Move to Phoenix AZ and say goodbye to winter

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona is located in the Rio Salado Valley in the south central area of ​​the state and is surrounded by mountains on all four sides. More than 20 surrounding communities cover 514 square miles situated in the lush Sonoran Desert, considered the most beautiful desert in the world. The climate is warm, with low humidity and an average temperature of 72.6 degrees and sunshine approximately 325 days a year. For this reason Phoenix is ​​popularly known as the Valley of the Sun.

Over the past decade, Phoenix has seen a 24% population increase, making it the fifth largest city in the country. With 4.3 million people and counting, Phoenix is ​​ranked as the second fastest growing metropolitan area in the country. Approximately 50,000 people choose to move to the Valley of the Sun each year. Much of Phoenix’s popularity for those moving to the area can be attributed to a strong workforce, quality schools, friendly business environment, reasonable cost of living, affordable housing that offers something for everyone from growing families with children, young singles and retirees. .

10 million visitors a year, making tourism a major contributor to the city’s economy. Phoenix is ​​home to many high-profile luxury resorts, including the Arizona Biltmore Resort, the Arizona Grand Resort, and the newly remodeled Camelback Inn. Visitors are offered an endless variety of activities and attractions, from sightseeing to arts, culture and festivals that keep them coming back year after year. Phoenix is ​​also a popular location for business conventions. The Phoenix Civic Plaza and Convention Center has been the city’s premier gathering place for over 3 decades.

Phoenix offers an exciting diversity of Old West history, culture and activities for all ages. It is home to major professional sports teams, including the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, and Arizona Cardinals. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy miles of hiking and biking trails that offer stunning scenery. Valley Metro recently developed a 20-mile light rail transit system that runs through Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa. There are dining options for every palate, a shopper’s paradise of charming boutiques and malls, Las Vegas-style casinos and resorts, and world-class entertainment of all kinds. Health care is second to none with over 100 world-class health centers serving residents and visitors alike.

Phoenix has long been recognized for its strong job growth, especially in the aerospace, bioscience and high-tech fields. Even after the recent economic slowdown, Phoenix’s job market continues to grow at a steady rate, making it very attractive to those looking to relocate for this reason. Phoenix is ​​home to a notable list of Fortune 500 top employers from the education, government, healthcare, technology, and manufacturing sectors. Some prominent employers include Intel, US Airways, Honeywell Aerospace, Raytheon, and Bank of America.

Schools are always an important consideration when deciding to move. Phoenix offers quality education and its commitment is evident in student performance above national averages in reading and math on standardized tests according to the Arizona Department of Education. With the recent increase in population, each school district has been successful in expanding to accommodate this growth. There are currently 58 school districts with 400 public schools. In addition, 200 unique charter and private schools offering specialized courses serve more than 600,000 students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Higher education offers students exceptional opportunities to excel at more than 79 colleges, trade schools, and universities, including the internationally renowned Arizona State University, University of Phoenix, and Grand Canyon University, to name a few. Maricopa’s huge community college network offers 11 colleges located on multiple campuses. It is nationally known for its programs in gerontology, dental hygiene, fire science, mathematical art, and graphic design.

There is no doubt that Phoenix is ​​a great place to live. From the urban city charm of numerous historic districts, contemporary loft living, and luxury condominium developments dotted throughout a vibrant downtown area to a variety of quiet suburban neighborhoods, there is a lifestyle option for anyone seeking move to Phoenix. The overall median home price in Phoenix has seen steady growth thanks to the country’s strong economic recovery. The good news is that despite constant growth, prices are still very affordable. As of June 2013, the median price of a single-family home in Maricopa County (Phoenix Metro) was $211,000. Based on a 4.5% financing rate and a 10% down payment, the base payment for Your mortgage would be about $1,100 plus property taxes and property insurance. Wherever you choose to live in the beautiful Valley of the Sun, you’ll find the perfect neighborhood to fit your unique lifestyle.

Home Kitchen

Dream kitchen – get started today!

The kitchen of dreams would have everything one could want or imagine not only in it but at its easy disposal. What more can you wish for than everything? My feelings exactly.

First we would need a good refrigerator, built into the wall to save space. One that is deceptively large with good storage space for your perfect kitchen. The temperature in the refrigerator would have to preform well. It would have an indoor icemaker and an indoor water dispenser with glass shelves for spill control. Because after all this we are going to need to hydrate.

So we would need a large freezer that is subatomic but also has good temperature control and that’s about it for the freezer. In front of the Fridge / Freezer is where the dog has her bed. So she can watch us cook.

The centerpiece of every kitchen is the stove/oven. The stove is the brains behind cooking without the stove, all you eat is takeout and greasy leftovers. So here we are going to go all out and get maybe not the top of the line, but a very good stove. This is a personalized opinion for the consumer based on what they like to cook.

Next we’re going to need a countertop and a sink that I’d like to have made of the same material. Perhaps a similar veined gray marble, elegant enough for company and strong enough for plates and glasses. The marble surface connected to the sink is a great space for rolling cakes. The sink faucet would be a perfect gooseneck faucet for filling pots and vases.

Decorating the counter would be a large cutting board with a magnetic knife holder displayed on the wall, perfect for storing all your cutting utensils. The rest would be covered in cookbooks, recipes, and plants/flowers. Creating the kitchen you want to be in.

Beneath the counter and sink would be large oak cabinets, perfect for storing cleaning supplies, pots and pans, and to the side would be a dishwasher and pull-out trash can…

Above the counter and sink would be more oak cabinets smaller than the ones below, but large enough to hold all her plates and glasses. Medium sized cabinets perfect for kitchen storage. A microwave would be attached under the cabinet and a toaster oven on the counter.

Accessories include… an island with electrical outlets under the island counter so multiple appliances can be used at once. Then we would need a food processor, a blender, and a grinder. Some people may want a deep fryer, a panini, a slicer, etc. I personally bought an ice cream maker and never looked back. a great start to the perfect kitchen.


Paragliding for Beginners – Five Commandments

You are learning to paraglide. You are obviously not the type of person to play it safe in life. Good for you. Life is short and you want to take it for what it’s worth. But let’s not make it too short. From time to time paragliding can be deceptively easy. When things go wrong, they go wrong very quickly. With that in mind, here are a few rules for the new paraglider pilot, learned the hard way from my and others’ near-skin calls:

I. The thought will not be the first to launch. Experienced pilots love rookies. They have a name for overly ambitious green racers who can’t wait to get off the hill: wind dolls. It is something like the food tasters that medieval kings used in their day. If the taster did not die, the king ate. If the wind doll is not hit, the other pilots will launch. Don’t be the windman. If there are more experienced pilots waiting, there is usually a good reason. Nobody likes to wait to wait.

II. Don’t be tempted by the camera though. You’re up in the air and you can’t wait for everyone to know about it on social media. Who can blame you? It’s exciting and you want to share that excitement with your friends. Flying, however, is a multitasking business. Where is the next thermal? Where are the other pilots in relation to me? What is my wing doing? Am I drifting? What are my landing options here if I sink? You have enough balls to juggle. Don’t add another by bringing a camera with you. He first increased 50 hours and then considered it. Along the same lines, his friend is on the launch or LZ with a camera, consider him a siren singing on the rocks. You’ll get too close, plan too much, or lose focus at the wrong time so they can get the perfect shot. They can take pictures, but don’t play camera. You are new. Stick to your flight plan and forget about the target. You will be surprised by the photos later.

third I thought you will buy your first equipment from your instructor. Paragliding is not like handball or Frisbee. It is an elite sport that costs money. For what you put in, you will have experiences that most people will never have. You already paid for the lessons, now pay for the right equipment. It can be tempting to search online or ask around for something used to save a few bucks, but buyer beware. Until you have a great understanding of paragliding, you may end up with the wrong gear for your weight and experience level. Sellers desperate to move old, unreliable equipment will be happy to pass it on to an unwitting buyer like you. I made this mistake and nearly took off in a glider that could have ended my life…too advanced, too light on the wing. You will have the name of your first instructor on your card for the rest of your racing career. He or she is part of his team. They have guided you from the training hill to the mountain. They will be there for you when you need advice as you progress through the sport. Support your business and trust them to provide you with the right equipment.

IV. Thought will trust your instinct. “If you head straight, you can do it in a straight glide,” the local pilot said at the top of the launch outside Rio de Janeiro. He wasn’t flying yet. He was waiting for the day to warm up and become more thermal. I was new and eager to get off the hill. Enough talking and waiting! But that LZ sure looked 3 times farther than my pure glide rate. “We have a straight glide… no lift? Can I do it?” I asked again. “Yes,” he confirmed. So I launched. First. I was halfway to the landing zone when I had to set up a landing on a thin strip of grass at a train station. The options were not good. The landing was worse. My gut said I couldn’t do it. It was good.

V. Although you will have fun and delight with your newbie. Whether it’s surfing, snowboarding or paragliding, most of the laughs and brightest eyes seem to be at the beginner waves and bunny hills. A good percentage of the advanced crowd ride with a scowl, quickly shitting on the new guy and minimizing his experience as if it wasn’t for long. They rode a wave bigger than you, they flew higher than you, they carved races more treacherous than you. Don’t let it rain on your parade. They are jealous. It is the principle of diminishing returns. You will never win the first time and you are embarking on a series of firsts. The first time your feet leave bunny hill, the first time you take off from 300, the first time from the top, the first thermal, the first landing spot, the first cloud base, the first XC. Enjoy it.

Paragliding is wonderful. It is a feeling like no other. Although not as safe as shuffleboard, it is much more fun and we can minimize our risk by sticking to the fundamentals learned in solid paragliding school and always taking precautions. Have fun and see you in heaven.

Digital Marketing

Nothing happens until someone sells something: how to improve the process

You may be familiar with the Arthur “Red” Motley quote: “Nothing happens until someone sells something!”

Regardless of the extent to which Motley’s perspective may or may not be true, managing the sales process effectively and maintaining a path of consistent revenue growth are daily goals within organizations of all types and sizes. And while many external factors, such as changes in the economy or increased competition, can significantly affect results, the sales process, like all processes, can and should be continually studied and improved.

Interestingly, when we dig into that topic with organizational leaders we often find that they haven’t defined a “sales process” that is centered around work. Instead, they refer to their CRM categories as the sales process.

We understand and appreciate the value of CRM systems and forecasting, but this type of measurement is not work-centric. So it’s no surprise that a common challenge facing so many organizations is how to increase revenue.

If sales growth is an issue for your organization, here are some strategies you could consider from a previous newsletter:

Looking outward to prove or confirm what customers consider most important. Start by testing your understanding of what really matters to your customers and to your competitors’ customers.

Every customer contact is an opportunity to extract information that can help you grow the business. Ask customers what they like about your services or products. Ask them what they would like you to change (besides the price) that would make them happy. Learn about their related needs, new needs and concerns, and remember that in many cases clients are not fully aware of their needs; so while you’re at it, investigate unrecognized needs as well.

Ask your customers what is most important to them and how they think you compare. Ask broader questions to gain insight into the challenges they face that go beyond using your product or service. Armed with information about what customers value, you can innovate solutions that leverage your capabilities to exceed your customers’ expectations.

You must also have a repository for the information and a method and discipline to capture the information for analysis and action.

Consider exploring three other sources of valuable information about your customers and the market you serve:

  1. Observation – Arrange a method to see your customers use your product or service. Much can be learned just by watching!
  2. Analyze lost sales data and use the information to launch improvement initiatives
  3. Internet Searches: See what people in your market are searching for and interested in. As the saying goes, “Find the need and fill it!”

Look for opportunities to define and improve the sales process
that is, study the work!

What processes do you use to generate sales?

How well are these processes working?

How do you know?

You can study and improve your lead generation process just like you can improve any other process: by gathering facts and data about how the process currently works, identifying waste in the process, addressing underlying causes, and measuring and standardizing the results of improvements. . What process do you use to acquire new accounts? What process do you use to increase sales with existing accounts? Here are several different processes that companies use to generate sales and how you can study and improve them:

  • Sales calls: are they well planned and executed? Messenger service? Results?
  • Promotions: are they effective? Net income?
  • Distribution channels: are they effective? Are there additional channels to be evaluated?
  • Price: is it too high? Is it too low? As we know?

We hope to maintain an innovative edge. Sooner or later all products or services become “commodities”.

Simply put, you have to offer something significantly unique, and that means you have to innovate.

The following are three directions you could explore to innovate and expand your business:

  1. Adapt your current offering to rejuvenate existing customer relationships. What new feature or service would make relationships young again? New features, functionality, packaging, or performance?
  2. Commercialize underutilized capabilities. What capabilities do you or your suppliers have that are underutilized?
  3. Adapt your current capabilities and offerings to emerging needs and markets. Where is the market going? What technological changes will influence future needs? What geographic openings will grow in the next decade? If you had to imagine the future, what would you see?

Pandada – A virtual world for children

Pandada is an online social networking game that was launched in 2008. It is currently a live site that is aimed at children from 6 to 14 years old. The site was originally tested in beta mode for free until the program resolved its bugs and programming issues. . The site is a cute and innocuous children’s website with cute, non-threatening red panda bears and small forest animals, much like children’s stuffed animals or the animated animals on a preschool TV show. Members choose a red panda as their avatar and move around the site chatting with other avatars.

There are various levels of membership. Kids can try the website with a free membership; however, this limits the activity they can have in the virtual world. Paid memberships start at $5.95 per month with discounts for 6 and 12 month memberships. A paid membership allows players to enjoy all the features in the world. The site also has a currency for members to get free memberships called Panda Gold. Members can earn this currency by completing surveys, watching videos, or completing offers. Panda Gold can also be exchanged for the main currency of the site, simply called “coins”. The website is the basis of the game. There is no file download to operate the game. The website is only available in English.


New members of Pandada choose a red panda bear avatar to be their online persona. They choose a home for their panda and can modify it to suit their personality. The main goal of the world is for players to earn “coins” to pay for their panda’s life in the virtual world. Players buy food, clothing, shelter, and household items from their avatars. Coins unlock these features and also open up opportunities for players to interact with other players. Members can chat about their pandas with other members in a chat room and become friends with other players. The website’s mascot is named Henry. He is the panda bear that acts as the host and the face of Pandada.

What is good

Pandada is a fairly innocent website that will mainly appeal to boys and girls well below the age of ten who are interested in friendship with other children. The pandas are designed to appeal to young children and do not appear threatening. Facial expressions are friendly and pleasant. The company that produced the website was successful in designing an innocent-looking atmosphere for children. There are no adult themes in the virtual world or on the website. There is no violence, drinking, smoking, drug use, sex or offensive language.

The main focus of Pandada that will win the respect of parents is the ability of children to grasp and manage financial concepts. Players must be responsible with their coins in order to take care of their panda. The purchase of goods can be interpreted as something negative by reinforcing excessive spending and commercialism; however, parents can be proactive and teach their children the value of money and how to spend it wisely. This is a light, smooth and harmless virtual world.

What is bad

The age range that Pandada is looking for seems to be a bit out of touch with the charts. The character designs may be fine for kids after kindergarten, but kids over the age of nine will find them juvenile. The website is very static with little movement. It would be a great improvement if the animal’s movements could be better choreographed. Users have found issues with the chat pages being mildly offensive. Inappropriate language may be posted unless a moderator detects it and removes it.

Beyond being responsible with money, there is very little educational value associated with this virtual world. The average design and standard approach to creating the virtual world can leave parents scratching their heads as to exactly what they are paying for. This company needs to update the graphics on the website and not try to outbid their demographic.

online security

The website has done a good job of promoting online safety. Personal information is never displayed online. There are two chat modes: safe chat (child clicks on a predetermined chat message) and standard filtered chat (child writes their own message which is moderated). Parents can easily access company security information. Pandada encourages parents to monitor their children’s online experience and have an open discussion with them about online safety.

Health Fitness

Top 5 Metabolism Busters – Stop Storing Fat

You won’t lose weight even if you eat the top 20 hormone positive foods if you’re doing these top 5 metabolism busters. These destroyers increase fat-storing hormones and cause you to STORE fat!

1- Sugar
Sugar is a bad fat storer. Insulin is a hormone that helps us use calories for energy… but it also stores excess glucose as fat… and sugar makes excess insulin and glucose! PLUS, as long as there is insulin in your bloodstream, your body will not burn fat. Considering the amount of sugar we consume today in everything, not only in sweets but also in breads, sauces and drinks, it is not surprising that so many people are overweight.

2- Lack of sleep
Yes, sleep makes you thin! Some of the most important fat-burning hormones produce high levels at different stages of sleep. Sleep also helps deal with stress and helps keep cortisol levels down…another fat-storing hormone, and also helps curb cravings so we don’t overeat. Three good reasons why you should sleep 8 hours a night.

Sorry, but this is a huge metabolism buster. It increases most fat storage hormones like estrogen and cortisol and lowers fat burners like testosterone. Also, it increases the unbeatable hunger hormone Ghrelin, which means overeating a lot of calories.

4- Belly fat
Yes, your fat keeps you fat! Belly fat especially increases Insulin and Cortisol… which store MORE fat. It’s a nasty cycle, but a little healthy weight loss dramatically reduces its impact. So cut these metabolism busters out of your life and reduce your waist measurement so you can boost your metabolism and burn even more fat.

5- Caffeine
Okay, now I’m really going to ruin your life, but caffeine is a great destroyer. You may have heard that caffeine increases your metabolism and a little bit it does… but not in the doses that we drink it. It fully stimulates the adrenal glands and increases estrogen, cortisol and thyroid masses. Keep it to one cup a day or switch to green tea which doesn’t have the same effect.

Eliminate these destroyers from your life and you will be able to burn fat by speeding up your metabolism. Increasing your metabolism is the only way to achieve long-term weight loss.

Legal Law

Things that can motivate someone to become a lawyer

Many people try to be a lawyer for a few different factors. Some people see it as a respectable practice to uphold the law and uphold justice, while others see becoming a lawyer as an impressive and surprisingly well-paying job. In this document I will lay out some of the reasons why one would love to be a lawyer.


First of all, it will be a considerable salary that will attract people to become lawyers. One of the best advantages of becoming a lawyer is considered earnings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a lawyer was $110,590 in 2008. Even starting her employment, she is likely to earn around $68,500 just nine months after finishing school. Few other careers offer such a good starting income.

career diversity

There are many different sections of the law, with quite a few career paths working with many parts of the law. Potential legal work includes being attorneys or legal professionals for law enforcement, court personnel, and administrative and legal aid staff members. Consequently, having a law degree is likely to create a variety of legal career options for you. Furthermore, even in a single niche, an individual’s day-to-day responsibilities can vary considerably, which will make their workplace life remarkable.

Discovering much more know-how

By becoming a lawyer, you will likely gain knowledge frequently, although you may not return to college for formal advanced training. By participating in cases, he will research past cases, discover more about vague laws, and become familiar with the details of his area of ​​focus. He also has the opportunity to go back to college to continue learning, and if he is employed by a law organization, some might even offset his college tuition to persuade employees to consider another degree or diploma.

An understanding of the law.

Being knowledgeable about the law can be an advantage in your everyday life, whether buying a home, getting over a car accident, preparing a will, or making any type of purchase. This just isn’t unequivocally a detailed list of when familiarity with the law can help you in your day-to-day life, and you’ll usually find that family and friends will often come to you for unofficial insights regarding legal or business issues. .

No complications to obtain the title

In the past, it was very tedious to get a law degree. He was required to give up a long period of his life to pursue a full-time university or law school degree, after which he was employed for several more years as a student or senior paralegal before becoming a solicitor. fully entitled on your own. .
Having said that, it is now much easier to get a law degree with all the creation of the online world. It is due to the accessibility of online law degree programs that are available at authorized universities and colleges, which makes it less difficult and less laborious to obtain a law degree. Especially for people with an existing work or family commitment, this is very good news. Law scholars can certainly study online on their own time and in their own home for their law degree to secure an occupation or enhance their career prospects in the legal field.

Pleasure at work, growth and security

Lawyers truly have the opportunity to make a difference both in the lives of their clients and in the lives of people everywhere, as a single case can set a precedent for countless cases to come. This type of occupation, one’s perseverance is normally honored not only in income, but also offers a sense of joy as part of their work.

When you finally have a degree and certificate to practice law, it’s also possible to look into advanced line of work possibilities. Lawyers with knowledge of their career path can rise through the ranks of a private practice to become partners in the firm. You can also become a judge or teacher within your field.

Career development in the legal sector is very likely to approach thirteen percent between 2008 and 2018, which is standard when considering any job growth across industry sectors. If you are employed by a law firm, your job can be very secure if you are always a good employee, which is not something that can be said in many markets, especially if the economy is bad. People will always require lawyers, and the progression of the occupation can be even faster than normal in some legal areas, for example, health and ecological law.


Lawyers are definitely not focused on one region of a country. They also never focus only on urban centers; Lawyers from the field are also needed. Which means you can choose where you want to reside as a lawyer. As long as you receive a permit to be hired in your chosen place, you can go anywhere in your country and practice law.

Rich way of sociable life

Lawyers interact with people from all walks of life. As you do the work with clients, you’ll begin to network, which in turn will not only grow your corporation, but also contribute to incentives in other aspects of your life. When you need an honest service provider, a client could certainly advise someone.

Ability to run a business

You’re just not tied to working for other firms as a lawyer. When you first gain insight into your career, you can open your own law firm, and when you have your own firm, there is the ability to set your own hours, take on the cases that interest you most, and try. to make different more important decisions related to the practice of it. If you work for yourself, you can play by your principles, and while owning a business takes a lot of effort, it really pays to know that you’ll be putting money directly into your own bank account. not the wallets of the owners of the law firm where you work.

Lifestyle Fashion

Natural mood boosters to help you relax and unwind

Life is busy all the time and it can get overwhelming at times. If you suffer from tension, anxiety and depression, you are not alone. Millions of people around the world feel this way every day. However, there is a better cure for sadness than prescription drugs with their damaging side effects. Use these natural mood-enhancing remedies to help you relax and calm your jittery nerves. You may find it easier to cope with everyday life and some of them may even increase your energy levels.

stress release activities

Worry Jar: Write all your worries on a piece of paper and put it in a designated jar. This should help you “let go” of them, at least overnight.

Tense and relax: Tense your leg muscles and hold as long as you can, then relax. Repeat this with all muscle groups to help release built-up tension, helping your body to fully relax.

Take a bath: Fill your bathtub with warm water and magnesium flakes, Dead Sea salts, or lavender essential oil and let it soak for 30 minutes.

Touch it with EFT: Touching the energy points under the eye, under the arm (at bra level), and the side of the upper chest with your whole hand and breathing deeply until you feel calm will have a calming effect.

To meditate: You can meditate anytime and anywhere. Just find something small to focus on and then increase your focus to find smaller details about it. The Dalai Lama said that if you can’t find fifteen minutes a day to meditate, you need to meditate an hour a day.

Anxiety Calming Teas

These natural remedies can help you change your mood with supplements and teas that calm your mind and body.

jasmine and lemongrass the tea will help relieve anxiety and help relax the mind.

skullcap and orange flower the tea will help relieve tension while lifting your spirits.

mint and calendula the tea will release tension and help calm the mind. It can even ease the symptoms of PMS.

Supplements to improve mood

Magnesium deficiency is one of the main causes of insomnia, anxiety and depression. The body requires magnesium to produce serotonin, the happy chemical.

Chrome helps stabilize blood sugar levels, which eases mood swings, increases energy levels, and relieves tension. Psychology Today published a study from Duke University that found that chromium has significant effects on people with depression. (It can also help you lose weight!)

I hope these mood boosting remedies have been as helpful to you as they have been to me!


Five essential pet supplies for your new pup

Shopping for pet supplies can be an overwhelming experience. Gone are the days when all a dog needed was a bone. Modern pet stores are filled with aisle after aisle of eye-catching options. Hidden within that vast selection are a handful of must-have items every new puppy owner needs. Here are five of them.

1. Adjustable collar and leash

As well as being a legal requirement when in public spaces, a comfortable leash and collar is needed for walking, training and identification. Since your new best friend will most likely grow up, it’s important to find an adjustable collar that attaches quickly and easily to a sturdy leash. When it comes to the material, most experts recommend nylon collars. They are generally lighter and less cumbersome than most other options. As for the leash, it is important to buy a shorter one (between 4 and 6 feet) that will keep your pet close during obedience training.

2. Boxes, Cages or Pens

Because they help with house training and behavior issues, many trainers recommend purchasing some type of crate for a new puppy. Dogs have a natural den instinct that makes them feel safer and more comfortable in enclosed spaces. As such, a nice cage can be used to establish healthy sleep patterns early on. The choice of a cage, crate or playpen comes down to the individual owner. Because they are often easier to move around, many new owners prefer cages to cages or pens.

3. Food and water bowls

From plastic bowls to stainless steel dishes to glass bowls, there is no shortage of food and water bowls at pet supply stores. Because you want your pup to get into the habit of eating from the same place, it’s always a good idea to keep food and water bowls in the same place in your home. While the choice of material is, again, at the discretion of the owner, it’s probably a bad idea to buy plastic bowls for breeds known to chew, such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Shetland Sheepdogs, Jack Russell Terriers, beagle, the Siberian husky, or Shiba Inus.

4. Dog bed

Because puppies are used to sleeping in a warm environment, alongside their mothers and siblings, a new owner will want to recreate this cozy environment. When placed inside a cage, a comfortable and comfortable dog bed can help recreate their natural habitat. Covered in wool or sheepskin, the smaller beds and padded beds are designed to stay warm and cozy indoors. From cheap pillows and cushions to expensive memory foam mattresses, there are plenty of attractive options at your local pet store.


Just like babies, puppies have unique dietary demands and nutritional needs. To help it grow healthy and strong, you should feed your furry friend a special diet for the first year. Unlike generic dog foods, these food products are often labeled “formulated for puppies” or “growth and development.”

Shopping for pet supplies is easy if you know what to look for. These five must-have items should be purchased before you bring your new friend home.

Real Estate

The secret of real estate postcard marketing

What Makes Real Estate Agent Postcards So Powerful?

One word: “unsolicited.” Those FSBO newspaper and online prospects are being bombarded by agents every day, these prospects are buying the lowest rate and those agents are cutting their commissions below what is acceptable. When you generate your own mailing leads, they are exclusive, which means other agents are out of the loop and you will have a bargaining position. Sign exclusive listing agreements because you are well known, appreciated and trusted. NOT because their rate is the lowest in town.

Those who use postcards to maintain high visibility with their prospects, from helpful internal reports, animal, holiday and seasonal postcards, personalized real estate marketing postcards can leave positive and lasting impressions on you and your brokerage at very affordable prices that will produce great return of investment.

Why are real estate postcards so effective?

1. They’re Affordable – Using real estate postcards to repeat contact with prospects is key to branding your identity and earning your prospects’ trust. You want buyers and sellers to always think of you first when they are ready to make a real estate deal. A series of real estate marketing postcards will do exactly that for you at a very affordable price compared to other mediums.

2. It’s simple! – It takes little time to reach thousands of potential customers through real estate postcard marketing thanks to multiple vendors offering turnkey real estate postcard marketing solutions.

Use Newly Listed Postcards and Newly Sold Postcards to advertise your latest sale or listing! Actions speak louder than words! Even if your list never sells because of your postcards, you’ll be amazed at how many leads you can generate with this technique!

You should send your postcards once a month and remember that your postcards should be interesting enough that your prospects are eager to receive them.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend time and energy designing and printing your own postcards. There are several companies that produce stunning Real Estate Postcards; ready to address and mail. There are even vendors that will print, design, list, address and mail them! One company is, their postcards are almost lethal.

Even if you’re a do-it-yourself type and like the idea of ​​having software like Photoshop/Adobe to design your own, you can’t go wrong with ready-made ones. The trick is to keep your name in front of your farm area consistently enough that they start to remember and trust your name! You should take every opportunity to promote yourself. With real estate postcard marketing, you can do just that.

Think of your real estate marketing postcards like an oversized business card. The key is to include information that makes it easy for someone to contact you, such as website, email, mobile phone, office, etc.

Don’t forget your “call to action”, one of the most important factors in real estate postcard marketing is getting your prospects to respond immediately to your offer. Some examples are: “Call today for more information” or “See us online” are two of the most common desired actions. Again, this may sound too simple to point out, but believe me: I’ve seen postcards without a call to action.

Start sending your Realtor postcards once a month!

Get ready for some new tracks. You will get buyers and sellers interested! Can you see how this can increase your listings and sales? Don’t forget that consistency is the key! Once a month you need to mail your prospects, think how many times her wife needs to ask you to throw out our trash or how many times she asks her husband. Like any other type of advertising/marketing, it is not a 1 shot, 1 kill deal. The more frequent your postcards, the better your results.