The most valuable break points

When designing product placement and store layout plans, one of the things to consider very carefully in your plan is the location and use of break points. These are points in your store where people pause for various reasons, and especially while waiting for some kind of service.

The sad reality is that especially in small companies I have noticed that these points are often completely underused. And since there are simply so many ways to make use of these spaces efficiently, this could become one of the best production areas in your store.

To highlight what I mean, these include checkout stations, service counters of any kind, and anywhere else in your store where people have to stand and wait for something, for one reason or another.

The important points to note here are that:

1. These are natural break points, and people often spend a few minutes at these points just waiting. This happens without forcing it too much, and people expect to expect it.

2. This offers an immense opportunity to promote and sell impulse itemsas well as highlighting some really nice ones”i want products“For future purchases.

The point is that people are simply standing (or sitting) in your store, in a space that you control, which offers one of the best opportunities to advertise and sell products. If you don’t use it, you are losing a lot. After all, you can easily have their full attention.

Here are some of the key points to keep in mind when planning your break points:

1. Make sure to develop them so that you find the right one balance between speed and pause to ensure minimum fuss and maximum sales reward. (Think about how long you’re willing to wait in line, especially with a few distractions to keep you busy…)

2. Your break point layout could be:

  • grazing lines (as in large airports) with products displayed along the lines. This will give you plenty of space (and face time with the customer) for you to have impulse items on display. For example, if done right, you can easily have your entire customer base go through all the impulse items in your store while they wait for the cashier. I’ve seen it used with some success with fast lane checkout stations, for example.
  • Simple multiline structures, like most large retail stores, has some efficiency in that you can still display a few impulse items. One thing I have noticed is that the store side of most of these queues is completely underutilized. People are standing in queues. They turn and look around, and not having the right mix of products behind them is just wasteful.
  • vertical space it is often wasted. On a few small occasions I have seen stores make use of TV advertising at break points. Run some advertising for people to see. It works and will earn you income for sure.

3. more is better. Realizing that there is an obvious cost to you in creating pause points, having more will increase sales. And if you use them correctly, find the right balance, and have the right mix of products, they will sell far more than the cost of maintaining and staffing these outlets.

Using the old adage of “Don’t waste, don’t want“I suggest you ignore these wonderful opportunities only if you have enough money and really don’t want more…

I wish you all the best with your endeavors and invite you to share your stories and comments here.


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Finding the Right Dishwasher for the Small Kitchen

It’s easy to look at a small kitchen and think “Oh great, I’ll just never cook again. Or have friends over for dinner.” It does not have to be like that. Your small kitchen can have any of the things that large kitchens have. You just can’t have all the things that big kitchens have. But if you really want a dishwasher, there are more options than you might think, and you don’t have to empty your savings account.

So, let’s talk about dishwashers (regular size dishwashers) before we narrow our focus to the little ones. A standard size dishwasher is 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 35 inches high. Any dishwasher 18 inches or less is considered small. A standard dishwasher can wash 12 place settings at a time, and this same size is considered large enough for a family of four.

Before you buy a dishwasher of any size, you need to make sure there is room to install it, even if it is only 18 inches wide. Dishwashers should almost always be installed next to a sink. But even if your kitchen is set up so oddly that you can’t fit a dishwasher next to the sink, you can still opt for a countertop dishwasher. More on that in a moment.

So now that we’ve defined the standard, let’s talk small. Small dishwashers (dishwashers 18 inches or less) are pretty common these days. has a few for sale, as do Sears, Best Buy, Lowes, and others. You can get them for $400 or less. The thing to keep in mind is how tall they are. If the dishwasher you want is a different height than your counter, it’s not the end of the world, but you’ll have to make some adjustments if you want your counter to stay level. It’s easy if the dishwasher is shorter than the counter: the installer simply places the dishwasher on a small platform to level it. But if it’s taller than the counter, you’ll have to get used to having a bit of counter space a few inches higher.

The ideal size for a small dishwasher is whatever the width of the cabinets next to the sink. Standard cabinet widths are 12, 15, and 18 inches. There are plenty of 18-inch dishwashers for around $400 each. They typically fit eight plate settings, which would work for a family of three. 15-inch dishwashers are very few among them, none of the major retailers carry one. So if the cabinets next to your sink are 15 inches or less, you might want to skip an undercounter dishwasher and try one of the newer dishwashers instead.

Countertop dishwashers are also called “portable dishwashers.” If you’re working in a really small kitchen, it might be nice to be able to pack up the dishwasher and store it in a cupboard when not in use. Otherwise, you’ll have to sacrifice some of your already tight counter space for the dishwasher. The good news is that these countertop dishwashers are around $250 and typically fit four place settings, which is enough for two people. So if you can find even 24 inches of counter space in your small kitchen, you can still get a dishwasher.


The Flowmaster exhaust: how long will it last?

You are probably wondering how long the Flowmaster exhaust lasts. As a car enthusiast in search of a good exhaust system, there are a number of parts that make up the exhaust system and you need to look at each one individually.

While there are many different working parts within each exhaust system, typically the only part of an exhaust you can see is the exhaust tip. Since your exhaust tips are so vital to the appearance of your vehicle’s rear end, you’ll want to have the most attractive exhaust tips available on the market. Flowmaster exhaust tips look great on the rear of any vehicle. Like many Flowmaster products, Flowmaster exhaust tips are designed and made of stainless steel to last.

Now if you are asking “how long does the Flowmaster exhaust last?” you can take a look at the warranty and get a good idea. The aluminized steel is guaranteed for 3 years and the stainless steel exhaust is guaranteed for 10 years. I truly believe that because of the warranty you won’t have any problems for at least twice that amount of time. I have not come across anyone complaining about how little time the Flowmaster exhaust was given.

The next question is how long does the Flowmaster muffler last? Some of their silencers are made of aluminized steel and others of stainless steel. These are your options as you go through a website checkout. People have seen them cracked and stuff, but they are not known to rust and some people have had them for 20 years or more. And that’s just the aluminized steel mufflers. I wouldn’t worry so much about the muffler breaking down.

Along with the warranty that comes with every Flowmaster product, they also assure you of reliable service when you need it. Car aficionados absolutely deserve excellent assistance when shopping for high-quality auto parts for their car or truck. Therefore, Flowmaster has also created a 24-hour help desk to help you with your requests. These groups of technical assistants who have been trained to solve all types of concerns about Flowmaster products will be available to help, Monday through Friday.

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Facts You May Not Know About a Boiler Heating System

Winter season is undoubtedly a good time to enjoy snow everywhere, but we must be more careful in this weather, as sometimes it becomes difficult to bear the cold. In homes, cold water is one of the main problems that you can face if the boiler heating system does not work properly. Boilers heat water using natural gas or electricity depending on its type and households get hot water in kitchens and bathrooms for an easy daily routine, however it is not as simple as it seems. A small failure in the boiler system can affect the entire process and as a result, energy bills can also increase. Later, the gas leak is something that can cause destruction because, in most cases, the leak causes the evacuation of carbon monoxide so that people can lose their lives. A recent survey has reported that around 4,000 people are taken to hospital every year just because of excessive gas leakage from the boiler system. However, knowing all these factors does not mean that you should not install a boiler system in your home because a little care can allow you to enjoy unmatched comfort without any loss.

Do the boilers provide heat?

Radiant heat is easy to get from boilers that heat a room in the most efficient way. The boiler allows homes to set the thermostat temperature lower because it evacuates radiant heat that makes the room warm and cozy. Also, radiant heat from boilers heats a room in a short amount of time which can save costs because the thermostat won’t have to draw a lot of power. If you have installed a steam heating system, the boiler furnace will heat the water with the help of an oil or gas burner, whichever type you are using. After heating, the water turns into steam that reaches the convectors or radiators traveling through pipes and, as a result, provides heat to the entire room. As the steam cools down after a specified period of time and condenses back into the water, the system sends this water back to the boiler for heating again.

Outstanding features of a boiler heating system

The boiler model plays a role in its efficiency since the functionality of any boiler depends on its manufacture. A metal pipe is vented in standard efficiency while a PVC pipe is vented in a high efficiency boiler and the radiation also has several types including cast iron, finned tube and skirting. A safety valve, a water level indicator and a pressure level indicator are installed for easy and convenient processing. The common use of boilers in the UK is based on natural gas as it is cheaper than other sources.

Advantages of installing a natural gas boiler

The cost of fuel is high these days due to which most of the users prefer to install a natural gas boiler which is relatively cheaper and provides hot water and also heats the room. Having a natural gas boiler means fewer worries as you won’t have to check fuel levels on a regular basis, and you won’t need to install a storage tank on site for back-up gas supplies. In addition, the water will heat up faster compared to electricity and this is one of the irresistible advantages of a gas boiler. Later on, boiler maintenance is also easy, however hiring a professional boiler engineer can be more advantageous.

Why is maintenance vital?

Any piece of equipment or machine can lose its efficiency if it is not maintained efficiently, however, boiler systems are more prone to failure if you do not bother to repair the system on time. Dust particles and rust in the system simply mean you’re using dirty water, so try to clean your pipes and ductwork every two to three months. For proper maintenance, users must disconnect the power. Hot and cold spots are signs of system inefficiency, and if issues are not resolved in time, the cost can ultimately increase because faulty systems consume more power, which means more bills, while you may have to replace the boiler due to the delay in repair and maintenance. In addition, it is strongly recommended to check the pressure system every short time to avoid major breakdowns. The circulation pump must be lubricated frequently as it is responsible for moving the water in the system. The useful life of the boilers depends on its maintenance, the better it is inspected, the better the efficiency of the system.


The installation process varies for electric and gas boiler systems. For gas boilers, the initial steps can be costly if there are no gas connections available in the house. The piping system is also indispensable for this. Electric boilers are comparatively easy to install, however for a flawless boiler installation, you should hire an expert because both electric and gas infrastructures have some intricacies that can only be tackled by qualified technicians.

Natural gas is greener

Gas boilers are considered more environmentally friendly because natural gas is a clean fuel that does not create dangerous emissions like oil or coal and does not create unpleasant odors. Experts have reported that the emission of greenhouse gases can be reduced by installing a natural gas boiler. However, safety concerns give a reason to prefer electric boilers because households find gas boiler maintenance a difficult task. Both types of boilers have their own unique benefits and the installation depends on your choice, since gas boilers will not only save costs, but also provide heat faster, while electric boilers increase costs, but their use is quite safe and gives peace of mind. to homes as they will not have to worry about gas leaks. In summary, whenever you install a boiler, try to consider the relevant factors for an easy decision.


Wooden toy boxes and other heirloom gifts for children

This holiday season, consider giving a family-quality gift to the special child or children in your life instead of the usual electronic game or toy. While games and gadgets can be fun for a while, they quickly lose their appeal as kids move on to the next great toy or game. Give them a gift that combines the practical with the beautiful, like a personalized wooden toy box just for them.

Heirloom gifts used to be a tradition in most families, and grandparents often gave a gift of lasting value to their grandchildren that would be kept in the family and passed down. It is a wonderful tradition that is gaining popularity again. If you want to make a gift that will stand the test of time, consider these ideas:

Wooden Toy Chests Are Versatile And Stylish

Both boys and girls will appreciate handmade or laser-engraved wooden toy boxes. Look for premium construction and thoughtful details like security hinges. Furniture-grade toy boxes use hardwoods like oak or cherry to last for years and can withstand the wear and tear of toys being dragged in and out. Personalized touches can include your child’s name engraved in a decorative font, the alphabet in whimsical letters, or a special message from you.

Wooden toy boxes or toy chests are versatile gifts because they can be used as storage chests or blankets when the child is older. They can take it to their first home and use it as a traditional “hope chest” to store bedding, treasured keepsakes, or quilts. In time, a handmade toy chest may be used by the next generation, who will love using their parent’s or grandparent’s chest as their own.

Fine jewelry will be passed down to the next generation

Engraved jewelry is another beautiful heirloom gifting tradition. Little girls can receive a small gold cross for their first communion, as fine jewelry is always in style for boys. A locket engraved with an image of the gift giver will be cherished by the girl in her life. Birthstone earrings or a birthstone ring also make wonderful gifts that will be passed down after years of being proudly worn on special occasions. For a young child, she may want to purchase an ID bracelet with her name on one side and a short message on the back.

Furniture quality toys often become family heirlooms. A hand-carved rocking horse that is beautifully painted will be a hit with any young child. Years later, that same rocking horse will be used by children and grandchildren. Look for rocking horses with premium wool or cotton yarn manes and tails and a smoothly sanded wood finish for comfort and beauty.

Make or buy heirloom quality gifts

If you want to make a beautiful and warm gift, a handmade quilt is a great option, especially if the child is redecorating his room. If you’re good at quilting yourself, you can create a unique piece of art. If not, choose your fabrics and design the quilt on paper, then hire a professional to make it for you. You can even embroider or sew a special message on the quilt. Years from now, the grown child will read your words and smile.

Not all of us are carpenters or quilt weavers. If you want truly traditional quality gifts, you will need to find craftsmen who can create a quilt, rocking horse or wooden toy box for you that is beautifully constructed and finished. There are many crafters online who can create the perfect gift for you and personalize it this holiday season.

There are many gifts for children that can become family heirlooms. The key is to choose a gift that is versatile, well made, and will stand the test of time. From wooden toy boxes to quilts, the perfect gift is one your child will fall in love with and keep for years to come.

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The power of protein – What amount is ideal to maximize muscle gains?

How much protein do I need each day to see results? How much protein is too much? And how many grams of protein can my body assimilate at each meal?

“The only way you’ll build muscle is by eating enough complete protein every day. Just getting calories isn’t enough. If you don’t eat a protein-rich meal within 60 to 90 minutes of your workout, you’re essentially wasting your time.” that you spent working out your muscles in the gym. Personally, I try to get at least 350-400 grams of protein per day in the off-season, with a body weight of around 235 pounds.” – Jason Arntz, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.

“One should follow a diet that is high in protein, moderate in carbohydrates, and low in fat. A good rule of thumb would be to get about 50% of your calories from protein, 40% from carbohydrates, and 10% from fat. This it will allow you to gain quality muscle while staying fairly lean.” – Chad Nicholls, professional sports nutritionist.

This is just a template; Everyone’s genetic makeup and metabolism is different. You should tailor these percentages to fit your specific needs. For example, if you gain weight easily, you may need to reduce your carbohydrate intake; if you stay very lean, you may need to increase your carbohydrate intake.

“The guidelines we generally use are 0.67-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. That amount does not guarantee results; it guarantees that you are meeting your protein requirement. Results are based on your genetics and training program. ” – Kritin Reimers, Ph.D., RD, is director of nutrition and health at Conagra Brands.

More than the amount of protein, an important consideration is the quality of the protein in your food. The highest quality protein is found in animal sources such as eggs, beef, and milk. That recommendation above assumes that two-thirds come from a high-quality protein. If you get much of your protein from breads and pastas, you’ll probably need more than 1 gram per pound per day.

To answer the second question, some believe that high protein intake stresses the kidneys, causes the body to lose calcium, and dehydrates you. Let’s address each of those concerns. First of all, kidney stress applies to people who have a history of kidney disease; for healthy people, it’s probably not a problem. Second, increased protein intake increases urinary calcium excretion, but the body adapts by increasing calcium absorption from food. Third, there is some mandatory urine loss, but most healthy athletes will drink plenty of fluids.

Keep in mind that focusing solely on one nutrient in a diet is not healthy. If you’re eating an almost exclusively protein diet, you can bet you’re missing out on key nutrients. If you maintain a balance between carbohydrates, protein, and fat, and do not overeat in terms of total calories, your protein intake will not be excessive.

To address the third question, I don’t buy the idea that your body can assimilate that many grams of protein per meal, whether it’s 30 or whatever. That notion assumes that it doesn’t matter if I’m 300 pounds or 120 pounds, and it doesn’t matter if I just woke up from watching TV. There is no sacrifice basis for those limits.

What happens is this: your body has a reserve of amino acids that it continually replenishes; as the proteins you eat are broken down, some will go into that pool while others can be used for energy. If you get enough protein, your body will assimilate what it can and burn the rest for energy or store it as fat. Of course, not consuming all your protein at once makes sense; instead, break it up into 3-4 meals per day. This should happen normally unless you are taking extreme measures not to.

Legal Law

Passing the Bar Exam – Guidance on Passing It the First Time!

I work with many clients who take the bar exam once and pass it the first time. There is a particular profile that is consistent with the people who take it once and pass.

In my observation, people who take the bar exam once and pass it are completely focused on preparing for and taking this exam. In most cases, they take time off work and work full time to prepare for the exam. If they can’t take time off work, they try to work part-time or organize their home life so they don’t have distractions at home. Many of the people I’ve worked with who have failed repeatedly are juggling multiple distractions with family, work, and outside activities. My advice is to cancel all outside activities for two to three months before taking the bar exam and dedicate yourself 100% to passing this exam. Do your best to achieve this level of commitment.

Identify your best strategy for a focused study. Some people study better with music, others with complete peace of mind. You may find something that symbolically connects you to performing well, like wearing a favorite pair of sweatshirts or lighting a candle. A favorite color, scent, or object can give you a special enhancement. Some people like to study at the kitchen table, where they can quickly access everything they need to limit the time it takes to attend to daily needs. Many people find it impossible to study at home where they are constantly distracted. A common strategy for many people is to study in a library; any library that is conveniently located. Some people check into a motel during the week and spend Saturday and Sunday nights at home taking a break from studying and being with loved ones. What environment is more favorable for you to do your best quality study? Now is the time to give your best effort.

If you are a parent, it is extremely important that you get the help and support of your family and loved ones. Give the cooking and childcare to your spouse, to your mother, to anyone who is willing to invest in the success of your future. I tell people to bribe their spouse with something really nice if they have a great vacation or something their loved one really wants. Is there a hired person or family member who can move in with you for a couple of months to cook, clean, and babysit? If you can’t pay that person, what can you bribe them with? Make it conditional on your death so they are personally involved in your success.

It is important to take time away from books to clear your mind. In the same way that your body needs rest to rejuvenate, so does your brain, especially when your brain is working hard. Find your own pace and the most productive pace and don’t exceed that. Working too hard creates anxiety and fills your mind with more information than it can take in. Some people work better if they study for several hours and then take a longer break. Others work best by studying for an hour or two and then taking a short break. Whatever your pace, stick with it to maintain your highest level of effectiveness.

Exercise is a great way to take a break and subconsciously integrate what you have absorbed. Exercise increases the flow of oxygen to the brain. It has been proven that people who exercise perform better academically. There are two ways to incorporate exercise into your routine. One is to use exercise as designated rest time. The other is to combine your exercise routine to include studying. Some people study with a book on a treadmill or run while listening to a recording. Do you prefer to relax as a break and combine studying with your exercise time or do you use exercise as a way to take a break? Whatever your strategy, don’t give up on your exercise routine. If you don’t have one, this is the time to start. Walk, run, swim, bike, dance to music in your living room, do yoga or pilates, go to the gym, use weights at home, walk up and down your stairs, incorporate it into a minimum 30 minute routine every other day.

Take a full day each week, as well as an evening to spend with family or friends. Spend this time relaxing instead of partying. Go to the movies, watch one at home, have a relaxing dinner, take a walk or bike ride; conserve your energy for your study. Your day off could be the time when you do the laundry, do the grocery shopping, or clean the house. Be sure to also take some time off to relax. Some people can do laundry while they study. Others find this distracting. Instead of taking the time to go to the supermarket, you can order groceries online for delivery to free up more study time or free time. Save time with frozen meals and takeout; it’s temporary, so make up for it with salads, smoothies, healthy shakes, and exercise.

Pay special attention to your nutritional needs at this time when your brain is working overtime. During memorization and learning, the brain requires additional nutrients, especially B vitamins and Omega-3. Learn about foods, such as whole grains, leafy green vegetables, olive oil, and fish, that are high in these nutrients. A good multivitamin, B-complex, and Omega-3 supplement can help give your brain the nutrients it needs. Learn more or consult your health professional for advice on how to use supplements to increase your nutrients. Avoid sugar, caffeine, and other substances. If you’re sleepy, take a nap instead of bombarding your system with stimulants that will weaken you in the long run. This is an important time to operate all systems optimally. Consider your body’s needs for high-quality nutrition, rest, and relaxation.

Another important factor in making it easier to pass the bar exam is the importance of having a vision and a sense of purpose in becoming a lawyer. If you already have an organization or company that you work with, becoming a lawyer already has a context set for you. If you know what kind of law you want to practice and what sector of society you want to serve or represent, then you have a destiny and a vision for yourself. Always keep your mind on your end goal to see where you are going. This is one of the best ways to stay motivated. People who focus on problems, either avoiding them or solving them, lose their motivation when they move away from them or towards solving them. By keeping your eyes on the prize, you’ll see past the problems and automatically solve or avoid problems as you move toward your goal.

Sometimes we set ourselves up externally so that we have an explanation other than our own shortcomings for failing. If your life is filled with constant distractions, for example, then you have an excuse if you fail. Get help to resolve these factors. It is also important to put this experience into your own perspective. The bar exam is just an exam. Don’t make it bigger than that. This is not a life or death situation! Maintain a healthy attitude with a balance of focus and concentration combined with the big picture. One of the best ways to cope and stay motivated is by accessing states of curiosity, optimism, and humor.

Turn off your phone, screen your calls, or get the phone company’s selective ring feature. Let people know that you won’t be available until after the exam. This includes your friends and most of your family. The limited time you have available is best spent with the people who directly support your process. Who your main support is is who you spend your limited free time with. If you have a child, incorporate your breaks at special times each day with your child as part of your designated break time. Family dinner time, a little after school time, and putting your little one to bed for the night, may be the only time you have to make this bar. It is a worthy sacrifice considering what you will have to offer your family after passing the exam.

If you belong to organizations, committees, or anything that is not absolutely essential to your livelihood, please opt out until after the test. You will have much more to contribute to these groups as a licensed attorney. Passing the bar exam should be your top priority.

Take a good bar review course, hire a tutor, or do both. Law school does not always adequately prepare people for the bar exam. Some schools offer better preparation than others, but everyone benefits from a good bar review course. I have not had a single client pass the bar exam the first time that they have not taken a bar review course. A study partner or support person is also very helpful to ask you questions, use flashcards, and help you build your weak areas to make them stronger. Your weak areas can become your greatest strengths when you work on them successfully.

Take the day off the day before the exam. Go to the movies, take a walk, have dinner with your family and don’t study. If a question arises in your mind, it’s okay to seek the answer, but you risk compromising all the good studying you’ve done if you don’t give your mind this vital time to rest and integrate. You will be much more effective when taking the test if your brain can efficiently access what it has been working so hard to learn. If you normally sleep well despite the circumstances, then it will be easy for you to get enough rest the night before. If you sometimes find it difficult to sleep when faced with a challenge, consider using some special relaxation techniques and think ahead. Hypnosis can be a very useful tool to help you sleep well. You can hire a hypnotherapist to help you or use relaxation tapes that you buy or make yourself. Prepare and plan ahead to ensure you get enough sleep.

Plan ahead what and where you will eat your lunch and breakfast, and eat foods that are easy to digest. Find places to eat ahead of time or plan to bring your own food to make sure your body is comfortable while you take the exam. What foods always make you feel better? Plan every step of what you’ll do on test days, including driving routes, parking, restroom locations, and having extras of all your supplies. Find the room where you will take your exam so you know what to expect. Some of these things can be done the day before.

By using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Thought Pattern Management (TPM), and Hypnotherapy, we can not only make the bar exam experience successful but positive as well. Reducing test-taking stress and anxiety can create a positive and enjoyable experience. Clients reported that they felt so confident and relaxed that they looked forward to taking the exam and enjoyed the challenge and experience of taking it. With NLP and TPM we can create a successful study strategy, a successful test-taking strategy, and create and maintain whatever emotional and psychological state is most useful and resourceful. Even someone with positive internal states can get better and better by increasing states of concentration and confidence. NLP and TPM learning and memorization techniques are also used to increase study efficiency and improve retention and retrieval of facts when needed.

If you can pass law school, you can pass the bar exam! Now is the time to do whatever it takes to pass this exam. Align yourself with all that you need and then do your best. You can’t do anything better than to do the best you can.

By Pati McDermott, CHT.

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WARNING: The 3 BEST Past Life Myths (and the ONE Truth You Shouldn’t Ignore)

Are past lives real? Does everyone who remembers living before have memories of being rich, famous, or someone super important? Are most people who remember past lives dysfunctional adults? And is hypnosis the BEST way to remember past lives, or are there other techniques that work just as well?

Past lives are quite an interesting topic to write about and research. Why? There are so many myths, misconceptions, and general skeptical nonsense that it is often difficult to convey the overwhelming amount of authentic evidence that they really ARE very powerful and persuasive when looked at by intelligent, spiritually-minded people.

Let’s start with the top 3 myths that many people believe about past lives, and the kinds of stories that skeptics and cynics WANT you to believe too.

Myth #1: – Everyone remembers a lifetime of being famous, a celebrity or someone who was very important.

This is 100% NOT true. Most past life memories are very mundane and are from average lifetimes, lived by average people. In fact, the ONLY thing that seems to be consistent across most reports is the memory of a premature death at a young age. (whether due to accident, violence or even illness)

Myth #2: Most people who have past life memories are dysfunctional adults.

Completely false. The vast majority of cases where genuine past life memories are documented and detailed and then studied are actually reported by young children. In fact, many of these children forget memories by the age of 8, even when the younger years were dominated by repeated memories and stories of living as previous people. (many of which have been meticulously documented by scientists who study and publish these stories)

Myth #3: Hypnosis or regression is the most common way to remember a past life

Again, not true. While EFFECTIVE, and written about in great detail, regression therapy or hypnosis accounts for less than 10% of people who experience past life memories. Why? It is EXPENSIVE for one. And 2…it takes someone pretty committed to want to go see a therapist to explore their past lives.

The most common ways that people remember past lives are typically through spiritual tools and techniques such as a horoscope or birth chart or reading, working with a past life karma clairvoyant, or more spontaneous experiences, such as recurring feelings of déjà. vu, precognitive or recurring dreams, or a combination of the above.

Finally, the ONE fact that is impossible to explain?

Remembering past lives and solving the problems that arise during these memories is a very healing process, very hopeful and very USEFUL for 90% of people. There are no less than 10 books written in the last decade by serious scientists detailing the therapeutic value of remembering past lives and solving present problems through the prism and perspective of the past! (And I can personally attest to how fun and enlightening these experiences can be!)


How to tell the difference between a real Route 66 sign and a fake one

Summer is here and many of us want to go on vacation and what comes to mind is the famous ‘Mother Highway’ or Route 66.

Although Route 66 was deactivated in favor of Interstate 40 in the early 1970s, portions of the Highway still exist, some in large sections that run parallel to the modern Highway.

After a cross-country trip, why not a poster to help you remember your vacation?

If you take a look on eBay you will see a lot of ‘Authentic Route 66 Signs’, when in reality few if any of these are real. Most are made from original molds and recast in tin or steel.

So a few things to look for. We have all seen modern road signs and they are quite large. most 24 x 24. If you see an ‘Authentic’ Route 66 sign smaller than that, it’s most likely a fake.

However some of the signs were smaller but they were 1930s shield type and made of heavy gauge steel and very few survived and if they did they are in collections.

When you find a sign that is 24×24, look at it. It’s worn? Jagged? A ‘shadow’ sign post on the back from years of sitting outside? Also look around the mounting holes. Road Crews went hard on these signs, as treating them as a collectible was the furthest thing from their mind.

The mounting holes should show signs of chips and scratches where the bolts holding the sign in place were installed and removed.

Don’t be fooled by the reflective paint, some signs had it, some didn’t.

When you look at the sign and the back, look at the edges, are they worn and dirty or are they shiny metal?

Other factors such as stains, drip marks should run downwards, this is especially important on Kansas Sunflower signs. There are many out there, but they are a 99 highway backwards. Note that Route 66 ran only 2.3 miles, so while Kansas signs do exist, they are rare.

So, if you can’t inspect the sign in person, ask the seller to show you the back or edges and closing of the mounting holes.

Sometimes people will sell ‘NOS’ which is New Old Stock, but don’t be fooled, finding a stash of Route 66 signs in a deserted Highway Department sign shop doesn’t happen anymore.

All of the tips above apply to most of the signs, some of the signs were mounted to the big green boards above the overpasses and may not have much sign of wear but over time and the elements of the part aluminum rear should have a cloudy type. appearance.

If you find an authentic sign, be prepared to spend some money, however most can be had for between $300 and $1000 and the competition on eBay can be fierce.

In my next article, I’ll go over how to spot a fake Route 66 reflective sign.

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4 benefits of online payments for tenants

Tenants have busy schedules. On a typical day, they take the kids to daycare, drive to work, run errands during lunchtime, and juggle extracurricular activities and meetings. With a lot going on, they may have forgotten to pay their rent. on time, letting them miss the deadline. Although this is a common situation in rental housing, it can be avoided. The latest rent payment system will not only benefit a rental property business but its tenants as well.

Here are 4 good reasons why tenants opt for online rent payment systems:

1. You can pay rent online 24/7

There are many issues when it comes to collecting rent by mail. Some tenants pay late, their checks bounce, and landlords have to physically collect and go to the bank to deposit or cash the checks. With that said, one of the best benefits of paying rent online is that tenants can pay at their convenience. They may be too busy to send them or just forget to mail them. Online rent payments allow them to pay when they are due, plus they don’t get lost in the mail. This payment system helps tenants avoid late payments, including late fees. This will benefit both the tenant and the owner.

2. It’s easy to track rent payments online

Typically, tenants purchase additional fees, rental charges, or some charges in utility payments. When they have access to online tenant portals, they can use a rent collection software application to check payment history and see how much they paid, when they paid, and how much they owe. Property management companies should also be able to keep track of these. When they use the right software, they can access all transactions, allowing them to see outstanding balances so they remember how much to pay and when.

3. They can pay rent from anywhere

All property managers have some tenants that are difficult to contact. They may work shifts or travel frequently, making it difficult for them to make it to the leasing office on time to pay their rent. When tenants find it difficult to keep in touch or remember to mail their check each month, rent payments are likely to be late. When tenants use online rent payments, they can pay their rent on time even if they are in a different time zone.

4. They make fewer mistakes

Companies that are linked to an online rent payment system allow tenants to see the amount they owe and if there are any unusual deposits or fees on their account. Property managers can view the rent payment history of their tenants. Bookkeeping is simpler since your accounts receivable list is well organized. Every time tenants pay, they transfer information from one party to another. When this process is executed digitally, almost all industry stakeholders benefit from it. Having an online rental tracking system minimizes the possibility of both parties making a mistake. This, in turn, will make tenants feel more satisfied and financially secure.