Some of the best funny videos on the internet

People love to laugh. No matter what the source of laughter, people simply enjoy the euphoria that comes with a good laugh. Watching funny videos on the Internet has become a very popular source of entertainment and laughter. Here are some examples of some of the best funny videos on the Internet today.

First, he is a New Jersey resident who quickly became an internet sensation singing a pop song known as Numa Numa. The man is sitting in front of his webcam with headphones on and the Numa Numa song playing in the background. His exaggerated lip sync, facial expressions, and radical arm movements are what make this music video hilarious.

Second, there is the video starring The Star Wars Kid. This teen recorded himself swinging a golf ball like a lightsaber in a high school studio. A classmate discovered the video and showed it to a friend, which led to it being posted on the internet and becoming an online video legend. Not only has it been viewed nearly twenty-one million times, but it has spawned many parodies and references on various popular television shows.

Third, there is a video called David After Dentist. Children often say and do the funniest things. That’s especially true of this video that captures a young boy, David, experiencing the effects of anesthesia after a dental appointment. He says a lot of silly and funny things, but at one point he suddenly rises from his flesh and screams at the top of his lungs, only to immediately slump back down and fall asleep. All these comedic moments are recorded by his father and have generated more than eighty and a half million views.

Fourth, it is a video that brings together two humorous elements that are always a hit; adorable children and a British accent. Charlie Bit Me shows Charlie biting off his older brother’s finger. One might wonder how funny this is, but the way the brother responds to being bitten, plus Charlie’s evil giggle are what make this one of the most popular clips of all time with over two hundred and seventy seven million views.

Animals frequently do funny things, but when humans try to translate what animals do, it becomes even funnier. In the original video, it seems that the two cats are having a conversation with each other through their meows. In the remix titled Cats Talking Translation, the words have been brilliantly edited for the cats’ meows and their hilarious conversation can be “understood”.

Last but not least, there is a dance video called The Evolution of Dance. The comedian in this internet favorite demonstrated dance moves from several different musical eras and combined them into six minutes of pure entertainment. It also helps that he’s pretty good with the moves, which adds even more humor and appeal to the video.

The best funny videos often become staples of humor and jokes that are shared and quoted every day among friends around the world. TV shows make videos part of their programs and the people featured in the videos often get wide recognition. The best videos go down in history and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

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cafeteria dining room

For large group feeding facilities (cafeterias, hospitals, prisons), the support area takes on a complexity rarely seen within a table service or fast food restaurant. An institutional kitchen may require as much as 2,000 to 3,000 square feet of support area, because this is where serving lines are established in a multitude of combinations:

1. Straight service line
2. Shopping center system
3. Scramble system (or free flow)

The straight line is exactly what its name implies. In terms of speeding customers through the food line, it’s the slowest moving arrangement, because most guests are reluctant to pass the slower ones in front of them. However, single or double straight lines are still the most common style in commercial cafes because they take up less space and the average guest is comfortable with the layout.

Since customers must go through all the food options, they are also more likely to create an impulse purchase.

The shopping center (also called the detour line) is actually a variation of the straight line. Instead of being perfectly straight, sections of the line are indented, separating salads from hot foods, etc. This makes it easier for guests to miss a section. On serving lines where burgers, omelettes or sandwiches are prepared by individual order, the bypass arrangement keeps things moving.

The free-flow or scramble system is designed so that each guest can go directly to the areas that interest them. (From time to time, you’ll hear it referred to as a hollow square program.) Food stations can be arranged in the shape of a giant U, a square with islands in the middle, or just about any shape the size of the table is. room allow. allowed. This design can be attractive, but it is often confusing to first-time customers. You are most likely to discover this design in an industrial cafeteria, where employees eat every day and will soon become familiar with it.

Scramble systems offer fast service and minimal waiting. They also allow some types of show cooking, including grilled, sautéed, or sliced-to-order dishes. Airline food service kitchens appear to have the largest and most complex support areas. Several dozen workers line a conveyor belt schedule, assembling meal trays for up to 70,000 passengers a day. To produce this kind of quantity, prepared food is kept in hot carts, and much of the preparation is done ahead of time so the assembly process is quick.