. You don’t need to knock on doors if it makes you uncomfortable, but be sure to introduce yourself to anyone you see outside.

Keep in mind that your first attempt at attracting a new neighborhood will probably not be successful. Customers generally need to see an offer between 3 and 7 times before taking action.

Then what do you do? Repeat this method for no less than the next two campaigns. If you can afford it, do three or four more campaigns in the same neighborhood.

The easiest way to do this is to buy catalogs for 100. Spend a month or two in a given neighborhood, round up your new customers, and move on to the next neighborhood. You should pick up 5-10 new customers from each campaign.

Since AVON catalogs come out every two weeks and Tupperware brochures every month, include only one Tupperware brochure per month. This will save you quite a bit of money.

In a matter of months, you’ll have dozens of new customers and have built both businesses. Your AVON customers will order from you on average once a month, and your Tupperware customers once every two to three months.

Keep in mind that your customers may also be tempted to go out at a Tupperware party. Because you’ve built a relationship with them over the months, when they decide they’re ready to have a party, they’ll come to you.

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Kitchen bar stools aren’t just for the kitchen

You need different types of furniture in your home for different purposes. Some of them can be used on a daily basis while others are used occasionally. The kitchen bar stools are a part of the furniture that is used daily. In some cases they have become a pillar of the home.

Bar stools are available in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and designs. Stores are filled with numerous types of stools that can be casual, fun, and formal. Before choosing a bar stool, make sure that the design fits with the overall design of your kitchen.

Most kitchen stools come in four different heights: 24 inches, 26 inches, 30 inches, and 34 inches. There are 18-inch stools, but these are rare and made to meet the requirement for short counters. 24-inch and 26-inch stools are the most common size stools for a standard kitchen counter. They come in all price ranges, from moderate to expensive, with swivel kitchen stools costing significantly more.

If you’re looking for a traditional-style kitchen stool, choose one made of oak, pine, or another wood. The handcrafted designs on the legs and back can add extra charm to your kitchen or dining room decor.

Remember, kitchen stools can be used for a number of purposes, so you want to select material that can withstand rough use, especially if you have a young family. Avoid stools that are made of soft wood and go for metal ones like chrome, aluminum, wrought iron, stainless steel, or at least hardwood. Take note of the height of the countertops and measure the height of the seats to the countertops. Make sure they are comfortable to sit on. Remember, your child will use the stool just as well as you.

Think of other functions that kitchen bar stools can be used for. They can be easily placed on the balcony, in game rooms or even in gardens and used accordingly. Kitchen stools are no longer treated as kitchen or dining room accessories, but have become a general utility product of a modern home.

Home Kitchen

Towel Rings – Unique and Functional Styles for Both the Kitchen and Bathroom

Towel rails are a very popular and functional kitchen and bathroom accessory. Traditionally, these accessories were found in the bathroom. However, rings are also found more and more abundantly in kitchens. The reason for this is partly due to the fact that the modern/contemporary aspects of most kitchen themes are much more evident today than they were ten years ago. Many towel ring manufacturers have begun designing multi-purpose towel rings that can fit in both the bathroom and kitchen.

Rings as towel rails might seem strange as a potential kitchen accessory; however, they have become quite a functional asset to the kitchen and work well for hand towels. They come in a wide variety of different metals and woods that open the door for a wide range of theme incorporation.

Towel Rings: Style and Design Variations

Modern towel racks come in a variety of styles and designs. Many of these designs revolve around the material from which the ring is made. You’ll typically find these accessories in a thin metal, such as stainless steel, brass, or chrome. However, some of the more expensive and less used metals are beginning to gain popularity; in particular brushed nickel and wrought iron.

In addition to materials, designers are getting more innovative and launching towel rings that aren’t necessarily rings; but displaying more unique shapes like open circles and rectangles to play into the popular modern style. Altogether, there are many unique styles to choose from that make this accessory a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Traditional Towel Ring Designs

Traditionally designed linen rings are the rings most commonly found in bathrooms. These display the single ring supported by a base mounted with a protruding arm. They offer a unique looking and compact solution to the common towel rack also found in bathrooms. These particular units can also be incorporated into a kitchen setting as they display a specific combination of elements that prevent them from looking out of place.

open towel ring designs

The open ring design is a delicate combination of some of the newer designs incorporated into the classic ring found in most bathrooms. These wonderful hybrids offer a new kind of functionality in terms of getting your towel into the hoop, making it a little easier to simply slide the towel through the opening in the hoop frame instead of having to pull it out. through the ring itself. Other than that, they provide a unique look that allows them to blend in nicely with a modern kitchen without looking out of place.

modern towel rings

Modern style rings are a category of their own. They consist of many different and unique designs that showcase aesthetically pleasing modern elements. These are the product of a rapid rise in popularity for both rings and modern design; Allowing the traditional towel rack primarily intended for a bathroom setting to be relocated to other areas of the home that could use the functionality a towel rack provides as a towel rack; particularly the kitchen.

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How to target your ideal customers with digital newsletters

5 Ways to Create the Right Content for Your Audience

This month we are talking about digital newsletters as a highly effective marketing tool. Regardless of the size of your business, they are an efficient way to reach current and potential customers and easily measure the results of your efforts.

Not sure if sending newsletters is something you should do? Read 5 reasons to consistently send newsletters that will generate leads

Before you send out newsletters for digital marketing purposes, you need to make sure that you are targeting the right people with the right messages.

Here are 5 ways to get started:

1. Identify the objectives of your company’s newsletter.

The first question you should ask yourself is: Who are your ideal customers? You need to understand that first of all. Ask yourself questions like:

• What pain points do my clients have?

• Why do they want what I offer them?

• What are your interests?

If you don’t have customer data to study, start by putting yourself in their shoes. Think like a customer receiving your newsletter: what would you like to see? What would make you open your newsletter?

2. Have a newsletter content plan.

Creating a content calendar is a must if you want to ensure you’re sending the most relevant emails at the right time.

How else will you remember how many times you’ve promoted a certain product or shared an article on a topic?

Beyond keeping your email newsletter content organized, a content calendar is great for holiday reminders, whether you’re addressing customers on Thanksgiving or National Donut Day. You can also create monthly or seasonal themes.

3. Think outside the digital newsletter template.

Today’s email marketing services offer hundreds of template options that you can use when creating your business newsletter.

However, digital newsletter templates can make your readers feel like they’re getting a standard email instead of a personalized message.

Consider hiring a professional marketing company to design a custom email newsletter template that will make your brand and message stand out.

4. Follow up, refine, repeat.

All major email marketing services have some form of tracking so you can measure your email campaign metrics.

This is an essential part of the targeting process, as it gives you valuable insight into what your customers like and don’t like.

For example, if your click-through rate to your “Weekly News” section is lousy, you might try replacing that content with something else.

If an article you featured was opened, shared, and liked by many people, look for related content to include in a future company newsletter.

5. Segment your newsletter audience.

Sending different emails to different lists is key to customer engagement. The more you can narrow down your audience’s interests and buy clothes, the better.

Sending customers who just bought your product an email promoting that same product is not a good use of your time or theirs. How about showing them an accessory for the product they purchased or a thank you email with a promo code?

A professional marketing company can take care of setting up, scheduling, and sending unique content to segmented lists. Contact us today for help creating effective newsletters for digital marketing.

What are your experiences with sending digital newsletters?


Bedtime! Right now!

I watch my kids every night wanting to do it and even trying to stay up later but the bottom line is they are not supposed to do it and therefore they don’t do it. My wife and I make sure they don’t stay up too late. Now, on the other side of this coin, I also notice that most nights my wife and I want to, and even try, to go to bed earlier, but we shouldn’t because of all the things we still have to do as parents. In the end, we don’t get what we want either, which is to go to bed earlier. Ironically, both the older and the younger pursue opposite needs, and neither usually gets what he wants. This is life. So, let’s put them to bed, okay?

However, some children are not put to bed by their parents and end up exhausted during the day at school. These are the kids with their heads down at their desks. Unfortunately, their grades are low and school is not a place they like because their teachers keep trying to wake them up when all they really want is to go back to sleep.

To my tired students I tell them that they must force themselves to get up early and then force themselves to work hard all day at school and at home so that sleep is not so difficult at night, but rather easier so they can be better. remained. I feel like this is great advice for our children who stay up very late, but I also know that our children are still just children and still need our help. So to that point, parents, please join me in calling out loud and clear to all children to listen… BEDTIME!

Now, as my grandfather always said, “Go learn, lead, and pave the way to a better world for all of us.” Let’s remember that our children’s youth will make them want to stay up later, and our years in this game combined with wisdom should persuade us to put them to bed. So let’s make them go to bed! And once again parents, thank you in advance for all you do and will do…

Health Fitness

When can I start eating beans again on the Candida diet?

This friend of mine is very fond of beans, such as lima, garbanzo, black, refried beans (organic of course), etc., and he keeps wondering when on the candida diet he can eat them again. He also throws me other questions. He wants to know if the lentil is a bean and can be eaten on this diet. So what about organic blue corn chips? He found organic sweet potato chips, so he asked me if he could eat them.

He leads a very busy life and needs snacks of some kind. That’s fine if it has to be raw vegetable bits, but he’s going through some serious withdrawals here. However, he will kick this despite the cravings.

They tell you that corn and sweet potatoes are on the list of foods in moderation. He really wants to kick these things, so he’ll avoid even “eat in moderation” things until he knows he’s safe. There are many conflicting sources regarding this. Generally speaking, I think the main question is: when is a good time to reintroduce them into the diet?

Well, you can reintroduce those things after a few moments of the strict diet. Actually, it is up to one’s personal body to tolerate some foods, but I think corn is a never. However, dried beans are another story. I eat Wendy’s Chili all the time and the beans in it don’t give me cravings or cause me any problems. Well, maybe you will experience some reasonable moderate gas.